The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on May 14, 1947 · Page 1
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 1

Blytheville, Arkansas
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Wednesday, May 14, 1947
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BIYTHEVILLE COURIER NEWS VOL. XLIV—NO. 15 THK DOMINANT NEWSPAPER OF NORTHS* BT ARKANSAS AND SOUTHEAST MISSOURI Dallj Newf Blythertlle Courier Blylhevllle Herald Mississippi Valley I/enter B, AH KANSAS, WKDNKSDAY. MAY 1-1, lll'JY Grocers Warned 1^ Keep Stores Closed Sundays Police Instructed to Enforce Ordinance Enacted Years Ago Blylhevllle f;;'uce»y stores will close on Siri-'lay following in l)fl- cation by i>oMco of ;'':,r:wed enforcement of a c>ty -trdinRiice ic- quiring their shuut.v«n on that day, according lo ivdlon taker, lost niyht by Ihc City C.-iwil in monthly session ii! the Municipal Courlroom. On petition of about 50 merchants asking the Sunday closing of groce.y stor.-s lure, the council adopted a resolution that Police Chief Charles W. Un.-irl be instructed to riudiy grocers cl the regulation an:l ID pies'; il.s en lorccmcnt. 'I his ordinance has b*en in cf- fcct for a 'lumber of years bu until now no-nci'vc stepv towim enforcement have uiic.i Ukcn cily officials por.ited out It pro vide. 1 : that xn^c^-v sloies. iiica markets or Ions of Lotl must close ;>n Suno'iy m-.n tr.a violation of the ordinance lender the owner 'U')!e to fines of no less than $25 or mot? ',han $U'0 .J^House on liea'.n t'< other i;ll m ia«l ::igl,t, th passed an r.mergenc orcTuiancc condemning property Mrs. Sue Bu r k.; at Malison r.n Hearn as "'.nily, unsu.-iiittr and unsafe." Trt3 emer[je::c clause placed the crlfrw-ice in el feet immediately after its pass The ordinarcc gives Mrs. Berk 30 days in which to tear down li- properly and Kivi.'s Ihc cily tl right to take nvev its removal no action is taken by her tiinii lhat period ?t lime. It was pointed out that Mr Burks and rlic occupants cf ti property had been notified Apr 22 of the Cunncil'j ccr.demnutJo hearing last u-ght but i o on« of them was present, Oscar Alexander appeDred before the Cou'icil scek f <;g action to remedy a S';wor;v-e problem existing on East Rose r-treet near the city limits. Mr Ale.: m.ler uront- cd out that the sewer .there lies too close to fie •surface' 1 uf lr>c ground and thai ne.v houses be-. businessman fees Decade Of Prosperity BILOXI, Miss.. May H. (UP) — prominent Americanibusinessman oduy .predicted a 'lO-ycar era of rosperity for the nation from 1953 i 19CO. Lewis H. rown, chairman of tlm oard of Johns-Maiisvillc Corp., old the Mississippi Bunkers Asso- lallon tlint at present America is acing a period of readjustment •hen prices and wages must bi; u'ouglit intg balance. .He predicted, •SVi oil tt»cii DrcrTnanc Senate Approves $350,000,000 to Aid Europeans Relief Proposal Gets Overwhelming Support; House Less Liberal SINGLE COPIES FIVE CENTS icwever, that even if (here eccssion, "it probably not be evere, nor las', very long.' Brown said the country should be irmly on its feet by I95U. and thai he nation could then look forward o 10 prosperous years. burglar Enters Two Homes Here Cash is Obtained From Billfolds Taken From Victims' Trousers Burgalars entered the homes of W. L. Homer, 1200 Chickasawba and Dr. I/. L. Hubcncr, 1905 Hearne Street, last night and escaped with approximately $68 In cash, Chief of police Charles short reported this morning. Mr. Horncr's billfold containing approximately $38 was taken from a table beside Ins bed, Chief Short said, an<i the thieves look Dr. Hubencr's trousers anil his billfold containing approximately $30, from his bedroom. Police believe that the same person* entered bolh homes as Mr. Horncr's billfold was found discarded near the Ilubcncr liome Chief Short said. Deputy Sheriff Erwin Jones, who is aiding the city police in investigating the burglaries, stated Hial the thief raised a bedroom window at the Horncr home and stole Ihc billfold. The burglar failed to awaken either Mr. or Mrs. Horncr, po lice stated. Entrance to the Hubcncr home was gained through a living roon WASHINGTON, May 14. (UP) — The Senate today