The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on August 14, 1936 · Page 1
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 1

Blytheville, Arkansas
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Friday, August 14, 1936
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ELYTHEVILLE COURIER NEWS THB DOMINANT NEWSl'APER OF NOKTiaiST ARKANSAS AMI. nnir-rMK»«v uiuxmiu, ' • "^""^ ' * * W ^ MM iNO. Bljth«Ul» Courier WyttevUle D«llj Newt ~~ ~~ " BlytheTllle H»»ld MiMUdppi Valley»r _ BLYTH1W1LLB, ARKANSAS, KK1DAY, AUGUST M, 10Sl> SINGLE COPIES FIVE CENTS WILSON, VICTORIA BOXES THROWN OUT » . ^^^^^ ^^^^^ ^^i. SETTLEHS REE Timber Fire Near Canadian Border Threatens Minnesota Settlement MIMKFiM'CMS;. Aug. ).) (UP) Settlers near Wai-rod, Minn, clos-> to the Canadian border were wanud today („ (ice for their lives us roaring fire:; broke out in a lie- seclicn. (if timber land The lire cut 'a path seven miles tcn-i neur the boundary Rangers said it was "crowniinj" lapidly. explaining Hint it rased through the tcps of I lie giant pines on ihe Canadian side. Thei'i were row lire fighters and Inadequate equipment. ' All settlers ncrlh of Warrod lo (he border were asked (o move out. Many of them fled as the flames enveloped tlie woodlands around their homes. Cnly one 11111 row path led out of the area for most of the settlers. Ranger Diet; Williams .':aid II wmdd bo disastrous if that read became ehoked. Nearly 1.000 men and youths moved l:y boat into the" wild hike region of Minnesota to battle flames which had eaten then way across 0,500 acres of limber on the fringe of Superior National Forest. : Klale ollieers drafted Tire fighl- crs from (lie streets of northern Minnesota towns. Only Iranspor tation into the pntracited wilder ness near International Falls vvr/ by water.' Closinf/ Stock Prices NEW YORK, Aug. 14 (UP) — - Railroad' shares, led the stock exchange .lower -today. ...Losses in ~ i ails ' ranged lo more than'live points and in the main list fractions lo more than two points. A. T. A: T Anaconda Copper .. Bethlehem Steel ... Chrysler Cities Service Coca Cola General Electric ... Gen. American Tank General Motors .„.. Intei-national Hai-resU Mckesson-Robbins .. Montgomery Ward . New York Central .. Packard Phillips Petroleum . Radio Corp St. L.-S. F. Simmons Beds Standard of N. J. .. Texas Co. Oj S] Smelting U. S. Steel Warner Bros. Zonitc Cotton-Picking Machine -Will Gel Real Te^ ts This Season John, left, and Mack Bust, brothers who developed the Rust Cotton Picker, talk over final details of their invention before John* departure for Soviet Russia to supervise big scale tests of the machine. Mack will direct final trials in America. Says Arkansas Counties Need Federal Drouth Aid WASHINGTON. 58 05 5-8 9 5-8 •15 1-2 40 1-2 10 3-a 43 10 3-4 2 1-8 37 1-1 03 3-8 ?8 7-8 7C 5-3 66 1-2 12 1-2 Rust. Brothers Soon Will! Know If Success Crowns ™>i Years of Effort New York Cotton NEW Collon Oct Dec Jan March May July Spots 18. YORK, "Aug. 14 (UP) — ceased steady. open high I1KI! 1191 119:1 1198 119S 12f.ll 1201 12C3 1194 1198 lew 1174 1179 11112 1186 1187 1184 11715 1181 1184 118B 1138 1181 closed quiet at 1241, o!f Spot Average Is 12.15 The average price of 7-8 middling cotton on the 10 markets loday \vas 12.15, Blythevillc Board of Trade ports. inch .spot the re- liy NBA Service MEMPHIS. Tenn.. A-JR. 14. — Ready for the acid lest of opera- Mon under actual field rondl- tirns. e'frht stranpe. new mechani- rni devices have been i>laced "on Iheii- marks" 031 two sirlc.s of t'te wrr'd lo determine whelhcr the michinn nee shall have complete rniiniif-t ever cotton picking, i>n iiulii.slnr caiT'<vl ^n by hand for i m"-r Uimi 3000 years. Completion of the eight • me- "'!'n<vr. mechanical cotton nicker.