The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on February 3, 1945 · Page 2
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 2

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Saturday, February 3, 1945
Page 2
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BLYTHEVILLB COtRIER NEWS Coming Events MONDAY Women's Missionary Union of Fir|i "Baptist Church meeting for business at church, 2.'30 p. m .Women's Council, of /First Christian Church' '-meeting-with Mrs. Russell, Barham, 2;30 p. m. Woman's Society of Chrisljan Service 1 of First Methodist. Church meeting at; church for business and program, 2:30 p. m: .Woman's .Society of .-Christian Service ,x>f Lake Street 'Methodist Church' meeting' at church, 2.30 p. m .Woman's Auxiliary of First Presbyterian churchmeeting at church, 10.30 a. m. Trl-TJcJta Club meeting with Miss ''Martha Frances Stevens, at home" of Mrs. E. M. Terry, 8 p. m. TUESDAY .Ms, Sanford .Boone entertaining Double G:Club.' Tuesday / Bridge C|uu meeting with'Mrs Rlley B. Jones. Miss • Bat Wise entertaining La .Club Eight meeting with Mrs. OUb Scrape. » WEDNESDAY Mrs. ; Ered v. Rutherford entertaining Town and Country Club ipltlal club meeting wilh Mrs. Joe; -wesmah. ADC. club meeting,-with Mrs Beri Harpole. ( THURSDAY Mrs 'George W. Barham enler- lalning with 'coke party' for Mrs L.. 8, Briscoe. Mld-Week club meeting *lth Mrs Louis Cherry. Mrs Claude Brlley' 'entertaining Friendly Eight Club Thursday Luncheon Club meeting uith Mrs" R. L. KU-ihner Mrs OharlevBIttner entertaining Thursday Night Bridge Club Mrs W. M McKlnzie entertaining Octette Luncheon Club. EMG. club meeting *llh Mrs Kelton Francis.* O. N. B. Club,meeting with Mrs. Norval, Humphrey. Mrs. Huey Is'Hostess Mrs Talmadge Huey was hostess to i)ie Friday, afternoon Bunco Club jesterday afternoon, entertaining at her home Ize tf as won by Mrs Bert i,by Mrs Cleo Wren and low by Mrs. Forrest Moore. A sandwich plate with Iced drinks was served. » 4 » Chapter "N" Entertained Ten members of Chapter "N" of the P. E. O. Sisterhood met yesterday with Mrs. W. L. Horncr, when Mrs. Farmer England presented the program, giving a review of the book, "The World of Washington Irving" by Van Wyck, Airs. C. M. Smart, president, presided over a brief business -session. A dessert course was served by the hosless during Ihe social houi which followed. * *. * Bunco Club Entertained Mrs. Don Edwards, Mrs. John Tyronp an ( | Miss Ruth Blankenshlp were guests of Mrs, H. 0. Blnnkeii- ship last 'night when she entertained members of the G.N.B. Club at her home. . Bunco was played during Ihe evening, with high score prize won by Mrs. Blnnkcnslilp, bunco by Mrs. Edwards, and low by Mis. Byron Nail, , Pollowlisg (lie - card gnmcs, the hostess served waffles and hot coffee. Celebrates 15th -Birthday Emma Lu Shook, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Ben Shook, Icclebratcd her 15th'birthday last, night when she entertained seven.guests:at a party at.hcr pareiils' home on South Division Street. Games and other'lnformal entertainment amused trie guosls lor several hours, and .after. Die guest of honor had opened .her gifts, refreshments of birthday cnkc arid iced drinks were served. C.B.C. Club Has Party Mrs. Lendcnnle Fowler entertained members or'.'the o; B.