The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on May 28, 1949 · Page 7
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 7

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Saturday, May 28, 1949
Page 7
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BATOTOAT," MAT i'nav!L,LE (ARKJ COITRTER NEWS OUT OUR WAY B V J. R. Williams 3ur Boarding House with Moj. Hoople /•COR PULSE SEEMS \ f WOCMAL--LET ME 7 t SEE THAT TONGUE \ AKK3 AMD THROAT .'"THERE'S 1 ( SOMETHING WROO& ) \ WHEM -OU CANT X N EAT THAT UTTLE ) ^ v BIT. WERCMfT YOO THC GUV WMO ALWA.V6 STOCK VJlTVitHE SHIP TILL SOUR CfcP FLOACVftD? — DoeSTHe M6B6 JTHOUGHT of THE curt* ICMILL *>OR IDE AL TO - BAWfVOO riOVilUKTA WJOPIE l^tKlDJM <3UnS/-*-*X'Ll MARCH . AGAtWST TUOSE Es'llS Urtm STANDS OOTI \\VF6ftT BLEED-^tJOT t OM A PLAT-1 MUST FORM FOLL^I TACTIC TKAvW 3*11-.' COMMERCIALS ? Persona? lain? aunui« pn SlhfcNb 6TULMO B«rvlc« 116-cfc-U Help Wanted BOOKKEEPER WANTED te-Have position open in our office for manager find bookkeeper. Good working conditions. Will pay top salary. Call Tom Little Jr., plione 4422, Blylheville Motor Co. 5-23-ck-30 For Rent, Houses 3-room house and bath m good location. Will make the rent attractive for long time lease. MAX LOGAN Lynch Building Ph. 2034 5-26-uk-29 Wanted to Kent 3 or 3-room house. Ph. 921. 5;24-plt-3I Branks or scolding bridles wen contrivances.once used li\ the Bri tish Isles to punish "scolding wo ^nen." It was a headpiece with i Wpiece of iron that (Ittcd the month and depressed the tongue. Read Courier News Want AOm. Treat Vour Watch To A New Check-Up • Prompt Service • Reasonable Prices ic HUGH IAWMHCC NIUOM witnumo rr MM MKVICI. it«c •9 Hugh Lawrence Nelson 'I'tJi: VIOHYi mrnihrr* of « >» hick hand* O htivr Hpnrf Ifc*- nPlirdiilr «f the vUcr. I'rrd Sillivrll. n» •Icubullc. U « wralihy prttdurcr. 1'laim mrr nmdr hy Lilly Wnvrfm to auMtlr >>(»• r»Jlh Jiquur fritTM llnrdJnjc'* .M;r t -full/ K u»rd«il »1orr». Hut f^t-orfft- Btineomhr. SillerM'« «lde. find* «'H»r> vwMBhril nnhor*- from Ihr wr*-ck»K«- »n«l <*!!• Hr« hl« forlnnr IM inndr. MB Sri Jonrn IrlU li*-* lj»(^r lb»t Ilwrdlmr »pp«rt-»11y U' attracted by «*»*• »' «h* •«•- 1rr«^r.. MolMe Stark, hut M B h*-l XIII |>Y the end of the week, it was obviouE George Bascombe was sharing his cache with someone else beside Fred SHI well. Lilly Warren went about tier cooking with much clatter of pots and not too successful results. The housework suffered too as Lilly was absent for long hours. Bea was not sure whether Henry Harding noticed, or whether his preoccupation with his patient made him blind to rmindane affairs. On the night before Lilly's final day as housekeeper and cook, Bea Cosgrove was awakened by the sound of voices coining through the wall to the tower room. She sat up, saw Lilly Warren's bee was empty. "Fun and gomes next door, Nona McGuire said sleepily from her cot. "Do we get up and join the party or go back to sleep." "It doesn't sound like much fun," Beu pointed out. A door slammed loudly, the voices were still. "Party's over," Nona murmured "Some fun, no doubt." Bea slept fitfully the rest of th night, heard Lilly come in will the exaggerated and noisy caution of a drunk, and awoke early t see Mrs. Warren standing in th bathroom door pouring herself drink from a full bottle. "Good morning," Bea said. "NuL-s to you/' Lilly answered Factory-Trained Experts to Serve You! D H EIFI S UEB! Creifui . . . Wear Di; "All right," Miss Cosgrovc s:iid miably. "You want me lo help tti gel breakfast?" "Drunk