approved legisia- lion authorizing the United Slates to lend a hcli>iii|; hand In the noil UNBRA foreign relief program In prnvding $L'50.0:0,COO. The vote was 19 to 4 on the proposal to alleviate stm'valion in foreign lands. The Senate rejected a niove ID follow the House action In chopping $153,C03.0CQ from tbc administration's program. The bill now noes to a joint Senate-House con- •rcncc to settle that difference of ISO.COa.O'H). Senate aellon followed a plea •oin chairman Arthur H. Vanden- urii r,f the foreign Relations Com- littee. lie said the relief program •as essential to provifle an "utter iiniimmi"-in aid'to Greece, Italy, \ustiia. Hungary, Poland, China nd Trieste. The senate in passing the bill ejected an amendment from Sen window, police reported. tin ing built cannrt 1« pin:wc'.ed with the,burglar .the SLV»* in\t>£-<Al-Vow" ptfU; he Hiibener hoi thief went to Dr. Hubner's bedroou where he found his trousers con talning the billfold.' Deputy Sheriff said, the inches fror evident] une' for i sewn- is less than eight entering as several JtSqtiiririte: wer m Ihe mirr ct-. four , d U[ulcr both"ffi'e-Nbrtli an from Ihc Sewer District."East living room windows- is aTOlable, Mi'. Alexander raid, because tlio Dlslrijt his run cut of funds and is i:i llm hand.i of receivers. Although the District could be force:! by la*, to lertify the sewer prob-oni :l-,e would be too loi:^ to l;o cable, It was |\m\tsd cut. The sewer main also is mil, of alignment wir.h Us regular s-uise through tin; nllcy and cuts through jtrivit--) property on cue of the six l-jt.5 H Is .supnoccd to serve, Mr. A! \-c-.l:lvljr M'td. Tn Estimate Ili-psir Costs It wifs sngtio.^ed "by the Council thai, tin prop<:viy irartrs share with tho city cc.it5 o; repairing (lie si-wrr. In cliisiiii- ciis- Pollcc believe that the bnrgl.irie are the work of a professional a jewelry and other valuables in th Hubcncr home were untouclici Several fingerprints were found process both homes, police stated. Wonderful 'Dreams' Come True For Handicapped Child at Dell t'uurlnr News SI,iff H'rllrr By KMILY WIXSON Today us Jean Martin. 1X11 schoolgirl, prncllc'-d her piano number "In the Gloaming," which she will piny l-vidny nlijlit hi her piano redlal, she slopix-d now and llirn ID look nt her new U'us mid ivondcr if Ihu ovenls of Ihls week weren't "Just ;i wondcrlul dream" nfter all. Kill It isn't a dream. It's reality. Jean, daughler of Mr. and Mrs. W. A. MiutK of Hell, walked lor the first, tbde in her H year this week and Fi-ldiy nlgta she will »1- ficlally begin the iTjIi/jUlon of her anibltiun to be a piano teacher. The recital will be her first public nppcuYaiuv since she received her completed legs Monday In Mwnphls. Last October Jean liad only llicj*—— . st,ump ol one leg. She was bpni without legs. Today, she has iwri mil-sized artificial leg s and wl'Ji lie aid of crutches, can wnlk. ' "I'm like other girls," she sftyst I have legs, artificial ones, . ,bnt ens, and I can wear shoes «ii<i •.lockings Just like other people.'! She will wear crutches for a year, hen after two vein's with this set of legs, she will receive a new pair three inches longer. T« Wc:ir First Formal : , 'When Jean appears Friday night with other students or Mrs. Mil-; died Mnrgo Trail from Bell, Armorel, Durdettc, Number -Nine and $12,OOODonated In Campaign to Buy School Site Campaign Workers Hold First Report Session for Drive lolm L. McClcllan, D., Ark., to b;\i lid to countries allegedly falling vithin the Russian sphere of in- "luence, including Poland and Hun- jary. The move to cut S150.0CO.COO frnir .he total authorisation \va^ offeree by Sen. James P. Kcm, R., Mo. 1I< ;aid it was necessary to reduce 111' impact of the administration's for i^ign policy program on Americai .iixpayers and consumers. II 'wa. rejected C4 to 10. 