Green Bay Press-Gazette from Green Bay, Wisconsin on December 17, 1926 · Page 22
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Green Bay Press-Gazette from Green Bay, Wisconsin · Page 22

Green Bay, Wisconsin
Issue Date:
Friday, December 17, 1926
Page 22
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THE GREEN BAY PRESS-GAZETTE Friday Evening, December 17, 1926. LEW ELLEN IS SELECTED ON ALL AMERICAN PRO TEAM 22 ?! Green Bay Packer Star and Driscoll, Nevers, Inilay Are Picked for Backfield Jobs Mullcr and Berry Picked for; Ends; Ellis and Healey at Tackles; Sonnenbcrg and Budd, Guards; Smith Center. NATIONAL 1 KAI.IK AV. STAMHNfi I.. T. Vt. PYnnkfcrd, (Phlla.) H 1 1 .f'SS Chicago Mcar .... 12 1 ? .8:3 Tottsvillo 10 2 1 .S3II Konwd f'lty 3 ."27 ttreen Hay 7 3 " .M I.ns Anpele (! 3 1 .'bi7 New York S i 0 .,,67 Duluth C r I .515 Buffalo 4 4 2 ,:.0C Chicago ("r.rils 5 fi 1 Aj'i Providence s 7 0 .417 Detroit 4 6 I .400 Hartford 3 7 0 .300 Brooklyn 3 S 0 .172 Milwaukee 2 7 0 .22! .rayton 1 4 1 .200 Akron I 4 3 .200 Racine 1 4 0 .200 Columbus 1 fi 0 .144 Canton 1 S 3 .100 Louisville 0 4 0 .000 Hammond 4 0 .000 Jjist Saturd;i's Result riiiladelphh 24, Providence 0. Mst Sunday's Results Philadelphia at Providence, postponed. Chicncn F.e.irs 9, Pottsville 7. Kansas City 12, IHihith 7. Saturday's (ianie Pot tsville t Philadelphia. Sunday's (ianie (Iwn Hay at Chicago (Hear?). If there wVre but five positions on a football eleven, the elections of an all-american team composed of play-pi's who were members of National leapuc clubs would not be a difficult task as there were a quintet of prid-deis who stood out head and shoulders over the rest of the field. . However, It was a froe-for-nll for the other half dozen positions and the opinions of the football experts in the different parts of the country varied Just as mueh as the Rcotrra-phical location of the cities they represented. The National league covered lots of territory. The circuit stretched from Providence and Hartford on the east to Los Angeles on the wtst and from Dnlnth up at the northern end down to Louisville at the south. Nevers Vnanlmom f lmice 4 Ernie Nevers. former All-American (it Stanford, who captained and couched the Duluth Eskimos, the. Unanimous choice for the fullback post, as every expert named the Pu-luthian. Nevers could do anything and jcerythmff on a football field and what's more he liked to he In the game all the time. In this respect, he diffcml from some othei topnotchers Who were keen for bench duty when-iver the opportunity presented Itself. Nevers was practically, the whole Duluth team Without him, the Northerners would never have reached first base'. i The Ohicapo Bear management made n ten strike when they purchased Pnddv Priscoll's contract from the Cardinals. The former Northwestern star 'loesn't seem to have prown old. He has been playing pro, football for ten years, and 1928 wtos one of the best reasons Driscoll ever experienced. Taddy has single-handed won a lot panics for the Bears this past fall. His educated toe and brilliant open field runnin? has kept him in the head-lines nil the time. Driscoll was named on fifteen of the selections for ither ha'f or quarter j Brick Mullcr. the Los Anjreles end. rot. fourteen votes and Imlay. the tar-Westerners' flashy quarterback! polled eleven ballots. Mulh-r was an' nil-American in his Vnh rah' davs .mdj he lived up to his eollepiiito. reputa- I Hon. t.os Antreles was on the road alii Vlie time but MulW proved to be a' sood tourist and tie was In there all i the time playinp 'heads up' football, j Mullcr was a marked man In every ; game but be penerally outsmarted the: opposition. i Imlay Flashy R.vk Wlien It came to open field nmnlnc ; Tmlav didn't have to take his hat off to any birlc In Joe f.irr's circuit. Hei hail a peculiar style t,f plvotinc; which netted plenty of yardage for: Los Angeles. Imlay was a superb bnndler of forward pases and he ran! hark punts in a way that opened the: eyes of the rnties. Iin!;v is a peppei , box on the li'lil and his aps.