The Indiana Gazette from Indiana, Pennsylvania on November 17, 1949 · Page 13
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November 17, 1949

The Indiana Gazette from Indiana, Pennsylvania · Page 13

Indiana, Pennsylvania
Issue Date:
Thursday, November 17, 1949
Page 13
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INDIANA EVENING GAZETTE. INDIANA. PENNSYLVANIA. THURSDAY, NOVEMBER 17, 1949. PAGE THIRTEer* Nava/o's Dr. 'Big' Nears the End O/Temporary f 23/car J Ariii -- NEA -- Cfcl As head of the mission be hasitioa without representation." Hsj 23 years confidante, doe-?supervised tae treat-neat of more.levels sweeping charges of waste, pr^eelender and policeman to 60,-ithaa 2S.OOO Xavajos and the iraia- jagainst the agency. J X» Xavajo Indians, is drawing near Sing of some 100 Indian nurses. Ga- i "Not less than S200,«»,wa Q^J fc» end of his aot=sie service ai Ga-=nadd has accredited grade sjad high been speat oa iae Navajo reserva-, ado Mission This is his last -rear, | schools, a community ceaier snd aliioa M the last 17 years, he says,' 6a!v the Sireau 6? India" 4f£airs Afield health service. It has its owa i"aad what is there to show for it j riii be p'eased when" Dr. "SigK who : power plant, farm, dairy, wmmlsary ;Tfeere Is an elaborate admi-siraiive. f 63-year-old B- Clarence G. Sal-: aad food service, telephone ex-5 set-up. A dozen nare-oraiaed sbury Bangs up his sieshoscope ! chaage sad other facilities. Ssehemes have faLea sy tae waysiafii, texr Ma? Tfce doctor has long been \ Salisb--ry earned the deep friend- aad there is a larger ausiser tbaii is outsaoksa cHMc of the bureau's?ship ol the Xavajos as he watched|ever of keen, bright laciaaa chU- - - * ^e r^issioa grow through the years-idrea with no opporrjauy for even to Gaaado oa temporary i He became a filler for ladiaa;aa elerneasary edacasIM,- eat la 1927 and has " aever ; rights, Aad more and -ore he con-| Congress receniK- biOC=,ea a bill fe^t. Ke buili uo the ~n*ssida ffosn^viEced hiasself thai the iadiaa Bur-5 that wosild have authorized S83,-: |a o'd assorimeaJ ol shaeks aad dis- =eau was responsible for the usually ;S70,GCO to permit a lO-year- reaabi- eeasarv eots to a 150-bed hospital'sad plight of his adopted Meads. ]Illation prograai for the Navajo feoiscausiiy oa a 25«5-acre desen' He biiter!y aeeUsas the Bureau of ] and Eopi tribes. It lost out oa a jsas:,, " j subjecting the Navajos id,,-^tarva-5technicaMty^fea^ fesd^ m~1~.-Z "~~.. - -' " "~" ·'TM'S.II.I ' ^~""_I_ '" "" ,' ^-^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^·^·^^^·^··M ·M^liJlilMJriHHHBHMHIHBHHHHHHMHHBflBiVHi^^^l^^^^'l^^^'''^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ C L E A R A N C E Plus Speaks To American Lawmakers CASTEL. GAXDOI^FO. Italy. K 1 group of Anierieaa Senators ifear of tuar will resaaia so long as; it was the third time within two weeks the Pope publicly referred to problems of protection of peoples through just laws. ! "We are pleased to aote," tfe i Pontiff said, that the lawgiver and Ithe soldier move in friendly cont- paaioaship.' he s law, prevail tuiiess it \ Graham Convert Admits Perjury a single r of the forcef , ix»s ANGHLES, Kcn^ twice Cajrt. Ceca M. "Wisdom it ]the fourth officer io be cleared «* 'as it should be," j perjury charges stemming from the ho-A-ever wise, could j I^QU^ into the broihel operatiozss Alien. old Roman i bv superior Judge" Stanley BarnW 'that the veryl a ixg r '^/y^^ Teehtaciaa J- Arihac Vaus testiSad he had perjured bisa- indicted by the GraJM§ after he testified that backing O f Hg . fear O f war is worse ihaa war K- that fear will aever be ab- 50 long as within the great, f i nations "uses sheer --ear i 5 its citizens to a condition of «*-; ^jj^ J 'teis/* ' I "v e I The Pontiff mentioned no eow* 1 -Js^t gp ioEg ^ v^iua tae great,j tjr ^ a j ter be ^ |try by naine, but apparently he ^l family of aatlons there Is even OEe : jec^rdiags" were unintelligible fferred io the CJessnmuhJst 8° vert! -; meir.ber which, rejsciing the moral=£jff; C!; y. * o miderstaad, Imehis of Eastern Europe. - ^seaje o; InaHenabie ctiaiaa rights, -..j, e recordings supposedly were I The Pope addressed members of · tises sjje^r force So reduce its ciii- o{ Conversations between Brehdi | a U. a Senate Armed Services co»-; zeas t a eoB^jtion of chattels, de-; ^,, en asd s= ^_ a y jacksoa, mittee headed by Sen. Thomas (D-\ - _ . , _ - . - - EVERY HAT -Ya. Stennis tD-Miss, Thye 1 , -fhree Months ili:-jB and McCieUan ID-Ar^). . Senators, their wives and their 1 ry-Ullt FenOQ aides drove io the Pope's summer " _ palace from Ro:ne. Lawr the; DALLAS. Tex., Nov. 17--t- whifh arrived yesterday: \Var Hero Audie Marphy ar.