The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on July 7, 1944 · Page 3
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 3

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, July 7, 1944
Page 3
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FRIDAY, JULY 7,'19'M BLTfTHEVILLE (ARK,)', .COURIER NEWS PAGE THKEft Published Every Friday In the Interest of Farm Families of This Agricultural Section. FARM NEWS--FEA7 URES Enter th« PUmt-to-Prosper Coo- I testa sponsored by the Courier News'and Commercial Appeal. Anthtac Prevalent In •£?* Arkansas Counties UTTLE KOCK, July 7,-Somc- liing is to lie done about the Ilircnt f an tinthrac epidemic in Ai'knn- iis livestock. The Wnr Emergency ioarcl hus nutliorlzcd spending of 10,000 lo fight tlie spread. The malady which is sweeping hrmigh eastern Arknnsns counties killing thousands of head of cattle, has nJso struck herds In South Mississippi County, but pore 1st a ill vac- clmiUon of caillc In the South and North 'ends of the county have prevented the dlseiise . from extending into North Mississippi County. Jackson, craighciid, Cross and Woodruff counties are those principally struck with the malady. R*4d Courier prewt w»ut HI if Ilitiil 's a dise DSMOfi! She's a disease-carrying Hanging Paper lot Too Tricky Attractive Wallpaper Makes Home More Livable, Attractive llomcmakers In Mississippi Coiin- facert witli the scarcity or nou- :istencc of trained paper hangers, U wanting to Improve their homes u-lng win-lime were advised this eck by Miss Cora Lee Coleman, iiinty home demonstration ngciit, do the Job themselves. By taking up paste brushes and nooUilng brushes, farm families n make their homes more live blc and attractive ami at the same ne can suve cash for buying Wai ouds for Quick! Get the FLIT. Save yourself front th» bile that bringi burning-chilling miseries o< mnlnrin. Yesl Flit kills Anophelei, the mnlaril mosquito, as surely as it mows down common, household mosquitoes. So wliy take a chance? Help protect your family f(om this winged scourge . . , buy a big supply of Flit, todayl kills flies, atrts, *moths, bedbugs and an mosquitoes. • Ask us about Deming Water Systems. All sizes and capacities of ibalioiv and deep well systems ara available. The "MARVELETTE" Shallow Well System (illustrated) is low priced iut has icmures you would ordinarily expect in higher k priced systems. Quiet operation, dependable performance, low cost maintenance and Jong life of Deming Water Syitecii protect your investment in running water...the greatest of all modern conveniences! There'i a right typa of Deming Water System to meet YOUR requirements. Ask tbout til Tomato Crop Should Be Canned In view ol llic recent War Food Administration announcement thnt the purtlon of the commercial pack of mimed H'liole twmitoes nnd tomato juice for civilians from thc 1044 crop will be only five-eights ot Ihe allocation from lust year's crop, Mississippi county Victor) gardeners should plan to product more tomatoes than was original^ Intended, Cora l,ce Colcmnn, county home (Icmoiislrntlon flgeiit, stilf this week. If the number of tomato plants now in the ijimtcii will not produce n .surplus for cnnnliiK, she stilted there Is still time to grow n croi nmlU".r Immn'lmnrnvo UllU wl11 I 11 ' 0 "'"™ ll1 "'^ f"». Ad .cnts. Miss^otaau^nffout: dUI °" al »! n " ls "«* b ". »" rellns °' nt (his lime for setting out having |mp er lumg Is Beater ^ptanVS "*™* " '" ' i miiiiv cases, she said, the cost mn thc eost of tin mcs. too, s! .c paper. Somc- lilrc th c labor to have il put, on , Mississippi County farm women i exchange labor with cnch other 0 get rooms papered, Miss Colen suggested, since' the job can c clone much more quickly when \vo people work together. The only equipment actually iccded to haug paper Is thc folowlng: paste brush, smoothing inish, plump line, platform on which to stand, pasting table, ami 1 knife or scissors to cut and trim he paper. The door and thc baseboards can be rend to bc .set oul In lale July, Mis: may bi n seed bed and the plants moved lo the! location In the gardci Miss Coleman suggested Hint I will probably be more convenient I grow the plants In a snfall seed bed which cnn be given some pro lection from the sun during; th first few days after thc pinnt ome up iiiul which cnn be watered onvenlently If necessary' In three r four weeks after the plants come p In Ihe seedbed, she lidded, they n n be (niiisplniited to (heir per- uinent locution in (he garden. If the seed is planted In bills. Ive lo six seeds should be each. A.s- soon as the lliiBS are well established, they hould be (liinned to t«'» plants per illl, and about Ihree weeks alU'r he plants uix< up, lo one plant pev iltl. Since tomatoes arc a good source of vitamin C, Miss Coleman re- minded Victory gardeners Mini they :iiay