The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on May 30, 1939 · Page 1
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 1

Blytheville, Arkansas
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Tuesday, May 30, 1939
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BLYTHEVILLE COURIER NEWS TUB DOMINANT NEWSPAPER OP NORTHEAST AHViMo*o .*,„ ,,„ „.- ' * ^-^ VOLUME XXXVr—NO. GO. lUylhevllle Courier BlythtvlJlB Hemid Mississippi Viilley P NOIVniKAB'i; A^ANSAS AND SOUTHEAST MISSOUni __»LVTnRVH,[4 /UtKANSAS, mCSDA^MATa SINGLE COPIPS FIVE CENTS SHAW WINS 50(M«IU RACE: ONE IS KILLfD mt m _ _ . "" • - • f • . ' Hope Abandoned For Safety Of Aviator In "Baby Clipper" had been ninny report from various places in" En-Ian and Ireland, of Smith IinUng beci •sighted, but each of dies- re "°_ rt * wre l»oved unfounded" an, officials feared he had been los " the Atlantic, perhaps a fe\ tours after iii s take-off. Wealli- conditions at tiie start were no favorable nnd there wa.s a snow storm over the Atlamio. olf New foundland. The flood lights were kept burn ing at Croydon Airport nntij 11-3C P. m. last night and when official ordered them turned oil it was like an epitaph for the plucky young American who had set ouc over the OCPDH In n tiny. 65 horsa- JJGWO- pia n > At 3:30 a.m. (10:30 p.m. EDT) famitlis plane was. certain to be uovvn. mat hour marked the maximum flying time of his gasolim. supply under the most favorable wnditions It wai tchcved un- hsely that he could be clown anv- wliere !n MIR British Isles because of the ub.wnce of n.ports TJirre wfcs a faint pcssibility that he had itnded on seme iiwiceyible island ('.IT hcotlan:! or had put down al MM beside n-tjr.all heal uncquip- pcc with ividio. Those iwssibllKJes, Jailing, officials feared that hchaU (Iroivned. Smith's night, caught the fancy of Britons and there was general regret at his apparent end A crowd had waited at Croydon 1111- I" dusk hoping he would come in In on editorial, Uic Dally Express said: "Millions of men hi Europe "arc engaged in .preparations for kill- Ing Cach" other:;'"Dictators srlorlfy the perils their soldiers will face m -war. so we welcome on tho front page the kind of a man who is unafraid to live dangerously but who Brisks nobody's life but his Obtained Divorce in Arkansas LITTLE ROCK, May 30.—Thomas II. Smith, the daredevil pilot of the "Baby Clipper" now missing on a trans-Atlantic night, obtained « divorce here in 1933. Smith had been married only a year when he obtained the divorce. He returned to his home. Clarksburg, w. Va... and operated a (lying school and later went to California. E. A. Y. M. C.'s Stand On TVA Explained JONESBORO. May 30— President John McLeod of Cotton'it nnd Secretary Julian j. unes of Jonesboro issued a joint statement yesterday lo clarify Ihc slaml of tne Easlcrn Arkaivsas Young Men's Clubs in regard to the sponsorship of a movement lo obtain TVA power for Easlcrn Arkansas towns. The stalement follows: "The Eastern Arkansas Power Development Association, organiz- Atlantic Ocean May Be His Grave sol- Nation's Observance Centers Around Arlington Cemetery Program WASHINGTON, May 30 (UP) -Senator Robert A. Taft (Ru> Oliio) today lokl a Memorial Bay gathering at Arlington National Cemetery that the nation must guard against infiltration of doctrines hostile to the American deals for which American liers have given their lives. lie spoke at Ihc resting spot of >8,GOo soldiers, sailors and marines tasc by the memorial lo the un- :nown soldier. . 