The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on June 7, 1934 · Page 8
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 8

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, June 7, 1934
Page 8
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PAGE EIGHf, B1..YTHEVIT..LE, (ARK,) COURIER DETROIT TIGERS [Yinkt got to Ufty Orov« and [Hwiry *>hn*on /or 25 hit* )n the flnt gsme, 'llie St. UHlls Biowns belt the Chfclgo While Eox 3 to 2 it Chicago. All at the Browns' runs were KOKt\ In '.he fourth Inning. Htd- ley vtf. the winning pitcher and Lyons the loser. Lyons clrnvc In licih of Chicago's runs. Bofh Leagues See Change Of Leaders Wednesday; In Win The New York Olanis took the National league . lead yesterday l-eatlii'! Hie Brwlon Braves while Ihe Clilca?o Cubs pulled Ihe Card* ihe tO]>. The DtHrolt Tigors f'W into iirsl [ilnce In Ihe Amerl- rni leiigw. Ix-ntliK; the Indians us Ihe Ynnkrf.s lA-it nnd uou with IV'-ion's l?ed Sox. . The Olanls liouncod the Braves 1 with Ca-1 Ihihlx'll In good form, Mdln? the Urnvi'S well In ehec-k. Tl'f M'ore was f, lo 2. The Cubs pulled the Cardinals from the top bv taking Ihe blf; end o[ a 12 lo 8 scoie In a name that ln'ied 13 innliiKs. Tlie Culxs ran wild In the nth wllli six ivns. The Cardinals irail clijht I'iti'here IHK| Manager Frl.vli was Vanished frnm ine game. Millnni' vn.s Khf-u ereillt for Ihe win and Cui'teton ihe loss. . The Brooklyn Dodgers dropped c 12 to 4 decision to the rhilu- d"!phia Phillies at Philadelphia. •The score was U in 4. Collins was ihc winning .pllcher. 'Hie Plllsburgh Pirates walked over the Cincinnati Reds In iwo Barnes. The Hues won. 3 to 1 and 5 lo 1. Swift and liirkofer turned in ihe winning pcrfnrmnrices. The Tigers defeated Ihe Indians 2 to 1 In a pitching duel at De- troll. Schoolboy liowe was the winning pitcher and Welland the loser. The Indians got but six hits mid (he Tigers were lield lo oiie lone blngle. The solitary hit however cau:e In ihe sixth inning and linked with jxisses to account lor one fo the Tiger's runs. Tire Yankees won' over tin; Doston Red Sox 15 to a In Ilic n|x>n- ing same at Dnslnn hut dropped the second contest. 7 to 4. The \1emnhis Semi-Pro Star Will .Star! On Mound Against Pscoola Sunday John Smith's Illylhevllle Timers , will be seeking lliflr second ?(rnl|ilii victory over the O.^eola U. S. Enginrers when the teams meet m Oweolu Sunday afternoon. • The ([iime Is called lor Ihrce. o'clock. Bmltli has announced Iliat lllck- liam. star Memphis righthander, who gained u decision over the KnyifU'er.s several weeks u];o, will te on the mound iiguln for the : Ulythevllle tenm. The i-holcr uf the O.venln Dutch Welrh as pitcher has nol Ijeen aniiruiiieecl I hr-re. Smith and his players confidently .expect to add another victory over the Engineers lo their unbroken stilus; of Irl phs m far Ibis season. On Sunday, June 17. tire Tisen will play ul Haley Field here, wllli the Memphis Dry Cleaners at their opponents. On Sunday June 24 they will meet the Mnuelto I'uf- falocs here. CAMBRIDGE, Mass.— Harvard'? fretihinan athletic »tuails Imld i 3-1 cdse over Yale's frosh. Tin Crimson lio.s Ijciilen the Illuc Ii fcxitball. hockey, and baseball, ami lost in track. NEW YORK.-Columblu ha giifrt Michigan for ii fnolball uiiin |at naker I'leld heie. Oft "ii 1035 I A return garni! hns been set for ' Oct. 25. 