The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on August 23, 1949 · Page 9
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 9

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, August 23, 1949
Page 9
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TU15STVAY, XTJOTST 28, 1949 Lawyers to Hear US District Judge Blythevill* Group To M**t Thursday; Officers to Be Elected Approximately 50 |«>rsons are expected lo attend the annual meet- inrff th« ' 'ytheville Bar Association* at the American Legion Hut Thursday night. Special guests for the meeting include Federal Judge T. C. Trimble, of Lonoke, Ark., and members of the Qsceola Bar Association. In addition to election of officers, other business slated for the meeting includes discussion of resolutions calling for more frequent Urms of Circuit Court improvement In court facilities. Judge Zal B. Harrison will report to the group on the county law library. Present officers of the association include Oscar FCIK'' president: Graham Sudbury, vice president; and James Roy, secretary- treasurer. Is Senior Judre in Arkansas Judge Triable, who is federal judge for Eastern 'rkaiuas is the senior federal judge of the stale having been appointed by the late Franklin D. Roosevelt in 1939. A little more than a year ago lie distinguished himself by suggesting a different system for ''nndllng revocation of paroles.. His suggestion has since uecn Incorporated into the law and adopted by Congress. Formerly, in cases whciu a piir- olee had been charged with violating his parole while another stale, the parolee mid all n-ltnc'ses connected with the alleged vioin- tion hnd to he brought before the court in which the man was orin- Inally convteled. Saves Funds for Taxpayers Judge Trimble's suggestion, which was marie before a meeting of dis trict and circuit judges In St. Loul« Mo., marie it possible for iKarincs on such violations to be licld in the state In which they occurred This suggestion was enthusiastically received by the federal jvdges riue to the fact tha* It expedited hearings ami saved the government thousands of dollars by eliminating costly transportation of witnesses and parolees. Prior to receiving his appointment 'o the federal judgcship Judge Trimble engaged In private practice in Lonoke. Vet and His Artificial Esophagus Improving CLEVELAND. Aug. JS-W,_A .IB-year-old University of Arkansas student and his artificial esophagus are "resting comfortably" at a hospital here. He Is Howard Frost, a war veteran, brought here when his artificial esophagus began giving him trouble. A hospital spokesman said the trouble Is -a minor local infection-which will either clear up by itself or will have to be repaired." Frost's throat was damaged by poisoned food while he was in France and i plastic tube was constructed to replace his esouha- THREE-WliEKS OLD O1RI, WAI.KS-Mrs. u. Verl Benson steadies her active baby at Salt Lake City. The family physician said the clnlcl takes "four or five steps," with the mother guiding it. The doctor termed the child very unusual. (AP Wircphotoi. Dog Pound Row Seen as Cause of Disappearance KANSAS CITY. Aug. 23. </}>j_p 0 lice theorized today that a missing executive secretary of an animal shelter may have disappeared because she became distraught over a dog pound controversy. Mrs. Feiiby S. Webster, executive secretary of Wayside Waifs. Inc., disappeared Sunday ninht. Her panel truck wus found abandoned yesterday. A crudely scrawled note on Ihe (ruck's windshield read: "Lay oil Iiulep." Mrs. Webster, 50. was a leader of a group seeking to change conditions at the dog pound in nearby Independence, Mo. Lt. Doral L. Dcnison. head of the Missing Persons Bureau, said police were considering the possibility Mrs. Webster may have become so upset over the <loy pound MIC icit the city. He said another theory under consideration is that she was abducted, by persons resenting her efforts to change conditions at the pound. She had contended facilities at the pound were not acieiiuale, that , dogs were not kept the required three days after being picked up and that many were sold to serum companies. Erskiue Dehoney. city dog catcher, denied state or city laws were violated. A police check indicated reports Mrs. Webster had received