-c. Club yesterday ^afternoon at'her home on .West Walnut: street for the group's last party for-a time, us the club is disbanding temporarily. In the bridge games played during the afternoon.: high score prize was won by Mrs. O. O. Elklns, second high by Mrs. R. A. CopcHmd ^anrl low by Mrs. Ross Moore." A dessert course was served. Bits of News Mostly Personal - Mrs, R,,j. Lemm of Edlna, Mo, nrrlvwl „; yoslui'iUy afternoon to spend lv sqi;er,al days here as guest of Mr. andjJVlrs. John F. Lentl. Miss Myra Ann Neely is ill wilh mumps at her home on North Highway <ii. , , , Mrs M. O. Usrcy and daughter, Miss Mary Spain rjsrey, are spend,?, ' , D weekend In Birmingham will) rriallves. • Mrs. Robert Kosmalskl and her mother, ;Mrs Ruby Brown, have Bone to Vallejo, Calif., to spend revemi weeks .wllli anolhcr of Mrs Brown's daughters, Mrs. Jolin Schaeffer. They were accompanied there by Mrs. Schaeffer's two children, pickle anu Kenny, who will make their home InCalifomla with thclr.mother. Mrs: John W: Mister is Improved after having been 111 for the past week at her home on llearn Street. Mrs. Farmer England lias returned from LIUlc Rock where she attended a state P. E. O. board meeting, and from Arkadeiphia, where she visited .relatives* Mrs. Rlley B. Jones is spending several -days in Manila with her father, W.-c. card, who.Is ill. Mr. and Mrs. Oscar Bailey are spending a vacation .In New Orleans. . ., Lieut, and Mrs.. Alfred's.'.Hurley arrived .last night to spend seven days .with her mother, Mrs. Oakley Cummins anil Mr. Cummins. They are here on a delay cnroule from their former post at-Columbus Army Air Flcld.'Columbus, -Miss., to Lieutenant Hurley's now.stafion at Dodge City, Kans., where he will take B-2G training. .'• - • Full Gospel Tabernacle Plans Special Services Special services ar e scheduled to we held-both Monday and Tuesday i»Sl\ti; at Full Gospel Tabernacle according lo an announcement made today , by . the Rev. Ira M Dryce, pastor, of the church. On Monday night, the Rev. W ~. Marcus of Joplln, Mq,, superintendent of the es of God of America will be in Blvthcville .for a convention and fellowship meeting to be held " t nvUeU UrCh ' l ° Wh ' Ch th ° publl( ;. ls The Rev. c. T. Buchanan, mls- -nVh'niH 0 J Il !,,'i E ?i ! L^ 1 ? ln Atask «, Ihc " "~" Receives Commission Samuel OweYi iOroom .of Leach- vllle was commissioned -a -.second lieutenant .in the Army recently upon successful completion of the Officer Candidate '.'Course at the Infantry Benning, Ga Lieutenant -Groom is tthe son of Mr. and MrsJWilliam H. Groom of Route 2, Ixwchvllle. 7945 Income tax Primer • Deductions Permissible For Tax Purposes Yarn Received Here To Make Army Sweaters Yarn sufficient lo knit 1 320 V-neck sleeveless Army sweaters and 30 long-sleeved, turtle neck Army sweaters,- has been .received by Mrs p. W. AITllck, chairman of the lS Ing project of Chlcknsawba District -Chapter of the American Red Crocs. , • Also on hand ot this time la-yarn for 20. Navy -scarfs, Mrs. Afflick stated. ^Persons willing to knit any -of these, garments are asked-'to' ; pick up the yam, needles and directions at Mrs. AffHck's-home at the corner of Tenth nnd Walnut Streets DEDUCTIONS tad .UK u *!MI r»',l 11 a A.?.?.t. .fih.ri,? 1 1.?!).. .QhOT 5 ))j '..'.S • .J i 9 ok -.;—.