The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on August 23, 1949 · Page 10
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 10

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, August 23, 1949
Page 10
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PAGE TEN BLYTHEVILLE (ARK.) COURIER VEW8 TUESDAY, AUGUST 23, 1949 Warm Air Heal Gains Popularity Systems Improved Since War and Costs Have Been Reduced Families planning TO buiEd or buy homes this summer were reminded today by the Construction Research stalled, and tlie finest heating system made will not operate at best efficiency unless the house is properly insulated. This is because 35% &nd more of the iuc] is .saved in •A house that is insulated lull-thick in walls and roof with mineral wool, according to tests miule by the National Bureau of Standards, A gravity warm air .system costs to install and U best used in •A house with a compact plan. Heat pipe. 1 ) and return air ducts should be as .short as possible, and for this ! reason isolated rooms or rambling i type hou>..e.s are sometimes hard lo I heiit- Tt:e turiKK'e miust be ceutmUy 1 located and heat pipes must slope improvements have been made in warm atr heating systems since,; the war and that installation of | warm air costs less than hot water • or steam no boilers or radiators are required. j Increasing popularity of warm air i heat was indicated in a recent na- ! tion-wide survey ill which 45.1% of nearly 16.030 families queried prc- ; ferred warm atr. ! Warm air heating systems are of, two types, gravity and forced air, circulation. They are fired by any i type of fuel, solid, oil or %ns, A '. gravity system operates on ihe principle that cq!d air is heavier I than warm. The cooler air in the rooms flows do\vn through return air intakes to the bottom of the furnace where it is lira ted, then rises as it. becomes wanner and area. Hcst for 1-irge Houstis A f o i c* 'd w n r m ai r ,sy ste. ci i which CO.SLS Alightly more, can be luscd efficiently in largo, rambling houses or homes without basements, and it \\'ill heat isolated rooms easily if the house i.s instituted with mineral wool. Moisture is added to the nir by a humidslyei in the furnace and ;iir is cleaned with an air filler. In many types of forced air systems, the blower can be turned on during the summer and cooi basement air forced into all rooms of . the house. ' Since full-thick mineral wool In iwalls and roof will miike a house up 'to is dfyrces cooler on hottest days, the additional coolness pruvtcicd bj : civ healing system blower will re- •sult in an exceptionally comfortable f *P»' —Courier News Ph»lo NKW SIMON KUSIOENCE—Above is Ihe new home of Mr. and Mrs. Mo&e Simon on Missouri Street This brick veneer home includes living room, kitchen, bath, dining room and two bedrooms. U has plaster walls and Moors of hardwood. Carefully-Planned Ranch-Type House Also Easily Expanded rooms through return air intakes and an air lilter, then delivers it under pressure to the furnace where it is heated and thence is returned, under pressure to the rooms. I Test In Corufort Any heating system should deliver comfort 24 hours a day through- ! out the heating system. The real; tioning by adding c^linc coils, co inp equipment and a large capacity blower. ' ..,,. ."ro- Q SAI-KI1 SllfeL >' being of primary unuor- tnnce ™ electlrcul installations, a rcpiuabe electviCfil onnlractoi employed who will use . cost is not the cost of original equip- [op-quality materials and ^yill fol- rnent, but Is equal to initial cast "'" ' ~~ ~" * "* ...... " plus maintenance and fuel costs. A cheap hep ting system will cast more than one properly designed and In- low local and National Electri Code regulations. Read 1 Courier News Want Ails. MAKE YOUR HOME WITH SLATS o-WQuo