The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on August 13, 1936 · Page 8
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 8

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, August 13, 1936
Page 8
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PAGE BIGHT BLYTHEVILLE, (ARK.) COURIER NEWS .Ex-Champ of Several Disappointing Tills !n llli- gical Match. lly 1IARKV GRAYSOX Sjiorls Ijlilor, M:A Service NEW YORK.—Havinij permitted venerable Jack Sharkcy to come back for no apparent reason, the Boxing Commission should keep an eye on the former champion's Illogical match with Joe Louis at Yankee Stadium on Tuesday night. The purpose of the 10-rouml contest obviously Is to rebuild Louis, nnd Sharkcy has been mixed up In so many unsatisfactory affairs of the ring Hint every angle before and during the/bout should be earn- fully scrutlnkprt. If I/mis can fight hall as goad as he was supposed to be able lo before Max Schmcling dipped the (Mocobto wonder boy In rosin, lie should bell out Sharkcy In three or four rounds. However, the yo;in'; Negro has Icoked so bad in workouts thai trained observers vonlil nrt i>« surprised at anything. Here we find the s'-rnns;: spectacle of a 34-year-old Sharkcy, w'.ic has not had a major battle since 1933, and who th?n was kmskr 1 out by Prlmo Camera's invisib!: iipliercut and subsequently belt™ by King ly-vlnsky anil Tommi 1 Ixiughran, being conceded by many a soo<l chnnce of spilling LouU whr only two months ago wns belli? compared with Immortals of tlij heavyweight tllvlsion. Louis' Training Itcspousllile Nothing simrkcy Ins done has brought this condition abaut Toe former sailor's comeback lo date consists of a knockout of Unknown .Winston, which he had lo perform twice to convince Massachusetts officials that l|, wns on the level; a defeat ami onlv a draw In a return match wilh l'n« light-hilling Tony Sliucco, and a. decision over Phil lirubakcr, a gresn voun"- ster. ' Louis' performances in trnlnlni nt.Pompton Lakes nlone are responsible for the ^iin to Sharkcy. Some believe Hint, i s:tnncllnt> knocked all 'nght out of the Bark Angel, and left hl m gnu shv Even If Louis has not yet corrected his fault of carryln^ his Ml guard loo low and Is "a mark for right-hand shots, he shouldn't have too much to worry about in shur- key. who wasn't a particularly good hitler in his best days. We repeat .trial it Is dinicuH lo imagine Ihe jwsse Sharkey of today Ironing ojt the i/i,| s who withstood Schmeliiis's sustained attack for 12 rounds. That would be as hard to understand as Shai key's return lo the wprs. The gob never was In toxins' for niiythlng more than he could get. out of it in a financial way. He has all the money ho will ever need. Safety First Willi Sharkey . Afler he laid down ami played dead at the feet of Camera star- key remarked that he hud no Intention of •remaining on Ihe flrlnu line lo.bc marked up. He always was supposed., (o have a hypnotic siare for opponents across the in- cosurc, but I always had an idea that.ho was more concerned in conn I Ing the house. Taking shnrkcy at lit.vword, fol- lonlng.i'ne camera thlm*, one can only suspjcl that Ihe old bluejack- et will lake care of himself first end the customers second if lip going gets too rough. Nevertheless. Sharkcy U capable of pulboxln? Louis, particularly if dusky Joe has lost t'nc urge Mechanically, the Lithuanian 'is-oi wn«—plenty good enough. If Louu loses to Shnrkey IP will go down in the books a s the most Uved'"'*' '' 1eiu '- vwcl S llt thai ever Smoky Jos may be the victim of having been rushed atom, too quickly and built loo highly Louis fooled the canny Jack Blackburn as we* as 't-nself u commenced to bitfevo all that wn Dflng said about 'mm. it went to bis head. Naturally, the Schmeling disastc knocked some common sense int, us head. The question is whether It knocked too mufti nghtino sense out of it. BY Marry Grayson American newspapermen, did a good job of doing what