The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on June 7, 1934 · Page 7
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 7

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, June 7, 1934
Page 7
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THURSDAY, JUNE 7, 1934 BLYTHRVILLE, (ARK.) COURIER NEWS PAGE SEVEN & [CLASSIFIED SECTION - »*«*»«#.<„* CLASSIFIED ADVERTISING INFORMATION Dally rate per line ror COIIMCU- i've insertions: (Five average wmos to a line) One time per line .......... 1* T«o Umes per Hue per day .. He Three time* per lln< per day . . Me rix time* per lice per d*y .. He Vonth rate per lint .......... Mo Minimum charge- 600 Ads ordered 10' tlireo or six times and slopped before expira- I'on will be chargoo tor the. niuu- bet of Units Hie «il «|inc*red ano adjustment ol bill made. \ All CiasaiDed Advertising copy ftubuiHted by pcrso'j."' residing out- aide ol the city n usl be accompanied by cash. Rates U'*y bf Ciilly computed from above table wo respoijsiblllly will be taken JOT more thka one Incorrect In- lertlou o( any classified ad. EXFF.ET typewriter and Ad4in( Machine Kepairint. U..S. Biuk- rnshlp, lit; E. Ku». Call 1S5-J. 22ck6-22 FurnUue Also automobile upholstering. We l be ulnd (o refer you to customers a'i to quality and work- inaiisliii). complete Hue New Location 1H No. JENKINS * SON S-clt-«-b AUTOMO1IVE .Save 'Itac JUH| Money By uunf ov t-omftttt n«rk Ama kcplactamrt pans naufciuc nxr«warr Co. Automotive t>e|H. - - 1'hunr tOR UUN1 ApinmCIH, i'li^lu uvo. Advertising onwta tor rrregu- t&ko tbe one tlrnt USED CARS '30 •30 en Better Bui:, Can Be Ha4 We Will Hive Them! F O K I> TOWN SEDAN, hurts GOC3, (jlKKi IkUDtKT and Nen I'aii ( $219 furnished BEDROOMS. Mrs. Hardm, 1U17 W. Wanmt. (Jail Ick-ti MODERN y room furnished or un lurnished apartment over Kiroy Drug Store, r 1 . Simon. Call 764. JU-ck-ti Nicely furnished APARTMENT, private bath. Ughls, water iree. 61si W. Mam. Call 332-J. I'ONTIAC Kill Bu\ . COACH. $136 79 DODGE SEDAN. Motor A-l. ", Looks Krai GocU ........ S15b '32 CHEVROLET COACH. Have to Set aim f)nvc 'mis Car lo AFjiituaie kt. A kiar- '30 FORD STATION WAGON. Ntiv 'liU's, i^lotor ,•%-!- li.u Uy for Delivery cr Jtaim L's; .............. S •M DODOK PAKE!. TRUCK. Ideal iol tiaklry 01 tjleja- UNFURNISHED 5 room apartment. 1013 W. Walnut. Call 303. 5-30 c ktf 4 room house with bath. Nicely furnished. Vacant June 1. Ill Division. Call 650 or 968. 22cktf '30 CHEVHOLtT CK-LI-U i.aD. liui mo:,i p»tw b-i^y $176 Many Otncls to Choose From Nicely furnished cool 3 - room APARTMENT. Mrs. Duncan, 119 Chicfcasawba. ckQ-17 UOOL BEDROOMS, REASONABLE MRS. WERT, 212 W. MAIN. FURNISHED aparimeiil, IOS'DOU- ean. Phone 870-J. a room FURNISHED Apartment and garHge. Cool, reasonable. 1601 W. Ash. He k6-ll Nicely Furnished BED ROOM. Mrs. Nolen, 310 Wast Walnul. 30c k6-30 WANTED TO RENT Corner . 