The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on July 6, 1944 · Page 5
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 5

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, July 6, 1944
Page 5
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THURSDAY, JULY 6, 1944 Bl.YTHEVILLB (ARK,)] .COURIER NEWS Find On Attu May Moke Pair Of Yanks Rich ATTU, Aleutian Islands, July 6 (U.P.)—A couple of Americans f .iiy rame back from this war a t richer than when they went. And Uien again, they may not. It all depends on how much a big chunk of white waxy stuff they found on n beacli on Atlu is worth. The luicerlalnty is terrific for United Press War correspondent Russell Annabel, nJ)d Navy Lieutenant Commander Al Nenl, of Pittsburgh, Pa. The two men think, or at any rate they hope, that the stuff they found Is ambergris, tlie rare substance used in the most expensive perfumes. II is worth $30 an ounce, and Annabel and Neal have a wad of 200 pounds of it. That would lun to SOS.COO. That Is, if it's ambergris. The Army's chemists have been trying lo iiml out, but their tests aren't certain yet. It all started when Annabel and Neal turned beachcombers and walked along the Attu beaches looking for moonstones. And what should they conic across but a heap of white waxy stuff tossed up by the surf. Annabel, who knows news but not ambergris, didn't think much about it. But Lieutenant Commander Ncal's eye's popped. He reached for a cigarette with shaky hands, and muttered, "Let's go to a laboratory on the double." They took a sample along. The Army chemists' weren't sure. II could be one of many things, beef Inlloiv, or paraffin—or maybe ambergris. They put it to several tests The stuff had the right specific gravity and the right melting point for. tu'nbcrgrls. It had no acid, no iv-jsl", and would dissolve in boilint So far, everything was going down tlie right road to riches lor Annabel and Neal. But then the chemists ran inl a • stone wall. To make the fina tests they needed a chemical called acetic anhydrite. And there's noni on Atlu. The chemists have reached jus one conclusion after their test that lasted all night. They kno\ it's either ambergris, or a worth less product from the Inc tree from India. 89 Annabel and Neal arc still o pins and needles. They don't know relatively speaking, whether they'r princes or, paupers. And, as Amiable says, "This SIB pense is awful." GUAM: Uncle Sam Has His Eye on It •vl*^^ki^^1 '^^i^^'^^ ^'.'i^^'&^MVi"*'..'. v . ' ' " ^ ' ' v ^', : f<$%f-» Photo above Is a view oi ibe U. E.-owned island of Guam, seized by Jnps on Dee. 13, high on Uncle Sam's "priorities", tor recupUire. Sack Cloth and Feed Bags Make Smart Salvage Styles Hy Kl'SlK KINAIID NBA Staff Writer NEW YORK.—Since cotton feed bags and flour sacks have gone Ho fancy print — color-blended I stripes, polka dots, florals and I even designs—the ladles vho seize them to make into gay 'rocks have to be restrained, I'm .old, from dumping out the grain •uid the flour, Can you blame them when you ice smart cotton-print frocks, like the prize winner shown on the child above, made from such feet) bags? Utilizing two 100-poundbags —each 36x42 Inches—Mrs. •" Lena Fojler, of Atlantic Highlands, N: J., used the' lightning-flash white background print patterened in two vivid shades of blue to make fin eight-gored skirt for a youngster's dress, cut by a standard pattern. She topped It with a brief white pique waist, and for an expenditure of exactly 50 cents walked off with a conservation-group prize in Alma Kitchell's Sewing •Contest, a local prc-runner of the National Sewing Contest. These bags, explains Mrs. Fogler, come in two other sizes—little fellows 12x14 Inches and enormous ones that measure 40x54. Matched in design, three large ones will make a woman's dress, and some times fewer arc needed to make slip covers, ruffles for bedspreads, Navy Seeks To Enlist 77-Year-O/d Negro Boys Tijp Navy ,1s urgently in need o n.