The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on June 8, 1934 · Page 4
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 4

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, June 8, 1934
Page 4
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PAGE POUR BLYTHEVILLE, (ARK.) COURIER NEWS •'i/tHB BLYTHEV1LLE COURIER NEWS ' -- •" THJI COURIER NEWS (JO, PUBUBHKR8 0. R. BABCOCK, Kdllor .••'... H. W. BA1MES, Adverlltin* M*nt««r ' BoJe Nslloiiiil Advertising KcnnfrntaUves: Arlctnfu Dailies, Inc., New York. Chicago. Itei-vlt Bt, Loub, Dallas, Karon C.'.y, Memphis. Published Evrry Alicninon TSxcipt Sunday. Knii'iiM us M'cuml cli:ss ninllcr al (lie (xv;l ullicc al H:ylhcvllle, Ar- kiinsm. under act o! Congress. Oc- lubor U, ian. Servi'u i>y the Unilea I'rcss BUBSOHII'l'lON HATEK Uy currier In tne C«y o: Jllvincvllla, IBc per *wk or Jfi.50 |v?r year In nrtvftn r c. fly mull wltlilii n radius of 51) miles, »XCO per vrnr (1 S'l lor si* months. 85,< fur IJ.rcc months; ' by nuilI In ixx.ial roues two tu sis, Inclusive, $fi.50 |x?r ycal, In zones seven nm' cluht, per vcir, payable lu advance. J^C' Mlg/l< B Wilh Our Vou//i The commencement s|>L':ik (.' i' is abroad in the hiiul :ij;ain those il:iys. and if his tasl: i- a lilllo easier this year than il h:is huni for some lime, it is Mill Ihe hiiul of jo!) tluil iniglit make a strong 111:111 i|tutil. In the old days it was fairly simple. The speaker had only to net tip and begin telling the yuun^sUTs aliunl the . innumerable 1 opportunities that were ahead of them, and how html work and honesty would briny I heir inevitable reward. Then, when he .saw tlio yonnj;iT members of the class Celling restless, he could shut it oil' mi:! sit down, contented. Hut of late years it lias been different. Opportunities for young have been anything but innumerable. .during the last three or four years. There are plenty of youni: men in America today who gnl llieir diplomas four years ago \vho luiven'l been able to get jobs since then — although many of "them needed jobs very badly, since their fathers were out of work. Nor have hard work and honesty carried llieir u. ; ual premiums. It's all very well to talk about them, but when a depression forces your employer out of business and your job dissolves beneath, you. you're left holding the sack just as if you had been a time-server and a eonnivcr. Of course, things are bettor now. There is reason to hoi>c that they will be even better a year from now. But the commencement, speaker is still on the spot. .v * * ' * Perhaps bis best course would simply be to go hone.- 1 and say something like this: "1 have a lot of crust, addressing yon youngsters, because yon can't help seeing that my generation just doesn't know bow to run the ' country decently. '. "Sonio of yon will find jobs, if yon'iv ! lucky; the rest will sit around the \ hon~c and wonder what it's all annul. ;• I don't min:l telling yon thai I've been ; wondering the same thing for several • years. "While you're wondering, yon might E ; :OUT OUR ;';::: i slop to think that this country is ablii lo r;iixe so much food Hint everybody' roiild have, nil lie wiints lo e;il. It's iible lo m;iko eiuui};h dolliinu for evory- li'jily, enontfli .--liocs, cnoiij;!] ('(iinoi's, enough Jiutoiiioliiles, liunse:-, eiionj'li of everylliinn think of. "Tlien; isn't really iniU'h i-xctise for n> In liiivu iinenipldynieiil mill ]>iiviTly am! want, except our own slii|jii!ily. "If yon yountj'.stei's can IHiure mil a way lo Kei. Hie wheels lurnint; lull speed, the cuunliy will be very jti'iili 1 - ful lu you—if it doesn't put yon i" j.'iil. At any rate, I wi.-li you lots ni' tuck." — Hl'lK't; Cilllnll. 