OLATS-O-WOOD window hootts, door hoods, ' and porch canopies are^tujtom-buitt of fine T light, top-grade, permanent, West Coast woods to match, • nd enhance the personality of your home. With »o many graceful Slats-o-wood styles, designs, color*, and trims you cannot help but express your own ideas, whether your home be new or old, large or small, faricL or wood. i •Slats-o-wood are custom-built lo your order, ' and permanently anchored to any building material. The s'alig c r e il arrangemcni of ihe slatj filters out sun and glare, entices breezes and soft light. Upkeep is so low thai any homeowner can afford Slats-o-wood. Budget plan available. Please phone us today for free literature, and An estimate if you wish. Yon will be under no obligation, of course. (a DEAL'S PAINT STORE 109 East Main Phone 4IC.9 An expansible will solve* he problem of a small family ring mote -nace in a f e w vears but financial means M the moment limits the pi wml size of the house. Most fa" ar type of expansible nouse is the 4-room Cape Cod house with aftic which can be finished later, but espni'sion need not belimiled to this design. The one-.story runch-hocsr ciin be expanded to a three- or four-bedroom structure almost a. easily ^s the Cape Cod. An expansible house must be first, planned as a complete tin! . the way the owner wants it to appear eventually. It i.s then Depurated into its logical parts and Tie sepnonrr of additions determined, always with the thought in mind that the IIOL-SR must be complete in appearance and function at each step. Basic K:u-Jlitirs I air base to Larries Addition. rThe basic unit provide nil! J c - Barnes, for a one-room facilities for the normal life of u: business -building; estimated cost, small family. inclining livl>:#- 5'-000. Harold Wright, for Permits to Build Home, 2 Business Buildings Asked Applications for permission to build one residence and two business buildings were placed on file during liic past week in the office of City Engineer Joe Carney. Also applied for were permission to add two rooms to a house and to move a house. Estimated costs on the applications totaled SI 1.500- Applications were filed by: j O.T. Sharp, to add two rooms to house on South 21st Street; estimated cost, S500. • II. T. Lewis, for a three-room cinder bloi-k business building. Garland l,off, to move house from ! air room, bedroom, bnth. dlntng area, kiiclicn. .-forage space, heating and laundry facilities. Some rooms can serve two ' Additions should be designed so that there Is little disturbance to the family while new building i.s in progress, so thai no .space is wasted, and so Ihnl there is always convenient traffic flow from room to room. Openings to later additions should be framed for their final purpose when the bnsic house is built, such as installation of a window In the space framed for a future door. Hipes. ducts and wiring " led for fl'lurr additions should be roughed into, the riasir house to save money on rippinc out .....l rebuilding. Mineral wool insulation -cftrr be insta^ct at inw co.>1 iu eacli^'section of the house :..> • it Is added. j Frame construction lends itself best to ' w-priccd additions, ami j although the cost of building n [ house In several stages ordinarily | is slightly more than building il | all at once, rnreful planning will hold down costs. Cheek Community Rules The Increased over-nil cost Is usually offset by savings In maintenance, interest, |-\es and insurance between the time o. binldim' the basic unit and the later additions. The owner also will benefit I by any decrease in construe!ion | cosis betw'cen the two stage.s. I Before planning an expansible | house, the owner should carefully examine zoning ordinances and re- I strictions in deeds because Ihesn : may control (.lie size and price