The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on August 23, 1949 · Page 12
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 12

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, August 23, 1949
Page 12
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PAGE TWELVE BLYTHEVILLE (ARK.) COURIER NEWS ' TUESDAY, AUGUST 29, 1941 CLASSIFIED ADVERTISING INFORMATION • rat* pat n» for Uinlmum cn»rg« ............ *Oo 1 tITZit pel Hue .............. lie 3 times per line poi day ........ 12c j time* per lin* (id aaj ...... 9c « tinica pci line pet any ....... 7c 13 times pci Jine pel day ...... Ac Monin pei un* ............. tfQo Count lire »'«rase word* to the Un* •ioppe-3 ooiore expiration wui M cnarg- M! (or (bo numoei 01 time* the *a • ppezrea ana adjustment al Dill made Ail cta&smea Adi'erusmg cop; BUD- m it tea Qy persons residing outside ol ins ciiy must b« • ccampamt* 05 cash Rates ma; easily c* computed Cram the *cor« tftbl* tion.i la Wen [tie one time ubi* JSo responsibility will M tfiten foi more tflan one incorrect insert inn ol «ny clas*!t!fd »0 All ads are restricted to melt propel tltMiricatlon sty!* and type The Courier News reserve* ll)* right w> «xllt or reject any ad Apartment /or Rent Two 2-room lurtilshed apartmenta, conveniently located. Adult b only. ;uo W. Walnut, phone 20UO. 820 pic "21 On« room apt Pli 2920 3-room lurnlshed apartment, 407 1-1 ly. inquire 517 a. Lake 8W pn 8.*.* J-'OH RENT: Two-room unluriitsiicd apartment Sll Hearn Si 20 pk 26 Nicely furnished efficiency apartment Only niglily r expects bis girls need apply, cat) 'JOS1 8.13 uk Zo furnished pat Close In. Pfa 8,19 pk B;2l 3 room unfurnished apt, 2301 Carolyn St. Apply Mrs, Gt inland's Cafe, Dell, Art. 22 cfc 25 Business Service Directory Auto Supplies and Services Jeep parts now available at POOLE MOTOR CO. w» can ill! all youi needs , (j«t genuine parts from oui com pjeia nne ELIS POOLE, OWNER ft OFERATOH South Highway S3 at Stecte tAo phnne Steel* 49 FARM LOANS See us lor one uJ the best UK Lime, easy payment I arm oans to be had. Low rate oi nterest. Money to rei'iimnce your farm or help in buying one. 1UALES LAND CO. Office across 1'roni City Hall Phones 3322 or '11159 7-8 ck ti Services Pamims, paper hanging All Inter- or and exterior cicLoritUiig Spray 01 orush treasonable prices Krct cstl- mte Uivc us a ring Cal. 1 I'ai 1'alier- n i'o 3a4S 16 i>k 2J I'lnno inning Factory truined Gec- iid W Fogle, 208 \\ Keniurky Hi I44a 89 pk 2:1 nour roll film service studio 112 So fr'im Pb 6011 We will care for your children in G(ir noine oy tlie wcek. day or night C'aii 6J21 »ig pic 918 PLASTERING BOB MALONE Call 4159 Blytheville or 407 Osceohi 8-3 pk 0-3 Lawn Mower Service Welding (Jf All Ktndb Westbrook Machine Shop Ph 4161 8.3-Cit-U Make your nome prelt? for spring tApcrt Hus Cleaning Service \t Tnn" " PEERLESS CLEANERS fhnn« ^^:^•^ Blylhevllle for Safe, Misc. One Globe electric machine This machine used very little, itul you can buy it at a bargain. Yes, will sell it on payment. I'OM LI1TLE REALTY CO. 8-22 ck 20 CHAPMAN SER VI OS STATION in di Division Phon« 2563 tXJtt't endangrj ynm tnmll? wttb ultjr Urea—BUT LEE TIRES LUMDUU FOK SALE . . Uypress con^li, oak, inued cut to order h'mishcd pine or nl! uradc-s i'om tiawyer Faints O 3 HOLLISON LUM- iil-JH UU.. Morth I'en and Camp Mtnil- ure Urive 8|12 ck 2:1 UUH (Jusiomero DLIJ F'lna Foam in ana again it cleans rug» like > Ut'AL'S PAlN'l STORE. 