Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana on June 11, 1896 · Page 8
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Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana · Page 8

Logansport, Indiana
Issue Date:
Thursday, June 11, 1896
Page 8
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SHIRT WAISTS •.-:-: -:- AT CUT PRICES. Ladies' Waists iMade of Dimities, Lawns, Percales, fladras, Orass Linens. Persians, Etc. Etc. In all Beautiful Colors and made In the Latest Styles-Perfect Fitting with Separate Collars. Not One worth less than $1.75. Our Special Price for this Week p8c. VE|Y BASE BALL Was 'the Sort the Otto's Put up Against the Saints. 'TWAS SAFFRON HUED And Had Tassels and Bells Tied to it. trance within- Golden Rule, SCHMITT & HEINLY. Don,t Put Your Foot in It, Unless it is right iu 'Style, Price ami Quality. Our goods are built to wear—-Up-to-Date in Style; and us ' to prices, well hero are a few; 3Ien's line calf, hand-sewed, razor toe ¥2.4:8 Men's ItiisliflTi calf, hand-sewed, was $-1, now 2.0S lien's wide toe, Lace and Congress, c ures corns l.OS Ladles' tau Oxford.-*, razor toe • • • LOS Ladies' razor toe tau Lace 1-70 Ladies' Doupola kid button, hand-sew ed •' L70 lion's working shoos, Lnee or Congress, whole stock. OS We have lots more. Come and save money. E. M. Walden & Co. 315 Fourth Street. Straws That Show Which Way the Wind Blows Show tjliat It must have blown a tremendous gale towards Fisher's, for they have straws of aU the ncn- shapes awl sizes, straws in straw color ami any other color you -wish piled on lhi:ir shelves and waiting to be called "the last straw" ru the newest style botigh't at Fisher's by every pleased resident of Logan/sport. Light Derby's, light nobby straw lints and Jaunty handsome bicycle caps arc wihat we have a big van on now,. RECOVERED THE GOODS. Nearly all Goods Stolen at Cyclone and Sedalia Restored. nORRIS FISHER - THE HATTER. Fra.nkt'ort Times: : "Marshal Bird amd George Hall, tlie Mown burglar wl 10 was wounded .'lightly In the leg. went to Indianapolis yesterday for tlie purpose of roeovurlng the stolen prop- city disposed of by Hall and his partner. They teild-tJii- iiolice they'hfld sold tlie goods stolon at Oyekuic and Sedalia to a pawnbroker ' at IiidiaHa.poli.3. Bird and tlie .prisoner re.tnirned In the evening having succeeded In recovering nuadily all the stuff. - Tire • rest is at Lafayette and wiU' probably- bu restored. Tlie IndiaHitpaKs police ; tried to get eviduuco enough-' against the man w-lio ivculvi.'d tJto • stolen ' goods there to arrest hiio, but coml-d'uot make aca.se. The probabil'itk'S • are- -.time Schmidt and 1-IaU w-31-I go before.-Judge Do.vai'today and enter a-" plea ol' guilty. This was the isisc i.n which Detective Silas Morjja-u. was Interested, and was one of the.lirst in which, trained blood hounds ligural. I-t resulted' in r.he breaking up of,a band of outlaws in this part oi' the State. • THE SECRETARY IHPRISONED. W. D. Owen and a Friend Escape From a State House Window. •vlf-.Muriah Yfaodworili, the evangelist, were anywhere /'shouting distance 'of I/ogansport, there v '•'•" ' aiJfl'Jit.'be.'sonie e-vphuijiitiou for tlio way the Ottos played' bull yesterday. It could tlibn be chUmed that tlio individual members 'oil! the team, or' at least a part o[ them, were in a trance and could not set action. Possibly playjns in "saintly" company discouraged tlio boys, .iJid they thought bow Rood they might be M! tlioy were only "saints." At any rate, those husky blue-logged • fellows from the city of Saint rani IKK! an easy tune of it defeating them,, and then save them au iuning at bat tlie bust of uliu game. . For an' exhibition of how not to play ball .the Otros put up a gilt-edged show. There is somutlu'iig back of it, and it is not rliat they can't play good ball it they want to. And there .is tht whole •secret; c-hoy didn't waiiit to play good ball :md they did not. Nobody a full score of the game. there is no way of telling iiow many errors there