The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on January 22, 1953 · Page 3
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 3

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, January 22, 1953
Page 3
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PAGE TWELVE BLYTHEVILLE (ARK.)' COUKIER NEWS' THURSDAY, JAN. 22, 1958 FOR LESS Pork Shoulder On List of Budget Meats for Month Added Flavor Found When Garnished with Spiced Peach Halves By GAYXOK MADDOX NBA Food and Markets KdKor On the list of thrifty meat cuts for Jnnutiry ts boneless, smoked shoulder pork bii(t, n nugget ot loan, flavorful merit weighing from 1 to 4 pounds find cooked either .by simmering or by roasting. It Is delicious when garnished with spiced California peach halves filled with pickle relish. Hoast Shoulder Tork llutf (Ajiproxtmalely 8 servings) Place B 1- to 4-pound boneless shoulder butt in shallow baking pan. Do not cover;' do tio( baste. Roast in n slow oven (325 degrees until meat thermometer registers F.) 45 to 50 minutes per pound or 185 degree?; P. Spiced Peach H.ilvrs One No, 2>,f> ctin Cling peach halves, 1 tablespoon vinegar, * cup sweet pickle relish. Drain peaches; boll syrup until reduced to approximately OHO half. Add vlnegnr and peaches; simmer until healed. Drain and fjJl each hnJf wlf-h I tablespoon of the pickle relish. Serve with ham. pork chops or- duck, us well as the shoulder prok butt. Here's another OirifLy meat dish: Savory Pork Casserole (Servos 4 or 5) One and one-half pounds pork shoulder, \'z cup chopped onions, 1 cup sliced celery, >/ 2 teaspoon thyme, 2 teaspoons Rait, 3 cups uncooked, noodle^, I cnn mushroom soup, 'Yi teaspoon pepper, 1 small cnn peasj \ f z cup grntod American < Cut pork into hrtlf-lncli cubes and conk In a Utllc hot fat until Lhor oughly browned. Add % cup water and the onions, celery, thyme and 1 teaspoon snlt. Cook, covered, -,6ver low hoat until meat is lender, about i hour. .* > Meanwhile, cook noodles In boll- Ing salted water for 10 'ininutes. Drain and combine with pork tmd rest of ingredients. Add Inst Ion- spoon of salt. Turn mto'grcnsed in. dividual casseroles or one large one. Cover with buttered crumbs and bake in moderate oven (375 degrees F.) for'30 minutes. Homemade Soup Perfect Limch For Cold Days On chilly days the perfect dish 'or lunch is n bowl of homcmatJe beef and vegetable soup. Make this nourishing soup often for tha children's juiich. Vegetable-Heel Soup 1 soup bone 1 pound beef stew meal 2 tnblp.spoons fat 2 quarts cold water Vi cup rhoppod onions 2 teaspoons salt 1 U'nspooM celery s*K I bay leaf 3 sprigs parsley , 1 whole .clove Vi teaspoon thyme 1 cup each finely diced carrotfi and rutabagas 1 No, 2 can tomntors Have .your inrnt in^n saw the soup hone into two'iiieces. Cut stew meat into Vi inch cubes and brown In but fat in a Dutch oven or heavy, deep saucepan. Add soup bone and cold water. Bring slowly to a boll and skim. Add next sevi-w ingredients, reduce heat ft ml cc.ok slowly, covered, for 2 hours, Ae'd carrots and NitnbiiRO.i and cook for another hour. Remove soup bone, cut off meat nml mid to soup. Add tomatoes, reheat, and se?.son to tnstc. Ground Beef, Soup Make Tasty Dish Here's p delicious recipe combing ground beef n'nd condensed oup. Muslirnnm Meal Bulls (6 servings) One pound ground beef, 2-3 cup ine dry bread crumbs, 2 