^ his i group. WUK.-U an««=" -'-- ----- -- ---- ------ ------ ----- ·· - . . , from Athens, was to coafer with = movie aciress wife. Wanaa Heacrsx. ? liallaa government leaders, they, have decided to make a go of their; | bribery charges. * Judge Baraes heard the reeor- Idiagi Vaus said he admitted P«r- i jury after beiag coa verted by Evaa- s gslisi Billy Grahaai. Ca»t. Wisdom formerly was sec;,, poaunaBd of police uer - Dr. "BSs". Wish a Hopi Infiian narse asslstm?. Dr. Clarence G. Salisbury treats a patient at the Gaaado Indian Mission. | with the geaerai aims of the plan.. Ke has been a pegging worker i Had the measure gene through, jfor the ladiaas oa every froat. In j Salisbury was prepared to deliver joae afteriiooh oa the epeaiag day j 75 ;. tooih extractions. When he wasn't j performiag his medical chores he; and preaching about 5 1 leave Saturday for Madrid. The fope pleaded for protection by law of the -world's people. He urged a wise iaw backed by a "reasonable torce," with the Junction to ^protect and defend the rights given »o man by God and just Saw. not ttf whittle them down and crush them," ·marriage, they announced here yes- :erday. : Widely publicized as estranged.! the couple told a Da-las Times Her- | ' aid representative they had set ] ihentselves a three-month per:oc to work out their differences. 1 The first radio operation in 1926. network siarted It was NBC. Yca'U be caotct few Q»«ekly SXS-CUtA OlMTMENT AKD SOAP rftlUyts ike *+ boircsslag reelol Uefc end pola ef sfaspJ* pile*'. TfeMsa S rf» « folks « » « » «J ·otiose! 45^«r old olrfmes* ead ·"?*? * be wiihoat It! It mast be gacot «** 5AK-CURA OINTMENT AND SOAP the draatjisH So«rfg=«ca or another heavy blast against the la-jof Ganado's school, he mace dian Bureau- He fears it would sim- jtoiy iaeah "the addiiion of another i^eck in the alreadv over-crowded ,, . ] bareaucrati--- beehive." and thai the {their desperate economic distress. j Kavajos would be worse off 10 | Reports r.-era that had Gov. Tlsom^ ! years" hence than they are ibosy. as E. Dewey of New York won the The rehabilitation p5an spseifical- presidency last fail, he planned to !y orovided for developmeht of re- offer Salisburj- 'a high post in the p sources on the Indians' 25.000 square Indian Bureau the doctor has always criticized so sevefiy. Mow, howei-er. there :s nothing 1 dpatemblaied hew schools and high- ahead for Dr. "Big" but quiet re- 1 ways, and some resettlement of f am- tiremeat. And when he leaves Ga- iiles "to better farming and grazing j nado next spring the Nai-ajos will i-r»fis^ 1 lose one of the stoutest cnamp;o:is When Salisbury came to that In-! they have ever had in their long diaa couairr 23 years ago. he found]and troubled history, the first going difficult. Once he i Agony of Acid Stomach and Ulcers Relieved At Last! by a pain- Manv stutterers Testify to t, yl »!atic *?»»" fr«!n Buriiins. Avid Stomach. Awful «..:ss, '-!wr Pains. Muscular Aches a s-d Pains. Sick Headaches and Other Result isss f: «" rfyi.jra.-jdn- MAKE THIS FREE TRIAL OF G A R W O O D ' S T A B L E T S Don't nesleci HAlOSFUb sjosnach acids. These Sclss. i.aWatii»j acids are a rea! danfc^r msule t.f vou. K»t «hiV lo th^r make your fo^ *ou, a-id" indigestible, but they also eat Into tne Isr-ins, of vour stoiiiach. Year orsiaais become swollen a:sd ' Yoiir stomach is a neuseaung. gassy j!.-a.-; ar'.d irritated membranes -eUevisig: coating action. n J ua-n-oud's I'rivale Formula Is available MI "a-'uiv tablet*. It has included !e U an Ingre- i-isr rp«u!is. You. SO who hav^ found it po «.-::joy a normal meal, i-an join tnat rast groap isible-- after snany years-- to without c-xtrem« pasn. i rounded him, brandishing knives jjj et Ba dger Recipis-392.984.552.GO iaad rones. One of the medicine mea] Total ^.^ _ $2 -g 535470,228.08 t -ed bim by telling the mob thai j Budg t 622THILA, ST. i saved him by tailing me muii ··^'" JBudget j Salisbury was, after all. a white j liaaa of whom not too much couid ji ]be expected. :pendiiure^-4135.63!,179.17 ih Balance --$4.638,798.177.27 Overi previous Day--$16.- j 803,571.77. \ our whole systei:i can be af feeted bv excess sioih-ch ac-as For acid is Nature's danger signal! 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