The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on September 19, 1951 · Page 8
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 8

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, September 19, 1951
Page 8
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FAGB KTOHV (AKK.) COURIER NEWS THE; BLYTHEVILLE COURIER NEWS THE COCKIER NEWS CO. H. W. HA7NES, Publisher HARRY A. HAINES, Assistant .Publisher A. A. FREDRICKSON, Editor , D, HUMAN, Advertising Manager Sole Natlon»l Advertising Representatives: W»lliee Wltmer Co., New York, Chicago. Detroit. Atlanta, Memphis. Entered •£ second class mattrr it the post- office >t Blythevllle. Arkansas, under act of Con- frtte. October 9, 1917. Member of The Associated SUBSCRIPTION RATES: By carrier in the city ol Blylhrville or any suburban town where carrier service IE maintained, 25c per week. v By mall, within a rarllus o( SO miles. J.VOO pfr year, $2.50 for six months, Jl.Sft for three mojjlhs: by mull outride 50 mile zone, 112,50 per year payabl* in tdviince. Meditations Arrordlnf to <h« glorlniti gospel of Ihr blrwrl God, which mis eommllfeit to my trust.—1 Timothy 1:11. * * * God writes the gospel, not In Ihe Bible alnne. but on trees and flowers and clouds and stars. —Luther. Barbs Some folks who are at their wit's end didn't h»ve to go far. * * • "Girl SUM for S25.000 Breach at Promise"— hearUlnt. lait make* > girl nuke a man make > (oo) of himself. * * * The burglars who took a dummy from a department itore window probably just needed • Jourlh in bri'dge. --* * • A Rickey Injured on an eastern race Irarfc •111 recover. Some folks irho t>ei on hb horse won't. * • « dirts of a prlyat« easter nschool ire working em (arms this summer. Prom culture lo agriculture. ; Military Fund Use Must Be Explained If Safety Permits Them'may he a very important reason why K Senate Appropriations subcommittee suddenly und mysteriously added f6 billion to the military appropriations bill to make « slaKperinjf $61 billion total for the current fiscal year. The extra money is labeled « reserve fund for military and naval aviation. It was affixed to th* bill after « laat-min- nt« closed 'hearing. Tt wn* not part of the Defense Department'* orginal requests for th« year. According to the initial leaks from the committee room, the money was for ."fantastic new weapons" of Ihe sort President Truman and others have recently hinted at. Later advices had it that it wae for expanding more conventional aviation equipment to carry or USB the new weapons. Tn the absence of more specific Information, it is impossible safely to criticize this proposed outlay. Yet the manner in which it has been handled points up sharply the weakness of present appropriations bill procedure. The strict necessities of security and the technical complexitieK of modern warfare impose heavy burdens upon the lawmakers who today must, rlncidc how much money to approve. Frank disclosure and discussion is virtually impos- sibla. Congressmen have no choice in many instances but to take I be military's word, sinc-e they have no experts equally well qualified to judge (lie merit of K projected expenditure. In this predicament, sensible analysis nnd criticism of military outlays is highly unlikely. The lawmakers' control of the purse, traditional weapon for maintaining civilian domination over the military in a democratic nation, is thus endangered. The ?5 billion at issue in (his case represents almost five-sevenths of Ihe total voted this year for all foreign aid, including military assistance. The Senate chopped more than SI billion off foreign aid with the judicious air of men practicing discriminate economy. Yet (hey tacked ?5 billion onto military funds almost as casually as they vole to adjourn. This is no chicken feed. The sum involved almost equals the new tax bill take as proposed by the Senate. The