-essive ti"ss makes him the loirkal kind of al p'ave- for quarterback. Aside from the above mentioned ; nlii-'.s, Ellis, the Chicaco Cardinal tad.!" pot more votes than any of the o'hers. lie creditej with ten Kill is a prod net of Detroit 'i:' and In V- plave.l with one of tli" Ohio pro clubs. He was easily the outstanding nl.yee on the C.-trJ.uai elevet,. Tt was over Ellis 1 h r t Hie Cards made; most of their pains while on the de. . feline, he w:s a whole tcnM In himself. T:ibs was one of the f.w bevies in the b apye that made it a business to rui-Ti 'lie passer to the limit Healey Nsmed Apain i An! here the race for th- n'hr : pot;(!,r.. tieMct up. Ed. Ha'ey is rame.i for the tak! Job. TiJurie slowed him up a bit His but Just' the m he wi a rip ron-nit !'.n man Tins is oa1' ' th'i.l ysr ci the i,!) Anvrinn pr tam. ea!ev is a sin irt tonrtri! and thre is very I'ltle wast-i! energy in his efforts. Sonn- nberp. the b! pet nit 1 . (a'lAiwvm in 1 ;." p-4 votes than any of t' star e nr i sn be i r'uce.1 at a center fiaiik-i's lost Blon; with Pu-td, one of the I'i.ii.i-dvlj hl.i Teiiewfc , Wets' ?,et bet Vm id , bs''se fisreely Mi l f.;i ,". s tlie bill t ti M Itneiitiny el'se As for Srn- Vi l.l.el . , t'ie te;(p vnii' 'll't he fMUI- I'te'e vtliont hoti He w,n the m.iii!-ftir "f Ibe P'tro-t i 'nb ace! m.-.s fre-oiier.t', stvf. .! be'rn I 1be line t,. i-i,: the Y 'vV,ie', Ther wVfe fi w K t . tor b,.t smiths in tae National !apne t'ldti ib-s Pe'reMer. Smith at Cinler i'b?:e ..s btl'ie to ee.'-e at een. r ii.-weeti (Smith of Kans.s dtv. IteiH !' 1 M.-v. 0 s'::ti e' IVHiiiir. E Kst-ili of n and T.-;if(oi of the Hears. ; ibe t.tcs .:.-ed won-V,'! m tbr e!.'ep 'n f the Mil -iif on the te.nn -i" I'l r-ib! ti - e s-im,. H, ff ' e- w, k'-.,:.!- o-;1s . e.e.s vu '.vje :4 iVbitm I) OX HONOR "11' n : 1 ,, ji- tj"f, "I.OV I.KWIXI.KN JACK DEMPSEY PUTS ON GYM SUIT AGAIN U)S ANGELES W) .Tack Demp-sey has started training for a comeback. He donned his gym suit Thursday for the first time since he dropped his world's heavyweight boxing title to Gene Tunney at Philadelphia. After a brisk workout he said he expected to be in shape to meet the New York Marine in a teturn bout in New York either next Decoration day or the Fourth of July. EXPECT LARGE CROWD TO SEE CHICAGO BEAR GAME VIA GRIDGRAPH Weather Conditions Won't Bother Those Sitting In at C. C. C, Sunday. Perhaps if the weather continues as cold It has been for the past several days, there probably will be but few Packer fans journey to Chicago on Sunday to see the Big Bay Blues in action against the Chicago Bears, but there are sure to be a flock of them watching the game In real solid comfort as it is pictured on the pridgraph at the Columbus Club auditorium. Next to seeing the game Itself this is about the next beat thing. In (act seeing the game reproduced on the Gridgraph has a lot of advantages which seeing the actual game ha.s not. When the chilly breezes come blowing In from Lake Michigan the fans in the stands will no doubt wish that they were seated before a nice comfortable fire some other place than Soldiers Field, Then there will be a whole lot of the spec tators seeing the game at rather long runge and they cannot follow the plays and players as well as can the people who are watching the game on the loard. And it is surprising how much enthusiasm radiates about the Columbus Club auditorium when the game is being reproduced. Every play is thoroughly discussed by the audience, and a lot of football knowledge is si.i'b-d by the so called experts. The doors to the Columbus Club auditorium will be open at 12:30 and 'be f:i st details of the game will come ovr the wlie at about 1:30. The same men