threatening telephone calls were groundless. Sheldon H. Webster. Mrs Webster's husband, said he knew of no threatening calls received by his wife. Bill Odom Plans to Fly In National Air Races C L E V F. L A N D, Aug. 23. (if, _ Capt. Bill Odom. round-the-world and long distance solo flight record holder, will fly in the s 10 000 rhompson Trophy Race of the National Air Races here Labor Day Odom will make his first try in the speed classic in a modified '-51 Mustang fighter plane which Jacqueline Cochranc. one of (fie nati'in's loading women pilots purchased recently. The Thompson race is restricted to men pilots. Miss Cochrane, in entering her Plane In the Thompson with Odom as utlol. droimcd out of the Transcontinental Bcndi>: Race for this Vcar. She won the Bcndix in 1936 and has placed second or third In subsequent years. The plane in which she took second last year crashed on its way back to the «>') HcW 1 ' k ' lllng thC Pilt> '' Silmp Miss Cochrnne said the modified f-5l did not have sufficient range for the Bendix. Beekeepers Inspect New Equipment Members and gueals of the NorUieiut Arkansas Beekeepers Association witnessed the change of a colony of bees from an old box Into a mod-rn hive. «t the group's meeting last week near Jonesboro The demonstration was given by Mr. mid /rs. Kenneth Smith of Marked Tree. Other demonstrations on bee- kcoQing included the explanation of exhibit equipment by R»y L McLester of Joiner; and the manufacture of equipment by Ciuy Dunham of Bono and Oenrge Gordon of Fisher These two beekeepers have been experimenting with hives and other equipment of their own manufacture. John M. Cavander. Cralghead County farm »«ent, explained the value of bees In pr«natlon. stitlng that even though they were Important as honey gatherers they were much more important as pol- HniKfttSon agent*. The meeting w»s conducted by Craighecd Forrest, south of Jonesboro, Friday, and the n«x. meeting is scheduled lo be conducted at Monette, in the spring, Livestock NATIONAL STOCKYARDS in Aug. 23. (IfI— (USDAl —HOKS 10000-' weights 180 Ibs up and sows mostly -'a luwcr than Mondays average; lighter weights extremely uneven' 2j lo 60 lower with some weights uncicr 14U Ibs 75 or more lower; bulk Hucjfl and choice aoo-250 Ibs 21.2j-50- lop 21.50; lew 260-JOfl. Ibs 19.75- Ji.UU; llill-lstU Ibs 20.00-21011- 140170 Ibs 17.25-1U.75; 100-130 i(j ulus 14.bO-n.25; few lislii pigs down u> 13.00; good sows 500 Ibs down 17 ou- la.ia; lew lots IS.jO; over 400 Ibs iJ.ij-l(i.2i; stags 11.00-13.50. Cattle 3,000; calves 2,iuu; some curly inquiry on steers moving a few loans ol good light and medium weight offerings steady at 25.5026.75 with medium quality feeder steers 19.00; heifers and mixed yearlings opening generally steady; medium and good kinds 20.00-2600- cows somewhat more active- and steady; common and medium beef cows largely 14.00-50; few good cow§ 15.00; canners and cutters 10.50- English King Edward the III had iron pots, spits and frying pans classed among the royal jewels A1I white cats are deaf, provided they have been bred from pure white stock. William the Conqueror, who defeated the English in 1086 at the Battle of Hastings, brought with him smiths skilled as horseshoers and armorers. WANTED Experienced Shop -Foreman All Replies Strictly Confidential Smith Pontiac Co. Phone 4293 You ought to be driving a 9 It's a Wonticr/nI Cur-a Wonderful iluu! Wherever Jon go ihesr,!;,,, yol , » rc likely lo Jic«r |,«> p Je tailing aboul the new Pontiac. JVamrallr. a grrai ,„„,, ,*„,,!,. la | k fi rs , alK)u , t^,,,;.,.., uu[ , lall j ini be . ul5 .. Thej conlrl har«llj help nolii-jng it! A great many 0 ||,, r8 M) . ,| 1( , v |,.,, r | ]rar ,| rr|)llrls of i-,,,,,;,,.,, |w:ormallrp , ;„ ,\ fnnftf in tratiic, Us smooil, ri.Ie am) il,c uomlcrdil tonvenientt of CM Hydra-Matic Drive.' Slill oll.ers teU us H|,,I ihcy have heard al>»,il I'.mliac's economy. And »ell llier might, for Pontiac is sensibly priced. JHJI .1601 c ihr wry /«„.«. And it is so thoroughly dependable thai it will give jcars of pleasure and s ,, |wr |, ,, rr f,,r,nan« with only minimum aervicing. We would like lo tell 50,, the whole I'.mliar slory-, : ,, nir („ ,„,,„ »,„] Ke l or )Mr ^ij, t.?-r.i - . , , ;:.-.•; •<••&-•*£••,„>.