'Let us not become Inclined (o nke our heritage for granted" aid Taft, "let it be gradually en- roacheci upon until we awaken uddeniy to the peril of losing it ml must fight again- to regain .'hat we might otherwise lose." "May Memorial Day remind ;is f the sacrifices which have been undo in the past. May It Impress s with the possibility of danger in he future and may It urge us on o right aggressively for the re- ention of American ideals and lie American way of life." Police Radio Transmitter Now In Daily Operation »' i Hlylhevllle's new short wave police radio station, KPBA, Is now In operation and'one car has already been recovered through Its facilities. Several county uiul city oiUcors' curs have been equlpjxxl with short wave receiving sel.s and ihe '.re-' mnlnder will lie equipped wlliiin n short time, officers said. The transmitter is being oper- ,«,i 1 ? " ls e point which can be used by unit Rock nnu Poplar vji ll)f J tr,i,YL->i.un...- ' ' ismltllng messages mid' also A radio -officials ated by remote control by the desk will sergeants of the Hlylhcvtlle city accoKUng^to""''! police force who have already re- ..Rico At n,ni ayed a number of messages be- tiveen other cities In addition : lo islng the transmitting facilities for vork In this Immediate section.' Hope of having the Arkansas late police commission Install a 500-wnlt transmitter at the station, nstcad of the 50-watt transmitter low in use, has Increased with the wo-way use of the .station and Arkansas' police commission station "t Liltle Hock. The larger trnns- 111 . t ;* 1IS « >>>' I'nrogould ami Jones- 110)0, wlilcl, hnve 110 station of (his km. by calling (he Dlythevlllo MJUIOH mid Having llic radio opor- "tor roiny dip messages. 'Formal dedication of the ' 1wM for , ( 0 >ol a chief a number of inn r, , s of M( -'»il>'l!-s and Little nock are expected to lake purl In ti le program to be given at the transmitter home In Mahan 1 ark, adjacent lo the court, house Recovery of a car belonging to n. L ,. Goir was the first work of l Us kind done by the station. Con- slablc Golf, who lives nl Dell, left |ls car on a street here only to nnd It gone when he returned several hours later. A description of Unre'ported on hazardous rans-Atlantic flight m a •four- cylinder airplane after lak .ing oi. rom- Old Orchard Beach, M.e lunday imith. , . morning, is Thomas - H. above, dare-devil pilot. Aviation officials called Smith's al- empt a "crazy man's stunt." and utd it was foredoomed to failure. MISTER IS Opponents Of Neutrality p roposa Threaten To Talk Bill To Death WASHINGTON, May ,30 (UP)— Senate isolationists threatened today to organize a filibuster to prevent enactment of the administration's cash and carry neutrality program at this session of congress. Some administration leaders conceded if a- filibuster attempt is started the plan for neutrality law revision proiXKM by Secretary of Slate Cordcll Hull will have to wait until 1S40. ally interested and are members. "The meeting, sponsored by the E. A. Y. M. C., was for the" purpose of organizing that group. Some of our clubs are for TVA, some against, and others Inrilf- ferenl. Controversial issues of this kind, just as political Issues ore of no concern of the E. A. Y M C The B. A. Y. M. c.' is bigger than any one idea and we must follow tills policy conceived at the original organization meeting four years ago—and we are going to follow it 1 " Report On Arkansas By Home Loan Bank UTTLE ROCK, Ark., May 30.— The Federal Home Loan Bank recorded 805 li o m c mortgages amounting to $1,664,000 Sit Arkansas last month, the bank's Board of Chairman Key Pittmnn (Dem, Ncv.) of Ihe senate foreign relations committee said that lie would press for revision of the neutrality act at this session. He predicted tlml in event the act was not revised before adjournment and a general European war should threaten President Roosevelt would call a special session to consider the administration program. Drink-Crazed Man Kills One and Wounds Three WEST PLAINS, Mo., May 30- One man was dead and three other persons, one a woman, were in a hospital yesterday snlTcrin« from bullet wounld Inflicted by a drirV- crazcd man at a farm near Thay- cr Saturday night. ^Jolm I. Sta.r. 35 years old. died ;il 6 a.m. yesterday, tnd Prose. Directors announced at Washin- o ?!'ll!? '" t1cr ' ley . ' Jc , rcy Ollllic of ton yesterday. Loans averaged *2 2G°!f,f " coli ' 1 '- 5 ' sai ? lle "™«M chare )>er capita In cities. Eighty-four houses valued at $200,000 were built or planned In Arkansas cities of 10,000 or more population In April, the board reported. The information was complied by the board, savings 'and loan executives, the - Mortgage , charges of murder in the lirsl degree ?.