they were supposed to do In connection wilh covering (Vie o:ymp:c Games. There was plenty to write home about In the Eleanor Holm Jarictl ease, Ihe amazing Oivens, der Fuehrer playing Ihe iluck lor conquering Afro-Ainci'lu'iiiK, and whatnot. But It remained for Fergus Mc- Kccver. a student of political science and economics of Kunsu, lo piilnl Hie clearest picture of tin Immensity of tho production on the oilier side. Ill an Informative and entertaining letter. McKocvc-r, a rcsl- dcnl of Lawrence who I ins traveled through Kiirnpi! juvoral lime 1 ;, tells how Industry und govcrn- mcnt sank every available penny Into Ihe (jrpul parade that mnc!c| all Germany one vast exposition turlni; the ijnmcs. | Had the slupendoiis show fai;-| fd, the Fatherland wmild have '•men hard lilt. It was a huge sue-j cess, however, and leaves the Hhlncland on a much htishcr Icvi'l 'inn before. All buildings built, at least a hundred million dollar*' worth, are of n pei-mimr-nt nature. Most if them simply will be over ^y the German army, under the juldnnce of which they were bull . I'lfly "World Impositions" Never before In history have 70.tOO.WJO people united to offer their tratllllonal hospitality to the world. The one Interest of the German government. Industry, and ucopic mis thfi Olympics. "Although the Olympics wcm the big show and the many Madia were sold out, Berlin had 50 'world expositions' going on simultaneously," writes McKcever.! "There were automobile shows, all- shows, nnviil dlsjilays, mllilurj ' maneuvers, art displays, technical shows, and culture oxpnsltios." Germany prepared the production as though It were a strategic problem. "The nation wns co-ordinated su that all, from the big [rusts lo pi'ddltM-s, worked under tmvcrn- ment orders," explains McKccvcr. "Business boomed. Special trains' mil everywhere, llc-rlln's four mid a half million people wcro boosted to seven million. Industry ran wide open. German ships arrive:! at all ports filled lo capacity Cafes were crowded. Theaters solti out. no beggars during the Olympic!. Newspapers hud many 'help wanted' ads Construction was going on everywhere. Everyone had renewed hope, for Ihe future. "The Olympic City and stadia were without rival In the world, "It combined all the facilities of a!! the sports In one center complete with Its own administration and transportation syftcms. "With it wa.s combined an exposition displaying all the might iiu glory of Germany's past, ""••"lit, and future. No detail was omitted and a complete survey ol ihc seven huge buildings required a week. FHIEID LEIIS Applubaum Star Has Miss- cd Last Four Games; i'owler Near Top I!y J. I'. HUKNJ) Despite the fact that lone Friend Is away and has not par„ tlclpated In the last four games, fleriiians Eagor lo I^arn her .480 balling average I, ben I he Germans' own conception in the Girls' Softball lenpiic ac of sport In nciicial and of tlie cording to Ihe official records of Olympics in parllculiu- was curl- games to dale pus, and there lies the key lo th;' The Applebaum first, baseman- present German conception of outfielder In eight games has ap- ,,,„. ~ , ' [pcarcd. al bat 25 limes, securing Die German has little knowl- eleven singles and one double and MB--' of many of Ihe sporlr. But scoring a dozen times he Is eager lo learn. | oussle Blackburn, fast ball huri- He methodically buys nil the ing star for the Jack Applehaun necessary equipment and outfit Store, Is runner-up with 455 The Standings Southern Atlanta Nashville Birmingham Chattanooga Little Hock . New Orleans Knoxvlllc ... Memphis .... W. I,. Pet. ....70 44 .63:) ••••W 49 .585 CO 58 .508 38 ED .000 ....57 58 .4913 ....50 CO 118 .483 .103 44 72 37B NiUlonal League . 'ixmmomy used In connect'on with a imrUcutar five games. Slie has cracked . five safeties In Jl Mp s ; ,„ , lc then attacks the game as |>lalc, Including a pair of doubh'- ff It -were a military problem. He nnd n home ran ."