----- «ble Conlr'ibiitioTM [nol in tictw cl 15 ptntMtf item S. p«|c 1). op 00 oo: Q2_ kuaic.Lp.c.I..Tj'.u?.t..C.o.....!.IU!vnJ.... Otr .St.e.t.e. Go.? o lino.. T DJX. " •ToulTui. ^^hlj.0. nib tiy up^nov/n cr.r* wVillp mv _T.C'.?1.^'.^ ^ JP* I*KSQ~—no covorLn^ insvi]?— . p .... ~\Q" -...V.?5.t.?.r.!.5j..sui 1 /;eon i '3"i" don'tTa t"'"a"f e'i' "277" """"" ~" ~ .55 itonS, [»st l,.«J.ubtnct from Nrt Eipo««_ -....fiiti S.. .V.8JG.Q.5.1.6. .Hp_x.. ~ 75 .0.0 .73 00 CARD 'OF THANKS i We wish lo thank our many friends and neighbors for their help and kindness in the long illness and loath of our husband and father "~ir kindness will long be remerr^ of relatives. By =S. : K\JKK>V HEATH NBA <smf Wrtkr ror Income ^ax purposes you are entitled to dettuot any Interest that you paid to anyooOy [or my reason, business or personal. Strictly business Interest goes into the business schedule, >hlch I am Ignor-Ing in these articles 'All interest -paid'by thoae who areinot in bus- Ineis comes -out on page 3 • ot Form (Common 'Items Include Interest paid on .notes, • personal loans, deferred payment purchases, cars, ra-' dlos, refrigerators, furniture, etc (when such things Ure available); interest on mort^nges, on taxes you were slow hi-meeting, etc. In connection with installment items-you >can-deduct only the actual Interest element, snd not any- service charge, Insurance or other fee. If Interest, taxes, amortization and Insurance all , e ntejr Into rarmth- ly payments on * mortgage, charge interest here, taxes in the next group,-hutido. not-deduct the other two items at-all MteettMe Tai« As I-sald in an earlier arlicle, the tax situation is even, more mud- alee no» than before congress simplified the income tax It is not even as ostensibly logical as it used to be There rfofiow two lists the flwt, of taxes you can deduct, the "W}d,.of-taxes >ou can not de, «»*' u you are b fn doubt about others, J suggest that your check with your collector^ office J^, 5 * 8 ' 3 * ou cau'dicluct auto" !OW! *. "*»tin«pn UiW driving li"* ***'• &* tte *> llcens**, per»d prirt^e UiM (most, but »W*'«Ttoet pnly bug- your own use or for gifts; city anti state sales taxes; state gasoline taxes, excepting those of Alabama, I California, Florida, Louisiana, -Mis- i sisslppi, utnh nnd Wyoming and the Territory of Hawaii; real estate personal property an,j poll taxes; state Income taxes. Non-Deduciiblc Tajres Note these carefully, because several were deductible until this year You can not deduct federal admissions taxes on theatre tickets, cabaret tax, and th e like'; federal taxes on club dues, on telephone and telegraph messages, on train, bus,.plane nnj other transportation tickets, on gasoline, liquor, cigarettes and tobacco; federal customs duties, even though the lm^ ports were for personal use; federal income tax; any estate, inheritance, legacy, succession or gift tax; any federal stamp tax; social security taxes deducted from your Pay; assessments levied by communities to finance local Improve ments; (he federal use stamp tax on automobiles, dog, hunting and fishing license fees; water "taxes". The tax on safe deposit box rental, formerly deductible, no longer can be taken as such. But now you can .deduct as a Ron-business cx- Pense, .in the misfellaiieous group below, [he entire rental charge far the box, Including the tax. : Casually .Losses The nest item covers deduction of actual