The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on June 15, 1946 · Page 4
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 4

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Saturday, June 15, 1946
Page 4
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BLKTHEVILLE (ARK) COURIER NEWS ROC BLTTHEVILLE OOURDC1 HKW1 I OOk JAUBS L. VZRHOBPP, BUtor TBOMA0 K. ATKINS. Adnrtl<tB( Oo, HOT Tort. •very Afta , Oetobtr ». U1T. atrrad by DM OnttM By curler to tb« dty <xt BlTtbMO* or tova vb*r* canter nrriet it »e par w«*. or Me »«r Moth.. BT mail, wttfatb » radba «< » mOm. H« p« yen, 13.00 for ill month*, tl40 Mr tbn* month*; by tnafl outddB M coll* toot, 11040 t*» r*v t* Machine Politics vet- one Litigation instituted by war crans in .Garland county, where man has reigned as political c-/.:\r lont; enough to see upwards of half a do/en governors- come and go, promises to give Arkansas voters a vivid picture of what can happen to permit one man. or a sinall group of men, to grasp |K>- litical powers, and once having grasped them, retain them to further their own desires. 4 • . The veterans in the suit—-and it is significant that it was filed in Federal Court—challenge the legality of more than one-fourth of all of the poll tux receipts issued last year in Garland county. The poll tax receipt is a re<j- uisite for voting in this and several other states of the nation. Of the nearly 4,000 poll tax receipts challenged, more than one-half were obtained, according to the coniplaintants, by one man, a Negro reputed .to be a. gambling house operator. Those poll tax receipts cost somebody more than $2.000. Supposing that every one of the questionable poll tax receipts' wns obtained through legitimate channels, it ...seems most unusual that one man would be rounding up so many unless there was an ulterior motive involved. And, if one-man can find such a practice worth.his time and his money, what might happen if some smarter men with sinister motives hit upon such an , idea? If those poll tax receipts were used to pad the ;, bbllot. jbofc it-could nine, times out of ten determine the out. . come of almost any election in that county. What could happen in that county could happen in any other county until such time as some citizens ._ with an interest in honest 'elections rise up and put a stop to thc bloc buy._ ing of poll taxes. It never is u good : sign' and within the past year a certain national organization through its individual members in Arkansas has openly and brazenly solicited the privilege* of obtaining poll tax receipts for :" all who would, sign the necessary sm- ; ; thorization. ; The privilege of possessing a poll tax receipt is as sacred as.the ballot. And one of the main justifications for having * poll tax law lies in the fact it limits the^ ballot privilege to those sufficiently intereHted to go to'the county assessor within the required period and file an •sgensment, pay that assessment in due time, and then when elec- time rolls around exercise that privilege of helping to select their office holders. The outcome of the Garland county litigation will be watched with interest by Arkansans who value their ballot. If the wholesale buying of poll tax receipts is to be tolerated, then the power of the ballot has been destroyed; or it has been so weakened that elections become futile and a farce. Short Daydream You see -n lot in the papers these days about competition, in The field of organized jabor. The AFL and CIO arc competing to organize workers in the south. ' Officers and divergent political groups compete for control of individual unions, and so on.' All' of which fills us with a hopeless yearning. > Remember competition back in I he clays of peace and plenty? That was usually business competition. It had a way of resulting in mark-downs, giveaways, free candy for the kids, free chinaware for the moviegoer. Maybe it was carried, to economically unsound lengths—but, boy, how the customers loved it! Now, if the unions could only arrange some 'Bitch popular, monile-ljuild- insr dividends to embellish their current competition . . . But no—guess we'd better open our eyes, take our feet off the desk, and get back to Work. 