7 hai Insanity Pica ilriiKiiHllui; radical reforms in procedure in nnii'der triaK (In 1 I'sychiatric Association h;is moved In end one of Hie must n!;if- iiiK (Ipfu'irncii'.s of America's t-iiininal law. A report on the "insanity defense" was siiliniillcd lo Hie nineleriilh annual convc'iition of the association re- ctnlly, nnd \l pj-ojuiKud several impnrl- anl chaiiKe:;. II would cliiniintlf most of the ahslrtise leclinicul evidence which nowadays is :,iiljmiUed lo a tunl'iised jin-y when H ilcfcixlunl asserts lii< u\vn insanity, and it would provide thai liny man submitting .such a pk'a IK: confined in an a.sylum for an imldinile period, whether he be found guilty or acipiittcd. Thai (he cowls' way of handling the • insanity defense need:) llionnij;li overhauling i;- loo obvious (o need argument. The psychialrisls, who have good reason lo know how completely Ibis kind of defense is abused under presi nl practice, are lo be commended lor llieir ell'ort. lo bring about D reform. 7 our o/ (he ! Topics The old theory thai the while man is apt to deteriorate when be stays, in the tropics loo long teems to have, received official confirmation \>y ad of Congress. President Roosevelt has just signed the Logan bill, which repeals the former requirement thai army, navy and marine corps olt'icers stick lo their posts at least three years when assigned lo duly at tropical stations, and mils the length of their tour of duty up lo discretion of the president. Evidence heard by a committee, says a senate report, showed that "because of the conditions, climatic, social, and otherwise, prevailing in the various foreign service shitions," Ihe minds of officers were .-trained so badly that a considerable: mimbur went violently insane. Now it will l>u possible to fowl the tro|)ics lo (he officers in smaller doses. And an old theory, beloved of novelists, i-. congrossionally confirmed. FRIDAY, JUNE 8, 1934 SIDE GLANCES Hy George Clark T'w*m £~x fa\ . .-x.-',' . TA ,- ~-.. • 'v^- •>, f -tt*y*., ...•..•j---.v-^-\ - ii--. VV—<*) . ; ,! ; k^'^': : \> & .;(•/ xVr.^v-.^'Xif.w.<20 K: l ^S t i - (:ffe ^/f^ rthQVJ iP^-,^ |pp^^::: ; : "And the funny part «f i( is that I married her before knew she w;is such a Komi ruiik." P,v William; 60m THffflV VEARS TO6 So ONI. Navy Worships in Famous-Shrine ^-.Toay's Almanac; JHIS CURIOUS WORLD S TXc HAMMERHEAD, A BIRD OF AFRICA, BUILDS' A NEST WHICH REQUIRES S/XMQHTHS TO CONSTRUCT. rejects the tree- by crownal HU partv ajiother Lincoln ..TSXAS... SEVEBAL COUNTIES HAVE BEEN GIVEN THE FULL NAMES OF THE /WEN MEMORY THEX HONOR 'fO THAT THERE CAN &E NO CONFUSION OF NAMES DEAD MAN'5 FINGERS/' A CORAL-LIKE FORMATiOM FOUND IN THE OCEAN, SO CLOSELY RESEMBLES A HUMAN HAND THAT IT FREQUENTLY IS MISTAKEN FOR. ONE WHEN FOUND ON THE SEA-SHORE. CHURCH EXCUSES Hj Or*. Since Sister and Junior are now landing the summer with my Mks I need not worry about some .ne to take them to church. You -•an imagine the relief this is. Sls- .er and Junior are very fortunate o h;wc a Motlwr such as Ihey lave. I often tell our crowd lhal .t is doubtful ;I there arc two ;hll<lrcn in the world that are Messed with a Mother of my lyi». When you think of Ihc trouble I lave none Ilirnugli to tlml a cuit- .iblc person to lake them so lliat they would have Ihe advantages )f church training. ,J'ou must say they have a wonderful Mother, ;it)d [ often .say tlml nil Ihc Molhers ,vho linvc children in the Sunday i " ~~~ School and church should apprc- seldom tear up anything in the [ peeled ol children wilh an Itiquisi- •uale my efforts for il is not, often house. Of course they have acci- live nature. thai such children us Ihey Imvc clcnl.s—now jiisi, the other day,' iti tin? opportunity to associate