The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on June 8, 1934 · Page 2
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 2

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, June 8, 1934
Page 2
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WO BLYTHEVILLE, (AUK.) COURIER NEWS FRIDAY, JUNE 8, 19S4 Ftormce ArUn PUns Florence Arisn, of this city, murlife tp Mr. Phil Fein- btrf of Cape Glrardeau. Mo., will be- brilliantly solemnized Sunday, jjfae 17, has announced plans for li«r. wedding, ••The wedding will like place at t)i' Hotel Marquelle, Cape Olr- •Mfeau, before a large gathering o£i(riends and relallvrs from northeast Arkansas end. south Missouri and such distant ixrinls ^•'Cleveland, Columbus. Chicago St. Louis and Memphis. Rnbbi Jfcrris N. Taxon, or Cajic Girar- de*u, will perform the ritual. HJhe bride, who will be Riven In Ruirlige by her patents, Mr. nnd Mrs. \Vp\1, will have lor Btr maid of honor, Miss Naom iSuiberg of Dlylhcvllle. niece of the bridegroom. Her bridesmaid. 1 «H be: Miss Mildred Lang o ifiytheville, Miss Ruth Goldberg •(• Osceola, Miss Oerlrudc Slialn- berg of New Madrid, Mo., am Jits Rose Samuels ol Cape Glr ferdeau, Mo. i;.*Ir. Robert BarkowiU. of 1'orl- •teville, Mo., will be best man and Uie ustiers Kill be: Alfred Arinn. . Brother of the bride, tier cousins, Stanley Rose arid David Hose, of tjplumbut, O., and Paul Glttlcmmi, PL Carbondalc, 111. Mr. and Mrs. Max Feiiiberg, of here, will give . the bridegroom in marriage. Jj:plarlce Keinberc of here, will JK. flower girl and tlw ring bcnrcrj IS 'to tc Bobby -Kipper, of Mem- pjrls. Sheva Kipper, of Memphis, p; a page, will herald the weddlnu parly. i"A program of nuptial music will be rendered by Abe Kipper ol Memphis. soloist, Miss Lena Hiller pJ! Maiden, pianist, and Miss Editli Better of SUcciton, violinist. 'Inuiwdlately alter the cercmonV litre T.U1 be a dinner for tlte bridal party and,ilinii-i lites, to be attended by '40, and later these will join the reception to. which 260 have been Invited. Kaisel's orcliestra, of Cape Gir- trdeau, will furnlsli music for this rffair. Miss Arlm Is a graduate of the eity high school at Owensboro, Ky., and later attended Western Reserve University at Cleveland, O. Mr. Felnberg, who Is the son of SoCona^- My Helen Wclihimrr IUOW for M long yuur uteri lias nuldml my o«n As VH- liave clJinlml srmit-ly up llu 1 hill. So close you wen 1 nc" 1 lu-lil no t't'.ir ,..> (I lirnl fo'rHOllui iiii;lil»roiilil slill!) S'our liiiTir! upon my ciiiri l«fn n Ruiflc Thai fnimcl ii |ulh i'oi inc. lair Innll. JIHOIIJ; Tin 1 It Jin Wo li«» • • • you MI-. 'I™, J li-ivc walked So many lijy.'. wliciv your l.tll bnlt'in bsvimg. TT is npl Itul IM call ymi lack loniglil L To hK( Illf llul lu-ui-ics as il cliinln. StrjnKL- though il i 1 - lo «.ilk ^illioul you now, I'm (jCirt you fnunii your ion!, \oiir irsl Mime*. Nor is it I ;IIM ii"! l-i.ive., linl for <n Ions your ilcn iiuli-linl my own. That 1 may sltiintilr mi Ine liiglmjy iimv Until 1 learn. omTmuir, lo walk Mrs. Hugh Lewis was hostess to Ihu Double-Four Bridge club at Her home Wednesday evening wllli Ihrec gucbUi. Mrs. Ixe I'hlliips ol Swill and Mis. Roy Wyrick and Mrs. Sp;ncer Goichcr. High score prize was awarded Miss Edna Khonrle. Low score pi-lac went U> Mrs. Hugh Dorrls nnd guest prize was won by Mr!,. Wyriclt. lib Ora Kellcy, who has beei: