The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on May 13, 1947 · Page 13
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 13

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, May 13, 1947
Page 13
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PAGE TWELVE BLYTHEVILLE (ARK,) COURIER NEWS TUESDAY,. MAY 13, 19/17 Wealthy Widow Is Murdered Suspected Stayer fakes Own Life at loston Race Track ! BOSTON, May 13. (UP) — Mrs. Rebecca '(Bea) slirion, 55, wealthy New, England sports concessionaire. was:shot to death In her office at Suffolk downs horse race track yesterday by Edward shames, 44, a Hephew of her dead husband- Shames killed himself with the same gun. ; A dispuic over sharing of the - million-dollar concession business was said by police investigators to have motivated the double shooting. .Tlie tragedy, occurred little, more than two .hours before post, time for the -opening race and while lirs. Simon was busy preparing for the arrival ci «i the club house and the exclusive paddock cjub at the track. -Workers in the administration building heard t'.vo shots and rushed to the scene. Among the first to reach the office was Joseph I,. Ferrari, former ace state police detective and now director of the track's law enforcement agency. • He immediately summoned cits police to direct investigation of the murder and suicide. .Bad feeling, accovdiny to pcl'cc hn<i existed between the attractive widow ami Si'.iunt'S since (he c'ealh of Sam Slmri uluul tlsrcj ; abo. "At that lime Mrs. Simon took over,the lucrative business of Snm- uel B. Simon, Inc., which they had Man Unhurt as Train Hits Truck, NaNrrowly r.sonpltig s(ockyurcis, Henry Neitse, death wlii-n i-lgtit. cHnt • ..,?.&;>;' Italy l-'lyc! .struck his bi|? truck iicnr the Han Antnnio, (Jn.'atj of liis wrecked itiiU'Mnc mt(V li liad been some 15 fret. — (NBA Telopliotol. run into a lush, enterprise slnrt- iug from a ilcHcatosscu ouUSctu thn Old Uostoci arena. State to Execute Man Convicted of Murder TUCKER PRISON FARM. May 13, (UP) — Officials of Tucker Prison Fnrrn lu-c preparing lo carry out luclr 133rcl execution since Hie installation -of Arkansas' electric chair in 1913—the execution of youthful Voiiie Bill Bates. Batus, the convicted 20-year-old .slayer of Thomas Lse Dugnii, Menu, Ark., ttixlcub driver, is sclicdulcd to die at duwii Friday, and Oov. Hen indicated enrlici lie had found no grounds for delaying the execution. Since the time several weeks ago when Hates snia lie would give his to Die office of I lie State Parole lioanl requesting clemency. Court Opens at Lake City JONESBORO. Ark., May 13. (UP) —The trial of nil! Clements, dim-fed with first degree ' murder in FOR SALE Concrete Culvert Tile Sizes 12 in. to 36 in. A. H, Webb Hwy 61 at State Line Phone BlytheviUe 714 DivW. C. Grice Veterinarian BACK at Dell, Ark. eyes for a cornea Iraii.spliiiittuH af- 1|)(1 f . lt(ll shoo t m g of his estranged ter his death, pressure on the chief w ,j c , ilst oiirbtmas Uay, will get executive has Vjccn heavy. Usttcrs 111K , C1 . w!ly t(xlay at . Ijakc city. have poured into his office and in- Cbcwsnfi&ld Copyright by Gwcn Davenport; Distributed by NEA SERVICE, INC. XXVII S IR 'CHAKLiES closed HID door . behind the departing B:\gots anti returned lo join the group in the drawing room. For once they were silent, but Basil's color looked dangerously high and Marcel was advancing on Godfrey with quivering fists extended. - "What in the world is the matter?" Vicky demanded. "Everything went on" nicely! What han- ,pened2 What is it?" ' Marcel moved up to Godfrey to stand within inches