The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on May 13, 1947 · Page 10
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 10

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, May 13, 1947
Page 10
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TUESDAY, MAY 13, 1947 Turks to Improve Military Defenses President Inonu Says Money from U. S. to Protect Dardanelles By VIRGllj IK. FINKI-ICV (UnKed Press vice President Cor Europe) by United Press, 1947) May 13. (TJPJ—Prosl- „ „ . Isniet Itionu of Turkey announced today that Turkey will use thc $100,000,000 American loan for military purposes and will seek a loan from Hie International Bank for economic development. Inonu stated in „ telegraphic in- erview that Turkey was unwilling lo discuss granting any outside Power a base i a (|, c Dardanelles or any other question of Turkish ler- iilonal Inlegrety or sovereignty. "o also expressed Turkey's desire to strengthen Turkish cooperation »ui Greece and cordial relations uc counll 'ies of the Arab lea- Allowing are the eight Questions submitted to Inonu and his ans- Question—can you say now how you would propose utilizing thc money w hich the united States proposes to advance, that is, whc- "ier for economic or military developments? Answer—The aid lo be given by tne United States will be used for military purposes. For thc purpose of economic development a loan will be rcquesled from the International Bank for reconstruction and development. Question — The world noticed closely that Turkey left the one- Party system and introduced the multi-party system. Arc any further democratization programs plan- n a|Lat present and would you be abl^to say what they are? • Democracy Gains Favor Answer—Tito endeavors made in Turkey to develop democratic institutions and the democratic wa"y of life fire earnest and sincere. Great accomplishments have already been achieved. The democratic evolution will continue its course without interruption until It reaches its ideal form. Question—How do you envisage BIA'THEVILLE (ARK.) COURIER NEWS Magnetic p . praranco antl rcpulnti aV "' mnB " Ct ion for "railh hMtin a " of "Avak al(llltli »K hundreds of luinc and l cure his son, VaueHn. of epileptic convulsions. the future of the Dardanelles, and docs Turkey propose to submit to any future conference any specific plan on tlic question of passage through the straits? Answer—As stated in notes to the Soviet government dated Aug. li and Oct. IB, 1940, Turkey is convinced that the present regime of the straits is the most jusl and best balanced system that, can lr~ devised to give satisfaction to nil LET'S WORK TOGETHER When you go about that sprim; house-cleaning'— the best idea is to tackle'it out room at ;i time. So let's start out with the living room. While you're cleaning the floor:; and the paint • let us handle th<^ slip covers, tile 'rugs' ami the drapes. You'll find that we'll be"finisli'e'd just shout the same time you arc—and then EVERYTHING in the room will sparkle with spring freshness! And that's the way to work your wu.v ihi'ougti. the whole house—letting-us work with you on bedspreads,' blankets, lampshades, rugs, drapes and curtains. You'll make your home a brighter place in which to live--'-and bo pleased wit It the, dependable workmanship and real economy we make available by working with you. Certified Cold Fur Storage Blytheville Steam Laundry Your inspection Invited ft Phones 418—119 Jobs in Office, Out for Army's Foot Soldiers WASHINGTON. May 13. (UP) — On. uwlRht. 