whole performance is disquieting, lo say the least. What assurance have we that the extra $5 billion will fit a clearly-defined, up-to-date concept of national defense? What kind of defense are we building, anyway? How docs this fund affect the relative roles of Army, N'avy and Air Force? What impact will it have on Allied political policy? Since we must rely on the judgment of our trained mllitiiry experts, th« burden is upon'them to make their decisions with utmost soundness, to have regard at sll times for wise economies. And they and the Administration with which Ihey are linked owe it to the American people to Icll as much a.s they^dare in order to justify their demands. Soviet Hinders Crusade Harold Rfassen says the Russians are sending up fighter planes to knock down Crusade for Freedom balloons bearing anti-fomimimsl propaganda behind the Iron Curtain in Czechoslovakia. • This isn't too surprising, if we recall Ihe frcnr.y wilh which the Reds have sought, to jam American propaganda broadcasls, and the fervent, appeal by the O.ech government itsolf lo get powerful Radio l''roe Kurope off the air. You C.TII see haw much Ihey love (he idea of n free interchange of information. Can't you imagine how the. Soviet nil' force commnniiiucs are reading these days? "Six Soviet fighter pliuics shot (town 15 plastic propaganda pillows and cre- nlerl turbulent air drafts which compelled 10 olhrrs to return to their bases. •All propaganda material in the destroyed balloons was reduced to ashes before it reached ground." Readers' Views To Ihe Editor; J nni writing you because I feol that you may be ahJe to help us fellows. We have been In Korea R good while now and very .seldom get any mall. We would appreciate it very much if you would put our names In your paper, Mnyb« some one will a-ritc us. Pfc. Jtu.iie H. Arbuckte. RA1429EKJ13 Cpl Henry D. Wesley, RA13.'352121 Pvt. Ernest Dickinson, RA31376413 A Battery, 78th AAA Gunnery Battalion A PO 301, c/o Postmaster San FranrLsco, Calif. Views of Others VA Schooling A Hnuse committee investigating government- JS\ibstdi7.ed GV training has received »ome specific criticism of the program from tha Veteran* Ad- mtnistnUion regional director in Tennessee. Kenneth S. Craft, the VA chief at Nashville, told the congressmen that, proper operation of veternns training school* Is hampered: By dim! control under which the VA anrt tha •chool determine the rule of tuition but Ihe state ind Hie school determine standard*, By the unavailability "of records for control purposes and for deterniminst costs. By laxity of the Jaw which permit* school* tn close overnight without giving notice to stu- dcnts. Mr. Craft suggested thai (he law.i and regulations governing Gl training should be rewritten to rid the program of confusion and misunder- BUmking. This i* by no mean? the first criticism that has been leveled at- the postwar education program for e.v-servicertien nor the first- recommendation for Improving it. Many "schools" established for the sole purpase of collecting Gt fee* were especially a. .source of trouble during the peak of the training period. And only recently the Citfeens Committee for the Hoover Report charged that the VA has permitted hundreds of millions of dollars to slip through its finger* In payments tn "phony 'educational projects' and In overpayments to men who had already left jwhool " Thfi Committee «'tw pleading with Con- srrw (o pass a bill to reorganize the Veteran* Artm'mslrntion. The rtvn t;an ir;a' ion measure, however, is si ill piETwrMiolrd in the Houso Veterans Affair.-; com- mittre, whose chairman. Representative John nankin. 