were; even •• M the error score bad kept it would not show tiic' listless plays 'that wore responsible for some of the lifts :ii;it Hie Saints made. There is likely to bo a stalking up. If the players -can't, agree t:o get together, and some one's head wi.ll fall iin the basket Of course Uioy ca.ni all get positions again; and on ilio other hand, there are •just as good lish In the sea as are now ylug on the team, and they can be caught wiUi the bait thu management using, namely, fair salaries. Patrons of tJic game will stand just so much 'monkey business," ami fflieu they re- IK 1 .!, and there will be tlie end. of the usefulness of the team, for people pay .0 sec bull players make an efl'ovt, even liougli they know tihey are wer- nafc-hed. Following is tlie score by and Best Bargains FOURTH STREET HARRY FRANK'S Great Closing Out Sale FOURTH STREET kept so Just but becu Still Continues! Our remarkable low prices, are a blessing these hard times. All this week we could not begin to wait on the people as they knew where they could get $2. Wrth of Goods For $1. Cash! Economical Buyers Will Need no Urging to Attend This Marvelous Sale. SEEING IS BELIEVING! Complete-base ball outfit gratis with boys' and Children's suits. HARRY FRANK 3i3'_Fourth Street. SLAPPED HIS FACE. WHEEL TALK. Though !he punctuxed his tire twice, G. R. Broadbent brought down tlie Australian 100 mile road record to 0>15:00, breaking the Australian record nineteen minutes. - Tlie American record is 4:40:00, held by A. B. Mcpon- uel, of Toledo. World's record is 4:21:45 heild by A. E. Walters of England. , Pocket Kodaks at the Bnrgman Cycle Co. ' ' ' ; Is'o tandem runs hard with one's best Slrl on 1ihe front, seat. '•• The FleeAwing for ladies. There are inore of these wheels used la this.city than all other makes oC wheels. Love :md toll-gate keepers differ somewhat. Love never asks for pay In advance. Have your bicycle insured against theft. Bnrgrnan Cycle Co., will do It. OOc for white duck knee pants nt Otto's. See the new tlDiu model Waltham ( -and Elgin wft'talies at Ben Martin's. , Thousands have taken advantage of E. C. Ml'tctoeH'8 selling out clothing Ladles' watches, neat, genteel and 3?ood tlmoi's, free with men's and boys' suits at Otto's. See the Dayton <MU, 'team; of St. 'Matthew's commandery at the rink to- nlglrt, BxMbdttou drlU at 9 p. m. Spoud a few jpleaaanfc 'hours with St^ Matthem-'s commaudcry at the rink this •evening. All friends of the Knights .are invited. ,$lx yoatog colored mfin were arrested. in the Soutlhside yards Tuesday •night fay Detective Dwyer, for jumping on aiovlng trains. The boys were each .given '.ton days to ..jail by the Mayor j-osteixlay mornlmg. The youths arq . strftngcre. Their records will .be looked up. . i • . : '....'•• TAKE NOTICE. Tire Free Distribution of this Watch and Chain, Journal: Monday a noon tiho clerks iu Secretary.-oi' Sralx Owen's office w.hen thej- left-for land locked the door to the iiinin otlicc ai usual, leaving the secretary aud a visitor In Mr. Owen's private offi'ee 1 . When Uiey started to go M.r. Owea.cliscoveretl flat lie 'had left his keys .-it'the hotel, aaid tlio 'l\\-o men were in prison in Uin office.. The great thickness -o.C tlie walls absolutely prevents any sound from escaping,from one o-f.the.ruouus, and tliey might have shouted .until they were' hoarse; wil'taut^attracting atitcntion. They UiiAlly made their exit lilirough a 'window, clearing- the distance of about fit-teen feet to the .ground without-serious results. DICK THOnPSON'S BIRTHDAY. Closes Jnaa 23,96. Bear in mind It's not a Toy but an accurate Time piece and is Given Away Absolutely Free The WATCH With Suit. The CHAIN With Shoes. Either Men's, Boy's or Children's Otto Kraus "Of Course" The Aged Republican Passes the ' Eighty-Seventh .Stone. :. A Terre Hnute special says: Today, June Stii, Col. Richard W. Thompson is celebratlue tlie'. eJrflilT-seventh anii.l- Vansary of h&.birtili, Duiitng the day he has becu at home to tlie youug peo-ple and the en>Iikliron:ol.' his fuiends, and this evening his daughter, Mrs. D..W.' Henry, will fflve a, patnllc reception to his elder friends..; During the .past year Jbe has-given naw evidence of'his uiarvolous power J by making: i speeches wlilcih were almost equal to those delivered by litai. In" IMS. •'younger days. At the recent Eopubllcoa State.' convention he spoke ,wllh lite old-time fire and doq-uenci;, rind h ; is appearance, oui the stage was one of . .the.