1). Elsenhower today oiU'iied 11 drive lo set nil batlte- u-sloil foot soldiers mil of army office Jobs mid back to Ihe inftin- li.v because of si "world-wUlc, eril- ical sliorlagc' 'of roinbiil Infunlryinon: Tlw iirniy chief of stuff said 111 :i circular Hint export riflemen no IOHHIT can draw im extra $10 a mould as combat soldiers if they Iraii.sfcr lo other assignments. Up dirt'ctcil connmimlei's at home anil abroad to retain In their present assignmcnls nl Icombal-tralurid ' iyincn who wish to renml'ii 'Where Ihcy lire. He salcl such nil infantrymen may not be transferred without, liis consent. Eisenhower also directed Unit .ill |]hy.sleally-(|iialinccl enlisted men holding combat or cxp?rt InfunLry- inni's baizes be transferred from desk jobs to the infanlry If they voliniioor for such service. Assured I'a, (UP)—He- movlni; a siun placed In the window of another business establishment, a practical joker put 11 In front, of a funeral home. 11 rend: "We Guarantee, (o Place Yon hi a Pcnnanc'nl Position." parties, should any iwwcr rind some reason of complaint tiboiil this regime, thai power can always ask for a conference to b c convened In order to make alterations according to procedure established by Ihc Montrcux convention. (The Montrcux convention or 19M5 Rives Turkey control over (lip Dardanelles by international agreement. H provides freedom of transit for merchant vessels and certain types of warships in peace lime. Turkey, however, may shut the straits; to warships if .she i s at war or considers herself' threatened with imminent danger of war) Question _ Dne s an Armenian urobJejn cxisl In Turkey at present,? Answer—There is no Armenian question in Turkey because in this country every citizen enjoys equal rights without any distinction as to religion or race, j Question—Remembering Turkey's great role in the development of thc Balkan stales, can you say whether .Turkey can see any resumption of such a role in the Iiilure.?-...!'..-^."..^^.--.^/...' , i Answer iTurkey" l s ready t o ''co-' operate wllhiri thc framework of | th c Unitccl ; Nations charier, also with her Balkan neighbors, toward consolidation of'peace. Turks to Keep Dardanelles Question DO you see the possibility under present circumstances of closer cooperation with Greece? Answer—The . strengthening of cooperation in every field with our friends the Greeks is one of the principles o f Turkish policy. Question—Would Turkey be willing to Brant to any outside power a base i n th c Dardanelles? Answer—No question touching Turkey's territorial Integrity or sovereignly can bo discussed. Question — Future cooperation .with the Arab world by Turkey has i been the subject of considerable | comment in diplomatic capitals. -. Can you comment on the prospects thereof? Answer—Turkey wishes to cooperate, always within Ihe frame of Ihe United Nations charter, with her Arabic neighbors who for centuries shared n common life with her. Turkey's friendship for thc Her most sincere desire is to in' crease cordial relations every day, in every ficltl and with every oiic NOT1CK Notice i;; hereby Riven [hat the nndorsii'.ned will within the lime fixed by law apply lo the Commissioner of Revenues of the Stute of Arkansas for a penult to sell beer at retail jit 512 l/ocusl SI., Blythc- ''ilic, Arkansas, Mississippi, Coiin- t-J'- The undersigned stales thai he Is. a cilJH'-'ii of Arkansas, of i;ood mor- ••il chanictrr. that he has ijcvcr, been convicted oi a felony oV otli-' ft crime involvinq moral turpitude; thai no license lo sell beer by the. undersigned has been revoked within five years lust past; lincl that the undersigned has never been convicted of violating Ihc laws of this stale, or liny other slain relating to the .sailc of alcoholic lk|iiorr;. ' G. A. BAKES EubstTibrd and sworn to before m e this 12th day of May. 1941. Mrs. Marshall "ulackard 'My Commission expires Msirch 9, 1049. n live yours inst pusl; and Hint mi 1 iiiutmlfiiu-d has never bci-n ""ivlcti-,1 of violating (lie laws of this slalo. or miy ( i(|i<> r ,M, ltt ,, ,-<,.. l"l»>i: to Hie sale o[ alcoholic liquors. Charlie Johuson Subscribed mid s worn lo More »'<•' lllfS 12tll (Illy (If May. IW7. Eli/.abi'lh M.ison (Seal! Notary Public 'My <-'oimnlsslon expires 4:20-50. IN UK TKORA'IK COUKT JX>K 'UK C1IK KASAWKA DISTRICT Or MISSISSIITI t'OUNl V, AK- KANSAH. Hit- Mailer of