-. '"": hrnnghl John and Mack Rust, "''e-thne cnHon field v/orkers, to H'e threshold of a goal they set out for a decade ago. RccalliiiK how his grandmother mristened the soindi? on her snin- ninir wheel pave John the basic id^a for inventing the cotton ivcker. which removes the boll from the stalk with a smooth, moistened spindle. Aug. 14 (UP) — TOiinnw in. the slides desisnaled by the ;i g ,-j f'.'aiunent drouth eetn- ay as In need of fed'"•'- brings (lie m- 'a to a total of 'it slates. designations (\K linn's drouth in 91f - "omitics in With lodav's rmcrgencv drouth coim'ifes"in »r" kansas new (rial IS. in Minnesota •>». and in Illinois H. Tile Arkansas coun'irs (icd for relief arc Logan and Stone. rerli- Searcy UNITEB SUITES TO. LEWES Cruiser Heady To Remove Americans; May Close limbassy C'oiivriiilil hy Hulled MADRID. Aug. U <UP>—Tin American government today 'Warn»d all ll.s dtl;:ens to leave- Madrid sit cure or lo remain on ihelr O'.vn responsibility. . . .'.mrrkatis \vlia. elect to, ivnir.'n m;:st leave UK embassy where s'.'ino o'.' ilium have been shcil- ued. Embassy niriclals were an! lionized lo doc the bulldhu entirely :f the situation biciinv.- aitileienily grave Tin- crack U, H. cruiser Qinncy has been ordered lo ciill at Allc- c:ite Sunday to evacuate ni:y American:- who wish lo '.ji-vr. Today;; warning came - .vM.hO".il iiulii.e- Mil ,>ller reports frc.m nil Spain hud indicated n .stale approaching chaos was 'iiear. As War Kiiged Around U, U. ttmbussy in Madrid MADRID. All-j. 14 (UP)-Reb-jls and Icyalists. Iheir hatred whipped to. white-hot pitch, 'fpughl suvagcly for supremacy and life In every quarter of Ihe country today. ; 'the rebellion had become u civil war In which the humane cede of normal warfare was" forgotten. In provinces all o.vcr the country minor fighting In which Hie killed numbered a few score was in progress. 'Ihere was every Indication thai both sides expected from intensified - warfare which was closing the fourth week of the rebellion to see actioji develop. ^hj.cli might' prove d'eclsl\'e".' " fc '"7 Government leaders were fmnk- ]y anxious as they awaited news. Tlieir atlenlion seemed riveted cn the Estremadura.iCountiy righting on .the Portugese 'frontier. FfllflLIB SIX Five Miners Die Allempl- jiig lo Rescue Another Today company New Orleans Cotton NEW ORLEANS. Aug. 14 (UP) — The cotton market broke more Ilian $1 a bale today due to a ccmbimulon of linuidalioii hedging o|»rattons against foreign ami domestic crops and short selling. Oct Dec Jan March May July Spots closed 20. open high low 1183 1188 1172 1100 1193 1192 1192 1199 1199 1198 1202 clos: 1173 1177 1173 1182 1185b - • I180b Quiet at 1219. oil 1177 ins 1182 1185 Chicago Wheat oiwn high . low close Sep 111 7-8 112 1-8 110 1-4 110 1-1 Bee 111 1-2 111 7-8 110 1-8 no 1-4! Places where the machines MOUNTAIN CITY, Nev.. Aug. 14 (UP)—Rescue workers today fought poison gas fumes in an H was a practical idea, and now I attempt lo recover the bodies of tlie machines, already proi'cd in! six miners killed by »as in a nreliminary tests, are to undergo i Maintain City Copper" nnnl trvonts. I mine. MACHINES CO TO RUSSIA Two of (he machines liavc been sold lo Soviet Russia, where John Rurt will supervise their operation in the extensive fields of Turkestan and other co-operative cotton centers. The rest of the machines will to into action in America's south, fide, hy side with the thousands of Negro and white cotton pickers, manv of whom still jclievc the invention will" deprive Ihem of their livelihood. Any machine which ran do the \vr>rk of 100 laborers 's bound lo Ttir the fear of unemployment in Iliosc workers' minds. But the Rust brothers have Fcen this possibility, too. and they propose to market their invention Duly under Ihe condition that it neltlirr lower waccs nor displace • workers now employed. THYOUT PLACES CHOSEN P'or their personal incomes, the brothers propose to accept salaries limited to 10 times lhat of the lowest paid full lime employe, Chicago Corn Sep Dec open high low close 108 3-4 109 1-4 107 5-8 107 5-3 95 7-8 90 1-8 9t 5-8 84 5-8 A novel clock in a Soiilh American city Is In the forni ot a search- Hg'nt. The clock, In revolving, falls on' a different landmark every huur. bo tried out in the United States include the Deltci Co.