The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on May 30, 1949 · Page 3
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 3

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Monday, May 30, 1949
Page 3
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MONDAY, MAY 30, 1049 BLYTHEVILLE (ARK.) COURIER NEWS PAGE THREE Memorial Day, Born in South, Now Global Event HoldingCompany Set Up by Utility Middle South, Inc., To Operate Four Dixie Subsidiaries NEW YORK, M»y 30. M'i—Elec- tric Power & Light Corporation has announced the (ortniiUon of Middle South Utilities, Inc., as a new holding company for the former's four operating subsidiaries in Louisiana, Arkansas and Mississippi. Electric Power on July 6 will distribute its remninlng assets to holders of its common stock and warrants—the final step in the reorganization plan to bring the system Into compliance with the Public utility Holding Company Act of' 1935. Trading in the new Middle South common stock is scheduled to begin tomorrow on the New York mock Exchange. Exact amount of the Middle South and United Gas Corp. slock to be allocated to Electric Power's stockholders Is subject to approval of (he Securities "and Exchange Commission. Middle South has ashed SEC authority to issue an additional 500,000 common shares to Electric Power in exchange for $9,200.000 of investments made by the former parent. If this application is approved. Middle Soiith's capitalization •^iil be 4,960.000 common shares. Electric Pcnvcr inuiled to all preferred shareholders new securities in exchange for its $7 and $6 preferred stocks. The Middle South utilities system Is made up of Arkansas Powc: A; Light Co., Louisiana Power Light Co., .Mississippi Power niiti Light Co. and New Orleans Public Service, Inc. These subsidiaries in the past two years increased their generating capacity more than 150,000 kilowatts to 640,000 kilowatts, and plan to adct another 4!0,000 kilowatts of new generating equipment in the three years ending with 1951. Dr.Rutledge Renews Fight For Freedom uroes died previously—PvL. Cnlvla Ui-nnls of Krcderlck, Mil., and Ills hnU-brother, Herman D. JX'mils, Jr., Calvcrl und fjegiiln, Tex. Miss Fimisworlh was tlrnititcd from Hie Jade shop In which she worked, bvntvn, raped ami IcR to illc In MIC Jungle. live, t man who Infringed upon IB. other's textile brand-mark wu pua- Islicrt by having bli right severed. The Battle of Hastings and th» conquest of England by WUliutt of Normandy occurred In 1044. Memorial Day, fittingly enoux". was Inspired by the South, whose countryside was the chief battletround of the War Be- iween (he Stilt*. In March, 1868. Mn. John A. Loran, wife of (he fanwui Union commander, visited battlefields In Virginia. She was particularly touched by the way graves of Confederate dead were decorated with flowers and liny Confederate flats. General Lofan . . . . . . waj much Interested In her account, agreed It was a beautiful custom and, as Commamlcr- h)-Clilef of Ihe Grand Army of (he Republic, Issued his famous General Order No. II. dcslcnat- ln» May 30, 1868, as Ihe day when Ihe G. A. R. should decorate graves of comrades \\tio died in defense of Ihclr country. The order was obeyed by G. A. R. posl». and by May 30. (he next year . . . . . . Memorial Day was fully established as • rrrutar Institution through most of Hi? country. Hccause of Its original liuritose— Ihe decoration of KohlierV graved—Its formal observance liuil » military aspect from the first. For many year* the day was 111 charge of (he G. A. K. posts of every community. Observance consisted of a military and civic parade to the cemetery for appropriate exercises. Leading citizens and outstanding veteran* made memorial addresses. A flag wan placed on every Koldler'H (rave, which was gtrcwn with flowers. Firing minds volleyed ever (lie graves as Ihe bugicr sounded "Taps." Today the excretes are much the tame, except that the American l.rglou Is in charcc nnd Ihe parade now Include! civic nlllcials. Hoy Smuts. Cllrl Scouls and fraternal organizations. Also Memorial Day'i acope . . . Kansas City's Crime Blamed on Gaming, Liquor KANSAS CITY, May 30— (IPl— A Jackson County grand jury was told Saturday that concentrated gambling and controversy over exclusive control of tile distribution ond sales of liquor are the chief ^picentives of gang killings and general lawlessness in Kansas City. The statement was made by Circuit Judge Allen C. Southern in his charge to the jury, railed to investigate among other things the spot slaying here last March 24 of Wolf C. Rimann, manager of country club. The jurist listed 20 such slaying! here In recent years and listed possible motives for each. He termed this "a startling chain o[ events. 