In; justified In reducing the amount of .space for other crops If naulen Is snnill. However, she sulil. with likely Kxplalnn for II unny shoii season ear- w maturing, there will spot for more tomato Unit Ihe critical sen- liiu'dcn usually slims In lute June ami continues Ihioiu;! July and August when rains me liifrci|Uenl. Miss Colminn stiesscd I lie Importance of cnrelul culllvu- liou. /Ml glass mid weeds .should bc destroyed by scraping the surface of the soil. She warned, however, against deeper cultivation since H will almost always destroy some roots of the vegetable crops. Staling thai "[ho cure moy be worse than the disease," the home'dem- onstration agent remarked that If tli c ground Is stirred four to five Inches deep, the vegetables will be In a worse plight than !f the weeds «ic left undisturbed. ONE MILLION DOLLARS To Lotnl On IMPROVED FARMS Prompt Service—Low Interest Rates T. H. "I n 107 li. Jiiclfson -I'liuiitt 228B— .Itmcstiwci, flciill. For machine washing, enough soap should bc used to make a suds two Inches thick. If (he suils wear thin, more soup can be added. ll* >e loosened and the paper pushed Good washing alone is not enough, behind the boards to make a more j Miss Coleman slated. Wrlngliifj irofessional looking job, the home anil rinsing are also hupnrtant. to lemonstration ngcut explained. I good laundering. Two or three! Feed sacks can be used to caii-1 riusc waters arc necessary. The vas walls that, arc bcinp papered i " vsl sllouUI bc wnrm Ijccniisc the for the first time. The sacks nrc sll ' ls nrc rrcc ' 1 '» tllls wntcr not only much cheaper than rcg- Clothes that arc properly wnsh-1 ular wall canvas cr muslin, bul arc etl alul ritlSMl cio n ° l nce<l 1)luhl B' always available when regular wall shc SIli<i - ao(xl Cashing, careful canvas can not be purchased at any price. See US For Pipe, Fittings and Other Plumbing Supplies Farm Woman's Coliimu and sufficient rinsing, and sunshine as they dry will keep white clothes white. Mississippi county homemakers can eliminate time, work, and expense In doing Ihc family laundry by not overdoing certain processes, Miss Cora Lee Coleman, county home demonstration agent, said this week. Soaking, soaping, nnd scrubbing when overdone, she explained, may hinder rather than help In clcaning=iclothe5'. Soaking white cottons or linens for one to two hours in warm soapy water before washing will loosen the dirt, save time in rubbing on in running the wasliing machine, and save wear on clothes, Should Use Snap Beans W/>,/e They're Plentiful Mississippi County housewives «'lll be doing a patriotic wartime job by using more snap beans while they're abundant. Explaining that supplies now on ii! market arc In excess of canning needs in larger producing states, Ernest P. Franks, Area Supervisor, Office of Distribution, said increased consumption by local housewives \vns necessary to suvc part of the seasonal crop. According .to present^ estimates, mariy carloads bTbeaiis "will be available at fresh markets this season and housewives will bc making a definite contribution to the wai food program by using generous supplies daily and preserving some for future needs. Ricli in protein, "I'll take goad care of the things *- liaia", is a mighty good pledge for all of us. Wilh new farm implements hard to get ... wiUi greater demands for food production placed upon your shoulders, it's essential that you keep your old machines on the job ... in good condition for Hie work ahead. To keep your John Deere equipment rolling along, give it a thorough check- over before you need it. Replace old worn parts, which are likely to cause untimely delays, with reliable genuine John Deere repair parts ... parts made to fit and wear like the original parts they replace. Don't delay—check your equipment thoroughly. Get your equipment in first-class condition for the season to come by buying genuine repair parts from us NOW. Implement Co. icnlth for victory on ront, Mr. Franks said. WHAT CAUSES 4 EPItlEPSY? A booMfrf containirjg Ihs oplnToni*oTfa' noui doctors on lUii inlertilino »ub ill b« lent FREE, while they lail, lo oay r «ader veiling [o Ihe Educolionol DivhTon, ve., NewYork, N.Y., Dtpl. G-12< •Miss Coleman snid. Too long a souk, however, may bc worse than not soaking at all because the soiicd ^%-- "";[; "»; water is allowed to soak into the "<-.,. c " e ;B->. suengtn fibers of the cloth. Except for overalls aud work shirts which ' require maximum soaking time, colored clothes should not bc soaked lougcr than 20 minutes, the home demonstration, agent warned. If clothes are w-ashed too loug, dirt from the water will go back into the fabric just as with excessive soaking, she added. In a washing machine, only three to five minutes should bc allowed for ray- ons and silks; five to seven minutes for slightly soiled