The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on June 8, 1934 · Page 3
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 3

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, June 8, 1934
Page 3
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FRIDAY, JUNE 8, 1934 BLYTHEVILLE, (ARK.) COURIER NEWS A4€DEI)N HOME for ihli newspaper in the Interest of Its women reaji-ra uy m-ogn1?.«i amhumles nn all phsfps of lume making. Florence Brobeck. Editor MrSj {]fmge Thlirn> Assoi ,| a((1 , WUor Mrs. .Tluiin Offers Suyges- lions to Help Solve IV. o Dear Fiiends In Blylhtvllle: Among recent, recipe rcriuesl.s which have come in, ure so many for dishes which make admirable party foods, ellher ns the main dish .of a luncheon or simple dinner, or as desserts. 1 urn also giving yon menus on Ihe page which will )*>lp solve .him- I'liic-rtHlnlni; problems, llf-iiieinlier In readliiE Ihese nieiius. that you ought to udapl ilii-ui lo your own needs, leaving off on, 1 course, if the\ aefm too eluboiate, iir .siilKtitut- ing some other dcsserl fur ihf: fine 1' have suceestrtl. Rut 6L-:o remember, and this I if-pful to you -:,j ,n'i,--n thai It win- ly innsl have hr-couu- u hoi&holil maxim by this ilme; have out green vegetable at least, one ra* frnll or .vegetable, soinelhln swe*t, some form of cereal ii brrfid, rice, macaroni ami siinlla IM, 'and a fish, meat or eliick Soup for the Hungry ChiU *4-i m *?,» ., «K: t "v»vj e *4k lyw-.s.fc en, imtas there Is u nut. or cheese [. or egg dish Included. And there Uo " ! : ' .should be milk for the children to si* 1011 f '"d fnrl:. and drink, or encoa made wilh plenty of milk. \ Veal lilrds Atlln Tlicre arc so many calls for veal birds, thai 1 am repealing this recipe: 11 may be varied according lo Ihe -leftovers In your re- dolly h Igll lllaill: oppaslll. h,y u, e |, Uk . In |,|,. w|l ,, 1]](1 ( ,| lN( |. s |., vol .| le ch|n llllle napkin. The rei-lpc- f,,r :u , M pn''tlly'"nou^h!^ 'X' '^'i'L-n'^lsewm" un Hi.' \ cer doesn't); one tablespoon salt; four onions. Doll the beef until partly cooked bill not tender, liemovc from the stock und rut In small cubes, re- Seven Luncheon Menus S"s,rcr riis S ---ii'The 11 ^ 1 ESM then they serve the bird* with I |M)11 lhc team in the slock until Two tablespoons shortening; a ,, u Ba ,-iic wnen tne wans lie two onions; one cup soft, bread, about half done, mash them par-, crumbs; one half teaspon sail; iially ihen add meal and cook un- | til done. Tins may be cooked ear- i Escalloped' Ham"" New' lier in the day, kept in an enamel- ' ed kettle until lime lor serving j one fourth lenspoon pepper; one tablcs|)ooii minced parsley; one and one half pounds veal sliced very thin; onc half cup dry bread crumbs; one half leaspoon sail; turnips; another cup minced on- inns; one stalk celery; two tablespoons butler; one teaspoon salt; one half cup hot water or stock'. r,,., L m.x irie lonowiug urcss- Placc the two lablespoons of hie: mash finely the yolks' of two shortening and the two chopped hard cooked eggs: add to them OIllOIlS ill fl ttLTl-rmDrF iVKCnr-nlK fltlf 1 hfllf tpruerwin Ifcinlitrli i vii.,- Ciinl.ilfiupc Bulls cocblall. With Mint Leaf Veal Birds Hot Saratoga Chips Tomato Jelly Salad Ilisnilts and liiiller Aprlco! Purl;,It Tea. Cuffl-i-j Cream Chicken Soil]) I lafter bri<lj;e biipi>er) and re- ] heated in u