1 He also mentioned the theft of election ballots from the offices o the Election Board In the courthouse, and declared "this shocking crime" nullified the laborious efforts of a grand jury impaneled in an attempt to 'regain for Ihe peopl their rights to govern Ihis country by honest elections and punish guilty of vote frauds." The jurist explained that Attor ney General J. E. Taylor had beei juithori?,cd by the governor to assis the grand jury. (JUUAlt HAI'IUS, 111., May 30. (rt'j - Another romui In (he bultlu for the ficeiliim of Ur. Uobert O. Kiit- letltji 1 . Jr.. was iK'Inu plotted todny by his allinnoys. Thi! hand.somo 'JB-yciir-old SI. Units children's hjicciullst was con- vii'U'd SatiiLiluy n(Kh( of M-coiul de- t!ivi> murdiT loi 1 the stubbing ot lly- run u. lliillinun. 21), !jt. Loulu alr- ciult engineer, In a Ccdm 1 Itaplits liou-l room tlithl last Dec. 1-1. TUu deU'Dsc luul couU'iulc'il in the (hrcc weeks lilul that llatlnuin Miihiccd tin. 1 doctor's invlty ^3-yi-iu'-old wile, Sydiu-y. Kutlcdti' yi'slerday nuifcrri'd [u tils jiiil cell with his iiltorui-ys. his Iivlher and lulhi'r-iu-liiw, Ills lull btoml wile, ccnler of con- Mdcntble li'.sllnnHjy nnd iiiKiim in italic addresses lo the Jury, lelt Cedar Haplds yesli-rday wllhuut hce- a\K her husband. SIliTlll James Hiullh said HID iloc- Inr did not want his \vllu tu ,svu him wiille wcurluK his Jull clotlu'S. bhu and her liillu'r, Dr. lluwunl II. Ciomlrli'll, velurnc'it to Ihe Uoml- rli-li luiiiu' HI Iliumilml, Ma, Hut- li'illli-'s ]>an'MUs. Mr. mid Mrs. Hu C. muk'iltii'. also lull lor Houston. IVx,, yestrrdny, 11 was bi'lteviMl llml Ihu iluctur'i, attitincys \vmtlil seek (n liuve I liusted far him Innuirrow. 'I'lieii- were Indtcatluns they would Illu nm- llon lor u new trial. Third Man Convicted In Rape-Slaying Case GUAM, Aluy 'M. (rt'j—HRl. Jioljert W. Hums, ;w, .'JiK*iini'. Wash., today was rtmvlcti'd In Hie rnim-slay- Inii ol Itulli i^iriisworlh mid wus senli-iu'i'd lo dealh. Hums MIIS Hie third of three Ni'uio soldiers wnlriurd (o die in Hu 1 youiiH Ban rranclst'ii woman':, ktllli^ last IK'Ccmljer 11, The Irijil wii.s iu cloM'd .session bcCorir mi All" I''OHT ei>ui t miirllnl. 'L'lie henlcncc Is .subject, hi review. us are those of the other two Nc- . . . widened as North and South united to fight forelsm foes In new wars. After the Spanish-American War, Memorial Day ceremonies Included honors for veterans of that conflict and the posts of the Spanish-American War Veterans contributed marchers to every parade. Its observance became International when, following World War I, the grateful French people decorated drive* In American military cemeteries In France. American graves in England and other European countries wtre also decorated. After World War II, Memorial Day became truly a global Institution, for on May 30 honor is paid to American fijrhlers whose final resting places are scattered from Germany to Africa and from Australia to Okinawa and all the >eas between. Usually a lefal holiday. Max 30 Is observed . .. ... In all .states of Ihe Union, the District of Columbia and Ihe territories and possessions excepl In certain of the Southern state* thai prefer their own appointed time lo observe Confederate Memorial Day, sponsored by the Daughters of Ihe Confederacy anil th« Confederate Southern [Memorial Associations. April 2G is Confederate Memorial Day in Alabama, Florida, Georgia and Mlssls- aippi. In Louisiana and Tennessee. June 3. Jefferson DavIV Ulrth- day. is observed as Memorial Day. North and South Carolina sel aside [May 10, while Virginia observes May 30 as Confederate Memorial Day. Attempts have been made lo merge all observance* into an Infernational Memorial Day on May 3D. but without success. Many southerners feel that as the Idea of Memorial Day slarted in the South, and was adopted by the North, any chance of datea sho.uld conform to the April 26 commemoration rather than the later date. Efficiency Expert Firm Will Study Defense Set-Up The National Military Establishment plans to have a private efficiency expert firm make a job study of the government's biggest j K Defense Srcrclarv Johnson said j Saturday the Personnel Policy Board of N'ME will ask private personnel management conrcrn.s to submit (ht'ir ideas as a basis for nc-CTtiatinp a contract "to conduct a scientific occupation classification prosrum." Johnson's statement said that at- ler unification of the .