The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on February 2, 1945 · Page 3
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 3

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, February 2, 1945
Page 3
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__FIjU)AY, FKBIiUAliY 2, 10-15 Published Every Friday In the! interest of Farm Families of This! Agricultural Section. BLYTJIEVILLE COUIUElj NEWS F. S.A. News Last week, the supervisory per- wnnel In the Farm Security of- lee and Prank 15. Dean and James '• Bifght. two of the county FSA •ommtttccinen, attended a Hireling l Joiiq-boro on the G. I. Bill. Tlie animal FO borrowers mecl- "& to have been held this week Osceola, Whitton, and Blythe- le «-cre postponed' because of (lie lingers of spinal meningitis in the ounty. The meetings 'will be held, °nic lime in the future, the exact ales to be decided upon later. The county FSA committee has ""'i meeting regularly the last week.? lo interview applicants v™-"?' 0|:crrUlllf? ! oms ""d farm ommltlec met at Dyess >< |o i 'lnler- <w applicants who svlsh lo buy a ~i Iherc, Two appllcnnls C C •ns and Merlin Rav. recently ere approved. ' rLtlmv Read Courier News Want Ads. Experiments Made At Burdette On Soybean and Com Varieties 'M_NEl¥S~FEA7 URES PAGE THREE I Enter th« PUnt^to.Pro«j)er Co* te«ta sponsored by the Courier Newg and Commerciel Appeal. "° ty - Tlle which are conducted each year as part of the soybean and corn improvement program underway BurdeUe. Results of this work arc published again this year for the benefit o all farmers to enable them to di the best Job on the farm front h helping lo win the war. Good seed 1 of high-yielding and high-nuallt\ varieties are one of the "musls" h making every acre produce lo Ihe limit for victory. Table 1 presents the yields and the percentage of shattering after standing two weeks aflcr ripening for the 19 soybean varieties teslec last year. All of the varieties are yellow-seeded, oil-types except the Ogdcn which Is a green-seeded V a- Published By The Delta Implement Co., Blythevffle Friilay, Vcb. Z NO. z^ us your ( ni c(or (ires for recapping ... \\eJl send (hum (o Goortj'car's Mem- Dins plant, where they'll receive regular fiii-lory-lyiic service . .'. In addition to giving- lonsfc,. i,fo ( n your tiros, new tread will tnclor ''°" '° ffd '"° rC W ° rk fr ° m lhc Lucian Broom, of Mmiila, has Uic following used equipment for sale: a combination riding iiucl walking McCormick-Deering cultivator, a McCormick-Decring riding cultivator with disc attachments, a section harrow and a statk cutter. ; DI Nevv e<iuii>nienf deliveries of the past week include: a disc harrow <o E. M. Regenoltl ol Armorel; a iraclor cultivator to C C Lansjslcm, of Number Nine; and a Ira'ctor plow to .Jess Allen, of Huffman DI A. R Boekham, of .Cooler, wants to sell a lisa 2-row horse drawn planter and several used iMcCoi-fliick-Deeniiff walking euiti- < WCek: a " lunenp for W. I'. Carter of a Pannall H for overhaul' for . lz, of Number Nine road; and an ulernal.onal truck for overhaul for Sam L. r in en or. •,- • ' f or .'The best sales talk " fh°, J° n , n° J iUt Jnt ° c ** the Jact (.hat customers who've tried it ..