ih = y upset, the Piano, and Junior i II l>sa been c.slimalcd that oi im!f nSU T\ C " IWrC " " S Si5 n Cr amt W:lntlP - '" fl '° - iust v; " : " "'«'""" 196,950.0(10 M.uarc miles of the Junior. nc> arc so Rcnllc ami grandfather's clock run look il surface- of Ihc earlh ol which 57 - tlieu- habits, OIH; hardly, ;,pnu wilh nk sum;; .latcliul. Inn! 1SOOOO miles are hud 500000(1 knows they jire about and they Illlle thi^s like thus may bo e.x- j S nmu£ T|" ;," c a ^ The hammerhead makes a three-chambered nesl, whicli is enler- ed from Ihe outside by a common doorway, and covered overhead by a roof. One room is used ns u sleeping chamber, one p.s a nursery, and one for observation. NEXT: How did the pistol get Us name 1 .' BKIJIS1 IIKHKTOnAY IM»\A i:.MIH1KI,. Hrrn« p»r- nrnirr. ffnllw frum tSe trn[,r>c Hurt fl inhirrri. 'I 1 ., plrnne hrr |i:,rf1irr. ttrrrmrilnii in be (he other elrl. Shi- Ix naliamnl of Ikln iK-crpll'in lull krrrii II «,.. nrn when llll.l. NIIIDAI,. Morfrllnr-. rou-ln. n»k. hvr lo tnmrr'r Mm. AMOK S1O- IIVI.. Vflilrlfnr'n firanilrnlhf r »i ho <>i»n« Ihe fnrni, I* tillnri. A1IIS. 1'I.J.VrKR. hnvBrkrrpvr dla- rfinr^rrf 1*7 Itonun, I* her rnrmr. M.inmi nnd nil] nr<- marrlri. IMi-rirmhlli- Mndrllni- hn« ninrrlrd < l>\ If.tVIU, olri-n. tmininl Irnln- Inkm part In Ihc animal in. nlrnkr. :iil<-linr In .\><v Orlrnnji lirn llir rNKC «illh fhr Krn^al ll£rr nnd In klllrfl. l.'on l.s ilii- *')i:iri:rd nnil. Dunltlr- 1,1 ert ivork. <ln-MrM In en In (he- Slildnl Innu In flatiM >ladeUnc*» Inhi-rllniirr. t'r'im the urarbr (,,\vn hr f,rnU\ n note In DonMn Anil Nfcr M^rrrv lu iMrrl him thr rtr\( Dflrrnonn. >lr^. 1'lnntrr Irnrnn «r IhU und llnntin IflU lllll n nrlchhnT'M nnri krr], llir •|*Hnl*tm .NI>1V 4f(» O.\ Wl'r hr 1> Knln *rl* util rnf nllh l' lie white pipiiiE on llieir bluejacket collars forming a •rn In Iho pews, 2,000 olficeis and men of the United States lleet an lown in New York's famed St. Patrick's Cathedral during a ponli- mass al which Cardinal Hayes .(old them: "UriprcparediK-ss would be supreme folly." ]lass Coffin Inventor u „ n • i father of 10 children and invcn- nas Lyes on Presidency j lor " { liu ' sins-- cufiin, and » non- tillable fcoille. lias aspirations lo WASHINGTON Ind IUP) -Rev b " Uic " cxl P^-iiieHt of Ihc Unlt- ' ed Slates. Rev. Slalford has directed relief of the Coldcn Rule Army ANNOUNCEMENTS The Conner News h!is been nu- since hir, retirement from :iorizcd (o nnnounci the following j niiniilry :it J:i:.onville four « candidates for pi.hllc ofllcc. sab- """ cct to Uic Deifiocralic primary txl August: Vnr Iieprcicnlallve IVY W. CRAWFOKD '/.'", B. HARllISON OtOHOE W. BARHAM tor Mcintier of Congress CLINTON t,. CAI.DWUI.L Vnr Slirrifl and Collector CLAHKNCE H. WILSON r'or Ke-clcclion for Second Ti-rtn r'nf Counly Trtasurer JOK S. DILI.AIIUNTY ROI.ANi) GKEEN I "r (iirnlt rourt Clerk Hlltill URAIO i ADDIKON SMITH K. !J. (SKKKT) STOUT For Cminly Court Clerk FRED FLKB\!AN For Re-Klccllon for 2nd Term lor ASSCMOT n. L. (B1LUT OAINE3 U. C. IIKK) HUDSON For Const able of C-dcXj&avba Township JACK ROBERTSON K .STOIIY CIIAPTBR XXXVIII VV/1IKN Donna was oul of slsbl " Hill relurncd to llie hoilsc. Me wag strangely resile:^-, and uneasy. Forry tbat be had let her £o. Oild that i:ho ^iiould have insisted nn Koins ro tho Ad;ini3es thrnngli tbo suo\v storm wbcn she had never been neishliorly with them Iwforc. Hill T.'eut into C-ramlfalher Siddal's room. The old ruaii ivas eating bis noon meal and showed no stril:in s pat- indication of the hard uiglit >)c liad had. "T.onlis like a blizzard," Hill ssirt. "Ticrkon I'd Iwller lix up some add«il protection for tlio stock." "I heard Ihe wind." Amos Sid- unl nodded. "Is it snowins?" "Coining