of him, peering up into the handsome face Which was nearly a foot above his Own. "Was Godfrey! I heard him. He blackened the character of : Sophie 1 ." ', "Sir," said Basil, nearly choking "you will answer to mo!" "He could never bear for anyone else to have the spotlight," safe Sir Charles. "Well, this is the «jnd. Sophie cannol keep him here any longer." • "The insult lo Sophie!" cricc ITarcel, waving his fists undo Godfrey's aquiline nose. I "Wait ,a minute!" Sophie inter ruptid; She had noticed Victoria' tensefface and .Ihovight suddenl how JJiiti the child was lookiin "i-am riot the one who is burl, sh« said, "Victoria, darling chil "But liow absurd!" Vicky sail' impatiently. "Of course he wasn' iiiy grnndfalhcr! How could hi. be? Why, ho and Granny weren' even married till long after I wa orn." Very gently, Sophie put he rms around her grnnddnughter Thai's just it, darling," she said * * * ''HERE was ,t pause, while a! nyone she didn't love. I'm sure f'tliat." 'Thai Is true," said Marcel. 'So there must have been some good reason why she didn't nitirry ny grandfather—whoever he vas." Sophie, who had sat down forgetfully on a very frail (Silt chair, low looked up at her granddaughter with tragic eyes, "lie never naked me," she said slowly. "Why the beast!" exclaimed Vicky. "Then I don't ever want lo find out who he was." The case Circuit Juds was set 'for UHu e. Charles, Light. * ODFTIEY disappeared through French window in the di- . "What happened?" Vicky insisted. ^ s " "Mansbridge was thoughtless, as usual, and unkind," said Basil contemptuously. He wheeled on God. frcy and joined forces with Mar• col, planting his bulk next to the ' little Frenchman. "How could you?" he demanded. "Have you no feeling for the right' line, the tight situation, the right moment?' "But what did ho say?" Vickj - cried, wild with impatience. "My dear," Sophie said gently "it's nothing to worry about, real, ly. I'm afraid be.Vsld Mrs. Bago . that Mr. Bcrnheim was not you ! grandfather." the men'looked anxiously a Victoria. The girl edged out .of Sophie' mbrace. "Oh—yes, I see. Mr 3agot wanted to know who niy grandfather was, I suppose." Godfrey cleared his throal. "Vicoria, my child, it's lime you knew yourself—" "Be quiet, you!" Marcel shrieked. 'Vicky has always been Sophie's responsibility and it is for Sophie to tell her." "I agree," said Sir Charles. "Granny," said Vicky, "you needn't tell me it you'd rather not. What difference does it make? My father and mother were married,' weren't they?" "Of course they were!" Sophie exclaimed, shocked and indignant. "Then what have we got to make n fuss about?" snid Vickj reasonably. "I don't care wha Mrs. Bagot thinks. Sully won' care." lie is his mother's child," sale Basil. Vicky looked al them all will rritalion. "Look," she said exns >eraled, "I'm perfectly nrcn't I? Birth certificate and all know who my father was. : Basil shook his head gloomilj Mrs Bagot will care much mor who your grandfather was." "Well, anyway," the girl said "whoever my grandfather was, know Granny must have lovct him." • "That," said Sophie, "is Irne." "Yes," said Godfrey. "Granny wouldn't have wouldn't have—had a baby—-wi rcclion of Die garden. "I only hope Sally will take your altitude," said Basil. "That is, if It makes any dilTercnco to you, Vicky." "Well, it does. We want to get married." "Oil, my dear!" said Sophie tenderly. "Vicky!" criod Marco!. "I was afraid o£ that," said Basil, shaking his head. "So," Vicky went on, "you cod n't have been quite so hard poor old Uncle Godfrey, no alter what he said. They'd havo ceu bound to ask about