<»"»>• ires lo learn In «' week wlrol our Third place goes to octlte 'nnr's athlete., ami competitor* required Fowler. Lund,* seeond^ ^n" n THIS lo learn through •practice.' Just one point behind the pi™ I must .say, results are varied, bill er, with 3M. Doris has had lien on he whole astonlshh, B ly good. ' ly-lwo chances will u, 'lit , ,1 ,. 'I he German has little sense of. has come through wl 0 )t I ;IiKllvliluul comnclltlon In a game.jojie n Iwo bagger « s only thought | s of ciennany After leading the league for i S£y ™VaTC ttn'T'ir'T""; ° f WMlu ' Edna' 'ceore.? *' St. Louis .. Chicago New York . Pittsburgh .. Cincinnati . Boston Brooklyn Philadelphia W. I,, Pet 00 43 04 43 .600 .598 .574 (J2 45 55 53 £W 52 55 .480 Jl 07 .412 42 CO .389 39 Gfi American League W. L. Pet. New York Cleveland Chicago .. Detroit .. Boston _ _ _5f Washington ...:...'.'.. .34 St. Louts .. Philadelphia Northeast Arkansas ., C2 40 59 51 51 54 £5 26 .GC7 72 .559 .030 .532 .514 .495 .358 .310 German conception of 30 and Justice. The arc both tlonal and not individual." Whatever one may Ihink, New Germany's great parade fore all the world coiu'lnccc who saw it that the nallo,, ,, as well organized anil a.s militaristic, as was the Old Qcrmiin army before Ihe war. all hitli'Es In her last thiec gariu-i and dropped to .444 and foniili place. |" Lucille Suddeth, Laundry hot ;• I corner guardian, Is tied" with her teammate and pitching ace, Evi'- l, for flftl'i place, 1 each Newport xliiUesvlllc'''!•!.';•!! Carulhcrsvllle ... Joucsboro I'nragoiild x—Night game. W. L. Pet. 25 1 .781 20 10 .GG7 15 14 .517 15 17 .409 10 19 .345 7 25 .219 Baseball Results Suiilhmi [,i':i.i;iic Nashville 2. Atlanta 1. Knoxvllle 8, Cliatlanooga Nljjlil yames: . • New Orleans (first yame). LUtle Uock 2 (first (ioinc). Memjihls Blrminfilinm . I'ltlsbin-Bli 0, Clnclmiall I Bojilon 4, Phlhulelphla 2. New York 2, Brooklyn i (12 Inn- Insss). at. Louis 5, Chicago 3. . Host on 0-0. Philadelphia -1-0 New York II, Washington 7. Chicago 8. St. Louis .1. Detroit 7, Cleveland 4. Nnrtlirast Arkansas I.r-aetn- Cnrulhcrsvllle 10, Jonpsuoro 5^ Newport 13, Paragould 7. Osceoja at Ualesville, night gaini!. Nut until the middle of the ICIh ,'cnlury wns chainpag fervescent, w'hen Abbe uom 1'cr- ignon, a Benedictine monk, discovered [hat corks,.,Instead .of plu»s of oiled wax, were tho best'seals 'iiiillal' i>f || lc World "On the streets were signs in nmiy. languages. Forelen news- )«]icrs .were everywhere. Berlin tallies printed captions In nil] uajor languages. Berlin became! he cuullnl of the world from a' tand|inlnt of sport, travel, ntiancc.i ce " lur >' vvns champagne' made ef- rade, nnd politics. The amount ^"'"cc ' >f money that flowed Into Cier- man banks was tremendous. "The new army, navy, air force, tel officials nnd troopers, the Iltler Youth, and police eacli hnii :olorful new uniforms, and all vorkcd lo handle the masses Hint Jourcd Ihiough Germany. If ner- In were not the largest city In the world in area, [lie traffic! lirobli-m would have been hoiiu- less. "Pour years ago Berlin averaged 30 beijuars lo the block and every other store displayed a 'going out of business' sign. There were paced the loop tor a long 'time; ,424; Pauline Russell, Lnundry, ^24; Sena Trumble, Coca Col'i •«3: and Sylvia Buchaiuin, Coca Cola, .417. New Home i(un King Three new departmental leads were crowned recently. Lucille Oldlmni, Coca Cola,.got hold' of one good for four bases nnd lok the Iraid In hmc runs with 3. Several havo two. Beiidonlia Hucy, Coca Cola, leads In doubles with 3. Pauline Russell, Laundry, cam- through with a counle of extra ^Ille Laundry, :.832; Coca Cola, Evelyn McDanlel. by winning her last four starts, became the leading pitcher. She has suffered but two losses for an average of .GG7, Mary Lou Whittle, Coca Cola. Is next with .630, representing 7 wins and 4 reverses, followed by Gu.'slc Blackburn with 3 and 2 base knocks an went. . out la The life of a single hair on a person's head is