-murd forces it became eiMdent (lie NME needed a ••common job and (nullification system for all military positions, boil) officers and enlisted, not. only for present efficiency but for mob- ilisation requirements in the event of a future cnicrgetiev. Morley Reports Record Amount of Revenue Collected LITTLE ROCK, May 30. Wi—Record collections of $T8,G73,364 by the State Revenue Department during the revenue year ended May 31 were reported Ssturdiiy by Revenue Commissionei- Dean R. Morley. Morley .said that because today is a holiday, the department's collection records [or the month of May were closed SnUirday. His May report shows collections of 59,800,352, also a new monthly record. The Revenue Stabilization Act under which the state now Is osier- a ting makes tlie revenue year R period from June 1 to May 31, and in the revenue year now ending, the 573,073.354 total represents an Increase of aboul $9,800,000 over the previous year. Unique Hobby, Collecting Feminine Under Clothing, Leads to Man's Arrest WASHINGTON, May 30. UP) — Thousands of stolen bnus, punties, Mips and gird I PS were recovered by police Friday with [he of a man they said had n "peculiar hobby" or hoarding such items. A woman's .skirt, something the ma]j rarely collected, led to his arrest. Tt dropped from his trouscr leg while police questioned him on a repor t he had been seen loitering in a basement laundry room. A .search of his apartment un- L'urthcd thousitnd.s of nudcr garments packed in two sleiuner minks, a bushel basket and four suitcases. Police said at no (imn did the ac- cused them. man attempt to sell any of Tlie bow nnd arrow \vrrR used In Die Old Stone Aye. trial Camera Fans 1 . Get clear, sharp prints at thrifty price E.l.« !».].. iton.liifing frlnl, k III..I KoJ.V Album, Un> Soulh't phol>- ri<i'\Wng plant. Only He [el t and I • •• poiu>. rollil S|7 • nlarg*m*nt. ]0c; lilD. 40c. Sind Filmi «nd n*y*li«*l "ith meriy Jnvurl <ili|>lnn« Iweod »ilh \n<l |M||». Slur,lily buill o ninlerinli . . , liuiullvi tulhion«[l t • my rallying. THOTO FINISHERS Chaplain Offers Prayer For 'Heroes Yet to Fall' MEMPHIS. May 30. <.'T'J—A Mc- rnorin] Day .srrvir.-e hrje brought from a minister a prayer lor "heroes yet to fall." In services yesterday at National Cemetery, the'Rev. Charles L. Wld- tiey. chaphiin of a Memphis American Legion Host, prayed for itms on "all the^e who may in tbe ftiUu-e leave tlieir home.s to fiyht in the cause of freedom." Span'sh War Vet Dies MEMPHIS. May :iO. (,l'i—William | A. Hiiinlctt. 72. of Cave City. Ark. The word "apron" was originally ; (lied al Kcniicrty Veterans hospital •napron" and '.\aF rorru))lec3 from \ lierc yesterday Hamlett was n vct- 'a napron" to "an apron " 'era]] of the Spanish-American War. Listen to DuPont's Cavalcade of America every Monday evening WMC —7:00 JOHN MILES MILLER CO. Distributors nf Dul'ont I'nxliK-ls Venetian Bliuds of SHEET METAL WORK- OF ALL KINDS Custom work for gins, alfalfa mills, oil mills. Custom Sheering up to 1/4 inch thickness Frank Simmons Tin Shop 117 South Rrnadway T'hone 2651 Such clean Venetian blinds! Dust skids right off Flexa- lurn, ifj so salin-smoolh! This aluminum bends for quick brush-ups, snaps hack into perfect shape! Lighter, easier lo operate. And the beauty lasts! Plastic finish * - on*t chip or crack. Flcxa- lum is fireprnof, rust-proof, x-calher-proof. Custom-made only. Como choose from beautiful colors... bring window mea&- uretnenls. So inexpensive! Custom - made only. Come choose from beautiful colon .. .ask for estimate without obligation. BUILDERS' SUPPLY CO. Inc. ONEMORE DAY LEFT 100 GALLONS GAS FREE OK SPECIAL USED CAR SALE! Tomorrow, Tuesday, is flic lasl day Dial you can do ;is so many !><Mi|)lc have done in the last 1(1 days . . . bought a Select Used car from Shclton Alolor Co., and, in addition, receive tfltl f^'llons of gasoline absolutely free. We've sold a lol of cars and we've taken in many trade-ins . . . why not drop down tomorrow and look them liver. You're sure to find the rinhl car at the right price . . . and also get the gas free! Here arc just a few. n. R. Pfiso So. Illway fil J. 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