my randfalhcr stionor or later, and niighl as well bo sooner, because Icr will be too late. Oh, Granny, e wants me to marry him right way! Nexl week!" Sophie was really upsel by this lews. She began wringing her amis, twisting Ihe cmciald rings. I wish \ve needn't bring the mater up at all," she said. "There's omcthing lowd about making a uss over what happened so long lj;o. Look at us all now—we're ikl! We're just waiting lo die. It was all over so many years ago." "The longer ago, the more Mrs. ngot cares." declared Basil. "You ..ill sec. I know. I have been visiting in Boston for the pasl 11 years. Mrs. Bagol won't care much what Vicky docs — but what Vicky's ancestors might have done RADIO REPAIRS 1 AND 2 DAY SERVICE ON ANY MAKE OR MODEL. RELIABLE WORKMANSHIP. PHONE 2642 Wo Cull for and DeHvct FRED CALLIHAN Electrical Appliance "o. L^itliorlicil Motorola KaiMo Sales anfl Service 106 South First St. Today's free MGM Rccorrt Mr. mid Mrs. Ituscu Cralton "1 think pet names are cute, don't you? George calls ma his little nincompoop!" FRECKLES '£ HIS FRIENDS By MERRILL BLOSSRR Retaliation H\? HAf""^ He threw up his hands, consigning the Colonial Dames and the Mayflower descendants to the luuids of God. (To lie Continued) Be Sure! INSURE With the FIRST NATIONAL INSURANCE AGENCY 108 North Second DIAL 2311 For Complete Protection CHAS. HJTTNEK BILL WILSON MAV56 THE LITTLE TCRMITE \ i DIOMT EXPECT HERE WILL KNOW WHAT; / TO SEE YOU THF SCCKE 13' ^/SHOP-WORU ROMEOS -^ OUT IM PUBLIC --- DOM'T VOU HAVE AMY SVIAWE ? ---WHY. THE WHOLE TOWN'S LAUSHIM& ±^x \ ABOUT THE FAST OMB •f* Sy^\ THE GlfUS PUT OVER, W^jl'^ OMVOU/ ti r FUNNY JOKE/ Tv% BOATS FOR SALE Made in Blytheville by MIKE MERONEY CYPRESS and PLYWOOD The hie ill boat for the nig Lake. area. Hamlrmdc, slmil? construction—only the best materials are *isc<l in thcsn lioats, See them NOW! | Now on Display at The Blytheville Motor Com pony Dr. Jack Webb j • Physician & Surgeon ! Announces the Opening of His Office I Lynch Building \ Blj Iheville, Ark. ' ! For the Geneial Practice of Medicine i Office-Phone 213i . Residence 2G35 ', m i f'iii^j /" '•f^ Y| I THe&ALS AREN'T STILL MAD A3OUT WOMAN-MATINS WEEK. ARE THEY? 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"FOR SALE: 6EOAM \(SOUR UT£Rf>R.V IN /V-t COUDITIOM-— Jh "ff\6TB5 ARE 40.OOO MILES- — P RWA>T E GH ti E~;" - ILOVl ; ACTIVITIES MEEDS A \VWMitOE \ T.'LL CUPTrtlS-~- ) MPCY BOV \t/ 'DOM'T HURRV HIM-TH' CLOSER HE WE LL TELL TOAD 'BOUT THIS LOT— IHEY'Rg GOIM' TO SOP THEIR LAWK) AM 1 THIS WILL SAVE TI-V FIRST MOWIM'.' EATS IT POWM.TH' LOMGER 'FORE IT MSEPS LOOtC' BROK:E x FOR VJHETHER HAS IMD1A.M ONi IT OR •,'OU READ HE ADS OffBK.- EORM THIRTY -iTfAESTOO 6 I TELL40L) THATi; HOT I^.FETTIFER VOUE tEADER. IS HOIWNG HE'S IN 1HE HOSPITM-' VOU'EE BOTH WING,.. 3UTIW GOING BACK. NOW MJD FIMD OUT AND I WAR.N VOlli THE CHIEF SETS VIOLENT WHtU HIS PLANS ACE UPSET! 50 Vf WE HWE BEEM W/kSTING OUR TIME.IT'S GOIKG TO BE WIGHTV UNHEMTHS FOR Will II Work? t!p JUST BEFORE DAWN.... BY LESLIE TUKNEB /, PETTIFER' COME ON OUT! ^ Mailer of Viewpoint I?Y V. T. HA MI.IN AM-KY 001' Keep Your Vest On By V. T. HAiMLIN THE 9*SHAV'S T5HA 1 5 US BED...S\J1 A.UL THAT EXC^T£^::i! kN THE HA33C5 Hi LIKELY TO BE IN VIC FLINT A Nasty Crack .THAT 610ND N GUV AGAIN.' NOW . I REMEMBER 8 was just climbin| into the car be-1 Cle guessed side a bridesmaid when 1 heird it. | f i£bt about HY MICHAEL O'MALLKY and RALPH LANE tue Suit, but VIC, VOU SPEAK AMUSING R100165.' COfB, VMJ BY T.I* *E BOOTS AND KF.R [ lV\ wuM Daxe Days BY EDGAR MARTTJ* i

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