The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on June 8, 1934 · Page 1
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 1

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, June 8, 1934
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BLYTHEmiE TOURIER NEWS i'OI.. XXXI—NO. 71 ROME EDITION BlyUifcfUle Dail) Newt BlyttievlUe Oourter VfbsilMlppI Valley Uftder BlylhevJUe Herald BI.YTHKVII.LK. ARKANSAS, FIUDAY, JUNH 8. l'J3.|. SINGLE COPIES F1VF CENTS ROOSIfELT ASKS SECURITY FOR AL PEflEE RULES flT No Si^ns of Intra-Pavly Slrife ;tl Dcmocralic Coininilloe Session In n wsslfHi I ill* morning uu- iiKirkr-d bv i-(intru\ tin- MKsls- Blpiil County lV-inoci-;itli: Central committee eleeV'd ofllcpis. miming Jft-s* Tayk.r ol RlyiliPnilc Its chah nun. filled YAi-andcs. and flxf-d hnl- Joi. ffrs v.'lilrti mrfiii nn Inn-ens? In the cost ot running for onli-:- for c'undltlalf-s In |-e AuguM primaries. If Ifii'imnal ireling, which in . fci'.mp fniniri- jfm-s ra*. macie ponniy c-r.mmlttfe mer-iings warmly ron- (r.sled nfialrs. still e.xisls among Mississippi county Democrat.-;, II ufu; not in evidr-ni'e at IhLs morn- ina's meeting, which was a lium- il 111 in affair wiltiout an enlivening Incident. Tlie committee was in session less lhan an hour. Taylor wns the only man noml- naled for t.-!:aiiiiiaii and was given a unanimous vole. Tie succeeds ihe late T. J. Mahan. who luul omi- plfd the |x*n since 1925. Mr. Tav- lor's father, the tule .luilRe Tnyliir, was chairman of the rounly committee for many years prior k> Ills ilcaili In 1025. Runn Succeeds Ivy 'Ilie only office for which there wns a contest was thai of secretary, j. B. Bunii. of Osceola, who us vice-chairman 1ml called the meeting to order and presided until Ihe election 'of Mr. Taylor, was elected over Hi-lie? Ivy, also of Os- reola. who had been secretary for n number of years. E.' H, Taber of . I^aclwllle was elected vice-chairman without opposition. Vacancies on the committee were nUcd-witSout contest, the committee ratifying suggestions of meni- l:er.s from townships in which there were places to be filled. C. R Babcock and v. O. Holland are new members from Chiekasawba town- fhlp. succeeding the late Mr. Malian and Ivy W. Crawford, who resigned to become a candidate for Ire general assembly. J, W. Miller wns eteeieri lo the place vacated iiy 1> P. Hums. McGavoek township: J. D. Sinus was named to succeed W. F. M. Ferguson, resign nl, Careon towiiahi]!. and C. E. Uncli and Paris Craig were iiam- Would Limit Governor | To Four Successive Years l.l'1'l'l.K HOCK, .Mine 8 lUl 1 ) - Juvri.lly avoiding all ivlriPmv o u [iroposiM i:nii-il!ii|[rni;il nni.'ml- .11 in luovl.l.iiK inin y.'in iM-iiii ..ii all ni!ij..i- elPi-llvr rill'lc..s. (i.)i-- .n.i.r fiiin-ll told HIP Un!l.- ( l l'iv.« .ahiy Iliiit llu- i-.nfrnn r M.oniti .«• UNiil.d in u it-mi i.f frmr JPBIS in ..ITic.-. flOfiOTHI BELL IS hibor Problems? Brin<r Auto Iruilers lo While llous<> -sUil. •'Hi,' l)f- Pll';ll)!l- year.-,." "TttO Pill ill >~llcl. LH-.ll K,|- :.f>i'i-i hoi- :.]ii.ilM liu- iv-rl-clldii for l-'ir.-il. ilu'-n- will l.iillJIiii; up |>y thi.s." .-IK-HI: |n)l!Lc;i iu,; his (pnii. lii-cnu.sp IIP will l>e i'ligihl.' for tninuHllntp re- H mil Ac tress Radlv liscort Wlinn Automobile Overturns PASADL'NA, Oiil., June 8 till')--Dorothy Dvll, motion plcluie act- res.s anil fonin'i 1 Zli-tifrld ollip.-i ilr-votc his slur, wiis crushed in di'iilh today Ix^neiilh LIU overturned automobile. She wn.s rilling In a wlnn with Dr. Carl Wiigner. widely known llollyuood .suriiPnn. I~lr. Wagner was Injured crilically. He wns uncon.