The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on July 5, 1966 · Page 1
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 1

Blytheville, Arkansas
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Tuesday, July 5, 1966
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NEWS VOL. 62-NO. 94 BLYTHEVILLB, ARKANSAS (72815) TUESDAY, JULY 5,1966 TIN CINTS PAGES EIGHT DIE ON INTERSTATE 55 NEAR HERE MD's Quick To Act Faced with treating six injured persons and fearing more might be on the way, Chickasawba Hospital put its disaster plan into effect Sunday morning immediately following the collision on 1-55 which claimed six lives. In the eyes of Sheriff William Berryman (and hospital staff members), it worked beautifully. "Those folks were really doing a good job out there," Berryman reported. "They had two doctors with every patient and were doing everything possible for them." Two doctors were in the hospital when the first of the sis people injured were brought in. There -vas a report, during those first minutes following the accident, that others were coming. On hearing this, one of the doctors requested that disaster measures be put into effect. Every member of the hospital's medical staff was callec to duty through a communication system which had been organized and tested over the years. "It worked quite well," Hospital Administrator John Cherry said today. "We were very pleased." Cherry explained that all the calls can't be made through the hospital's switchboard. "We'd have the switchboard pretty well tied up for a while if we did that." Within a few minutes after the first call went out ten doctors were present to care for the six accident victims (five were dead at the scene of the wreck and another died soon after arriving at the hospital). Cherry explained that any doctor on duty may call for placing the disaster plan into effect. "Any time the situation is cuch that the normal staff at the hospital can't handle it, then we must turn to this other method." A disaster plan such as the one used Sunday is mandatory In order to remain on the list of accredited hospitals of the Joint Commission on Accredia- tion of Hospitals, Cherry said. "We have had this set up for some time. We have three rehearsals or drills every year and we like to think we're pretty proficient in it. The results Sunday were gratifying." Bill Angers Britons LONDON (AP) - Left-wing Laborites and key union leaders are teaming up to fight a proposal by Prime Minister Harolc Wilson to fine companies am union members that don't restrict wages and prices to the rise in national production. Many union leaders are enraged over the proposed bill. Ii requires business and unions to submit to a national board fie mands for higher prices or big- ber wages. The board would decide whether the increases were justified and in line with the rise national output now averaging 3',4 per cent a year. CRASH WRECKAGE — These twin piles of junk are all that remain of two cars which were involved in an accident on Interstate 55 near here Sunday. The accident killed six and critically injured two others. (Courier News Photo) "Worst Fourth on Record Death Has Grisly Holiday By THE ASSOCIATED PRESS Traffic accidents across the nation during the three-day Independence Day observance killed at least 567 persons, a record death toll for any Fourth of July holiday. With reports of traffic deaths that occurred up to midnight Monday night still trickling in, Chomp 'Brushes' Opposition Aside HANNIBAL, MO. (AP) Richard Van Abel, 10, Madison, ffis., is the fence whitewashing champion of Mark Twain country. He won tlis title Monday dur- ng national Tom Sawyer days n Hannibal, home of Mark !Vain. Richard whitewashed us plank fence faster than /ouths from 10 Mississippi River states. the three-day toll surpassed even the record four-day toll for the holiday set in 1963. In addition to traffic fatalities there were 215 drownings, nearly double last year's 114 during a similar 78-hour weekend period. Boating accidents accounted for another 52 deaths. Thai made a total of 834 accidental deaths reported over the holiday. The National Safety Council had estimated that between 510 and 610 persons would die in traffic accidents this holiday period. But there was an optimistic word from Howard Pyle, council president, even as the death toll mounted. Said Pyle: "After years of inadequate official attention to the traffic problem, Congress is in the process of enacting major legislation that will provide funds for a number of vital safety activities. "In all our 50-odd years ol accident prevention work, we ai the council have never been more confident than we are today that the years ahead will see increasingly greater safety on our roads." The worst single accident of the period took 10 lives Sunday 30 miles west of Tucson, Ariz. Two cars collided bead on arid Baked Turkey, Anyone? WILLIAMSTOWN, N.J. (AP) — William N. Bappert, a turkey farmer, called for help from the fire department when 5,000 of Ms birds died in the 'record- breaking heat wave. Fire Chief Edward P Trickson sent trucks to spray water over 3appert's surviving 10,000 birds Monday and to create a mud wallow for them. all of the occupants, Arizona Indians, were killed. Several other multiple-death .crashes swelled the count. In Arkansas two separate accidents within five hours Sunday killed 