will handle the board as did on the occasion of the last Bear-Paeker game. Admission will be the same as and as a large crowd Is expected the management advises patrons to arrive early and avoid the rush SPORT TABS (By United l'ress) MILWAUKEE Billy Petrol!, and li'.sssio I.eroe, who appear in the rttndiip bout of a boxing card here Monday night, have arrived here and have started training. OCONOXIOWOC-The ski and toboggan tilde of the (Vonomomoc Ski 1 ub is Hearing completion and will probably be ready for use Saturday and Sunday. WAUKESHA-Displaying a flat? offense the Carroll college basketball t-am swamped the Oshkosh Normal ijuintit 4 to 21 here last night. At the half Carroll had a bad of 15 1o 9. MILWAUKEE Johnny Meyers n'.d Johnny Kilonis will meet here tonight In it middleweight wrestling I uiiip'onsl.ip match. MKKKILL-Skating rinks and slide v ere being prepared here for the liirgs ii'iiii'mr of persons interested in winter sport. Indications are now that sev-i,,l wiiiier sports carnival will be staged m northern Wisconsin cities v.nii;i'. the pear future. NEW YOKK-UR' The A A. U rss liited Its bans tnjnst competition of foreign athletes in American event in the caste of Edwin W. AVide, Swedish dii'anre runner who recently defeated Baavo Nuimi. Wile jirobabl" J! e. ni :,. m the two-mile even' ut the k ,,f c. indoor games. Jan. KYANSTON. Ul.-Kulph 'Moon" j I5iir, b.i'.fback, and Koberi Johnson j EAST SIDERS CLASH WITH GILLETT FIVE j IN BASKET CONTEST! Caging Fracas Booked for Hill-! top School; Preliminary Fray I Also Scheduled. ! A bumper crowd is expected to pack ; i' East hiph school pymnasium to-! niLbt to willies the Kast-Gillet cap-Inp atpument which promises to he: cue of the best pames on the Hill-! topper schedule lliis season. Hoth' teams are irported ripht on edpe fun Hie fray and a hotly contested en-! eomiter ean be looked for ' The Hilltoppers were "brushed up"; ronsidi rable diinnp the practice sessions tins week, and if they are any-: whore near "on", they will plve the. Invaders all they are looking for.! possibly a little hit more. j New mis. Kan's center, who has a sprair.iil finser as a remembrance of; last week 'a tussle, will be In the pamej despite the Injury. Outside of this, j the iie-men are all n pood shape! and evei yune of them Is raring to po. j Hoe ever, the Crimson capers are pot the only ones licit are all set and anxiously awaitinp the opening whistle. Humors have it that flillet Went throuph a good week of practice and are confident of victory. Although, the starting lhielup is not yet known, it is thought that Newtols. Maes. Peter. Schmit and Ijt Erom-hois will start for the llilltoppers. Chrisiman. Becker and Schatier are others who may get a cull A i reliminary tussle has been arranged. The opening tussle will pet under way at 7:15. while the headlin-r will start at 8 o'clock. Following the game, the (liri's Pep club of Eist high w'.ll sponsor a dancing parly for the l'.,:'t; football squad. NORTHWESTERN HAS 2 CAGE JOUSTS ON WEEK END PROGRAM Wildcats Tackle Drake On Saturday and Michigan State Five, Monday. KYANSTON', 111. A busy week-end faees the Northwestern basketball team which on Saturday night takes on the fast travelling quintet from Drake I'niversity and then on the following Monday night meets up with the formidable aggregation from Michigan Slate Aggies of lapsing, Mich. Both games will be played at Patten gym here. Defeat at the hands of the powerful V abash five last Saturday night in the opening game of the season served to give Maury Kent a line on he material which he will have to work with during the coming season. The offensive strength of the Purple aided the team to roll up a total of rtl points but the guards showed need of a bit more experience Coach Kent is faced with the task of developing a new pair of guards this season out of a number of