5eem.s to be uninterested in bringing it OUT. The evidence bchu; accumulated by the tour- ins ixMigrcvuurn may IK-IP to dislodge it. — ARKANSAS GAZETTE i SO THEY SAY Blyfh«vill« Personalities— ___ WEDNKSDAY, SEPTEMBER 19, 1951 County Agent Keith Bilbrey Takes Pleasure In Helping Farm People to Help Themselves B.T OI.AIIDF, K. SPA/IKS ICoiirlfr Nrwn Staff Writer) "Helping farm people to help themselves In one of the real satisfactions of extension •j.ork," sny.s County Agent Keith .1. Bilbrev. who will complete his piahth year as North Mississippi County agent next month. Whether tht problem be cotton production, soybean development, Ihrlp, tarnLsh plantrjiig or flea hoppers, many county farmers have come I 0 rely upon Mr. liilhrey and hi* .stm/ Inr advice and help. "And our work Is advisory." Mr. Bilbrey explains, "as the Agricultural Extension Service is an educational branch of the University of Arkansas with a program aimed at teaching people how to solve their own problems. In other words, we aren't equipped to vaccinate all of one man's hoss or lo poison nil the cotton In the county. \ve do. however, tench people how lo do such things and afterwards it. is up to (hem lo do the work. We aren't staffed for a personal service proRram." That Mr. Uilbrey should become intei'r.sted in farm «ork and enter the extension service was almost a foregone conclusion from the days of his youth. Raised On A Farm HP wa.s. raised in Lawreuee County, one-half mile north of Imboclen. on A /arm where his father, r.. M, Bilbrey, always raised a lot of poultry. hoRB. alfalfa hay, some cotton and .sweet potatoes. "We raised about 1,800-bushcls of sweet, potatoes annually for many years." Mr. Bilbrey says. In this coimtv. much of Mr. Bil- Sw BII.FIRF.Y on Page 16 —Courier News Vholo 'ON .MISSCO FARMS'—County Agent Keith J. Bilbrey. photographed at his office, concerns himself with the folks down on the farm and in helping them solve, their own problems. Mr. Bilbrey's column appears each Friday in the Courier News, Peter ft/son's Washington Column Future A -Bomb Production Sets Size of Air Force, Naval Aviation Because it takes two to three years from time new aircraft are designed and ordered (o time first deliveries are made, si?* of the Air Force nml Naval aviation of the future have (o be figured on the number of atomic bomb.'; that will be available that far ahead, "Air povrer must be made ready to bring atomic pn\v- er to bear directly on the enemy's j grou n d forr?s," i Air Secret ary • Thomas K. Fin-! 1 p 11 er rirrlarrti; provocative 1 y tn : artdrpSyS before Air Peter Ed.son Force Association : at Las Angeles. '• Defense Department and Atomic ! Knergy Commission will make no official statements on siTe of U. S. [ A-bomb stockpile. Stephen White, j in Look Masar.ine last December,, estimated stockpile at 750 bombs, i White now says production rate is' 250 R year—live a week. As prodtic- j lion capacity for fisstnnable m*te- i rials \K now b«infr rapidly expanded.' Air Force of 1954 or 1955 must be. prepared to deliver several times; once over lightly— Jv miscellany— . from Truman speech to' National Association ol Postman- j that number. A!r-o, If the H-bomb j n'ork?. plane,* must be readv to carry it. l l l;inp OuljxiE Will Catch Up Air Force Secretary Thomas K. Finlettpr says aircraft prodviction isn't as far behind as many reports have indicated. Changes in design, and rapid pxpan.^ion of program did t,hrcnv deliveries 50 planes behind schedule in fiscal year ending last Jimp 30, Machine tools and materials deliveries are still delayinr factors. Production i s expected tn be 11 per cent behind schedule through next Febrtmry. This lost ground will be made up by June. Deliveries ^11 be j 33 per crnt ahead of schedule byj December. 