table- pootis minced onion, 1 tablespoon nlnccd parsley, 1 egg, slightly >eatcti, 1'{• teaspoons salt, 2 cans SAUSAGE AND MUSHROOM PIZZA lookn like anil te an injf dish and one easy U> make at home for an appreciative /amlly. Sat/sage and Mushroom Pizza Is Easy Make-at-Home Dish By GAYN'Oll MAODOX NKA food ;iiul Markets Krfffor Pix/a — the teen-ager*' theme SOUK. Sfid.sagc nu<I mushroom piz;- £», r n sy to f tia ko n ( home, en n become your dinner theme for all the; family, Satisn^o and Musi iron in TM/ia (12 porlloiis or fi g-cncrous One-haU pound Miunnge meat, 1-3 cup hit need onion, 1 cup lomn- to sauce (B-ouncc can), 3-ounce can chopped broiled mushrooms, a robust suggestion: Shorlrllw wllli Onlnn Sauce (VJeld: 4 rH'rvitiK'O Two pounds trimmed, shorlrihs, 2 teaspoons kitchen bouquet. 2 tn blcspoons fnt, 116 teaspoons •_ salt. ifi teaspon pepper, 1-16 teaspoon cloves, J / t cup tomato catsup, Ui cups hot water, 2 cups thinly sliced on Eons, 1 tablespoon COITI- Marxih, 2 tablespoons cold writer, ',2 cup sour cream. meat,' denier -cut ribs In porlftms, cutting "tic 2 tablespoons tomato paste, 2 table- | tweea each pEerc of bone ris we] spoons sugar, f pa spoon salt, Add molasses and lemon juice to mnyonnjilsD or mayonnaise - type salad dressing and serve over n sfilnA of penrj cream nnrt leafy greens.' Veal-Paprika Dish Features Fluffy Rice .. . tiy GAVKOft MADDOX | ..NKA . Fnod mill Markets rdUnr Once, ninny years, ngo, J stood on n wharf In Nagasnkt. Jnpun, ! looking down at n coolie fnmlly on n con! bnrgc,, Kvcry(hm«' was block with soot-everything except the mnrveloiiiily white bowl of rice the mother uncovered'for her family, squatting near the little brazier on the deck. Prom Hint brazier and rice bowl En Japan to this rich VCR! dish is A'fnr mid happy, cry. So let's give thanks for the bounty and prosperity of our country. "• Veal-l»nprika wittr KJce k (-1 servings) One and one-third cups pack- ngcrl pre-cooked' rice, I'/a cups water, !£ teaspoon snll. 3 tablespoons flour, l l /4 teaspoons salt, 'A teaspoon pepper, Vi cup thinly sliced veal cutlet, cut in 2 x Va- liicli : strlp.s, ^i cup thinly sliced onions, 4 tablespoons butter, 2 teaspoons paprika, l'/ 4 cups rich milk. Combine rice, water nnrt "Ji'len- spomi salt In saucepan. Mix Just until all rice Ls moistened. 13ring quickly to a boil over high heat, uncovered, , flutling- rice gently cup biscuit mix, 1-3 cup milk (approximately). 1 cup grated sharp American choose. Cook sniisngc meat tn frying piui until brown and crumbly. Adtj onion and continue cooking 5 minutes over moderate heat, Ariri contents of cnns of tomato sauce itml nnisJi- rooms, the lo'inftto paste, sugar n,ntl snIL Bring to boll. Lower heat and ' JO lei 'simmer until thick, about nlnutes. Meanwhile, comb)tic biscuit mix m<f milk to make soft itough, Pat out lightly to form 12-inch circle on grcfised cookie sheet or pizza . Spread the tomato mixture over the biscuit dough evenly. Sprinkle ivith (he grated cheese, Bnk.o in hot oven (400 degrees ,") until biscuit is done and cheese melted nntt brown, ntiout 20 minutes. Cut iii wedges and serve immediately. For n cold night dinner, here's once or twice- with a fork. <Dol not stir). Cover EVIU! remove f rom ] hent. Let stand 10 minutes. Meanwhile, combine flour, l r V teaspoons salt, nml pepper; roll venl .strips In this mixture. Set