The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on June 15, 1946 · Page 1
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 1

Blytheville, Arkansas
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Saturday, June 15, 1946
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BLYTHEVILLE COURIER NEWS VOL. XUII—NO. 72 Maritime Unions Ratify Agreement Return to Vessels Settlement Announced At Stroke of Twelve; Deadline for Strike Bljthcvllle Dally New* Bl.vUievtlle Courier Fathers Caught By Draft to Be Released Soon WASHINGTON, June 15. <UI')-Army commanders had orders loili-y to send home all drafted lathers and all men with 21 months service. Drafled men in the United Stales who have served '21 numlhs are lo lie discharged Immediately. Army officials expected ;>, majjrily of the 105.COO [alher induck-e.s now overseas lo be relumed home, by Aug. 31. Blytlievlll* HenOd Mississippi Valley THB DOMINANT NEWBPAPKR OF NORTHKAJBT ARKANSAS AND SOUTHEAST UIBOOUKI KMTHKVIM.K, ARKANSAS, SATUKDAV, .JUNK Ifi, 10 K! BINGIJ5 COPIES F1VB CKNTS WASHINGTON, June 15. <UI') — Mainline workers began reluming lo their Jobs hi American ports loday as unions started ratiiyliii new \vage agreements lhat wcr^. reached too late lo prevent widespread walkouts lust mtdnlgiic. War Shipping Administrator Graiivillc conway predicted lhat "everything \viil be back to normal loday" in most ports. Seamen and longshoremen in Philadelphia and Boston were among the first to approve t!ie new contract. Ratification voles were scheduled lo follow in New York. San Francisco and olhei struck ports. Tlie longest west coast sloppag'j was foreseen at Seattle where union members will not meel lo vote on Ihe new agreements until 2 p.m., PST, lomorrow. The new wage agreements were reached shorlly before last night's midnight strike deadline. They were too late to prevent walkouts nnu j confusion in mos ; , pom. | Announcement on Headline I The last union to reach an agreement in Ihe negotiations h?re was thc west coast's International Longshoremen's Union (CIO) headed by Harry Bridges. He announced agreement for his union at 10:55 p.m.—ONE minute before midnight, Eastern Daylight time in New York, Boslon and Philadelphia. The strike deadline wa.s midnight, local lime. Bridges said it might .be "some lime before ratification vollng is completed, but that it might bL "some lime before ratificalion voting is completed, but lhat doesn't, mean men will remain oft th job.' "None of Ihe-m are on strike," he .said. "It's just that a good many were off the job before word was sent oul lhat agreement had been reached. I think some of the men will take time off to digest the settlement." Bridges made a nationwide radio address (ABC) at 2:30 p.m., EST, to discuss. " Committee,.fo' Maritime'unity Has Woflied." : Trie committee includes the six CIO unions and the one Independent that were involved in the negotiations. There was some picketing in Philadelphia before the agreements were ratified there. In New York. pickets showed np us ordered at 6 a. m.. but were told to go back . home vmlil a ratification meeting }\ at noon. ; San Francisco's waterfront ."-was idle and union .leaders said -'they would take'no action until 8 p. m. PST tonight. .. . ••: , The -first group lo ralify the new agreements was boston's maritime workers. Two hundred pickets began patrolling Boston's downtown section along the waterfront at midnight. They remained at their jmsts until the local unions ratified thc agreement some three hours later. Scltlr.mcnl Ends Hectic. Day The settlement, which came al thc end of a hectic day at the Labor Depauncnt, involved six CIO unions and one independent with n total membership of r.boul 200,000. Inasmuch as all were commuted to strike unless all of them won new agreements, no definite moves were taken to halt the walkouts until the Longshorcine'" ._. acceplcd. Strike Legislation Strategy Studied Southern Congressmen