The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on July 6, 1944 · Page 3
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 3

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, July 6, 1944
Page 3
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.. THURSDAY, JULY 6, 191'!': BLYTHEVILLE (ARK,) CO\JRIEK NEWS Adkins Supports Rule Changes Governor Does 'About Face' On Controversial Negro Vote Question ;I-1TTLE HOCK, July 6 (UP) — Governor Homer Adkins has dmng- e <i his stftiicl on iiroposed rule changes of the Arkansas Democratic Party. And lie hns written J°e c. Barren of Jonesboro, chnlr- "lan of the,.state conimltten. urging Hint (lie niles be amended to give election Judges niul clerks authority to ch.illeiige Negro voters. Adkins previously opposed n move by the committee to change the rules, saying that the matter was . one for Arkansas Democrats in convention to decide. In his loiter to Barrett, Adkins wrote: "I concur in the suggestion of the 10 members of the fitalo commlt- ( ,tce thai you immediately tall a ' meeting to advise judges and clerks in Hie coming Democratic primaries ... in accordance with the 'decision of the United Slate.s Supreme Court wherein they staled that Negroes could not he barred from the Democratic primaries by reason of race or color." And he went on to say that "I want to reaffirm my stand that I think we ought to keep the Democratic parly of Arkansas anil the South a white party." The Democratic committee is to hold a special meeting at Uttle Rock Saturday to advise judges and clerks on the Negro voting question. Rumor Rife In Spa Army Will Take Over Hotels HOT SPRINGS, July C <UP)— Th^city of Hot Springs is agog to- dny.Y'ith reports that the Army is - *?;- lhg l ' eall .v t° '' a ke over the four ^ifc hotels remaining in civilian use. Warning that shutting off the flow of tourists to the town could mean "disaster," officials are trying to suggest alternate means to the War Department. The hotels, it Is said, are needed for housing convalescent patients. Tlie Army took over Hie big Eastman Hotel and made it :m annex to the Army-Navy hospital across the street. Thai left the Arlington, the Majestic, the Park and Uie Howe for resort visitors. The Arkansas Gazette reports that Senator McOlellan is In Washington with a group 'of Hot Springs men trying to save at least one of the remaining major hotels. But he is quoted as saying that the chances are mighty slim. Retired Minister 'Drafted' ' PTTTSPIELD, Mass. (UP) — Though he retired from the minis- tt"Y several years ago, the Rev. OsrnV'iW. stetson has-been ."drafted" for a summer schedule which Includes Sunday services in I .churches. Merciful Enemy PAOB THKKK HOME, FROM DIEPPE fly Sergt, f verett Og/esby As Told To Menno Duerksen Tank-Carrying Glider Death And Destruction Strike yin About a hundred yards from Hie beach this officer .said, "Well men, we luive brought you here and will land yon within 30 feel of your designated si>ot. You do your job mid we'll do our best to get you back out." Just a few seconds before'hilling the bench a sailor began lowering the door and when the boats struck, my platoon officer was the first man lo hit Hie beach. All three sections of men in the boal followed in perfect order. "Men, follow me," 1 shouted to my platoon and they were right behind me. On the bench at the point where »— we hit, there was a huge crater,' apparently dug by the Germans as a tank trap. We drove Into It and' used it for protection against ma- cliiiie gmi nnd rifle fire white we got our bearings. As we looked auout us It seemed as though the cm terrible the machine guns in the hills had the rouge of 1)115 wall lop nnd it was simple suicide to show n head above that wall now. fiii|m>mc Courage Every onee In n while I could see es thine in °" C ?, f ° 1 "' ltv " ks " lia wns sl! " eJes vLiK the u > leratl »£' I'"* " German pill box ,! ei .'L ( !X, l , 1 ! C out °f nation, ocnsslomilly one of those Canadians or Tommies oul ;' destruction and \_ carnage Hint>n<l-; lilt the wave of men there would put one out with u ^ grenade, marching right up i *ii ,|lo their mouths to loss n grenade who pieceded us.ji,,. rjsimllytlie murderous fire Ihe dead men ;mowc(l thcsc , el , ows (]OWM u wns vsere not pleasant-here that 1 saw that gallant to see Machine Scotchman, his entrails blown out, gun and. rifle /Ire was -so thick you couldn't put join hand up Seret Oclesby » lthout bein E '>" sergt ugiesoy A hMV y cfln crete sea wall ran down, the^hore- line about 50 yards from• the ibeach, about five or six feet high; We immediately rushed to this wall and ducked down behind it. The' men of other sections kept . crowding around in one bunch find,'..1 told the other sergeants that we.would have to spread out or one shell might wipe us all out. '. These sergeants immediately began leading their men off down the wall and that 'was the last I saw of them. Plenty of Snipers The earth behind the wall was level with the top of the wall, sloping gently upward toward Dieppe. We could look right into Dieppe by looking over the wall, and th e buildings of the street nearest as were chock fill) of 'German snipers. We could also see by look- in!; over the wull that the first wave of men to hit the-beach, the ones who were supposed -to run into the town as a surprise, -had not reached their.objectives. We could sec many of them, lying oul in the open, dead. Those of the enemy who had not been on the alert when the first wave 'struck, were very much alert now, watting for anyone to show themselves. Our orders had teen to cover the first wave within protecting fire it necessary .-.and follow, them, into .-town,- Now, with the'heavy sniper fire nnd in. addition a heavy cross fire from cliffs on either side of Dieppe, we were pinned down behind that wall and kept there, hugging cover.';.'-. I TnkbiA. Look ,-','.'I got my binoculars "to .peek over the wall to sec what wa's.(joing on. A barbed wire entanglement was placed right nlong (lie fdp^'pf the wall and several other" :£ntjingle- ments placed further back. >It;looked like 'the enemy;- had'-rifle' and machine gun fire on every^ foot of that fence. With my. glasses I could see the German snipers firing from the windows. ' ( 'y I could also see some of, "the men from our first wave who,.Had'gone over the wall and whb':w?r£ still, out there, taking what meager cov- j er they could find and trying to; move up toward the town." 1 saw' some of thcsc men walk ..calmly out into the open, Just «s though they were going to church,:and try to get through the barbed ..wire. I ordered my men to try to lay down a protective fire for' those poor devils out there..It was all we could do for the moment for creeping a Tommy-gut) 10- the enemy and holding his hjsldes in with one hand. I saw one big soldier I recogiilz- Leods Caen Drive " ^ '"i ',-' V ' '' ' ' / >>W n <•-, » i . ii Again, Out Atiii ' uflor ho hud lierti In cnni|) (or 22 nlii nnd has icccnlly been dl?" PINCMCNEYV1U.K, 111. ('UP)-Ol- months, wns liccnusc liu wns ovcl- bccnuso of flhablllty, . Hc I'l'wawood lin.i had three hon- iijji! llmtl. lie mis rcrullc'il nml . - orable discharges from th<> Army dmlng World Wnr II, 'me first. ngnln la work In u rop A jnvcllim Is n wild pig, or lie W!\K nuli\cic<t perfectly lo each prdrr. Immediate- Fancy Slicing, tb Firm Heads, Ib _ pliolo Jrom NKA) •. In the remarkable close-up, above, smoke streams from n Jnn "Kate" 'torpedo bomber, hit by a U. S. Navy PIMY over Truki before (lie plane snmslied inlo the sen. Tlic rour ciinncr slooa up as it lo bail out, but snt clown iiunin, failing to jump from ] \vliich exploded when it hit the wilier. ed who linil been n boxer In civilian life cnlmly walking into the enemy the out there. Ordered lo go to Dieppe lie was going to Dieppe. A bullet hit him then another and nnollier, nml nnotlier nml still lip kept right on walking. It seemed to me us I watched" that 1 lie was hit at least 50 limes before hc went down, Just sinking slowly to earth, still walking forward. • I was worried. 