1935. al Ann Arbor', Midi Harry Gray son 2 Suit Values Jor hot wealher 4-Piecc Linens Snowy while linen suits that give jjmi that wc!l drcssc.-l fcftiing. J 7 50 3-Piccc Seersuckers New pnttcrn cfTccts in cool, light-weight Scei-- siifkci-.s tli;it_ ofl'or tiio utmost in cnmfni'l. 75 15 SPORT SHOES Newly arrived styles from Nunn-liusli; EOgcrlon and Fortune, fe.itlived :il three popular prices. *4 : Cyril Slapnlclia ne«?r again will x- wnsliert out of a town when cut tlx'rc (or the purixise ol In- pectJng 11 ball pliiycr. Tile foxy or.iger of the Cleveland club (Ciilil outlast, n flood Ilki: North's. Nor will Slii|X)nlcku ever again irantl a pitcher :i bua, eu-n though le. Is a soulhp:!* 1 who bellrvcs he s Napoleoti. clutses lire engines, and h»s a yen lo be a snake charmer. There has Ix'en no snap iidtiiiieiil on Ihe part of Ihe In- llun n^rnl .since he Journeyed to \k.'X!i:ulrla, la.. In 10M. T.'.e Alexnndrla fr.inchlse ww lie properly ol Shrei'epoil. ivhlcti owed Cleveland $5000. 'Hie Shreve.- lort niaiiaytineiit. euyer lo pay the lebt with anything but money, .* Bested, Alvu Jlrtullej' &. 'Co .al:e an inllclder al $151)0 and a >llclier at $'J500. T.'ey were Ihe same IBC. 20. and the pick of the Ali'x- undrln farm. They had Cotton Stales addicLs excited, and "coujcln'i IM.S.S akluy tiood." Jio Hilly Evans, I'l-nerul manager of the Cleveland Hub. dispatched Kraut .Slinnlt'fcii t» Alcxiunlrln II will raining uiieliovlCB In (hi Louisiana town i!ie day Cy arrivtst The Alexandria pJnyci!=.--.ill savt o/ic—huddled In the ilugonl. The exception sat on .^cond l>isi'. whlcl wax all Inn Mnatlii]; in a drlvlnt, rain, paddling an hnaglniiry boa with barrel slaves, lo the great ;le llu.'.t of u couple of liari'toDled kick. Noi M Kunny as Altrock and Srharht Slajmleka chatted wllli Ihe In- neldcr. "Where's Hie pitcher?" the scout wanted lo know. 'IVerc he Is-oiit (here on second bar*," replied the Alexandria manager. "Is he lefl-linnded?" asked Snap- nlcka. "No, indeed, he's a rlahl-hand- er, und a mblily (jood yoniij; right- 'lander, too." nnssvcrcd ll:e pilot. "Well if he L'.n't a southpaw, he's a nut, and he isn't us runny as Altrock und Schnclil. Hrsldes. [here are. cnoufih crnyy hall players in the nmjon;." eommenlcd the Ivory hunter. Tlie same was imstpqncd. and there was every Indication that one would not be played for two or Uiree days. Rlapntcka was search- Ing for a pitcher, not a make-believe boatman. He had been a cbucker himself, and U never would be said (hut the baseball explorer who. found Oral Illldebrand and Mel Harder recommended a sniilr- rel. . Nor could Slapnlcka sec any 'nse in wasting valuable time on a $1500 Infieldor. Nn, he'd te on his way. Perhaps he'd dig up a Hal TjiBky. which he did,"by the way. So the Tribal representative packed his - b:i'!.s anil went away from (here. .. Yo« C.ii't Always Trll Th»m by .Their Oars ' Cleveland accepted 'the inflelder, sight unseen. He" is Bad 'News Hale, wt:o hopixxl -into the breach at second base this spring when Hie deal for Oscar Melllto, of the Drowns. MI through. Halo is hit- tint' -330, and with BUI Knickerbocker, has. outstripped the. Alhlel- Ic comhlniuion of McNair and Warsllcr in manufaclurin-' double The pitcher? Oh, yes. The Chicago Nationals paW $5000 [or him two weeks after the Alexandria de- li'Bc. He won 22 games In Iwlplng to pitch the Cubs to a pennant In 1932. Ills earned run average was 2.37, and Iw led the senior loop sllnsers In every test. He. came back with 18 victories with a ihird place club In 1DM. when his earned run average ol 2.01 war. tri|>in>d only by the p- c - nomeml Carl Hubboll's lift He siarted thk s ea.