7[2b ck u\2a OUR CAR r^v ACCIDENTS DRIVE IN NOW FOR THIS 10 POINT SAFETY CHECK RECOMMENDED BY TH1 NATIONAL SAFETY COUNCIL • (Met wiej •) • CWk tlawJw • Chwk kiokM • Chwk lights CKxIt inr Chick tires Sth at Walnut Phone 4453 Insurance Call 3545 For Complete Insurance Protection W. J. Pollard Agency . Planned Protection at w ASH fit HOTEL BUILJJ1NO 4!8-cl-tI Typewriter TYPEWRITERS Royal, Smith Goran* knd Remington Portable. DON EDWARDS Th« Typwrlter Man lie N Second St Phone 3389 B/16-ct-tl Loons AUTO AN't) FURNITURE LOANS Prompt Personal Service dm tract Pnrcnsse Corp 106 South 5Cti Phoa* 803 Money to Loan oo you need & loan to cepoar 01 remodel? No down payment OD tnon- • 2£«. no red tap« FHA APPROVED HATKS 1CV ASK fOB UE'l.MLS Max Logan, Realtor pno>i» 2UM UTncb Bunding llB Ark IjU-ck-U ATTENTION IJ you need to buy. Dulld Ol refinance your nome Where your payments will be no more than rent, on 15 to i!u years at 4% and Wi% Interest Writs White River Insurance and Investment Company BatesclUe, Ark and w« will see you 8:11 pk 9|11 1913 Mnnscy-HKrrii! Combine. Has Harvested less ihiui ^00 acres A. H. WEBB Hwy 61 at State LLno Have following office fixtures will sell at l>:irK:im: 1 .arge steel desk with linoleum top; 1 small steel desk, linoleum top; 4 steel filing cabinets, eacli with 4 drawers; 1 large safe. This is one of the best safes ever sold. Will stand any Jire on might have, and last a lifetime. These fixtures arc all new, but the office safe, and you can't tell it from a new safe. A bargain for someone. TOM LITTLE REALTY CO. Phone 861 Blytheville, Ark. 8-22 ck 29 Real Estate Farms — City Property LOANS ti lat«r**i«d La Noble Gil I Agency REALTORS H«/p Wanted, Malt LONG NECDKD INVENTION, E»Ub- Ufh*4 company. Every horn*, factory, •lore, farm a pro&pecl. Low price, tooy proiu. Kxclualve. rtn« ouim. No d«- po*lt. inrormallon *«nl Air Mall. Wrlu in R. C. Bulldlm. Hed Com«t. Inc.. Llttleum, Colorado. >.Xi pk 823 ^ecil Earls — Jlencoe Bldg. F. B. Joyner Ph. 819 -u COLX)RED VETERANS can «arn up to «2iu.290 month while training In Plumbing, Auto Mechanics Sho« R«Hr. S«« R. o. Hit! »t CounhoilM Judge's Olllcej Aue. Z4 from ^. a.m. p.m. 8.22 pk u 480 acrce, 474 Incultlvatloa 13 tenant nout**. btt tMira, cow aheda, tool atud. big freed houB* with ruanliix w»t«r, •rom electric pump Electricity IB House Main nnus« wltb all modern ixturei «JU acres thus year In cotton Hale to Dale and ntlr to the acre. No tx>le wearlls No water hazard. LOCAC- rd on nardtop road Rt 1 Box 147. Mamnna. Arkansas ft 16 pk a 23 rooina and bath. Furnished 1C01 est Main St See Owner at J700 We«t Inut. W. G. Sample 16 pk 23 For Sale, Misc. We have ;i stock of goods located at 419 W. Main. \Vc need ;i (jood nuiu to nuiimgi; this business. Will sell all or a purl to itiiin who can operate this store. Would trade this store for real estate. TOM LITTLI': REALTY CO. Phone 3(i t Blytheville, Ark. S-22 ck 20 For Sale, Real Estate 7 ARMS ull's south of Dcxlc «l. Oood land as profi er licrc. l.'J cash, term Call In yood condition. 23 26 One b:\by bnsslnet with plastic lining ami plasclc jiiid. I'h. 3-173 afti-i- 6 p.m. 8 22 pk 8 US FENCE POSTS Black Locust 40c Black Wnlnut 35c Mulberry S5c Red Cedar 30c Clieslnut 28e Write Jim Swift iirered At Above prld Genera.] Delivery C 111 Inn. Tennessee 8jl '2 male Cocker Spaniel puppies, throe months old. 1 black. I red. Subject to resist rut ion Reasonable. Call Mrs UDan Atkinson, ph. 2LI68. 