'juii ~j£ VViuim'l' 5U. - on UUSlNhat, i Wanted to Rent—unfurnished 3 or 4 room house or downstairs apartment. "BF" Courier News. 7-ck-ll WANTED: Servant room within short distance of 1100 Chicka- 5awba;,Call 278-W. U CLEANEKS, TAFLORS MktS. L. M. BUK.NtTTK IHK uptjnn^ ui suuiiu ill iMiiiiri, siiuruiMi ilc K7-2 COUNTS VVOKK.URS UNION lor men ar?ti \vomen over Iti Dues, fl per year 21pk 6-24 Ready-Mai; Slip Covers Approved by viood ilousekcepbi£. ' Choice of good materials. Fit Guaranteed— \\ Usual Trice Mrs. C, 3L Gray, agent HIGHEST Prices paid for brass, iiliiniinimi, copper, zinc. Nev/ Dcjil Tratljug t'ost, ISO W. Main. Be k6-b Ask us ubflul Ihc Ha£en iioney C'ccttr Golf Balls; They're Better, HuDbaid Hardware Co. 5c k7-5 FOii SALE Scrtntl iMiid lutrjlare bwitlit aim i.4Xa. iiirituie I'HrKliardt uo., E. .11 a in, myUieviHC, Aru. 4i:ki-< For Gnte—3-10 l.cotKird lictrigcra- tor. lu:c ne'.v. porcelain hnea, lor only 515. IMrKhurst Co. 10D E Main, biyltieviiie. Ark. 4-cli-V-l For Sale - - Repor.sor.sert lavgc -size Mnyt^g wnslnng inncliinc. useo only ' about JO nays, lor balance due Slid. Terms. Parkhurst Co.. lOa E. Main, Blytlicville, Ail;. 4-ck-7-1 We elenii and slore wlnto- cloth fs and bed eorers. Moth-proof, firr- proof Taulti. fvj next fall. Uniqn* Cleaatoc Service WAMTED TO BUY We tmy Chfckem »n< Kgfi, highest prices paid. Rite Price Grocery, Phone 231. Ill REAI, ESTATE How woald yon like a home ol your own in the beautiful Ozarks? A 40 acre farm, 10 minutes flotn town and 15 minutes from a good fishing ho?c, good house anti plenty of fruit trees. bomjtht CHEAP. Small cash pay ment, balance easy terms. consider trading for merchandise slock. J. C. CliAFIN, MANILA, Ark. A GREAT OPPORTUNITY lo own a nice suburban home 6 room bungalow, new and modern one acre land on gravel highwaj in corporate limits, very low taxes fine garden growing near $3000.00. owner svill sell for less than half price take good used car in deal, s cash, balance on terms. W. M. Bums, Agency. •BARGAINS in good, clean, used ice boxes. Evcrelt B. Gee Sales Co. CHEAP—25 acres giowitig alfalfa near Blytlicville, Everett B. Gee. 22ck6-22 Feeds, Flour, Gromies & Meat! at Best Prices. We Deliver. PhMK 234, Rite Price Grocery. Oc For Sale—1 good used Delco light plant, 1 battery radio set. 1 used electric refrigerator, new fc used electric fans. Everett n. Gee Sales Co. 22 ck 6-22. WANTED job Wanted by boy Just gradu»ted from High school. Not afraid ol work. Will do anything. Write Box J Care Courier News. 28xxtl REPAIRING Trnnls Racket 1 ; Rfstronc Overnight service, 4 grades Co. 6-ck-7-6 HOME LOAN-Fi'ce eillmales on roofs, painting and general repairs. We can arrange TERMS If d*sired. B. C. ROBINSON LUM BER CO. 1'HONE 100. FREE II O L C Estinutca X Roofins, Painting, Repairs "niE ARKMO LUMBER CO. 10-ck-6-10 See me for 3. 5. 10 or IS acre trad: fronttnt *n Franklin Street be Inning at Mrssfmri Avcnve, north E. M. TERRY Thome 617 or 3« SALESMEN WANTED MAM WANTED foi Roule iii Central Norlh f'oinselt Counties, ville. Write immedia!,-ly. Rawlcigl Co. Dept. AK-l-OU. Tcnn., Or see C. H. Byrn, Hollaiu Mo. If yo« own a car, hare sonw money to Invest, had periencc (not hcwsc can use yon in a wil! ^»y yon font income. Horn every nifht. Handle See by appointment. R. E. BUylodt, Blythevlltt, Ark POULTinrs"KG€S Milk fed FRYERS for sa!e. PICK ARD's Slore. 1044 Chicka.vwba _,_^^ 17-ck-6- S«rl os ynur pwrHry. We T«y «st prt«s Iff hens *• fryers. B T. Worthy 315 E. Main. Hck6-l LOST Brown kid SUPPER from Boot cry. Saturday night. REWARD. Slella Reedy, Call 830-J. 6-ck-ll FOR SALK OR TRADE OARAOB doing good business, well equipped. Easy monthly pay-J menu. J. C. CHAPIN7Manila. Ark. i fi-p-12 i Niuse I)rsi'rnil4uis Won ti£tn | ASTORIA, Ore. tUi')—Dcwend ants ot Norseman won llH'lr llH' city council, mill us u I'csult n now sti'ci'l will h! Krickson DINT." 