Claims Votes Needed To Revamp Truman Bill WASHINGTON. June IT,. (UP) — Southern Democrats lodav claiiuei: enough House votes lo attach vetoed Case strike control bill as a rider lo President Triunan'3 emergency labor legislation. But they said they were doubifu of enough votes In the Senate It override an anticipaled vclo shouk they attempt the rider nmneuve Unless . they can make mi those votes, they siviil their elloits lo push through labor legist-lion in tills session of Congress would he abandoned. Tlie President's bill is before Ihe House Hnlcs Commitlcc aivailitu: aclion to send il to conference wh?re Senate and House difference.! will be Ironed out. Case bill proponents were confident they could amend -he legislation as they wished. Thc House upheld the President's Italian Rebellion Led By Monarchy Italian monarchist crowd:: parade i:nd riot in Home, Italy in protest against the popular rc- rcicndmn's results which were for n republican slate and i.gainst the crown, ncmon.slrallonv were also singed in Naples and I'isa by I he monarchists. iNICA Ilndlophotu) Appliance Firm To Open Monday Store Remodeled And Hard-to-Gct Items to Be Shown A new firm will open for iness in Hlyllicvillc Monday. 17, when G, G. Hubbard aud , .. ,, , .,, ... .lace S. Ilokc will begin their velo of the case bill on Tuesdav by I h General Electric a vote of 2.i5 to 135—five short of n ]j..,, r thc needed two-thirds majority to ' ' M " cc override. But the Southern Demo- cals claimed Ihe balloting was not a true test of their strengi/i. The so-called "pro-Labor bloc" mobilized ILs entire strength for lhat vote, Ihcy said, llul they claimed thai enough proponents of liermanent strike control legislation were out of lhc city workin.j on election campaigns to more than make up thc five vote deficit. Is Temporary Measure Furthermore, they pointed out. that the Tuesday vote on thc bill would have established that pleasure .as. permanent labor legislation. Should H be attached to Ihc President's measure, it wou'd he- come temporary legislation limited to thc duration of Ihe current emergency plus six months. bus- J.uie Wal- hus- Ap- pliancc Center. Located at 407 West Main, the merchandise will be displayed stor c arranged by Ihe OE pattern with remodeling of the modern building complete an<| finishing touches being made today iu arrangement of th c stock. Visitors who attend the forma opening, to be held throughout (he day Momhiy, will see elcctrica equipment of whic-i they hav*. read and heard during the short age of such items. To sell on thc plan "first come first serve," tlie store will ncccp pnjers lor all merchandise shown Johnson Lashes Boycott Threats Cotton Council Head Urges Unity as Means Of Solving Problems They asserted they could pick up more voles on the temporary bill. The President, in his veto mcs^n on thc Case bill, requested labor legislation based upon n thorough sludy of fundamcnlal causes of strikes. The Southern Democrats pointed out that a 'resolution..'fo create, a: Join'.' Congressional com initted to make this study hiis pa t s- ed,.the House ', and. is before Ihe Sciiale. ';'-.-.-;. i President Truman has been quoted by friends as asserting thai he will veto his own measure nhmUrt it come to him with thc Case bill as a rider. One leader of thc Southern bloe summed np Ihe altitude of his givniT) in the statement that "it Is foolish to do a vain Ihlng.." He -said il would be useless lo pass any measure lhat i.s "surely" gohvj t-o be vetoed unless there arc enough votes to override that vclo. The President's bill was passed Ijy the lower Chamber on May 2I>. The Senate, however, approved two major amendments—one to eliminate the "draft strikers" provision and thc other to eliminate a section under which the profiUs of govcn:- mcnl scied industries would be turned over to thc Treasury. MEMPHIS. Tcnn., June 15. (UP) —An ap|)cal for labor, business and farm interests to pull togclh- cr