11 persons. The first accident, a three-car crash near Blytheville, killed six. A head-on crash five hours later near Benton killed five more. Earlier, the Safety Council had warned that "if traffic deaths continue at their present rate, it (the death total) will exceed not only last year's Fourth of July, but possibly the Labor Day weekend of 1965. The 1965 Labor Day weekend was'ttie worst summer holiday for traffic fatalities with 575 killed. Last Fourth of July, also a three-day holiday, took 551 lives n traffic accidents, while the : our-day July 4 celebration in 1963 brought 557 highway deaths. The three-day Christmas 1965 weekend traffic death toll of 720 is the record for any holiday. A record was set this year during the -three-day New Year Holiday when 564 died in traffic mishaps. Another record was set during the three-day Memoria Day died. observance when 542 'iiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiniiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiniiiiiiiiiiii Wilson Elected By Kiwanis PORTLAND, Ore. (AP) Ralph E. Wilson of Osceola, Ark., Monday was elected to a two-year term as trustee at the Kiwanis International Convention. iiiiiiiniiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiniiiiiiiniiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiniiniiiiiiiii Election 'Fixed' RIO DE JANEIRO. Brazil <AP)f - President Humberto Castello Branco has taken away the political rights of 26 state legislators and 21 other politicians for 10 years in an apparent move to insure victory for his own candidates in gubernatorial elections Sept. 3. Voter Leogue Meeh Blytheville Voten League meets at 7:30 tonight at Pint Baptist Church on East Cleveland. Dell Demonstration V Is One of Goodwill There was a quiet race demonstration at Dell yesterday. There was an important difference, however, between this and some demonstrations you read about. This was a demonstration of goodwill. Rather than carrying placards, the participants carried plates of catfish, cole slaw and hush-puppies. Those in attendance heard a prayer, not instructions through a bullhorn. Ed Hardin, Dell farmer, was the host. K"« an annual af- fair out there. Hardin has been having a summertime picnic for Negroes on his farm for about 20 years. Yesterday, he-and his son- in-law, Sonny Gill, and their families entertained about 55 or 60 people, Negro and white, but mainly Negro. As one who helped in the affair put it: "There was nothing much to it. Just good food, ice cream for the children, a word of prayer, led by Mr. Hardin, before we ate . . and a quiet good time. That's quite a lot. l!l!]|||||li]|||||||||||]|||llllllll!lllll]||llllllll« REGISTRATION OPEN UNTIL 6 Today is the final day to egister in order to qualify for oting in the July 26 Democratic rimary. Registration must be accom- lished by 6 p.m. today. After tat time, registration boob lose for the July 26 election. Registration under new Arkanas law Is free and may be ac- The meeti-g is open to the icomplishcd locally in the Blythe- publie. villt or Ojceola court QOUM, Manila Meeting At 8 Tonight Manila citizens will meet tonight to organize a community advisory board which will oversee the operation of a day care center. The center, a project of the Office of Economic Opportunity, will be established to care for the children of working mothers who can't afford to pay sitters or regular nurseries. The meeting begins at 8 o'clock and will b* in ih* bjgb Eight people were dead and two more were in serious condition this morning after three Mississippi County traffic disasters over the holiday weekend — all of them on Interstate 55. At about 6:10 a.m., Saturday- a Memphis Negro, Henry Williams Evans, was killed instantly when his northbound car struck an overpass abutt- ment near Burdette. Evans lost control of his car when he encountered an unidentified second driver moving southbound into the north bound lane from the median strip. Score: One dead, one reckless driver at large. . Early Sunday morning, Richard R. Huges, 23, of Memphis, apparently went to sleep while driving back to Memphis from Blytheville. The former Blytheville resident was killed instantly when his car struck a culvert. Cumulative score: Two dead, one reckless driver at large. * * * At 9:45 a.m., Sunday, three cars were involved in an accident caused by the intrusion of a southbound car traveling at high speed into a northbound lane or. Interstate 55 near its connection with Highway 61. This accident very nearly wiped out a family. According to Highway Patrolman Marvin Weeks, who based his account on examination of the scene and reports of eyewitnesses, a car driven by Richard Snider, 19, of Bloomfield, Mo., apparently gained entrance to the Interstate's northbound lane from a turnoff at Stuckey's, some ten miles north of the accident. Weeks said eyewitnesses traveling southbound observed the speeding vehicle going the wrong way and tried to flag it down but were left behind. A statement by Claude Kolwyck of Blytheville, who was driving north, indicates what happened. "Suddenly Mrs. Kolwyck shouted, 'Look out. Claude, here comes a car the wronf way.' I loked up and there was a car coming straight at me and partially on my side ol the road .... I instinctively headed for the shoulder. He jusl barely missed us." Kolwyck said the northbound car immediately behind him also pulled