The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on July 6, 1944 · Page 7
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 7

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, July 6, 1944
Page 7
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THURSDAY, JULY 0, 1944 CLASSIFIED ADVERTISING INFORMATION Dally rate per line for consecutive Insertions; Charge .............. 60o 1 time per line .................. 16o 2 times per line p«r day ......... 12o mtaea per u^, p^ ^y ......... jo SVtlmes per line per day ........ 7o 12 times per llae per day ....... 60 1 Month per line ................ 80o Ads ordered for tbreo or dx times »na stopped before eiplrstion wUl be charged fpr the number of times the ad appeared and adjustment of bill made. All Classified Advertising copy Bubmltted by persons residing out- aide of the city must be accompanied by cash. Rates may be easily computed from the above table. Advertising ordered for Irregular Insertions takes the one time rate. No responsibility will be taken for more than one incorrect Insertion of any classified ad. " --- ^~ " ~ ~ f **Vv**wv^n~~rv—v*f For Sale Adjoining city limits one 5-room residence, one 3-roow residence, one 2-room residence located on 1 acre of ground, nice orchard now bearing fruit. Price $3,500. H 0 Campbell, 120 So. Second, Phone 448 - 7-3-pk-ll Fresh flsh always on sale at Williams Market, next to Jodie Nu- bersStoreonHwy. 18. 6| Nice residence on Holly Slreet~5 rooms with batli. Price 53,650 H O. Campbell, 120 S. 2nd St. Phone Three used A-C Combines; one practically new. Write or call E. B. Gee Colton Co. Phone 2028. 1|l-ck-tf Used Arcola heating system, complete with radiators. Will heat 5 room house. Will sell next few reasonable. Write J. L. , P. Q. Box 468. 6<29-pk-7j7 Nothing finer than Haviland China for the bride. Planters Hardware Co. . 6-28-ch-28 For Sate :iectrlc 2450. stove; oil henlcr. Phone I'hrec bedroom residence, 7& ft. fvontfige, two servant houses, No. Broadway. Price $5,250, terms. H. C. Campbell, 120 S. 2nd St. Beautiful 2 piece Living Room Suite. Table model radio. Phone 3255. VJC-pk-lO For Rent Warehouse, 70x50, in rear of USO building. Entrance from alley. Sec Mr. Hnrtzog al Marl's Bakery. 7-C-ck-13 Light housekeeping. 201 W. Vine. 7j5-j)k"8 Bedroom, adjoining bath. Twin beds. Working girls' preferxcd. Phone 570 after 5:30 p.m. 1-6-pk-lO Tour room furnished house. Sec Mrs. A. A. Scotl, 81(1 Clark Street. • 1|3-pk-7 Two Inrge rooms, water and lights. Northwest corner Camp Monl- trie. Sec Mrs. Mnuct B. Edlngton, from 9 till 7. 7-C-pk-D Furnished bedroom. Couple preferred. Mrs. Kay Bradley, 101 East Sycamore. 7[5-pk-8 Rooms for men. Atkins. G|30-i>k-!iO Parker's Rooms for men. 5|30-pk-6130 Office in Ingf-im Building. Inquire »t the Parkhurat Co. ll-30-ck-tl Experienced beautician. Good salary and commission. Short hours. Write Box T.A.C., % Courier News Ci28-ck-14 Experienced pressers and seamstresses. Apply Hudson Tailor Shop. 5-17-ck-17 Experienced coots »na Apply Hotel Noble. Services waitresses. IS-ck-tt Newly overhauled F-30 Farmall tractor on new rubber. Brand new cultivator and bush & bog disc harrow. Lee Wilson & Co,, Armorel. Phone'2088. 