estimated' to be six to 10 years. He fore You liny Any Outboard - Sec the NEPTUNE 2 "• p Single Cyl. (Other Sizes to 10 H. p.) HUBIURD TIRB & HATTEUY 00. LUMBER FOR SALE ri.inl aosecl Down rcntu- . ncntly Cheap Prices All kinds rough DRV LUMBER Chicago Mill & Lumber Company Blythcviltc, Ark. Phone 800 Old-style mash whisky like Bottoms Up tastes richer — because it's made the slow.unforced, old-fashioned way. Try it—you'll agree 1 front of the total 'base' race, with 27. Edna George maintained her hit lead with ill. Evelyn McDantel and Alice Saliba, .Applebaum, have scored sixteen runs eaon. Audley Blythc, Coca Cola, Marie Iglc- liiirt, Nu Wa, and Pauline Hti-:- sell have 2 triples apiece. • Riding the crest of a sensations! four game winning streak, iBlylher ville Steam Laundry bounced back Into the, club hitting ; lead witli .335. Jack Applebanm dropped) to .325 nnd second. Coca Cola -has ,307 and Nu Wa .285. Laundry and Applebaum arc tied in hits witn 112. The Baumcrs, however, have a single run margin, 107-10G. • Nu Wa Cleaners have, the best field.- ing average.wilh .B3G, followed hi order by Applebaum, .833; Ulylhe- Stnfney, Nn Wa Cleaners, has won 7 nnd lost 5, or ,583. Mrs;' Lillian Browning, Applebaum. has broken even in four games. Twenty eight appear williln the .300 circle. The others Include: Imogcnc Smith, Nu Wa, .395; Eiila. Whittle^ •Appiebaiini, .393; Alice Sallba, Applebaum, .389; Hazel Lutes, Applebaum, .315; .luanlta Grimes. Applebaum, .315; Blanche Morris, Laundry, 375; Uendonna Huey, Coca Cola, .3 Aiaelaid Cowsert, Coca Cola, .347; Eunice Scott. Laundry, .345; Uldine Klnrey, Coca Cola, .348; Anti- Icy.Blythe, Coca Cola, ,344;, Mn'r|.« Iglehait, 'Nu Wa, .343;.' Lucille Oldhapi, Coca Coin, .333;' Loreile Wiclner, Coca Cola, .333; , Marj Lou 1 ..Whittle, Coca Cola, .318; Ruby Lulcs, Applebaum,. .315; Gwendolyn Fisher, Coca Cola, .314; Dorothy Moore, Nil Wa, .30!) !L Beer is made of Ingredients com- jiosed almost entirely or sugar ana starches. ' PRICED WITH THE LOWEST Bottoms Up KENlUCKYSTRftlGHTBOuRSON WHISKY" BROWN-FORM AN DSailleryCo. Al LettMillc in Kmlucly SIUiKUNACICI, & CO. Exclusive DMrihulon for Arkansas l.itllc. Itork Pine |ji,,jr txrmoU SALE of Summer SUITS ALL MEN'S WASH SUITS LINENS, SKKRSUCKKRS AND SOMALI WKAVKS NOW OFFERED AT ONLY HALF PRICE! TROPICAL SUITS All new styles ami {inltenis In t.clh single and double breasted mcdels. Strictly fresh, seasonable mcrchnndlsr. Sulls wilh two pair of trousers. S27.SO Suils 517.35 S2S.50 Suits Sli).7r. Sl'ORT SHOKS White and Two-Tone Combination Sport Shoes. S7.50 NUNN-BUS11 $5.95 Sf l c 'or( tines • S2.flr> ALL STRAW HATS AT HALF PRICK R. D.HUGHES&CO a noons WKST OF wnv, TIIKATHK THURSDAY, AUGUST 13, 193C ;1 BEFEJITS 'IS; CHEIIIIOLET 0,1 1 I i o i i- ni c " McMunin unti olcphcns HiKls 3-Hil Sluit- " as « on bails, m , o . ' lit. I an error by Crowi out; Carters Hurling Stands Out Dt'nlnd the 3-hlt pitching of Leo Stephens the Arkansas - Missouri Power company defeated tho Phillips Motor company 2 lo 0 at Haley Field last night, tyi another Commercial softball league game the Tom I.HIle Chevrolet company breezed to victory over •McMullin's Grocers, 8 to 1, with Busier Carter of Steele making his mound debut a winning one. The first game was really a pitcher's battle with Jimmy Smother- inan hurling good ball for the v-S's. In fact, pitching predominated throughout the evening and the fans seemed to enjoy Ihe increasing signs of the comeback of hurl- cr.s in the loop nftcr watching high score contests most of the season. Tne first game was scoreless un- lil the last half of the sixth. One reason It was Unit 1 way an excellent catch made by Charley Iiro«- tlon in (he first Inniivr w'hcn he raced to the Isft field foul line, to lake a smash olf the bat 'of Bob Burns that was labeled for a home rim. : In the sixth Terry singled. Mierow followed with a lilt and Hires forced Ihe latter. Then Brogdon came through with a double, scoring Terry