The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on May 30, 1949 · Page 5
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 5

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Monday, May 30, 1949
Page 5
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MONDAY, MAY 30, HoldingCompany Set Up by Utility Middle South, Inc., •?*To Operote Four Dixie Subsidiaries NEW YORK, May 30. W}— Electric Power & UKhl Corporation hns announced (lie formation of Middle South utilities, Inc., as a new holding compiiny for the former's four operating subsidiaries lu Louisiana, Arkansas and Mississippi. Electric Power on July 6 will distribute its remaining assets to holders of its common stock and warrants—the final step in the reorganization plan to bring the system . into compliance witli the Public Utility Holding Company Act of 1935. Trading In the new Middle South common stock Is scheduled to begin tomorrow on the New York Stock Exchange. Exact amount of the Middle South and United Gas Corp. stock to be allocated to Electric Power's stockholders Is subject to approval of the Securities 'and Exchange Commission. Middle South lias asked SEC authority to issue lui additional 560,000 common shares to Electric Power in exchange for S9.200.00U of investments made by the former parent. K this application is approved, Middle South's capitalization *ill be 4,000.000 common sharps. ; filcclric Power mailed to all preferred shareholders new securities In exchange for its $1 and 56 preferred stocks. Tlie Middle South utilities system is made up of Arkansas Power -v Light Co., Louisiana Power & Light Co., Mississippi Power alul Light Co. and New Orleans Public Service, Inc. These subsidiaries in the past two years increased tlieir generating capacity more than 150,000 kllowatu to 010,000 kilowatts, and plan to add another 440,000 kilowatts of new generating etiuiiimenl in the three years ending with 1951. Kansas City's Crime Blamed on Gaming, Liquor KANSAS CITY, May 30-WV-A Jackson County grand jury was told Saturday that concentrated gambling and controversy over exclusive control of the distribution and sales of liquor are the chief Incentives of gang killing and general lawlessness In Kansas City. The statement was made by Circuit Judge Allen c. Southern In his charge to the jury, called to Investigate among other things the spot slaying here last March 24 of Wolf C. Rimann. manager of a country club. The jurist listed 20 such slayings here in recent years and listed possible motives for each. He termed this "a startling chain of events " He also mentioned the theft of election ballots from the offices of the Election Board In the courthouse, and declared "this shocking crime" nullified the laborious efforts of a grand Jury impaneled in an attempt to .'regain for the people their rights to govern this country by honest elections and punish those guilty of vote frauds " The jurist explained that Attorney General J. E. Taylor had been authorized by the governor to assist tile grand jury. BLYTHEVILLE (ARK.) COURIER NEWS Memorial Day, Born in South, Now Global Event PACE TBKEB Memorial Day, fittingly rnourh. wai inspired by the South, whose counlryilde w» the chief battletround or (he War Between the SUtc*. In March, 1868. Mr*. John A. Lotan, wife of the fimoiu Union commander, visited battlefields in Virginia. She was particularly touched b> the way craves of Confederate dead were decorated with flowers and liny Confederate flats. General Loian . . . . . . ww much Inlrreslert In hrr account, afreed It was a beautiful custom and. as Commamlcr- iii-Chitf of the Grand Army of the Republic, Issued his famouj General Order No. 11. desltnat- Inr May 30, 1868, as the day when the G. \. R. should decorate craves of comrades who died in defense of (heir country. The order was obeyed by G. A, R. posts, and by May 30. the next year . . . . . . Memorial I>ay w»« fully established as a reiular Institution Iliroujh most of the rounlry. Because of lln orlrlnal purpose—• Ihe decoration of .oldlen' jraveS— 111 formal observanve had a, military aspect from the first. For many year. Ihe day was In mars* of the G. A. K. posts of every community. Observance consisted of * military and elvlc parade to Ihe cemetery for ap- rroprljte rxrrcliri. Leading citizen, and outstanding veteran, made memorial addresse.. A fla ( wa. placed on every soldier', travr, which w» «lrewn with flowers. Flrlni wjuadi volleyed over the graves as the bugler soumlrd "Taps." Today (he excr- tlses are much the same, except thai the American I.edon Is In cnaree and the parade now Include! civic officials. Boy Scouts Girl Bcouts and fr.U-rnal orcantzationi. Alto Memorial Day's .cope . . . widened as North and South nnlled 4« flrhf forelrn foes In new wars. After the Spanish-American War, Memorial Day ceremonies included honors for veterans of that conflict and the posts of the Spanish-American War Veterans contributed marcher* to every parade. It* observance became international when, fol- lou-inr World War 1, the cratefu! French people decorated (rave* In American military cemeteries In France. American Raves in Entland and other European countries wire also decorated. After World War H, Memorial Day became truly a global Institution, for on May 3D honor is paid lo American fighters whose final resting places are scattered from Germany to Africa and from