„, ~ SMITH 126 South Lilly i COMPANY Phone 4371 Mov* Launched To End Mttals Dispute UTl'LE ROCK, A U» SS-W)- Nciotlitlons were lo btnln anew today 1 0 sttk settlement of Ihe strike o( 1.600 CIO United sieel- workers of America at Arkansas Pl«nl» of the Reynoldi Mctalj Conipany, , Alter a four-day recess, union "d company representatives were scheduled lo meet with federal ne- gotiotors here at 2p.m, A company offer to end the strike by renewing the old contract with » four-cent Increase expired last midnight with no further moves by either side. EX-COMMUNIST TESTIFIED — Joseph Hack Kornfcder of Detroit. * telf-descrlbed former communist party executive, sits at the witness table In the houM-un-Amerlcan activities committee hearing room at Washington He testified that Hie communist party has spent large sums trying lo gain Influence in Ihe American labor movement- (AT Wirephoto). $17,760 in Claims Get Approval by State Board LITTLE ROCK. Aug. 23 (AI>) _ The ArkaiiiaSi Fiscal Control Bourd has approved payment of another 511.780 ,n claims against the state. But al lt.s session yesterday, the Doriid postponed action on a S51 688 claim filed by Ihe N, W. Newell Construction Company The comim- ny contends 11 lost that amount becnuse (he state Highway Di-part- ment delayed slai-t of a Job. forcing It lo move large quantities of earth (lining wet weather. Named to Girls' Court WASHINGTON. Aug. 23 (,l>, _ Elecllon of Esle- Ann Turner Con »'«y, Ark., as an associate lusilce of Ihe Girls National Supreme Lourl was announced today The "Justices" will try mock cases („ U. S. Supreme Court chambers. Read Courter News Want Ads Ranking British Airman Se«s No 'Shooting War' HOT SPRINGS, Ark.. Aug. 'a (AP)— A high-ranking British air- mnn said yesterday he "does not foresee any shooting war" on Ihe present international nor ton. Air Chief Marshall sir Charlw Meaford. head of the British Joint Service Mission lo (he United States, is in Hoi Springs for a physical check-up. In an Interview yesterday Sir Charles told a reixnler: "Russia probably Is worse off financially Uian any other country I think we would be very foolish to even be thinking of war." 28 B-50 StrafofcomaWr. Arriv* in England SCULTHORPE, Eng., Aug. M— WV-Th* u.8. Air Force's bomber command In Britain celebrated its first birthday today with the announcement that 28 B-SO atrato- bombers have arrived In England from their Tucson, Ariz., base. In a year, the Third Air Dlvl- ilon has grown from a skeleton sl>ff of apeclalists to embrace a. supply depot, a major overhaul depot, three B-2» base* and a complete headquarters In London. Antlstptic Ointment Aid ftt Bruises, Burns, Cuts icIUvlnr F«i helpful *nll(»pllc k* Mia *nd dlico»foil tioBi, lupailLcidl culi, miaac unite burni, luabura And biuiiti, u»« Cr*y; OUl*m*Dt «> ditecUd. M«dica!«d lo clinfl NU-WA LAUNDRY-CLEANERS Phone 4174 You will enjoy using Plate Glass full length Door Mirrors. . . and they're priced much less than you would Uiink at BUILDERS SUPPLY, Inc. W, II. Pease j. WUi«B Henry South Hiw»T n Phone tU4 THE GENERAL ELECTRIC DISPOSALL DOES ALL THE WORK FOR YOU... $ 124 50 Plus InitaUaflon No-it isn't just pilherinK up f.KMi waste in an ordinary sink' After « meal, ,t' a unpleasant lo scrape dishes and empty Ihe food waste info a paper bag.... or into an under-the-sink container. Wrapping garbage and cHrryinn it ID Ihe outside container is a repulsive task. So is the job of cleaning the container after the collector jusl. empties then,. BUT YOU DON'T HAVE TO HANDLE IT ANY MORE The GENERAL ELECTRIC DISPOSAL!,, installed in your kitchen sink, removes food waste heforc it be- Iwislou conli-nl In the opening ind give it Hubbard&Hoke Appliance Co. B>l__ -i * r A • B Phone 3450 After meals, scrap* the food from the dishes into the Disposal! opening. Throw in bones, gristle, watt* paper, piU, corn husks — almost anything. Twist the Safety Control. Turn on the cold water and swish . . . food wast* is gone. Blythevill* The Disposal! is self cleaning—fits almost any sink. It and your sink remain glistening clean and odorless. When not in use, the Disposal! permits your sink to be used as an ordinary sink. The Safety Twisrop Control acts also as a sink strainer and stopper.

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