nslrtc. Saute onhm.s in butter until golden brown, stirring constantly. Then add veal nnti cook about 5 minutes,' or until browned. ^Add '•paprika nnd mix well. Add milk gradually, .sUrring constantly. Cook anil stir over lav/ heat until mixture Is thickened. Then simmer gently 2 or 3 mlmites longer. Serve on the hot rice. as sawing the ribs into sections, There should be eight eood-sixed pieces. Place the pieces In a bowl and sprinkle with kitchen bouquet Stir lightly until all pieces are evenly coated with " kitchen bou qiict. Melt,fat in Dutch oven. Adc ribs and brown well over moderate heat. Sprinkle with salt, pop per ami cloves. Combine and. ad( (he catsup and water. Cover and bring to boil. Cook over low hent the meat Is When PILE Misery Robs You of Sleep ...HERE'S QUICK RELIEF! :* piJ*». Ttm i irk fitt. Help* Thornton Min quick relief fro •-racking itch . t L« J U j " - - y ~~ • ' - ,",""*' Minor Reetxl Clinic. Get it • cniler, about 1 hour and 15 minutes. After 1 hour pour all the fat rom the meal, reluming' any jrolh poured out. Add the onions and continue, cooking; covered, un- il both meat and onions are tender, About 15 minutes longer. Blend together and add t;he corn- itarch and cold water, stirring un- il sauce thickens. Add the SOJF cream .and 'mix thoroughly. Cor- •ect seasoning if necessary. Serve (mediately accompanied with uot buttered noodles. cups) condensed cream o^ mushroom soup, \ f \ cup water, 2 tablespoons BlsorlcnEng; Combine ground beef,' bread crumbs, onion, parsley, egg a"d snlt, Stir sotip until smooth; blend in water. Put \'.\ cup of soup mixture Into- the meat; mix well. Shape into balls about l-inch -In diameter. Brown meat balls In \ skilled; pour in remaining mushroom sauce. Cover and bake In a inoderate oven <350 degrees F.) or cook slowly on top of range about 30 minutes. Add finely-diced onion, green pepper and bam to scrambled eggs and you Have a Western, omelet, Cook the onion and green pepper in a little butler or margarine first, If you-like, until-they are partly! tender, ^ tServe RONCO 'J^ppagherti • macaroni .: ' pure egg noodle*-' Taste-.-ike difference cream maltes VEAt ROAST Ib. 49 ( LUTTRELL'S SPECIAL! FRYERS Grade A o>i Special 5 i 10 Ib. sacks' GOLD MEIAL •ATficim-iniid'.Ewmtffi fLMIR 5ibs.39 c PORK ROAST Shou t39 FRESH DRESSED Cat Fish h 69' TENDER MEATY P'rkRibs»33' FRESH EGGS LARGE CARTON 55' BALLARDS BISCUITS- -CanlO< DIAMOND 80 Counh NAPKINS - Only 10< BUSH'S No. 2 HOMINY - 3 for 25* CHUM SALMON - Tall Can RED POTATOES SOIb. 1.59 SUNSHINE CRACKERS - Lb. 19< —CAREFUL ATTENTION TO DELIVERY— UTTRELL'S Call 2011 —M A R K E T— Chick. & Sixth St. Beef And Ham Gumbo In Ring Of Quick-And-Easy RICELAND RICE PICKARD'S GROCERY & MARKET Nationally Advertised and Fancy Groceries Good Food Values Every Day B I Oil Chickiisawba — We Deliver — Phone 2043' SPECIALS! Prices Effective Thursday-Friday-Saturday Marsh Seedless White GRAPEFRUIT . _' Giant Size - each Save Time, Effort And Monry! Use QiiicSf-Aml-Eaay HJCKLAiM) RICE! HlCil't./iNl) KtCF, rrtpiim no n-rtxliinu, lift rinsing, tut ffriritiinv* ntt rV'Xjpattiini!! Uxf' r/iiiVfc-aruf-rn»y KIC.i:i.iXl) KICK ami ,rilli no effort — in jttst a /etc tninulrx — yim'll /mrn ir/iile, fluff)', prrfcclly-cookfn rir.c. You me (julck-aml easy RTCFXAND RICE to make hiintlrpdA of economical, ilcliclons main