The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on June 15, 1946 · Page 5
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 5

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Saturday, June 15, 1946
Page 5
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SATURDAY, JUNE 15, 1946 CLASSIFIED ADVERTISING INFORMATION JBLYTBEVILLB (ABK£ COUBIBB "** U "* '** Hlniuuiu Ciarf. _ 1 Uu« p«r UM , tlmM p.r lint p«r jj iuo«t p»r nn« p*r A*j ______ i_* /• llmu p«r 1U« pw _«r ——-..^ •• 'MC I'^ei per tlna tpir d*r _„,,_, T» ^J time* r>*r Ifn. p« r 4_r __^, «« a Montk p«i lini «—-—_»•_„ 00t Counl tin xcrafi >ori» M U/llm. avdi order*^ for thr*4 tt >iz 11**** "* •loripml Uioru expiration »IU b> lor u ( nambar of Um« li« >4 » pt , w •r..l aJ|n»luj«,t u f bill lull, All Olaiilfled Ad^erlUiDi «opj aitt«d by periona r««idE&K outaldft of uity mult b« kceom^ftmlei bj CMb. lUt«i icajr t« frMlly eouijut«d from Ui t»tle. AdTeriliibif «ril«r for trr»cul HUM uk» tlie one (Inn rttt. No rMtioniltllity will b* Uk«« fora&ort UfcD on« lacoirucl io««xtlo« oi ia* ~ tifltd ad. • 01 LOANS : 11' yuti wmil a I'/' (it Loan lo buy a homo, see MAX LOGAN, LYNCH HLlXi. Phone 203-1 or 502. H«vt mortJ to oe» idilroi. Willis Bell urero. Acroii from' DHVIB Sio^e B. ljk«. • • . B«bj.fitllni[, »nv oljlit. KflirtrKfi. S5c per liour. OaU 3i3» or i03.'' 21-dli-lf When you »Dd utotur overLtullui. T««. we pick uu deliver. ' BljtVtYlU. 1 Uichlm Shop. ' 4112-ck-tl Tractor repairs 'and service. Electric and acetylene ] welding. Blacksmith work.! Delta Implement Co. Phone ; 864, 3-15-ck-tf • Fro/it bedroom.. Kitchen privileges llc: simnl.lo prlc... iiii X. Grli ' 2I13U. -.,,!:. IS Wanted to Buy Bring TRUCK HEADQUARTERS Several Walking Cultivators, . .like new. Ohlcmlorl Farms, Osccola, Ark. (i-15-ck-22 One :(0 H. 1'. Upright lioiler. New tubes with automatic oil burner. / dorl Gin Company, Osceola, Ark. (iU5-ck-22 Ice Cold Watermelons. City Ice Co. North Highway (il. 6-15-ck-iy ff/iut wati'r liCJter—oil. I'Knne :J:!ri:l. 1700 'liMrii. 11-lit-lS I.Mnulry stuv.' inn] 3n t'nllon Iio1 wntfr rank. 1'lionc U3.-.0. u-.V-H 1UO Imsln-ls iarlid-1 sojbi-aus. Ki-rlriiiiril. It) A-l i-£>n.liti<in S-J.'il) |i?r bu KOIt llunMuii. Mi<«. \Vrilc. Hill Uhi'iuiiill. Kliflil il. iloiisloii. Miss. 14 pl-lS w nc\v i>imiis. H in'- Otis Jones. " 32u W. afonld. Ark. 12-|jk-lj li.ii. stationary (ii i)ititm;r2:> lip. li .•uii.lLlUin. Knlli ror I.rjuinlry Ck-uners. - 11,„.•:![,.I lnt Iciit ov .gine in good c iL'r, al^u in (:OO>J sale clit'«!>. N'u-Wi iij; cliair; prcr -xrL'llont il n.^v. . .Maiitl Shetl j music and all kinds o i musical instruments ant i supplies. We also havi ; been appointed dealers foi the. famous well known line of Century. RetaiL ' 15c copy. Over 1GOO selec tions (o choose from. Now in stock. Parkhurst Com : pany. fi-4-ck-6-l *i>ny your Gould's Electri Pump now before they be come scarce again. Plan! ers Hardware Company. 