'SATURDAY, JUNE 15, 1046 Like o Ton of Bricks Roseland Service Station STANDARD OIL PRODUCTS OPEN SUNDAY — GAS 20c George Davis, Manager Hi way 18 West For River-Washed Building Boom A nationally-known brewery has failed to obtain priorities to construct a new plant in New Jersey, which seems right and proper in view of the housing shortage. But elsewhere in New Jersey two large and elegant new race tracks are under construction. • Doubtless the tracks' owners would be reluctant to reveal what strings they., pulled to get building material at this time. But perhaps they will lie good enough to set aside a few vacant corners and a little fresh straw for some of the veterans and their families who are still frantically searching for u permanent abode. *. WASHINGTON COLUMN Maritime Commission Scandal BY PETER KDSON chairman wns doing. NKA Washington Correspondent | whatever his sally shortcomings' •WASHINGTON, June 15. INEA) may have been In this resnect or —Vice-Adm. William Ward Smith as ' K bookkeeper, he did s;et ships Need a SO THEY SAY So much Polish blood has been shed In the fight for freedom and tor the cause of Ihe Allies that Poland hns every mornl right to demand truly democratic freedom for herself. Such freedom. will never exist while the Russian army is still on Polish soil.—Gen. Thadeusx Komorowskl (General Bor), Polish resistance leader. Dujty ' .CotTT^ht by Lucr Agues Honeock Datrib»t*i by NEA StRVtCE, IMC/ LUCY AGNES HANCOCK THB STORY. One «l»rm T *l K k< two mrHlcrioan MritnicrrK bring • b«4lr Injui-rd Hoy Inlo Hecciv- «•* wklle Solly l» on Amtr. Tfcey trr fo .Irave *r!tknu1 any eiplnnn- <U>K km( T)r. WlllonKhhy oil. Ike rollr*. Afur Ikr »t*pic!<m» ck»r- •clrn> k.rr W*» taken to krn«- «"»rtrm, «r <jlx-ovrr« ik»t tkelr «ar t« kalltred nn4 t»!o»«*1aliie«. A Atary In the koy'a co«f pocket to see the passing of an occasional truck on the highway below the hill. But the hospital appeared to be completely isolated. *'I locked the outside door," Sally explained. "Until the lights come on—well, there isn't anything we could do and who knows what might happen?" • • ^ "CPOOKS and murders," giggled ened lo lei her down and Margaret's nrm tightened about her waist. The intruder, too, had heard. A key clicked in the lock —the door silently opened admil- | ting a rush of damp air and as quietly closed. • • * TPBOM the corridor Doctor liar- lock entered with a flashlight. Both girls sank into chairs and Margaret Adams stammered: "Th-that m-mnn! W-who was li-he? Wh-what d-did h-he w-want? Wh-whcre d-did h-he g-K-go? A-and Ih-thc 1-lighls?" "What man? There's no man here except me. What ails you two? Don't tell me you're afraid of the dark—two big girlt like you!" "What happened to thc lights?" luis .stepped from live Navy into tiiilt faster tlian the subs the chairmanship of (.he U. S. Mar- .sink them, which was his lob. Itime Commission and War Ship- I __ • ping Administration just In time I to have n three-year-old 58.000,000.- ! 000 brat dropped on his doorstep I It's a demand for congressional in-' vestigation of USMC nnd WSA bookkeeping. \ Admiral Smith himself is chi.ssf?d as a political neutral. The demaii^ for tlie 'investigation comes frprn Republican Sen. George D. Aiken 'of I Vermont aiHl Cong. Richard '13. | Wlgglcsworth of Massachusetts. But I they ar u backed iip by an audit from the General Accounting Office of Comptroller General Lindsay C. Warren, who is a Democrat. Only the audit lor 1943 has been made public .so far, but that's where th c trouble is. Hcfore July 1 the General Accounting Office hopes to have competed its audit of Maritime Commission nnd Shipping Administni^ lion Ijooks for 1944. It is understood that this report will also sho\v considerable Irregularity to tlie bookkeeping. But a preliminary examination of 1945 books indicates that mistakes of the two previous years have been corrected, so the whole thing may blow over, Thc final audit of 1945 operations may not be completed for some months, however. Until it is brought out th e whole ease may have to hnng fire. ' MAltriTMi: UNIONS HAVE DISTORTED THE CHARGES In the meantime, the GAO audit of 1043 shipbuilding nnd shipping operations is being given considerable distortion. Senator Aikcn's relerencc to S8.0C7.163.090.CO ini- jwoperly accounted for" has been could Behind all this bookkeeping war there is nn Involved' feud bet*".on Senator Aiken end Admiral Land. II began over She at. Lawrence Seaway project, which is 'he senator's pet project. Land' oposed it. arid-said so in no uncertain terms After that, Aikon had no use for him and Is reported to hnve tvied to block Lund's proniotio.