dfRhof. ca.vqoroles. spcciaUtcs, .soups, salacia and desserts. Here's jtist one exnmple: Ciimtio In lUcrhiiul I{in- Iting 6 clips cooked Ricoland Ultrc 3 tablespoons butler or margarine \ pound cured ham, diced 1 pound href, diced 2 tablespoons chopped parsley 1 onion, sliced 1 green pepper, chopper! fine 1 cup celery, Olcrd 1 no. 2'.i cnn tomatoes {2 J .4 cups)' 2 cups okrft, cut crosswise Bay leaf. If desired 1-i teaspoon pepncr &- 2 of Mil 1 tnblc.ipoon flour A 2 of water T"Bck cwjkcd rice Into a grcaawl ring mnld. Cover mold vvttfi wa.xeil paper nud place !i> a pan of hot waVer on lop of the stove or in a slow oven to keep hot until serving lime. Melt butter or margarine in skillet and brown the ham and beef. Add the para- ley, onion, green pepper, celery, lomntoe.1, okra, bay leaf, salt, and pepjwr. CoVer and simmer until the meal and vegetables are tender. Add Hour to \valcr. Mix well. Add to skillet. Cook mixture 10 minutes. Serve In rice rini; which has been un- tnolded on a hot platlcr. Itccip" makes 8 servings. Wi-Ufi For Hig FIU'.K Cyok lUok Write for your Wg FREE Ricolnnd Rice Cook Book—2S pages, beautifully illustrated in fvill color It shf)w» ihe quick nna e«.«y way to runttc wonderfully delirious and economical main dishes cns- scroles specialties, soups, salads, puddings and dcssorls. It will iavc you lots of money. Write to Arkansas Rice Growers., Stuttgart Arkansas, for big FUEK Hiccland Rice Cook Book. Qnick-Aml-Easy IUCELAND RICE Cooks'Fluffy In A Few Minutes! Your grocer now has Ihls wonderful rice which cooks fluffy In just ft few mlmites. Be sure you get tlio UICELAND brand illustrated above. You pay nothing extra for the quick-and-eaay, perfect-cooking quality of RICELAND RICK. Here's The Qiiick-And-Eagy Way To Cook KICKLAiVD KICK! To make 3 heaping cups of whUe,-fluffy, perfectly- cooked R1CEL.AND RICE: (I) Put I cup uncooked RICEL.A-ND RICK 2 cups water •1 teaspoon salt In a 2-quart saucepan. ' (•2) Uring to ft vigorous boll. (3) Turn down heat as low as possible. Cover BAUC«pan with a lid. Leave over thl« low h««t for li minutes. Serve, 290 .Lh 890 / . Lb. Only 450 Fancy No. 1 YORK APPLES Lb 12|0 Tasty . • TANGERINES Eo> 230 Birds Eve -Frozen . I CAULIFLOWER 1>kg 1$$ |l Uirds Kye-Frozen BRUSSEl SPROUTS 1>ug 320 IJirds Eve Frozen ' SPINACH ;.;; ;i , kg . I'ickard's Special! SLICED BACON Lb U. S. Choice Round Steak or I LOIN STEAK Fancy Fresh Dressed FRYERS Sla-Flo '-..-. LIQUIDSTARCH Q1 190 ParsonVEUidsy •,-.'•' AMONIA w 210 Special ' • ' ' HUSH PUPPY -Max P kg 230 Coffee Shopp Ground \Vhile-U-\Vail COFFEE ....,;, 0:1 ,790 10c Coupon on Box LARGE TIDE R(x 2i0 Sophie. Mae Delicious PEANUT IRITTLE'.;...„.: te 380 Sunshine Clover Leaf > COOKIES Armour's Star TAMALES ,«•. c,, 190 Special!' WESSON OIL Pt 350 Here it is! • ' ALUMINUM FOIL Pkg 290 AHV lirand CLEANSER 2 F01 250 Camp fire MARSHMALLOWS 6ozl , kg 90 Allen's SWEET POTATOES lNu2Cim 190 I'arkay MARGARINE ............. ^ . Cln 270 Jad; Sprat Red PIE CHERRIES Oscar Mavor • WEINERS ;. c » 470 Campbell's Soups ... (3 Can Limit) OX TAIL, BLACK BEAN, PEPPER POT & MOCK TURTLE , 10(i American Lady Like Fresh PEACH HALVES No . 2J4 Can 490 Package of 2 KITCHEN TOWELS 490 (Jaines DOG MEAL 5Ib 690 Special! MUSTARD Q t 150 Large Size . FRESH EGGS :.. DM .48jS I Dei Monte'303 Size GREEN LIMAS 2 530 2'^ 430

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