19!i2. But this schedule! could bo wrecked by disasters Hke | recent Karens Hood or prolonged j ?!rU:e-i like Cleveland Alcoa's. Alr Force Masters North Pole Flyinp over North Pole has n ticconic such routine business it's no) Innscr news. U. S. Air Force 53th j Reconnaissance Squadron based at j Eielsnn Field, Alaska, recently completed 5G(Kh weather /light over pole: since 1947 Flying B-29's this outfit | has learned the hard way all there is to know about arctic flyine. The DOCTOR SAYS l»y EDWIN P. JORDAN, M.I). Written for ,S'KA Service Sometimes fiuestions are sent lo me. surh as two recent ones on syphilis, which are impossible lo answer in the space available. One) reader writes that she knows of a woman who hart had^yphilis tor a long time before she knew it ami, that in spite ol treatment the blood! reaction has not returned to normal. Thi.5 reader wants In know whether syphilis can be fatal and would I write a complete article on that one disease. Another reader asks If a person with syphilis. whose Kahn and Kline tests of the blood remain positive, will get any wor. c ,e. Before saying anything on this subject, i should like to point out that whole books have been written on syphilis and hundreds of articles are published on the subject every year. Thus it Ls impossible to discuss it completely in a few '.vorcts in a newspaper article. .Syphilis is caused by a tiny, almost corkscrew shaped living or which can be seen only under a microscope. When the spiro- chcte invades the human body. it produces a .small localized sore and if it if caught at this stage, the disease almost invariably can be entirely cured. After a shnrt time, the .spiro- chcte of syphilis, a.s it is generally called, invades the rest of the body, and in typical cases causes a genera] rash on the skin. At about this time, a sample of blood taken will show a peculiar reaction which indicates the presence of the disease. Sixteen hour (lights at 50 decrees, Ev en at this .stage, the disease below ?. fm Fahrenheit are normal. , can be tr( , ate(] wilh almosl com _ W ith magnetic compasses useless in 1 p i cte succc . w . Former iy tne Lreat _ cd by pvioscopic compass and radar. Celestial bearings at twilight— inent involved the of heavy metals containing arsenic, bismuth or mercury, but more recently great , slll:ref been obtained with the after sun sinks and before stars come out—has been licked bv a skv < . . .... compass that lakes Polarized rav f "\ e ° 1 ^" 1 «' 1 ; ni , benrinss on sun after it has sunk! ,, '! ® 1Al ' K » below horijxm. i I! tnc disease is not caught dur- Americans Arc Too nil ! ""' lhe * c ' lrst "™ st!1 ?<«. Ihe spiro- Real reason now given for abandoning the Army's Ranecr training program is that the guerrilla didn't work out too well in Korea. Ameri- chete Ls likely to burrow deeper into the tissues and may attack the linings of the blood vessels or the I tne Unltec] States has been respon- By A A. Fr«*ricksoB tors: "Don't lei anybody tell you trie President of the United States isn't, interested In economy and efficiency of government." , w Well, we've at got him 1** (crested in it, anyway. » • . Republican Senators Welter tjf Idaho and Dirksen of Illinois complained to the Senate Appropriations Committee about the carpcti in their offices. Welker said he had better carpeting in his dog hotisa than in his office. Republicans shouldn't worry about these things; when they aren't on the carpet, they'll be In the dog house anyway. Heartbreaks of Hollywood: Betty Hutlon. who gets remunerated at the rate of $S,000 per week, and Pete Rugolo, song arranger who ekes out an existence on i lousy (1,000 weekly, are reported trying lo work out monetary problems preparatory lo marriage.