ullciutini; C'enlral College ui l-'ayelte. Mo., has arrived home lor Ihe summer vacation. Mis. Lee i'hilllps and daughter uf Swill, who liave been here toi Ihe past week visulng with friends returned home Wednesday evening Miss I'aullnc Parent of Camp l>cll is licre tills week visiting Ii llic home of Mrs. Olu Hlanllll the gucsl of her daughter, Mi£s Muruiirct. Albert Wilson attended to busl- ICES in St. Louis Wednesday. Bill Nclhery Jr. of Memphis is icrc (liis. week visiting with his allicr, W, T. Ncthery. Mrs, J. S. Compere, who lias been In Kansas City attending % baptist Convention, returned home Wednesday morning. Slie was met it Charleston by IUT husband and daughter, Pen Liie, who were uc"- ipanicd there by Miss Earlinc Huic. I) plo the Women RS. FKANKLIN D. ROOSEVELT iien Have More Vitality Than Men. 1 lieuis,', I have iilways felt that in this special country where .so much depends c to be upon universal education not only ip llicirilor the of the people but s every, lor the safely of our form of cavil' have eminent, that it was a pity some more ol v:ny had not been devjsed by which oadcncd the Interest of every one could be history Jocused on public education, beings; 1 suppose it was thought origin- ^[illy thai when everybody had lo id lime, pay school taxes they would take sh, and ihe necessary interest In public Blades aiucation, but as it lias worked out c writ- 'the clement in most communities [best filled lo ehoosc able teachers lion ac- 1 ""d Judge what is reall worth nv sue-' while in education, 15 usually con- working. Tliey must acquire an'| attitude of Integrity towards their work which bets that above all other consideratloas, except the most vital one of home relationships, and which does not allow them to give less of themselves, even when they themselves are probably the only people who will snow whether they have in the language of Hie school boy "worked up to Hie limit" or "just ypt uy." They must be generous toward their fellow workers and learn to work wilh all kinds of people and no matter how critical they may be of themselves, it -is well to learn to understand how to handle other people. Cor many |>eople will do belter work when given a litlle praise than they will for any amount of faultfinding. Tomorrow 1 : Social Work Thrlll- Injr. (Copyright, 1933, by Anna Eleanor noosevcll; distributed by United Feature Syndicate, Inc.> The Queen's Mantle, a leather cloak worn by ancient Hawaiian loyalty, was more than a him- Rite Price Grocery & Market Foi- Your Convenience - KfSl Kwjim for ladies * Oub, Ire Cold Water r'uuntaln. r'fcUa Large J'jirklug Spar? in Kfjr. f'fte, Delivery - - - i'liuue 234 l-ocalfd in Ukl I'osloffice RASPBERRIES Pint 5c Crate .... $1.10 Swans Down CAKE FLOUR. IftC Morris Fieinberg, and the Mrs. lite e«kin, Latvia, attended Kovna Unlvenlty at KovnaT L«tvla. Sleele-Cooter Society — Personal Mr. nnd Mrs. Mike O'Ki'llcy, who have been nltendinB Kurdy college »t Morrillton,.