chaflny dish at. the I labie. Men especially like this dish. • : llermuda J'otato Salad • First mix the following dress- onions in a. two-quart casserole, and, the-hot, oven to brown the onions; then add soft, bread crumbs, salt, pepper and parsley. half teaspoon ftiglish mustard,; ;one teaspoon salt; one hall I teaspoon paprika; one fourth teaspoon white pepper; then add al- i Cut the steak into pieces about j ternately and beating well, one hree Inches by five "inches; on. lialr C "P n l iv e oil; one fourth cup 'iich place two taiihviiKxins of' vinc Bar or lemon juice; mil- tn- itnfrini- wrap atomicl the stnfl- j blesixwn grated onion. Jasi be- th e stnffini:; Stuffed Celery Salad Rolk and Hnlter Ciiiii|mie Cookcti Priiils. Htrnkit Tea find Coffc;. OrniiKe Juice , Cheese Souflle Creamed Carrols and Peas Corn Sticks with Duller . Pineapple and Cheese Saliid Tea . Coconut Cake Mixed Presh Fruit Cocktail Scrambled Eggs with Peppers EscallojKd Potatoes Mev,- Peas In Butter • Corn Slicks, Duller Ham Mousse Salad coffee Mints Tea Honey Dew Melon Individual Chicken -I'lcs Minn Beans, liulter Tiny Rice Croquettes Rolls, Duller Stuffed Tomato Salad coftce Tea Jellied Tomato lioulllon l.mnb Choixs New Potatoes • Cicamed String Beans Disciilts and Butter Shrimp Salad Coffee Strawberry Tart »• « * • Tomato, and Cabbage Appetizer Half Broiled Chicken Cauliflower in Cheese Sauce Rolls ilulter Cherry Parfail and Cup Cake Coffee - ami lasten with toothplcta'l '"" ...„ ....i, IU.-II.IIL wjui nHiinpicm; i lv • 3CI ""B "uu uut cu then roll each bird in |], e fiiiei crt ' ai " to tllis dressing, bieart crumbs.- '• | Have icaily freshly 'boiled, hot. • nice the inrnips. onions and eel- i^"! ixilat-:.-... ciiou»h 10 make n ery and pluccMn Hie casserole ]'ut 'M'arl; ixim- ( ,u-r them one half the veal birds on inb Vi-tWab'k-s.I 1 ' 11 ) 1 of in,-.|rr-<i buitcr mi.scd with Add butter, .salt,, and Mod; and "'"' :l "<l ""'• half Uil)le;.|ic.nt.y. ,.t bake for one hour, in a mixlernle '""""I Juice: tuss liulitly. u-illiwu oven,. 375 degrees. Sen-e in the to ° IJlucl > breakiiu; up. Tlieu pour un the mixed! twinoix-d Ham '"- " I-'our enps cold minced lianr two mips bread crumbs: eight hard eookfd eggs; one teaspoon trench mustard; one leasjioon of iwprlkn; three lablespoon.? melted >iulU>r; one scant quart of milk. Pried or baked or boiled ham may lx> used, but in any cow fry the ham pieces lightly. Mix all ingredienls and the butter together, add milk, turn into a shallow cnsserole. sprinkle the top LU UJUUIK «JILM IJL- • ' idd out cup whipped | ly ' fivc 'n»»«cs. Or pour the bat<: rtr.-icclt,™ ler llltO n bOWl. COVer ii find Vixxl .... n bowl, cover it. and keep ' •in a very cold refi-iceralnr for two »r IIn>c days Ijcfoiv hakim;. .- ing. Garnish with the whites of; hard cooked egys, cut in rings.' and .sprinkle with minced parsley ! . GEORGE THURN : , lightly with buttered bread crumbs and bake in a moderate oven 350 decrees for about one hour. Knongli for six large servings SiTauiblcd Kfffs with PeiiKrs Tuo tablespoons shortening; three tablcs|>oons chopped green pepper; one tiiird medium sized onion, grated; one fourth cup cream; five eggs slightly beaten Melt, ihe shortening, add the . These are drlic.jous with Spring salads, so much In demand just •now for party luncheoas and dinners. , Two lablcspoons butler: one cup <;.,„, , -water; «one half cup flnur; onr> '»*w » adminl.l;- frn^ aTrche'n I"""'"' '" "'"' ll "" tr!ls "° 011 ' Cay •" Vs of niisin hreinl and Jelly, or ;d, r ,w : 'th rf .,. '^^ 1 °"' l ' S • , " L ""' '" U '' r a ' u \ Wllll ' r "' " - ' l>O '" llg - Mft " ; niu-lv mint-ed meal. fro.