instead of using threats against , ."" •", elected representatives of thc pco- % ' pic to solve national problems was vojecd today by the National Cot- Ion council. Thc plan of the International Teamslers Union (AFT,) lo force the congressional cotlon bloc inlo submission by an economic boycrttt of cotlon goods was a^ain challenged by Oscar Johnslon, president of thc Council. "It is time that all segments of the nation pull together to solve Ihe production problem, to solve the working man's problem hi establishing a satisfactory standard of living." he said. "These things can never be attained by boycotting cotlon and threatening thc elected representatives of Ihe people of the cotton belt." Johnston declared. The cotton spokesman repudiated thc Teamsters plan avowed by Daniel J. Tobtn, president of the union. He said thc tactics posed would assure thai "candidates of labor-lords" would be "swamped" at Ihe polls. Jolmslon announced a drive to arouse "a tide of opinion" jn the Soulh to oppose "the Ill-advised actions" ol Tobiu, , ,. Colonel, WA.C Captain Demand That Army File Charges in Jewel Theft WASHINGTON, June M. (IM'.l —Col. i;nd Mrs. Jack W. buranl, principals in lhc S1.500.0CO German Crown jewel robbery, demanded loday that lhc Army make spc- cjfic charges against them or release them from custody. Capl. Frank M. Bo.sworth, J their Anny-assipncd legal counsel, said he expected aclion on their demand "in Ihe near future." At thc request of Durant and a WAO captain. lioswoi wilh some'available for'delivery mediately, it was pointed out. People allending the formal ou ening will be told about any iten desired with special emphasis upoi such new equipment as home freez crs, air conditioning units, hotn washers. Ironcrs. electrical fixture for th c home and business. The stock Includes stoves, frigcrator.s, radios, fans, waler heal ers. oil heaters, kllchcn cablne units, utility cabinets and the iiti .Alsdjtp be Been will be children' lilajl equipment, aluminum ware irons:-', trrjall fans, toasters,, eoffc makers.'lamps, hot plates,'cabine sinks, electric hot plates and olh er such' equipment lo improv c th homo. To Have Service Department In addition to the retail sa . department, there will be a servk department. Appearance of the building, the exterior, has been changed present a pleasing effect in th design of Ihe GE pattern. Bli: .xnd light grey structural glass wa used for the front with lhc cnlr moved to one side to make room for a large, general display space "'id a special small window display. Interior of lhc building has been rearranged. Mr. Hubbard lontj has been In business here, having been manager and an owner of Hubbard Fnrni- tutc Company since it was established many years ago. Mr. Hoke. World War H veteran, served In lh c Army four years having been slaltoned at Blythe- Army Air Field a part ot time. and Mrs. • Hoke. the former Mildred Lou Hubbard. make home at 111 Soulh llth. -laming T'ruck Hits Gas Station To G/Ve F/remeri Rebl Workout Party Committee Upheld in Refusal To List Candidate Bud Fisher to Appeal Dismissal of Petition To Supreme Court Name or II. 1C. "ISiid" Fisher Is noi cl'i: I Mr to appear nn the ballol In Mils year's vrliiiarle.s In Mlusls- ilppl County. ,md|;e Waller Kll- Kh, of Wynne, ruled ycstcKlay aflernimn In n nmudamous suit flli-d by Mr. Fisher (Immijh ills iiUwncys, cluiidu R Couper mm T. J. Crowder. 