The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on January 22, 1953 · Page 1
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 1

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, January 22, 1953
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BT/rniEVILLK (ARK.) COURIER NEWS THURSDAY, JAN. 22, 1353 COVMEK NIWS OOURMR KBW» OO. . W. HAIMM, r»bH«h»f A HA1NB6, AKlfttant A. A. FBeDRICKSOH, Bdltor PAUL B! HUMAN, Adrerttolr* Sole N»tJon»I Ad«rti»ing BepreeenUtWw: IT»U»e« Wltmer Co, New York, ChJcwo, Detroit, ^Uanta, Memphis. , Entered M second class m»tter at the post- iffic* Bt Blythcville, Arkansu, under act ol Con-' treat, 1 October t, 19W. Member at The Associated Preu BDBSCHIPTJON RATE8J By carrier In the CUT of Blythcvllle or anj suburban town where carrier sertice U mainlined, 25c per week.- By mall, within & radlui o( SO miles, J5.00 per ,'tar, }2,50 (or sjx months, 51.25 for three months; >y mail outside 50 mil* zone, »13,50 per rear payable to advance. Meditations And the ofliccrs shall speak unto fhe p«o|ile, tying, What'mnn Is there (hat hath Ijulll a new louse, and hath not dedicated It? 1*1 him to »nd •elurn to hll house, lest he die In the batlle; and mother man dedicate II. — Deut. 20:5. *••• + » The crown of the Homo Is Godliness; The Beauty of the Home is Order; -The Glory, of the Home Is Hospitality; The Blessing pf the Home, is Contentment. — Henry Van Dyke. arbs Dad Is certain to feet the effecU of the feminine touch" as soon as'the Christmas bills start rolling in. - »',-'. » • It's no good to jet paid for what you know when. It's only the Ipwdown on the bljr bos*. + * ': * • A 360-pound western woman is asking for alimony. That's one suit where the plaintiff really needs support '- » • » How would dad ever find time to gel In his erenlnR reading if he gave Junior all the spank- Ings mom ha* said he .was golnjr 16 yet? * * . i* If you .want months Io seem shorter and years to seem _loneer, start paying for something on the Installment plan." itate's Legislative Garbage Can Filling Up Every two year's, Arkansas' legislative garbage ctin collects a strange Biid odd assortment, of waste paper and •wasted time, but thus far, the 1%3 group has outdistanced-just about anything in the past. For instance, R bill introduced in the Senate the other day would make it illegal for 'Arkansas stores to sell items •below cost as customer bait. This practice, which has been going on since a wise Greek merchant offered Spartan soldiers free spear sharpening, has resulted only in the sale of more goods to more people for less money. Introduction of a bill to stop n business practice of such long standing is ridiculous. Equally banal is the bill which would prohibit sale of intoxicants in nny building used for any other purpose'. No. doubt Rep, Eugene Hampton of Lee 'County feels this is an answer to some problem or other. And while on the subject, Rep. Bryan McCallcn of Clay County .is pushing his pet — a bill which would liberalize Arkansas divorce laws. And at a time when just about the entire state (except Mr. McCallcn) is in agreement on the fact that Arkansas divorce laws are too liberal as they stand. J!fc)>. Knox Kinney of St. Francis County is going to do the taxpayer a favor. He's going to let him claim full credit for his federal income tax If one of his bills passes. There's this catch: he has also introduced a bill which would lower personal exemptions in paying state in- comt tax. Well, no .one can accuse Kinney of not seeing both sides of the problem. Sometimes this democracy of ours seems rather futile, doesn't it. Hold Your Hat, Sir The year 1953 can already be put down safely as a milestone in history books. It is the year in which the two- platoon system was abolished in football nnd the top hat vanished from the presidential inaugural scene. We shall have to Itave to the social historians of this age tlse matter of whether these two developments represent progress or backsliding:. Big-time football coaches aay th« two-pktoon pta WM food, that It g«v« mor« boy* a chance to play, assured viewer* a more skillful exhibition by specialists, and reduced the prospect of injurlfcs. Opponents say the system cost too much and hence was driving football out of many small colleges, They argue, loo, that it was turning the game into an endless on-and-off procession of faceless men, robbing it of all individuality. Well, take your pick. . * . As for this top hat business' President Eisenhower is the man who shattered tradition] He figured he'd done a lot of things he had no special liking for -• since he became a candidate for President, and he had a right to draw the line somewhere. He drew-it at the top hat, which he seems (o feel was completely out of clwractor for him. Presumably this switch to a black Ilomburg, a sort of dropping down from upper to lower cast in hats, can be justified by Ike not only on personal counts but on grounds of promoting greater simplicity and less stiff-backed formality in American public ceremony. But, if this is not to seem like backsliding, one,word of warning to the President: Your hats have H endency, sir, to develop a floppy look, as if they had just'been pulled from beneath a pile of 30 or <10 at a men's club. Should the Homhurgs bcfjin to show Lhfc same'' failing, we could have a popular revulsion and a return to the topper. Mr. Truman's caps represent just about all the casualnesa.we can take in one political generation. Big Hand to Senate Democrats The Democratic Party In the new Congress thus far is behaving like a party with a sense of responsibility. . On the important Senate Foreign Relations Committee they have installed Senators Humphrey of Minnesota nnd Mansfield of Montana. Though Hum-' plirc.r's antics in domestic issues have caused some critics to dub him R "Boy Scout," he