^Aik., arrived Monday for an extended visit *'lih Mrs. O'Kellcy's parents, Mr. unit nioilgeU, mo Eleven I'oint. Mrs. Moille turned from IL week's Rector, Ark. caniplng Manning on tin has visit J'arcnls must realize lliat beins; a teacher requires very training nnd that they ha uiisclli.sli enough to 'give children for longer pcriot year in order thut they in these opportunities to tee llic World and to be hi mid be able lo imderstanr atid literature and human beings; in general. Mucli more uttenlio tlioutd be spent on I Knijlibl), of course, knowledge of the lite ten In tills language. In thir. ago of .specialization count must be taken ol any _,„ cial gills which n child may have'Serins principally what is liap- -lic must be allowed lo special-1 Penlng in the private schools and i* along lliesc lines and those :»°l 8'«»8 uiueh (bought either lo who are going to Ire teachers' lllc curriculum ov llic attmliiislra- .siioiild develop .something whiclt|l lul1 of P'tblic education, lliey can do wilh llieir hands. For our purpose, however. I wish Hand in hand with all the icst'nlso lo bring out the fact that ol that teaching course, goes the] there are new fields opening to building of character. No one ha;; women.continually besides the Old mote influence in a coniniunilylonre; which can be handled in new dred years in the making, and only two leathers from each wing of the rare Maino bird were lounrt to have the right color, texture, and leiiBlh required for the ear- men t. TOO LATE TO CLASS1F1 1 Ihan u teacher. These young teach-1 ways, but all of them require cer- eis liuve the lure of popularity .tciii! fundamental qualities in wo- conslantly before them and only > men. Teachers must realize the icjil ch:uaclcr Iridniny will mukc | importance of physical health, them dominate their young pupils.| They must learn on the whole to •liming respect, even at the cost; keep (hfmsolve.s in rjood condition FOR REST Modern new 4 room FURNISHED apartment, close, in. Mrs. II. A. imilh. Call 435. 8-ck-tf Mr. Felnberg, of Ploksclal Mrs charllc Southern Dr. and Mrs. J. W. tiobbins, son, Billy, nnd daughter, Minlhn. have returned from Hot Springs, Ark., BM Birthday Party where I hoy spent two months for Loneita Pate had a party yes- OK Rohblns health which is now terday »t her home, 407 Franklin much -imp r wed.' • Street. In cetefeuitatt^-her. fourth' Johr) ^tn*ryWor)<inan was Hon- llrth nnnli-ersary. orcd b 5' llls parents, wllii a dln- • The guests went at t o'clock and flayed games before having ice (cream, birthday cake and a cher- iy drink, •"Those present were: Mary Mae 30«rdels, Patsy Ann Travis, Ken-. Miss Myrtle Barnes, E. S. ner upon his return from school at Fulton, Mo., lost week. The gucsls were his teacher, James Cann, who wns en route from Fulton to visit relatives at Kosclusko. Miss., aeth Bell, Sara Ann Smouierman, 1 n °V nnd Workumn, Winifred telda Carol Sellers, Louise An- flrews, Bobble Sellers, D. W. Sell- ejs and Billy Sellers. *W Can C)nb 'Gors to Htrtjr ilMost of the Rhodes, nnd James Henry Work- mini. A Inrge bnrn belonging lo Walter Thompson, near Maplewood, was destroyed by fire Monday. The livestock was saved but much corn Stccle Pastor's Daughter Mamed in Mississippi STEELE. Mo.—A wedding that cnnie ns u great surprise lo friends i'.crc was that ol Miss rjrna Lcc Massey lo Lester Mclfride. Ttic wrcinony was jH]rformcrt in Laurel. Miss.. May SO. by the Rev. J. W. Sagcr. 