the Ext ill c of OSCAR SAlfs, Deceased, Pearl caston, Admlnlslralilx. N.i. K67 •NOTICK Notld- is hereby given dial Ihe iitiilcisigiied. us Administratrix of tbo EXtnte of Oscnr Sales, Deceased, wtji on the 5(|, ilny of Jl|no ,,j, 7 offer f«r sil ] e at public auction, at the Koiilh door of the Court jrousp. in ntythnvlllr. Mlssissl)>pl Comity, Arkansas, lo Ihe highest bicliter. ii]K)n a credit of three (31 months .the following lands be- loiiKinq IQ tin; snld Kstnle to-wlt l/.t Three (3), j,, n|(>ck Six {(». "f »'- K. W, Robinson AcUlltlim lo the Oily of lilythevllle, Arkansas. vSaid sals Is made for the pur- nose of p-iylm; ih c debt s of salt WHIP. ,niid niirchasor at such sal: w 1 bo roQUlri-d lo give m,le and wllli approved smirlly, for tin; purchase price. ij,J );itc ' 1 lh ' s u '° 13lh tl "y ol M|1V . IVjir) Caston Admlnlslralrlx SII3-20-TI fcliolureliliw to studcnU from for- denUs |u Oilnese unlvcrfilllcs, twolto stvtdenU in clBn couiftilcs. Fivo went to stu- to CunudKuw »»d the rcm»Ui(lcr E-ro ,.»s t'nrrlfii Sdidcnts H'ln l|. SYDACUSB. N. Y. <UP)-Syra- cusc University has awarded leu o( '" 104 '' Cruiluiitc fellowships ami NOTICK Notice is hereby given that the undersigned will within the time fixed by law apply lo the Commissioner of Ilcveniies of the Slate of Arkansas lor a permit to sell beeii, at retail at 40:) 1-2 E. Main St.. niythevillc, Arkansas. Mississippi County. The undersigned stales that lie is a citizen of Arkansas, of good mpr- al character, UuiL he has never been convicted of a felony.or oth- -ci^ crime iiivplyrng. .moral _lurpltude| Ihiit no license to sell'Viccr by the imclersigiind'has been revoked within five-, years last past; and that Ihe undersigned has never been convicted of violalingV'lhe laws of this stale, or any oilier state, rc- lalim; to the sale of alcoholic liquors. Fred Fallght Subscribed and sworn to before mo this 12lh day of May, 1947. •, Mrs. Marshall Blackard (SEAL) Notary Pllblio My Commission expires March !). 1040. NOTICE Notice is hereby given that the undersigned will within thc time fixed by Isiw apply to thc Commissioner of Revenues of the Stale o Arkansas for a permit to sell beer at retail al, OH IBlh St.. IJlythcville, Arkansas, Mississippi County. Thc undersigned states thai he :s a citizen of Arkansas, of good mural character, that lie has never been convicted of a felony or oilier crime involving moral turpitude; that no license to sell beer by Ihe undersigned has been revoked wilh- Of the countries of lc Arab League, who arc heirs lo one of tile world's greatest civilisations. "< ,<ect&t LADIES Do Your; Automatically And Save! :ir>c up to <» i,i| S Dry Weight We Furnish Soup Hlciich & INning Free! THE Washerette Oos-slown — Main Division THREE SIMPLE STEPS! 1. Place clothing in liemlix 2. Add soap, wait or shop •'i. ^Take clothes home in '15 minutes. Open (ill 9 p. tn. on Monday, Tuesday, Friday Who Wants to Go Back to The Good Old Days? - - - When Father Carried Water And Mother Washed By JWonH Certainly not the smart homcmakers of Blythf- yillc. who have wisely learned to rely on *f>« con- ycnicnco of a bountiful supply of pure wafer in the home at all times. It's a service that Has taken most of the drudgery out of "washday". The efforts of our organization are combined to provide the people of Blytheville with a pl^h- tiful supply of pure water and the best in sery- icc at all times. Blytheville Water Co BERNARD ALI.F.N, i In Your Chrapefit C *ft ¥<in l» vlsibfe in South America w, and Afn'ca on May 20th • T SEAtHMTS FIHtSr HXIIICIX WHISKEY Seagrams ^ <^W^& mi * ' —~*i s r BLENDED WHISKEY Seagram's 7 Crown. 65°/. Grain Keulral Spirits. E6.8 Prool. SeaetanvDisliHers Corporation, Chrysler Building, New York .FLASW.. r CANNING- NEEDS! 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We offer their 21 quart this iow price HUBBARD HARDWARE CO. 213 West Main Phone 2015

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