The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on June 8, 1934 · Page 7
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 7

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, June 8, 1934
Page 7
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FRIDAY, JUNE 8, 1984 BIATHEVILLE, (ARK.) COURIER NEWS PAGE SEVEN eiA$siFIED SECTION- CLASSIFIED ADVERTISING INFORMATION Daily raic per .me ror consecutive insertions: I five aver no HOieU to » line) One time per line 1*5 Two times per line per day .. 08C 31 net; timed per HIM per day .. 06c Kit limes por line per day .. Ooc I'unlh r»to per line. Wo Minimum chtrge 60o Ads oruered Io- tnrce or sui times and slopped before expira- L'ou will be cliuico tor the uuni- tKt ol limes Ule ml appealed UKI adjustment o( bill made. A!l Ciarjincd Advertising copy rfiibuiltted by perso'is residing outside ol tlio city a ust be accompanied ly cash. Rales may be i&lly computed (mm above table. KO lesponiiuultv Y,UJ be tasen !0i more tliaii one Incorrect In teuton ol any classified ad. tumllue Also automobile upholstering. We will be |lud to refer you to customers as to quality and workmanship. Complete Hue samples. New Location US No. Second JENKINS A SON POUI/I'IIY & fXJGS 'Meinpliis, 'JVnn.'Amoiii! oIlK-r iiml- , UTS lo bo cuii'iideml will \K pro- Milk fed PHY KHS'for sale. I'ICIC- I l'u*<l I'luiniy of Uy-Law pioi'hl ARLTS Stoiv. 1011 Clilrkanuwki. ' for iminulmcnU ol Uy-Uiws AUTOMOTIVE of Save Time ,ind Money by lulng uiir complete slock Auto Replacement Parts Kubbard llaiilwair Co. Automotive Dept. - - fhene 41ti 6-ck-7-(J FOR HKNT Kocm With Batii, (.50, $.75, $1.00. Io >J.i(J a week. t>ca- over ben Or body tlolrl alure, Mam and Broadway. r/ USED tARS ivhcn Belter Hu.vs Can be Had We Will Have 'them'. '30 F 0111) TOWN SLUAN. KUILS tJuod, (jiKMl Kubbcr anil New Piilit S^ 18 '30 I'ONTIAC C O A <; II. A Ktal Buv ?13* V9 UODOt StUAN. Motor A-l. I Lookb Heal Ouud $155 •3i «:IIKVKO1.ET COACH. Have Io Sec and Drive '1'lns Car le Arnrtciuic )t. A liar- sain : .... S'" '30 FOlll) STATION WAGON. Mv. Tiics, Molor A-l. H.lidy for Delivery or J-aim IJbC S 13a •30 DODGK 1'AKKL TRUCK. Jdtal Icr liakcry 01 tle^u- iug ami 1'icsMiig Sliop .. 515S •39 CllliVUOI.Kr P1CK-U1'. CliiLCii Cab. Kuns Good. Al- muii -New ti-piy lues »Hb Many Othcis To Choose From PHILLIPS MOTOR COMPANY ~ ' USK» CAH LOT . Corner 1M 4, Walnut Sis. l'ha»« D1U - ISll FURNISHED 5 room house, servant nouse. gaiaee- Very COOL, siindj yaid. Mrs. II. u. Wickhaiii. Call 7-ck-tl Kentucky, Apartment, 108 Wes by 17-ck-O-n Srll ys your poullry. Vfc pay hlfih- = est prices for liens & (ryrrs. I). I r. Worthy Jli K. Iklal llu-iedoin nea'sslty for WANTKD LOST ,. n. oagc, WANT l.Aljy. M lo J5, \\lin knows n rnwll sm aMIM'Kll (mm Hoot how l» mct'l tin- puhlh: mid has] orj 1 , Baturdiiy iilglil. HKWAH1) lili-.i.-iini iioi-funiilllj 1 . Prefer cm' mdln Reedy, Cull WO-J. U-ok-tl I wllh Miino office cx|)crlence mid v ' j IH-C in tnivol uflei 1 working heio.[ pi. uoberl Cull en' luldresi room 1), (!i June 12, IDS'), ut oiliue uf W. A. Gago & Comixiny. Mills liulUlmu, UK|C Sam Warns Terti S*lci TOUT WORTH. Tex. IUP>— Tile irderal eovcniinenl evidently U tii protect dry atates (mm to «,000 Texas druggWs «iid of federal liquor warning tb>ni they will be «ib- Xd to * $1,000 federal exclw lax It they distribute liquor in violation of Uu; ,'itute dry law. 