The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on June 8, 1934 · Page 8
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 8

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, June 8, 1934
Page 8
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EIGHT BLYTHEVILLE, (ARK.) COURIER • NEWS GET GOOD STUNT .Win' Opening Games of Second Half; Teny, List Arkansas Losers Comnifrclii Tram Kobiuson Ark-Mii • lluynes Huitiw l-IU-rly l>rr» l^'l Ark. W. 1 1 ft o o « u ii I- IVl. « LOW II .00* U U ll I 1 OUTBOARD KING TIPfRC [IfFfliT H *™f« and Burn. ,-=-.--__„„__ IIULnd UULnl Win Matches at Cape .MO Ml .MM .WW 11V J. I'. FRIEND C. I.. SUtlsllvbn All ready to go places In snappy i hew uniforms, us the sccnnd half rmv of the OiinnuHvlal £0fl hull league opened East Arkansas Builders anil Terry's Stale Llneis KTre left m the posi. leiu|K>riirl!y ill leasl. lust night. Hohinsoii Dnig, winners of Ihe first, half, HIi,| Ark-Mo Power goi away lo a gnod'sliirl. The Klcclm'-s downed Eiisl Arkansas, formerly ' Hie Teaehers. 7-4, while the JIPIII-V- nmlcers continued where they leit olf by fattening tlielr halting nv- f rages ai the expf-n.->> of Ti-iry's Klair- Llnr-is. l. r .-0. llollmiil Good In llffeil Although touched for eleven hlls, mosl of which vwe of ihe snr.ieh variety. John Holland. E.ISI Ark- n lisas oriu-k rlghihandor, was In brilliant, form. He did not issue n liass nnd .soul ten down via Ihi; iirlkc out route. Errors by Ids- mates at criili-iil miiini-nls proved hLs undoing. Max (Cull me Babe) Logan started on the mound for Ark-Mo Inn developed n slrvnlc of wlld- lii'ss'ln (he third mid was relieved by B. J. Allen lifter walklni; In a III dmvn 13211 ndlr-a i,f I In; Hudson river. Cliai]i>s II. .Iniin- .inn, uiinvi*. non ihe minimi Albany-in'-Now Voi I; niitbnurd rno- (Ortioai Jtllmsoi ii>;iia'.li<iii In nrnl seconds. chi 1 linur. Serum) Tiplon, 2h Crowe, ss Cnllowny, Hi f/otic-r. c rvi'ord. illr.i an Ali II !•<) A !i 0 U 1 i :< i l • r > 2 U 0 I) run. Allen retired Ihe side after id-1 lloilci-y. :ib lowing but one more run and com- Hlnckind, ss Jilelely mask-red the Builders. nn>:,'dnn, Ir . The wlimlni! runs came In the Hull!, rr third. Fislier led off by bulling ^"'kr-r, el mil a hit- to second. Allen rolled H'msli, cf lo pitcher, Marshall wiis safe on a slow tup (o third. Adums struck Totuls out. Mierow singled llirough (he box scoring Fisher. Logan's Texas Terry's Wahl, c 15 21 2 l^iguer drove 111 Murrfiall unrt Smith, ah Mierow. Hai-daway, 1-ss Venion nimer, Robinson' slur Terry, ss crooked arm fllnger, turned in an- Robinson, :ib other line performance in hanging B. Lutes, ss-p Hie horse collars on Teny. Bui'Foster, Ib four hits were gleanrd olf his de-' Mns 'ey, if-lf livery. He struck oiu seven nnrt'Cnvltt, If-rf • issued three base on balls. It was Hartwlck, ef his sixth triumph of the season against one loss. Totnh Knblnjon on Sfter Score by Innings: Willie ihek vllUier wus busy iusoii the enemy butters, Rob made whoopee with their Dot roil l-'jiids Top ID l.ik- ili^l I lit'liniy Prt'doinili- ;tl<-* I luil'silav C<;!in(-s D.--IIII1I 'fl,. tin- jn ; . iln- 'I In- Nu.,i -,,\ lullllll ^niorli-rui lcu;>iji. vnn i u in,.