'I'd Spued New Program Earlier, members moved to rnsi relief aid to Europe by audiorizing nn immediate advance of S75,ono. Ono by .the Reconstruction Financ Cnvporation ,'.a supply food, mcdl cal su]>plics aiWl fertilizers. The ad vance would be repaid from sum eventually appropriated, by Con grcss. An amendment by Sen. Allen J. Eilendpr D., La., was adopted, rc- Bliirin^ foreign governments receiving U. S. aid to establish a "control system" to assure that all classes of their citajns would ' get relief aid. Malaria Control Program Rushed 5,000 Missco Homes Sprayed With DDT; 10 Crews in Field Salvary Ba]>tlsl Church ut the church here in niylhcvllle, she also will wear her first formal. Jean's legs arc a little difficult lor her to use now. even wllli criilchcs, but her eyes shine with new confidence and courage—and ap];recialion. "She's Ihe mcxst ap prcciatlve child I ever saw", .sal' E. H. Ford, who discovered iier condition and began the campaign lo buy artificial iimbs through the Courier News. He's been with her on every tri]> for-fittings of new pegs to Jean's legs and when She look her first steps. Mr. Ford and her father, walked beside her. Jean still repeats often "I cai walk. I can walk", as If sayint the words aloud makes it even more wonderful. Shu seems to lack words lo express her deep appreciation so she just smiles and occasionally says "Isn't il wonderful?, Isn't everybody wonderful?" "I'love music," Jean f>aid. "Some- flay I want to bo a piano teacher." Her parents and 'Mr. Ford aren't sure how, but they arc as confident as Jean that she,will to lo a music conservatory to study when she is older. Talent for Music. , HRhl crews have sprayed with DDT approximately 5000 houses "in Mississippi County upriiylng started March 3, It was announced today by w. O. Stinnett, area supervisor for Malaria Control Unit here. The Arkansas State Bonnl of Health's Malaria Control Program Is expected lo be completed by June 20. The spray work, however, will conllnue through September so that crews may glvn second DDT applications to houses In which It is deemed necessary, Mr. Sllnnelt said. About 8000 householders have been contacted In the program and the iiumlKr actually sprayed .shows a record of 37 |>cr cent rotusaln. Mnlnrlft Control unit officials snid that while It would lie desirable In have each house In the county sprayed, (he number of requested and. paid applications is neverlhc- Conli'llmlloiiK to date in the drive •for jriO.llK! lor the purchase of i new high school silo tolal approximately $1'J.OOO, It was disclose! last night at a u'collng of the Clt- Tonx Schotil COnmiltleu with drive workers anil solicitation leamn. Tills figure represents nnrllnl re- lii-rl.s from ar> of the tio teams. It was pointed mil. The other 'ff> tennis hnve not Mihmtll.Ml ripiiii.s ol collodions as yet anil r.uly DUO of the 35 teams repoi't- Ini; huve coinplcU'd solicitations. Therefore, tlrivc ollieials :;ald. the $13,001) Is money that has been turned in and collections yd unheard Iroiu will .swell the tolal. The drive- is by no menus emU: (bey said. No romp!'.'llim ilule has been t;et Us the .sole purp^sri of I he ciiinpnlftn Is to obtain $50.000 regardless ol the t'me element, il was pointed out. The drive will continue until all Truman Outlaws Portal Pay Suits; Asks Wage Hikes WASHINGTON, May U. (U.I'.)—fres'idont Truman lotlny sillied legislation ,to relieve employers arid the &ov- enimoiit, now ami henceforth, of back claims for portal- to-poi'fnl pay. j Al the .saine • time he Implicitly called on business for price deduction:; and directly asked Congress to Incr^'is* Immediately Die statutory minimum wage from 40 lo at least 65 cents an hour. With a .stroke cf the pen, the President wiped out nearly JS.OOO,- WtO.OtO in pending portal pay suits and foicloscd.iiimliar court, uettoiia »ln the future. : In a statement to Congress ox- liilnUig his action,'' the Presidentaid: - • • ." .-•• ..' "Businessmen will be aUc to plan vlth assurance >for \full production nd price reductions. Tills will be ( real value to labur arid man- gcment In a continued high level i employment.". •• • '• '•-.