sophomore candidates. Herold Gleichman, sophomore center and forward, who worked In his first varsity game against Wabash, showed much promise and should prove a valuable man to have around this season. The leg blond boy who hails from Rockford, III., sank five baskets and four free throws during the evening. He started at center and later performed at a forward post. Fisher taking over the pivot duties. Fisher was slowed up somewhat by an injured knee but should be going in his old time style again by the time the conference season opens on .Tanuaiy 8. against Illinois. Little Bobbie Rusch played a bang up game at forward while Sat hse. Owen. Ileidemnn and Foster all performed creditably well al the guan positions during the evening. , Drake will bring a formidable basketball five to Evanston for Saturday's encounter. The Bulldogs from Des Moines scored convincing victories over Illinois and Chieego last sea. son. end are out to inerease their conference wins hy upsetting Northwest-em. tackle, both mentioned in many all-star football team selections, have tieen awarded gold watches by Evanston business nifti for theirt'ontribu-tioni towards the ifi; Northwestern University football team's successful season. WE HAVE FOUND From Experience That Women Will Take Bet-ter Care of a Furnace Than Men They use more care in burning the coal and when Consolidation Elkhorn is available, as it is here, the women prefer to stoke the furnace. It's no trouble because there is practically no ash to handle, and no objectionable smoke and soot. F. HURLBUT CO. PHONE 192(i POSTGRADUATE (JHII) STARS First Team Mullcr, Iis Angeles Ilealey. Chicago Bears P.udd, Philadelphia Smith, Kansas City Konnenherg, Detroit Ellin. Chicago Cards Berry, Pottsville Imlay, Los Angeles Driscoll, Chicago Hears Ijeweilen, (ireen Bay Nevers, Duluth Position End Tacklo (iiiard Center (iuard Tackle End Quarterback Halfback Halfback Fullback (Editor's Note- Sport editors and pro football managers from seventeen of the cities In the National Football, league, co-operated in making these selections.) Valley Sport Gossip Northeastern Wisconsin was well' represented in the football awards at Ripon. rtter, Magaurn and Cole of Fondy received the varsity 'R' along with S'ryiewski of Oshkosh, Martin of .Shawano, Wheeler of Wausui and Murray of Oconto Falls. Bahrs, the 1S2 footlmll star, was eleeted next year's team leader. East Oreen Bay plays Its second game of the basketball season tonight with Gillett as the opposing team. Iji.sI year, the Woodsmen gave a good account of themselves In the Marinette tournament and, u.s they have a veteran team on the floor again, the llilltoppers may have to hustle for victory. It won't be long now before George Little, athletic director at Wisconsin, n news his own Wisconsin campaign and it is very likely that he will start his drive in the Yalby aectur. The P.adger chief has picked up many good prospects in this section and no doubt he will play for some more. Conch Ole .lorgenscn's Neenah high quintet lifts the lid tonight with a game against the Alumni basket-ballers. The grads are going to have an all star outnt on the floor. Me-nnsha will play its second out of town game of the season tonight as the. Pails are billed to perform in West l'ere. Sheboygan high 0eus its cage season with a bang tonight as Iver-son's basketbaJlers are booked for a pair of games. The Chairs are billed to meet the scholastic squads from Plymouth and Valders. Through this arrangement, it will lie possible for Sheboygan to use nearly all of its candidates. Aside from Manitowoc and Fond du I-nc, all the other teams in the Wisconsin State caging circuit have broken into the win column. The class of play in this wheel Is pretty keen as Two Rivers and several of the other leading quintets don't have to bow to any aggregation in the state. Harry Quast, who was a