down fast." "The liltlo fellers will like II Oou'l you recollect when :i snowstorm was aboul llie finest liilns in Ibc world. Bill?" "Vca. And lhat rcmlnihl me lliat ivbile I'm aljout ft I'll grease the runners of tho bobsled. I don't suppose Madclino has I>ecii In a boli'lcd since she was a kid." "I never was In one." Miss Per- of trie weaHier. trudged back to the fiouse. A yellow gleam ot Ilfillt from tlio living room window threw a welcome f;l° w on the path. He paused in the woodshed long enough to use a brush PIIOW from bis shoes and:clolbiug. Then be cnlcrcd tlio house by. .way. of (be kitchen. By rights Donna should now lie bclpiii!; Minnie with the evening meal. Bin Donna war* not 111 the kitchen. Minnie looked up from a pan of potatoes she was pecliiiB and nriiincd nl him. "Where's my wife?" liill asked. "Diinito." Calling. ".Madi'Iine!" be passed (hrmigli llie pantry ami corridor. \Vhcn there was no reply ho ran up the slair.-:. Tb^ir lir:lroom was cinply anil liii:i her hat and coat were i;-j;:c. lib v.-alrh iiir.-rriTl him lliat it was attor liv: •:'<'•:•': "Sh'.-'.i ftay- ins a ln:ii; ti:n;." Dill multcrcil. '"I'on lon.^." In Cr.i:i:Kni:i?;-'= ronsn be tried to si_':'ni ciiri: i' v. ur:i lie- in<|uirei] f Madeline Hail teleplioucd. but iiorc w;ir, a m:a of anxiety in bis oice tbat could I;M l>e rli.JBuiscil. "Terlnpr. sbe iricil to." Miss Per- tins sii.^E;e?lrd, "and the storm pre- enteil lier frciai ^cll'.u^ Illy mca- •=age Ibrougb." He expect:, to Income president, under the banner o! the Golden Kulc I'.iriy. whicli l-.r claims ius promi£e;l him SO.OOO.O'^O votes bs-1 *' lc ' rn ^' lore Jan. 1. 1935. 'R O V. Stadonl Wlllr ' 1 "' claims Ihc party has n membership of 12.000.COO—largely secr:t. Keceiuly he join "a letter to PrMldrnl Hooscvclt a'skius Ui.u the Grildcn Rule platform bo made a constitutional amendment. A reply from Mr. Roor,eveli 3 secretary intimated the request would be given consideration. Pulitzer Prize Winner To See Frontier Days rMRvr.-M-:. WVD irjpi — MIS. Cuiolnu- Miller. 1031 winner of the Puhtwr h-..-.t-!iovrl pi:?.e. will Ve a vifilor .« the Chrycnnc rronlirr Days m July, she has announced. Mrs. Miller, whose pr!w winning novel, "Lamb In His Bosom" won her a Si.coo award sat-i thai all her lite she has w.inlcd. 1 to attend 'h! rojjo at riicycnne; and now Intends to do fc. She ^.il! bE acco^ipsnlfd frorA Eaxlsy. Ga.. by her husband and two sons. kins murmured, looking up from s ' lc ' 1cl< ' '" hcr 1al> ' rom w 'i'cli sfie was feeding the patlenl. The nurse rose and carried llie lr,iy to the kitchen. When she ro turned eho Blood, foe » st-conri. stndyins tho lonng farmer. you ever regret glyli'B up "Do your "That's rir.ivt. can get Adamv I'll roo 's on lli whether . 11110110." Mrs. Adamr,' voice came over llie wire. my wife tlill tliere?" Hill asked. "Who is Ibis?" "mil Siililal. Is Mr;. Siililal still Iherc? 1 ' "\Vliy, no." "Kut she's bren al your house today?" "Ko. I didn't expect her." IKK .1 man ravaged by a long 1 illne.-is. lllll moved !>• away from llie telephone. Miss :P, who had followed him into the ball, cave a little cry at the siphl of his r.trirkrii fare. "Something's happened." lie mumbled thickly. "An acriiicrit. She hasn't been Ilierc at all." "Ob. but Just half a mile--" "Don't Icl on t" 'he "Id man. I'm. soinK lo gal tho Iplulcd ami go after her." It occurred to him lliat bis fore- thoiiBbl in oilitis the slcil and get- Ins il In shape was a trim coincidence. Not once, as be hitched the horse?, covering them with blankets and putting blinders over their eyes, did ho doubt Madeline's word. Sbn bad said she was KOina; He ought t* karf VTn PerHm ;et In touch wHb Doc Freeman n bat be. could