cut-of-pocket losses through fire, storm, theft and burglary, accident, shipwreck, etc. In computing such losses you must jubtract any salvage value and any insurance you may'have collected. .You must be prepared to prove such losses, and In.claiming them must glvu- reasonable details,- Po- lice and fire department records will help in some Instances lo prove what happened, but you should not charge more for th e losses than you Mieve you can prove If challenged. Expenses Deductible motiical cxpcnsps""arc limited at boih ends. To see whether you can benefit, first list In the space provided on page 3. or on a feparale sheet lo be filed with Form 1040, exactly what you spent for hospital, health, surgical and accident insurance premiums; what you paid to doclors, surgeons', rten- llsls, nurses, hospitals, laboratories and clinics, including X-ray, an acslhcsia and other special tees, for •medicines, dressings, ambulance use.'false limbs, artificial teeth, eye e*.' hearing nins; tor nurses , if you paid U, and for travel essential to obtaining medical care. Include your lax, family end dependents. From the total of these terns subtract anything reimbursed by insurance, Knter the remainder on the line "Net Expenses." Now lake 5 per cent of the income shown In Item*, page 1, and enter it on tlic line provided. Subtract tills from your uei expenses to get the allowable medical de duction. If net expenses were greater than ; p ?L ccm of -Income, the excess up to $12sO for a single person without dependents or $2500 for a tax laimiy of (no Or n lorc ctm jj C entered in the right hand column as a dcduclion. If net expenses were less ; than 5 per ; «nt, forget the whole I matter. I This, formula differs from last years so it will be wise to follow ; instructions carefully, and not trust I I to memory cr;-|ntiUtlOR. ; I USO Open House Planned Sunday By Negro Groups In observance of Its fourth anniversary, the Negro USO will hold "OIKMI house" Sunday, when citizens of Bly'llievillc, Osceola, Armorel and Hcrmondate arc expect cd to attend. Visiting hours will be .'from 2 to 0 p. in., nnd entertainment, will be furnished by the glee clubs 'of Harrison, Osceola, Armorel and Hcimondale Negro schools wilh refrcshmcnU lo be /-crvcd by-the home economics departments of these schools, The Rev. P. B. Burton, pastor of Bethel A.M.E. Church, will be the principal speaker and O. C Shivers, director of,the Negro USO will uc in charge of the program and games. At The Hospitals Blyfheville .Hospital Admitted: Mrs. Robert Morgan, Manila. Becky Lynn ,Dooley,.city. Jerry Lcc, Luxora. ' . W..L. Via,.S(eele, Mo. \ Mrs. Edward Green, city:! . '-.' Dismissed: v -!' Mrs. C. H. .Whistle, Whistleville; Mrs. Early Austin, Rt! 2,.city. Walls IIospKal Admitted: Mrs. Shirley Hipp, city. R. T. .Brown, city. Mrs. Armp Campbell, city Russell Gill, Dell. Born to Mr. nnd Mrs. .-Wnde If, Lee, city, n son late yesterday ' Dismissed: .••... Mrs.'Fay Griffmiaiid'baby, Coot- : er, Mo. Charles Booker, city. Mef/ioc/isfs Comp/efe Drive For ? 700,000 Building fund F Bonds with a maturity value of H. T. Blylhc, 1867-08; M. B. Harris inn nnn u HI hr> H< vn\t\ir,>\ cjmwinu 1 o^e\ • * SATURDAY, FEBRUARY 3, 8100,000 will be displayed Sunday 1869 , morning aj the 11 o'clock worship .