*x'lniis when Uiken lirobleriis to " I'osplliil. Physicians sutd he luul 111 tie ehniii-e of recovering fi-fiin a fractured skull and Inter- [jjl Injuries ) M1.V, Dell was dead when ex- J irlenipit from the wreckage. Her . Ixxly was badly mangled. The r.Pl- Tfl ll F IT i I (lfl "'"' ll(lr "''"''' wm> ft"" 11 "!? ^iHl'r III lit HI U f1 ""' " p " rt> ' nt Ml A1| n< lp n!' ili'iil n III 111 H I 11 {lnmf - There were no known wit- .IL W , |V , I U U UN I II nesses i ml ^11,-c believed HIP ear Devastating Hurricane j Strikes San Salvador HAM SAIA'AIIOH. HI finlvailnr, June II illl'i --M:irli:il luu' was <le- ].]••<! I.Ill IV In Hit' w.ll.:- ill ,| iMEilhi^ liLirt[ciine mliich CLI..S- 'd nit-Hi dninun.' mid |K-,wllily r.m lllflllM" Ifl'A Of llfl'. Unnflldul tvllmntes were eight, l and fi.DiVl homple.-is In ilw vliMilty of Kan Salvador. 'I li:- Morin ton- down power tin';., ili:.i-iipii'ii 1-iuiiiinuileiuion.s, nnd lnully diiinufii'd ninny |irin- l hlikllll;,.. iJllhlKll't, ,1ml itvny.s writ- ImpiiK-iilili' tx>aiu.-ii> luiul'-lldf.-'. I'l'mielly ilamiiK>- e.'llmniftl In i'Xfes.f of $1,- !>0ii,l)iio. flu iiruent need for siip- plle-i was pvldi-nl. nllhough I'nn- Ainerlcan Alruay.s tinnomiced It uus |.rtpnifd lo hrlng In n-lit-f lir.m Nii-fiinBii:: or uuiitehinlu, Hill Mini Gang Leader Himself .'"niA" " May Be Dead Given in Dying Statement I was travplhiR at high s|n>ed. P.iil- of HIP (inlomolillp indusliy u,v pletim-d m HIP While House ,, conference with II whlrli It is reported tlipj) pmsonied a pr.ilrsi n K nlnsi tin- Wagner Industrial Disputes (I HIP enVcl of u possible sld-l sirlke nn lliPlr ImluMry. l-'rom left to i-lgln „,-,.- U ,, y u of thp Hudson Motors; Allied IV Sloan, pivxdenl of Cli'iipnil Motors: Waller Chrjsler sldeiii of Chrysler Molors tmil Alvln McCaulijy. pirsldeiil of Packard Motor*. jumbled mass of WATERLOO, Town, June 8 (UP) -"Hick town" policemen chalked ,. ,,, . up nnotlier victory loday over the " a |"<' sl ""'l. 1 . M"a. SI: pllliiB up In wreckage, , Miss Dell's full name wns Doro- 1 Ihy Uell Coff. She was bnrn In 1 moved with her parents to New Orlpans whllp liard-bolled John Dillinger gang with Dillingct's ace machine gun- a Mlla " cllll<1 - sl ' c llrsl wtm ler In a morgue and riimois Unit nlltlnnal prominence when she the wooden gun des]>erado was svo " tlle tltlc °' " Mlss Uuivei-se" dead substantiated by a death bed nt Galveston in 1930. Contracts statement. " - wlt " ZleglcW anil Piiramount pic- The eniiE's most feared killer, Ullrra !Mm '^Tommy Carroll, died with froth- FUTIELL STEHILI/ftTlfll vacancies In Troy I.M jnuuiiiieiiL*. 1 wnen sue r; ' /S | the title of "Miss Universe" OCIllimeill bfOVVing lOf Enactment of Law by Next Legislature ler liiv: two city detectives cuffed- $11,836,344 in Cotton By TED H. MALOY Jlnltrd Ll'lTLE ROCK, June 8. (UP)— ! „, „,, • Sterilization of habitual criminals v^» 11 , r> u „' colp WASHINGTON, June 2 (UP)- ajid congenital mental patients Federal Aeent O. H. Dewev ask- Benefit payments totaling $11.838,- "under a well-regulated -System" gun from his hand and shot him as he fled from arrest. | Leaning over a hospital 'ederal Agent O. H. Dewe; ed him, "Where did' yoU ^rrln ,,,11 * *•' V 7 ' , , ".°" rarmcre in 10 s ^"«. the A.' Mr Fur«li"and it ap'peared thi Carroll rolled his head to look A A. reported late yesterday. Arkansas might become the next i I,M ,' lefi .?", tly "' '^ f 1 ' 6 ;, Thc r> a yi'™tx "re part of an state lo enact tlie antl-propaBa- I hid him. he mumbled. Then;estimated «100.0CO,000 which will lion law. be sent farmers as rental for ap- In an exclusive interview last Robinson Says Congress Can Adjourn Next Week , t WASHINGTON, .lime II (Ul'l—I ft-imtnr .riwpli 'I'. Itnbiuson. l)viii- iiiTnllc leader, Informed 1'r-slilciu' Hcosevell t*lny that CMIBIPSS could luljourn next weel:, ulthuiiuh. lie ejiplulni'd, "U Is not jri prneiIn- able to fix ii diile." Robinson went lo ihe -While House primarily lo discuss plans for fioveinment participation hi the lOOlh