-i from rear admiral ( o vice ru'mlral. Land's promotion to full admiral was blocked. SAND and GRAVEL Phone 965 We Also Sell Good Black Sandy Loam and Dirt for Fills LARKIN SERVICE STATION 219 East Main St. K. M. Larkln Balfn Holme* After Your 40th Birthday . . . Life is ofteii one ache after another. Drink Vlountnln Vullcy VVnter us :\ natural aid In the treatment of ARTHRITIS and NEURITIS. Don't neglect recurring pains. Ask your Doctor about Mountain Valley Water, and how it helps to eliminate palh- ciuislng .toxins. Order a case todav. CROSSTOWN WHISKEY SHOP Main and Division Blytheville. Ark. 24-hr. Service TAXI'! Call Bonded and Insured 968 Bill Wunderlich 9 We 10 Wanderers 11 Metal 12 Makes lace 17 Merganser 18 Vend £4 Symbol for calcium Margaret, nervously "Gosh, gaily asked, her voice edges. Sally I'll sure be glad when this «i t - s only this circuit. Jensen's n.ghts over. Beheve it or hot, my trying to flnd the trouble. But '''""• '"° "•«"•-'" ' ........ what's this about "It hasn't been very pleasant, I man?" What has it?" asked a voice from the Margaret svas beyond speech. corridor and both girls sprang to I Stilly tried to explain. "We don't their feet and laced the invisible [know what mnn," she said sharply. VIII •"PHE midnight luncheon ol sandwiches and coffee arrived soon after the doctor left and Sally and Margaret sat down to enjoy Iheir repast. The town clock struck two. The.sleeJ slashed at windows; the wind roared and trees sighed and groaned. "I hate nights like this," Margaret muttered as she sipped her speaker. ("That's just it. When the lip his coffee "They give me tlie willies." "How did you gel in?" Solly went out I locked the outside door For heaven's sake, Maggie!" I demanded, trying to make her and all at once the door into th n Sallycried.."You certainly are in voice stern. "And who arc you?" corridor opened and a strange man • cheerful mood. I'll be glad when "I walked in and you wouldn't came in and told us to remain 'Wiuoughby gels back. Alter all— know me If I told you my name," where we were and his visit would What was that?" For a sound like the voice said cooly. A slightly be brief. He must have heard you tt* crack of doom brought both darker shadow glided across the coming and went out that d'oor . *V?i thc ] rjfe **- room to a window overlooking the into the drive. Hrw did he know It sounded like a gun, Sally," drive and Sally thought it must where the door was? How did h< Margaret whispered, teeth chatter- be one of the unwelcome visitors know it wns locked? There's some- .55 .u ifi. . E01ng to pul P £ • liul * whlle bcforc although thing fishy about this performance «rt the lights for a moment." I the voice was different—almost Uoctc i But it wasn't necessary for sud- I that of a gentleman; but of course cdly «e^ toe lights went out. Receiv- that couldn't be. "Fishy? How do you mean tn« was in total darkness. Street "If you ladies will kindly remain 'fishy'?" thc young man demanded 1 down '" ™> city had been right where you are you will avoid "I thing someone connected wiih ' JTJfEi !T*c V,° W . ^ h °J e com P li(:aUOT1 »." the ""seen visitor this hospital was trying to be £1^5* clack. SaHy crepttothe went on, "and unpleasantness. I funny," she explained. "" ft, f 1 -"! £.t ve my f 80 " 8 ' or bein * I> CT C- "Nonserysel" he retorted. "Did the faint They are all my own snd no least I you recognize the voice? 4% FARM LOANS Farm loans made to fit your individual needs. Quire-payment privilege granted all borrowers. Let us explain our Pro-Payment Reserve Plan. NO EXTRA CHARGES—NO APPLICATION, APPRAISAL, ATTORNEY'S or CLOSING FEES and NO COMMISSION | U. S. Army Group ; HORIZONTAL VERTICAL i.l Depicted is 1 Adjective !