- Permit me to oiler consolation by pointing out that Uncle Sam has a way of helping folks in tight spots like this. Uncle's best-seller in the literary line is guaranteed \n relieve one of the need for a wheel barrow when taking money to th» bank. It's called Form 1040. A film columnist says Mrs. Gary Cooper has her lawyers checking British divorce laws as she "rn^ unleash » bolt of lightning IrW London." Sounds liks grounds lor divorce, all right. • • • Margaret Truman h»« turned down an offer to play herself In "1600 Pennsylvania Avenue," an upcoming movie billed as a myster/ with no politics In it. I gue.w she's too busy ivatchlnf her father star in politic* with no mystery to It. AP news item: "Supporters hav« launched a campaign to convince Republicans that Gen. Dwight D. Eisenhower is n member of their p.irty and . . . Available for th« GOP nomination." Okay, but who's going W convince Eisenhower! • • • * In i reoent ipeech, Harry Truman said that whenevar there has been economy and efficiency in federal government, "the President o! nervous system. When the blood | cans just couldn't Infiltrate behind! vc *sels or the nervous systetn are enemy lines Too big and too easily detected by the natives. Parapleplr. Morale Worries VA involved, ireannent is still desirable and indeed pood results are often obtained with penicillin or the Increasing number of paraplegics i heavy metals in advanced stages, in Veterans' Administration hospi- j However, the blood reaction may tals Is creating a major problem. • not return tn normal in .spite of Most serious is the low morale of what Ls otherwise successful treat- men paralyzed from the waist down, inent. The interpretation of the Korean war is adding to number of blood reaction in such these men who may never walk highly technical matter and again. Present number Is said to be! only be made bv the physician. rvv*>r Hfin ' n .,. . _ '. , cases hi a can over 600. Cases of these parapleeics i plicated by another 700 similarly af- j a 'nd flicted veterans who were crippled Over the past lew hundred years ^ C0m / ! R yP h Ni- s na -s caused untold misery ""any deaths. it is generally SM EOSOX on Page 12 IN HOLLYWOOD By RR5KINE JOHNSON NEA Staff Correspondent HOLLYWOOD (NF,A) — Exclusively Yours: Intimates nf George Sanders and Zsa Zsa Oabor predict a divorce when Sandrr.s return.s from his stJnt in London in MGM'.s "Jvanhoe." . . . Pals of John Ac:ar who have been visiting him in the bis house report that he is a model prisoner and i.s determined to reduce his 180-day sentence by eood behavior. . The grapevine is carrying the me.wnpe that .J.inp \Vyman and Gree Baut/er haver drrid- ed on an altar sprint. Even thnr p.ils say they are tossing out hinks of an early wedding. Dfimrlle Darneiix, nn unexpected i click in "Rich, Young and Pretty." [ is (urninz down contract offers that' would keep her in Hollywood. She re- • turns tfi Parts After windinR up her ; I slim as .Tames Mason's co-star ml • "Five Fincer*." 1 "Slapsy Maxie" nn TV? arms cannot, be obtained except from Ito \Vf.=,fcrn bloc . . it is in our interest in sidf wilh i hi- bloc . . . Neutrality is imposMblr^:-. . 'and' i? consirit-red by the Western bloc a.i am- ntivi'v. ... u we are not. sfronc. ar lrn?t let us be wi$r.— Hasan Hakim, premier of Syria. * * • Tell rhf Bnvjsh government thar if Dr. Mo.^sa- nVrh deviates one "totfl from ml nationalization, tfi^ Iranian prople -rill disnatrh him (o Ihr next \< ni Iri - -NtnllaJ] Kashani, of tanan'iral Fedayan Warn. In Britain's 51r Richard Stokes. * * * Thf Nrtrn art or, TIO ma Her lm\v sreat. Is Brr^ri^ay's BtcpchiW.— TMlulah Bankhrad. nct- Thp ?pmf of the people of Kansas City In rprnvfrtnc from the disastrous flood of thc Missouri and Kaw rivfis >ias been astound me and re>ralinc.--Sen. J.IIUP.* P. Kem (R., Mo.». * * * A c*jKral eocf: nil' 1*1 B haJsnn p)s:?f and cots shot at from the p round, and he izets A medal if his army win.