11 wa.s aniuxmci'd hy |] 1{> delfii- iliinl'.s attorney thai Ihe ease would be appealed lo Ihe Arknnsa.s Kii- ireme Cciurl and a reciiii'sl mad. 1 ! ,o advalH-e Jin 1 eiillse tin 1hi« doi'k- I'l so lluil II could In. sellled prior to Hie July :IO primary. II was ruled lhat the Mississippi County Driiim'uillK Ci-nlral (Join- mil tee was right In refusing thin Ihe mini,, of Fisher be iillowd lo appear nil (he ballot as a cand- Idnle for the ofllcc of stale representative, because he did nn: personally .sign (lie party loyally A large Iruck and n service sta- on were daimtyed by Tire early- ils morning wlilc-h also caused Negro lo receive a leg Injury The Iruck, owned by Jesse II, /ebb's dehydratng plant, crushed Ho the service .slr.lton, operalcd y .1. O. Lent/ and owned by J. L. abcr.s. afler the Negro driver hud .imped [rom Ihe moving vehicle 'hen he discovered the flames. Thc driver, l.llland Wallon. was inking thc lura on Highway IB Vest at Nabcr.s' Grocery when he aw flames coming from benealli e floir board.. liccomiiiK excilcd, he jiuniKil rom Ihc truck, which kept going nlll II slruck lhc corner of thc erviec station building, adjacent o the grocery. The burning truck cab caused he frame building also to l;c Ig- lilcd, after having been damaged iy thc crash. Walton, whose leg Injury slight, remained al lhc scene. He said he could not delecrmine from where thc names originated underneath Ihe Iruck bed. ' : He wa.s returning lo a hay field for a load al about 4 o'clock, where lhc trouble started. The No. 2 fire truck answered :he call but when firemen learned thc .station wa.s afire, called thc Number One truck, which went LO thc .scceiie, loo. The fire wus prevented from spreading to the adjacent grocery store with flames confined to portion of the service .stalion bulkl- iilg "whhte's'everil: barrels of oil 1 Fire "ciiicf"Roy'Wead"today said the damage had not been estimated by the owners. Senate Follows Labor Trends; Hikes Oown Pay WASHINGTON, June 15. <UP) — Senulor.s, refusing lo nwult Hoiiuc action ou Ihelr plan to increase legislators' salaries lo $19,000 e. year, have Jumped the KUII and voted Ihemselvcs a $2,500 cx|>cnse uccounl. And following the line of nnny U\\M>r uRi'KrflieiilK, the Senator's specified lhat the cxiicnsfi nccounU be retroactive to Jim. 1. Hcjnre members have l>ei>ii receiving Mini lar alMwaiiceN since lhat dalo Approval of the exiiense accounts wa.s contained In a bill .ippropi lal- lui! ni'iu'ly $54,000.000 for ti.ilarlc'. n\"i expense of the fji?n<ilo nnd H<->— fr:v fiscal 11)11, Tlicro was no debate on the \>m. Mayor Selects Businessmen to Study Franchises Dependable Natural Gas Service Sought For Blytheville Mayor E. R. Jackson today iiounccd Ihc appointment If conmilltco of 12 businessmen to ville Hint. He Miss I heir Boy Scout Troop Is Sponsored By Rotary Club The newest, Boy-Scout Trmp In Qlytlicvil! c is Troop 37, sponsored by the Rotary club; 'I'he 'I'roop has Ihrec patrols, Wolf, Eagle and Crow, with 26 members. Of 21 arc registered t'-'. Summer Camp at Hardy, to begin July 14. Scoutmaster Is Jack Droke who, wilh Jerry Poe. organized the group. Owen Harrison is junior nssislam scoulmaster and Howard incran senior patrol Leader. Thc Trooj, Scribe is Freddie Mullins. The Troop was given n "C" rat- biy at the recent Scout Camporce il Big Lake when il lied with lw» other troops. Twenty Scouts i^- I'roop 37 attended. OPA Compromise To Be Attempted Hearings to Start- Tuesday Between Two Legislative Groups WASHINGTON. Julie IS. IUl'1 — Senate-House conferees on Ihe dcimlurcd Ol'A extension bill today lenlnllvely scheduled llieL: fli'Kl inccllni; {or next Tuesday with urowini! Incllcntluns a uinjorlr.y will Insist on reslortni! .some prlci:.con- trol powers the Senate wauls (o eliminate. Chairman Brent Spcncc, D., Ky.. of the House nankin^ Committee iiTid wlio heads the House conlcrces, saitl he was "hopeful" of altninkni! compioniiscs Hint will produce n bill which President Truman wllljuicupt A.s the bill now .stands', Spencc'inul other administration supporters h' thc House feel tliat it leaves Ihc OPA only wllh its nnmc and mil control powers. "If my views were to prevail," Suence said. "Ihc bill would direct certain administrative changes In OPA hut would leiive the with cnoue'i power to cope with inflationary influences." Spencc changed ycslordai lhal thc §cn:itB 1)111 pro|>qsc(l to weaken OrA'-to; such iin'eXteiit r th:it it woukl '.'urlrig nbhut 1 a^'trajn of evils ihci ^strike- riitas'ter:;• iiito oVii' cco- lomlc slructurc." He said lie would fight for restoration of price ctm- trols on meat, poultry and dairy products when thc coiifci encos began next week. Although thc Kenate conferees were unwilling Lo tiiscuss (heir pilco views before the two sides mret. it wa.s evident lhat a majorily of them would be willing to make concessions. Bowles Optimistic About Production — Provided Price Controls Retained WASHINGTON. June 15. UIP1- Kccmomic Stabilizer Clicslcr Bowlos prrdiclcd lodav Hint conminer "on'is I will flood markets by Christmas if Ualcmrnl lo "correct any present price controls [ire cnnl Inn-d. impressions lhat cither has ad- In his 'weekly radio address (AB(;i. milled any net which they consid- ( liowlcs said thai scarcities of con- cr criminal." The Dunmts were snmer Roods will vanish in thn next married recently, she wa.s Ihc !or- mcr Capt. Kathleen Nash. 10 15. Bankhcad's Successor Appointed in Alabama MONTGOMERY. Ala.. Ji (UP)—Gov. Chauncey Sparks today named Robin Swift, of Almorr. Ala., interim appointee lo the United States Senate, succccditic the laic Sen. John II. Bankhead. Swift will serve until Ihc selection of a duly elected successor at a forthcoming primary, the date to bo announced nl the June 22 mooting in Montgomery bv the Slate Democratic Executive Committee. Registration Extended For Y Day Camp Program Those who have not rcRistercd for tlie Y Day Cam]) program at \Vnlker Park, to begin Monday, may register at the Park the dny six months nmi ficem "ns rcmolo as last year's cigarellc shortage docs now." "Today, more than ever, we need fprlce) stability to keep our excellent start on lull production from going into a tnilspln," Howies said. "If can just hang on—pro- If the pledge had b'.'cn sltrnc-rt bv Mr. l-'isher, II could have been mulled to the rnniuilltce, II was pointed oul. The pledge was slim- I'd by his mother. Mis. llnUIi: Flshi'i 1 , as with "powev of nllur- ney." • ease, stalled Thursday nli'.lu n a Ihroi'-hoiir .speelul .session f>l Jlvll Division of circuit Court, was luVsbetl yesterday afternoon, :i ovloi-ki afler hi-glniitng «i l:;iu o'clock. Uecause of lhc heal. Ihe hrinlir; i.s moved from Ihe Circuit Court room lo [he chambers of Jud^e /.ill IJ. Harrison, formerly the Juvy voom. UK fee of Mr. Fisher, now In the Navy, us a cnndl'hile for the office of state rcprc);cnliitlvc. was paid nnd Ihe party loyalty pledge filed shortly before the deadline. Several days Inter, lhc committee announced the name could t*-:v appear because nn Investigation h'ul icveiilcd lhc pledge wa.s not signed by Ihe prospective candidate but by hl» mother. Commidee Chairman Testifies A nmndnmoiis suit was flloil SRV- eral days alto seeking lo have Ills name appear on the ballol, because be wa.s unable to Personally sign Ihe Parly loyalty pledge and rc- lurii lh» slgne<| pledge In lime tor M. lo reach here, prior lo tho deadline. W. 7 eon Rmllli represented thc commiltcc witli Jesst; Tnylor. chairman of Ihe committee, appearing as a If lhc Miprcmc court sustains lhc decision of lhc circuit court, only the names of Mks Alone Word of Osceola and J. R. King of MI1H- gan Ridge rommimltv will appear on Ihe ballot Aug. 13. If the higher court should decide favor of Mr. Fisher, names ol Ihc three candidates would appeal on the ballol In lh c July 30 prl- nary. BlythoYille Insurance Man Wins Special Award NEW YORK. N. Y.. June M.— J. Louis Cherry, of Hl.vl hcvllle. iiBcnt of thc New York Life Insurance Company, has been named winner of the "National Quality Award" of the National Association of Life Underwriters. II wa.s stated todr.y at New York life's Home Office In New York city. Weather AHKANSAS-Parllv cloudy loday tonlglit and Sunday. Scattered lluindcrshowcrs. Two Scouts Get Life Awards In Court of Honor Ceremony Retail Sales In Arkansas Show Increase WASHINGTON, .lime 15. (U.P.) -Dollar sales of Independent, re- lallers In Arkansas were up 1-1 (K-r cent In April, 1!HI>, over Ihe previous Aprjl, and two | i-.ent, higher In April lhan in March. .1. O. C.ipt,, dirceUir of the cent MIS, .said loday Hint sales for the first four months of !!)1(i w ,- r -: 31 |ier cent above those for the same period in ID-ir,. Ills tigure:i were ba.sed n[>on repotl.s from U7| retail .stores in Arkansas exclusive of department slures. l-'ourtccn departuu'iit, stores noted ill a .separate survey that sales In April. 