-h i rooked fruit to follow, ami the , ! always i,e,-de<l en]) of milk or co- i'" con. The qnanlitv iv niouuh for ' " C ,' , imnlhn rand child' :l " ps ""' sl(los ° r tllc saucepa a, ir k,n S ...... i t" "Z ^ hi ' lr «"> nnely minced cel-jl™. in >""' '«•"«: one jnralely. ' These ra,in ,^i 8 era,or cook- j md ,L tlC " CI01ls ' . qu i ckly mlMd -' for me „, Th "" ' ! "'° rra<ls ' : " ry o, Ll, «•„- c ™ rec " f * 17.71' "ifd ravm!s: ° 1 "' r " !) ^^fnand add lh,,u. Turn i,,to a howl 01 thai extia xwcct (ouch Mock or one cup water ar.d Uo.Whn, cool ilrnii small nieces lul ner. , chicken b. ' ' * vnlks o liie ees ,|, r whites ven- stiff for company dinner. One and' one half . . eces o , chicken b.milion cubes; two and 'deep, hoi frying fa, ' nsimj * fry" pepper and onion, and teT ciS&^ffi one minnle touptlu-r Then «»* •l xx)n baling she ^ =oi _.._ ti . t fPoon salt: three cups flour, one 'or canned) teaspoon totla; one half lea- one minnle together. Then nfld tiie cream, cheese, and Inst the rggs. Wlwn well blended, serve "ii butlcrcd loasl triangled, with .1 slice of crisply broiled bucon on top of each serving. Popular as a luncheon dish, o.- for late iiller-bridge suppers, llalltrsrotch One third cup of rice; three cups milk; one cup brown sugar- three Ifible.'.pcoiLS coarsely firound blnnched almonds; one half tablespoon udnllno; two tablespoons liutter; one hair tablespoon salt Wash the rice, scald ihe milk in the top of ihe double boiler Mien .add the sail and rice and Ml it over thu hot water and cook mi!il Hie r |cc Is nearly tender. Caramelize ihe brown sugar wilh the butter until dark brown but not burnt. Add to the rice the caramel is melted and the rice Is very tender. Soak the gel- aline In one third cup of water until soft, pour over it one cup of lx>t milk, stir until dissolved find strain Into the cooked rice ' Turn Into a large mold or Individual molds, rinsed In cold water and sprinkled wilh finely chopped Served with cream, plain or teaspoon iiiiinipg; one cup seedless spoons butler f tups diced cooked i just right, not too hot to cook chicken: three amnhem too quickly, browning thci cups milk: win lahle-[before they arc done inside an loo " m- ,„„• iaiw-• ui-nire iney air do powder; one half spoon mim-ed p:lrMM .. lwo l;llll(1 . i I(11 , vil , B „ * ce,ue" s- ran- r-nn ^n.n.,^.- v-^,,, c i,,,,,... I.... u ... ™ urrs . then cook fiw Mil-ring fiern p.nsti-y line] ^^aT'eg-.h^ « - <'>-"-'^ £5£ soda and nutmeg. Mix all together U [ 0 s ]onm well, then chill in Ihe refrlgcralor. ,\dd mlmv "hen sliff enough to handle, form.and serve into rolls about two inches in dia-! meter, wrap in waxed paper and' again store In ihe refrigerator When ready to make, cm roll iir one fourth inch slices. Place on a baking sheet rubbed with short-: ening. and about onc and otic half ! inches nparl. Bnke len minutes, at •ofil. tool: ing them too slowly. Diain nn paix-r lowelini;. Iliiln'l Live Tlirrc Anymore NORWAIK. Conn. (U!'l - Al- thoush Dimitri Mamnrchcff anrt Ills wife returned to their native