5-28-ck t Ojto Allen Motor Tnne-np machinfi (v tory' rcconrtitioner.' Lee Motor Sale Kasl Main, phono 600. ' 4|20-ck-l Vor Fine Portraits It's O'STEEN'S STUDIO 5-25-ck-t ONT TAKE A LOSS. Get the top prite for your car or trupk from I'HILLll'H MOTOR CO. Today. (j-3-ck-tt Id kod*kj O'Sieen'i arm earner*! lor Studio. r parts. . 4|7-ck-t e pay caali for uted luraiture, one piece or • hotiEi full. Gall 2302, Al- Tiu Ilard; Furniture Co 4|lb-cLi-lf Help Wanted We Service Trucks of Any Make or Model • Truck-Trained Mechanic* • Truck Tooli ;: ' • Genuine Ford Truck Parti NiW TRUCKS- USED IDUCri PHILLIPS MOTOR COMPANY FORD and MERCURY DEALER Walnut at Fifth—Blytheville, Ark. Tel. 453—4B4 niUiut: Wrili |.lj- I ^in, ( lo utty |=jQ ^'ut^:llL \1U nil s . Kfoniimy Hup- Si., N\-\v Yurk. HOT'S BODY SHOP Body and Fentlcr Speciiillsl. Wrecks rebuilt, (iiiarnnteeil Work. Heasonablc 1'ricfs. Free- Kstimntrs. 12 E. Main St. Phone 3456 •MKX WANT--:)), ilrlwfcn tli« Bijrs of IT :irnl :U. (,'ni.liicl U. K. Army' ItctniH- iiiK Surzooi.t in Post Office liuil.linn. Illytlipvilk. Ark. . <i>l 1-ek-tf Wanted to Rent anil Ijahy di's[ skVd ii[iarllnci Unll :itid2. New Phonographs, automat record changers, amp! i'iers, microphones. A 11 makes to select from. I'ai-khurst Co. 6-17-ck-G-17 Just arrived large shipment. Traveling bags and accessories. Parkhurst Co. - 5-17-ck-6-17 Good Jersey milch cowu Phone Sfifl. k-OUti IN THE CHANCERY COURT Or MISSISSIPPI COUNTY ARKANSAS CHICKASAWEA DISTRICT Board of Directors, St Francis Lcyee District ------------ ....... .PLAINTIFF — Vs. No 601C W.' H. Heatb; «l ai. and Certain Dellnqueut Lauds, Town Lots, BlociEs, BaUroads, Traturoads, Tetephonc Lines. Telegraph Lines, and Power Lines _________ DEFENDANTS COMMISSIONER'S SALE N'OTIOK is l^-ri'lii- nlvon Hint tile nil- i;r>iynfil ColiiiniEsioiH'r in complin iiv,' ith Ihu tcTjns of n vt'rtnin JCITCC ri-n .-rud ,,n lln. i::i), ,lnv <if May, l<JJIi. v tin: Ctummry C.inrl oi Missis>i|i|ji "unty, U!iicb»»iiivl>:i DiHricl. Ark.inSns. :i thv f»]lfi\vin^ rnus,-. lo wit. H«J:iril n( Uin-rlur.*. .St. Frnnri.^ I.c v- 01- District. Ve. \V. II. llr.nh HI A] mill CVrmin l)i>liiii|iii'in To\yji l.itls. lilocks, It«ilr.i:uls Tr.iiiiriKHl^ •IVt,.|,lu>iii-,.f. 'IVIvirrniih«. niul . . i|l si'll lit' |inl,lk- ljiilft.-T, fur ••.islu ll»< UiMirlliiinsr in villf. Missi«si|,j>i Dlslrict. Arksns^s. July. 11)16., Picture frames made to order O'Steen Studio. 4-24-ck-tf . fo auction In tit.- hinli at tljf fniin i»f 1 1,,- Cilv «< Illylli.- Oumy. CliU-kiicnn-Ira oil till- \'l ilny i,i lionrs |,n-.-,-riln"l tlie NAME lot Block Total Tax -J5'^ Penalty Cor; To. Tax, Penalty and Coat Chicago Mill li Luruljer Co.'s Addition to Blytheyllle \V. M. JlrFarlanil Irfinerj- atore with living ^uarterx. tt>- potlitir ^-ith 4 rental hops«a. Auprox- Iiontelr - acres of Innd. Kroiitu tS ll\vy. 61. bonlcra on Cotlon Belt iileal lopaiir.n for Inilustrj-. Sea Hiiclianan'a Qorccry, N. ' Ilwy. fil, ' Iian.l ii]i..ratint:. .Mealing nlant for home. American Red Flash Boil; er Hot Water System, com:;: plctp \vilh Carrier Stoker, \ Fire Timer and two therm- •' oslats. Priced to sell quick. Now in tise. Phone 284-1 or 2182. 