8,19 pk 2G Klve newly reconditioned plcctrlc rc- irigcrators-aJl top brands, Priced low lor quick sale K;isy Terms. Two used ketciiiiMiu ranges, good con- ill lion Heal Knr^mn. Two used Ice l)o.\cs. wood rahLiift*. t;ooil tLnitlKlou-i'rU'L-d fLiiin^ln^Ly lo-* 1 Two used electric uashln^; iimchliic'-i. p-xcctliini condltloti-RL puces you utu- nnL Oeliuvti. Une-t.lno(Jyear gas mwn niowtr. dcin- onst-TKOr curries ori^uuU guaranLce Uuy now and save 3^5. CiOOUYEAR HERVICfS STORE Ph 2-192, Ulyllievlllc 813 ck 82^ REAL ESTATE Beautiful 5-room house and atli. Choice location on Holly treel. Fireplace, gas heat, ^acious closets, large, well rranged Youngslown kitch- n, screened in back porch. 'in corner lot. 6-room house and bath. On • illy Street. Price ?5,000. 007« Gl loan. Perfect location for that evv ranch type house you are to build. We need a man who is quali- ied to be the manager of our tore, 419 W. Main. This posi- ion pays a salary and a bonus t the end of year. We have omething very good to give someone. If you are interest- d, call 8G1, or talk to Tom ^ittle in regard to this offer. TOM LITTLE REALTY CO. Phone 861 Blvtheville, Ark. 8-22 ck 29 See or call JOHNNY MARR 112 South Second St. Phone '1111 or 2596 Russell Jlarr Ph. 807 8-18 ck t WAN T E D: Experienced ;hop foreman. All replies held strictly confidential. Smith i'ontiac Co., phone 4292. 8-23 ck 25 Practical Shop Training In Drafting, ilectr.cny. Plumbing. Aulo Mechanics, "ihoe Repair. Veterans can earn up to '210-1290 monih while training. See 1. O. Hit t iu Courthouse (Judge 1 * 3fMc*) AII«. H from 11 ».m. to 1 P- m - 8.22 pk 23 Female Help Wanted Young lady for assistam bookkeeper. Must he exper ienced, type, and knowledge ol shorthand preferred. Apply tc Mr. Hanley, Planters Hard ware. 8-19 c k •!U» acres 4 Mo. un state will show. $12 on balance Jib ncrcs eitsl ol Berr.ile, Mo. $100 pe fit-re, 1'3 cflsti, terms on'tmtance. all ncrcs. 3 sets ol bnlldhiKS. $60 pe nrrc Can t,-\V;c In house tract ol liuiil on tills r«rm 3C750 loa now on fnrm 4UU (icres 15 miles of Cmripbell. M tiooU bill Id in ys, electricity. 530 p atrre. In Stocldarct County, | 43^ acres near Wllion In Oolden { l.nke neighborhood. Tills f«rm has S27.5UO 20-ycHr lOHn. This land Is worth tlic money. Come In and have n loov Several 40'a and BO'a In Pemlscot ntid Dun kiln Comity, Mo,, and Mississippi CotinCy. Ark; Wee me If Interested In buying nny f [arm Hi Mt^lssl])pl CouiHy. Ark!. Kouiricast Missouri. K. M. RKCK A location that increase; your pride of ownership. Prac tically new 2-beciroom horn with hardwood floors, atti fan and ready to move into We otter convenient terms. If you need a 100 '/o G. I Loan we make them. DAVID REAL ESTATE & INVESTMENT CO. Phone 3633 — Night 2486 Sam Godwin. Salesman Phone 4124 8-23 ck 8-26 Lady to sell lovely guaranteed Ny]on Lingerie, Hosiery, etc.. direct to friend nelRhbors. B[R earning. Our 27th year Write Thorgerseii Hosiery Co Wllmet le - ']' 8.M pk 23 Position Wanted Buy ct! good used plnnos. Pb 6,18 L esi puce paid foi CH1UKENB— Ai,Ji Street Grocery OL Martel Afifl «|T c* U Like HEW, sl^e 37 Hluc double hrr-stcri sport coat. Ph. 2741. wool suit ;uicl a 2:1 pk a 2ti Charter Oak xvuotl or conl rnnye, nood s new, Ph 2265 5CH E Mo 8.17 pk 8,2-1 For Sale, Real Estate 1-room house on North Truth ixir. Reason ably pr.ccd Jpwrl oiis, N. 10th Si B ]y pk 'J6 4-rrvom hotue with bath Corner lot on Holly Newly painted call -Jj)jl Alter e p.m. 5,15 \K -J.1 Lynch Office Ph. 2(KU Res. Ph. 2896 HOUSE FOR SALE BY 0\Vi\LiR 2-bedraom house on Hearn Street, newly decora ted. Corner lot. CALL 6228 8-18 pk 25 Found Pictures you wllj like at Fmighfn Studio 112 So First Pb 6011. 