anniversary ccliiumllon In Arkansas in 1D3U. bury 3-14 have been sent to 318.W5 cot- had the approval today of Gov J-'l I ton farmers in 1C states, the A.' !tf;' Putrell and it appeared that the he died. th """*™ rtn i T?n W J-,, n ° e whether proximaiely $15,000,000 acres laken night, Governor Futrell gave Hrr a, + f T, 1 i "u °"' "" ° f C ° U ° n P rod " c "™ «"« P»r. United Press Ills endorsement igpr was ahve and In hiding or The money will be paid In Iwo sterilization laws of 21 other 6li installments, totaling "$50,000,000 and said he would approve ot ates - . — — approve the rAMHPM Art ,nn, ,„ ^ f- parmers ure receiving the practice In Arkansas under the su- CAMDEN. Ark. (UP) - W. G. lirst installnient and will gel the pervlslon of a competent body. '" J ' """ August 1 and Sep- With tlie governor's sanction Randle of chidester caught t»-o'second i-d to nil township. Iiy resolution the committee fl ed the second Tuesday In August ns primary election day, with the second or run-off primary -to be r.eld a week later. The deadline for the payment of fihn K fees lo qualify for places on Hie primary ballot was fixed at 60 days before the first primary There was some sentiment for a 30-day deadline, but the committee voted otherwise. ' This action means that all fees must be paid before mirini;M. June 15. The cr.inmltlee.. perhaps bearing In mind difficulties experienced by "Hie slate central committee, provided Hint all fees must be pnlrt "In cash." Ballot Ftts Fixed Piling fees lor tlie various offices, ns fix'd by the committee, Io!k>w: .sheriff, treasurer, and county Judge, •5200: circuit and county clerks and nss?ssor, 5150; representative. $50; nroser.uting attorney. $3S; circuit .furige. coroner, and surveyor. $10: justice of Ihe peace and constable. This schedule of fees. It ts estimated, win produce In the nelgh- Iwrhood or S2.500. while It Is not expected thai llic two primaries will cost more than $1.800. 'Hie committee voted that, any money left in the treasury after Ihe meeting of all primary expenses should be refunded to the candidates in ppnorllon to the amounts of their fees. The first Tuesday In August was fixed as the dale of the committee's next meeting, al which time officers of the election will be named. A committee, consisting of A. G. Little. J. P. Tompklns. S. M. Hodges and C. R. Babcock was named to draft an expression of the committee's regret nt the death of Mr. Mnhan. bass in one cast. When he' Ills line there was 11 14-inch nnd n 12-Inch buss on his. lino, iV. Singleton. Ins companion. II. f.llf-sled. >\ew Orleans Cotton 3 ° '" " dditl ° n to renlnl Wel1 movement toward TUES u STIIE Revenue Commissioner Reports Since on Receipts ion LITTLE ROCK, Ark. (UP)—Beer revenue' brought $113.307' to the inploye of Osceola Wholesale House Victim o! Holdup North of Town Donald Aycock, salesman for Sll- 1 Wl-olcsalp Grocery company Osceola. was held up by two icti ba mills on Highway 01, north of here, forced lo accomnnnv on a lateral roud towards \esiclenl Tells Cotigvess ll (; Will Ask Action at Noxl Session •"•'. Injured Co-Pilol Crawls Goinell. anA ra\>\m\ of $72 before ' Five Miles to Give Word of Accident SEATTLE, Wnsh., June 8 (UP) released. Ayoock \vtts stopped by I wo tm- maaked men, traveling In a model A 'SO maroon Ford coupe, as he •*RS traveling south on Highway 61 between the slate line nnd Dlythc- -A rescue party climbed Ihe west- vllle nflcr a trip tlirough southeast ern slope or the CHscndes today, MLssonrl. One of tlie bandits en- seeking Injured, passenijcrs of a tefed Aycock's lighl delivery truck wrecked United Airlines plane at- and forced 'him to drive oft 61 orl- : ter the co^pllol crawled through to. the Oo»nell roaiTior some dls- thc wilderness to -retwrl tho craih. t«iicc, -wltti- thsrfotfrr'bandlt fol- •Blood .