cottons, and seven to 10 minutes for cottons soiled to a greater degree. If clothes are not clean in 10 minutes, they should be given a second washing in clean suds. Washing by hand requires probably a slightly longer time, but additional rubbing will not get clothes clean if the water needs changing, shc pointed out. Too much soap is not only wasteful bul may be a hindrance. Suds that arc too thick iiiay run over the top of thc washing machine, and they make rinsing dif- vitamins, cal- ami genera Kill Johnson Grass '""'A" •»'•' • with ATLACIDE Wo have a limited amount at the same price as last year. E. C. ROBINSON LUMBER CO. Friendly Building Service ft's Clean! It's Quldil tl't Easy/ • Yo«, Pittsburgh Tcchldo Is something brnnd n»w In wall pnlnl— becnusu It (!VM excellent resulti over old wallpaper, piaster, brick und ninny olhor turfacej... because 0110 coat of Techlde U uiuilly lufiident . , . because It I* quick and easy to apply and drift In one hour . . . becausa It Rlvca you aan- ftary, w««hoble walli. Don't mlsi thl« opportunity to tedeccrato your rooini •t unall eoit Atk ui tbout Techlde. .. KONOMICM. 0>]« gallon uf I.,hlcl. ,,mk., IVi galloni of polnl— • nough lo do ovtr Ifib avomgft loom. MADl IN I COLORI MID WHI1I T*clikt« comet In poll* foim. CUD b* rnlx«d In Pul)li8h«d Hy Thc Delta Implement Co., Blylheville Vol Z r'rlilay, .Inly 7 No. 45 Ii your tmudgid, faded ihatibyl Th«n eo»«t It will, T.ehld.l T«cM(l« wolli niay b* quickly wa»n«d w{}Jl mild MOP and wal«r. PITTSBURGH MISS, mm mm co. (Formerly Ark-Mo Lumber Co J BLYTHEVILLE :-: ARKANSAS Wo hiivo al lusl secured nwirly n full or- Kiiiilzalinn. in our .shops mid can do your work now wilh rwisinmlile proniplncss. The Kliop is under supervision (if Vinifo Henderson, wlio lins bei'ii wilh us since Delia Implement Co. was formed in IDIiS. We have Iwn meeliiuiks who liitve hud experience wilh Farmitll Tractors and Inlernalional' Trucks -since 1027, Sieve Moore mid H.'.W. llalcli. A comparative newcomer, llorfon "Hiippy" Sylvester, hus hud considenlhle ex]ierience repsiirlnff all types of tractors. We nlso have Clarence "I5lacksmilh"-Collurh, whom \ve consider (he hcst iniiilemcnl repairman anywhere. \Vill ({orders' specially is painting; Iruulors and reiiuiriiiK traciiir I ires ... All these men have been working in Ihe interest of the farmer for a ml'mlicr of years—they welcome the opportunity to, serve you. , _ '•;'.". DI Mr. FARMER — Why waste money feed ing scrub hogs? Change to EASY-FEEDING, PROLIFIC DUROCS! All the breeders listed below have registered gilts bred for early FalHitters. Raise Du- rocs for Profits! Miss. County Duroc Breeders Association "THE HOME OF CHAMPIONS" Top Pedigree Durocs For Sale By These Members: C. G. SMITH & SON S.TANTON PEPPER GENE BRADBERRY Blytheville, Ark. Huffman, Ark. Manila, Ark. J. C. BUCHANAN CASTLIO BROTHERS C. H. WHISTLE Blythevilfe, Ark. Luxora, Ark. WhisHevilie, Ark. JOE T. CAGLE BURDETTF- PLANTATION L. H. AUTRY Blythevillc, Ark. Burdctte, Ark. Burdcttc, Ark. ROSS D. HUGHES JR. Blythcviilc, Ark. \Vt! jusl received a piclurc of Surjrl. S. T. Hai'din and Ills English bride. Sergeant Jfnrdin is now somowfiorc in Franco. ' DI— Dave Abbot 1, of Yarbro, bus a Moline combine in A-l shape for .sail! . . . We receive imiuiries for uned equipment every day— list any I bin).; you have for sale with us, we'll help you make it deal free of charge. DI Plan to alloml Hie horse show at Haley Field next Tuesday and Wednesday nights. This year's show, Hie second to be sponsored by the .Junior Chamber of Commerce, promises to lie even more interesting than that of last year. -DI- Capl- Robert 1{. Lowe, a former Delia 1m- plcmcnl Co. salesman, was visiting in Bly- Ihevillc lust week. Captain Lowe is now stationed nl Ciimp lircckcnridgc, Ky. DI ATTENTION FARMERS: We will now give FALL DATING on tractor and implement overhaul and repair . . . We think that get- ling your farming equipment in shape for Fall is so important that we'll practically let you "write your own ticket" on when you pay the bill. . . Come sec us for an estimate NOW during tiie lull season. DI New equipment delivered of the past week include: a K-5 International 1 1-2 ton truck t» I{. L. McAdoo, of Armorcl; a AlcCormick- Dccring '1 row tractor cultivator to Gene McCJuire, of Yarbro; and a <l-bar tractor^sidc delivery rake to U. W- Moore, of DytheVille. -DI- Wc'll be glad lo help you secure a certificate to buy a new truck . . . We can make delivery on International 1 1-2 ton trucks at this time. -DI- 'J. H. Gurley, of Clear Lake, and Earl Simmons, of Clear Lake Road, bought steel slock tanks tin's week . . . We've a good assortment of sizes and shapes in these tanks now. TANK UP YOUR ALBUM OOM'f NAVt H I TUCK HALFWAY I at* * 6*4 ttOAYt

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