-'year old'colored* boys^'f or^ duty ashore and afloat. There are many opportunities in the Navy at, this time fpr colored men to learn a trade. This not only will be a great contribution to the war effort but will fit them for a ' job after the |£ r ar is over. Applicants interested Mil .enlisting in the Navy are urged to call at the Navy recruiting station located in the county court house, BIyliievilte, Arkansas on Monday or Tuesday of each week. Alvin Huffman Jr. Gets Commission As Ensign Alvin Huffman Jr., manager of the Huffman Brothers Lumber Co,, at Portageville, Mo., lias been appointed an ensign in the U. S. Naval Reserve and will report for training. August 1. Mr. Huffman, son of Alvin Huffman Sr., was reared in BIytheville where he made his home with his uncle, Jake Huffman, and family. He was graduated from the local high school in 1932, and received his bachelor of arts degree from window skirts. curtain.?, dressing table To get them ready, 'for the sewing machine soak'bags overnight Lieutenant Killough 's Casualty In France First Lieut. Oliver Newton KU- ough, son ol acting Circuit Judge nid Mrs. Walter ICIlloiigh o Wynne, was killed In action ii France June 15, the War Depart nent notified hLs parents ycsler lay. Lieutenant Killough was a ne phew of Circuit Judge Nell K1I lough of the Second Judicial Clr ;nlt, now a captain in the arm with the provost marshal's offlc U Dallas. Ills father, Walter Kll lough, has been elected by mctn bers ol the bar at each term court to replace Judge Nell Kllloug! on Ihe bench during hLs mltllnr service. The Wynne officer was In chnrg of a 105-mm. gun In an tnfantr unit. Born and reared in Wynm Lieutenant Killough attended Ai kansas late College, Jonesboro, tw years, and received his bachelor degree at the University of Arkan sns in 19-10 .and received his !«' degree from the University In 104S He entered the service with a sec ond lieutenant's commission short! after his graduation. He receive Ills commission through R.O.T.C training at the school. Mayor Of Morn/ton Dies This Morning MORRILTON, Ark., July 0 (UP) — The mayor of Morrilton died ye: tcrday at his home. Hp..was 81 year-old R. A. Balrd, a former dei uty circuit clerk and justice of ti peace who was in his third term chief executive of the city, v : > Among survivors is one daughter, Mrs. O. N. Hawkins of Blylhcville. in heavy soap suds and then wash thoroughly in warmer suds to remove printing ink that advertises brands. Stcele, Mo. Mrs. Huffman and .two children, Alvin III and Emily, will make their home with Airs. Huffman's aunt, Mrs. Chnrles S. Lemons and Mr. Lemons, in •BlylhevlUc until Mr. Huflman Is assigned to a station. nests of Mr. Jowan and Mr, and Mrs. Max Long. Manila News. Mr. and Mrs. Will Lampley have' moved to Lepanto, Ark., where they will make their home. Miss Eva Martin of St. Louis is spending a two-weeks vacation in Manila with relatives. George Matthews Sr., has :K- turned from Little Rock,,where he spent the past few weeks as guest ~Jiio lejost (Complete "MEDICINE CABINET" YOUR INDEPENDENT DRUGGIST Ii has everyihingl Vitamins and cold tablets, lurfa-druo,! and arsenic, codeine, gauie and adhesive tape Your neighborhood drug store owns the most complete medicine cabinet in town. Your independent druggist it tha only one allowed to keep medicinss ir. large quantities. Ho has been framed, through long years of study, learning how to mix lham Into prescriptions to help keep you well. For, "filling a prescription is next in importance to writing it," Through his knowledge of ihe mysteries of drugs, ihe independent druggist is your personal friend. His store is an American institution playing a part in your life. Whatever your needs, he is alwayj ready to help. "YOUR FRIEND IN NEED" PATRONIZE YOUR INDEPENDENT DRUGGIST Jlia Irian who liel/>i .Aecf> lliii (^aminanili] ^/Hiai"• I'liltliificd 6y ELLIS-BAGWELL DRUG CO. WHOLESALE DRUGGIST MEMPHIS, FENN. where they nnd Mr.s. Harry Keeping Up With The Men In Service mi i Good—Or Else Pvl. Andrew !