|, mi: yi'.sti-lduy nnd wim oivi- hlal pliii-e-Cli-vi-liiinl Inili.ii ."iliilll;.. woild r]];,m|jii,i>.. and liMiyur- p.u-,.- ;-riri i..-. their 12 ijiiini-.'. unt ,i iv |,l.,\ li'iFiif iNi-w Voiki. Tin- Tlst-iti d-ti-alul iln- Indians II Ii] U. Tommy, liildi'.-s w;. ; , tin(Inning pllrlii-r. HI]U,-|.K,I,I[ \vi.s In kisi'i-. Tlie Tian-.-i .-..-1111.1 M< .it :hr-lr runs In tin- iMijhlh innlii;;. 'J'hr- Wii.slilnmiin ;:, „ , t „ , .. :iounceil ihi- Plnlud.-liihia Aililr-t- W!U«|I|III-|H Ma,-!.-, i | n ...|, :lt . 7 In n nl 1)111 lu-lil ihc mil ivi.n ,':i.s|| (•'nxx'.-i HDi |, Ifnril-s hi! ;i | Inndul in n,, hltll-i'. '»«• HI. l.o,,i., |!,,. Wll ., l,,-,.,./,,! mniuli lo 11 hiu ,n,. r i|i, winir "X by the Mn.jii,. t,in illlllnili rrx-.'.-.s nl M-UIIIII; 11,1,-,- run.., in nlll Imu.iy. -|-| k . ,,,..„,[ Wll . i pltclu-r. ----- <l«'llei,- n nr HOD k'-pt ihi> Ni-w Vfinkr-i- nnd RiVilnn Ueil !!,,x ,,f, ,] lf i,fi,|",, lvs ,. rejvirts said. The Olanis- w.-.n uv-i-i tho n.vtrm Hi fives. 1-1 to r,. -11,,. liiinii.-, fi-orcd I'l "I llielr I-IIILS In ihe scvi'idh und flghfh Innnii'... Oil i'ut -i ii-.h n[ hnmrr.s, VI-IK,-!-. n.n-'and'WMI- kins one. l-YnnUiim.s,- was Imm- barded by tlic Olani.s. The SI. Louis Caullnals lost ,i I In 5 itiimc lo the Chicago St. I,oiiU'. Jin, w,.; 1Vl ,,. n, r] ,,,,, i . »•„., i 1 ' rkci ..... 'V 'he (J,,|, S ,u,d "hurled plli-lici-. Th,, i,,,,,, nm ,„„„,, ,„ Ihlrd InuliiK wlih iiuiw Her- U „ iicui • S " 1|! " 1 <lr ' V " 1i: " '""• Tlie I'llUsbnrgh l>h-,ii,. s ii,.f ( . liu , ( t 'he Olnclnnail neds ai cinclnnnil CAPE ainARDEAU, Mo, — nil] Ilnnnc-ynii. the burly imuman de- ti'iiif-d KoiiKh House .Siilllvtii'i in' Hie Jimjn ,-i-i-m on Mike Mcroiii-y's; wii-Milni; c.ird hi-ri 1 this week . > -—-- ciu'if rui l>r ''!'""" : " i ' malel1 "y-'f'niciiil Tournr-v 1 ">r ,ioi!«sboro »n\ one over Cap* ' C.lrardeau. Three of the Blythe- ^llle triumphs were scored on for- ilgn ccurees. The local club's tournament cotn- I inillfe hopes to linve Its £tronee-t ' array of the season ready to move :onto Slki-sir.n Sunday. It | s ex- Iliccied tliat some 30 golfers, In. SfilKOn ' L ''"'" n ? nlinnsl Ihe full FRIDAY, JUNE 8. 103-1 On Cape Can! Toniplit r * : Jr. iKlhrtill,' CAIV-: CilRArihKAU. Mo.- i 1 hun Iliii-lon oi iilvllievllli ilm mail,- u dlMlm-i ii-.-k. will ticidn l,.. lle. An: he,, ; .I ID |>,. ]„,.. • l-'idil Stiidiimr l'lnnln<M-i- ni ! 'y .siir-i-i-Asfiil iit hoinf-. in Rolfcrs. v,l« hnve'years iln> lenms havp lirr.ken even ovr-r np;-A-iiinn with;"' 111 ni>ilii>vi_ll5 winning here and Ills wn.son wll! i«eet : i Sunday ivlim Ihr-y has .< m " i >he losfne end of a 3 to 2 score i Nashville. Ttie Smokies lost whtw jhlanin's single in Hie I2ih innmjj I put the winning run^across to end ft brilliant pitrliinf duel. Brill- heait was Hit winner unri Moon I he loser. Tlh- Atlnnia Crackers won a pair of games irom the Chaitu- nnnjn Lookouts at Atlanta. Tlw Jhst name WHS 7 to t! and Hi. .