member of the Sheboygan high five In 192.3, has made th grade at Annapolis and survived the latest cut of basketball candidates. The former Chairmnker has been given the first string equipment Bnd this practically assures him of bi time caging during the present season. Willi the mercury hovering below zero, the Green Bay Backers have been forced to practice inside all week in preparation for the game against the Chicago Bears. Sunday, In the Windy City, The Badger state champions are in good physical shape again as all the regulars are fit for action. After falling by the wayside in the financial end of baseball and football, Racine seems to have taken to basketball in a way that means money at the gate. The Legion is sponsoring the quintet and the war veterans have rounded up some gilt-edged capers in hopes of producing victories. 'Rube' Olschow will load Appleton high on the chalk-marked Held in 1527. Tho College City eadr was rated as one of the linemen in the Valley conference. Appleton seems to run to tackles as football helmsman as Steenis in IK and Pfefferle In '26 both played between guard and end. The Shipbuilders of the Manitowoc! city IxiMling league got a lot of wood; in their recent appearance on the alleys when they mauled the maples I for a count of 3125. Every member j of the five collected 611O or better In1 battering the pins. They opened with j ADAMS 23 iSevmul Team Dllweg, Milwaukee Owens. New York Berquis-t. Kansas City Stein, TottsTille Buckler, Chicago Bears Thurman. los Angeles Blssell, Akron Bloodgood, Kansas City Haines, New York Oden, Providence Stockton, Philadelphia BLAINE APPOINTS MANHARDT TO JOB ON BOXING BOARD Newcomer Succeeds Schinner Who Is Slated for Commis-. sion Secretary. MILWAUKEE WVApolnt men t of Victor H. Manhardt. of Milwaukee today as a member of the Wisconsin Athletic onmmission, which rules the boxing game in the state Is another (dep in the reorganisation of that body. Appointment of Manhardt. former secretary of the commission, as announced today by Gov. Blaine, who several days ago named William Hart of Eau Claire to succeed himself. Manhardt succeeds Arthur J. Schinner, tports editor of the Wisconsin News. Milwaukee, who is slated to become secretary of the commission as the successor to Walter Eiglnger. Schinner has been chairman of tho commission. It was reported today that Hart seeks the chairmanship of the board on which he has served since it was organized 13 years ago. 963; then got 1055 and finished with 1107. Oshkosh high has hopes of petting out of the rut in basketball. Coach Schneider thinks this year's five won't be the cellar champions as in Pugh. Siewcrt and Gadych he has a trio of star performers. The new material is not half bad with several of the candidates looking rather promising. Quarterback Wilda is the captain-elect of Manitowoc High's football machine. His election was announced by Coach Johns at the banquet given the footballers by the Kotary club. Ludwig Hanson, center on the Shipbuilders' eleven game the new helmsman a close race for the D.I27 leadership. Marinette plays its first basketball game of the season tonight against Lourdes high. Tom Johnson isn't blessed with an over abundance of caging material as Kresky is the only veteran back in togs. However, tho I Northerners' youngsters are learning j fast and they may make trouble. Billy Fenske, secretary of the Wis-j cousin Bowling association. has ! sounded the ca'l for the silver jubilee tournament which will be held at Racine and pin busters from all corners of the state are, flooding tho bowling mogul with applications to 'do their stuff on the choice week end dates. After throwing four opponents for a loss, the Lena Legion stubbed their j toes at Menominee when the Lloyd Idioms nosed out a 7 to 22 victory in j a thrilling game. I'tech, former j Menominee high school star, featured ; for the winners as he sunk seven bas-i kets from the field and added three ; free throws. With the Best of Gifts WHAT FIXER GIFT than Planer? s "Northlight" or "Winner" Skates? They will give real delight on Christmas morning and enduring pleasure through many winters to come. Tell Mother or Dad you want Planert's because they are "The World's Best" Tubular Skates. Every pair guaranteed. Be sure to order esrly while Santi's stock is complete. At your dealer's, or direct. F. W. PLANERT 6? SON'S, Inc. Mrt. 0 fdlu; Slam fn Owr 939-41 N.RobeySt.,Chicigo,U.S.A. jCHaSSfife. RACER ' 'WINNER- For Men. Womt. Bov. ..A Gi.U 'Prict LOOK FOP. YHESE TRADE MARKS ON THE SKATES YOU BUY I GORDON BENT CO. The Sporting lll-li; Main SI, GREEN BAY WOMEN BOWLERS PLANNING FOR STATE TOURNEY State Classic" Will Be Held; Association Officers Expect Record Entry. Green Bus's reputation as a breaker of tournament records will be up. held by the Wisconsin Women's Bowling Association Tournament to be held here in February, if present indications mean anything. Titer years ago when the state tournament wns held in Oreen Bay, all previous records were broken by an entry of 340 teams. Uist year the city was the host of the Knights of Columbus Howlers and an entry of 3S teams not r.nly broke records of the Knights of Columbus Bowling Association, but was the largest tournaemnt ever held by any fraternal organization In Wisconsin. This winter the city will see its first invasion by the lady bowlers, and the. local lady followers of the popular Indoor sport hope to add to the laurels w-on by the men. The tournament officers, Mrs. Edna Kelly Smith, president, Miss Ella Shallow, secretary and treasurer: Miss Cell Easter. Miss Louise Herrirk and Mrs. Thos E. Kerrigan, directors, arei working this week to complete tho organization of the tournament work. Mis.t Helen Glynn Is chairman of the entry committee, the complete personnel of which will be announced the first of next week and other noc- sary committees will be appointed shortly. Although hut little solicitation for entries has been mads, one or more teams have already been assured by each of the following: Newmans, Hall's Dry Goods com pany, Stietels, F. Kaster company, Joannes Bros., Beaumont Hotel, Mor ley Murphy company, Herrirk Cloth ing company, Alpha sweets, Busch Tombal company,, Hurlbut Coal com pany, Powder Buff, Kellogg-Citi7.ens National Bank. People's Savings and Trust company, J. It. Ebeling Milling company, Lefehvre Furniture company, and I L. Kellners. The hearty cooperation given the ladles thus far causes them to believe that the record entry of seventy teams made by Appleton, the host city, last year, will be surpassed by Green Bay. Any one desiring to enter the tournament is requested to notify Miss Helen Glynn EXPECT 5,000 CROWD TO SEE MARQUETTE'S CLASH WITH BADGERS Basketball Fracas Will Be Played Next Wednesday Night In Milwaukee. . MIT.WACKEK, Wis.A crowd ot close to 5,000 people l expected to be on hand next Wednesday night, Dec. 22. when Marquette university and the University of Wisconsin will renew basketball hostilities on the' Milwaukee Auditorium floor. Marquette cagers have been working i.trenuously for three weeks ' In preparation for the Wisconsin clash, wlille out at Madison Doc Meanwell and his Badgers have been hard at it since the opening of the fall semester and they will be all set not only to down the local quintet but to pound right through the Big Ten circuit Wisconsin ha.s an experienced aggregation of veterans, and Marquette's chances against the Invaders I are slim, ( ouch trunk .Murray or the j locals Is seeking a big. sturdy back-I court guard, who can stand the gaff ' against a team like Wisconsin. The I Herte boys, Capt. Eddie and Erf, are I improving as forwards and much depends on them, with Floyd Ruzner, (Continued on l'age 23 Column 41 Join Planert's