6-22-ck-tf 22 Inch window fan blades. Build your own fan. Blythevllle Machine Shop. Phone 2828. 6|23-ck-tf Spencer corsets for health and style. See Mrs. John Long, Registered Corse tie re. 133 W. Kentucky. Phone 3388. 6j24-pk- 1 ?|24 Middle aged widow wants housework. Will .consider practical nursing if permanent. Phone 2075 fi|30-pk-7|8 Wanted An eight-day mantle, striking clock. Phone 434. 1-G-ck-tf Wanted to liuy USED PIANOS bndght and sold. George Ford, Hardaway Appliance Co. 6,14-ck-14 325 M1.3SOTJRI 5H LACLEDE These are two nice 4 room homes In a pleasing neighborhood. Inspect and take your choice Eor $2100, on easy terms. See S. Jiedel, 224 Main 6-12-pk-12 Mixed lumber, 2"—$40 per thousand. Phone 3309, So. 2Ist St., Pride Addition. O. S. Rolllson. 5|29-ck-tf Table and Console RADIOS. Electric and battery. HARDAW&Y APPLIANCE CO. Phone 2071. 7-ck-7 LIST YOUR PROPERTY with H. C. 'CAME'EELL, 120 S. Second. Phone 440. We get results. 7-3-pk-4 A REAT, COTTON FARM AT BARGAIN PRICE OP $30.00 PER ACRE. 320 acres, 115 in cultivation. Cypress sandy loam. Fenced and cross fenced. Two houses, 4 barns. S. W. of Neelyville, Butler County, Mo. Must sell to wind up an estate. T. H. VINYARD, Poplar Bluff, Mo. , 7-l-ck-6 Featlier pillows. 400 E. Davis. Gl30-pk-8 gallon oak barrels. Dr. Pepper Co. Phone 2392. 6-20-ck-20 14-2 and 12-2 Romex wire. Lamp cords, Iron cords, Extension cords. Hordaway Appliance Co. 0-14ckl4 BWTHEVILLE CURB MARKET —has FRESH PEACHES, EGGS, and the best fruits and produce to be found anywhere. . . Located at 130 E. Main. Phone 973. D. S. Hay. Mgr. G-21-pk-21 Will pay cash for $10,000 worth of good used furniture. TVade Furniture Co. Will pay 20c per aoz. for wire coat hsDgera. Hudson Cleaners. WanteQ TQ Eeht $10 reward for information leading to rental of 2 bedroom apartment or house. Call B.A.A.F., extcnsioi 225. 7i-)k- Four rooms or more; furnished house or furnished duplex. Will consider furnishing a new duplex. Phone 2596. 6;30-pk-7 l 8 Small furnished apartment on West Side. Permanent lilythevilie couple. Call Mrs. J. C. Roach, 4fil. §5 Gold Piece in Uudish CHICAGO (UP)-^Jac}; and the beanstalk have nothing oil Jack James, 12, of Oak Park, 111., and his victory garden. When Jack went out to pull a few radishes for dinner ojie day he noticed a particularly juicy-looking one. He bit into it and found a five-dollar gold piece around which the radish had grown completely. A persons eyelids open- and close a quarter of a billion times in normnl lifetime, according to statistician. FEED—Hay, oats, sweet feed, shorts, poultry and dairy feeds. Custom feed grinding. Blythevllle Grain &! Elevator Co. 6-10-cfe-tf For farm bargains In Southeast Missouri write or see W. E. GU8TAF- SON, Farm