The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on June 8, 1934 · Page 5
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 5

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, June 8, 1934
Page 5
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FRIDAY, JUNE 8, 1934 KLYTH10V1U-K, (AltK.) COUKIHK NK\VS PAGE FIVE Ship-Shape lor Presidential Cruise eip EOT But Digest Poll Shows His Popularity Declining in Some Corn Belt States The New Deal shows a loss of popularity In Hie iniclwestern aqri- nillura! reyious and in Increasing supiwrl Hi Industrial states, as evidenced hy the C25.920 votes tallied In tl:c fourth re]>ort of The Literary Digest's nation-wide poll or Koasevclt's acts and policies which will ue published in this week's iwue of the magazine. The latest returns give 310.491 voles for the Administration to 255,42!) anai:isl, which Is a ratio of about 3 to 2. Twenty-three of the twenty-five Kiatc.s reixjrted in the current Lab- uhitioiv vole hi favor of tlic New Dsal. Maine and Vermont only dissenting. The Administration receives i 59.19 per cent vote of confidence in this week's tally, which is practically the same a.s it (jot In the previous week's vole. In the 1932 election the twenty- live states from which poll returns JMVC b?cn received to date gave Roosevelt a combined vole of 55.5(1 per cent which ihows a ixwt-elec.- lion gain in iwpularily for tHc president of 3.69 per cent, as against slightly over 7 )>cr cent last week. Incomplete but "substantial" returns are icceivcd from Harvard and Yale Universities in a separate jxill on the finmc- ^question, which is hcing conducted by The Literary Digest in a number of colleges. Harvard votes 1,033 for the Roosevelt, policies to 633 against, while Vale voles OV.i lor the Roosevelt policies to MO agninst. In 19H2 the Yale News and the Hnrvard Crimson conducted pre- election straw polls on tlic presi- ilrntlal candidates. Hoover beat IlopsivcH almost 3 to I at Harvard an:j almost 4 to 1 at Yale. First, rcUirns from Texas and Arkansas give the Administration more a 3 to 1 vote of confidence, the largest he receives from any flaie to date. In the 1932 election Texas save Roosevelt over a 7 to 1 vntc and Arkansas over 5 to 1. A comparison of tlic 1932 election percentages for Roosevelt with those ol Tile Literary Digest . m some mid-western states, shows a decline in his popularity. The comparison sliows: Illinois: election 55.23 per cent, poll 53.57 per cent; Indiana: election 54.66 per rent, poll 52.0G per cent; Iowa: SI.69 per cent: ]X>1I 51.55 per cent; Nebraska: election 62.98 per cent -poll- 52?I2 'per cent; Oklahoma: Mints, Miss., where ilic will vlsll her staler, Mr.i. Osn Garner. Slw was accdmiHuileU by lier sisters, Mis. J. H. Dunmhv iiml Mvs. Em- niel Jo:ics o[ KciincH. llcv. C. N. Clalncs lcfl Friday tor Fayeilc, where lie iiUeiulwl t!:c iMcraliiui'eal 1 : services Sunday, eoti- diiclt'd Uj 1 Bishop John W. Moore. He will remain for the eomiiience- iiifiil cxerL'Lwj nl wlncli Ills son, Uujxl. will receive Ills A. !i. ileuree frciu Central collide. Mrs. S. K. Jiiclcn of Ciirutliers- vlllc Is tiere tills \vcck, visiting her skli-r, Mrs. Geoi'ge S. Drown iiiul Mr. Hrofc'n. Mr. and Mrs. Normnii nlnnken- •shl|) nixl Mr. unit Mrs. Ode Viuicc o! MoneUe, Ark., viiilleil relatives heii' Sunday. Mr. nncl Mrs. V're<l A. U o[ ChLeugo were here Uiil visiting ihe imier's cousin, Mra. 0. K Klrkjiuui. Mr. mxl Mvs. Illloy V. KnlglU ami Mrs. Knlghl'a mother. Mrs, \V, K. lliiyes, led TurMlay for Mem- plils unrt Colllervillr. Tenn.. where they will visit relallves lor a (<!»