6-13-ck-tr Hearn H. Kas Addition to ' Highland Place Second Addition To Blythevllle 0. II. l'liilli|». .s>i I.ui ; n ,,d sv- Day or Night If you ore troubled with Johnson Grass op your land you need -^ • ATLACIDE It's a Sure Killer Gel a Supply Today Special Prices On Quantity Lots! PLANTER'S HARDWARE CO., INC. Phone 515 126 West Main St. Do you need a place to go in • litisincssif* Ideal two story Iniilrling in splendid loca tion in Osccola. For sale, not for lease. Price, $20,000. Call Robert M. Graves Agency, phone 2796, for apjxiiptrnenl lo see. 0-13-ck-27 Wanted to Trade Will trade 41-42 model cars for 38 or 39 models. Good deals. Phillips Motor Co., 51h and Walnut. 6-3-ck-tf Bu-ni> \\fiat you l-,«ve HnJ don't w*nt for tvtitt we hsvp yon tto want. SM- isf.-\cliofi jtn^i-Aiilcinl. Kl*«rt Hcffinan T Swap Sho|> f 40* Kasl Main Street. Thone 959. 8-ei-II Political Announcements ..Frlrd lloriw . Cii]lB(il(i, Human emperor, hclil Oils liors«, "liiolliiliia." in siicli hlnh estooin tlmt hf nave Lmncuiels for | il. ViouiluciH lioni(tns were re- bemocntle primary: HHBBirF AMD O, __ JACK nx^n ROBimoN WILUAM BERRTUAN COUNTT JDDQB QK4X K. BRADUCT ROLAND GRKKN FOR TAX A88EMOB DOYLB KKNDER00N W. W. "WINK" WATSON OntOUIT CUU ' HAHVZY MORRM COUNTY COURT flUCU KLJZABBTH BLYTHB COUNTY TBCA.tU.UH DELLA 'MJRTUI-•" B?ATK KKPREBENTAHTS ALTNB WORD «t O. PtEEMAN '" •' LJBBUK -DDKIE" SPfDOX L. H. AUTRT (far rt-tJrctlon) BTATE BENATOB J. LEE BBARDKN J EPPERSON W. 6PECK CIRCUIT JUDOI: K. U. WARD I. M. GREEK BTORM 8EWER AU SIZE* Chatter Ttuui BrUf • !••>» OSCEOLA TILE & CULVERT CO. "•••• «•' OwwU, Ark. Itlcli 1'nrt 'I'lie povl or New Orlcnns Ls snUj to be L'is|)dnsll>le. cither ' directly or iniUi'vclly, for 70 cents of cVi-'ry dullnr ulrciilntlng In tluit city's tnitic. For Complete Insurance Service Phone 3545 W. J, Pollard Agency Glencoe Hotel B!dg. * Visit Our New Recording Studio! We hnye Installed tliu very latest Kquipment for Hecordiiitf Voices, Hand a 11 d .Httsic and Messages. We also Kent Sound Kiguipment for Indoor iind OuldiMir Kvenls. BLYTHEVILLE It A 1)10 SUI'l'I.Y Wholesale Only I'hone 4«7 112So. 1st St. Baby <!hlcks MM ta $12.00 per JOf. S days to 4 peeks oil)—At Slure Fr«-Us itntl Uupiillei. WANTKO Ear and dliellrd Corn—All Rr:ules. One bunhel u^i - OntH • %V^tcut Barley - Alfulfa lluy anil Puul- |ry ut M Ulnil-i. Pay tup market prices. Elevator Feed Store N. 4lb Brou|lwiiy at HR t'rasslii:; J. J. Field. M(r. CHAMBLIN Appliance Co. "The Appliance Center of Blytherille" Phonographs — Records and Accessories. Buttery and . Electric Radios 219 W Main Phone 3443 Dr. J. L Guard Optometrist GUARD'S JEWELRY 2G9 W. Main ATTENTION CAR OWNERS Sell Us Your Car TODAY! Any Mike or Model We Want Your Car We are paying ftlythevHIe/sl highest prices. We pay off finance compqny, give you your equity in CASH. DRIVE IN TO OUR BIG USED CAR LOT TODAY LO Y EICH CHEVROLET CO. Texaco <?0| & O|U 301 W. Walnut Phonf SL IlUtancc Movln[ t^alj^mvul. Ada- Help etl. Mile.' 