£.-.> ;t Sloan's brother-in- law. Newman chllders. 33. a WPA road worker, who is held in jail here. Jacob Trobaugh, 58, nnd Mrs. Clarence Grooms, S3, his daughter, were brought to a hospital here and the condition of both •R-iniro..*.' A „ , 11 » • ™ ° " * u Lujiumuu oi coin is Bankers Association, American Tl- serious, doctors say Clifford ti - -- - , tie Association and B. H. Woolen, president of the Federal Home Loan bank of Little Rock. Grooms, 30, brother-in-law of Mrs. Grooms, eign Commissar V. WASHINGTON, May 30. (UP) — 'he nation's memorial services for s war dead centered today in Ar- ngton National cemetery, where 8,000 soldiers, sailors and marines lie buried.. The capital had its Memorial Day parade in three years. Thousands- of troops representing the three services marched behind the army, navy and marine bauds dewn Constitution Avenue. Veterans' organizations and auxiliaries took part. - Brig.-aen. Albert Cox,;; district national giiard ' commander • was Brand marshal of the para'de. In Ihe reviewing stand were Admiral William Leahy, chief of naval operations; Gen. Frank T. Hines, veterans' administrator; Brig.-Gen. Maxwell Murray, of the army; Brig. Gen. E. A. Ostermnii. of the marine corps, and other dignitaries. Numerous wreaths were placed on the tomb of the unknown soldier in Arlington cemetery, beginning at 11 a.m. when Maj. H. II. Smith laid flowers on the mnrble monolith on behalf cf President Roosevelt, who is in llyile Park n^r N. Y, ' . i Oillclal 'memorial services wore j llu i t-clieiliilcd in the Arlington amphi- , h( , ro ...„..,,, . theater shortly after noon, with )C mm Announcement Tomorrow Expected To Proclaim Agreement By Russia MOSCOW, May 30. (UP)— Soviet. Russia was believed today lo have reached its decision on whether to enter into au alliance with France and Great Britain on Britain's terms and it was thought, that -for- M,' Molotov would announce the decision I.. speech-to-lhe,,SHpreihe'•'.•Ssvjbti Alt- morrow night. ' .' '' Many, thought 'the decision would be to join and Uial Molotov would anncuncc for the first time Ihc proposals made by Britain lo bring Russia Into a three-parly ti-eiity to oppose aggression. Russia herself had proposed : an out and out military alliance among France, Great. Drilaln and Russia. Britain Imd at first shied nivay from such an uncmiivocal arrangement. There wa.s no Indication of the nature of Molotov's speech but It Local Committee Named to Sponsor Fund Raising Campaign Mere A committee consisting of f Miller, chairman, Clarence Wilson Louis Applebaum, B. West nnd crnlicr, has been formed In Dlytlrevllle for . fund-rtilsliur campaign In behalf of the United Jewish Anneal fb> Refuses and Overseas Needs..Tiie campaign now conducted. Ihrbtighbul the nntlott-fs' raising funds lo aid victlms'SP Nnxl persecullon in Ocrinnny nnd'other countries. Minor Earthquakes Accompany Largest Alaskan Eruption Since 1931 JUNKAU, Alaska, May 30 (UP) —The Alaskan Peninsula, called because of Its volcanles "the llrc- cinckcr of the world," wits undergoing 11s first major eruption since 1031 loilny ivllh 8,-IM-foot Mount Vcnlnmln stioiitlng hot ashes over nearby native settlements, Minor enithquakes throughout tho peninsula accompanied tho voncanlc outbreak, 'Hie tiny settlement O f clilgnlk reported Hint nslics hnd readied n leplh of two feet and Ihnl the nlr was so nilcd that It was like twilight Ihroiigh most of the long lear-siimmer day. A 35-mlle-nn-hoiir wind was carrying heavy nsh far out lo sea and sprlnkellng bonls In the vicinity, First reports of the eruption came from the caplaln of the fghlhouso lender Cedar. He said that a trickle of smoke from Mt. venlamln gave warning last week nnd