82 pk 0,2 Notice CITV PHOE'ERTY A-room find Imtli. On« blot-k from hus lint?. Price W750. $750 down thR rest like rent. A-rooni Hnd bnl^l nn Cleric 31,'Ttilfi nnusr will curry 100' ^ G.K Loan. Also Have other property thai will r.irry (.M. l.rans C»Ll tne tor your Elcal Kslnlc needs UtJRT ROSS HEAl.TOIl I'h 2'1]5 or 3S16 8|22 ck 879 LIVE STOCK MEN ATTENTION FARMERS Dead, fallen and crippled 1 animals picked up tree of charge in sterilized trucks. Call collect, 6142, Blytheville, Ark. ARKANSAS DEAD ANIMA1 DISPOSAL CO. 6-28 ck 8-28 Married nun 28 years old oookkeeplmj Job «-lth reliable llrm Good references. Phone 2406 pic 2 Private Rooms Bedroom JJ.iH. »t h. Phon ^_ a ; '23 pk 9,2 ^'^ont Bedroom for rent. 313 S~lJir «i!7 pk S,i Blytherlll* Hot« 8; 15 ck Rooms with tana Bedroom, private Ph 4643. 8:15 pk 0 wearooro with tltcheu prtTel •ins or Coupi« pt, -^433 (|30 pk g [3 Comfortable room. 2875. I'lfS" b DON'T BE CONFUSED! Sullivan Nelson's Prices Are Lowest! 19-18 Chevrolet Fleetline 2-door Sedan, equipped with outside visor, seat covers, heater, and defroster. 1917 Chevrolet Fleetline 2-door Sedan, 2-lone green, equipped with radio, heater, and defroster. 1948 Chevrolet Business Coupe equipped with radio, heater, seat covers and many other extras. 1947 Chevrolet Fleelmastcr 2-door Sedan maroon, low mileage, has radio & heater. 1946 Chevrolet Town Sedan, has seat cover*, heater, and defroster. 1941 Ford DeLuxe 2-door Sedan, has radio, heater, and seal covers. Many Others fo Choose From Priced from $95.00 Up. EASY GMAC PAYMENT PLAN , Remember, You Can Always Make • Good Deal at | SULLIVAN-NELSON Chevrolet Company 301 West Walnut Phone 678 room outsld a ,20 ck 8j27 ! For Sale, Cars and Trucks IS43 Pontlac ElKht. ConrertablB. Has all »ccessorle». If Interested call 2900 imer 6 p.m. 23 pk 2g Unusual « Bulck Boadmaster^ioTTr noor aedan with while canras ton custom upholstering. Qynntlow wlilte side walls. r«alo and heater Leavln- . town. Ph. 8767. ri^T 1 " 0 ." 1 ? OI " ertlbI «n. 67. ateele. Mo. 8; 18 Ji RlJ extras 8.18 pk 825 For Rent Portable sir A-l Condition. washer with wrlnRtr Ph. 3473 after 8 p.m B22 pk 8 2j Take A Look At These 1949 l''ord 2-iluur Sedan, 1»» niilcagv, rnclio, heater and seat covers. 19-18 Chevrolet .i-l'assengcr Ciiuiic, vxccllenl condition. 19-16 DeSolo 4-door Sedan, radio & healer.- 1940 Buick 4-door Sedan, a truly ciean car. 19-11 Chevrolet li-Ton ['ickup 1910 GJ1C I'j-Ton I'ickup 1912 Dodge 11/2-'Jon Long Wlicclbasc Truck. And Many Other Ue|iendablc Used Cars Before You Buy Langston-McWaters BUICK CO. Walnut at Broadway Dial 555 for Service SEAY- Before You 3 room house with bath Plirnljhed Call MM. sn pfc 23 Large office room upstairs in our new building on Fifth Street just across from Midwest Ice Cream Co. This is a rout office, plenty of windows. Wilt certainly make you real office. Call 861. TOM LITTLE REALTY CO. 8-22 ck 29 Buy USED CARS-TRUCKS I ill 7 Chrysler Wimlsoi -I-door Sedan, green, radio and healer, while sidewall tires . . . special low price, 19-16 Nash "60(1" <l-iftinr Sedan, black color, new tires. Don't miss seeing this bargain. .19-11 Chrysler '1-door Sedan, completely reconditioned, new tires, new painl jnl>. radio, healer, and seal covers 1SI17 I'lymoulh Special Del.use 2-door Sedan, has all the things von want... .brand new tires, seat covers, radio, and healer. 