• days. Mrs. Anderson Rutflii und lers, Hue nnil Sissy, five vlslllng Mrs. K. II. Davis nnil [ninlly In Tiiiinaiin. Ark., this week. Manila Society — Personal A cruiser soon to sail Into the public eye is (he trim U. S. S. Houston, pictured at (he Brooklyn, N. Y.. Navy Yard, where It. k beiny conditioned Puerto Rico, the Virgin Islands and Hawaii. to carry President Roosevelt on his forthcoming voyngc to' ,10\ickermi! il. In the hisel, is Capt. Walter B. Wood-son, skipper. ; s >', c will no to r.iyc =WEEKLY SUNDAY SCHOOL LESSOiV Jesus on the Cross in isolated tragedy In human his- loiy. Its significance lies in some 73.30 per cent, poll 09.68 anil to overthrow all aims ami pur- i IJut there h a larger a.';[x:cl Sun-';|ioses of right and truth; darkness jso, of the cmi'lllxlun o! Jesus. Tin; Text: Matt. Z7:!i3-49 International Uniform (lay School HY WM Edit Our lesson deals with the most, dawning comes. We discover thai, ynlficant event in all' history—' the sun ol God's love and right- ] lie death of Jesus on the cross, 'cousncss lias not gone out on tlici The crucifixion nf Jesus was not, universe, but that,-it is still the ] iwwer that upholds life and Mr. and Mrs. M. U Downing, Mrs. • Hoy Price. Mrs. piuil Downlnir. and I Mis. J. I". Downing visllcd Irlcndb 1 nnrt relatives at Hector Sunday. 1 Mrs. li. J. McKlnnon left Snliiv- n. rrom then, cllcvlllc with her ! Mslcr. MLss Ann lloul, who wll ; ciuer the university for a six week! course. Mr. and Mrs. Frank Isaacs o' lilytlicvllle were giu-ste Sunday o Mr. and Mrs. W. T. Coals. The Methodist Women's Mission a:y society met Friday at the hymt ol Mrs. A. K. Billiard. ernauunai uniiorm sun- ; [loses 01 rignt ami uuiir. iiarKucss ,so, ol me ciuclilxlun of Jesus. The Mr „,„, ,.„ t ,,, r _., ,,,n,,..,, L,.n 100! Lesson for June H.lseltles down ii|»n tlie world «vltli I aijonlrs of Calrary were more lliaii U|., /,„;,,.?'..,, M. K. CII.ROY, I). D., I little light. !lhe snffcrines of an inillvKluiil. Troll Mich afkr -i' U'° weeks vlsll iditor ol Ad»»nc* | Rut „„[. „[ a ns K , ni i (tartness a; T1 'ey have a social side related lo I wlll| ' iheii''parents here BrcH life of liumanlt.y. enable.'; us to on. measure in the fact that there is ... mudi of tragedy in human life! In this story ol tlic crucifixion that this one oulslandine event of Jesus we have an'episode in in the agony and death of the Hie life ol a man. an individual whose divinity was manifest in man ol supreme gentleness and goodness is symbolic ol the suffer- Honiersville Society-Personal human form in a spirit that knc\v i E. Allen !U!d daughter, Gcncvievo, ing of the innocent from tyranny | nnguiili. Were this not so, Hie | and son. J. w.. w=nt to Kl IDDrado, and evil. H was not only Jesus, but im- our livcs - ! story could have little meaninc lor, III., Saturday. On their return II- manity. that was crucified upon :iey were accompanied by Mr. Allen's' Paul wrote of his sharing the | mother, Mrs. Rlioda Rader, and the the cross, and humanity contin- suffeiings of Jesus, and in deepi Mjsses Geneva and Lucille Spencc, p:r cent; Wisconsin: election 63.45 per cent, poll 61.83 per cent. Some of the states which indicate, by comparison, an increase of popularity lor the president include: Connecticut: election 47.40 per cent, poll 57.51 pc r c t. nt; Mas(iicrusclls: election 50.64 per cent, poll 53.94 per cent; Michigan: election 5237 per cent, poll 61.24 per cent, poll 57.35 pcr cent; New York: election 53.:i3" psr cent, poll 60.75 per cent, and Pennsylvania: election 45.32 per cent, poll G4.03 per cent. Maine nnd Vermont, the only .niaira voting against Roosevelt's an:l policies, also show an increase in sentiment for him over his ratios i" the 1932 election. In fifteen slates the president's ralio^_ or talloU arc greater than 11)32 election ratios in tl:c same riates. and in ton ol them his ra- tiCo arc shown to be smaller by comparison. ucs to be crucified by the sins and .sense we must share Ihose suffer- cruellics of its 'own perpetration. | ings if we would discover and know But there is a deeper slgntfi-'.thc meaning of the resurrection. cancc in the crucifixion of Jesus.! To know Jesus in his early life j The story of Jesus and his life and to follow him all Ihc way to : w'ho will visit here for awhile. Mrs. O.' J. Cope left Friday Mis. I-'. M. S\vccl ami son, Fnuik jr., of Moneite, are uuesl-i cf Mrs Sucol's mother, Mrs. II. W. Cowiin The Rev. J. W. Munre ri'luine< Krlday Irom a visit to l\ii I Hmlti and Clnrksvll!e. Mrs. V. H. Fox uml her sister Mrt. Jewell Stallions and Mrs. Mai 7-if Howard, of Marion. Ky.. aiu Mrs. H. .1. McKinnon allendeil llu theater in lilytheville lust l-'rlday. 