1010. were :« per cent higher than April n year HRO. nun 10 per cent over the previous month. Big Four Resume Sessions Today Air'of Pessimism Provdils in Paris Over Peace Parleys I'ARIB, June IB. (UP)— Tile DlR l-'our Council of Foreign Ministers met; loday hi nn iitmosphero ol yewUmlsm for \vhnt may be thc final altc-mpt lo break tho deadlock between lltis-sla and the westcn IMiwers over the European peace KettlemetiU'-. Thf. conference reopened In Lux eiubourg I'alaco after n month's recess. Thn ministers will seek nu- reeuieni.s on tho European peace treaties and the future orBnnlr/i- Urm of Germany. Thc foreign ministers and then nlde.i gathered at 4:01) pm. Ml:09 a.m. rcnT) ullh Ihelr staffs. Foreign Secretary Frncst Hevm arrived al Luxembourg Piilncc at :i:f,fl p.m. Foreign Minister V. M. Mololov arrived five minutes later. Secretary or Stale Jnmc.s F. Tiyrncs. IR broadly, npiwared nl j p,n.. and two minutes later Foreign Minister Georges Blitiiult Joined tlio olhers. They weni at once Into the Victor Hugo Salon, wh«re they ,wero photographed. The flrsl session wn.i expected lo be Ucvoled lo hearing rejiorts or Ihe deputies who worked during the recess and to preparing the program for-. the cohtorence. Tho foreign 'mluMer.i .del met almost dally during the last month, but showed no nltru o) progress toward breaking the deadlock (in lhc major Issues berorc Ihe conference. Each of lhc four delegations appeared to bo standing firm on its convictions, leading to gloomy predictions that thc conference wF achieve little concrete success. I any ground for compromise has developed, It Is not apparent. Sccrolnrv or State James F nyrnes will renew vigorously his effort to win Mololov's approval o the plan for a 25-year Big Fou Ireaty on German disarmament. He also will press for n peace treat; with Austria, as a key lo the Bnl kan controversy. liyrnes intends to seek down-to earth consideration of thc German ([iirstion. American political linn military leaders In Germany havi been urging settlement of somi, oulslandlng German problems ti prevent what Ihcy term Immlncr, chaos. Two Injured In Explosions In Fayetteville Ijife Awards were presented lo John Kd Heccnohl and Tlinrn;is Prince last night nt the North \lif- sis-sippi County Hoy Scout Court of Honor al Hlyllicvillc High School auditorium. ScfXiUs Randolph Boyclt and Benny .Prichard received Star Awards. C. E. I'ricc Jr.. was promoted to a First Class Scout nnd Second awards were presented to Ni- ncvah Hughes and Lewis Andcrsrui. Merit badges were prcsentr-l to liiiclton will conllmic to move itpjutc and Slar Scouts In addition lo gradually. I believe by next Christinas you'll sec 11 flood of goods will amaze us all.' Bowles said that production of clothing, sewing machines, refrigerators, radios, washing machines, electric irons nnd nylons Is increasing. He added automobile production, however, currently is feeling the effects of the recent soft coal strike which cut down steel production. "The record is slill far from what we like it to be," he continued. "It's' Rood here and bad there. But In many places—in the face, of crippling strikes and despite shortages of their age group mccis. Miss, Alice ] workers and materials—It has "boon I Eastern ' Arkansas Area ~< Salito.. Jjieayj-, and. loilaj,. txccll-:nl. - 1 r, le <ic-nu-rl lhc m'UficaU-s. • Clyde Perkins. G. G. Hiuclin. Charles LcirgcU, R. B. Hodge and Gene O'Brien. Awards were made by J. C. I>")we, Harvey Morris and Graham Sudbury. Mr. Sudbury also inlrouuce-l members of the Court of Hone,,- and Scoutmasters and Mr. Morris gave thc Invocation. Four Gel Certificates Jack Droke, Warren Jackson. Harvey Pogue, James Brent and Mirion Dyer were presented Training Course Certificates as awards for completion of their courses it; Snout leadership. Vcruon James of Osc.?