191C, Mack Truck. IVImi .Model wilh 1C,I inch wheel base, excellent condition, very good tires—see it yourself. T.I. SEAY MOTOR CO. "Your Chrysler Dealer" 121 East Main Phon* 2122 0 acres or [and. approximately 200 ncres In cultlTatlon. Tery few Im- rovements, located near AlTln. Mlsa- Mippi, between (h« Tiillahatchle and Mississippi rlvern For further Information contact S 1C. Thompson Enid M ' M 8S pk 9,5 Store building 19V4 ft. wide ."id 75 ft. deep. Has nice show windows, florescent lights and j?as heat. Would lease this 'tore space for 3, 5 or 10 years. Rent very reasonable. Call 861 TOM LITTLE REALTY CO 8-22 ck 29 ron RKNT: frozen Food lockera Blaylocks. Highway 61. Phone 3172 823 ck It Peftonal ininy minute phntoatatle aerrlc* iltEN 5 STU010 118-ck-U Before you buy, see thcs« USED CARS 1947 Kaiser Sedan, has radio & heater. The price ia low. 1948 Jeep with 4-wheel drive. Just like new. 1941 Pontiac 2-door Sedan, radio & heater. Very clean. 1940 Plymouth 2-door Sedan. Priced to sell. 1946 Chevrolet iy 3 Ton Truck. Completely reconditioned. 1B« Dotfgt ^i ton pickup. Exc«ll*Bt CQadllion, Pric* right. »*Ter»] other exec nea buys to choos« from 61 MOTOR CO. Reconditioned Cars on EASY TERMS 1916 Buick Super 4-door Sedan, just like new with new engine, radio, heater, and white sidewall tires. 1942 Dodge 2-door sedan, truly a clean car, new Urea, the important accessories. 19-18 Studelmker Vi-Ton Pickup, very low mileage and bargain-priced. 3 Ford Sedan Deliverys all in good condition and low priced. 1937 Buick 4-door Sedan, low mileage, not • scratch on this car... .new tires, new seat covers. Blytheville Motor Co. "South'* Fines: Service" Broadway & Chickaaawb* Phon« 4422 North Hiway 61 Phone 2142 8-5 ck tl BIG BUYS RENT A CAR Drlre Anrwhert TM Please Simpson Oil Co. Phone 937 VETERANS Are you deriving all you educational benefits under thej G.I. Bill of Rights? Earn] while you learn by enrolling: in a trade school to be estab-i lishcd in Blytheville, Ark. Report to the American Legion Hut and learn what your ben- fits are »nd where you can enroll. See Aubrey Adams at the American Legion Hut, Blytheville, Ark., from 9 a.m., to 4 p.m., Thursday, Aug. 25 through Aug. 27, 1949, or at his home in Osceols, Ark., before 8 a.m. or after 5 p.m. 8-19 pk 26 BUT SHOE REPAIR COSTS LESS! That's whj youll sav« yourself man; « dollar by bavuig your shoes repaired by our expert workmen. Next time try u*. IN USED CARS 103S Buick 4-door Sedan 1!>17 Lincoln Sedan Coupe equipped with radio, heater, and overdrive. 1917 Ford 4-door Sedan, has radio and heater 1939 Plymouth 2-door Sedan 1917 Nash 4-door Sedan, radio & healer. 1916 Chevrolet Coupe. 1917 Chevrolet 4-door Sedan, radio & heatsr. 1941 Ford Pick-up Truck 1942 Mercury 2-door Sedan, radio & heater. 4 Visit Our Lot Tomorrow STILL & YOUNG MOTOR COMPANY Firat at Walnut Phon* 4333

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