<»n wllli a pair of one-hll i>erronnanci\s , His name Is i/>n Warneke and Philip K. Wriyley would laugh rl s lu r.ut IOIKI in the face of any owner nirering JoO.OOO for tc loose young man f,-om the Arkansas hills. , Warneke still engages in pepper ( games with children, and probably wou!<l enjoy nnotlxr "sail" with them on a Heating second sack. Little wonder that all ball players arc sane and well balanced Insofar tvs Seoul Slapnicka Ls concerned mini definitely pronounced oi.-.crwlsc by poychopathUts. HALF OF SOFT ULL T six-run l«d in II; Ing but lost to I flarrtfu who ome back strong, With the wore 7 lo 6 in th» nlntii Boston Democrat, Give Speechieii Dinner WORCESTER, Mass. (UP) - A Trachoma Is (lie ereatcs: slng!e world cause of vision Impairment and blindness, CaudiU T s Agency| Insurance :!ast Arkansas Makes Debut; First Halt Dies Wilh Games Unptaycd 'I'lic second half rac« of the Commercial soft tall league Is clieilnlcd in o|X'ii ntisplclonsly In- lib-lit with nobin.son Drug aim- inny. nrst hnlf winners, inmlug Perry's Stole Liners In • the we- ! •mil Citlllc 111 Mir- lll|!lll'S (Inill)IP- :iemlcr. In Hie first LMIIIC Aik- \1r> Ptn/ir wMiiiMiiiy will meet K:\M \rkunsiis Builders Sii[>j>ly, forim-j-- V Teitehers. The nrsl Imir lilokrrcil oul very iniiiispleloiisly with (ho fluid !».(> unjcs "1 lliu hiilf "Indefinitely XHlpOIK'll." WlllCll 1.1 equivalent 111 •n nnnounrcincnt Hint the names *lll never tx! plnyrcl. Tlie imly •erltiin i-csiili of llii- Orel. Imll l-i rtnbl neon's victory. Failure lo pluy Hit the Kolu'ilule le.iives u iiitni!>fr j| InlPirsllin; |KvsMlilllllt«s never In X' (lelmnlnncl and rnslline llll- larcl I'urlor technically hi s Tlnce. nltlKMieli other tennis In the circuit, Ihrcu In immher, wlio Inul •i |»sslhl<' diunci 1 for ti Ue 1'aslinif ilioulil the cue mtlsts have. lusl. heir last game, must nccownrlly lose their chances for whatever Jlory thny mlBlit, have hnrt. Fnil- atr to play oul the .schedule also leaves Ijutllni; averages, fieldlni! averages and oilier slalistlc.s in u confusing. situation. EnsL Arkansas Builders Supply i makes ILs debut tonight will] the ' same team Intact tluiL represented Teachers throughout the first hnlf I except for two leiiclicrs lost to the 1 team. The' East Arkansas tram will upnenr tonight hi snappy uniform array. E EXPERT RADIO REPAIRS ner could be complete wltli few remarks. .Vo dulcet tones; no modest lays— These tunes the Blow-Hard Cos Bandplaya; The wise old owl ignores the blare, He knows that it is just hot-air! Birmingham Barons Beat Chicks; Nashville Vols Swamp Knoxville The Little Rock Travelers drop- pcrt n 4 to 3 decision to the New Orleans Pelicans at New Orleans last night. The Travelers appeared to better advantage than they did In losing lo Memphis the 1 • nitjht before hut lost just the .same. Mll- ner was the winning; pitcher'' ami WjlloiiBhby Uie. loser. ' The Nashville VoLs |>lled up a j till! wore in