'Hii' mum 1 "Ailaii l)ilve' ; wus Misseslod by op- IXJlll'lltS Dern Still Interested in Mine Industries Success ism, HI olllrc of W. lair Jolin Dern. started his will reu*w his aeUVKle* mining ciretr ax an engineer Ui Proai UK llnie he was frst elected CHAlllS j.Memphis. 'IViin. AilKiny oilier Illllt- (Junpalnted 51.80,(ors 10 bi- I'onsjuVri'il will lie pro- f2.50 . jxiseil i-hmiKc ul llv-Liiiv imivldlnn •HIE AHKMO I.UMI1K11 CO. | |< ir :im.-mlim'::ls i"if liy-Ijuvs by 25-ik-G-2S climlmitiiit; tliiTi'froiii iiocosslly for 1 1: u Mercur community', nl ih»t Utati.iaixl sube«|iiem- 1 i Itiue hnvl:ig a population ol, a. 500. ly selected l»y ptrokknt Hoosvelt as BAI/r IjAKK CITY, Ulnll. lUt 1 )- hk cabinet member, tho ex-inlii- Bceretniy of Win- Cli'or,n' II, Hern. comlml s[K>t In Die lias ost his lnl<>ri'Sl mUrs <»iilh»t»t ol Salt. Uk«!m tlte who Hist found siim-ss I mining Inditelry, wus pxrmlftl lo NWV1CK Annual incelln;; of stockholders of Blytlievlllo Cotton oil Mill will Ue held at lO:au A. M., Tucsiiny, of his tiUcnlloii. ut li'i liicreitsed mining InlereM, due With weatlwr eciidlllons fuvor- I'lcsldt'lil ] I. 11. Meuilni!, Assusuitu tjeeix'lai'y. In IVi.sia, ilu> price ol n hut Is I deliTiiihircl oy llic iiinounl of 1 II will hold. lo better [wloes for ore, has de- sble, plKcoius fly lawc than a mllo Bccmiry Dem, with his f:\lliei-. OUR BOARDING I LOUSE , THE STRATKn»T! MOW.WMCM TH 1 SHOW- SHOVEL THAT TO TH^'UTTLt PHOETBt ^\ NO WONDER ^ GOLD IS, IS ON THt OTHER SIDE fAV QUITE HEA.P, ISN'T IT <2> PRONT Of YOU UKE A COURT SUMMONS/ NOW THEN , WHERE T>O WE (7.O INTO K\ TH'TOP, ^ "BOTTOM? EXPENSIVE/ HE LITTLE PHOEBt" BOOTS AND HER BUDDIES Y0t» CAME "TO *>tt ME FOR GOODNESS SAKKS! OW.COMt. SXW MtEDNT ACT SO VtRFtCTW WtU. THOT HE OW ANO H\M,BtWMD VW BACW '. 1 cAVi WEU. TWXt VOO AWi iOtfV T\V>T 6ORT OV WASH TUBBS JUST LIKE THIS. 1 SUPPOSE ON!i OF TilOSE tKS SLUCi&GD H JL TKIKIi, WIUIrthrS.A WHV? IS FETTER kBADLY HURT? ft'MMOM THE POLICE. SALESMAN SAiH OL' SLKKI'Y HKAD! BETCHO! EX-Pt-iCIT TO U)HOT ITS A Bftr BREftK FEP. 1HOW ME THftTTH'ROBBERS ARE UWK'N 1 \ A ROBBERY'S VOUR STOP-e (M TH' DM TIME. INSTEAD < A RO68EBV, H, Bur TH' CHIEF TOLD ME TA ge SURE 'AN' j! EVES OPEN, AN' ( HAVE TH' D€RMUe"5r TIME AWAKE AT NIC3HT I 1 WA=, SENT neae TA set IF l KIM Ptrr A SHTOPTO TH' STICK-UPS BULW MOW, &1T BEHIND TH' ftN r LOOK LIKE g/'.«S5.O=^»v =7>C IUL:UI_. WISH Vft LUCK] CHI6P EY.P(.ftlN (ALL TUftt's UflPPEIJED \\ 'ROOMD HCR&? FRECKLKS ANJ> IUS I'RIKNUS FIVE THOUSAWD DOLLARS...QUfTE A HEAT [5NT IT, MR I-WSOM 7 I'M WOT REALLY SUCH A BAD GUY.' I'M GOIWC 7» PROVE . IT...IM PRETTY SMART; BUT hJOT REALLY A SLICKER f / PROVE TO YOU THAT I'M NOT JUST TRYiKK ft) GET A TCMPORARV AD5R£SS AT TH£ CORNER OF EASY STPEET AND PUSHOVER ALLEY, I'M TEARING UP YOUR ''/ —-^ CHECK'! / GET A PICTURE OF THIS ...A FIVE THOUSAND JXH.LARS INTO TVA3 PARTS AND GGTTlKia ABSOCUTELY NOTHING !.'. I «VAWT 5URE I COULO MY CASE, BUT THIS FELLOW. DIRk ISN'T A • PUZZLE, WEVS NEVER SE£M I DID IT, SO I'M

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