-« ...v •» k/wmr. «%uioiii^ u. L/. VKI.UIJ, loiu; wniinm a at First Methodist Church, Young, 1811; W. R. Foster, 1812-13; , ) members will gnlh'cr In spe- . All services are temporarily being nin» «i«..inn.i.j niu sinner MI ape- r, M. i'eicey, ww, acnoni Hams prayermeeting, clal celebration of Ihe nttnlnment 1815-70; R. M. McAllister, 1811- Z All services are tei oi llielr e°a! JD llielr building cam- Tf-Orltt In 1878; Richard D. Moon held at the Armory pnigii. Launched two years and two 1879-80; Z. W. Richardson 1881- L - - - mciiDv; ago, there has seldom been G. Rogere, 1882-83; Benoiil Harris <• week when someone has not made 1884; J. R. Edwards, 1885- M Martz' contribution lo Ihc building fund, ISBS; j. D. Rutledge, 1887-89;. Hen- whifll n. A. TjVlli'h lifiv 4,-nrtnni f\nn intln. 1.1 A oin^.. inn.. ^. ~. .. ,,„..,.,.,.-,...... vw mi,- ,,u,,u«;y iullu, 1COV, J. u, IllUiCOgC, ItSOt-KJ' UC11- ot which B. A. Lynch has served don, 1890; H. A..Story 1891- R M as chairman and Harvey Morris as Mauley, 1892; A. B Hollo'wav - '" 1893; W. E.Webb, 1834- W- F secretary and treasurer. t .^....j .... L i uii..i.)i,i[,i, ^ iojo, \v. c;. WCDD, loy 1 !' .W - F Conslriicllon of Ihe new unit, the Walker, 18C5 ; W. B. Roe,' lffl6-97;'. main auditorium of the church, Is J - T - Sclf . 1898-1000; F. c. Stcrlln scheduled lo begin ;is soon a,-, build- 1801-03; F. E. Taylor, IWt-OGyiiA Ing material Is again available, ac- M - R .Branson, 1907-09 P WHGeei cordini; to church officials. 1910 A. E, Jlollowav. J911-l4i:R.R-T.- cordiii;; to chflrcl) officials. It always has been customary an,) according to the law of Ihe church that no church building Is dedicated until It is free of indebtedness, but when the new First Methodist Church auditorium is erected, bringing to completion the building program which has been underway for the past 18 years, the lirst service to be conducted in the new structure will be a service of dedication, since there will be no indebtedness Involved In construction of the building. According to the Rev. S. B. Wilford, .pastor (if the church.j this It an experience unique in Methodist history — the raising of a building fund complete before construction of the building itself is begun. The Rev. Mr. Wilford will officiate nt the Sunday morning Service, when he will relate something of the history of Dlythcvlllc Methodism In his sermon. According to information collected by Ihe Rev. p. Q. Rorle in 1931, part of which is published In Anderson's Centennial History of Arkansas Methodism, it is known [hat us early us 1340, what is now Bly- thevillc was a preaching point rm the Osceola circuit, and that the first preacher of whom any record '<-• available was (lie Rev. Calvin M. Elover, appointed in the Fall of 18J5, with first services hel<i in the homes or the settlers in the Winter, nnd under brush arbors In the Summer. • The.first building to be used as a church in what now is Blythe- vilie, was Sycamore. Schoolhousi', creeled in 1853 in the Norlhwent corner of Ihe old cemetery between Chlckasawba Avenue and Walnut Street,. which slood until torn down In 1893. In the year 187S the first actual church building was erected in the old cemetery under ihe leadership and guidance of the Rev. Henry T. Blythc. * When Blythc Chapel burned in 1891, since the . village then was centered around the Elythe gin anci store in eastern Blytheville, the .he site -of Sudbiiry School mi Lake Street, 1 .where a builrtiii? was crect- ej serve ar the home of BlythevIIle:. Methodists until a brick ... . ........ _ dedicated in July, 1917, during the , L. D. Webb, 1370; William » u "'iB« »on, YV. it. rvsiui, 1BI2-IJ; i .TJ 11 in. YYI F, M. Pettey, 1874; Bcnoni Harris, Prayer meeting. 'FIltST C'HUKCH OF THE NAZARKNE F. IV. \asli, pastor 0:45 a.m. Sunday School. 10:50 a.m.-Morning Worship. Pastor will preach.' 7 p.m. Service for Young People. 1:45 p.m. Evening Service. Pastor jj. will preach. 7:45 p.m. Wednesday, Mid-week ., 1910 A. E, Holloway, 1S11-14[;R B-L Bcardcn, 1915-18; W. T. Thompson, W. C. Watson, 1920— 22- -G G Davidson; 1823; J. M. Hughey, ifls-l- Jefferson Sherman, 1925-28" 'phu'i 11 ™ 1 "'. I 92 ?' 32 ' W. V. wohiack, H. Lynn Wade, 1930-37- s - a w " : CHURCH NEWS LAKE 'STREET.-! ' CHURCH"--!- •'•':''. i: 'Bales Sturdy, pastor ' Church -School, 9:50 'Dri/'lvercAn' Morris, supt. •-- ' '. ' •,•••• • . r Morning Worship, ;10:45 am. Sermon by pastor.': Youth -Fellowship Groups 6'30 p.m. Evening .Worship, 7:30 p.m. .Sermon by pastor. Young Peoples Council, Monday, 7:30 p.m. Board of Stewards, Tuesday,/!;30 p.m., at home of H. :E. 'Tinker. Church night, Wednesday, 7:3fl p.m. to begin mission study book Pot-luck-supper and men's meeting Thursday night at the church with the Rev. B. L. Hanks of Gosnell-Hulf Moon-Lone Oak charge ns guest speaker. ' FIRST METIfODIST CHURCH S. B. Wilford, pastor Church School, 0:45 a. m. II. S. Branson, supt. I,AND METHODIST CHURCH I). G. Hindman, jutslor Church School, ip a.m. Worship Service, 11 a.m. Associate pastor: preaching. . W. S. C. S. at church Friday, 2:30 p.m. '..•• FULL GOSl'EL TABERNACLE ' Ir.i 51. Dryce, paslor " Revival now In progress with Evangelist I. L. Fullerton from Fort Worth, Texas. Sunday School, 9:45 a.m. Roy Hamlley; supt. Morning Worship, 11 a.m. Sermon by pastor; - ; "Young Peoples Service, 7 p.m. Annie Handles 1 ,- president. -J Evahgeiistib service, 8 p. m. '-.Radio -Broadcasts, Monday and Friday-;'-2:30-p. m ; Fellowship- Meeting Monday night, ^upti'Wi C.' : Marcus of Joplin, Mo., in .charge. • .< ' . . .Tuesday-night, special missionary .s<jrvice''Wltti Ihe Rev. C. T. Buch- a'naiir'rriissloiiary to the Eskimos, in cjiarge. : '""'.. • The public Is welcome. FIRST' PRESBYTERIAN CHURCH "'Harvey T. Kidrt, minister 9:45 a. "m.; Sunday school. 11 a. m.,'Morning Worship. 5 p. m.,' "Vesper Service • 6 p. in.,-Pioneers. Wednesday • . . 7:30 p. in., Prayer Meeting. '• 8:15 p. m., Choir Rehearsal. FIRST CHRISTIAN CHURCH i - -GOO West Main St. R. S. liaird, minister Bible School, 9:45 a/m. Morning worship, 10:50 a. m. Boy Scout Troup No. 38 will tie gUNts Sunday morning in celebration of the 35th birthday of the Boy Scouts of America. Christian Youth Fellowship at 3:30 for Intermediates, and at 6:00 for. Seniors. Miss Ethel Shrere, returned Mis- sionaiy from India, will speak to the Women's Council at 2:30 Mon Morning Worship, 10:55 a. m. Junior Fellowship. 7:00 p. m. Evening Service, 7:30 p, in. ""•' vyomen-s council at 2:30 Mon- Cholr Rehearsal, Wednesday i c '" y afternoon, and the Business 7:30 p. m. j Women's Guild at 7:30 Monday I evening. CALVARY EPISCOPAL CHURCH Osceola Thomas B. Sniylhe Jr., minister FIRST ASSEMBLY OF GOD CHURCH Seventh & Ash Sis. L. C. Ramsey, paslor Sunday School, 9:45 a.m. Bratcber, supt. Ed -v--„ ... mon.