Australia lo Okinawa and all the seal between. Usually a lefal holiday. May 39 Is observed . .. ... In all states of the Union. Ihe District of Columbia and the territories and possession, except In certain of the Southern .tales lhat prefer their own appointed time to observe Confederate Memorial Day, sponsored b, the Dauihters of the Confederacy and 1h. Confederate Southern Memorial Associations. April Z6 Is Confederate Memorial Day In Alabama. Florida. Georfla and Mississippi. In Louisiana and Tennessee. June J. Jefferson Davis' birth£ « bs *" ed " M ""o''»l Day. North and South Carolina set • side May 10, while Virginia observes May 30 as Confederate Memorial Day. Attempts have been made to merce .11 observance. Into an International Memorial Oay on May 30, but without success Many southerners feel that a> Ihe Idea of Memorl.l Day started in Ihe South, and was adopted by the North, any change of date, should conform lo the April Z6 commemoration rather than the later date !>r. Rut ledge Renews Fight or Freedom C15UA1I riAPJDS, In., May 30. (/!•/ -Aiiolliei 1 round lu the bulllo for lie freedom of Dr. Retort C. Uut- cilBe, Jr., wns iK'inu plotted today iy his nlluriK-ys. The handsome 28-ycnr-old SI. /nils I'hlldirii's BiM'dnllsl wns con- 'U Snliirdiiy'nltshl of second (k 1 Kivi! immliM' for tin' Blubbing of jjj>. on C. llnuman, ai), St. Louis uli- iwft I'lislm-iT, In » Oilur Kuplds lulol room ilnUl lust Dec. H. Tho Ictonse hud contended in the (hruo weeks Irliil Mini. Hiillmun ttctltirvd he doctor's mvily 23-yfiir-old wile, Sydney. ullcdiii' ypKlrrdny conform! In its Jull cun with his uuorm'ys. his ntlior mid fullier-ln-luw. Ills lull blond wlfo, center of con- 'Itk'rnblc k'Mimuny unit iimmnent n dosliij; mlclri'ssi's to tlio jury, leu L'rcliir Huplds yesteidny without .went: hor husband. Bhorill James tjmllh suld Hie doc!<«• (ltd not want Ills ivliu to BCU him while tvciirliiB his Jnll dudies. Shu and her hilhoi', Dr. Howard I!. Cioodrlch, nUuriu'd to (ho CUiod- fli'li hijim- at Ihiiviiljiil. Mo. ie ut . wine's pmviu.s. Mr. and Mis. Hubert V. Uutledge, also left for Houston I'ex.. yesterday. It was believed dial Iliu doclur'.s utlonieys would seek (<> Inn-u bond poMcd (or lilui UimuiTDw. 'riiurc ivere Indlciiliohs Umy would Ille- motion lor ti now lilui. Third Man Convicted In Rape-Slaying Case GUAM, May :io. </l')-Sgl. Ilobcrl W. limns, aa. Upukunc, Wnsli., u>- dny WHS convicted in the mpe-sluy- lnn or Ituth l.'iirnswoith mid was 'iiU'iH-cu! to denlh. limns wns the third or thrci fKi'o .wldlei'K sentenced to die li. the yomiB Sun I'Viincl.s™'s killing lust Dvcomljcr II. TUc lilui wns ID clo.wl si'Mlm before an Air Pimm court nuuthil. The seiilcMU'e Is subject to review, us urc those of the other two No- Efficiency Expert Firm Will Study Defense Set-Up The National Military Establishment plans to have a private efficiency expert firm mnke a job study of the government's bluest agency. • Defense Secretary Johnson said '•Saturday the Personnel Policy Board of f!ME will ask private personnel management concerns lo submit their ideas as a basis for negotiating a contract "to conduct a scientific occupation classification program." Johnson's stntemcnt said that alter unification of the armed [oices it became evident the NME needed a "common job nnd qualification .system for all military positions, both officers and enlisted, not only for present efficiency but for mobilization requirement's in the event of a future emergency. The word "apron" was originally "uapron" and T .vns corruplcd from "a napron" to "an apron " Morley Reports Record Amount of Revenue Collected LITTLE ROCK. Afay 30. W)_Record collections of $78.013,364 by the State Revenue Department during the revenue year ended Mny 31 were reported Saturday by Revenue Commissioner Dean R. Morley. Morley said that because today is a holiday, the department's collection records for the month of May were closed Saturday. His May report shows collections ol $9,809,352, also a new monthly record. The Revenue Stabilization Act under which the state now Is operating makes the revenue year n period from June 1 to May 31. and in the revenue year now ending, the 578,073,364 lota) represents an increase of nlxjut $0.800,000 over the previous year. Chaplain Offers Prayer For 'Heroes Yet to Fall' Unique Hobby, Collecting Feminine Under Clothing, Leads to Man's Arrest WASHINGTON. May 30. |/pj _ Thousands of stolen bras, panties. slips and girdles were recovered by police Friday with the of a man they said had a "peculiar hobby" of hoarding such items. A woman's skirt, something the man rarely collected, led lo his arrest. It dropped from his (rouser :eg while police questioned him on a rcpor t he had been seen loitering in a basement laundry room. A search of his apartment un- MEMPHIS, May 30. IJTl—A .Memorial Day service here brought from a minister a prayer (or "heroes yet to fall." In services yesterday at National Cemetery, the Rev. Charles L. Wid! ney, chaplain of a Memphis Amer, ican Legion Post, prayed for bless; ings on "all those who may in the : future leave their homes to light ; in the cause of freedom." Span jh War Vet Dies MEMPHIS. May 30. M'l—WHIIam A. Hamlctt. 72. of Cave City. Ark . [ died at Kennedy Veterans hospital I here yesterday Hamlctt was a veteran of the Spanish-American War. 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