'I'tx? bride was attended by her cousin, Mrs. I'aul McBridc. nnd Miifi ViviaA Mcllrkle. Her mother Mrs. M. A. Masscy, nnd her sister, Miss Mnry Julja, o; Sltcle, werp present. ', Mrs. MeUride Is the daughter ol Rev. and Mrs. M. A. Masses'. Her fol'iicr Is pastor of the Methodist church here, She was a junior in high scool. Mr. McBridc's parents live al Laurel. After a sort honeymoon Mr. and Mrs. McBridc will come to Sleeh ior a visit Ijefore going lo Wash ington, D. C., to make their hnnie Engineers Pick Sites For Rio Grande Dam l-.L I'ASO, Texas c UP)—Two tentative sites for storage dams t C(|iuili/e and conserve the lower lllo nnnxle flow have been elected by W. [•'. Anderson nnd A. M nor. consulting engineers of the Icrnational boundary coininh- 011. \\ Tlie other site is at the lowei id of the Sail Juan river ii icxico. The engineers are making a .irvey on possibilities of cqualix 11; an<l conserving llio flow so ut lower Rio Grande residents ill not experience a drought one lonth and a flood Ihe next. members ol the arul llnv WHS 1ost 'Kill Care club and their families] Mr - nnl1 Mrs - "ownrd L. Yeager. Colitis Fatal to Child The year old ,EOH of Mr. am where SOH - lx)c ' daughlcr, Miss Horothcn. were guests of Mr. and Mrs o'clock yrslerday afternoon " ulil llar l>er and Jane Bogle spent, family home in (he mimlly ol cohlis. ast week cud at Big Springs. ana Mrs. L. K. Cooper and iwlmming, boating and hill cli To Compjinitnt Brldr-Elect "The first of a series of interesting events planned for Miss Mary Klten Stevens, whose marrtnce to Mr. L. C. B. Young of Osccolli VUI l>c solemnized June 26 is bridge party and linen shower lo be.given by Mrs. C. H. Hail Tucs- ««y afternoon at the country club ;;Mr. and Mrs. Fred Warren and daughter, Marjorie. will return to<l»y from Memphis where Mr Rirrfn underwtnt a tonsilectoms U the Ear. Eye, Nose and Throat hospital Wednesday. Dr. and Mrs Ir R. Johnson went down for the operation. -Carl Gansle has gone to Mem phis for several days visit. ,'Utss Eve Harwell has gone ti Friendship and Memphis, Tcnn lor several days stay. ' Mrs. N. P. .Knight returned yes Urday from Memphis where sh recently underwent an operation She was accompanied home by he cUujhter, Mrs. M. E. West, an children, who will remain a shor tin*. IMrs. George Johns and da ugh t«r, M»rg»ret, have returned fron Memphis where they spent Mrs. Mildred Steger will go t • Memphis" today where she Is I JMke her home with her daugh •ttr'«n«r hairtnj re«W«d h«rc for ; » MUBber o( >»rs while connecl- • .'.•d-with the AldrkJct Jewelry store. The 2-year-oid rtatigHler ol Mr.' ' ho dccrasec! " survived by, be nd Mrs. Ezra Cravens remains 1 S1<J " " ls . ' wcnU ' om ' brclhn rlllcally il! with colitis. j allcl °" c M&tcf ' Miss Katiieiine Hundhniisi-r.; .. ~ ~ xwtkeeper lor the Missouri Slate Little nlOTflS Girl Dl«S ifc Insuiance Co.. at St. Louts. is ! pending a two weeks vacation' i. rjr | Jran Munis', live a ith her father. I-red Hiindhaus>er ;duu B hter of Mr. mid Mrs I, > 'n'T 1 ' 5 '-,. ., , , ' Mm ri-..Micciimbrd yesterday mon Lloyd McBridc Is spending Ihi5 m • ui uo tu-iucl- lli-r deal reck in Joiner Ark., ,,s the guest ^- attribuUd lo complication; 'n I Paul E. Milbrandt jr. ,„„„,;. Irom co , lUS] Charlie McAdams and daughter. ; j.^icinl scivic?* were IvH ves- .!LSS !fn 7 el, have returned from a' terday afternoon anil inlrrinen' *-ce!:s visit with relallves In Turn--. v.