-.treamliig ^ rrom -hl5-ro(ving-[n"thplr rtncHIne: ...... wounds, to-pilot Dwlftht Hnnsenj When Ihe bandits reached n se- staggercd Into a moumnln home eluded place "they stopped and lote last night in report that tha forced Ayeock to turn over collec- Seattle-Spokane air liner hn<l been lions made on his trip. Then, warn' rorccd ' down. Ing him to wall awhile, "until , He hud crawled, walked, and tl-.lngs cool off." they left him with limped five miles through the wild, Ills car. He drove Into Blythevllle payments cotton growers also will enactment of an Arkansas sterili- stnte treasury -clurtni; the first, ret -n^ri,,." . wilderness. Hansi'li hud a possible fractured skull, mimerons cuts and bruises, and a broken nose. ' : The plane was In an almost in- get . D'"-"-." ^,.w n,L] L.J.ln.JJtllu VI U" /tlKtUl^a.S &LCI1I1- " "^ -"- ""''.>o '..v- ...uw ( „.,__„,Ill CT1r ,l ..(.of Callnnl, payments of between zation law gained new Impetus. It eight months after legnllmllon,,"" , ; . „ III ixmn December. and s:in.nnn.lXH) is entirely probable, one prominent I D(1 P 1U >' Revenue Commissioner | I political observer said, that the Plul1 Summers revealed. licpr the lop of a hill. Hansrn liiMicved Pilot Ben Redfield and t\vo pa.ssengcr.H were In- ami nolined ofncers. Ofllcers al first, were Inclined to believe that lust night's roljbcry was terpetraled by a different, pair than .he one thiil rolibccl nn Illinois motorist passing Irrongh hero nbout i week ngo. No definite clues have lieen obtained." however. , question will be Introduced in the Permits brought $49.BM OIK! Mississippi county cotton grow- January legislature. j ln * $03,412. frs have as yet received no acre- "It will have to be done even-' Tlle permils range from $10 for age reduction benefit checks. No lually." said Dr Crarles Arkcbau-r iretnilcrs with a business of il.OOO i , np "'.., , . . ' ' ui. ui.anes ArKcuan.r, | fl ^^ ^ ^ ^ f ^ ^ tl(lliili ; Wn i Low celling and fog, obscuring jured. Tlie p.nbln remnlned Inlnct, In 1 mid. although Uic wings NEW ORLEANS, June 8 (UP) — .ins barely steady, unchanged to , three points under the July. Oct Dec Jan March May 1220 open high 119«. 1207 11D1 1231 1215 1241 1226 1244 1231 1252 1243 previous low 1237 1243 1253 close tiiOO 121:1 1233 1231 1248 1258 Spots closed steady at 1215. off Closing Stock Price* NEW YORK, June 8 (UP) —' vVall Street today hoped the pres- denl '.voiikl be able to prevent i walkoul in the sleel Industry and bou^hl stocks heavily. As a ireiill 'he stock inorket reached new highs .-.ince May 5 nnd sales Assembly of God Gets Permit for Building The First Assembly of Clod church has been Issued a city permit to erect a building In the GOO block on West Ash street. A. G. Steadman, slate superintendent of prisons, would first enact, nn haTl'itual criminal statute. then a sterilization law for third- time offenders. Further sanction of the movement came from Rep. L J. Wllbes of Phillips county, who served as were ihe larjrcsl since .vhen the lotut svus 'hares. A. T. and T Anaconda Copper Bethlehem Steel Chrysler Cities Service Coca Cola General American Tank General Electric Genera] Motors International Harvester Mtddlcwest Utilities .... Montgomery Ward New York Central Is located 200 wholesale permits and 2,325 <! 1IU , ! hc P^'^" *?™ Mrs. reir,n^r< n»m,ii* hn,,»ht ,i,,ri,,« ,!,„ G. Jolmiiiiesen anil P. C. Beez ion, as building requirement a?? understood. planned, it retailers permlls bought during Uic eight montlis. Tax on beer Is $1 per barrel, 50 •' cents per half-barrel. 