-.r-coiid. II ui J. A hi if ilirfe run l ally won [he fir-i esme for Hie ' ,,,„! oil „ , a ncnnail Al, II I-o A in a hni-lln, duel. Red l.,, L ,,s was 4 21 tlie winning pjtchc, ,„,,, -^. ( , 0 Klelnhaas Hie laser, 'fhe score vai.s ., " to '• '•'"•''.'i lield hLs former 2 mutes to Iwir tills. Limli i K nn " run In tin- loiulli O.the Dues mlded the whiniiu' ,-iiiiiii" O'ci- In (he seventh 01 The PhHiu,, u . e '|-(, on ihn 0|end for a 1 to 0 yume will, Drook- Oilyn. Dutch Leonard was the win nine iillchi-r. narrow lii-lil the Fiolilnsoir.s K12 Terry's S. S. oflfl 000 0 • n . .. n, t ,i- Summary — nuns — Tlptoii 2 bnls. Tliey 'collected Ilftcen hits Cro»x' :i, Cnlloway 3. Putter, Rimer bii'ludlng home rims by B. P.!2. Blacknrd. Brogrion., Pnrk- . Drojirton and Marsh Galloway, Ji-. :rr ' Runs halted In—Crowe ;i, C:il"Bill" Crowe came throiigh with n lownj- -i, aimer 4, Bliicknrri. Bros' pair of doubles nnd 11 slncle. Miirshi'loi) 3. Home ritits—TlroRdun, Cnl- Callowuy also'pounded out a two loway, Two base hits—Crowe 2 baser. Every man but Tpion, Hulc Calloivay. nasc on balls-off miner and Hodery eolli-cti-d ut k'ast fn«!.-1: off Lnles I: llaidnway 1: Sirnok uniusnal feature of ihc gnme i, :()7 ' Umpires — Browning IB fact that Cullowny ai Hist | B(u ' nra - hil off Oscar Ilanlaway and II, Lutes., who divided moimd cliuu-.s for Terry, nimer, Marshall liluck- ard, Galloway, nnd Jtick Parker each liuiied in two hlis; l!n>i;doii mid Crowe, three. One was thi ^ did not get a put out. Only two assists were made by Robinson. James Torry tickled well at sliurl stop. In'the first game Harmon Taylor and "Skeeter" Bishop cavoned brilliantly in the field. Kclttnger's bare Handed catch of Calloivay's foul wlis also a feature. Lotjun led Ihe hilling with ihrec liiir.. one n triple. Travis Brooxs. -Ace- Puc);- elt and Taylor each accounted for out -by l. 7: by l.ities •>-. t» 7 lilts, (l run:, mi I.utes In :i 2-:i (one nut In 8 hits, II runs off Htirdaivny in 'J LosiiiR ]>ltcher. Lutes. Wiunlnu pitcher-Ulmer. Time of ' two hits. Puckell n three base hit. The box score: First Game Ark-.M* Powtr Bishop. 2b Taylor ss Kettinger, .1h Tliomas, ss Kisher, If ' Allan, If-p Marshall, 3b Adams, rf-cf Mierrow. c p-rf Totals also lined out GOLF _^^ By Art Krenz Do well To Try For Slate Goil' Tide Next Week \\ A. ••.limlr- ": Nni-ihcuAi Mls.Miin-1 iim:ili- , ivlnner nf (.,,11 ; "'•'• "f Ihe Ulyihcvllle cmintiy club Young nowcll Is rated us one of Hie n-iicl: ninatcnr golfers of the slate iind K a vetenin In tournn- HH'iil cniniM-lltlon. Unlll lias yen- he lived : ,t Wnlmn, ii|,| K ,. „,„ pmyetl in lournnnienl roiniicililo from Walnut nidRe mid Jones- When hooking wlih iroiw, cliecl: up on the clubbcad nt the top o! ll:e swing. If H is da-vd you ha\v found the fault. To I'llininnt,- Uw hook turn (he toward the left as it, is boio. -nils vein- nought him |, ori . noun- im.d Don-Mi E. Ark Friend, c Kramer, ss Holland, g Puckett, Hi English, cf Brook, ss Gilbert, If Tipton, rf-2b Damon, 3b Calloway, 2b-rf Totals Score by Innings: Ark-ito Powtr E. Art Builders tind Ihe elimlwad will be Ico cipen . then will hnve a tendency to Ii\de E«:ne experts favor n sho: of ihi.- 27 5 21 6 123 001 0 !02 000 0 Summary: Runs —Friend, Holland J. Puclwt, Taylor 2, Fisher M»rslull, Mterrov 2, Logan. Run batted In Puckctt 2, English, Bishop, Thomas 2, Marshall, Mierrow Logan 2. Three baschlts—Puckett Log»n. Base on balls—of Logan 6 Struck out—by Logan 1; by Hoi land 10. 