off the road. "As I continued to look into the rear all killed. Another daughter, Gloria, 12, is in critical condition at Chlckasawba Hospital. view mirror, I saw a terrifying sight. I saw a car go up into the air and then a cloud of dust or something .... I said to my wife, 'Marie, My God, look what's happened back there.'" What had * happened back here, according to Weeks, was Suns and another passenger in his car, John B. Jones of Wilson, were in satisfactory condition this morning at Ch'ick- asawba Hospital. Suns' wife,' Mrs. Ida Mae Sims, is in serious condition at Chickasawba. A passenger In the Snider'caf, Ronnie Lay ton. 21, of Dexter, Mo., was killed instantly. Snider, who faces charges of m- voluntary manslaughter, is in fair coi.ciition at Chickasawba, with injuries to the head and back. Cumulative score: Eight dead; two seriously injured; one reckless driver at large; one charge of manslaughter. * * * Services for Mr. Hughes were held today at 2 p.m. at Cobb Funeral Home chapel, with Rev. Bert Thomas officiating. Burial was in Elmwood Cemetery. Pallbearers were Joe Asbh- more, Jack Ashmore, Hugh Don Ashmore, Billy Brown. Harold Turpin, Ray Cassidy, Gary Kirk and James Thomas.' A native of Blytheville, he had lived here all his life until moving to Memphis a year ago. >••'-" He was an employee at the Buckeye Cellulose Company-of Memphis. He was a member of Mary's Chapel Baptist Church at Huffman and had served in the U.S. Navy. He leaves his wife, Mrs. Carolyn Hughes ot Memphis; '.-,,.. , His parents, Mr. and Mrs. Reginald Hughes of Memphis; Two brothers, Mike Hughei of Blytheville and Larry Hughes of Memphis; •„,'..'. Six sisters- Mrs. Rowena Damon of Helena, Mrs. Reginia Warrington of Milan, Ten., Mrs. Barbara Jenkins, Bonita Hughes? Juanita Hughes and Laura Hughes, all of Memphis. Cottonwood Boy Drowns An eight-year-old Cittonwood Point boy drowned at noon Saturday as he waded and swam in the Mississippi River. A rescue attempt failed, Pemiscot County sheriff's officers reported this morning. Lee Wigginton of Caruthersville saw the boy's head bobbing in the water. "He was quite a distance from him, but he began swimming sheriff's oward the boy," deputy said. "When he got there, he was exhausted. But he reached for THE HANDS WERE FLYING — Three handshakes symbolized the mutual satisfaction of the city of Blytheville, Blytheville Air Force Base, and the Arkansas Flying Farmers, with the success of the weekend's A.F.F. convention here. Shaking on it were (1 to r) Rob- ert Newkam, A.F.F. president; Dayton Chisholm, president, Intel-nation Flying Farmers; Mrs. Ruth Wislon, I.F.F. Queen; Col. William Ivey; Mayor Jimmie Edwards, and Sam Haynes, manager of Blytheville Municipal Airport. (Courier News Photo) Boat Capsizes, Two Drown WARROAD, Minn. (AP) - gt. Edward L. Lawson, about 35, and his wife, Patricia, about D, drowned Saturday In the hoppy waters of Lake of the Woods. LawsoD, stationed, §} Grand. Forks, N. D., Air Force Base, is the son of Mrs. Ruby Lawson of Mulberry Ark, The couple's 2-year-old daughter, Ollie, and Sgt. Robert Sink, about 35, also of the air owe, were rescued after an, air- borne sightseer spotted their capsized boat in the water. Officers said the child was bobbing unconscious In a life preserver when she was rescued. A search continued Sunday for Lawson'i body, that Snider's car collided head- on with a northbound car driven by MSgt. Norris Henderson> who was returning with his family to his base at Granite City, HI. The Snider car then flew into the air, came down, and struck a third car also . northbound, driven by Marvin Sims of Portageville, Weeks said. Sgt. Henderson, his wife. Rosie, his son, Norris, Jr., 3, his mother-in-law. Mrs. E. E. Story of Ruleville, Miss., and ais daughter, Wanda, 6, were the boy and managed to get his hand while he tried to get someone's attention and get some help. "He lost the boy when he could hardly keep himself afloat, though." - : Kink was the son of Mr. and Mrs. Sammy King of Cotton? wood. He drowned at 12:15. His body was recovered by John McCuIlough almost exactly 'two hours later. Triangle Boat Club members assisted hi the search for 'the body. Osceola Man Killed by Gun Mrs. Peggy Liddell was arrested by Sheriff's deputies Sunday on suspicion of the fatal shooting of iier husband, Billy J. Liddell, 34, at their Osceola wme Saturday night, according to Deputy Sheriff Cliff Cannon. Cannon said information on he shooting was incomplete. A learing will be held Wednesday to determine what charges, if any, will be placed, he said. Funeral services for Mr. Liddell will be held tomorrow at 2 p.m. at Swift Funeral Home Chapel of Osceola. Burial will be in Bassett Cemetery. Mr. Liddell leaves, besides his wife, three sons, Dwlghi, Tony and Randy, all of the home; Two daughters, Brenda Joe His father, Lou Liddell of Osceola; ". A brother, Bobby Liddell of Osceola; Three sisters, Mrs. Marguerite Scott of Osceola, Mrs. Georgia Spencer of Jonesboro, and Mrs. Juanita Yarndale of pair- fax, Ohio. Swift Funeral Home is In charge. .'•',•••, iiimmiimiiiiiimmraiiminfMIIIBIIimiMIIWMIIIIIItfflfll Weather Forecast Clear to partly doudy and warm through Wednesday. 1*> lated afternoon and »veninf thunderahowen. Low tonight W- 72. High Wednesday 82-W. -^ •od Carol Sue, both. of. (he {MOM;

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