Bulgaria, they conscientiously wrote the common council asking thai their S? pcrronal tax lie abiit- rd. The lull had followed them to Solin. Chlk Con C»rn« Two pounds round steak; one half pound Xldney suet; one pound Kidney beans soaked over night; . !00 degrees, or a hoi oven One ciip^ molnwcs; Iwo cups flour; one nali teaspoon ginger; onc halt teaspoon allspice; one half lea- '. spoon cinnamon; one fourth lea- ', spoon salt; one teaspoon soda dis- ! .solved In one half cup hot walcr. ! Cicain Hie shortening and sugiu- : lO-jcther thoroughly. Add the well I benten eggs, stir, then add the mo- . lasses. Sill the flour, measure and I silt again wHTMhe spices, and salt, | and alternately wilh the hot water: and soda mixture. Rub a cake pan 1 with shortening, line the bottom, with waxed paper, rub the paper SWEET&PIMFLOUR Kiuiicj uvuni suaitea over mgnt;: «nn waxed paper rub the paper 'one clove of garlic; four chill pep-! »'Hh shortening, ancT pour in the pers; one tablespoon cimio seed baiter. Bake in a moderate oven, i (drugstore will h»ve It if the |ro- 350 degrees, for thirty-five to for- [ A IIIC,II QUALITY M,l, MJRI'OSK FLOUR A / (innil ( Kucriiwhcre THE CRAFTON CO. UlSTRIBtTORS BLVTHEVILLE. AKK. - HI i •.••111.11 PAGE THREE PIGGLY WIG6LY Skinned Hams Prices tor Friday and Saturdai Smoked, Whole or Half, 20-25 Pounds, Pound KROGER STORE Neckbones 'lTsli n nil Mi'aly I'niiiiil Dnoot Tllick liib >!•!>• 1& midM Brisket, Lb Idc Bacon l''iincv Sllc.'il I'lniin! Sausage I'nrk I'miml Voal l((iasl l>ollll(l Ito •Cdl Chops, Pound 10c I'ull Dressed Butter Roll Cluli Shoulder Jl'ork nic St 1'ounil 'IViulcrhilii I'oinnl Steak I'ork I'Vo.sli 1'ctinul Potato Salad or Slaw I'rniml Salt Meat found BANANAS •"Tu.. 19 C LETTUCE^.'ffilff' H ON ICY DKWS Vine Itip- OfC I'lll'tl. Klich Ull S ARDINIA Tnnialor or Mns-ITC (a rcl Sauce. 2 Oval Cans 1J. POTTED • MEA ' l ' A , r :^ Crystal While 10 Sm:ill Hars TOMATOES Ued ' It 9' 'KS Salmon d. .'Id's. 2 fo ONIONS Vrflow "",•,!£ If Fancy lilue llosc ' llosc OQC r. I. hit. LL CAAD Crystal Whit* I^C OU/il f t I,urge Itnrs U DP A O M i ssi-o 1 r C I trio No 2 Can. 2 for lu APPLES Win Tu.s.25 c Crisp. Jumho ' Slulks. 2 for . CABBAGE New 1,1). CHOCOLATE " er fZ 15° TISSUE Semin :'^25 t: •I Holla . Wesco 10C 2-l.h. llox 10 Corn Flakes l'«sl nr Ke 15c MUSTARD lOmliassy I'lill (inart Lemons Thin Skin Juicy. Nice Hi/e Oranges Juicy Calif. Thin Skin Dozen Potatoes Nuw Clean Uliss Triumph Pound I'ine (iriinulalcd 10 Tnnnils Ui. GRAPE ™"l™ tM $i 10 (: ^fi'AP l>iilnio|ivo if>(i 3 Hars BREAD , OT .£g., f lQ (: MOTOR 011% it ?S BUTTER Spring hrook. O/»C l.b. LU Cnunlry Chili, (\HC l.h. -'-... L\ CORN Standard Quality No. 2 Can 2 for 15c JEWEL COFFEE ViS TOMATO-ES N '"Vf:25 ( ' B UKJHTKN'.S VANIIJ.A.S ICC _ Fresh, 13 BREAD Sm;i " '^ h 5 C GINGER ALE 2 ,S,elO c SHRIMP ) \Vc( «r Pry I'acklAC f';in l" TEA Wcsvo. Kor KM! Tea OCC KA»K'«IK T,C Andrews. Can J CANDY a Mini I'illnws is ire Lit. ID ROLLS 12 To FOLUR FRESH EGGS Beans Kidney. C. C. No. I Can .'I frr Snowdrift 3-Mi. Can Plums IVesh No. 2'/j Can 2 for Tli'sf Cream 2.|.).|i. Sack Kalmore I'ountl PureLard 4lbctn 3 8-lb. ctn.: 65c Coffee Country Club 1-I.h. Tins Vinegar Gnld DoM'.r (; a I Inn .Hi;; Kaeh Coimlrv Clul> 3 Ta'll or fi Small Cans Pickles Sour or Dill Full Quart Each

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