-operativn Farm, Dr. Sherwood Eddy's pr,i- iect near Hlllhousc, Miss.; the Delia Experiment Station at Stoncvllle, MUs.; and -plantations near Dallas, Tex., and Clarksvilln, that the machine! have been brought to tion as far os removal ef the cot- (Cohllnucd On Page 3) Miss. Confident Five cf the miners perished In a futile attempt to rescue a sixth, who was overcome while inspecting a pump cn Ihe mine's slop between the 500 and COO foot levels, officials said. Bodies of two of tiie dead miners were recovered early today. Rescue workers, equipped with gas masks and working 1 in froat of a strong current of compressed air, attemntcd to retrieve the bodies of the other four. Mine officials said the bodies had been sigiilcd in the mine by but poison gns recovery. men were victims rescue workers prevented their The six dead of carlion monoxide gns poison- int'. officials said. How (he gas get into the mine could not b: determined immediately. C. W. Afflick Purchases Ltrge Tenth Street Lot A deal was whereby C. W. a 1C3 fool lot closed yesterday Afflick purchas3d frcm Mrs. J. G. Sudbury. The lot, which adjoins Ihc Sudbury home on Tenth street, extends about 280 feet on Walnut street (o the alley line The lot, considered one of the most desirable In the city, ts a part of Ihe block In which the Sudbury residence has been the center for many years. Mr, and Mrs. Afflick plan to build a moil- cm house there some time lalcr which will face Tenth street. FUTS TOSp E. Casev, 59, Dies al theville Hospital Early Today E. Casey, 59. prominent Strele, Mo., resident, died at I2:f)5 o'clock this mcrning of injuries received in a highway accident Frid.iy Pneumonia following Internal in- ''"i ies -"us said to have eauseil liis death. Funeral services will probably held Sunday rfte'(io<\i at the Church of Christ at Steeli. with Flder Thomas C. Whitficld officiatirl;. Thy Cobl) Fmvra Hcmc of Blythevillc is in charge of funeral arrangements. Mr. Casey had made his honiL In Slcelc and vicinity lor 33 years and had been In various business enterprises at Steele. He is survived by his widow. Mrs. Clyde Rogers Casey, a daughter, Vallie, two sons, Vernon and Nelson, of Memphis, a brother, Nolen Casey of Paris. Tenn., and two grand daughters, Eliza- rctli Anne and Mary Nelle Casey. As miicli nt home and as nonchalant as though In their own buck yards instead dl In tile thick of the Spanish revolt lire these Americans who chat and' piny midge nt the United SUles emlwssy in Madrid wlillc walling lo be evacuated. Among those pictured are John Field of Los Angeles, William craw- ford cf Meadvllle. Pa.. Judith Slapleton of Kansas City, Uevercnd David Eslcr Frederick Farimm of New Haven. Conn., and Piofcssor Ireland, UTILITIES West Virginia Senator Makes Keynole Speech At Convention Ans,--. li ,,(UP1 T - Scnatcr Rush' 'Drew Holt, yonlli- ful anti-New Deal Democrat from West Virginia, today charged In Ills kcvnole speech of the first convention, of the National Union for Rcclal Justice tli-<t * public utilities .control the governm ntul htive members of congress on their- payrolls.. Senator Moll said he ;"may be expelled from the sctm'e next January for 'nuikhu! this slaLemenl." ^ Nearly lO.cnn delegates, allcr- nales : and visitors In the convention of Father Charles Coni;htiii booed on their enemies and cheered on their friends as the meeting opened. IJooes swelled the • nudlcnre when the speaker mentioned former President Hoover. Senator Carter Glass. Democrat of ViriMnia. and Snmuel Insull, one (line utilities maanate. There NCTC cheers for William Jennings Bryan and Thomas Jefferson und for Father Conghlin a lumullous demonstration was slaved. Couijlilln spoke briefly. He pledge<l the national union to support the constitution. His speech was a prelude to the big political business lo come when thousands of delegales gathered here arc cxpeclcd to endorse Williatn Lenike of the new union party for the nomination of president. Father Coughlin is leading his cheering army right into the 1936 presidential campaign. "If you don't believe tlie utllilies rim the government of Hie United Slates," said young Holt, "then check the members of congress who have been or arc on the payroll of this country." Putrcll Observes His 65th Birthday Today ,1'ITLH ROCK, Aug. M (UP)— Governor J. M. Fulrell observed Ills tiSlli blrlhday today by returning lo his ollice aflcr a week's absence to receive a birthday cake sent him by the Texas Centennial commission. The governor posed for camera men after opening the package containing Ihe cake and then cul several slices for eapllol em- Durlnc a mornlni: press conference I''u(rcll Ignored all questions regarding the recent stale Democratic primary In " which Committee Finds McDonald and Bailey Votes Questionable *''' The Ocmocnitlc ttnlrjil coin- mlllcc nniendcd Us, action thrqw- IIIB oul llio Wilson ami Victoria ' boxes lule (hLi uftcrnoon, \oU Int.' la disregard Ihe vole cast In the two preclints inly as to ( Ihe governor's race. n*^ The fliial tlgurri. on Bailey'*,, I and MeDuiialil \otcs In Mis- ' stssippi' cnuiily us ccrtmed by Ihe coiiimlltee »cie: v )„ •Mtltoiinld, 2,441. lialley, l,Si4. Secretary of State Kd Mc- Ijonald, administration candidate- for Lhc gubernatorial nomination was defeated by Attorney Clen- eral Carl K. liallcy. „. B. FIFIELB Tf 'romincnl Rcsiclcnl of Bly- tlievillc Dies al 2:45 P. M. tenant Union Otficial Quest ioiiccl in White Farmer's Slaying, QI)EKNWOOU,,..ML*., . . (UP)— John Bennett, negro, local president, of. the National Tenant Colored Fanners Union.' was helS for questioning today as officers investigated charges, that the- iriui- dcr of. tjvo -while; planters near llolcornb .was deliberately vlotted by a negro organization. No formal charges were lodged against Dennett hut Sheriff George Ulaylock of Letlorc comity reported that' Tommy Jones, secretary (he negro organization, and First Bale Ginned at Yarbro Thursday Noon The first bale of 1936 crop cotton to be ginned at Yarbro was turned out by the Vallcyfleld Gin at noon yesterday. Tlie cotton was grown by G. C. Whittle on his farm near Yarbro. It was of good grade and Hie bale weighed 525 iiomuLs. Several premiums offered by Yarbro merchants were won by Mr. Whittle. The bale was lo be auctioned off today. Husband Asks Divorce Arthur Williams has filed suit In chancery court here against Mrs. Marie Williams, asking a divorce on the ground of desertion. The suit Is uncontested. Nelll Reed ts attorney for thi plaintiff. Sues for Divorce Mrs. Lois Evelyn Fleeman ot Manila has filed suit In chancery court against Floyd Flccman. asking a divorce on Ihe ground of Asks Contributions To Democratic Party Fund WASHINGTON. All*. H (UP) — John L. Lewis today asked for 500,000 of his United Mine Workers to contribute $1 each to the Democratic national campaign fund. In n letter to be published in a forthcoming Issue of the United Mine Workers Journal. Ltivpi 1 ) Aigge:Ue<l ri(«)sev<(t-roi;- Presldent" clubs