•• Ho also urged Congi'e*? lii'ji;l M'oinplly ori the minimum wage lii- .rcasc wiiicll he hud proposed ure- •iuusly but which tho Hsuie and Senate have declined to approve. bur lieiund* ,. Red Cross Group Re-EleclsOfficers Chickasawba Unit Holds Annual Meet; Committees Report aeoiisc M. Lee, local ii'.ilomcblb clcnlor, was re-elected as chairman of the chlcknsiiwbu chapter of thu /Ymorlciin Red Cross at the ehiiplcr's »i;'l itieetliiK held y.'Sierday af- terniKin in the client court iuom. Other ofrUlTi clouted to' serve for the coming year wore Undscy prospective '.lonors huve been con- lacted and if at that point additional fund:i are needed to meet the goal, u '"clean-up" campaign will be singed. Ccmli'llmtlons I,isU-il A partial list of Ihe liullvliluuls j Clunn, vlee-clinirimin; Mis. C Mod- llll ( [ linns Sllppni'ilni; tin- ;ump;il|>r lo a hou»-c»«, the' rclfc'f" bill." " em proposed the cut. he said, finance the impact of 'foreign cussion of th^ prob 1 . Msj-or E Alexander R. Jackson :i-j!:r<d Mr. lo submit ligurrs on '.-sLvnatcd costs of repair.*. lending pro-ja-di'L-s, started latt November, th j C'>i'.\:il pp^-cd en ordinance acce;;,-.iivj Ih; si-.r.exc- lion lo Ihc cily ;.f Wilson Sncor.d. Diawley and Cook additions Mid ii-mrporaliii!. ll-.v.i Inlo tli<; t^Stls. Court orders au'.hu' Iheir annnxa'.lo i were i:-..-;ued b'' County Judge Roland Green. Jan. 7 on petitions ->i landowners rc- Gromyko Asks For Partition Of Holy Lands UNITED NATIONS HALL, Flushing, N. Y., May 14. IUP) — Tile Soviet Union tcdny called for an independent Arab-Jewish stale i" Palestine, or partition of the Holy Land if it is proved impossible for the two peoples to live together peacefully. Soviet Delegate Aiidrei A. Gromyko. in a 3j-minulc speech to the United Nations General Assembly. urged "the formation of a United city .the three Son c.f i r:p,-rty ov.'ners A pc in the vicinity u: the 300 b,ock on South I^i'co -*: f .ci. W:LS Mib- miltcd lo ths couin-ii ti^klr.g ic- fusal of a bull.-il'ij p^rmll !r Mrs J. E. Grecr fi.r th-j of a Negro house In !hc- icar of her properly there. The r<->:i: u n slated lhat NcRrccs already (hern have biccn cr»atlnif u distiirbans I City Engine,'!- JH C Carney fail" tlint Mrs. Grecr had not appiicd for a bulldhvj pmni^ and' city Allorncy Percy Wright. s;.:-.l In thd cvcot' she did tnc.'e \vns action the Council rtf.M lake in tin; matter. Such construction would not in violation nf (he at 7:45 o'clock, are Molly Aulry, cpending on -American taxpayers Bonnie Alexander. Martha Ann and consumers. Bean, Batty Barnctt) Peggy Barnett, The Missourian told the Senate Amy Claire Bagwell, Shirley Marie its members were living on a "fools'I Burks, May Byrl Bevill, Joyce paradise" if they did not realize Bowling, Melba champion, Roxic hat the pending relief program is only a beginning. Palestine state with et|ual lights Arab-Jewish for all— a United State." But at the same time he snicl partition was the alternative solution if Ihc Arabs and Jcw.s could not get along together. This was the first indication by any Soviet spokesman that Russia would consider par til inn of Palestine. The Soviet delegate delivered a scathing attack on what he termed "bankrupt" British rule in Palestine. M-JI,H.; <lr . dinance as it «-.)iilrl be rt5irter.lial building in u rcjirtcnVitl district, he explained. A:i existing :n:isaiice must be proven first, l-.o said. Fire and Poire,- Ch!cfs n»| ort Discussion ,.f lar:k of sanitation facilities in lhat vicinity Wowed and it was pointed out that action could be lafci;:i In lhat te- spccl. Mayor .la^csoi •.uijgested lhat signers ;>f n.c pc-it!ou j'urnith Ihc cily attorney wi'.h a liM, of properties not conncc.'od t^ sower lines. In his monthly rei.vrt of p. lice All-City Kiddie League Players Receive Awards Memoes of the all-city team selected from the ranks of youtlifu grldmcn in Ihc Kiddie League were guests of the Lions Club at ;U weekly meeting yesterday noon at the Hotel Noble. Each member was introduced aiu presented by Athletic Director liil Godwin with a medal given by the Chickasaw Athletic Club, sponsors of the grade school athletic program, for his all-city ranking. Shannon Langley, captain of Langc School's Wildcats who woi the Kiddie League championship and coaches of each of the league teams were also gnest.s. aclivitifA Chi^f Sliort i'jxted th $3000 ViT fines were ass-isse.-l April with $2130 co!(-c(<ci. c<.un farm cases toln'sd s!»0, Ic said, and $150 in fines weri urtcVUcu-d! One S30.35 fine lud been appealed to Circuit Court, he sals. Head reported Fire Chief tlint firemen during Apvi; answered 7E calls. I.a^c't fire bill was $410. he sriid, a:i<l I.