•". 'ntmlln. fovmiT- of Uunlrtle, reported Siiluntity or duly »l CiUnp MiickHll, N. C,, 1th nil Ann>' Service I'Virre null, rlvnlo Tomlln, lonncvly u duni- ' of nenr UtirdcLtc, Inis been in ic Army since Anmi-il, IMS, nnd urlng tlini (line hns scvvod nine lontlis In I'uerlo Hlco, uiul In two nniiw \a Cullforuiii. C'uni]) Miu-knU, Is new .slitdon, Is the IKIIIIR of ic nlrborne troops, Ihu tilldpr- roojxs nnd (he jJiiralrouiM, nnrl Is ic only cninu In tlie United Bluli's cvolcd exclusively lo their Iruln- B. Stntt Sci'tit, John E, Pierce of 'nchvlllo hns nrrived In llic fimilh 'nclflc nnd hns become it member f tli e 13 AAV. Sergcnni Iteve, the on ol Mr. nnd Mrs. I,, 0, t'li-rce Hso ol I,onchvlllo, Is nil nevlni en- er of n B-2-1 Ubcrnlor crew. He 11 fiirnier prior lo cntcrhiK the inncd forces In AUBiist, KM2. A\vnrd o( ihp Air Mi'dul will) hrec oak leaj.clusters nwiillv w.'i. 1 mule lo Tech. Sci'Bl. U'oiuiid L. Perkins of Rt. 2, l.cnelivllle, foi nerltorlous achievement. In nccom- hlnir \vlih <lWUnctlcm, severn nerlnl opcrnttonnl inlsstons over enemy occupied Europe. SerRenni I'erkhw, who is Ihe SMI of Airs Mnmlo Perkins of Unchvlllo, wn. employed by (.he K. C. Ftermni omnnny lit, Mitnllii, prior to enter B llic Army. Avlatlnn Ciulct Elton Foster, for incrly of Htytlievllle, hns hi'ei triiiisfcrrcd from CJoodfi'llow Fleli Sun Angclo, Texns, lo Knijle I'us Army Air Field, lingle 1'us.s, 'iVxns • Aviation CJiidcl L. E. Slnrfnrt' son of Mr. and Mrs. L. \V. stnf ford of Ulythevllle. hns complete hLs pretllglil trnlnliiK nf B:m> An tonlo, Tcsns, mill hns been transferred lo Chlcknslni, Okh\., for prl- innry Irulnlnt;. Avlnlioii Cudel Godwin any, Kim ol Mr. nnd Mrs. J. W. any, now is In prefllgtit school nt Snii An- lonlo, Tcxns, iifler bolnr; Irnnsferrwl hist, week from Oklnhonni A. .V M. collcuc nt Stlllivnter. Corp. Amos C. Decker of Mn- nlln. Ark., armorer for n P-51 Mns- Iniiu uitmcd "Slmnty Irish", Is proud to be a crew member of Ihir ship which hns destroyed six Niui plnnM nud dnmi\i{C(l three In nc- tlon out of ISiiglnnd. "Shiiitly Irish", piloted by Llcnl. Gilbert M. ,Q'Crlcii of Chnrlcslon, S. C., Is tl.ici lending flgliter of Col. Don Pxahmu's group avhicli hns knyowl 265^ Gcrnmn nlrcrnft In less ilinn foiir' montlis. it hud boiler be uood—or else-, warned SHI. K. !•'. Itniln, n( Chl- cii|;o, holding uim on his pnl, Cpl. J;imes Plcrmnn, of Mn- innrouuck. N. V,, IIK Jntler c\perin«Miit.-(l on him wllh Gcr- mmi riv/.oL 1 found when Yimlis nuuchecl Into St. Snvcur, Pnincc, NOTICK or OHA'NTINO OK ' ' I'KHMIT Notice 'Is hereby given Unit the -onuntssloner of Hevcmies of the fe'lnlc of Arkunsus hns Iraucd u per- nll, No, 401, to Humid & o. A Mnrlin to. sell mid dlspeiwo vinous or spirituous liquors for Ijevcrngc nt rehill on the premises described is -120 W. Ash Street, Hlythcvlllc, Ark, This permit Issued on the 1st duy of July, l!)H nnd expires on the JOIIi dny of June, l!H!>. Iluford .^i 0, A. Mnrlln Jly liuford Miulln, Partner Permlltce. 7|B & 1'J Main, DlyJIievlllo,; -,•« >r Tlili permit. lv,ued on.tfie'l day NOTICK ()!•' (iKAN'I'lNd OF Ihe llic Nollce Is hereby ulvcu'lhnt Coiiimlsslniier of Jlovotini's of Slnlo of Arknnsns IIHH Issued n inll, No. ifitl lo Uliner Hull to dell and dispense vinous or spirituous liquors for hevcrnne nt relnll cm the Ihnn premises described us 12* Knsl Pulls. ol July, day of June 1945. and expires on the 30 , Elmer Hall , Permittee™ — - - •\ NOJICK OF GRANTING QFJ,i UUUOK PERMIT- -----Notice It hcicby given- that't'he Commissioner of Revenues of~Uie" Wale of Arkansas l\ns issued* a'per- mlt, No 174 to timer Hall to sell' and dispense vinous or spirituous- . . ... the, 1 day#f July, 1011 nnd, expires on the 30 of June, 1915, Elmer H Permit all;,,, ittee, Africa's Victoria Fulls'•'"a're~hidri twke nj> high as Niagara* I ' Tree Kills Serviceman LEPANTO. July 0.