or sober I c'n cook bct- ct-'n you. I c'n do anylhinp bet- er'n you." She had another drink, nl the bottle down on the dresser nd started out. At the doorway ;e whirled around, retraced her teps quickly and snatched the oltle to her breast. "No you on'L" She went out in a blit/c I belligerency. • • * VONA McGUIRE sal up. "What a load," she yawned. "T can we're going to have a swell .ikfnst. She ought to give Mol- ic a vole of thnnks for keeping fardinff so blind. Tf he is blind." "You're fond of Mollie?" Bea isked. Nonn McGuire laughed. "Reals', yon hnve to kr)o\v dear tittle .tollie well lo love her like I do Come on and let's gel dressed. We might miss something," Surprisingly enough, Lilly had breakfast ready on time. She ap- penred to hnve pulled herself together, though tier breath was :hin£ of substance and her eyes did not focus very well. Twice when she bent over Henry Harding to serve him, Bea waited for an explosion, Henry Harding kept his eyef fixed on his plnte, avoided any direct look at Mrs. Warren. II \va ,illy who glowered at him. When the man finished quickly and hurried out, Lilly laughed. Mumbling to herself, she slag gered through the swinging doo to the kitchen. • • • YJENEATH the main house, pas sageways cut in stone led bac into the spacious subtercancn storerooms. Narrow-gauge track were laid in the floor and smal hand trucks clicked smooth! along them. At the entrance was the uppe terminus of the funicular railwa to the dock in the cove below. On niuloln-likc ear, five feel long nnd n ee wide, rested nl the tilled liilform step. The heavy sU'cl -ible iill;irliud to Us upper end 'L-Jit up and nnnmd ;> huge dnun cvcral limes before vclnmlng own the steep hill lo tlie car Hi :ie lower or cove, end, At 10:30, Hrnry Hunting rain* ooking Tor I3cn. "Therc're some things I want to end down," he~ told her. "You an ride down with them." He pushed a h:md (nick bnt-k nlo Ibe tunnel, returned shortly .'illi several of whi.skey. I've a place to lock tip own below." Bea got in hesitimlly and s;it lown, "Don't worry now," Holding aid. "It's peifectly safe. This e\ - cr on the side opens the front •nd of the gondola. We used it lo empty rocks in the wharf fill. It ls out the load. And you of :ourse," "What R snlcsmnri you'd make 'or a scenic trip." she muttered. 'Suppose Die cable breaks?" "II won't. Tt never has." "All right. But just remember 'm not a load of rocks." The first few feet sloped Rentlj. Sea stifled n yip when it begun to iin momentum. She could see the lower car coining abreast. Lilly Warren si it, her head nodding slowly with the motion of the car. Then Ben saw Hie red slain down from Lilly's temple. They were abreast when she could sec the other side if Lilly's head where the mushrooming bullet had smashed out. Too late she cmigVil the glint of steel in Lilly's lap. She had only lime lo recognize her own automatic before the gondola was past. She twisted around, wnlchcd Ihe car and its occupant move iip toward the ferminal, wnlchcd the careless nodding of Lilly's shattered head. She had to finish her trip down. When the car finally stopped at the very edge of the dock, she snt motionless stnring down at tlm water and at the beach beyond, She saw a wave, bolder than the others, lick up and destroy Ihe huge bare footprint in the sand. (To Be Continued) FRECKLES AND HIS FRIENDS BY MERRILL BLOSSER Name It, Boy COT* 1W f NtA SCDVICT W*C, T, M. HfO U » P "My wife is Always threatening to refurnish the house. but I tell her I don't want my home to seem just like this store!" IAT, SiR.MOGr \ V (b0 tMVir>rwTi.v (Mow? I CAN UK; f,AFF i tiiEfve / -*AV i& Mor ROOM IN /TUAT V D5Su lFE '^ / AtAMV BOTH of us' PUISCIM.A'S POP Wliv Tnke ChiiiH'es? I!Y Al, VICRMHKR Notice Wanted light loutt taken to Western Ark. About June ]&t. Pick-up c*n handle. Call 3L15 evenings. 