of the house. Many communities pro- 1 hibit small houses. Conversely, an expansible house should not be i erected in a neighborhood of small homes where the completed liou-e [ would over-shadow tlie other ; houses, as Ihis lias a teurtencv (o l lower its value in event of a sale. - five-room frame residence on East Highway 1&; estimated cost, $500. KKKP KQUIFMKNT DATA Keep :\ I 1 operating directions, wiring diagrams and guarantees for home mechanical equipment in a handy loose-leaf notebook for today reference. This is "convenient when repairs are required. Real Estate Transfers (CKICKASAWUA DrSTRICT) . .. Bill Reid Company of Arkansas, Inc., to A P. Jcniigan and P. H. Jemlgar. Lot U. Block 3 o< the Dn- vid Arres Subdivision $6,7oO. Bill Reid Company of Arkmusas, Inc., to Frank H. and Viola Pope, Lot 1 Bloc!: 2 of the David Acres, Subdivl-ioi:, $6,575. Bill Reid Company of Arkansas lo Mrs. Ecith Permenter, Lot 5 of Block 2 of the David Acres Subdivision, S6.575. Bill Reid Ccrnpftny of Arkan^a-s, Inc., ro Thomas N, and Mrs. T. N. Ormnri';ht, Lot 4 of Block 2 of, the Divtd Acre- Subdivision, $6,575. Reba Jo Weeks to J. C. Weeks, 120 acre.s in section 12-15N-IO E and 40 acres In Section 12-15N-IOE. ! and other consideration. ' EIollv Development Corporation 1 (o Earl and Eva Mne Wilson, Lot 18 j Bluck 4 of the David Acre.s Subdivision. y\650. Bill ReiJ Company of Arkansas, Inc.. Lot 5 of Block 3 of the David Acres Subdivision to Warren L. and Savah Dorothy Davidson, $6.575. BlythovHh! Development Corporation t" C. L. Luciius. Lot 21 of Block 1 of Wilstv: First Addition, $250. Holly Development Corporation to Henry J. and Louise R, Dodd, Lot 15 of the pJckson Addition. $8.003. Bill Reid Company of Arkansas. Inn to Lawrence H. and Louise Miube.5 Let 19 of Block 5 of Lhc David Acres Subdivision. £6,575. Hlyihfvilft Builders. Inc., to Don- alil H. and Charlyn Day. Lot 14 an elver. '. Block 7 of the Gosneil Estate Ad- had had; die ion SB 2-U.44. of I J. H jnd Jamie Maydeu Doan. to - --- — = i «:u and Reba Dnvis. 2 acres in the American national emlem. Seciion 14-15N-11E, $13,5CO. A young eel is called If Benjamin Franklin his way. the turkey instead the eagle would have been made I Fmi Susan Moore lo Millie Pernell, Lot 15 of Block 3 of the W .W. Holli- P«ter Second Addition, »250. H. C. and Margaret Campbell to Tcrsten Llnquist. Lot -t of Block 9 of the Chickasawba Addition to Blythtville, $10 and olher consideration, Thula Bell Travis Walpole lo Willie Ann Travis, NW'4 of tW;4 of Section 14 4N-12E, Lot 4 of the Block 1 in the Sunrise Adition, and E2 of the NW'4 of Section 14-14N- 12E $1 and otrTer con.slderr.tlon. I). H. ant' Annie Mary Arney to A. E, and Irene Prlchard, all of lot 1 of Block 2 in the Bugg Addition, *4,750. Joseph and Elsie Oradell Flllgharn to E. B. and LeASte May Lipscomb, Lot 4 of Block 1 of the Fnlgham Addition «CO. oJ.seph and Elsie Orac'ell Pulgliam to Milton and Guy Eula Caveness. Lo! 3 of Block 1 of "he Fulgham Addition S3CO, Chester L. Smith to Charles O'N'-ni -no Elsie C. Smith, 1-3 in- tercst it W -1 «'. the SE'4 of Section 29-16N-10E. SI and other con- d'M-atlrm. I'ugh B and Bertie L. Morean to E. and Mart-aret Lewis. Lot 16 of Blrx:!- 5 of the David Acre.s Subdivision. S8SO. Bert and Ola Ray Ross lo Herbert Eurl Gryham, Jr.. and Martha Lou •vaham. North 90 feet of Lot 8 of the Block 7 in the Park Addition, 151)00 Lois AvanLs to Llll:< Mavnor Lois ?3 and 24 in Block 8 of the Smith Addition to L^achville. $1 and other <'<*'eration. Milton and Lillie May Bunch to James anH Teresa Wagster. Lot 11 and trio North 21 feet of Lot 12 in C o! the Morris Addition, $2,300. . Claud L. and Terria Barne= to H. V. and Gladys Smith. Lot 150 by ?0 'eet in Section I7-15N-8E. $225. Kmilv G. Lemmous to J. C. and Dorothy K. Roach, Lot 16 of Block 2 of th" Chicago Mill and Lumber Company Second Addition, J9 300. L. O and Hattie Gill to Samuel Newton Lcwers and Frances Lewers, North Up feet of Lot 6, Block 3 of thfr Coiinirv Club Drive. 