-;i, made at U-arhville crmctcrv. SMC. Uicy were accompanied' '1 hv L. G. Mo-,-, Und=r(,iking coin- home by Miss Hazel's cousin, who'paiiy war- in charge ol liincral ar- .1 first of easy affection. I would spend more money than ve do now t on our leachcrs' train- ns iiiiti I would be extremely areiul in clioosing Ihe positions u which these yonns; teachers ;nc and I believe, under Ihe impetus ol competition with men, women are developing a stronger phyEiqiic than our lOlh century sisters had. riniftnmcnlally I think women have more strength of a certain ilaced when they first leuve ml-1 kind (ban men. i'erhaps it is bel- ogc or normal school. They r.hould , tcr dcscrilx?d as a certain kind of miller some experienced teacher | vitality which (jives them a reserve vho will give them their first lessons, not only in the ;ut ot Icach- but in the an. of livlui; in a which in times of absolute necessity they can call upon. They must also learn that no community, which is always a pan matter how feminine they are ot 11 teacher's job and for ivhk-Ii; (heir feelings miibl not be easily ia-y arc usually very liltlc pic-1 hurl or they will he nuisances in "•"•'(1. | whatever occupations they are Argentine bus about 180,000 acres f forest land, nearly onefourth of 'ic area of Ihe country. • ;• ShStLiJkeNevF In 30 Days Time jly-Cas Gave Results She Had. Wanted For Ycsirs; Hands and Feet Would Swell anil I'ain, Nervous, Hesl and Sleep Impossible, Slom- iK'h Disordered Too "I uurler.'.taud now why so many people bark Gly-Cas so elroi ;;iid Mrs. A il. Province. 510 3ren(h at.. Jonesboro. rtrk. "Never in all my life have I seen n niccli- , s their guest lor two weeks. Miss Helen Vickcry returned .loiiday from Hardy college. Mor- • crs and skiers niton. Aik.. to spend the summer 1 . . notilhs with her parents, Dr. nnd Dunns WU r\v; dec. is survive;! bv. br-Md-i hrr t> :iieiiUs. s:ven brotli- Mrs. J. p. Vickcry. 52.000 liores. wolves rievo'.ncr! 50.0CO cattle, and Mrs. Dan Portb'jr., of Lepanto'vski) other animals In Russia. ,s the guest of her parents. Mr. I ™^,^^"' ! " ld "''.Look Young ta " r - M "i^« & ;,i *s-s?; Wiih Meu*-oi* and Mrs. Manlcy Spain and llucci •,„., children, of Jackson. J.Iiss ! , „ Mrs. Shelley I. stiles-'Jr.. ofv?,'/, Canithcrsvillc. younijr.'it daughter '„.?' of Or J. R. McDanlcl sr.. Is ftom ul women, admired for complexions, u:* MELLO- c m-\s- wonderful Trend prww f.icr j:owrier. Purest and mvihr.f.ii., !,„-„•,! " --iFinoi'llirsl ixiwder knon-ti Stays on BIHhcnilc liOopKal recovenng j Ioilsr . r . No ' nahy 0| . „-,.„'. Ioo j._ No M, a and^ 1 ^^r^ OIt |-r,,?v4^,^ C "or ^ ^ 3 Z<^;J™L^-.^™^™^^ *«, com- dinner «i«ie ciVnrt. n ' l " s ""Wnnny wiin any com- r C .L E S.. Su " da , > ' _ M ^' P'e*lon. Denunri MKLI-O-OLO. 50c Hurts Is »tt«ixiiiig In Greenville, Miss. to Chlqac (100 t pound -th«« and Mrs. Johr. Tucker and Mrs .1 R. Jones, ol Corj'.cr. The im;U K,:I -,; M r . anU Mrs. Carl Kcid Ls very sick i Mr. and Mrs. T. r. Weaver arc! spending this week in the Ozarks' ».'jth relatives. I . Miss Marie Taylor ol bearcy,' Atlc., is the guest of her father, H ". Taylor and family, this week, i Mr. Dean, of Onn. spent the' week end here as the guest of his daughter end her husband, Mr. and Mrs. Fred L. Kelley. He was en route to Chattanooga Tcnn..' lo attend reunion of Confederate and SI. —Adv. 6 ^ Insecia ^* are Ihe filthiest, nio«l dangerous things get inlo your hom McMULLIN'S CASH GROCERY FREE DELIVERY Specials for Saturday and Monday STRAYED OR STOLKN From Sec. 34. Twp. 16, R. 10, Mississippi county, about June 1 BAY HORSE, 16 hands high, 12 ,'ears old. Anyone having information please notify J. B. Stantack en. Del., lilythevillc. 