-^.lUnthp tires of every/tractor UhcV own . It W ,H lengthen the life of the L res .themselves, and give you greatly n piovcd performance from your Iractor. - DI— Don't wail until the rush .season (o brine your cqu, pme ,,( in for repair and overhaul varietie Tnblc 2 gives Ihe yields of the 18 corn hybrids and Uvo opi>i>-]x>)llnnt- cd varieties tested In 1944. Variable weather conditions during a com paratlvcly short period when Ihe various corn hybrids and varieties miller lest ure silking nnd tassel- Ing miike Ihe accurale lestrm; of corn varieties a difficult task. The best hybrids will usiinlly oulyleld the best opeii-polllnated or old-style corn varieties'under the same growing conditions. The new Hurdellc hybrids are in the experimental stage of development nnd not available for genera! use at this limn. \fsuUs- of Hiirdcttc i'liintiilioii Soybean Variety Tesl 38 .. 37 .. 37 .. 3<j .. 38 .. 35 .. 3-1 34 34 VARIETY— M & Ogden 53 BurdeUe Arksoy 13 '.'.'.'. 44 Burdette Arksoy 20 Burdette Arkscy 10 ... Burdetle Arksoy 05 Burdette Arksoy 50 Burdette Arksoy 35 '. aurdette Arksoy 100 Burdette Arksoy 40 . Durdcttc Ralsoy 74 Ralsoy Burdette Ralsoy 20 ...]. 34' Strain 2-40-A ' 33 Arksoy 2S08 33 Burdette Ralsoy 56 32 Arksoy 2913 :'....... 31 Bwdette Ai-ksoy 115 ., .'. 30 Burdette Ralsoy 28 30 Burrtettc Arksoy 9 29 Results of Burdcfte Plantation Corn Variety Test Bushels VARIETY- ,,ci- acre. Burdette Hybrid 4 .... 54 BurdeUe Hybrid o 52 Burdette Hybrid 3 48 Funk G -16 .n DcKalb 886 .' 47 iurdette Hybrid 5 '....'.'.'.'.'.'.'. 43 Burdette Hybrid 8 '.'.'. 42 Dortch 000 W 42 Burdette Hybrid 1 .42 Tennessee 10 41 Jurdette Hybrid 7 '.'.'.'.'.'.', 41 'ioneer 300 " . 40 Dortch 110 '.'.'.'.'.'.'. 38 • 3orlch 400 3D Pioneer 313 D 37 Burdette Hybrid 2 '.,'.'.'.'.'.'.'.'.' 3C Delta Prolific (Open Pol.).... 34 Paymaster (Open Pol.) .. 33 Punk G 88 ' jg Funk G 713 .'"_' 26 '• "..*"• ^-=— ••— —i^-»_iii.'-.' i. t: On Tin Farm Front TOW A1HIM OOM-V HAV« IT tt HALFWAY We can call Edwin B. Fred n farm, cr. Because, in a way of speaking the lipad^of a college of aericullnre is a .farmer. And Edwin Fred ha: been dean of Wisconsin University' 1 farm college for a considerable time Now lie is moving up to be president ot the university, replacing Clarence A. Dykstra who resigned! It's rntlier ironic thai Fred is a native of Virginia, a state which has. a stake in the margarine industry in that it grows considerable vegetable oil. For the average Wisconsin farmer «-ould rather pronounce any word than "margarine," a rising competitor of butter. CLINTON, IB. (UP)-Dog Haven, Clinton s canine refuge, lias become a maternity hospital with tlic recent arrival of a total of 23 offspring of dogs boarded at the home A St. Bernard produced a filler of 15 puppies, two of which died, ami two other dogs each bore four pup- pics. When you take your John Deere Tractor out in the field after our factory-traincd experts have given it a "going-over," you'll say it performs good as new. Our shop- men arc experts. They know exactly what your tractor should do ... »nd how to make it deliver a full measure of service. Don't wait for a breakdown. A check up now and a few simple adjustments may save you the expense and delay of more serious complications later on. When }vu bring your tractor in, bring in \(,ur jowft . . . Ketfi both iy the fgftt. f Wissco Implement Co. Checked Cotton Method Studied Farmors'At Huffman Demonstrate Ease Of Working Crop A demonstration 0[ c | leck ,. ow and cross cuUlvnU-d cctlon was conducted on the \v. \v. Peppei and Stanlnn Popjier farms al Huffman. They are very well pleased with the rc.siills of this dcmonstralion this year and are milking plans lo check vow