- ft bat tip he pets A nierial. if it loses a balUe he yets a mf rial. —Rep. Rnhi. Sykp^ iD., F]a.», protesting system for awarding military honors. I ( A friend was ch trims : Winters about Time Maeazine'f nio- I *'ie clamor story, vvirh Ava Gardner I nn the rover and Shelley on paar I fifl. ''Maybe/* said the pal. "Ava cnt I the cover because she's aoinc \viih i Frank Sinatra." ' "1." announced Shelley, "don't j want the cover THAT bad!" 1 B"n Hrchf has 7.1 p pro* thr s'nul••:- over fhi> plot nf his ".Arfor?' Rio-v'." | hut i ran unzip thr. fact that ih" : mjuence with Eddie Albert mn- i terns a 12-yrar-old girl who wrirrs the screen play for a hit nuivir ; llerhf's own daughter plays ihr I typewriter genius, : Cnhtmhia's o r il r r r 1*1 HroflTlrk , f'raivford In slop Irllini; mnv-r *rribr* that hf n-anl* tn hr 3 Hi- rertor." . i The adding machine srt, v-hn-h n. : cueist me that Tda Lupuio n ;11 \\ rd j wealthy Texan Pat Foulkes wl:rn sh 11 ects her Nevada nivorrr from , ColUrr Yon HE, i? wrone. Thr rn- niance i* ciarifr-rold SktUoti Funny—AsnIn 'Texas Carnival" I? a carnival nf laiiEhs for Red Skelinn hi> (n'i- nio.vt movir in years. Bin they rviil- pd ihe jiiiic on Father William-' swHiitniiic jxinl and she has only unr bripf h^Uri numbor. ! N'nfr honi .lack Kr'lrr. vaci*:."i;i- int in OiTEon with M^rin I,,ir,?,T J "O;ir only disappointmer.1 <^n f;>r : ha? been lhai pvrry miming -.v r rush d'-nvn to the bar.hs of ti;r Roc?;e RUT r expecting lo r-rr f**ai "K nahlp partdiine uT»?!rrnni in .T birrh-hark can no yodrlinz an n*,-t hi HIT ir t follnu rri r]r>,<;rl\- n\ 1 I,«riy Svlvia Ashley nd:nc a urore-s .^r\er Wnt in d^te-- no;hinc." Ftriiff I'.ibol'* \,-Ur, I'ra nrr^in fir Sr Affa. has rirrirlor) (n Irv (nr a J mnvip career acsin and now lias an *t*nt of her oirn. There's a TV series in the air for! Maxfe Ro"enbloom, based on his eel-1 suloid Skipalnn? Rosenbloom char-! artrr. . . Hal Wall's' Italian im- [ port, busiy Franca Faldini. will ze.ll a puhlicity buildup as "The Well-* Rounded Roman." It's abonl time Hollywood motliballed all that "just- ! !ikr-;he-snr]-nc-xt-rlor»r" ballyhoo. __ \ Ruth Hsj^sey nixed the Ijindnn ir.Tri in "Affairs nf State." Too far- from home and kid dins. i .Art oiii-of-ronrt seUIrmpnl i<i Imuiiin; in ihr i]i<;piitr bel«Cfn Howard II« s h r s n n d Fra nk Koss n v p r tlie disposition of Ihe I.lnyri turr Is rHr;t:sr'l, CTllionn and Hi a Rarnn. hin? another wedriin? anni- nrc hotly rirnymc thp rift © JACOBY ON BRIDGE UT <>,S\\ .\I,1) .lAf'OHV Wriilrn for NEA Srrvirp U You Want to Win, Learn How to Bid Dl'"k K^hn was unqurstionablv f r," .-'.^: i n* fftr rfrrn? n,i'fc;isJ *ni,;r- "imrnt h^lri by ibp Ameriran Con* ' i :if * B: icirr I.racuc in Washina- '<*n. Tlir vomit: New York expert. " r* :- >i i n r : n be r of t h r t r- a »i t Vi a \ \'. '*Vi i isr Mixrri Tearu rhampinnhii: p' HI y f rl on ,1 n i fTfrc n» t (M m ' r ;i • en • r n f h r *r ni i - fin.i I round •">' iVi" Oprn Tram rhampionship. -i:-n wni : th^ M^sirr'.- Pnir rham- iv, .'in -hip -Aith Petrr I^ventritt. He'll !', r 'V| :^i! nxll a inn m at his Crtrd •^i. iv if-' ;u"-* f (i hold 1 he \ roplii**.', Or.o rrn-ni-i [nr hi.s -nccr^s \^ ' :'i •' Iv i - A vrry r bidrirr. Th" h.-iiid ^h^v. r, fodnv is lak^ii *;-'"mi ^\\f nf ihf 1 e.Trl> rounds of • Jv 1 T'M ni rhnmpion'hip The otlirr '•"•-\\r> cl'.'.nivrt n\\ tV.P WPV up lo >•;'.<» nn-;i 'unip nud 1 hen collapsed. \Vh n n •lif c.i nif 1 down the t declarer discovered that he had missed a game- As usual" In such ca.«w, there ivns nuich recrimination. North said he had made one try for a gnmr by biddin? his four-card major rather than his five-card minor; but that- he couldn't bid twice ttith • only two kings unless South made j R jiimp bid. And South snirt he ] couldn't make a jump bid because j North might have a completely j worthless hand. And so it went. When Kahn and the same cards, the in the same way. but it did not die at one no-trnrnp. Pete Levenintt knew it-was both safe and important to bid again wilh the North hand because Kahn obviously had a very strone hanri. ^ The reasnnin? was very simple. ' If South held an ordinary no- | "nimp^r ij»> c ' lifer nn oppnme no- \ trump hid', hr would have bid nun I no-trump rlehl over one heart. : If he had Ir.