- prominent features of the convention. ... Ottos ..- ............. 1201100-0 St. Paul ..... ...... C 0 3 2 5 2' *— IS The game was called in the tlrst half f the seventh timing, to allow the aims to ciLleli the tiiiiu for Chicago. iiu 'rain due to leave at 4:30 p. m. vas held tliirt.y minutes, the, flub not be! us iii/lu to get back- -to Uio city, dress and reach the stotUni sooner. The teams '.iueiV up ;w follows: Ottos— Uven. 3b ; Stat.ts. 2b; I-Inckctt, .lh: Bi'iirou. ss: Slcinlcr, ef; Shaver, It'; Kraiiiiealy. '-•: Uola.ii. rf; Fisher, p. St. Fail!— O'Unu.i-ke, Ub; M cites, of; George, If: Burns, rf; Plckett, 2; Glass-, cock, lb; Shujrart. ss: Krauss, c; John- sou, p. currv WOLDS -EM DOWN. SUMMER TOURIST RATES. The Wa.bash Eadlroad company arc now prepared to quote ra.tes to the many tourist points of interest, among the nnm>be.r Colorado resorts, Alexandria Bay, N. i'., Niagara Falls, Mack- .1100 Island, Lake Chatauqua points, Put-in-Bny, OhJo, Quebec, P. Q.,, To^ ronto, <ind other places of Interest. Raitcs, limits, time of trails, and con- neotlons carefully furnished upon ap : plication to the undersigned. * C. G. NEWELL, Agent. INDIANA CENTRAL ''SU-KVE'I.'. The work of surveying the ludl.ina Central from Huiktagton-to .Union .City luia been finlsDi/edi The pi'Oposed; iioutt' Is as near an alx-lJne as' possible,. all "curves-: of eonsequence .havIUB been avoided. Grenfiiui Manager; Howe, said that- ill- 'arraiigsiKvcntS' '. have •• .been finished to go,on wteh. the work.of constructing. *he road, and-that when, the .-jails., are laid to Union Clity the- line will' be estended. to Illchmond and Lawremceburg. ..' W-hite Habutl siUk parasols OSc; Di'es- len .stlk parasals " anJj" ?1.39.--Tradc 'alace. ILLINOIS COUPLE'/MARRIED Mr. Henry B. Harvey and Miss ..Minnie Densmore of Clssina Park,. I1J.,-were inaiTied yesterday!at the' Broadway M. E. parsonage-by tlie Rev.- E. L. Seuians. ' ••' ' • ':''.',. Fine dortlilng. going, : at.. way . dci.wn prices at E., O.'-. .Mltchell^s-.,' selling.-.. but. sale; Hard Battliug .Quakers Could Not Hit George's Curves. G'eovge Cujijiy pulled down -.another game fur the Spiders yesterday by masterly pHxshiivg. He a.Uo.wed the liard- liittiug FMlaid-elnh.ui.us but five lilts, a.:id iii spite o'f the fact that h-e had one en-or behind him, w.hHci the Quakers played a.u emu-lass game, the game w.os wou by a score of five to two. The Spiders had their batting clothes on and hn-nuuered Carsoy Xor ten safe hits. The Logansport. lad is gaiwi-ng admirers ovary clay everywhei'c lie goes, and It goes' without saying-thai; eveiy baseball crank in Loganspcn-t Ls au Intense partisan of "Little' George." Following are the sco.rcs of yesterday's league games: At Philadelphia—Cleveland D, Phila- delp.Wa2. Baltl-more—Louisville 0,. Baltimore 9.. it Brooklyn—Fittsuurg 4,. Brook- yn 1. it New York— Clncln'natl-C, New York 10. At Wash'ingtoo—Chicago 13,.Wash- ugton 14. No ga-me at Boston with St. Louis on iccoun.t of rale. Thought it Was so flean—Frank Tarn Paid a Pine. . - * Frank Tawi was arrested yesterday morning upon a warrant charging him with assault and battery, preferred by Oscar Helm-ichi He was arraigned in Justice Walters' co-urt and found gnilt^ a;nd fined one cent and costs which-ie paid. The trouble originated Sunday aftei-uoou-at tlie driving park and Tuesday evening when they met on Broadway an encounter ensued in. which Tain slapped Heinrich's face and the latter retaliated by causilig his. opponent's arrest. A COMING WEDDING. The approaching manrlage of. Mr. James Gonnau