— Pvt/'bary M. \Vrlghl, 30, was injured fatally when struck by a falUiiB tree at Cmnp \\fhitc, Ore. . ''•'... The local man suffered n fractured skull Tuesday while he and other members of an Engineer .Forestry Battalion were doing nnd milling work. Private \YrlglH wns clearing a temporary 'road with n 'bulldozer when the tree hit him. •Ills wife lives at Mcdford, Ore. A ranaciilturlst rakes frogs for market. NOTICK 01' GltANTlNCi ()!•' LiqifOlt l-KHMIT Notice Is hereby given that tin: Commissioner of - Revenues of the ate (if Arkansas has Issued n peril, No. •!]!, lo Duford & C. t . nrltn to sell nnd dispense vinous or siilrituous liquors for beverage nt relnll on llic premises described us H2 W. Muln, Ulythevllle, Ark. This permit Issued on 'the 1st day of July. 1044 nnd expires on the ,'iOtli day of June, 11)15. I, Bnford .fe O. A. Mnrlln ! ny Buford Martin, Partner \ Permittee. I V,6 &. U The. term "doiighlxiy," now applied lei an AiiHiriuin soldier, wns oiK'c the tiiunc of a Navy dish— dougliinit with Im.sli. Political Announcements He Courier News flM V«n »u- horlzcd to announce the followlnf nndldnclcs, tubjcct to th« Demo- ratlo primary In August: STATE UKI'IIKSKNTATIVB ALENR WORD (for re-clcctloci, Post No. 2) W. J. WUNDEftLIOH (for re-eli'clloi), 1'ost No. 1) J. LEE UEAUDEN (for re-election, Post No. 1* LUOII5N I!. COLEMA'n' E. C. "dl'JNE" FLEEMAN (Post No. 4) rilOKKCIJ'UNQ ATTORNEY IVIK 0. SPENCEtt MARCUS FIETZ (For Rc-clcclloii) JAM KB U. HAl.E HIIKHIFP AND COIXEOTOI HALB JAOKBON (for te-elcotlun) W. W. (BUDDY) WATSON COUNTY TKEAKIIKHK II. U. (SKEUT) 8TOUT MISS DELLA PUHTI.E COUNTY JUDOK ROLAND .QRKEN (for rc-clcotion) mVIOHT II. HLAOKWOOI) UIJI(;I;IT couitT HARVEY MORIUS (For rc-ckcllon) COUNTY CI.EHK T. W. PO'ITER (for re-election) Oouner newn wniil •<!« For Enjoying Outdoor Leisure Get your full quota of sunshine these wartime days. And take your leisure in comfort. . . by wearing free-cut, easily laundered slacks suits, (Many of these are tubbublc.) Ours are smartly tailor- ed—available in a variety of colors. Yes, we have your size. DSO Cleaner' Tailor-Clothier LARGE MILK : YIELD v Depends on HER | FEED and CARE $ •TT-TT., ..i, ALWAYS BUY j, INTERNATIONAL <V INTERNATIONAL scientific Dairy Foodi, dovol- opod through many years of experience, «ro <o sorvo you bettor by helping your cow» produce moro milii, Romombor, (ho closer fho dairy,cow approaches her full capacity'of milk and butterfat production, tho groaior will fco tho efficiency' of tno ration. It pays to food good cows good food up to fhoir capacity. INTERNATIONAL scientific foods arc balanced, providing a succu- lonco that is oisontial to efficient dairy nutrition.' Placo your order foday, BUY INTERNATIONAL DAIRY FffDS A : T. YOtllH DEALER^ OV£R 100 MIU|ON BAGS ALREADY SOLD . . . 'THEY MWST BE GOOD "That's what one or our engineers pull- ed on a druggist friond the other day apd the druggist came right back and asked nilu to tiie following presoription." , pflra-tertiary-octyl-phsnyl-die- thoxy dimethyl-benozyl-atnmonium chloride monohydrate. M-Sig Use as directed. "It was a draw so each decided to let the other one handle the problems for which he was trained and best qualified to serve the public." YOU* ItlClRIC tUW* BUSINESSMEN TRAINED IN THEIR SPECIFIC JOB OF SERVING 1 THE PUBLIC, WHETHER IT BE IN A DRUG STORE OR AN ELECTRIC'1 UTILITY COMPANY, HAVE PROVED TO THE WORLD THAT INDIVIDUAL ] INITIATIVE IN FREE ENTERPRISE IS THE AMERICAN WAY OF LIFE ] AND RESULTS IN THE GREATEST BENEFITS TO-MANKIND,- MAKING A ] STRONGER COMMUNITY, STATE OR NATION IN WAR AS WELL AS,IN 1 PEACE. fft's OurSusincss toSerreS/oii

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