58.600. Iia arc* Monnie Nichols, to Velma. Glide. Lot 18 Block 25 of the Blythe Addition. SL'.HS. Donald H. and Charlyn Day of Jerry a'ui Hulda Cohen, Lot 14 of Block 7 of the Gosncll Estate Subdivision S10500. Wilev Smith and Irene Smith to N T orman and Louise H<-pper, Lot 23 of Blocl- 6 of the aDvid Acres Subdivision. SI and other consideration. Susan and D. M. Moore to Kemp E. Whtf.en'.iunl and Jamas R. Deal. Loi 20 Block "B" of Ihe Hearn Ad- di'ion. S10 and other consideration, C. A. ?nf. Evalean Eakes to Will and Tx>rciiei Buford, Lot 1 and Lot 2 >f Block 7 of the Wilson First AtUlitior, .$700. Albert and Lula True to P. B. and Lelia A Carter. 41.20 acres in section 32-16N-8E, $14,000. <(>\H>\Vi SHi:,Vmi\G STRKXOTH : Wood shea thing applied dia«o ally to ti^e sides of a house about- eight tiu^e. 1 ; as strong • horizonal sheathing'. CONFIDENCE IN ELECTRICAL REPAIR You can alv.nys be sure that the electrical repair work done by Charley's Klectrica) -Shop will l>e expertly handled. Our Arkansas Contractor's license number is your guarantee of high quality work. >So, the next time you have an cleclrical problem, call for the service you'll really know i.s good. CHARLEY'S ELECTRIC SHOP 112 South SHt Phon« 2993 POLIO and what you can lo help do In Ihe fighl against polio (here are many uncertain things. But one cannot question the importance of beinj: clean in every way possible. Frequent bathing, the wearing of clean clolhes, careful washing of dishes, keeping a home free from dust and ilirf. . all these safeguards are important. And to make them possible, your \\atcr Co. maintains 2J hours a day an abundant supply of clean, fresh, pure water. BLYTHEVILLE WATER CO. "Water is Your Cheapest Commodity' CRANE Bathroom Beauty \\ No need lo try lo gel along with old, worn out fixtures any longer. You can bring new beauty, new convenience—lo your home with a Crane itualily bathroom. Not only are these fixtures new in styling, but they possess such imporlanl engineering. feitluri'S as Dial-ese faucets that open and close al Ihe finger's (ouch. Besf of all, these fixtures represent a new high in value and are available on our convenient time-payment plan. Call us today, or belter yet, drop in and lei's talk il over. PETE" the PLUMBER 109 North 1st KEYS A] A D K *'0r any t:i nd o! lo cfc LocL& opened and repaired. SPKCK'S LOCK SHOP 31KI \\\ Alntn. IMiimt H87 (IchmrJ Johns I'uul Hall PRESCRIPTION SERVICE Our .years of experience assure you that, when you present a prescript Ion order to us. it will be expertly compounded from fresh, pure drugs. You can be sure at Rothrock's. ROTHROCK'S DRUG STORE PIANO TUNING \Vilh Ihe world famous "Slrubocunii". The only 100',<> perfecl tuning Not available elsewhere in Ihis area. RADIO REPAIR All work done by a government licensed operator and every job guaranteed. Why lake less lhan Ihe best? PIANOS lor SALE NEW AND USED Sheet Alusic, Records, Supplies Everything in Music BROOKS MUSIC STORE 107 E. Main Tel. S11 Wonted: LICENSED BEAUTICIANS \Ve cannot supply the demand for operators. We have a lis( of Arkansas Knd Mississippi shop owners who need help. H you are a Graduate of a Beauty School and are interested in employment, call EAGLE BEAUTY SCHOOL Phone 3262 Blytheville, Ark. , ( Aduits who want (o feurn Beauty Culture, enroll Sept. 12 for next class. Low Tuition.. .Interesting Work GI Approved. . . . "PICTURES YOU WILL LIKE" Voor «Allsf»rt!<m assured on all phiUnsranhlr work. Including commtrriM and portrait FAUGHTS STUDIO II? Snath First Phone 63'£1 Thune Mill

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