23 cents per ' quarter-barrel and 1.04 cents per cose. Summers predicts nn Increased business for his department this year. New licenses will lie bought July 1, pood for 12 montlis. necnuse permits bought after AuEust 24 last summer came late In the season and there was doubt brew would be popu nf Spokane; Robert Beezley, Clark, We- nnd Mer- Hoyd. of Winibrop, Wash.; Helen Curian. Seattle, and Miss Mnrion Bennett, stewardess. Observations bf C. R. a: lilythevllle and Osceola have Thieves Enter Phillips Station But Get Little A Phillips service station, Main and Division streets, favorite ol thieves oiwratlng here, was entered again last night bill for the burglars tr.e result was a "water haul." About a doliar In pennies, pilfered from an open cash register, was about all the intruders got for their el\ort. Evidences of unsuccessful efforts to "fish" a sack, ol money from the station's safe was discovered. A slot In the top of the safe, similar lo a letter box opening, allows articles or money to be placed In the safe without opening it. nnd It was through this opening that the thieves apparently sought unsuccessfully to remove a inoncj sack. About a week before a sack New York Cotton NEW YORK. June 8 (UP) — Coiton clnsert barely steady. open high low close July 1198 1207 1193 1198 Oct 1223 1531 1211 1220 Dec 1232 1242 1228 12K Jan 1230 1240 1233 1237 Mnrch 1?SO 1251 1245 1249 May 12CO 12Cfl 1255 1258 Spots closed slendy at 1215. of! May 15. l.l'i'.l.fHHJ . 118 1-2J . 15 3-4 34 3-81 . « 12 1125 31 3-4 20 7-8 . The church has been active for some time, 'particularly in ihe southeast section of Ihe city. Second Hand Dealers Fined in Theft Caie been getting a raw deal with re- 1 containing some $50 was removed j lar In Ihe state the beer revenue sped to gasoline prices for some from ll.e safe and police, who at the practice of sterilization brought new emphasis lo the question In am glad to see one tlie time l>cllcved II was accom Is dolmj something plishcd by someone with a key to '" |tlie safe, now believe that a slml- er in April $2,295 worth of "per-j The fault, It may be said, has'lar "fishing" expedition was suc- given by the General 'department did not have a reprc- j time Federation of Women's Clubs to senlniive season. Summers said. ! local and 1 dealer With the advent of wnvm wenlh- i about It. 33 1-1 3-10 in municipal court;mental diseases Arkansas. The federation endors-i" 1 " 5 were purchased, the buyers'not been with the Blythevllle and cessful on that occasion. ed the practice at'its annual na-! knowing the licenses would be j Osceola dealers. They have been[ Itonal convention last month in'6"«l only until Ihe lost of June.-the chief sufferers, but with them: Hot Springs. j Mn >' sn»' $850 woilh of lite per- have suffered local consumers who. Air Charges Against Eventual benefits to the race' mlls u>k '' n oul - for reasons of convenience or com- ,, ,. p C » J jiniinity loyalty, have continued to College rrexy Saturday "« buy Ihelr gasoline at home. W. Sisk, Old Resident i For a immb01 ' ° r s ' ears lnore has 1 been a sharp Mlssourl-Arknnsas werq forseen by Dr. ArVebaiier LITTLE ROCK. June 8 (UP>on the subject of' yesterday by Judge C. A. Cnnnln?- "H should be' done " he declared 1 nam on charges of knowingly re- "with full legal protection given celvlng stolen property. • •' - • • • Arlan entered a plea of guilty to __ Ihe crarge against him. Nelson __ ._! elected to stand trial, pleading not .... 30 1-4,Butlty. but was convicted. He plans Packard 4l-8| an Appeal. j the commission." There are two major types of Phillips Petroleum dealers were arrested after Radio Corp 1 3-41 buying loot stolen by a band of Simmons Berts n l-2| ne 2 ro thieves. The negroes stripped St. Louis-San Francisco 3 1-81 13 nozzles from fire hose houses Standard of N. J 45 3-4 surrounding the ftderal Compress 2!i 1-2 Number one plant on South Elm H 3.4!street. The nozzles were chopped I in a crude fashion Into pieces and cold | 0 (he dealers as Junk. Texas- Co U. S Steel Chicago Wheat July Sept open high 87 1-8 99 3-8 38 1-4 100 1-4 low close M 1-8 91 3-4 07 7-8 08 3-4 July Sept Chicago Corn open high low 55 1-2 56 3-4 55 1-8 51 1-2 58 3-4 57 1-8 close f |K| . ... _ IKH'II II MI.UIJ ni!:**/iii i-fii*HiiDru-> i>iiil-;uijl]Uil.