-H..CE irom fire totaled $-?75. Weather .ARKSNSAS-Clenr lo partly cloudy and little change tonight Thursday. and N. Y. Stocks A T and T Amer Tobacco Anaconda Copper Beth Steel Chrysler Gen Electric Gen Motors Montgomery Ward N Y Central Int Harvester North Am Aviation Republic Sleel Radio Socony Vacuum Studebakcr 162 1-4 . 65 . 35 . ff> 7-! . 07 5-3 . 33 . 54 7-3 . 51 Realtors Stress Industrialization For BlyfheviHs Members of the Blytlicville neul Estate Board voted to secure a prominent representative of industry to sp?ak at a future meeting in regards lo the Industrial development of Blytlicville and Arkansas, at the board's monthly meeting in Hotel Noble Irisl night. The plans call for the securing of representatives of Industry who may be instrumental in obtaining industries fcr this area. A joint committee composed of members of the industrial and program committees of the board were cpowercd to 7 work in cooperation with other organizations to bring about ways and means of securing new industries for this area. The group discussed the present drive to secure funds for a new- site for the niylhovillc High School and pledged its support. It was voted to accept Johnny Marr a s n new member to the organization The next meeting of the board will bo held June 10 at Hotel Noble. Jaycees Elect Eight Men to Serve on Board Eight new members of the Board of Directors of the Junior Chamber of Commerce have beer, elccled to serve to the coming year. They arc Roland llishop. Erv/'n Jones, Tim E-jtcs. Glin Harrison James Guard, Sanford Boone, La- Eronnc Whittle and Bill Young. The new directors were electee at the Jaycce meeting Monda; night but their-names were inad vcrlanlly omitted from the election results in yesterday's Courier News. Curtis, Mabel Lynn Crook, lAmy Jlaire Crook, Sue Cassidy,' Betty Casley. -Frances England. Lilhbcth Ourretl, Gianda CJarner, Annie Mac Greene, vyanda Grimes, Martha, Lcc Hart, Billle Hardin, Louise Howard. Lovle Ho<lgo, Reina Hughes. Ann Koeihcr, 'Betty lackson, Nola Helen King, -150111110 Kooniz, Betty Laudcrdalc, Charles jangston, Peggy Lloyd, Patsy Mc- Haffcly, Janet Michael, sue M^Gec Vcrina Moody, Sue Nasli, stever Nichols, Verncll O'Neal, Barbara Ann Pruiil, Dorothy Louise Powell Virginia Pepper, Gcraldine Pierce Bobby Lou Peterson, Virginia Pierce, Cliarlcnc fierce, Veletn Pierce, Sybil Quails. Gwendolyn Rhoadcs, Mary Ella Ray, Jean Sa-.vyer, Sherry Ka; Sparks, Alfrccta Slovall. Joan Tank- crslcy, Ruby Tomlin, Vivian Tank- cr.^ley, Mollie T romlin, Peggy Vinion, Louise Vanbibbcr, Mac Wind- nim, Jacic Woodard, Marjoric Windham, Robbie Williams Carla Webster and Maltic Sue Young. Builder Fined For Failure to Obtain Permit :Uler receivh.f, 1 r.n al:ir- ( ay on the same • aiytlir.ymp v.'. T'leet- Jnynir found ^'Jllly mid 3*15' on each iv" two c.unir* of violation of the c'.tys muUilni! code this morning in Municipal Court. Defense Counsel \V. I.: on Binilh nppcitlcd lo . Clr.uilt Court bolh decisions ban-led down by Muuicl- I>al Judge GriVr.u tiu:3biir.7. Joyncr was nhnr«il wltli two violations of the building c' dc ie- wu s released today by drive tenders for publication. The list will In: brought up to dule as soon us possible. It was indicated. A second out-of-lown eonlilbti- lion has been received here from Osceoia. }•}. M. Jaffe, owner of a collhini: store Ihere, mailed a check for $^r> to -Hosco Crafion, drive chairman. The donation was sent "on behalf of my adopted son, Jack Ap- plcbauiii Jaffe, and in memory o] his parents, Juck nnd Marie Ap- plcbauin...." Mr. Jaffe's letter -staled. "I desire to do this as knowing Hit kln f i of [rlHsums they were, they would bolh he very active In assisting this program were the> here," the letter continued. •Mr. und Mrs. •Ajiplebaiiin were Hlythevillo residents who (lied several years ago. ConlrlbulUins of $100 or nipvc were received as follows: fmilH "Applcl)athrT'~ t ..'...'.. .:''.