1-KIIA (o Aid May l-'cvcrllcs HTUUOEON BAY, Wis. (Ui'J — Eradication of ragweed as a FF.Rj" project l» improve this Mim resort urea anil make it :v hnvei for hy fever victims is pinned li several Door Comity--townships. work did not end on the cross. In i the cross is an experience ttialj a sense, his life work had only at- must come into our lives if we taincd its climax, lor henceforth j would find the richness of his sal- Ins influence was not simply to be i vation and the power of fellowship i that of a. teacher instructing little j with him. | on the mountain side or ' ' Plans Dedication of Lindbergh Memorial LAKE VILLAGE, Ark. (OP) — A memorial to Col. Charlrs A. LMid- b'rqh's fn-oi nisht fllghl. Apr:: will be iinvellcd here June' 14. 10V The momnncnt. erected by Civil Work Administration, is here near which Ilirce miles north of nn old club house at i>iiW famous colonel slept one nijht 'Ji:ring the early days of his flyins;. A full, summer moon gave the .IOUIHJ pilot a yen for his fi-tt niHiit nigl.l. Lindlicrsh invil;d li.r; host lo accom|)any him wilii- r'lit rcvcaiiiij he had never flown nl night U'fore and to the Ficr's rmazcmcnt ths club house keeper rcccplcd. The clubhouse, the monumenl ; i:d 55 acre.; of land now arc a ;:=rt ol Lindbergh airport. speaking to multitudes in the fields md highways. His influence was to be tlial of j a living spirit, everywhere prcs-1 ent, guiding men and strengthen- . in? them as they sought to live in j the light of his teaching and carry i on his work in the world. I * • * : In the hour of death Jesus could ] indeed say, "I have overcome the i .vorld." i This is the miracle of all his- I •j)ry, that in cccmlns defeat spir- I itua) lives and forces accomplish j ;helr real triumph. We have ex- I pressed it in various ways that; mm up the observation of history: | "The blood of the martyrs is the | :ccd of the Church." "Bread cast; upon the waters returns after i many days," "He that soeth forth j weeping shall return also rejoic-1 ng, bringing his sheaves with ! him." | It is this faitii in the perma- . nency of truth, in truth's inevitable triumph, that is the anchor-. age ol men in n world of dark and . evil conditions. Progress is slow, ihe powers of sin, and of hate, PILES Can Be Cured! 'or more than a generation, on .lit oldest, most hopeless appear- ng cases Cross Salve has proven time after time the trust of that statement. Combining one of the most powerful disinfectants known, In a velvet-smooth oil base, Cross Salve gives Instant soothing relief with the first application; effectively removes the cause of the trouble quicker than anything you had ever though possible. Sold under an honest guarantee to give absolute satisfaction or money refunded. 30c and 50c at all dealers. The Croas Salve Co. Inc., Marion, Ky. and of prejudice, seem to triumph SELLING OUT Our slock of merchandise and complete sot of modern grocery nnd market fixtures. Any part BRYANT AM) HROWN I.K.1CIIVII.M-:. ARK. Brings One-day Painting —ends days of mc&sl Yet Wallhldc costs no more to use. A si is generally enough. 15 bcau- '.iful colors In "flat" satin finish for walls and ceilings; Mmi-i;lo9< (or woodwork, bithroods and kitchens. Quart Gal... $1.00 Beautiful high gloss PLASCO PAINT | Suitable for interior or exterior surfaces. Iliu=fici evenly; has exceptional rovrringqiiality. 