-iliul[UII charges U^JIILAI 01 DlytheVllle, Is Dead, tax differential, which naturally j Prcsid'nl Ilorsfall nnd Trusi made ihe gotiig hard for dealers | tee John W. Richardson of Montl- J. W. Slsk. G8, an old resident i'^f- Morc recently, however, the cello A. and M. collcg'j will b? of this community, died at 7:50i°" companies have made things Tired Saturday in Lilt'.c Rock when o'clock ihls morning nl his home. I worse cutting prices lo the! the completed lestimor.y of the mental patients which would be'"l West Rose street. south of us. so that dealers In the|;-'"nit hearing al the college of, hid before the public. subject to sterilization, according! Mr. Slsk hnd teen In ill health, central and northern parts of to Dr. Arkebauer—the menial dc-1 'or ft number of years. Compllca-. Mississippi county have had dlffl- ^Iclency cases that are weak In- ;tHeclun!ly, nnd Ihe conslitutlonal psychopathic inferiority cases, which have greatrr Intdipotunl tlons resulting from cancer re-'cult price competition on both suited In his death. i sides of them. He J- M. is survived by two sons, For example, gasoline which sells ity. lint tn-nd tovarj crimlrul- _.._ Morgan Slsk, and three a'- Blythevllle for 21.S cents a sal- grand children, Marie, J. D. and 1°" ls to ^ llad nt West Mem " "The facts will speak for themselves." Governor Futrell said today "The records will tc open everyone. The cn-,c shall cied upon Its merits" ROCKVILLE. Conn. (UP)-Rp-,., „ . . ,, lo eat and drink after lier| Moss Undertaking company /CRIP Which wtwia yon jurltt, to make joar contribution Ihroufh mlslrew. Mrs. Ann Rpgan died, a ^""f ' |I>et cal deliberately walked in the oclocli 'Omorrow afternoon, palh of an automobile and was ltille<1 - j Kept DMlh.Bed Promise BRIDGEPORT, LeRoy SLsk. ! phis for 15.5 cents. It la the same 1 Funeral arrangements are In- eafollne, paying the same tax, and,Deep Sea Diver Will complete according to Ihe L. G., presumably carrying the same i , — . , „ ,. I,,,, |dealer margin. At Turrelt the! Lay telephone tables WARITlNtlTON, .lime 8. (UP)— I'lie ii.iltern of a greater new deal --a social 'order promising security for nil Ihroii'jli insurancp against uneinplo^iiipnt and old age and planned Use of natural resources— pre'.pnted In congress today by President Roosevelt. -. Regardetl by the White House M one of Ihe most Important documents ever transmitted lo Capitol Hill by Ihls Sdinlnlstrallon, Ihe message encompassed the whole notional economic picture and .' charted for the next congress the-' liew reforms Mr. Roosevelt seeks,' To observers the message was the "follow through" to (he San Francisco Commtmweallh address .marto" by Ihe chief executive when ihe was tlie 1933 Democratic candidate. In lhat speech lip erected the fr«int work for undertakings already »c« compllsherl and for a return to true social values. Security for tlie Individual, the family, Ihc home, was the tenor of today's communication, through . which Ihe president skillfully *6ve the pattern of his greater new deal. He siujge.