-.S101 J. W. Adams ' 101 Blylbovllle Steam l,.uiiidrv 1UI Courier News and H. W. llnlnca O. G. Caudlll Hum Plormnn ,Jt?ss Horncr Wallace Hoke Rlcluird Jledel Mrs. .S. I'. Martin Mrs. T. .1. Mahiin of tba', r. permit Government Completes May-Garsson Testimony WASHINGTON, May 14. (UP) — Tlio government rested Us case ^n the May-Gars.-ion bribery trial today and all four defendants immediately liled motions for acquit- lal. Federal Judge .Henry A. Schwein- Jiaiit did not immediately give a decision on the motions. 'But he taid he was "strongly inclined" to the belief that the government had shown a firima. facie case against three of the defendants. staling that ho was 1:1 hw/ully erecting n fillrii; :, union in the air|x>rt highway .1 21st street. Mr. Wright Mid for Ihls conslnic'.lin h:.!l b(,en applied for -ny Juvier but Dial protests from nroneilv owners in that, section "cd tn Us ri-lusal. ire was tried :i '<: nc'ii.illcu in Municiiml C"urt Sahi.-d.'iy ii'oin- ing when .l-rlse Sunbury uiled there was ins'.i'l ncnt crK.ciicc of a filling sta'.l n existing on Ihc pro|X!rly. Judge Siiclbury tuoiy oven tiled a defense of noi K'.nUy bv r.viion of former jeo^iirly offrrtd nn the contention thit dol.'iidnni lu.d Ijccn tried -.nd ucf|'.iitl':d ft- ;:t- legcdly committing tin same offense. Joyncr entered of Innwcnl to bolh counts. Scout Leaders to Plan For Annual Compares • Scoutmasters of the North Mississippi County District will mcei, tomorrow night at 1:-I5 in the Municipal Courtroom In City Hal to make plans for the annual Boy Scout "camnorcc"—a district-wide overnight camping trip, Rupert Crafto{i, Camping Activities chairman, said today. Ml 11 U); 1UI ir,o loo 201) in ' 10!) 200 ISO ISO 1IMI ill $100 Included: Adler Hotel $10, D. U v Admits $">, Mne Alexander %\. Joe Atkins S:;:t. Franklin Atkinson ilil. W. W. Austin $11.52, Frank Aiulin 41, Mr. anil Mrs. Jim liraekln $i>0, H. C. Badev Sec KC'IIOOI, I'l'NII J'ape Two Accident Victims Show Improvement The conditions of Jasper N. Howard anil Raymond liunby. two sailors .stationed at the 'Memphis Nava Rase, who were injured Monday when Ihc motorcycle on which they were riding left the highway near 'Holland. MO., were slightly improve! loday, according to attendants at Walls Hospital. Roth men regained consciou.'iiies? yesterday afternoon, llic attendant. 1 ! said, and spent a restful night. Xray pictures were taken this morning lo learn full exlent nf their injuries but reports from the secretary; and Rodney Hiili- ulster, trciiMii'cr. Twenly-t;io board members, 13 mm lilylhevllle and nine from uillylnn eomiimnille.s, wore appointed lo serve one-year terms at yes- erday's meeting. Hoard members from selectcii :rom IJlylhevllle arc: Kendall IJOr- fy, Uusscll Iluys, Mrs. Cecil Wro len, Mrs. li. A. Uynch, E, II. Ma ion, 1'alil 1'ryor, MIS Floyd White Mrs. I.loyd ullckiimn, Oxcur Itnd lei. Mrs. Harry HalneJi, W. II. Hto vail, o. E. Knudseu, and Hcrmin Curllon. ISIecled from oiillying coniinuiil lies were Rev. E. H. Hall, of Leach vllle; o. W- Tlplon, or Manila M, Woudard iu, ( | Mole Gill, of Dell Mrs. Chris Thompklns, of fiurdultc W. Nichols, of. Armorcl; Mra H. L, Halsell, sr., of promised Ijind; ! Ed<lle Hiigcn. of Hiifrman and Mil- ! toiv Buncli, of Yarbro. , I.nun Repaynwnlj Lauilcd Mis Julia Haral.ion, honjo servlcij director, told lhc"'groiip llmt Chick- iiKnwaba Chapter Ims one of the beat loiin rc-|)ayinenl records i" Ihe stale with a total or jna.S^' be- liiff loaned last year and $7p».M being received In repayment of loinis made. She also reimrted thul grants totaling $l,045.n4 were made to service men and cx-scrvlcemcn and families lust year with a por- ilon or this sum Ixjing rcpaycd. Total oxiKMidilures for Ihe year amounled to $0,278.1)4, she stated. Ciialrman or the various comrnlt- lce» gave rcporls on activities d"r- liifi Uie past ycur. Mr. Lcc called the group's attention to Ihe report of the .waler safety committee given by Mr.s. Hugh Whltslll. stilling that project was tine Of the chapter's best. Mr. ix!c announced at the mccl- Ing yesterday thai ho would iillcnd policy making discussion to be held In Dallas Monday by the national oiMiinly.allon. ' A resolution fn slunlnii the. bill, Mr. tfurnan Icflcd tlio demand.'