'Iciilc Home Berylce * ptijr.ate Co. ! u»te)y r 'luautetl.* ' oontrack u<» ' ' Ptr/ect rfp»irt,)ir for t«U:r'» «T- quL^lle fnotwflar aiicured wliea rebuilt in for vmUra ibo|k. - Hfl LT >UflLITY SHOfe SHO l zr w. M « i N ST. DON EDWARDS "The Typewriter Man" ROYAI,, SMITH, CORONA rnd KESHNGTON PORTABLE 110 N. SECOND ST. P11ONE 3X2 (Every Transncllcm MUST BE SATISFACTORY) PRESCRIPTIONS Fresh Stock Guaranteed Itcsl Prices Kirby Drug Stores Kills Rats- Roaches Ext§rminatpn .115 6. TtUr4 St. See |is about ypfir senrV ice on Chrysler and Plymouth, Tune-ups and lubrication mq|ces your, car function properly:: and more economically. Have your brakes checked for safety. We have a complete lubrication department. .-' We carry all sizes of Dayton Tires for cars and trucks. . . •; T, I. SEAY MOTOR CO. Complete Stotlui of full F»r Ctuiriler FredacU . E. Main Flwoe MS Heights Addition to Blytbcville Honclier 1 !» ll.Otl 7."» ^:'j I mi v,l, Mill I,, lia.l to (or ln-<|.« nnil cosli. .1 'I on o;i,t, :.,).| rM-rv > )i "and ,.vcry'.Mo i!rl'<Ti|.i"" Iron.l. tr.imi-oa.l. lili-i;rap.h li n? line and |i»\v,'r line, ns nenl'^s" aror"».'i,l for licforc you start out on that summer vacation trip... let our mechanics check and double check your car. Vest Batteries! Change Oil! Kesct engine timing! Tunu-up motor! Adjust carburetor! You're assured of smooth traveling with our final "ok." Ice Cold Watermelons Peaches Lanaston-Wroten Co. Sales U. S. Tires OPEN 24 HOURS Walnut & liroadway Service Mobilgos WRECKER SERVICK Telephone Blytheville CURB MARKET 130 East Main Street BOOTS AND HER BUDDIKS Serums .BY EDGAR MARTIN FRECKUCS AND HIS FRIENDS liitr Husines.s BY MERRILL BLOSSE I THANKS FOR.THE ORDER. MR. HAY YOUR CUSTOnASRS WILL GO FOR.THESE DOU&HNUTS IM A 6I&WAV ' \WELL, WE'LL /Give THEM ' A TRIAL ' We OFFER. A PRilE POSTER, \\fjw EVEW ORDER, MR. HAY.' HANG THIS OVER VOUK. COUNTER. / ^ Q Sft'JDwicutS 1 1* M >5T COG ,1 P-RUTkCR kO UEtF* JC rvtx 70 ti'trse tv SK^MI n - M^UAUitccRir OfCOtl ?O MRS FAME'S ARE STRICTLY FRESH .' EVEN THE HOLE IH THE CENTER IS WA.D6 OF SHADYSIDEfe " VURESr AIR / IF THOSE KIDS ) ir AREWT CAREFUL, COULDNlT 1 THEV\IE CSONMA I HAPPEN BE StXTESSFUL.' JlO NICER KIOS/ ALLEY OOP TIME ON -lOU.' YELUIM APVICE TO Youa MAN IS A FOUL IM AMY So That's How It Is V. T. RIGHT HERE ON YOUR SlGNEP CONTRACT IT SWS A.1PTSV COMTEST' *NT SHALL CONSTITUTE A FO JU ... THUS BNPIN ROUND QUOTE: -AW ASSAULT ON TH CHARACTER Oil PERSON OF RIMS OFFICIAL SHAU. AMOUMT TO A DSFAULT TEBMIWATIOW OF BOUT A.NJ' LOSS OF CONTEST

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