and croffi cuhlvate all their cotton in W, w. Pepper and his son, Sliin- lon arc convinced of the labor sivlug iidnintnce of check cultivation in 1044 they pbmled , )(1 ,- t of their cotion with a check planted nnd nan wns (d.,11,,,1 ,„ t|l| . cc root rows and handled normally tn plnnllmj. they used add dc- t'd Dcllapine 12 cotton seed, planted in 3(1 Inch vows and Ihe cjicck planter dropped the seed at 30 Inch Intervals In the row rhrec seed were dropped In each of (hose hills. The tennnl plniillug one 10-acre field decided to abandon the crop immediately upon seeing (he stand with another tenant. J.'H Lucy lo lake over the crop. However Mr' Uicy was lo receive an advance ol 30 cenls an horn- f ai - (|, c work he and his family performed on this 10 acres, in -chopping and cultlvntlnff. Tills advance at 30 cents an hour amounted to $4250 or $4.25 per acre, and Mr. Uicy staled that hi! was sin-pitied at how small the advance was, but it represented 30c an hour for all the work he and his family performed, Mr. Lucy cultivated four times with the rows and twice across. The first hoeim- required 35 hours, or three and one-half hours per acre. The second hoeing required 20 hours, or two hours acre. This makes a tolal of TERMINIX TERMINATES TERMITES Don't rely on makeshift methods of termite c'oulrol. i.ct the world's largest Icrmllc control orRaniia- llon' protect you aRalnsl cosily ilamagc. Free msiiccllons on re- qucsl. BRUCE TERMINIX CO. Licensee of E. L. 13ruce Co MEMI'IIIS ., ... SINCE lozr . p cl - ,, w for , in oixlcr lo coinpnro ylcld.i, Mr lP]>))er coimtctl -100 bolln. on :<o '?« of Ills normally ptam«t nnd cult vntPd cotloii, and -105 bolls on 10 hills, m 30 feet of (he clieck cotton. M r , i, llcy |)lck( , t | et ^^ 011 one lull ami counted llu> re- iiinlnliil! unopened bolls ns G7. In "is first pickliiB he staled lie, «•«« thm "l", ""i 0 "' " 1)!>t0 ' )l ' r « crc lll «l llioiieht he would pick another blue per ucrc. Mr. Pepper and Mr. Lucy .slalod nhmi ni ?\ , yo '"' tlU!J> wn " lci1 tl > Pliinl ci 6 ht seed per hill mlhcr limn three SL . ct | rts , 1M ,,, Ms yrn| , Hicy desire Ihiri. lo five j,l im | ; , per hill. They plan lo use more fare in nimitliiR In order lo luwe hcllci- iillgnmeut of (he hills across Hie field. '1'lu- |>luJ:era sliUcd (hut they preferred picking Ihe checked uit- ton ljucniuc (hey thoueht tlu> liolls were Inrgcr, pradiidiis n Illllc more, ami was easier to (scl the lls In (licking, When asked how much chocked cotton he would handle up l'> linrvesl, Mr, f.ucy stated, "Me and my (wo children could handle ICO ncit'/i \vltli ii two row tractor." A. O. Sanders, anotlier tvimiil on Ihl.s farm, had « 1.4 acres of chirked i-ollon. lib- comtiiMils were vi'i-y .slmllav lo Mr. Imcy's and Mr Popper's ami all wore iilannhiu to check all ilioir coltoii II possil*. In 10-10. Women have hvli-c as sensu of loiicli and a bi-l of lieuiliiK limn men. NOW LOCATED 107 West Main (Next Door To City Super Market) Foster's Liquor Store WIIISKIKS—WlNKS-UQUKllS' 1'Jionc 2127 WOOD and KINDLING Barksdale Mfg. Co, Knulli lli-onihvay If It's We Have It or Can Get \l If It's At All Obtainable! HUBBARD HARDWARE CO. "25 Years,' Continuous Sew'co" 1 === Recapping and Done lly ng The Hawkinson Method "It's MORE Than A Re-cap!" PATENTED EQUIPMENT MODINGER-POETZ TIRE CO. Highway 61 North I'honc 2201 Now is the Time to Join the Farm Bureau in Your County SPRING OAlf FIELD SEEDS — GARDEN SEEDS ^ SPEAR Poultry/ Dairy and Hog Feeds Blytheville Soybean Corp. 1800 W. Moin St. Blythevllle, Phone 856 Full Stocks of DODGE & PLYMOUTH AUTO PARTS and DODGE TRUCK PARTS- BLYTHEVILLE MOTOR CO. HD W. Ash Karl Stone, Service. : Phone 422 JVE i/OMED- AND \ Joining the Farm Bureau gives m« ! a stronger voice at (he National Cnpi- , tol and in my own County to sec Ih'at agriculture gels a fair break. 