8-pk-15 Picnic Hams Shankless, Cdo. 101C Wrapu«d. Lb. 1^2 PETS For Sale: Toy type FOX TERRIER puppies, CHEAP. Ross Beavers. 123 N. 5th. 8-ck-12 FRYERS I'Vesh. Full Dressed round SAUSAGE BACON PURE PORK, Pound lOc MIXED, Pound 5c 38c Sliced Pound 15c HENS Fresh. Full Dressed Pound 18c Last Time Today Mat. 2:30, 10-25c Nite 7:15, 10-3f,c . . CARY^ORANTl PIT BAR-B-Q CURED HAM FRESH PIG No. 1 "ull Cream Pound MKS. ,V. Ii. PROVINCE jinc lo do it.-; uork r.o wrll 31y-Cii3. I'or ;o years cvorytlnug I tried faiird to help lac My sloinarh and kidncyr. «(\t hrerdrrcd and It crcincil I iui;ld t!ot cat aiiytliinrj wilh shorn,-:s )f l-rralh ultprwards nnd sudcring with heartburn I dieted for OUT i year but wilh no results. I v,,i> ip nil hrv.irs of (lie night will: Kidneys, fret atid hands swptM ml pair.rd. t was ttcnrly crippl-c r.i times -.ulli lumbago nnd linrrilj 3ble to get nroiiiid. My heoiih ::i jr-.irral \ircckctt lint: U;an Cily-Ca.-. jnd in 30 c!:iy.- I'mc 1 v.iis Iceliiii; like new. p. vtindErliil inw to be so well asm f:ecd t>[ .ill thai formrr sufTcrin Your GI\-Ca.-, i.s i remarkable rial- Lay." fjly-Cns (3 .-,:'!:' uy Kirby Urn; I~J:-K Co.. i|ii b c i,y. and by a| lour.-." ••-•••• - ™ veterans. ~ W..-H. ,Miss Hazel, and friends Irom . -Mullins- aruL douihtcr,- GUARD YOUR HEALTH FLIES & MOSQUITOES RUGS And Carefully Compounded Prescriptions art Our apeclallies. —Ask Your Doctor. Fowler Drug Co. R. x. urn . j. ji. Fawlcf Rfjislcrcd PharniMl'iti OH BOLOGNA ['ounrl FOKK ROAST '•'"" """ CORN FLAKES COMEDY - - CARTOON Packages 25c 0. K. or Sunny Monday JO Bars 23c CRAPE FRUIT No. 2 Can ' lie PEAS Csin lOc KRAIT No. 2'/ t Oitt 2 for 25c (ioltl Star 1-Lli. (iliisH Jur 26c I'OKK & BEANS ' Packages lOc 25c BEANS Urcaf iN'orlhcrn 5-Lb. Sack 19c Pure Caue. In Cloth Hags 10 Pounds SOc FLOUR SnlHre $ 1.65 Valley Park Poiinri 12c SNA!' BEANS Home Grown Pound 4c Home (irown. Green Pound 6c SQUASH"'""'«' W ""VJ?" No. I Kerf Triumph Pound 2*c Home Grown Pound 2c ( Rod. Host Creamery , Pound 27c Saturday Only MAT. and Nile—lOc - 25c KARLOFF and BelaLUGOSlin 1'ound Story i»« f «tcd by EDGAR ALLAN POE: With D«rld fcUnnen, Jacqilc. Im. Wells, Lucille Lund, Henry Armed*. Produced by Carl L«mmU,' Ir. Directed by Edgar C. Ulmer, Presented by C»d Leemmle. A UNIVERSAL PICTURE SERIAL - - CARTOON Sunday - Monday MATINEE & NITE—10c-35c MURDER STALKS IN THE MIDST OF BEAUTYI Paramount News Comedy • A Technicolor Short "Business Is a Pleasure" Rex Jelly 2i/ 2 Pound Huckcts - You. 2 I It for OW s. ... 03 SHORTS In Cotton Hags 100-Lb. Back - • K. C, STEAKS 22 1 Round or I.oin, Pound PURE LARD MA. OCC Cart. tW 8-Lb. Carl. Old Trail Flour Plain or Self RisingA/R 24-Lb. Sack - - IfU FRY ERS Full >' Dressed. Ib 33 Fresh Eggs From the Country Dozen 15 C Spare Ribs Or K. C. Brisket 0 Fount! C Cream Meal In Paper Bags O1C 10 Pounds 61 Wheat Bran A Fine RoughageflJI Af 100-Lb. Sack - -^l.UJ Sugar Cured BACON 10 C ^ e 15 C Chunk Lb. New Potatoes Mcd. She. Clean OIC 1U Pounds j 6l Sterling Cane Sugar Htiv Before Tax Guts On 10 Lhs. 47c Sack - $-l.Hi: Bulk Lard I'ure QC Compound M). 0 Lb. TEA Hannucl, I.ipton or O1C Canova. \\ Ib. Tins LiL Shoulder Roasts 11 Beef or Pound - •ork, H, 2 Salt Meat 6 1C Sides IIC 2 Lb. 11 Jowls LI). Pickled Pigs Feet Rath's. 16-oz. Glars Jar - - 15' ROBUST FLOUR, 24-Lb. Sack - - - -

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