the third nnd fourth innings tu inaki- certain of''vic- tory over the Knoxville Smokies. The score was • 18 to 9. • Sneece was the winning pitcher. The Memphis Chicks amassed- a ^—^^ The world's leading oil organization stands squarely behind Essolene's guarantee of smoother performance , , Just try a tankful and give Essolene an opportunity to speak for itself. MOTOI TIAVIL INFORMATION . . «H OP COIt Vour* frx Ikt liking II ill Euo •I OURS AMI OETOUKS." HMQlh. CoiUftiii oftrisl 'H«P of > rurrcBt ruid cokUructiM; vica- lion inrormKroo: laurimt tin*: elc. Alio free individual rqi4 icil.1. inoK-.i lri[i. wrire or call L!IM I billing Sr/%icr, ?6 Broldftir. N. \. (I. . : 361 CoaMiliMie* Air . W.ibioliau. I). O.;... or 21 H Si <:i,,,li, A>e . Np. CV- (iVro/ub* Motor Oil in the crankane enabln Eaalene to ita in test] AT REGULAR GASOLINE PRICE Smoother Performance tUY At THIS SIGN . uul rit.]t,.(,fm M.inclo l.o.ill,».« rtfrcttni ihe iimctk icil c>ro4ducitcF I MMld'i Icadinl nil rxltiifBtiufl. S T -A N T> r A R D O I L C O M P A N Y [C F LOUIS I'T"^! REDUCES PRICES SHIRTS A great array of summer pal- terns, solid colors and while by Ihe two liading finu makers of America. 65 UP Wilson Bros. Arrow $1 95 Shirts ^J_ up ladies' Bathing Suits 25 UP R. D. Hughes & Co. 3 Doors West of NON-SKID SIW PAD TRUSSES The Perfect Rupture Holders! SEE OUR FITTER NOW Consultation »nd Advice Rree. We htve a special type for yon rupture I Robinson Drug Co., Inc. lUtlnMii * Main Al. KF.IHIII.T TYrEWKITEIlS S37.M srrcrAL One Year O»ir»nU* Easy T«m* COOrER TYPtWRITEJl CO. 12* Unl»n Are. I F EVER there wat a tim« to "look at All Three"... thi« is it. Effective today, without change-in product, Plymouth announce* very substantial price reduction* printed in the box at the right. Study those figure* carefully. Compare them with the prices of Plymouth's two competitors. You will see that today you can buy a big, luxurious Plymouth with all these advantages... HYDRAULIC BRAKES • SAFETY-STEEL BODY PATENTED FLOATING POWER ... at a price vi rtually identical with the very lowest- priced car on the market. For three years now, Plymouth has set the pace in the low-price field. Year after year Plymouth has made sensational gains. It is the only low- priced car that is selling more today than ever before in the history of the company. What's the reason for this tremendous growth? It's simply this. The challenger must be better to forge so quickly ahead... Plymouth is America's best engineered low-priced car. See it today... at any Dodge, De Solo or Chrysler dealer. Don't buy any low-priced car until you do. TODAY...PRICES SUBSTANTIALLY REDUCED STANDARD PLYMOUTH New Price Old Price Saving Business Coupe $485 $530 $45 2^Door Sedan 510 5l5 35 PLYMOUTH SIX 4-Door Sedan 600 610 10 2-Door Sedan 560 570 10 Business Coupe 540 560 20 Rumble Seat Coupe 570 570 00 DE LUXE PLYMOUTH 4-Door Sedan 660 695 35 2-Door Sedan 610 640 30 Town Sedan 695 730 35 Business Coupe ' 595 620 25 Rumble Seat Coupft 630 660 30 Convertible Coupe 685 705 20 Above are lilt pricM at factory, Detroit. DupUU S«f<tf P1»»« ^ . Gl«n throughout »t low extra coil. Convenient time, payment*. Aik for the Official Chryeler Motort Commercial CrexJH Pl«n. PLYMOUTH MOTOR CORPORATION DETROIT, MICHIGAN

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