2 hits, 3 runs off Logan in 21-S Innings (one out in third) 3 hlU, 1 run off Allen In 4 2-1 mnlnts. Winning pitcher, Logan Losing pitcher. Holland. Errori- Puckett. Brooks, Tipton, Damon 4 5ort. since t.-c slice spin brins ball to a qulcK stop. If the fade is too pronounced tlie procedure of Ihe rmnds should IH> the reverse of Dial v,--?d to .correct Ihe hook. his business J mnkf his | --- ^ pliiyi'd with Ii.- lllythevllle coiiiui-y i-iui, E r,lf loam. I I)«well Is listed in a Unlli-il Press .li.spalch from Ni-w Orleans it.-. <m of Ihe lnr s e field of golfers en- li-ml In Hie 32nd tonriunm-ni for MIL- Sonlhein niniilenr champlrtii. Inp. pl:iy for which OIK-IIS 01., Tuesday week. The local ace told I the Courier News this morning However ihnl IIP would Ur- untibl participate In the Dixie title Lightning has no objr-clivr whcn it .stuns tow:nd Hit- bin follows the piilh of lei •Lst:ince. point. eaKli.jl 4 ,.-| Engineers Win Over Batesville, 8 to 1 Osccola defealetl Bntcsvllle yesterday 8 to l at Balesvllle. The Osccola Ensincers pounded out 12 hils to four for the Uales- vllle team. The Porter brothers turned in n fine pevtormtiuce »5 the Oseeola battery. Osccola plays Union City Satiir- oay at Osecola and Blylhcvlile NON-SKI 0 SPOT PAD TRUSSES The Perfect Rupture HoWersl SEB OUR TITTKR NOW ConsnltfUlon und Advice Free. We have a special type for your rupture! Kohinson Drnp; Co., lnr. Kallrreid ,t- Main SI. EXPERT RADIO REPAIRS lly Horace W.-iUfflctil Phillips Motor Co. minti-y r|,,l) „,„„ llt slk ,, l( ,, , blk'Hon dub is li-fidhiB tin-' -^J. .Missouri , : ,,|| asswhillfini llun-.-d only "' '.'*««""«. N».*i-t bmled '•""'•'•'i'--nily 1 ..... ul nirnr-d 1,1 Odr-sns sniiili- TrnvMrrs, B 10 nlghi. >:,y« hlu ,.„„, nwlt ml,- J,,l i, m New dl hr-i- I Ml. England will not have en- ir.iol pi-lin-p until cvtnhr-r. lnr niriii-li Hryauts Ohleks wall:. Don't l'\,n/fl Caudili's Agency Thai will ])r ihc cash |»rioc on oiinTgiilai-'rovacoFii-f- Cliiol' gasoline |)o fi i m iiii K Salunlay morning Juno 0/milil fnrihor ... A mliiciinn of .'iV-ic i> n - o-alfon. wo will make a logitimato pmfii on overy gallon we y\l nil sc.ll. \V<> havo novcr hor-n liasis has always heon ihc pri*- slaiions in this cily. ihroal" doalrrs; our pri.r l )it sis niiiinlaihnl hy olhor forces 11-; lo cut our |iricr, a siluaiion An unfair sinialion winch nmlYoiilsuo! only us, linl oilier stations in villc anri Osccola territory, on- which has sappc<l us for months and which will continue !o i!o so unless we art in our o\vn defense. alon TTighwa 61 We rel'rt- lo. gasoline stalions Ihe slate line lo Memphis, oubide of Blythevilleaml Oseeola, where tlie molorisi. ean Imy rpgnlar qualitv gasoline f o r pric es ranging from IfiVae lo |JJ r p 0r gallon. This Mai ion, for one., rannot compete successfully w i I h lhal kind of competition' unless \ve meet ihose prices, and this is \\hat we are attempting lo do and must do if we sur- vve ffeitce, we offer our regular quality Fire Chief Gasoline for Me per gallon, CASH OM,V, and our Klhyl Gasoline for 20c cash. VV. J. WUNDERLICH'S MAIN SERVICE STATION Corner Main and Fifth

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