Sales, Clarkton, Mo. 6-8-pk-8 Every type of sporl shoe repair mnilc here where a vf i il c stock of fine leathers and materials plus highly skilled workmanship insure the smartest appearing results combined with top-notch wear and comfort, moderate prices. QUBLITY SHOC SHOP '121 W. MfllN fiT. SPECIAL For A Few Days 1 CASE CO.CA COLA And 75c Bottle Phillips 66 Furniture Polish—Both 1.39 Bring Tonr Empty Bottles POTTER'S STATEMNE SERVICE STATION Dr. J. L: Guard Optometrist at Guard's Jewelry 209 W. Main Bare 50% On TRUSSES Steel and Elastic STEWART'S D r a f S t i r « Main & Lake Phone 2822 I SCREEN ACTOR Volou. P«»U HORIZONTAL 1,5 Pictured screen nclor' 13 Type of molding 14 Gol up 15 Carmine 16 Snare 17 Italian city ISMmule skin opening 19 Caravansary 21 Sloth 22 Mortise insert 23 Enthusiastic ardor 25 Doclor's assistont 27 In place oi 29 Blow on the head 31 Symbol for tantalum : 32 River barrier . 35 Paid notice '36 Uncommon 38 Symbol for germanium 33 Dibble. 41 Forenoon (nbbr.) 4Z Hops' kiln 44 Decay 45 English account money 47 Individual 49 Tardier 61 Yawned 54 Malt drinks 55 Distribute SGLow haunt 58 Grafted (her.) 59 Caterpillar hairs CO He is a supporting — — VERTICAL 1 Iotas 2 Monster 3 Auditor 4 Asiatic kingdom 5 Head cover C Operatic solo 1 Colophony 18Foollike part 40 Mighty .1(1 •*_!... , j-. i. . . * ? ^ _ ^wisi 20 John (Gaelic) 41 Swiss river 22 Malayan tin « Dress (coll.) coin 24 Model 8 Royal Scottish 26 Indians Academy 27 Whim (abbr.) 26 Harem room 9 One- (Scot.) 30 Soul (Egypt) 33 Since 34 Encountered 37 International language 44 Regret 4C Legfll point 48 Cognomens 49 Boys 50 On the shel tercit side 52 Gtrt's name 63 Forest creature 57 Mysolt OLIVER FAUM EQUIPMENT Suit) mid Service HARRISON AUTO I'AKTS CO. 517 W. Ash 1'hono M52 If j»» want u BBJ B«n4» SH.L U8 TUB YOU AKR NOT USING t«r cuhl Abo llbrrit trmie-ln lUMiruM* ftx »lt (iniUo r t.. B new, Alrln JUrdy Fnni. Co. MI K. Mnio mow tm Hcfrlgcration Service F. W. TATUM Phone B57 I Try our "Own Made" ICE CREAM Ole Hickory Inn Atrou fr«m Ut|h Bfhwl Plenty of Now Available In Book Form— , HOME, FROM DIEPPE A complete account of the experiences of Sergt. Kverelt Oglfsby, Manila, Ark,, war hero, one of Ihc llrst Americans la flght on the coufiiient of Kuropc ill tltls w-dr. Serving with the gallant old Essex hcoltlsli Regiment, he was wounded at Tllenpe, spent U month* in a Na?l prison anil finally wns repatriated. Permanently disabled from his wounds, he lias returned to Arkansas after being honorably discharged from the Canadian Army. Every American will ivanl to read Hits absorbing story of courage anil patriotism. While they last—a limited number of special autographed copies, mailed anywhere postpaid, Only $1. SEND OUDF.nS TO SERGEANT OGLESBY % Courier News, Blytlievllle, Ark. Guaranteed REPAIR SERVICE ' On All Makes of TRACTORS/TRUCKS; FARM EQUIPMENT, MOTORS and CARS. Our shops are equipped with the most modern machinery. Fire experienced mechanics and