^s than an open nip i no-trump bid he would have passed ' the re.^pon5e of one .spade I Kahn's only reason for doubling I / nnd then bidding one no-rrunip wa^ to jshaw a hand that xvns too! strniiE tor an imnindUUe bid of one] no-trump but nor stronc enough ! for a jump fn two no-tnimp. i Oppfwiie such a ^tronc hanri. i North's iwn Icings were probablv : felt by physicians and health thorities that it may be possible to practically eliminate syphilis it all patients who have it are diagnosed early ami given prompt treatment. 75 Years Ago In utrhins was elected presi- the fifth period public HnsR at Blythcvllle High )ther officers include i^- t. Jane :e Layson and Car) Gnnskf; ha.s undergone an cmerapiicy operation of appendicitis. Jimmy Williams ha.s returned from Memphis to resume his HSSO- with Harriaway Cotton Com- . Lcvcntritt held \* oy . riBr ™"' M3r J o ™ btdriin« bccan • ' A ani5 ' ^ Iary Elinlc for It." May their souls rest- la pcaca . . » Block - That - Metaphor Department (Wet- Dog Division)—"When you breach (he dam agaiast higher prices, you breach the, dam ngaiJUfc higher wages, and trie dog ke?^ chasing hi« tail"—Charles E. Wilson, Sen. McKclIar .of Tenncfsee, H ha.s been reported, does not USB the chauffeur provided him a,s president pro tern of the Senate and returns to the Treasury the $-1,200 * year allotted him for paying one. Tn Washington, ths.s must he considered a clear case of political sen- iljty. War-oti-inflation progress not-ei from all over: WASHINGTON, Sept. H — Th» impending hike in Ihe counter price of beef and pork was followed today by government plans to let the cost of corned, barbecued and other processed beef no up. too. HOLLYWOOD. Sept. 18 - - Good ncwv 'or thc juke box crowd: the OPS says the price nf n record play Is going to have to remain a nickel, Askinp an overhauling of election laws because Ihey are nridij|A with loopholes and out-of-date. '\W many ways. Attorney General Mo Grath said: "The mult lof present laws), as I see it. is that the people as a whole are being fooled." Classified Ads. Or electing them .... Percussion Instrument Answer to Previous Puzzle NORTTI * K a 7 ! V t.T * K ins 42 wr;.ST<r» A. IICS 2 v "! K « •'« 7 .1 West Pass Pass Pass SOUTH A AQS V KQ82 » AJ> * A Q 9 .1 North-South vill North East Sonlh Pass I V Double I A Pass I N. T. Pass Pass Opening tear!— Y 7 HORIZONTAL 3 Palmhke plant 1,7 Depicted mu?ical instrument 11 Divers 12 Ventilated H Eternity IS Interior 1] Born 18 Hebrew deity 13 college 19 Stormed officials 21 Spinl (Egypt) 16 Diminutive 22 Irrilalc suffix 2-1 Pr.-iycr ending IS Feni 4 Labor 5 Crescent 6 Domestic slai'e 7 Venture 8 "Smallest Stale" (ab.) OVase 10 More subdued 11 Swerves ; ennucn im aanir. Kencr L«ven- ; tntt went lo t^n diamonds over! j one no-trump, Kahn then jumped I id truer spadr.<;, mdicatinc a si rone t hand U'iih only Hiree-ratri support i ' for .fpacics. i\Vrh tnur-f.itd sup•, porf. hn would havr rais>"d spnrir.^; | immediately m-;rad of hiridiny j no-trump.- Io\enli'it( then wont to ; three no-i rum p. i With the -rlub fmr.^r wnj'kine I !hero was litlte irnublr makinc th^ | | same K.ihn ^-on two hearts, three ' I spades, two diamonds, and two ] clubs. 26 Clip 27 Knt^hls 28 Mountain <5b.) 29 Thallium (symbol) ^0 Mixed type 31 Indian nvjlbcrry 32 Edge 34 N'ciuork 37 Was Ixjrne 38 Sketch 3!) College degree (ab.) •if) Darkens 4S Exist 47 Toper 49 Elude 50 Correlative of neilher M Flight of step's 53 Projecting angles 55 Laihcr 56 Constructs VERTICAL 1 Porcelain ingredient. 2 Sea eaele positions 2(1 Cowards 23 Clear 25 Kind of moth 43 Fish 32 H usually is 44 Scent made of 33 Automatons SD Small drums 36 Pitchers 45 Have liveil 48 Greek letter 50 Seine 52 Psyche part 41 Belongs to her 54 North 42 Average (ab.) Carolina (ab.t

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