and Hires for the only nms of Ihe game. The game wns marked by sensational fielding on bot'n sides and wns played in nnus;t<i!iy fast lime only 43 minutes being consumed , The second game was also played | In fast order, only about CO minutes ; being used. i Carler looked good In his star: for the Chevrolets. He hnndciilf- cd Me-Mufiin until the 7th when u own error ami , _ nve allowed the loni Grocer run. Eubanks held (he Chevrolet.' ccorcless until the fourth when Tipton's single wilh file wises ful : got through an outfielder and nl- lowed him to circle Hie bases In the fifth hlls by Potter and Jo'mi- sent in runs nnd rl «lun LIU Chevrolets made another o(r Manager Victor Stllwell when ha ' Potter led the hitlers m ,..„ s , oikl game with three blows v'li Gansks was the only Batter tu i two hits In fnc first pa nio Score by innings: PI'lU'lls 000 000 o-^i 'M Ark-Mo 000 020 x-2 8 Batlcrles—Smothcrman and \\r Cl'ls; Stephens and Hires. HfcMullin 000 000 1—1 ti Chevrolet .... 000 431 x—8 8 Eubnnks, Silhvell and Phillips! Carter and Potter. ' In explanation of the keen s[«h of birds, it is said tliat t'rt-'lohi rays of 11^)11 ]iro:luced by th ( . ye |. color filters In the C yo of some birds pimatrale more- frc? ly through vaporous mist an:| haz of the lower air layers. FARM WAGONS AND TRAILERS li KALLS TO I'AY l!Wfi - 10:!7 - IMS NO FINANCE CHAKfiKS ELLIS IMPLKMKNT CO. "Tlie .lolm Deere Full Line" Klyllievilli:, Ark. , ]>llone (;10 YOU NEVER SAW SO MUCH TIRE FOR YOUR MONEY! <fci>Uf THE HEW Tir elicit *j STANDARD L FIRST GRADE OUflllTY-The new Firestone Standard Tire is built of first grade materials by skilk 1 workmen, in the world's most efficient factories. *' GUM-DIPPED CORD BODY — Every cot Ion fibre in every cord in every ply is soaked in liquid rubber, preventing internal friction and heat, which provides greater strength and blowout protection. TWO EXTRA LAYERS OF SUM-DIPPED CORDS UNDER THE TREAD —This patented Firestone feature cushions road shocks, protects against punctures and gives longer life. LONGER NOM-SKID MILEAGE - .The non-skid tread is wider, flatter, with more and tougher rubber on the road, giving longer wear and thousands of extrit milesJ LOW PRICES — Volume production makes ihese low prices possible. THE FIRESTONE NAME AND GUARANTEE - Every Firestone Standard Tire bears the Firestone name, your guarantee of ^-renter safety, dependability and economy. FOR TRUCKS AND, BUSES 4.4D-2! ^— — — : - ± Tit^^toti^ STANDARD • SIZE . 4.50-20 4.50-21 4.75-19 5.00-19 5.25-17...'.. 5.25-18..... 5.50:17..... 5.50-19 6.00-17 H.D. 6.00-20H.D. 6.50-19H.D. PRICE $7.45 7-75 8.20 8.80 9.45 9-75 10.70 11.20 14.30 15.55 17.45 Ott«rSj« hicei P,cwiLc^.*Wf Le- FIRST GRflDE MflTEftlALS fiHO £XPERT WORKHANSHlP-TI, c Rr«ioncSi a ,,,l.ird Irnck fire gives limnnon-skidinilcajjc; —bUnvout prolcciion—JcpcnJablc service. GUM-DIPPED CORD BODY—Gum- Dipping iircvonts inlrrnnl friction and heal, givins; c.xlr.1 strcngdi ami blowout protection. TWO EXTRA LAYERS OF GUM-DIPPED CORDS UNDER THE TREflD — Prevents Ircailscpar.itioii. Specially compounilctl rubber in IH-O outer plies from bead to head rivels siilcu-nlls securely to ct)nl body preventing ply separation. TWIN BEADS WITH CORD REINFORCE — T\vin beads give lire firm se.ium rim. The beads are. tied into llie cord Ixxly bythcspeciat Firestone method of coni reinforce, making the tircunc unit of greater strength. FIRESTONE NAME AND GUARANTEE — Assures greater -safely, depcndability nntt economy. SENTINEL An outslanjing value in its price class—backed by the Firestone name -a .1 d guaranlee. COURIER A pood tire' for owners of small cars giving new tire safety nt low cost. Lijlcn <o (lie VoiVc «/ Fircsimic— featuring i\fnr S nrcl S/icnb, Soprano, ti'itl, (lie Firestone Cfiornl S>iiiJ'hoiiy,<m<IWilliiiml) (I i > .,OrcIi«lrn—ercryMonilciy nishloi'crN. B.C.NnlionwtJi: Network PHILLIPS SERVICE CENTER Walnut & Fiflh Sis.

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