- ola, asstslanl Scout cxccutlv.' of Council, As n feature of the evening, a moving piclure ".Scout Trail lo Cll- izrnshlp" was presenled. The Tenderfoot, Inveslitnre c^re- mony was conducted hv Troop .'il of lilythcvllle mony was conducted by Troop ;;i ol Blytheville aud the opening ceremony and retirement of colors were by Troop :« of Hlylhevllle. The closing ceremony wa.s by Troop 37. Owen Harrison, junior assistant Movie Shots to be Made Of Cinema Patrons Here 'Numerous IJlylhcvilie residents will be "in Ihe movies" here wirh- in Iwtj weeks when a (I'm -showhia o'poiiYiii? 1 ' cere- !l>' nrrs "f hilrrrst ,-ind people Is '.o 'be presented al Uil/. Theater. 'Ihe film, being prepared by IJ. J. Rumalnc and W. M. lirown i'l Ihe Crnlral New.srcel Service iU Poplar Bluff, Mo, will show informal molion plclurcs of lofrT, Camporce Chief and judges wore Teaford Jr.. lhc Rev. I... T. awl Vcruon Jaines. Ed The filming, which started last night, will continue through Friday. First shots taken were ol patrons leaving liltz Theater who. not ing knowing of Ihc project, were rifcd to see cameramen grind- away. Scoutmaster of lhc newly organized .People as Ihcy go about Illylhcvillo. Troop 37. led singing. Camporec for Osceola Group Following an annual custom, F!'jy Seoul! of South Mississippi Counly had n camporee Tliursday and yesterday at Robinson Crusoe Island in the Mississippi. Thc Island is owned by Ed Teaford of Osceola. who took Scouts to their camping grounds. ConlcsUs during thc campnrcc included EtrhiR burning, finding lost treasure by compass, duel contests, stalking game, knot relay and hand knotting. Scouts were also Judged for their camping ability. v The Rev. I,, n. SUM served as Highway Commission To Award Contracts I.IITI.K RGCK. Ark., June 15. f U.P.>—The Arkansas Highway Commission will meet here June 28 and open bids on si-vcn highway projects coverjng an aggregate of 61 miles. Pnvlni; work Is nroiwed in, White, Baxter, FAVE-ITBVILl.K Ark., June 1 (U.P.) Three explosions on thrc consecutive days held Ihe attcntio today or Fayetlcvjlle ]X)llce an fire officials. A water heater exploded Wed ncsday at Vclerr.ns' village on Ih University campus, wrecking apartment and Injuring Miss Dor othy Nichols. A gas tank blew i; Thursday at a Super-Market, cans Ing a IJllle damage nnd a gasolli tank on n truck exploited yestci day sending 22-year-old Garlar Copeland of Greenland to a ho pltal. Korve In nn "dvjsory capacity "nil ' assist tho city Council in consideration of two applications for franchises for the distribution ol nnlnrni g»« within the city. Applications for franchises have been filed by the Arkansas Western Gas Company nnd the nlythc-. vllle NalurHl Gns Company. It lin.s been esllmnlcd by one of Ihe applicants that Ihe cost of In.- g distribution lines would be around 1300,000. Mr. Jackson, In announcing ap- ixiliitmcnt of lhc eoniinlttee, nald, "We want naturnl gas for Blytheville and wo want lo bo sure we make lhc best possible deal. "I Ihjnk Die cltlxcius should IIKVO n vole« In Ihls matter and nin ap]>oliitlni; this committee of rcpre.scnliUlvc citizens lo confer wllh and assist lhc Councjl in mnklni; a decision In regnvd lo A naturnl BUS franchise for Blytheville. Wlnil we want Is natural gas nnd wo nre going to (jrant n franchise lo the applicant who con- vince.s us that Ihcy can give Bly- Uiovlllc a reliable natural |;iis il'VlCC." Would Avoid MktaktH "The city Council has ihn nu- lorlty to grant n franchise but e don't .wnnl to make a mistake i n mailer us imiwrlant as thjs ml I um ne.llng on the suggestion f lhc city Council in npiwlntin^ :ie committee to assist lhc Coun- II jn this mailer." The c ii mm I tier appointed l,y the Major Is composed of .1. A. l.rrcli, Jumni Ten-jr, R. 1^ Wade, <in,r|tr M. !