Booster Club JrtefMembenhip $500 IN CASH PRIZES Write today to Con-trt Editor, Dept. 101 M9 X. Robey St., Chicaco. Illinois, for contest plan, and grt t'rtt Booklrt on Hockey Rules r HOCKEY . RINK tNOHTHLIGHT 17.30 and up (mid Store (ireen Buy, Wis, Sunset Club Coffees Take Three Games Wheel; Are IS (lOi'HKli NOW . H, - UVS'" . j. rc o r 4 yvs MM LOVEIUN MILWAUKEE-4PV-W. R. Love-kin, professional of the Woodmont Country club announced today that he will sever connections for a more lucrativs Job next year, at Golden Valley country club, Minneapolis. Lovekin, former Wisconsin Open Golf champion organlaed tins Wisconsin Professional Golfers' association ten years ago and was president during Us Infancy. Ha served as professional tt Sjveral Illinois clubs, was at the Green Bay, Wis., club for fiv years, and returned to Milwaukee In 1915. RING GOSSIP WALLACE, Idaho iP Jimmy Sacco. Boston welterweight and (ieorge MoCormaek, Spokane, fought a draw, (10). MIAMI. Fla. CP) Tony Boss, Pittsburgh, won on a foul from Kewple Trimble. Chicago, (4). CHICAGO (PV-Mike Dundee, the Rock Island, 111., featherweight, meets Kuby Stein of New York In a ten round bout to a referee's decision tonight. The weight is 110 pounds. I? : 1 7 t rz 1 g eV' ft Hi ft ft Kf J iVt 1 it f A SHIRTS New Patterns and Colors For Christmas You'll find a satisfying choice in our Christmas display of men's shirts. They are made of the finest fabrics in a variety of styles and colors. They're sure to please. to lit ft ft ft jft Ml Mufflers Hosiery Handkerchiefs Pajamas 302 N. Washington St. In Major Pin ' Tied for Lead Beaumonts Win Two From Schauer and Schumacher; C. C. C. Whitewashed; Han-non Hits 'em Hard for 680. MAJOR HOWLING LKACIE Beaumont Hotel 26 10 Sunset Club Coffee. .... 26 10 Herrick Clothing Co. .. 2 12 Schauer & Schumacher 23 13 Bellevue Ico Cream .... 19 17 Deuster's Cleaners 19 17 Mac's Bakery 15 21 Junta Signs 12 24 Columbus Community Club 8 :s Big Duke Cigar. 8 28 667 m 528 . 52J ,417 .3.3:1, .222 The Sunset Club Coffees went into n tie for first place In the Major bowling league race with the Beau-niont Hotels when tiny made a clean sweep over the Bellevue Ice Creams while the Spachmann-Vaji Beek com-', hinntlon were dropping one paine ta Schauer A- Schumacher. The Herricks kept in the chase for the leadership by dipping the Big Duke Cigars in whitewash. Jones Signs took a pair from the Columbus club while Mac's Bakery losing the , odd game to Deuster's Cleaner.. The Beaumonts topped the team . shooting with 2?U count. Tho Sunset Coffees hit 2S06 and .Schauer Schumacher 2799. The Sunsets had on. game of 1012. Schauer ft Schumacher chalked up a 986 count and the, Beau-, moiit.s nipped out S71. Hannnn wa.s the Individual soora getting 680. Spachmann shot 637 and , Baikelar 621. Hannnn bumped off one gams of 244. Spachmann produced 236 with Larry Van Beek cracking 225. The seorc follow: Ilellevue Ice Creiim Won 0 Ixist S Rolnln 181 168 154 60S Vandeveld 125 201 17 604 Weisner 138 178 149 465 Neidl 144 148 203 495 Van Oss 152 178 218 681 - Totals .... 780 87J 8971550 Sunset Club Coffe Worn S Ijost 0 Becker 178 189 '15 617 Hannon 202 244 284 680 liirsen 166 174 171 610 S. Lardlnol 177 184 170 6S1 Maynard 189 221 168668 Totals .... 903 1012 9012806 Herrick Clothing CV Won S Ixst 0 A. Slupinski ... 207 187 178 667 Morgan 166 in 196 6Jr, J. Slupinski .... 174 166 18t 62t W. Urdlnoi. .. 173 169 198635 L Van Beek ... J9 225 168 58? Total. .... 919 941 9WV-2760 I -out S Big Duke Cigars Won 0 Boungignon 122 148 178 116 168 182 176 186 176 165 167 42; 181 435 148 498 190 652 194 635 Rot he Bunker Schmidt ..... Him Totals .... 820 796 8212437 .Mac's Iftikrry, Won 1 Iot ! F. Van Veghel , 144 170 188 497 Schtimerth .... 198 190 178 666: (Continued on Pags 28 Column j) ' $ 10 Neckwear Robes Cloves I k

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