be organized among the miners. Buttons bearing a likeness of President Roosevelt are being sent mine union locals throughout the country. Each of the miners who receives a. button Is asked lo contribute $1 to the campaign fund. of Andrew Ifcmphlll, aiiotlier negro held in ihe death cell of Hinds county Jail at Jackson, wer t charged with murder. The planters, William Simpson 25, former Duke University ath- lele, and W. R. Ingrain, 20, were shot lo death Wednesday by two negroes in a Hare up of violence when the two allegedly lr!cd lo evict Nathan Johnson, negro tenant, from the phtntalbn. Sheriff Dave Dogan of Grenada county, n. T-'alrfleld. Veil known scene of Hie double murder, said 'Tl\K Mississippi county Democratic echlral committee, in ses-!, nlon nl Osceola,- ouleicd Ihe Wilson and VIcloila boxes In Tues- ; day's primary tlnown out this (ifleruoon. The aellon was taken aflcr 'tiio committee found Hie tally sheets and Uilals of Ihe boxes lo reveal an exact reversal ' of":'the 1 vote given Carl B IJallcy, gov- erntr-elcct iipparcnl, and Ed P McUonald In the miolllclal cbUnt' s tabulaled bj the Courlei Nevis ml othnr eom|itlers of the un- olllclnl; llgiirei i & Slate Waichc's Osceola .' Interest In the statja close race for the chief justice of he supreme court nomination as well as the governor's race at lilllc Rock,-and throughout the state, ''centered on Osceola when t became known that Ihe, boxes had been oulcied thrown out^ The refusal lo include the boxes i the 'official-count to be cerll- ' fied lute 'Ihh afternoon appar- ently'will change, the results of > nbnei'ot -Ihe •lounty'-'or dlstHit" i rnccs though It wlll v lower the margin of some uinnliij; candi- datc-.-i coiisiderably. A lolal of 403 voles were,cast at the Wilson box and 209 ,it Victoria, In the unofficial count 200 of the Viclorla voles went to Bailey and 4 Id McDonald wllh Ihe remainder divided .between the other . candidates. --Also In the unolllelal -count 385-.votes were counted foi Billey and 23 for McDonald at Wilson wltii the others divided nmo'iiK the "remaining candidates. * A'ufes Exaiitly Opposile -. , When ithe central committee checked the totals and tally sheets of the election officials this morning U found a total of 385 votes tabulated for McDonald at Wilson and 200 for him at Victoria with 23 J5f Bailey at Wilson and 4 at Victoria, r"* resident of lilylhevllle. died at 2:45 o'clock this afternoon at his hcnic here. He had been in 111 health for some time, having suffered a stroke of paralysis about a year ago. Mr. Fall-Reid was at one lime head of the Blythcviltc Slci-ni l.aundrv. ws.s once a vlec-pres:- (ienL of the First National bank and was :.i'l'i: f - mayor of H'y- tlievillc a number of years ago. Funeral rarniigcinents are in- complele, according to the Cabb Funeral Home. Robert Teasley, Negro Undertaker, Dies Thursday Robert U.- Teasley, negro, rhoe cobbler and undertaker, died at Ills home at 2020 West Rose street Thursday morning. Funeral services will be held Sunday morning al the Ash Street Baptist church. Teasley was prominent In negro business and religious circles. Ho was associated wlth.W. P. Colib Police Chief Outraces Thief To Get Bicycle Police Chief Ed Rice may not always get his man but last night he overhauled a thief who had slolcn his son's bicycle so rapidly that Ihe lallcr abandoned tlie machine In order lo elude capture. Chief Rice was sleeping soundly when the Intruder slipped upon the front i>orcli of his West Chlekasawla avenue residence. The thief would have made 'away with the bicycle without trouble had not the aland bar on the machine dropped to Ihe floor with a thud as he gently roiled It off the porch. The noise awakened the chief's wife. Sizing up the situation she reused her husband. Clad only itn his pajarna houscrs Chief Hlce raced out of the house and alter the Ihlef. The long-legged olflcer was gaining rapidly when the intruder threw the bicycle aside to make good his escape. , that sensational and sUrtllng developments were promised In the case as officials studied charges that the shootings were deliberate, and planned. Luxora Bales Earliest Within 11-Year Period LUXORA, Ark.