Hint by yesterday huge clouds of black smoke nnd nsh were billowing forth. The volcano was Identified by he captain's description, lie snld It Is In latitude 68.12 north and loiietltiide IU0.38 west. U IB etist and slightly north of Port Mollcr about 100 miles dcslnnt, and about,' 260 miles from the tip of Ihc humln. The last eruption from among the score of active craters stretching for COO miles down the back- boiie of the peninsula was ilmt of Mt. Onachek eight years ago U erupted for 21 day's, ralneit n r nne '"'""•"' pumice over hundreds of 1 shot flames eruption In recent times 1937 Victor Repeats; Floyd Roberts, 1938 Classic Winner, Dies ImliimniHilis, Muy :)0. (UP)—Kloyil Roberts of Van NIIVH, (.'nlif., ]<);(« winner of (he nice, tlied unlay i>f head mid inicnifil injuries received in a (hi'oc I'm- (.'illusion us lie sought (o rojiwil his victory in (he 500 mile race. !,?"' AMAPOUS, Mny yO. UL')— Floyd Roberts' of Van Calif., of Van winner of lant us year's 500-mile lml!niia|iolis sjjccdwny race, WHS orilicnlly rcd nttem|)(in B to victory today in n c- tnculiir collision with two' other machines. Also Injured, but not seriously, verc Hob Swmison of l/i s Aiiaelcs vlio was nclhur us relief driver or Rnlph Hepburn, nnd diet Mller . of Uclroh. 'l%vo spectators were Injured by vrcckage thrown as far n.s 309 cet from the scene by the force of the collision, Mnrthu Ponclltc, of Colllnsvllle, u, was struck by « flying girard all splintered by Roberts „ md Injured on the head and machine ihoiildors. Mrs. Bruce Mllllkcn' of Thorn- Tlils aid Is being extended not nf M? A ,' n5 , kixn v °lc<>'«>M was Hint -•-- •- - - - 1 -* u - u " ra not- oi Mt. Kiilmnl on Junr " •-— Sen. Robert A. Tiiff (Rep.. O.) as (he priiicl|ial speaker. Laimy Bess, Ihe radio star, sings "The Star Spangled Banner" and the "Recessional." Veteran leaders recilc Lincoln's Gettysburg address and excepts from the Declaration of Independence. Sen. Elmer Thomas (Dem., Okln.) addresses n -meeting of service men al the second division monument on Constitution avenue. The house conducted memorial sen ices for its nine members who have died within the last year. The senate wa.s in recess, having held similar services yesterday for its Iwo members who died in the past 12 months—Royal S. Ccpeland of -New York, and James Hamilton I/:wis cf Illinois. House members paid tribute included: Ciliarlfs J. Golden, Chlif.: A. Henry Casque, S. C.; Robert. L. Bacon, N. Y.; John Jcsepli Boyland, N. Y.; Stephen W. Gtunbril!,' M<1.; William Ben Cravens, Ark.; J. Diimvcod Daly, Pa.; Clarence Wyly Turner, Teiin., and Bert Lord, N. Y. ' John Carter, Melropalilan opera star, was chosen to sing two selcc- licns at loday's services. Memorial addresses were delivered by Rep. Thomas A. Jenkins (Rep,, O.) and James p. WcGrnnery (Dem., Pa.). Musical selections were played by the U. S. Marine Band, and laps sounded by Winfred Kemp of Ihe Marine Band. As Clerk cf Ihe House South Trimble called the roll of deceased members, Chairman Mary T. Nor- that, if [(•h Britain had not or the chance of one y eliminated ipcech. The new proposals were submit- ted to the Soviet, Saturday )>y the British ambassador and th r charge d'nffnlrs. Back Income Taxpayers Active At Kansas City JEFFERSON CITY. Ivfay 30.— Stale Auditor Forrest Smith said today since the lax evasion Indictments of T. J. Pcndcrgnst anrt R, E. O'Mnlley more llian 50 Klinsas Ciliaiis have appeared at his office to pay. up back income levies. Mcst cf the cases Involved'small .salaried persons, he said, and the majority of Ihem didn't know they owed a lax mitil they began check- (axes back to 1317. It cost about $2500, tries where iicrsi It and wns estimated Hie 700.000 . Germany nt one-half are Chi 100,000 persons in Cv.zecho-Slovnkta who must leave within n few months, more than four-fifths are nol Jews. The camnaien which is In nivthevllle Is tvnlcnl or lhr> drive which has been conduced Mv.oucii- oiil. the nation, coordinating the activities nf three 'ireiH relief n«cn- clr.s which have been en«n«ed in ralsine funds not cnlv for relief and reconstruct ton amjiuj Jmvisli communities of Gcnnnnv. Austria, Poland. Riimmiln. Ciweho-SIovnlda nml other lands. )>ut .]