5[26'i]|£-29 .1 \i\i\ ITM« M WMMMi. «.rranmi urn i All Work Guaranteed ATTENTION FARMERS LIVE STOCK MEN Dead, fallen and crippled animals picked up free of charged in sterilized trucks. Call collect, 6142, Blytheville, Ark. ARKANSAS DEAD ANIMAL DISPOSAL CO. ATTENTION Soybean Growers! D0RTCHSOY NO. 2 SEED SOYBKANS Re- cleaned, Teslcd and Tagged. PRICE S2.75 I'cr Bushel. 1919 Sovbcan Support Price 00 7o Pahly. Produce mnr« soybean* pet acre by planting Uorlchsoj No. I. hiRhest yieldcr In 1048 yield contest. Seed For Saic By BLYTHEVILLE SOYBEAN CORPORATION 1800 West Mai* J'hon* 856-857 Save i • Timt'9 Money • Labor 1 i i Plant Sinkers ! | ACID-DELI NTED ; ! Cotton Seed ! L. K. ASHCRAFT CO. Cherry i Railroad Phone M93 Rent a Camera for Color Pictures The Ideal way (o rnmcmber special occasions. Also other types of cameras for rent. BARNEY'S DRUG STORE 200B W. Main Phone 3fi47 MINNOWS WHITE RIVER SHINERS and GOLD FISH • G. C. Hawks • 328 E. Main Phone 3292 H C O _,S TUDEBAKER' Phone SS8 Phun* 888 CHOOSE FROM THE FINEST • In Value 1948 Studebaker Land Cruiser, has overdrive, heater, and only In,000 miles. 1910 Plymouth 4-door Sedan, completely overhauled and has new paint. 1938 Chevrolet 2-door . . . lots of service IcTl in this car. 1936 Chevrolet <l-rtoor, good sound linily and A-t mechanically. 19-16 Studebaker '/j-Ton Truck, in really excellent Condition. lfl-ll Chevrolet '/2-Ton, a good serviceable pickup 1!),')!) Dodge J^-Ton, clean and in good shape. Chamblin Sales Co. "lour Friendly Sludehaker Dealer" Railroad & Ash Phone 8SS •STUDEBAKER JENNY LU IS SOING TO THE SHOW TODAY, PRISCIU.A! WOULD NOL) LIKE GO ALONG? WOULDNT IT BE BETTER IF YOU ASKED YOUR MOTHER FIRST? IT WOULD BE BETTER IF [ TOLD HER AFTERWARDS/ ItY MK'HABI, O'MAU.KY and HAI.PH LANE v THERE GOES VOUB CONFE5SK3M CHANNEL OUT THE WINDOW NOW WHAT ARE GOING WASH TUIHJS HY MCSMK TURNER WHV > W POKE THIHG WHS 105T IN / IFFEM WE DOH'T MTH'OAD. f /kKI7ONAi&N'SO IOWESOI*F I FIUP DA OWNER FASTER, ORWUE...ORA WE'PF [>O\H TMCE 10 IK 1 RUSHES'. EIGHTEEN WHV'D PEVLETVDU OUTER DA PEK. IFFEMOA COPSStllL tOOKIM'! WE lOADED'EEIW. BEFORE WE GITS We GOT 10 SHMCE IH'KOW, UMCL6 ' ' CAK IHAfS IWUU'WE!/ JAKE'. BEFOEE SOME KOOEXUM CO« 1O NEW VOCK. I CONFOUND. IXtlE OCNEfey HIDES! TO TRUST VOU IWH WV SECRET, OR: LOSE ML TIT 1 , LOOT! t I BUT 1 MN'T)/' OOM'T \ SOT THA.T J\ LET IT \ MUCH / \WORR-V I DOU6H HERE'S A BUCK) VJE FOUND PER PUTTIN' -/SOME OTHER IN THW \ STUFF.. .YOUR SPARKPLUG, BILL K MV CfkR OU6HTA BE READV ALL IT N6E.OED ONC NEW SPA.RlC.PLUS.' VJE LL TAKE THE CAR. FOR. A DOWN PANM6NT' HY V. T. HAM UN FOR CENTUKIES MEN HAVE WONDEF5ED V NOT ME ABOUT THE NOW. WITHIN /\ FEW WEEKS. VOL) AND I W/LL AWAY THE VEIL; GOOV. GET YOUESELF A SOOP CEST BECAUSE THIS PBCUECT WILL TAKE THE BEST WE CAN GIVE IT.' (3REAT A SCIENTIST TO EEFUSE AND WITH CXJT YOU, ID FAIL.' OOTS AND URK TiUlWIKS BY EDGAR MARTIN FOR SALE Concrete culvcrls. 12 Inch lo 48 inch, plain or re enforced. Also Concrete Building Blocks cheaper tlKin lumber for barns, chicken houses, pump houses, I muses, tool shells. \V« deliver. Call us fflr free es If mate . . . riione 691. OSCEOLA TILE & CULVERT CO.

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