2 When cotton sold at 5 ccnls a pound, / butter, eggs and all other farm pro- * <lucc sold for bankrupt prices, when farmers were being dispossessed because they couldn't pay high interest rates, The Farm Bureau and allied organi7a- l.ons fought for a better national farm program, for the security of farm income and for lower mterest^atcs. To a great extent, the principles of the Farm Bureau program were adopted The Farm Bureau is lighting now and needs your help m the fight to make these principles apply. 3 The Farm Bureau will help me, after the war by keeping up its iighi (o assurc farmcrs lull parity during post war period. This will be done, if the Stegall Act is kept effective. This Act places floor of 00% of parity under our prices 2 years after the war. 4 The Farm Bureau helps with my production problems — labor — machinery and supplies; helps me produce more food, fiber and feed. 5 Farm Bureau supports .ill the institutions and agencies serving farmers, thereby bringing the best in research and Economic information down to my farm. This helps me keep produc- ilion at high level. ,£ When I belong to the Farm Bureau I've got I someone fighting my battles where laws are made that affect my farm, my income, and my security. 7 I like the County Farm meeting every month, where I meet my neighbors and friends from all parts of the County and discuss the problems and opportunilies of agriculture. •g My wife nnd my children benefit from Farm Bureau, too—4-11 Club work, arrf community development projects are supported by the Farm Bureau. When you join (he Farm flu-" reau you receive the Farm , Bureau state ond national publi- • cations thai keep farmers closely informed on local, stare and national farm developments; HERE'S HOW TO JOIN! When your neighbor calls to ask yoii to affiliate, be ready with your dues. If no one asks you to join or to re-affiliate, that doesn't mean you are n't wanted. Volunteer! Send yourdues to your county Farm Bureau office, RECAPPING and VULCANIZING In" A 1 !,? 1 £ ! ' ilU Y> Sll ' ictly Gu » l< «nlcutl. Quick service. , y i, I'nsseiiKor Car Tiro. Our Molds Will Handle Up to Si'/.c 700x10 Tires. ALL SIZES of RECAPPED PASSENGER CAR TIRES FOR SALE- RATION FREE! SERVICE tov , STATION .UAcnrs At Mum & l,,,|cc 8treii( Coll 965 For Pickup & Delivery Service LARKIN EMERGEN! NAVAL ORDNANCE PUNT AT CAMDEN, ARKANSAS "ROCKETS" TO SAVE OUR BOYS' LIVES! LABORERS Enroll NOW! WINSTON, HAGLIN, MISSOURI VALLEY ANDSOLLITT (Prime Contractors) GOOD PAY FREE TRANSPORTATION TO Tlm« «nd half for overtime. Food an Ing Mrailabl* on th« job for workers at'$.< Efl , y : , E * celI «n* working conditions , . P Help build thf. plant to vitally needed by our fitfhfmj force*. -,. JOIN THE FARM BUREAU!! Hiring on the Spot and Free Transportation Furnished at Every UNITED STATES EMPLOYMENT SERVICE OFFICE IN ARKANSAS »r» ww tottft* tm tm j *( yva Men ondtr II mmt h»T«"i rclc*M lonti il{ne£ br yai»^n which c»n b« oMu(a«4 M 3K»!»r- ment Off1c«.' i ', ROCKETS WILL SAVI

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