„ Hie matter of rescuing refugees and settlliur (hem In iiRrnmnenl homes, in Europe, Palestine, nnd overseas lands. All of (lie funds raised locally, ns well as In other oarls of the country where Ihc drive is well under wav. will Ire translated into food, doming shelter, mcdicnl aid. nnd countless other necessities to keep alive these innocent victims; nrmollnp Immigration nnd setlle- -, --„.... " 1C »I. I" Palestine, and fidlltatnir ing up of the Pmrtcrgast, lllc Intarrntlon and rcadlusdnent and O'Mallcy publicity. Icf "ic refitment In this country. One Kansas Citian settled up I A>l over (he country tiwre has .... >.-_.. .. .-._ _. m been slirriiiB evidence of Christian jsvmnnlhv and support, and the fact i that many elements in vnricus " Christian communities' hnve come forward to offer ecnc'rnus alrl. has snrved to inspire those In charge of the drive lo erealer efforts. In this commimltv Ihere are probably many who will be anxious to lend their aid t3 this u-ortlnvliile effort, nnd those who desire to siinnorl lite drive niav do so bv sending their contributions lo Mover Grahi-r. and Mevers Brothers Cotton -nice. If Individuals interested In the eam- 0, 1812, Htilinnls In were killed, ic at that lime (hat and Lions Make Plans For Sponsoring Activities An Informal discussion of several projects planned for the future occupied 33 members of the Lisas Club at the weekly meeting at Hotel Noble today. Members of the organization voted to sponsor two special Softball games at Haley Field tlic'nleht of June 9 between the local Arkansas-Missouri Power corpcration team of the city Softball League and a team from Deering. Mo., anrt another game between two teams yet to be selected. It was also decided to give a ton (Dem.. N. J.) of the house Bin B° Party at the Blythcvilic labor committee, withdrew a rose' Country club Monday, June 12 for from a vase—symbolical of, the de-1" benefit fund. " " I Three guests were present. Tiiey | were Jerry Harwell and O. B. Kan- I ner bJth of here, and E. P. Govan ' of Memphis. parture cf deceased members. Negro House Destroyed Fire of an miRnown origin dc- n i /-. . D sU-oyed the house occupied by Jim I USCCOla tOUrt KeCCSSeS Until Monday, June 5 Macklin, negro, In the Robinson addition last night. The names broke out about 12:30 o'clock WEATHER Arkansas—Fair tonight and Wednesday. Memphis and vlcinllv—Pair to- ,nnn*, ( , "«" ct i "W ™<J Wednesday not much wounds In the jaw and neck. change in temperature. Circuit Judge Neil Killough of Wynne has recessed the circuit civil cour IU3 1UL t term, which opened at Osceola yesterday, until next Monday. Most of yestrday's session was consumed In ruling on various motions and selling the trial docket for next week. Seismologists said (hut cnrlh- quakes of grwil Intensity reported from the north pacific regions several weeks ago probably were a prelude to tuc volcanic activity of Veiilnmln. Attorneys Set Tentative Trial Docket For Court Members of the Blythevllle Bur Association met at the courthouse here this morning lo arrange the tentative Irlnl docket for Hie term of circuit civil court which opens here Monday, June 12. ., Circuit Judge Nell KMough of Wynne will preside over the term. Sun lamps are used in zoos lo keep the horned llwmls happy In whiter. ontoivn, Hid., suffered a broken "g. - . Kobcrls wus unconscious when he reached the Methodist hospital and was rushed Into an operating room for an cxuminatlon. Swanson also was lakcn lo Ihc liospllnl but Sillier . was . treated at Ihe spced'.hw emergency Blallon, Later at Ihc hospital II was'said that Roberts' Injuries- probably would prove fnlal./-. . J -.j : ••* HoboHs'" cbllTdwl' .;wllli-swatison whoso iniichliie caught' (ire us It bomiCL'd end over cud along the Irnck. Roberts' machine