!'of oi-gEiniiecl abor an'd rejected Uie "ap'pial. of Secretary of Labor IxwU B, Schwul- enbach Unit he veto It, Sohwelien- mch luul "no comment" oii Ihe President's action. '. . • In .approving. Iho measure, Mr,. Truman said he thought.<tts gomt cfleelB would ou.tWGltr.ti possibly b;\(l ines. Ho said "sonii doubts" had been raised us v the, new law's effect on wiigu und hour, standards. He agreed that It contains "neW and |X>sslbly umb!((iioj3 lurviju^e.:! ", IJut ho stated repe.ilcJIy .that he felt the Intent of Congress was not I" destroy past labor gains. If tha lnw proves detrimental lo falr'labor siandiirds. he said, •'! shall retjueft the Coiinitss to take prompt rein*, dltil action." V He added that he bUlpvcd lh- courts would rfuse to pcrmtl employers to use Brtlllclal devkts which ml i, lit dcpdve employe of Just coiniMMisolion. The Presidents appinviil of the bill ended a fantastic vtrbd 1, u H. court history which b-gan latl Spring when the Supreme Court' ruled In the>Mt, -Clenmns (Mich.) Pottery Co case thit wolkcrs could : •suo for jHirhil to poiUil compins- lion. ' —- was adonlcd pfo- vidlng for the chapter chairman to be aulhorl/,cd lo ap|H)lnt a bylaws committee to regulate rotation of board members and olficcro in sought coihnciuiultmi OTl-tilC- promises walking time, Urhc sjwnt In a host of other non-pioductive ncltvltics. Folluwtd Flood of Lawsuits The flood of suits lii«nerilat|'ly became a national problem If they held up and were d« idcd In fnvoi of the claimants corpomtinns would he liable to pay billions in pay icr which ihcj had made no provision In many, insl4n,cc.s the ? govcrn- 1; ltso|f WotUdjBp liable to'claims 'arllmB'^onti by wi 'i-s. particularly those who operated on ft cost-pilas basis. Conuress took up the Issua and passed Ihc measure now become ^w over llic prolesls of orxurilzed.labor. Scliwcllenbach asserl^d that the bill as passed jeopardized .'labor, standards sot up In previous legisiation. Hut Mr. Truman signed the measure In the belief would clarity u situation he felt was'lnlmlcal to production. He iaid that because of llus new law'current wage negotiations may proceed man rapidly and satisfactorily. The new law: 1. .Bans exlstiiiB porlalTto-povtal . order to runillliulzc a greater num- j claims except those basjd pn ac"£>Yl- lier of people with Red Crass ncll- I Uvs which were compcnsatle by'em- vllles and lo keep Ihc governing body active. t.n res had not today. been received al Blytheville Girls, School Band Participate in Memphis Carnival A week of yaity and romance hns begun lor two Blythevllle Birl^ Miss Jane Casllio, cho-scn from Ulylheville as a lady-hi-walllng i" the lioyal Court of Memphis Colin" Carnival's King Hugo Dixon and Queen Betty Crump, and her maid, Miss Iva Seay. Collon Carnival week officially began last night when the liny'I i! argc arrived and (he King .in.1 13 1- odisi 79 1-2 spea 8 1-B 24 8 1-3 14 3-4 Methodists to Conduct District Conference The ucv. J. Albert Gallin of | Queen wcrc^coro'iialed' Joncsboro, district superintendent of the Jonescoro District of Methodist churches, will be speaker at the District Conference to be held tomorrow at Manila Methodist church. Blytheville Methodist pastors Sunday School superintendents. 18 3-B| Board of Stewards chairman and Standard of N J 67 1-2.other church members win attend Texas Corp .. Packard 587-8! the conference as official delegates 5 3-4 and other Blytlicvilln people also U 9 Steel 66 1-8 plan to attend, Bolh girls will atlcnd dances. formal balls, private parlies, participate in fashion shows and ricic Imperial floats In the numerous parades scheduled lor the remainder of the week. Miss Castllo, escorted by Dic^ Stacy of Blytheville, student -« University of Arkansas, will weir a dress worn by Judy Garland i» one of her picture.'