2i color*. *2 .50 Gallon Blind Man Lived »n Tension GALLIPOLIS. O. (UP)—An aged blind man. who said he had been living on a 444 per year pension, was an applicant for aid for the ajcd here. • f H lehy n b tageroK Wlm CONSTIPATED Knd sli)ff\%cloggwi-iipf«ling, splitting hMtlicW, anrl other conillpation ills witn thi >mnrc complete, more thorough action. Chfw dclicifius Fcen-a-tnint. Ihc chewing pum Us*live. Fccn-ji-mint acU more. thormigrily, hccaino chc^ln^ diilrib-j tSf UxativcingTcdicnliinifonn^vthroii o\il ihft intpslincs lo give A "full," more natural action. Feen-a-mintDtvcrabocki the system tor abuf«s thfl bowtl*. It u gentle aft. Promptly and thoroughly it causes the bov«|i to empty Ibeir w«t* a^ndpoifon*. U helps rid you of loggiaest acd helps make you («1 more eeergetic, tad frejh. Delicious Fetn»t-Bunt oca* UiaJ ft liutive Icgredieat rtguUrly pre* scribed by physiciins. "DeUy is diago ous—chew Fwfl-»-minl for coBstip*tioi 15c and We at drugguli cvcr>Trheie, CUfOdO was a Famous Host in his day —and the hotel which bears his name maintains his reputation Toning -Up Trtitmcnit I- botctjl Irejtmfint R c o in i to uolhe «*3 f • n T IV « r«rvoui or ru-.-rfs-n p«r- 13-. Oai^y Rs- Eitr. Holil GIJTOM TurUik Ituu V«-jr Frivtti toon r*. • In modern Hoiet Gayoso trie Hospitality of tne OU Sa-jih and the convenience of !he new join to male your stay pleasurable—anj b!e. "Famous for fine food—since 1842." Rates as low as $ 2,L CALCIMINE, All Colors, Per Lb 12c PURE BOILED LINSEED OIL ... Gal. . . $UO Quick-Drying \ |*p WATERSPAR ENAMEL £ f9 t ENAMEL Makes it easy lo beautify furniture and woodwork. Dries in 4 hours—one coat muiily enough. 24 rich colon. . WALLPAPER CLEANER Each lOc HOTEL M e m p h 7 * ONI OF THE TAMOU3 HOTELS of THE SOUTH • Horns of Radio Station W MC Free Parking in Garage UTILITY SCREEN ENAMEL ... Quart... 70c LADDER Strong, 5-ft. size with shell $1.25 ^P DC BRUSHES Pm-e briitks,»«thi rrthir IVl EMIIK! Braili . , 2(k 4' Wiil Brush . . . 65 C V Cakiminc Brush .J1.50 White SHELLAC Gallon Quick-drying, clear WATERSPAR VARNISH Extra duublc. For Interior ot exterior n«c. Will not (urn while.Dries *« n^ Steel Wool Cleans pols & pans easier! 5c Pkg. 12-Quart PAIL 30c Each Hubbard Hardware Co. AITIHOR1ZED PITTSBURGH PAINT PRODUCTS AGENCY W hile prjcticiUjr all businesses were .showing .sharp decrease*, Mtlcsof Phillips 66 gasoline were Mittdily climbing—until tmUy they are exactly double wh;tt they were during tlic 192!J buying spree! Could there be any more impressive tribute to the /imu'it high test quality of 1'hillipj 66? Hy sheer force of motorists' demand for (his new-type g.isoline with CONTROLI.liD VOl.iVl il.l'l'Y, it Ins risen to dominant position, has liccomc ihu most talked about motor fuel. Tho easy way to find out which gasoline gives most power »nd miles.:.- more flexible response lo the throttle ... sweeter running and .saving... is to compare gasolines right in your own car. (jet gas at the Orange and BUck 66 shield. Then just/iv/ the i/iffeieiice. GRAVITY (or High T«it rating) 60.5°-65.1° Aladdin Magic THE OLD ADAGE, "Man toils.from sun to sun, but woman's work is never done'/ is only partially true today. Science has taken an interest in the home oH late years, and has done much to lighten the burdens of household tasks. Science has harnessed electricity to make it perform a sort of "Aladdin magic." It works for us, twenty-four hours a day—and its pay is low considering the labors it accomplishes. It furnishes light and s heat It sweeps the carpets and polishes the floors. It runs the sewing machine and washes the dishes. It toasts the bread and percolates the morning cup of coffee. It beats the eggs; it stirs the dough and bakes the bread;, and last, but not least, it furnishes the power for the radio to entertain day and night. ' You learn of these, and many other time and labor saving devices through the advertisements. They keep you informed of new things and give you dependable facts on which to base a purchase. These are good reasons for believing a product is "better because it's advertised."

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