carccu^il off (ho track and crnslicd. through (lie fence. Milter, who was close at hand, lion bunged Into Hie llaiiiiuj! wreckage of the Hepburn car which awanson was driving. The accident occurred on tho llOtli lap iind nil of Ihc drivers in the race were slowed down to 7ft rules nn hour and ordered In hold their position wlilln the wreckage vns cleared from the tracks. Japs Protest Misuse Of Foreign Flags SHANGHAI. May .10 (UP)—Japan Is prote-sling to Great Britain I'l-nnce, Ihe United Slates and The Nelherlandfi against alleged misuse by Chinese of foreign rings In shipping supplies in china waters n naval spokesman said today. The protests to France and ilrl- Uiln already hnvc been iiuidc uii'l the other protests, citing detailed instances, will be sent soon. Japanese olilclnls assured France Ihat repetition of such Instances as resulted In search by n Japanese warship of the French steamer Annuls was unlikely. Second Annual Water Carnival Will Bo Hold Here On June 14 June H has been selected as the be mnde up of "men only 1 ale for the secon 1 "->••- • - • • y ' dale for the second nmimi! water carnival which Chapter N of the P. E. O. Sisterhood will sponsor in conjunction with the Mississippi County Fair Association which operates the swimming pool at Wnlkcr Park. Eager to surpass the Interesting event of last year, which was enthusiastically received by the hun- (lr<:ds who attended the carnival, contacted by ihej mcml)ers of Ihe group have already are ureed to send started work on the program. Exhibition -diving, a bathing beauty revue of "men only", clown acts, a special water dance number, a baby bathing beauty contest, an adult beauty contest nnd a dniicc are already scheduled for Hie night's entertainment with J. Mcll Brooks and J. T. Sudbury to serve ns masters of ceremonies. All of this will be presented amid a gay scene of color and informality, according to Mrs. Harry W. Haines, Mrs. Farmer England nud Mrs. W. L. Horner, who are directing the carnival. For the diving events, professional divers from Memphis and other cities will perform, along with local swimmers who care to Join in the non-competitive event to be conducted by H. T. Sclniee. Entrants may call him at (he pool for enrollment. The Bachelors' club has refused to divulge details of lls part In the show other than to announce that the bathing beauty show will palgn are not committee, thev their contribution to either of the above nddrrscs. Mr. Miller said. Boy, Hurt In Auto Accident. Succumbs JONESBORO. Ark., May 29.— Clifford Grcgson. 10. son of Mr. and Mrs. Prank Gregson. died in a hospital hero lo'lny from Injuries suffered in .in automobile wreck last nlghl. He suffcre.l a fracture of the skull. Mr. Gfi'gson, Miffelng from n slight :cncu5s!on of the brain, will recover. Mrs. GU^MI and their five other children in the wreck escaped serious injury. Lloyd Hanklns, 19, driver of the car which collided with the Gregson truck, is held on a charge of manslaughter, Hanklns said he saw tiie truck approaching on a side street but misjudged its speed. Tills Is expected to vie with the clowns for comedy In the show, which will be In charge of Hugh Harbcrt Jr. Miss Pauline TJim and L T Moore arc to give a .water "dance number on the concrete b.isc which surrounds the large pool. Girls from two through six years arc eligible for the baby beauty conlesl with Mrs. J. W. Adams Jr. to be in charge of registrations. Anyone caring to enter a child may call her at 581. The carnival will be climaxed with (he bathing beauty contest for young ladies, of which Mrs L. E. Old. at'Phone 77, has charge of registrations. Details have not been completed but it Is probable thai an or- cheslra will be used for this event. Several oilier features will also be added to the entertainment program, but these will not be announced until later, members of Ihe committee said. Aside from the amusement derived from tiie .water carnival, the money received Is used for worthwhile