The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on September 19, 1951 · Page 9
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 9

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, September 19, 1951
Page 9
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WEDNESDAY, SEPTEMBER 13, 1351 RIA'THEVTU.K (ARK.) COURIER KF.WS 2 White Swans and a Country Fair Danbury Event Is Typical of the Great American Fair Season-Except that It's a One-Man Sh By ARTHUR B. KICKKIUIV DANBURY, Conn, iNEAi—Iti the Gay 90's there was a highly jwpular ditty which went like this: 1 went to the Danbury Pair, ttjjfcie birds and the beasts were -^Lhrrc. And the old baboon By the light of HIP moon. Was combing; hJs anbnrn hair, The old baboon was to come out of wraps again. Mounted on a pedestal which bears the words of the old ditty, it iva.s lo be on hand to cicH the customers nl the 1951 Danbury Fair and stand as fort of a symbol of the country fair frason," now reaching its annual peak all over the U.S. H'he Nnrlheast Arkansas Fair br-eins In JSlylhcvilk Sojit. 2ji and will continue through Scpl. ,10.) The Danbury version, which ha.s been going for a long time, is now one of the biggest in (he East. It i.s also typical of the proat American fair except for one thine:: it i;> probably the only one in the. country that is completely a one- man oprrntion, run without any slate subsidiary. Impressano at nanbury Is John Leahy, a self-sty led. Connecticut, Yankee operating .somewhat In the tradition of the fabulous P. T. Ba:- <*&&&+ _/ aversion is giving pccticuL In tattered Leahy's bin awny parses. num. who also hailed from Con- -eadrile shoes and an old te «ork pants. scuffed nnis hat. ACH1F.VKMKNT—One pair of white swans. They're 1)1: pet.s at Danbury Pair grounds now, ow l,eahy looks tike just another workman around the sprawlinc fair F.ouno:s. In a way. he Is, He bosses the whole show and also attends to some pretty small details, too. even to replacing fuses or selling new casters for the office swivel chairs. • He is also a millionaire oil dis- (rihutor whose full-time hobby happens to be running the fair a. 1 ) its landlord and sole owner. "As a boy I had three ambl- timis." Jj>ahy says, "to own a pair of white swans, a new car with white-walled tires, and to make money." At 56, he has achieved all three, and is a country tycoon in the city where he grew up anri went 10 work after the eifihth grade for $•..25 a week. At IS. he bought, a lathe and went into business for himself. The machine shop he started in those days is still running, b'lt his oil distribution business Is the bia money maker, having gotten Hint wuy because Leahy would deliver fuel to customers in storms or at hours \vlicn other companies wnnldn't. While the oil brings in the money, for the last eight years The Great Danbury Fair has taken un mast of his time and energy. He talks unceasingly about It to anyone within earshot—workmen, visitors, farmers, small children, anri probably. If no one else is around, his two pet, swans. Leahy claims he doesn't know whether the fair makes money or not. but nanbinv businessmen who know him are sure that if Leahy isn't making money on his hobby, he's not losing any. either. Jfis idea of a fair is first to present farm products to show agricultural progress, then to be educational, instructive anri cntcrtaimns. In that order. "Why, over that shed," he points out, "we have the original woort- burninE pioneer railroad engine— the Daniel Nason. It was running in 1858 when Lincoln was nominated. Took me tn-o and a half years to buy that one. Just think of the history