—W. A. Hog.lll fanning on the S. J. Smith farm, and Liralc Handy, who farms on the L. S. Mitchell fan: arrived In Luxora about 'the same time Thursday afternoon with the first cotton of the season. Tlie Smilh gin and Ihe Luxora Gin company shnre honors foi ginning the first bales, were of Stonevlllc variety. Boll The (he 510 Hogan bale was ginned at Smith gin and weighed pounds. Hnndy's bale was gin lied at tile Luxora Gin company and weighed 515 pounds. The bales were auctioned off nt 15 cents a pound, II. L Hotick and Joe Powell, local buyers, making the Hnndy purchases. Hogan and each received severa premiums froai merchants. Indignities. Robert A. West, Manila .at-jns partners In the Teasley lorney, represents Mrs. Pleeman. | Cobb Funeral Home. and Mrs. W. F Speck Dies In Hospital at Memphis MEMPHIS, Aug. 14 (UP)—Mrs. W. P. Speck of Frenchman's Bayou. Ark., died here tcclny of pneumonia afler being ill only four days. . Funeral services will be held at Bassett, Ark., Sunday. E. Gin A. Tcaford of company says ginned yesterday is Ihe the the Luxora cottoi carries fcr any year here since 1925. Posse Hunts Alleged Murderer Near Hardy HARDY. Ark.. Aug. 14 <UP>A posse today hunted Sid Taylor 43. who is accused of the murde of Willie Wilson, 22. Taylor escaped from Sheril Lush Langston yesterday after noon. Wilson died Tuesday afle having been shot in an argu ment. WEATHER ARKANSAS-Generally fair to night and Saturday. Memphis and Vicinity—Fair to night and Saturday. Not much change In lemperature. The created unexpected considerable <Ilscloc(jres excitement and this afternoon the 'committee. voted on n show of hands ^6 throw out bolli : boxes. ' Unolllelal tabulations at Little. Rock this morning gnve Bailey 74,007 and McDonald 72,030. FolnMlt Vote Changes Griffin Smith, who appeared on the unofficial returns to IraVe been the Democratic party's nominee for chief justice of the sup-,, reme court over the incumbent * C. E. Johnson, told the Cornier'^ News over long distance tele- • phone this afternoon thab he had, lost 400 votes on the official" count In process in Poinsett: county this afternoon Smith telephoned the Courier News for Information regarding: Ihe action of the. Mississippi- comity Democratic central committee in throwing -out the Wil-' son and Viclorla boxes. Such action alone would have shot Johnson Into the lead on the. unofficial count but the Mississippi county committee later changed Its action lo throw the Wilson and Vicloria boxes out as"to the governor's race only. ijmlth was less' than 500 vote^ ahead on the unofficial stala count this morning. Central Committees Mcrt l LITTLE ROCK, Aug. 14 (UP)— Connly election boards throughout Ihe state slarlcd today to certify ballots cast Tuesday in the Democratic primary. '..:'• Ally. General Carl E. Bailey and Secretary of State Ed F. Mo' Donald maintained their stands of yesterday both claiming lo have won the nomination. McDonald headquarters expected confidence that the official canvass made today and tomorrow would show the secretary of slaia lo be the Democratic party's nominee. Bailey's unofficial vote was 74.081 and McDonald's 72,603 with 20 precincts yet to report. Not a single stream is crossed by the Central of Georgia rali- road. from Atlanta to Macon, » distance of 101 miles.

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