be c* kli way tho fara when Bill reached home with Madeline. No, he wouldn't ako the lima to slop ami tell Mfsa Perking. Every moment waa prfr / clous. Once ont on the open road he drovo slowly, hi.i eyes soarehlng, scareliing for a dark object In the snow. Once he stopped Hie horses and leaped out of the sled, hut tho object he bad hoped was Madeline proved to bo only a log, half-covered wilh snow. AT Ihe Adams farm he turned around, bewilderment added lo liis anxiely. A woman, walkilic, miglil have wandered off the path. ;ntlcn into the woods and become ost there, hut an automobile could not disappear completely. Either Madeline bad pone beyond tiio Adams place or tho car had been wrecked and lowed away. In the lalter rase II did not seem plausible that slic would not bnvo ii taken to the Adams house or that ho -ftoultl not have been notified. A*, (ho crossroads lie stopped ayaiil. H would Iw impossible l-> drira the .horses and slod llironch growth of uudcrhiiisb lj-,it if hy chance Madellnn had barl trouble with the engine nnd started on ti^nt for lielp Fbc mipbt have mi?srd l r ie way uud gone in lliat direction. A reareh with Ihe ai-l of a pocl.«-t flashlight, however, yielded no rn- siilt?. Mill climbed hac!i lalo tin rrat of tbc fiice! and starJcd for lionic. There he wnuld tclppimue lo town and nsk someoiio to out n searching party. "I wouldn't woiry." Mi.-;: t'i'rt:in c said. In an eu"orl lo comfort him. ".MaylK 1 she <lecidcd lo 50 to rnwn and ^oir.ethinK held her up. FbVl! be homo in a few mluuics or rhe'll tclepliouo — you'll rce." Srarceh* knowina hig. Hill !i[:r:l a medical sluilies. Sir. Siddal?" she asked, picking up some sewing Ebe liad dropped in a chair. "Not since my marrlaca." "You would havft mado A *on derful doctor. I'TO noticed you often. You never say anything toi to ",j,' e "adamscs and site bail not Irrltalo the pallenl and your prea- j arr |vcd there. The only expl.iru- cuco always Ecems to sootlio your grandfather." t | 0n (hat there must hare been an accident. Perhaps at this mo- Bill patted Ihe oM man's band, j menl site was lying In n Ridley at "We'ro mighty close — (Irandpopl Hie side of Ihe road, dead or dying. and I." he said. "Have lots ofj A groan lore at mil's tbrnai. things In common." Why had rio let her go? He hnd i the ctorm coming. It had nl- >gun when she left. She , good driver. If ehe was of perspiration formed on his tticpl's asd upper Up and tro:» H E added as he turned to go. rtady "I'll b« b«ck In ,half an hour. Grandpop, »n<5 then I'll read you th« f»im new?.' On« of til ciby Umhs slcV and thli 4«ltT»(S him. Uwisdutkl.Ia the fey i!r. His hindi , the* and ipprehtnilve j bWfl " Ui»t'ns tad dlfflcully in "I Tioix: so." what be waa d pile of mail thai l.iy o;i Iho dir.!:-.4 room (able. "That cume while you were o:-r n llie barn." l!ie uursr b.isteneri lo explain. "I forgot lo say aay(bins about it." There were catalog?, circular?, a uow?paper and a letter. The address on the letter was hi unfamiliar handwriting. Bill shovp,i the circulars to one side and p'rVfl up the lelter. "Wonder wbo'p writing n-.c from 1-ehanon." br-TEaTd. Tliea be opened it. The 'unv?e. walcbius bla face, It turn th; 1 color of death. "Mr. Slrlrliil, what Is it? \VliafA happened?"' "Nolliing. NolhiiiE:. I'm ci- 1 !:!^ lo town." He Jammed Mr* 1'lnnt- er's anonymous message inl* h!a coal vockPt. The chug-chiis of a motni i-njlne killed Ihe rest of Ihe sentence. The csr cam« Inlo the driveway an-i stopped In fronl of the house. Th« nurse. Insllnctlvely realizing thtt come ton of scene was Im- mlctct. slipped cut of the room :s Donni opened ths front dnor. (To Be Continued)

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