lessons that teaches." Another of Leahy's ideas Is an aversion to free passes, a policy which Is strange lo the entertainment business and which nettles a number of people around Danbury. He thinks if his fair is worth coming to, it's worth paying for, and would gladly pay his own way into one of the exhibits or which he's proudest. TAGE NINB Cancer Chemistry KKW YORK M>j—Some kinds of cancer cells can't carry out a simple chemical reaction lo protect themselves from cell poisons, nr. I normal cell was protect lohu A. .Jarqucz of|mr>i! I jwjson. by rwrformllte fnsMl.ire report.,. [tei« fra the I. wo. B ,,t the c-nr.r | m,v offer » ,tep toward bttt* He exposed ranrer cells ami nor- j cells did,,'! have , hlf mechanism.! chcmi ""ontrolcS cwcw Th , ""' "' 406W ' Moi "0^4 Phone 4591 c;ru:i:TKU—Barnum-style hn- boon symbolized old fair diUy. That's the p, T. Rarmim shed, where a number nf the famnii;, stunts find animal attractions he made famous have been recreated. Leahy, for whom Barmnn is some- thinp! of an idol, spent S3000 to build a Ijle-siF.ed, electrically-operated model o! Jumbo, the giant elephant. I.eahy |ot into the fair business because a woman Rave him R share, of .stock to pay her bill. The lair wasn't doing so well then, so he. was able to buy up the stock, saved the erotmds and bmlalnus from be- lli" foreclosed, ami took over control. This summer Leahy also became t. producer, convcrttrrg the sleel and concrete grandstand into a theatre where revivals of. Rose Marie, Nan- ehly Marietta and other musical comedies and operettas were staged. He intends to keep it up. "People love old music and old x<mi>s," he says. "It's a Brest thine, to briiiR them to people," He has another idea about, bringing things lo people too. "I'd like to dratnati/e the Great Danbury Fair on Broadway with real animals, special staging, a biz production. Real Mi?." Leahy likes to do things In n big way, like country fairs. Adenauer Declares Arming Germany to Be Blow To Russia, But She Wont Fight fe o^'^f. Germany, sept. IS. W>— inrellor Konrnd Adenauer declared yesterday rearmament of Western Germany will represent, a "terrible defeat" for the Soviet Union, but he predicted the Russians would not. go to war to block it. Adenauer told hts people that r 'the fate of unhappy Korea will bo our fate" if the Germans stay out of the western defense system. The Soviets, he said, will "not start a hot war" to block the integration ot Germany In the Western defense community as authorized by the Western foreign ministers at Washington. In an address recorded for broadcast over a nationwide radio network.' the chancellor said the aim of Soviet policy toward the West is clear. "She wants to make permanent status of Germany as a political and military no-man's land." Adenauer said. "This'would make the integration of Western Europa Adenauer's speech was generally the same as the one he suddenly cancelled last niirht. two minutes before broadcast time. In tonight's version, however, he tonod down some of his remarks about, Soviet, Russia.- In the cancelled address Aden- icr had said that a Soviet attack against America and Europe Joined in a common defense bloc would represent "mere suicide" and "a fatol risk." Tonieht he said repression would "be more than dangerous for the Soviets. German officials said the chancel- Ohio City Council Decides Auto to Stay, Alters Its Ordinances COI.UMBU.S. O.. Sept.. J!t. iflv- City Council finally decided last nicht, that, automobiles are here to stay. It repealed its IRSf) ordinance on licensing of horse-drawn vehicles. City Auditor R. F'. Barthalow