'Hiln rings nmong tin annual growing rings of trees denote that tlwse were »dded . during drought OURBOAKniNCHOUSH Furnislwd BEDROOMS. Mrs. Dd llardin, 1G17 W. VValiml. Call 102. Ick-lf MODERN 3 loom lurnlslicd or un- lurnlslied apartment over Kirby Drug Store, i- 1 . Kimon. Call 7S1. 30-clc-tt Nicelyfurnished private bath. Lights, waler free.I 61» W. Main. Call 332-J. c. k24] UNFURNISHED 5 room apartment, 1013 W. Walnut. Call MJ. 5-30 c ktf 4 room house \vilh halli. Nicely furnished. Vacant June 1. Ill Division. Call GSO or 968. 22cktf COOL BEDROOMS. REASONABLE MRS. WERT, 212 W. MAIN. FURNISHED apailment, 305 Uou- gan. Phone 870-J. i room HJRNISHED Apartment and garage. 1601 W. Ash. Nicely Furnished BED ROOM. Mrs. Nolen, 310 West Walnut. 30c k6-30 BljSlNEbSJ MRSTfc. Tl.'ISL'R^EfTE announces .the opening of summer classes In typing, shorthand, bookkeeping. Call"wi-l¥. 2c H-2 COUNTY WORKERS UNION lor men and \sonien over 16 Dues, (1 per year 6-24 Slip Covers Approved by Hood Housekeeping. Choice o[ good materials. fit Guaranteed— \i Usual 1'rice Mrs. C. SL Gray, agent HIGHEST Cash Prices paid lor brass, aluminum, copper, zinc. New Deal Trading Post, 120 W. Main. 8c M-8 Ask us alinut Ilic Ilagen Honey Cirtcr Golf Balls. They're Better. Hubbard Hardware Co. 5c k7-5 FOR SALE betnnd I'-intt linr.iuirc bought am boju. ihr)inrc i'arKtmric cu., Li For Sale—5-*0 Leonard Reln^era- lor, imc nu\\*, puiuetain nnea, 101 oiny i-ly, 1'nrrLlmi'SL- Co. ilu t,. luaiii, iuytncvine. Ar' r - 4-cK-V-» For Sale — Ropoisessed large size Majtag washing [n^clnne. Us'jo only Libout ^0 uays, lor Djlanct due tbl). 'lermi;. I'arkninsL Co., nx< K Main, blytheville, An:. 4-cK-Y-s BAKGAINS in good, clean, used itc boxes. Evetcil B. ace Sales Co. CHEAP— 25 acres growing alfalfa near Blytheville, Everett B. Gee. 22ck6-22 F«ds. Flour, Groceries & Meats at Kcst Trices. We Deliver. Pb«ne 231, Rile Price Grocery. 9c k6-U 'For Sale— I good used DGlco light plant, 1 bailcry radio set, 1 used electric refrigerator, new & used electric lans. LvcrcU B. Gee Salci Co. 22 ck 6-22. WANTKD Job Wanted by boy Just graduated from High school. Not afraid of wort:. Will do anything. Box J Care Courier News. Write 28xxtl REPAIRING Tennis Rackets Restran; Overnight service, 4 fradfs Ifubbard Hardware Co. 6-ck-7-6 HOME LOAN—Free estimates on roofs, painting and general repairs. We can nirange TERMS il drslreil. E. C. ROBINSON LUMBER CO. PHONE 100. FRF.F, 11 O I, C F-sthnafcs Roofing, f'nmtlng. Repairs THE ARKMO LUMDEK CO. lQ-ck-6-10 HXPEKT Typewriter and Adding Machine Repairing. U. S. Blank- eqihlp, 116 E. Kosc. Call 165-J. 22ck6-22 (loll Hold. Fiencl to Uu: moon within [ho neil W. A. Thompson, Collector of Itevtnuc, hat, wilt notices Courier Nev.'S Want Ada. THE SHOCK TK(K»'KK! nr ARMV is WIPED CIW3EO 'H«M TOUGH MUG FftOfA MOO RIGHT INTO ft MOOVIAN CArAP, AHNIWLA1ED US WITH BARRAGE OF COCO^NUTS.' IT WAS AWFUL ! I'M 111 1 ' I THINK I'M SO 1HO5C hVOOViAN CWMOftN2EE 1 3 FEUED W FLOWER OF 1.EMWN VOU1H WITH A SHOWER OF COCOft WJTS.' OtWtVif WHAT A CTSGRhCE f NWYBEVTSl K)R PUTUNi UP AN OVERHflM) TRA.CK.TO TV* MS WUM J; n »6 IT OUT-SIDE OF Ttt' THERE tlTTLE "PHOEBE 7 '/ BUT WHKT \S THAT.' PIER EFFECT,OF- TIMBERS LEADING TO THE . GREW C/XESAK/ CA.N THAT BE THE' TlfABER TUNNEL ITS <SQING1O GOLD OUT IN TROLLtY WkS-SCRATCHlN VJIPED OUT rAV ARM.V, DID THEV - GWNf OUT AM' SMEW THAT 61.08 AN' H15 W«XE MOB Of COCOANUT-6UN61N 1 RIGHT OF FA w EARTH - AN' f M OCJNKA tJO 11 9N6VE-HANOEO.' I' IX 5WOW THAT KING GUZZLE, THW CfWE-ROOSTIM 1 SOME REAL UES —WUY IT "BU1UT THE reasonable. Uc k6-ll BOOTS AND HER IJUJMHES «000 TOP 60\Vi' TO VWOM VOO 1 .1W ^06 1 E:THER ; WW WW1 OFF To A , w.wtnt vio OWE APT TO •itt xoo WANTED TO RENT Wanted to Rent—unfurnished 3 or 4 room houee or downstairs apaviment. "BF" Courier News. 1-ck.