<ile~d guarantees for the nged nnd Jobless after reviewing legislation since 1933. culling attention lo.necessity for additional emergency measures at this session, and finally bluntly warning that ll:e lid on the "pork barrel" hnd been nnlled down to stay. A Tank fr ~rst Winter "Next winter we may well undertake the great task of furthering the security of the cltuien aod-bto family through . nocisl Insurance,"--, he president said......... "This is not an untried ekperl- nent. Lessons ot experience are' available from states; Irbm-indus: tries, and from many HE tlons'of the elvULzed world. T'rw variom • .ypes of social, insurance aw';lii - ! - terrelaled and, I think, it Is'diffl- cult to attempt to solve them piece: • meal. . ; ....;' "Hence, lam looking, for a sound means which I can reoommenil'tb provide at' once .security ..agaluet several of Ihe great disturbing- lac- tors of life—especially those .which relate to unemployment and old age. ; "I believe there should be a maximum of cooperation between 'the stales and the federal govrnrneht. I believe that the funds necessary to provide this Insurance raised by contributions rather than by an Increase In general taxation. "Above alt, I am convinced that social Insurance should be national scop?, although the several states should meet at least a portion of the cost of management, leaving to the federal government Ihe responslbllily of investing, maintaining, and safeguarding the funds constituting the necessary Ih- surance reserves." Mr. Roosevelt explained that he has commenced to make, with the • greatest of care, the actuarial and- other studies necessary for tlie lor-' mulatlon of plans for consldeatlori of the 74th congress. Calls Security a Right "These three great objectives," he pointed out, "the security of the home, the security of livelihood, and tfc security oj social insurance are. It seems to me, a minimum of the promise that we can offer to- the American people. "They constitute a right which belongs to every individual and every family willing to work. They are the essential fulfillment of measures already taken toward relief, recovery and reconstruction." To private Industry thai would necessarily have to share In the cost of such a step, Mr. Roosevelt explained lhat "ample scope Is left for the exercise of private Initiative." "We have not Imposed undue restrictions upon business," he said. "We have not opposed tr.e Incentive of reasonable and legitimate private profit. We have sought rather to enable certain aspects of business (o regain the confidence' of Ihe public. We have sought to put forward the rules of fair play In finance and Industry." be three price Is 1G cents, at Wilson 11 is 18 cents, white at Osceola It ts the isame as al Blythevtlle. The Question that naturally oc- SUPERIOR. Wis. CUP) — H. A. Grove, retired Navy officer and world famous deep sea diver, has curs to consumers here Is. If the been engaged to lay telephone ,. «- „ , Con. (UP) - oil companies, for competitive or cables 38 "feet below the sudace of ««p*d Rl«r |Henry C. Hense, 77, kept a death- other reasons nnd It to thrir ad-'superior Biy. ™.l.!Z.'T Ifl ? IIOn ^r lh « AV ; MOND ' W«h- (OP) -A" bed promise 1« made his wl e o. antage to' mamTaln a 15. centl 3^7 has had » years experl '. e .? irc * w . 0 . f trip"? sl.imps hree-hotir-old calf Icll In the marry his housekeeper. Rosa Lauf. orice at West Mcmnhls. how In';.„«. ? n ^.T „, S St?J? *» 51 7-3 direct? er £ .VuiM t * . T , ii m «, ca " 1C " m ln * marry Ills housekeeper, Rosa Lauf. price at West Memphis, how In encc In deep sea divine £ur liSfti 1 !" i." ^ ° f i apa RWer ' battled the curl ' nl ""• 59 ' bccause she C01lld eoolt *he "he name of conscience can they deepest dive was !1D feet lo dlrecl? "onr-y chlldwr. land scrambled safely nshore MX) old-foshloncti German dishes he find justification for a 215 centl foundered steamer ukelam yards downstream. i liked so well. price here? I Sturgeon Bay. His the nd In WEATHER ARKANSAS—Generally fair tonight. Saturday partly cloudy. Memphis and vicinity — Moitly cloudy, possibly thundershowers tonight or Saturday. The maximum temperature here yesterday was 81, minimum 10, clear, according to Samuel T. Nor- rls, official w«*th«r obwrttr.

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