machinists guarantee FAST, RELIABLE SERVICE Electric and arc welding—portable and stationary units. WE CARRY COMPLETE LINES OF PARTS LEE WILSON & CO. WOOD For Sale! BARKSDALE MANUFACTURING CO. Phone 2UJ1 Elm«r Cannlngham VULCAHlZinG Tire ft Tube Repair C«th» Bel* EJfc * B. Hwy. 11 with tafia A«. FU) OPA Ceiling Prices On Used Cars Go Into Effect July 10th HYWAIT! Buy A Car From Us Now On GUARANTEED OPA JULY 10th CEILING PRICE PRESCRIPTIONS PrMhMt Stock Guaranteed Beat Priew Kirby Drag Stores No. | Model •IDA | lilll (i5A | 1011 201 | 11)10 m | iaii 21, '1 | l!Mi 222 j 1011 1 * 22.') | 10-11 2(!SU 1 10!)!) Mukc • • • ' ' CllKVHOUiT 5 1'ASS. COUl'lC I'OlTl) 2 i)OOR ,S1'JI)AN --..-- I'hYMoinii HusiNKss coui'K' i'Oiu) siiV'Ki) IJIOLUXJO J-iiooTt J'dN'I'lAC .l-DOOH KIODAN WIICK SUI'KU .1-1)0011 I«/K;K Ki'i'X';iAi< .I-DOOK i-'OKi) 2 1KK)H SKI) AN I'uis riAo 2 nooit SKDAN OI'A Celling $lOiia2 1115.02 802.11 '^T2~fitn77 1338.75 ; 1007,37 11)32.06 H27.,f7 noi on ,n x 11» Y Most of the Above Cars Arc Equipped With Radios, Heaters, Etc Many Other Cars— All Makes, All Models ! LOY EICH CHEVROLET COMPANY BlyrhoviHe OPf N DAY & N/TE Phone 578 Hare Fan & Refrigerator Motori Cleaned For Summer. New Location! 16 N 1st J. T. (Ch.rlie) Stilcap Phone 2993 ar 2598 J. LOUIS CHERRY ItrprfMntlnj NEW YORK LIFE INSURANCE CO, Blflbevillo, Ark. ARMOREL, ARK. CALL 2088 DON EDWARDS Th* TrMwrtHr M»»" BUTTII. OOEONi, AND HKMINQTOH •OTAL, in H. n^nsan (Every Truusctloo Hurt B* DRS. NIES & NIES OSTEOPATH/C PHYSICIANS RECTAL DISEASES a SPECIALTY EXCEPT C4NCERJ OFFICE HOURS: 8:00-12:00 and 1:30-5:00 Clinic 614 Main BIytheTille, Ark. Phone 2521 We Specialize In Repairing Ford Cars & Trucks MOT OR; TMne and Ad i"st. New Rings, Sleeves and Bearings. CHASSIS.' Rebush Steering and Front System. Repair Brakes. BODY; Straighten, Refinish and Paint Damaged Metal Parts. Phillips Foremost Ford Protective Repair Service Tel. 453 Hy V. T. HAMUN t GrXTNIP.f A'/.ro Siiil'f.s Uic St-cvol NOW WE KNOW HOW COME ALL THE . HOW CCXXD CA,T KNOWVtWT FRECKLES AND HIS FRIENDS MERRILL BLOS3E| t)EE. MISS KfW, ITS U\CE THAT BOTH LOTS ARE RIGHT DOOR TO EACH OTHER I WHAT'S THE BIO ID?A? ) THOUGHT WF , _. . FARMINS" YES. IT WILL WE'VE GOIIA i3t'| MAKP A 1 Rl&nr TO WOR): PLEASAWT . AND DO OUd /y SPADIHG SURE we DID BUT THE FIRST THlNti A . CAME UP HFScf TD DOSOMf GOOD FARMER DOES IS TO MAKE THERE'S' PLENTY OF '•• -CPLAWTING. LARD I; •- — PremnUirc W 3HEJFFF 6E.TS Gv\CK VJHH MY i^Ert, I'LL HAVE OUR By FRED BARMAN TitacT \\\\S ft 6HM1 FUSE WASH TUBES BY LESLIE TURNER UAIEBtJ TH' COLOHEL SAYS WE'RE B1JVIW' Y BUT THIS 1$^ "fWEMOSrtP AS WELL AS PRI50HER5, I THEIR TWBO SIC... AM9 TO <5WE 'EH WE SAME I TRIP TODAy SEWARO WE PIP YESTERDAY WHEN \ WITH JUST K3HT PRISONER SftWE REWARD.. THE/ BROUGHT IW EISHT JAPS THE BOYS SHOOLDH'r KAWE MICH TROUKE, BOB, WITH MOSTO'THE JAP AIRCRAFT OH I!OOTS AND HER BUDDIES BY EDGAR MARTIN 60OO N\GWT. AMD Walnut «t 5th

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