\ insigne of, the 2 Demigod ( U. S. Army 3 Peaceful Division' 4 Of the thine 9 It is a of 5 Genus of the U. S.. shrubs Army " 6 Ireland 13 At tliis place 14 Woody plant 15 Rail bird 16 Anger 17 Nels 19 Witticism 20 Male child 21 Cloak 22 Answer (ab.) 23 Fi-ozen water 26Moih 25 Cover 27 Parrot T 29 Forfeiter ' 32 Near 33 Rough lava 34 At no time 38 Aromatic plants 41 Peer Gynt's mother ! 42 Egg (comb. form) 43 Prohibit ! 45 Slept noisily : 50 Child ' 53 Silkworm 54 Rounded 55 Bustle 56 Row ;«S 58 Ardor *•£ 59 Indian 60 Augments 61 Leavers Anawer to rr*\l»u» i'vuie 7 Canvas shelter 27 Male 8 Foot part 28 Goddess of infatuation 30 Dine 31 Headland 1 43 Greel: letter 44 Dry 46 Require 47 Shield uoarinf 48 Harvest 35 Different 49 Sicilian 36 Electrical unit volcano 37 Remainder 51 Smell 38 Fashion 52 Pedal digits 39 Four (Roman) 57 Rupees (ab.) 40 Spotted 53 On time (ab.) m Qut Our Wav BvJ. R.Williams ( for * long mo-1 in. We both heard it—" , . *• two nvirics Lights blazed and the three in clung together. After wh»t teemed the big si1«nt room blinked at the - but wai perhaps sudden glare. Sally ran lo Ihe door minute*, the »oft, and opened It, letting in a rush o be»d at rubber- wind and sleet. She looked up <md ;£•«*»* ^t^Froi;^l»h«co^£^ driveway hut < oxlld sce V 'A*^BM nrfta fr W-M i <T« B* CMUJIM4) taken to mean that this sum has been stolen. CIO maritime unions, doing everything they can to promote their strike demands by giving the bosses a blnck eye, hnve taken up th e cry that "shipowners looted thc U. S. Treasury o: several billion dollars." Comptroller General Warren's office has made no such chnrges. While It would be si miracle if oil the billions spent In .such h.iste for war shipbuilding and shipping could be accounted for down lo the lasl penny, this is pretty much of a bookkeeper's war. What lh c 1943 audit shows is Hint Maritime Commission ind Shipping Administration accoun- Itants made $8.000,000.000 worth nf I mistakes. The General Accounting fficc had to correct them before books could be brought inlo alEincc. Nineteen major errors were found the Maritime Commission books. 9 in llie Shipping Administration's, example, 52,000,000 advanced o Kaiser's Richmond. Calif., yard •ns charged to shipways instead E being set up as an account rc- clvable. These were erroneous pay- ncnls (or charter hire o[ $344,000. There was failure lo record more nan S350.000.000 due for Iranspor- aiion of Lend-I.casc cargoes. Ves- els worth $03,000.000. lost al sea. vcrc still, carried as assets. And o on. in too great dpinii to be Riven In full here. For falling to put inlo effect recommendations of the Cirn Accounting Office, lhc Maritime Commission did recently dismiss I's director of finance, R. is. Amlerlon. But so far there have been no charges of crookedness. Vice-Adm. Emory S. l/iivl, ian of the Maritime Ojmml.ssWn and of the Shlpplnfi ihrcughout thc wnr. hru roMij to become head of the Air Transport As-soclallon. Land lUimtn the commission, and nthcr members were known to complain that they could not learn w h;n the If wu arrange a lo:in with you it is good business for us to make il fit your needs because farm loans are a good investment only when Uiey are good for the farm owner. NOBLE GILL AGENCY Glencoe Bklg. Phone 3131 No Watiing! No Delay! In Arkansas-Missouri- Tennessee - Mississippi 4% LOANS On Good Business and Rental Property in Towns of Over 2500 MONEY PAID ON DAY OF APPLICATION IF TITLE IS SATISFACTORY Call or Write Florida Real Estate Loan Co. ANDREW J. FLORIDA, Vice-President PHONE 210 Mississippi County Bank Building Osceola, Arkansas fe flf% GIVE ME SOME. BACKIKV HERE.' YOU PEOPLE. JEST- SET AROUMD AMP fX5 MOTH I M' ABOUT HAWKS.' BRACE ME.' 1,-lS 3-.iJwn.iMM: I THIRTY YEARS TOO SOOM Boarding House with Maj. Hoople MOW ABOliT A *«=H EGAD/ A COLOSSAL PlCNSlC,) IDEA,BOYS/-*-I'LL WTU YOU •& SPtAv!. BRIEFLY OF MY CAPTURE OF THE GANGSTERS/- FlRCT ri&RO THE 0\N)L9. CLUB Since 8WWL50 DOT HIS uoiUER- BM POST CARD, Vie OOGWT TO PIS BANK AN' THROVE A THE BOUNDS Of- MODES-TV a FOR.THREE VNOORS=

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