and Miss Margaret Sul- liv:in wais aiiwoimced at St.'Vincent de Paul cliurclx on last Sunday. Miss Sul- 11 van is the daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Jeremia.li Sullivan and Mr: Gorman i-s the popular clerk at the Island View hotel. CYCLONE COMING. EVERY ONE IS REQUESTED TO LOOK OUT FOR THE COMING CYCLONE. WE HAVE ARRANGED TO HAVE O.NE STRIKE THIS SPACE NEXT WEEK. If you don't remember who this space belongs to just kindly look up an old paper and see whose advertisement always occupies it. FUNERAL OF CHAS. COCORAN. TJie fmierul of Charles Coco ran, the twelve-year-old son of Mr. and Mrs, Cocora.n, who was killed by the Wa- baslr train Monday evening, was held yesterday morning at 10 o'clock from St. Vincent de Paul clrarcli, the Very Rev. Jf. E. Campion, conducting the services. Interment in Mt. St Vincent cemetery. THE LAMENTED FRANK MAYO. .Tlie romsilns'of Frank- Mayo, tlie celebrated actor, passed througb the city yesterday afteruooii at 2 o'clock on Panhandle train, No. 20 curoute to Philadelphia. Mr. Mayo was a prominent Elk, aaid a delegation from the local lodge met the remains at the station. TO ENTER PRIZE DRILL. Logau No. 15, Patriarchs Militant will attend the annual enc;unpmeut of that order at Buffalo, N. Y., the last o£ next "month. They will enter a prize whflc< at the encampment. ADDITIONAL LOCAL. • STANDING OF THE CLUBS.' Clubs Won Lost PerCt. Cleveland 26 .13 . Baitajiiore 27 15 Ciiuctonaiti ,. .27 IS Philadelphia ..26 19 .Boston ...: 23 18 Washliugtoai ...22- 19 Pltitsburg.......',.,20 2JL Brooklyn .21 22 CWcn'go . 21 24 New York ........20 24 St.'.'.Lonis .,13 29 Loute\-lJIe ..... 9 33 .007 .G43 .600 '.578 .001 .537 .488 .488 .407 .456 .310 .214 BEEN THERE BEFORE. . Tuesday, when Sheriff Adams arrived at the: Woman's reformatory with Miss Sadie Clietwood, he found that Sadie was not a stranger to that instl-; tutlon. Tlie records show that she -had^ sei'ved n terin of one year there for larceny, having been sent up from Decatur for thflt offense. Lai-go Hue of sterlJug silver uovelries at Ben Mantiu's. Otto bought an eii-tire new stock of straw hats wihUe at CJ*ago. Degree" staff D. of R. will meet tonight for drill. All are requested to be present. Now if you nave uo use far a watch yourself, Otto says jou can give-lit to your sister or sweetheart. Tine Westslde Pedro club picnicked yesterday In the grove adjoining Mez Tymei-'s form- west of the city. It's business, to buy what you need at a genuine selling out clothing sale. ?5 saved are $5 made.-E. C. Mlteliell. Hear Attorney Fred'Laudis's talk at the link toiilg-ht Amuial reception St. Matthew's commandery, Knigbts o£ St. Jolin. With a suit for yourself, son or brother, -no matter what age. a lady's watch will be given free at Otto's until June 20, if they last . .The Arltng'ton .hotel .at Loire Maxln- kuckee is finished. A. J. JCnapp has taken possession, and the house.Is open and, ready for guests: To The Ladies This is the season of the year when the unpleasant but necessary work of house-cleaning claims the attention of the housekeeper and not a little d» pcnds on the appearance of your lace curtains as poorly, done-np curtalni spoil the effect of a well-furnished homo quicker than anythlr.g else. We have experienced help In this class of work who Qo nothing else and we kaow 'we can give you perfect satisfaction. W« are also making a specialty this year of laundering shirt waists, being th» only firm In the city using machinery, exclusively for the purpose. We win appreciate your patronage. Campbell Bros. 429 Market St. THE] FIRST NATIONAL BANK -or- IOGANSPORT, . .- INDIANA; CAPITAL. $2ffO,OOO. A. J. Murdock, Pre*. W. W. Ron, Cub. • J. F. Brookmeyer, Ant. Cub. 18. BIM. t, J. HnntocE, & r. DIBICTOB8: W. B. Brtnihotit, Dennte UM. F. ILHarwood, IT. I. Wilson., Banking In ai! Its .Departments promptly and carefully done. • Safety to Cuitomcrs und 8tockhold«r»v| •ought tor. Strong Reaerv* Fond maintain*!: :

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