*«. Tom, A. I Idle, B. A. Lynch, s. H.' Williams, I. <1. Nash, J. I A Ohnry, w. I'. Pryor, o. (i. Hubbard ami R. «... lIUKhrii. It Is cntlclpiited that some curly clton will be taken on the jicncl- ng requcsta for a franchise nnd ^ayor Jackson stated that the Council would endeavor lo mnk-i it) early'-dUposlUp p i\ pf-:tl>AAiftal^er h 't5V«'7p«^bpie' Sf Bl) l tfle;Vllt?' w'oiild haye the beheflt of natural , soon us possible Interest Ix being shown by the Blytheville officials jn a proposal rom Little Rock yesterday in which the Arkansas Public Serv- cc Commission Is seeking to have -he Federal Power Commission to •cqulrc the Mississippi River Fuel Corporation provide a larger trunk Ine gas main from Louisiana gas [jclds across Arkansas and Inlo Missouri to provide sufficient gas adequately served Arkansas customers and to permit other cities In Eastern Arknnsas to get gas. W»n» Dependable Service Mayor Jackson nnd Mr. Lynch today said that one of the Ihlugs of grcalcst importance in the effort, to get natural gas is to be certain Hint thc city ECUS dependable service—service lhat will ns- suro customers here that they will not need lo maintain auxiliary heating unjts for emergencies when natural gas might not be available. It is dlssalisfaction over n special "Intcrniplablc service" • to arger consumers in nbout 20 Arfc- iinsas cities and . lowns which prompted the state commission to lodge Ils against lhc Mississippi River Fuel Corporation's request ror authority to shut ofl S«s for Ihrce or lour months to some or Ihe Arkansas customers next winter while the present trunk main Is being enlarged. Under the existing contracts under whjch Interruptablc service Is provided, nt extremely low rr.tes. the distributor reserves lhc right lo shut off gas when it is needed by consumccrs who pay the regular rates, and such times usaually fall on thc coldest days of the winter and .the Interruptions -to the larger consumers, usually jiV- duslri!:! firms, do not last more than a few days. gas Judge Tries Old Remedy When Flogging Fails To Impress Law-Breaker LITTLE MOCK, June 15. (UP1 — Circuit Judge Lawrence C. Auten— convinced that public flogging dots not prevent crime—today ''tossed the book" at two youthful burglars. One. Richard Kurnian, 18-year- pld Cleveland. Ohio, soldier, who was publicly whip|>cd less than two weeks ago In Judge Auten's court, was sentenced to 18 years in prison. His companion. Lcroy Vasser, 19, of North LIUle Rock, on probation from a two-year burglary ! sentence, was given 22 years. I Both youths were charged *'lth Ihe robbery of all cx-servlceman last /Saturday nlpht, and with the attempted burglary of a Nortti Little nock store. Hcrry Benjamin Prairie, Perry, counties. Doone and Poinsett 16, North Little Rock, In the same crimes,' In :mlth, volvert sentenced to nn indeterminate In the Arkansas Boys Industrial School. N. 0. Cotton Sale at Army Air Field 'iBrings Rush of Buyers ' I The "Rclatl Sale" at Blytheville; Army Air Field yesterday developed Inlo an almost slampcde with more customers than could be served orderly. Because ot the large crowd, m,\ny whom were not. served, il has of been arranged to have the sali: continued Monday, beginning at 10 a.m., it was announced today by Oapl. Robert H. Duke, salvage offi- fcr. Prospective buyers will be given numbers, in an effort to faclHUte service, he said. The sale Is of a miscellaneous assortment of such articles as soldering Irons, wrenches, garbage cans anil the like, with all Items marked* The field is being dismantled gradually with most ol the equipment sold. . Mar. May . July Oct. . Dec. 2950 2»K 2*13 2937 29*5 S958 ~ »50 2957 2954 IMS 2K3 2*30. »11 1920 2937 2MO 2»37 2M5 2M3, 2M3

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