-H : short distance of 1100 Chicka- WOR.V.O VtFY O??" sawba. Call 278-W. CLEANERS, TAILORS We el»n an* «(*re wtflUr clsthes and bed rovers. Moth-proof, are- proof vaults. Pay next fall. Uniqae C leaning Service WANTED TO BUY We buy Chickens and Ejss high- WASH TUBBS CHECKING UI'! By Crm» MOW, MOW. KEULVf I est prices paid. Rite Price Grocery. Fhotw 234. Ill E. Main. 9c k6-t SlftTT Ar CLOiE- RftMdEJN THE V BftSEOFTHE SKULL. S'lAUL. CALIBER. HUM? HOW \oH,fteoirr> W(CX1LD| AN HCXJB. ^OU SAV j MAVB6 HE'S BEEN / IONMR. ,DDC? / AW, WHO evr.c nenpo OF GAWCiSTERS .72 7 QflEATStOT MEAHS HE DtfiD AT LCflST W MW4Ur£S( CON'T K (WITlVe. LftOROMI GOT HERS- MAVBE HALF AN HOUR. REAL ESTATE ITS ONLY A GUESS. I flow would you like own in (he beautiful Oz- 40 acre (arm. 19 minutes J,J, LftNE FOUND PBAD IN PRWATE OFFlCE,FaLOWING ROBBERy. ilom to»n and 15 minutes from good fishing bolt, good house and AT DISCOVERY; Hemp-/ POUCE. SALESMAN SAM THEY OIICEITA TASTE SAM! VADOM'T! t'Mrt PHTECTIVE, ] AM' VA ftlM'T TX5IM' AM7 STICKIM 1 UP j AROUMO HERE '. NOT (OH((-t: GAM « HOWDV'S ON TH' JOB! i POM'T T'IMK (I'LL US COMft -frt ^T(CK UP UI 1 .'. JG'HT, CHUCKl OUT Ato' GIT ~CH' STUFF! Y, M i ; ">IRS, WllT' Tl/' ROGS ^:M ! T CM' ce\-\ •JO FOB.VA? GIT DIS, BUDDV! MB. GIMLET HIR£0 US TO I E. M. TERRY Phone 617 or 3iS house to house). FRECKLES ANJ> HIS I-'KIENDS pin EXPLAWATlO^l! MC HE M*t>e SAID \>E V/AHTF:D To FR'RWDLY TEPMS V.ITH MR.MA30M AND ME, SO ME GAVE US PASSES TO A MOVIE MAYBE DIRK V/AS DROPPED Cxi MIS • ' HEAD v/HEtl LIE \ MES >(OL 0:i;C WAS A BABf'. POP-* OL>T HE ACTUALLY T&RE LP MR. CHECK R>R»500o! WHAT S IPS MATTER WAT DID TVEY SAY? : HE CAUT BG...MASO.M ALREAD'f' HAS DIRK'S RECEIPT PAYP.SH F IN FULL ~ NATION DID I HE OFFER, / P03 TEARING I UP THE | CHECK ? ? CAM VcXJ TELL KE V/HAT TH!T FEATURE PICTURE 15 TO MIGHT S CALLED "SWINDLING plenty of fruit trees. Can br ooiifhl CHEAP. Small cash payment, balance easy terms. Will consider trading for merchandis* stock. J. C. CHAPIN, MANILA, Ark. A GREAT OPPORTUMTV to own a nice suburban home. 6 room bungalow, new and modern one acre iand on gravel highway in corporate limits, very loiv taxes fine garden Browing now, cosi near, 53000.00. owner is leavln: .vill sell for less Ilicui half pric-j take good used car in deal, some •:ash. balance on terms. W. M. Burns, Agency. See me for 3, 5, 10 or 15 acre, fronting on Franklin Street be ;inuing at MUssonri Avenue, nortli SALESMEN WANTED Have GUARANTEED MONEY MAKING proposition lo offe MAN to assist In manufacturing a staple article. Not required lo sel but should know how to hanclk sales people. Very small invest ment required which will be sc cure. Call at room 0. Golf Hole 8-p-k-l If yon own a money to invest, pctience (not can use. you in a business th.* I jay yon good Income. Horn every night. Handle own money See by appointment. R. E. BUjlx*, Blythevilk, Ark FURNITURE LAWN CHAIRS Ihinpaintert /. S1.& I'ainled 'IHE AHKMO LUMBER CO. 25-ck-6 NOTICE Annual meeting of stockholders cl Blylhevlllr Cotton oil Mill will be held at iO:SO A. M, -fuesday, FOR SALE OR THADK GARAGE doing good business, well equipped. Easy monthly payments. J. C. CHAPINTManila. Ark. 6-P-12

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