1 knew things wer e not going (is they should nml I couldn't order my men out- there into that deadly ' fire, although I am sure they would have'none If I liml asked them to. I decided to Wo If- we could knock out some of those German snipers I could see. MV men were bunching together , main nnd I had to order them to l |kcep spread out. Then I ordered them ID take ni> positions along the wall where they could find the best cover, nml try to knock out I.t.-Gon..' Christopher Dcmsey, above, commands the British Second Army malting the drive upon Cnen in Normandy. General. Demsey.commanded a brigade in FranceVnd"Belgium before fall of, France, later participated in Sicilian and Italian campaigns. Crisp, Crunchy . Uniformly Delicious SLICED BACON MEMPHIS PACKING CO. ly obeyed. TOMOUHOWs A ili's|icrnlu sltuatiuii. LYNN, Mass. (UP>—The youngest naturalized citizen In the Unilwl Slnlcs is 10-yrar-old Colette II. Duccttc. A native of at. Raphael, Quc., Colette Would not have been eligible for niiturallvji- llon until she reached 18 II she Imd not been adopted legally by Mr and Mrs. Alfred W. Uucelto. MANY NEVER SUSPECT CAUSE OF BACKACHES Thl« Oltl Treatment Often Brings Happy Relief . Many Bufltron relieve Iwslnj lmV»eh« tliilckly.onto they illjcovtrtlimtlio real «iu« ol tlrelr l«Ml>lo nuiy l>o llte.l Mitnevi J lit Ulncyt nrp N»ti.rc'a chief wny nt t«k- J. I ?P" l . oc . KCJaft culsa[iii wiislooulof lf)Bl)lo<xl. JMicii duotiler «t kuijiej- rurietfon Tiunllu poisoncus umller Co remain in yunr t)[< )0 ,l it may Mvno iiaRcini Inckfielm, rlieuniatlc liftlna.Jet; pntns, ln;a p[ |it]> nll( l etictKy, pcl- tycs, liuilnclin niul ifllilnoss. Vreiv'ienl or _ficnnly pMaiiKca \vuli filniirtiiiK and luirnlnit •Oliicllinra itliows llicio la imiuelliliic ivroiii '^ilh y ?ur ki.lntys ,,r hla.l.itr. * * " lion t \vuitl A.iV your clrui'iilsl tnr Donn's A deadly enemy in battle, but a Samaritan lo a fallen foe is this American airborne soldier, pic- lured giving a drink of water to wounded German prisoner in Normandy combot area. For GOOD cooking and Healthful cooking use a HumKo contains no Animal fat. It is a pure, dainty, all-vegefablo shorten, ing that coots berlcr and is better for you. For your digestion's sake, use HumKo, the Dainty Cooking Fat." No points required! Tune In KLCN Tonight at 7:30 HEAR the Honorable W. H. Gregory Former Assistant U. S. Attorney Speak in Behalf of Arkansas' U. S. Senator HAITI E W. CARAWAY Candidate for Re-Election U. S, Senate Broadcast over Arkansas Network OPEN Every Morning at 8:30 CLOSE Wednesday & Sunday at 12:30 CLOSE Saturday Night at 11 o'clock CLOSE other evenings at 6:30 SPECIAL THIS WEEKEND 49* ORANGE LAYER CAKES Made from Golden Fresh fruit FRENCH BREAD Baked Fresh Daily Hart's Bakery Bfythevii'i'e Owned, Employing Blythevillo People LETTUCE CAULIFLOWER , , 30 CELERY LEMONS RHUBARB EGGPLANT 17' CUCUMBERS IS STRING BEANS ,,„„„ 17 PLUMS „„„„ 29 CABBAGE 2 , oim ,K 9 CANTALOUPES E , ch IN OUR MEAT DEPARTMENT- Slulh 1'omul round 1Z IC I'dilud lil HS3 jfa ~f, £•; FRYERS HENS Table Dressed- l,h. Tnblc Dressed. Lh. GROUND BEEF, 26 OLEO Swcel Sixleun. l,h. BACON ui,,,,^,.,,, ,40' HAMS . £'",: W PORK CHOPS S',l 35 C All Kinds Lunch Meats JUKE PEAS SPINACH No. 2 Can No. 2 Can No. 2 Can Nc ;,,, 2 STRING BEANS SWEET CORN PORK & BEANS WHITE MEAL •& r » nun( , H f^OFFFF Aristocrat A^ Vwrrtt I'ouiitl H 10 13 10 e I 15 COFFEE Chase & AA C Sanborn. Lb. Oil CORN FLAKES SIS 12 C WHEATIES KRAET DINNER SWIFT'S JEWEL 11' 10 , ,.,,*59 4 SPECIAL FLOUR DEAL 25 Ib. Sack SHIBLEY'S BEST..... $1.25 One 10 16 Sock SHIBLEY'S BEST FLOUR FREE With Each 25 IB Sock Purchased. LIBERTY SUPER M

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