reported the city was losine money. He. said his office issued this year 11 one-horse wa^on license at S2. one two-horse license at S6 and one two-horse bueiry license at 51.50. This adds up to S29.ISO and it costs Ihe city $50 for the plates. The ?auee on a pressure cooker dnrs not indicate the actual pressure inside, the cooker, but merely the exces-s in pressure over that which prevails around it. — with no rebound! Tunn art f'ifferrnt- They hrinp affno^f inuanl relief from (he- tormrc of evcc« srnmacli fltiii. Rut I!I.T['* nn!s ilic h.llf ni il! 1'nlrU "nvcr-alViilitrrv" 'Tunn nocr nf <!• Konrad Adtnaucr - lor called off last night's address their plac« in the Western defense because nf what he considered faulty recording by the radio stations. Tonight's speech »-,is generally considered the opcninz move of a tsovernment campaign to convince the German people they must take said. syslem. "Either we remain a no-mnirs- Ipiid or we become a lull and equal partner of the European and North Atlantic defense systems against am- Soviet aggression," Adenauer • New streamlined design • Finger-touch, counlcr- balanccd lid • Built-in lock • 2 bandy, sliding baskeli • Famous Mcler-Miscr mechanism • Automatic interior lighl Jonesboro City Starts Move to Raise Own Salaries io $70 .rONESBORO. Sept. in. (API- City cnimcilmen last nmht took the first step toward doubling their own salaries n n d Increasing the salary of the .city treasurer. The council instructed City Attorney Homer McEwcn to siihmil ordinances at the next meeting setting councilmen's salaries at S10 a meeting, and the treasurer's salary at S75 a month. _At present, cmmdlmrn receive Sa for semi monthly meetines and the treasurer is paid S!5 a month. itffr 0 YOUR CHOICE 20% OFF THROUGH SATURDAY ONLY. 51* DOWN ON LAY-AWAY PLAN first qooli.y dinnenware ipecially-prieed for this twke-o-yeor «,!.. Shown ar, only 9 of Ihe 1 2 fine-semi porceloms ,n this sole, A m on 9 them ore EgasheHs, Hand-painted Wc, rfl , Solid PaLls-i.20 rj 3 !"' 53-pc. ond 95-pc. sets for 4, 6, 8 and 1 2. Boy now for yourself or for wedding aifls-al big 20% .avIn^Z E Reg. 4.95 Blue Willow, 20 Pa. for 4 3.94 ® Reg. 11.50 Plaid, 32 PCS. for & 9.20 @ Reg. 21.50 Cmhmere, 53 Pci. for 8 17.20 Reg. 4 1.50 Cashmere, 95 Pci. for 12 33.20 E Reg. 17.50 Gloria, 53 Pci. for 8 14.00 (5 Reg. 29.95 Gloria, 95 PCS. for 12 23.94 (D Reg. 11.50 Petal Poinl, 32 P«. for 6 9.20 E Reg. 2 4.50 Rambler Roje, 53 Pci. for 8. '.. 19.60 © R*g. 21.95 Chateau, 53 PCS. for 8...' 17,5* GD Keg. 11.50 Green Briar. 32 Pci. for 6,... 9.20 Thyme, a popular seasoning today, was used by ancient. Greeks as ' T "" incense for their temple;. | ^ 0 Reg. 21.95 Dogwood, 33 Pci. for 3 17,54 (*IO% for itenu ovor $20. Or, Add lo Youf Monthly Payment Account.] jnt'llukit'wii Lintliil 3 Tears A|i! .o j-.-r..,.,,.^,.!..,, rra olor car rtieinc. , rn I||,|= m r-l,ilc inlroilijrnl llir fam,,ii= ' l,, T i,,,,i,, ? . ,!„: "U,,,krt" rn,iliir<-,! ll,e m,,,,, r i,,,! Tl,,- -H,,,k,," sc , „„, s ,.,, 1 , i ., r , )j ,i,. n | [B ,,,rr! \,nl ,tlaj.,r iiriil* in I'C.I I,,-,,,- tir.-idr lllo "l{,,,l,rl" rvrn li,1lr r ] hy Illrrr arr ,u.,rr ll,,!,, llurr-.j.mrlrrp of , m<l]nm li.vkrt," on Ihr roa.l Iralay! pec n= „,,,! ,| r j,, Ol<l.<iri.,l,ilc's n«,r S t "Itm-kc't" Knginc car- llie S,i|,cr "88"1 SUPER • Kcrni7fli(i(Hteci IicfriRcralors, KatiKc?, Washers Adams Appliance Co., i m . • Sales J. W. ADAMS, M 9 r. • Service zilfi-2ns \\. Main ,, honc 2( ,., B 0 C K E T" 01D S M L[ SEi YOUR NEAREST O L D S M O B I L I DIALIR HORNER-WILSON MOTOR CO., 309 E. MAIN

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