™ iJijiiiuviuL-, me Preaching at 11 a.m. Sermon bv church was moved lo what is now the Rev. R. L. Buckley of Peoria 111 Sim miry Rnhnnl ni^ T ol.-n Thn ^ nv i.. n i i±. _ ... _ . . . ., . The revival meeting with Evangelist R. L. Buckley in charge is to continue. Radio broadcast, 2 p.m. on Sun- :hiirch was erected on the present days _!l-.'l... 1nr.n f—. ^, ' J The Rev.. A.M.R. Bran- , . , ,, , CHRISTIAN SCIF.NCE SERVICES ;;lThis .church, built in 1909, was Woman's Clubhouse, 1410 W. Mail ^n^t^^l^.i -J-. T..i-- . A. n , . ,. I .mni 1 5p fl.rt ....v.: L _r ... - . .. , . an LOVE is the subject of the Lesson- ucuiuiura in jiuy, iui7, during the ""-"vn u uiu suoject. 01 tne Lcsson- paslorale of the Re\'. R.E.L. Beard- Sermon which will be read in all on.-.'in February, 192G, this bulkl- Churches anci Societies of the ing burned, and in 1921 the pros- Church of Christ, Scientist, on Sun- erit building, drri»ned-'only as the cln J'- T he Golden Text is: "How ex- educnUontil .section of Ihe church, ccllent is thy loving-kindness, O was creeled under Ihe leadership °°d! therefore the children of men of (he Rev. Jefferson Sherman. Put their trust under the shadow of ."-.-At the time the present building tliy wi "E s -" Psalms 36:7. v(as. conslrucled there was nn in- Among the cilations whi hich com- debtcdnes? of $20,000, and it wns !)rlse lhe Lesson-Sermon is the fol- not until, 19-10 that this indebted- lomn s fl 'om the Bible: "He that ness wo.-completely liciuidated. The loVL ''h not knowcth not God; for present section of Ihe building was Gocl fs lov f." I John 4:8. ., p. m. Evening Prayer and dedicated in November, 1940, d°uriiig lhe- pastorale of (he Rev. B. B Williams. ;Durlng the 99 years of Methodist history in Blytheville the following pnslors have served this charge: Calvin M. Slover. 1840; Alexander Aveir, 1847; Thcophite Garrell 1S48; James Rice, 1849; Silas Spur- ler, .1850; J. M. Rogers, 1851; John D. Coleman. 1852; James M ROE- Onr armed forces are getting all !he penny-box matches produced and 35 per cent of the paper-book matches. 'J?hyme, 1859; Benonl Harris, I860; ,-Abel C. Hay, ISGl; H. T. Blythe :1862-63; Dan W. Evans, 1864- H T Blyllic, ISC5; Bcnoni Harris 18G6" Just as these two great Americans, Washington and Lincoln, will always be among the leaders of our country, so do we feel that we have always been leaders in our industry and of this community. For leaders are those who have the interests of their people at heart. Your welfare is our sole concern. To serve you to the best of our ability in every possible way, whether it be peacetime or wartime has always been our policy and will continue to be so through the years to come. FOR BETTER LAUNDRY DUAIIC MiQ rnUnt 4 SO FOI! H DRY CLEANING Sermon. YAUBRO ^lETHOIHST CHURCH IX G. Hindnmii, pastor Church School, 10 a.m. Night .Worship Service, 7:30 p.m. Associate pastor preaching. W.S.C.S. Thursday nt church 2 'P.m., ....,;,,,'; .,'...;. ; ST. STEPHEN'S EPISCOPAL CHURCH Sixlh nnil Walnui Directs Tliomas B. Smythe Jr., minister S.-30 a. m. Holy Baptism and church school. 11.