! in this afternoon's Mald-of-Colton parade. .She also has been given a formal t' wear at each evening's events Miss Castllo and her escort attended the reception for King HIIRO and Queen Hetty, Monday nllcr- noon at the Country club. Uoth fiirlcs attended the Nfayor.i Luncheon loday nt Hotel Pcabody and will attend Ihc Grand Carnival Ball Honoring the Maid of Cotto'i tonight at Ellis Auditorium. Wherever the King and Queen appear this week. Lady-ln-WaitlnB Jane Caslllo and Miss Scay will b c In the court to participate In the fesllvc revelry. Clco Houston of Blythcvlllc High School has been selected by fellow students as their rcpresenlallve at the^Tecnagcrs' Ball Friday night Blylhevillc's' maroon and Vhilc hand, led by Drum Major Marilyn Dccn, will parade Friday morning, 11:30 o'clock, In one of the Carnival's largesl parades and will piny in a concert at noon. Knrl 'Wadcnpr tulil is band director. The two sailors were en route to their base in Memphis when the accident occurred. Rc|>orl,s of the accident slated lhat the two youths were traveling South on Highway 61 at a hik'h rale of speed. They ctfi- denlly lost control of the vehicle and left the highway, crashing into an embankment. Officers Seek Operator Of Pest Control Firm Warrants for the arrest of H. C. Hlankenship, operator of the I3lan- kcnship Exterminating Co hc'.'c, were issued yesterday charging him with two violations of Act 304 of 1933 which requires lhat pest con- Irol operalors be licensed by the Slate Plant Board. The warrants were turned over to the serlff's office for service. Information used as grounds for issuance of the warrants was filed by Iclegrnm by Paul H. Millar, chiof Inspector for Ihc State Plant Board. 'Although lilankcnship holds no license granted by the Board, he trealcd property here for termites last month and also in cither February or March, the information charges. He was licensed several years Telephone Wage Disputes Still Disrupt Service WASHINGTON, May 14. IUP) — tiome 34,000 telephone strikers In New Jersey, Michigan ami On the West coast sctllcd their wage disputes loday. and n union slK>kcsman said optimistically thai the key negotiations with Western Eleclric Co. bad reached "a turning Iiolnt. 1 ' The controversy between Western Electric and Us two unions remained Ihe biggest stumbling block to a complete sctltlcmcnt of the 38-ilay-old nation-wide walkout. Western slcclrlc picket lines were keeping t!'.itisands of warkcrs idle, even In aren> where local Issues had been Ironed out. Temperatures Climb Warm wcalhcr continued here yesterday with lltlle change in temperature as the mercury returned to a high of 86 degrees, according to Robert E. Biaylock, official wcalhcr observer. The low during last night set n now "high" for minimum temperatures ns the mercury went no lower than Be degrees. N. Y. Cotton NEW YORK. Miy 14. (U.P:— Colton closed film. ago but Ihe license was cancelled Oct. Mar 5IW 2W3 276r, May 3!)71 P.G21 3510 July 3.?fiO 341) 335!) 2960 2SI;D ?Ml afler a few months because of poor I Doc 2<i20 285) 2817 '. work, Ihe Informnllon sUlcs. I Siwts closcii at :!Gtn, up 56.. 2793 3625 3W7 JO 35 ploycrs through contract, custom or practice. This ban includes activl- llcs taking place during the workday as well as before and ofter and covers the wage-hour law, Walsh- Healy and Bncon-Davjs Acts. 2. Permits compromise, of past claims If Ihcre is a dispute on whether contract or custom would have required payment. T ' 3. Bans future claims'for portal . activities outside the woikdny unless such activities nrj compensate by contract or custom. 4. Permits employers to plead "good faith" reliance on government rulings o-s ai\ excuse for failure lo pay wages due under liio three acts. 5. Sels a Iwo-ycar statute 01 limitations on filing ol futuro nuts under all three acts; Dud Cdson Post Receives Two Special Awards Dud COSO'I "Oft'; 2: American Legion received Tho from National Lcglo-i H5ir,qo:lrt'i'3 two certificates ->f dlcthignishert: seiv- Icc for Its activities lurin? 1E+3 nt Its weekly "ng latt night in the Legion- Hut, .A Certificate of , MeiUciio-us Service was awarded Uie Post for ptaec ln : ' list' yf,ir: end. winning first . Americanism its other post activiUjs. Bringing rc-"3i'!tion »s tUt outstanding post, lu Aikansas last year, the Blytntrtlle Legion group also received a ci-i'tifi!:.\lo of Host Distinguished Ker.vlce. Veterans to Meet Members of Hunl-Uoyd Post 2JT8 of the Veterans of foreign Wars will hold thtlr vwkly mteting-at 7:30 tonight at the Wetenkarnp Co|tnt> Co., cff!:c. : ..', '.

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