causes, it has been pointed out. A portion goes to the fair association which, operates the pool, park and annual county fair, and a portion to the p. E. p. chapter which has for. Its' purpose the educating of outstanding girls who need financial assistance In order to obtain an education, INDIANAPOLIS, Intl.; May 30. (UP)-Wilton- Shaw of Indiatmnolis, winner of tho ) 087 Indianapolis motor y fiOO-milo race, repealed iiis victory' today in tiio 27th i tinning of the Memorial Day classic. Slmw pushed lib, mile Italiau- miulc Mascrll to the limit to come Horn behind aftci n heart-breaking pit slop wlthhi 22 "miles of the llnlsh niul nose out n histoi y-mnk- ii>B challenge by 1,011 Meyer, only Ihice limes winner of the race und Jimmy Snydcr, speed demon nnd cs-Chlcago milkman Snjder finished second. Cliff Bcrgou-, Hollywood sttmt man dilvlng In his 12th Indlaiiapolisv I nice, pasted Mejer In the closing laps to tnkc .thlid. 33 Start Unco INDIANAPOLIS, Mny 30 (UP) — Thirty tlnce sleek racing cms roar-,! cd away at 10.03 nin. today foi the aith Indianapolis Speedway J500-m!lo classic with $5Q,000 In pil?e money nl slnkc. After one warm-up lap behind the puce making cnr, ni upwards of 150,000 spectators joined the thunderous lackiit of the engines, the 33dilveis jammed thcli throttles to tliu (losr In what Is expected to be tlic fastest laco In the speedway's history. Every car gol awuy to n poifccl sti>i t when the veteran Scth Klein diojipcd tho gicDii ling at. the pio- llmlnnry HID. Cicne Tiiiiney, formei woild'i heavyweight champion, vns the lionoraiy starter but Klein ac- liially waved'the cars on tlieiv -*ay. WWmr Shaw of Indlaimpjlis, the 1037 champion, pulled away by I hichch from hh first, row position I rind the lest qf "thVfleld immfill- aloly tnok up (lip chase.. , But at (ho cud of the flii>l lap Jimmy Snydcr, former Chicago milk num. and LOU Meyer, only throe lime champion In history wcie practically In n doad heat for the lend, High Court To Get "Use Tax" Case Soon LITTLE ROCK, Ark., May 30 — A Supicmc Court decision-on constitutionality of the "use bx" provision of t)n .stole relnll sales tax law probably will be handed down Juno 21), it ivns indicated yesterday warn Uic court advanced lei submission June ',S an appeal of John Mnnn, Mflilanna glniici, fiom u Rilaski Chancery . Court dismissal of n Milt allncking validity of the "use tax." Undei customary procedure, Ihe courl hands down n decision one . iPi'k arter taking a case under" 1 ' The "use lux" Is levied on goods ioiight outside Arkansas for use Of consumption within the state if Mich, goods would have been subject lo the two per cent sales tax had lliey been bought in the slate. Funeral Rites Held For Frank Lucas, 43 Funeral services were held this afternoon ftr Prank LUCKS, 43- year-old farmer of Essex, Mo, who died Sunday night at the Memphis Baptist hospital. 0' Rites were conducted at the Hanna Funeral Home, and burial made at Maple Groye cemetery He Is survived-by his wife, Mrs. Pannic Lucas; his mother, Mrs, Mary Lucas, also of Esses: four brothers. Mark, Dame] and Hnrold cf Essex, and Francis Lucas of Clarksdale, OMa., and one sisler, Mr.?. Elizabeth White of Buckley, 'I Term. . , FPC Agents To Aid In Gas Rate Inquiry LITTLE ROCK, .Ark.. May ,30.— Two representatives, of-the Federal Power Commission'arrived-in. Lltlle Rock yesterday to co-operate with the state '-utuiuds Com- _| Inisslon in preparation of •.exhibits. for use in an effort to obtain lower rotes from the Arkansas-Louisiana Gas Company. The long- delayed hearing; probably, will begin next month. . The federal commission:has assigned John J; O'l^eil, principal examiner of accounts, and Paul C. White of the engineering division; to assist the state regulatory body. Mr. While was a vnembar of the state Utilities Commission • 0113!- • fieering sU.T unlll January l. They will lielp to prepare original cost. Income nnd olher statements.

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