-09 a. m. Holy Communion and sermon. "Unto you it is given to know the 'mystery of the kingdom of God: but 'unto them', that are without, alUhe-vc things are done Tuesday G:30 p. m. Parish Covered Dish Supper. -Another New Hudson Service! Bring us your old blouse— And we will convert it into BATTLE JACKET For Only $12.50 —Expert Military Tailoring ami Alteration HUD Cleaner—Tailor—Clothier AETNA LIFE & ACCIDENT INSURANCE CO. -Phone 2811 E. H. FORD, Representative ZOO-Lynch SENTIMENTS EXPRESSED WITH FLOWERS properly designed, are remembered always. Our flowers are always fresh, and all work is guaranteed to please. Let our expert designers help yovi wilh your floral needs. FLOWER SHOP Ph. 431 F.T.D. Serrtoeg:; : Mrs. J. We Deliver Anywhere owner Glcncoe Bids. REFRIGERATORS and RADIOS REPAIRED 324 EAST STAIN . City Radio Repai ACROSS FUOM LILLY STREET NOTICE TO PROPERTY OWNERS Termites may be ruining your properly. Call me (o check up without cost or obligation. HATS, MICE AND UOACII CONTROL GUARANTEED WORK H.C BLANKENSHIP 309 E. Ktntacky phone ^^ Ration Calendar CANNED AND PKOCESSED FOODS. February 1-Pirst day for blue stamps H-2, J-2, K-2, L-2, and M-2 n Ralion ISook IV: (Blue stamps X-5, Y-5, Z-5, anci A-2 through G-2 •eninin good,) March 31—Last day for blue stamps X-5, Y-5, Z-5, A-2, B-2 in nation Book IV. April 28—Last day for blue stamps !-2. 0-2 E-2, F-2, and G-2 In Ration Hook IV. June 2 — Last clay for blue stamps -2, J-2, K-2, L-2, and M-2 In Ration Book IV. MEAT, CHEESE BUTTER AND FATS. January 28—First day for red stamps Y-5, Z-5, A-2, B-2, C-2, and D-2 in Ration Book IV. (lied'slamps Q-5 through X-5 remain good.) March 31—Lasl day for red stamps Q-5, R-5, anci S-5 in Ration feook IV April 28—Last day for red stamps T-5, u-5, V-5, W-5, and X-5 In Ration Book IV. June 2—Last day for red stamps Y-5, Z-S, A-2, H-2, C-2, and TJ-2 In Ration Book IV. SHOES. November 1, 1044—Firsi 1 , day for Airplane Stamp No. 3 ii; Ration Book III. Airplane stamps No. 1 and No. 2 continue good indefinitely. .' SUGAR. November 1C, 1044—First day for iugar Stamp No. 34. February ^8, 1045—Last day for Sugar Stamf) No. 34. February 1—First day for Sugar Stamp No. 35. .': June 2—Last day for Sugar Stamp .to. 85. GASOLINE. Jfarch. 21—Last day, for No. 14 gasoline coupons in : "A" Ration Book. All three of the coast to coast •allway lines on the cnllre North American continent arc located lu "-imda. Choose Your- VALENTINES While slocks are new and complete! Priced lOo to |1 The Gift Shop Modem * Antique Gift* MOSS BRYAN ^^•^^^^^^^•*m**mmmmmmmm R1TZ Continuous Shows Every Day liox Office Opens 1:45' Show Starts 2:00 ' LIS'JCfiN TO KLCN , 1:00 a.m. 13:45 p.m. 4:30 p.nv Saturday with Ellen Drew and Robert Lowcry Serial, "Black Arrow" 14 and Short Con. Showing Sal'day 1:00,to 11:30 Sunday and Monday Paramount News and Selected Short Continuous Showing Sun. 1:15 to H Matinees Sat. & Srm Only Opens each night 6:45; starts 7 Opens Sunday 1:00; Starts 1:15' Continuous Shows Sat. and Son. Bargain Night Every Night Eictpt Saturday. No passes honored on Sunday at Ihc Ko.vj. Saturday. Riders of with William Boyfl Serial "Mystery of Rivcrboat" No. 4 and Short Con. Showing Sal'day 1:00 to 11:30 Sunday and Monday GEORGE BRENDA MARSHALL VMRNES EROS: BIG'NEW mil ,,«?*!? Sr ' R()MM X*SNS-t^ard ClA 10 GRAHAM JSSJ.'iS.SlJIX-'." 33,'SBl)Y!|TfrfTiB? n1S> J Le ,' *«*.«.;• v*«"HA:*s»c In Looby! .Fox-News and Selected Short Continuous Showing Snn. 1:15 to 11

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