is wedded to collective security, support of the UN, and world cooperation. Mansfield, a former House ,members-is an acknowledged, specialist in Far Eastern matters/ * - . For the other key Senate committee, Armed Services, the Democrats thrust aside considerations of seniority which normally govern such choices, and picked able Senator Symington, the first Secretary of the Air Force and now a freshman in the upper chamber. They also named Symington and two other promising beginners, Senators Kennedy of Massachusetts nnd Jackson of Washington, to the Committee on Government Operations, of which Senator McCarthy is chairman. These men certainly should help to produce a sane, balanced viewpoint on that powerful investigating committee. Views of Others The Shouts Heard 'Round tr* World Telephones In The News Tiiruhif; the iwiges of the New York Tijnei the other day, \ve notlccrt n headline saying: A. T. & T. '52 Earnings Set Record OI $358,310.000. or $10.09 a Sliaro The story begins: . "With IncrcnsinB capital Investment the American Telephone nnrt Telegraph Company and Its associated Bell System companies set new records In 1052. Net Income of A. T, it T., HE parent concern of the Dell System, for the year amounted to $358,310,000, or S100D a capital share, compared with R net of $326.911,708. or $10.54 a share on fewer shares outstanding In the previous year.. .." Our record shows this company opened last year with its slock valued at S150.87VS a share on the New York Stock Exchange. During the year earnings were divided among 'more shares of stock, hut the year ended with the consensus of expert opinion valuing it at $150.3T.4 a share. On the same day on which the story about a new high record In carnlnRs appeared stock »ns solrt. on the Stock Exchange, for $160.12'.4. This is Ihe company doing business In Tennessee as the Southern Bell Telephone and Telegraph Company. This Is the company pleading for $5.H4,»00 a year increase In the price of Icle- phrae service In Tennessee. We congratulate the skillful managers of this company /or arranging so much profit elsewhere that it can overcome the handicap of doing bus- Inefs In Tenneis«e. , —Memphis Commercial Appeal SO THEY SAY There Is such a thing as attraction at first sight, but not love at first sight. — Movie actress Yvonne DC Carlo. * " + * It Is Impractical and unworkable to operate UMT as long as we have the draft. — Rep. Dewcy Short (R,, Mo.I. Erskine Johnson IN HOLLYWOOD HOLLYWOOD —(NBA)— Exclusively Yours: Now It's a nursemaid for Eddie Cantor's eyes! A registered nurse, no less, who Is in charge of the contact lenses with the built-in brown /'Cantor eyes" which help transform blue- eyed Kcefe Brnssclle Into the popeyed singing comedian. Keefe slips the plastic lenses on and off several times n day for his role of Eddie In "The Eddie Cantor Story." and Warner Bros, hired Nurse Mary Boies to combat possible Infection and to supervise the delicate operation. Larry Parks looked like, himself lor the Jotson films, but Keefe's giving the Cantor role the Cantor look. : The rolling eyes, the manner,«ms, the phrasing of his talk, the hairline nhd even the scar on Peter fdson's Washington Column GOP Leery of Profit Prospects In Its Big Inaugural Production WASHINGTON — (NEA)—First Lest the Republicans have in showing that they know how to run tilings find balance budgets comes In the Inauguration Itself. In the week before Ii day—now known ns Ike - day — there wns considerable tear that the big show would fn the rod. This wn spile of the "fact Tetrr Ed*on that the GOP >ROP,000 inaugurnl budget is $100,000 larger than the Democratic In nugnrni budget of four yours ngo. The Democrats showed ft $10,000 profit on their festivities. But higher lumber costs — duo to Democratic inflation, of course — plus more elaborate GOP decorations may cut Republican profits. When two Inaugural balls were announced, everyone asked for tickets at the Notional Guard Armory, assuming thnt would be the Jcttcr show because. It's bigger Ihan the Georgetown University gym. Bui when the word got around that there was n law against drinking hard liquor In the armory, the ticket demand suddenly switched to the Georgetown offalr. Farewell In Bfllllcs One 1 of ex-New York Mayor William O'Dwycr's last nets before resigning as U. S. ambassador to Mexico was to send through ft requisition for one of the largest liquor orders ever received from i American embassy. It Is customary for nil IT. S. embassies to order liquor through Washington, to get ft ttix free. The order is then okayed by the foreign office of the country to which It goes, and is Imported riuyy free. The rcsul t is that qu an titles obtained for official entertaining nml snles to members of the diplomatic staff for Individual medicinal use cost n round two dollars n bottle or $20 a case for (he b whiskies. Purchases In the U. 5. are handled by the Welfare and Commissary unit of the Foreign Service. This Is a kind of independent organization, run outside the State Department. It will buy Anything Welfare nnd Commissary service won't disclose the size of ex- Ambassndor O'Dwyer's laat liquor order,.as It considers every transaction a private deal. It is pointed out, however, that a large shipment might be a pooled order for an entire embassy staff, which would divide it up later. No, Not Again!, When the new Secretary of the Treasury, George M. Humphrey, first came to.Wnshlnglon to learn nbout his tab, he kept reporters waiting until 1:30 p. m. before he would see them. Then he granted them half an hour, of which seven minutes were taken up by newsreels nnd cameramen, and another seven minutes by radio and TV recordings. Newspapers didn't get much out of him. When Mr. Humphrey came back for his second visit, reporters Were again kept waiting all morning. Then word was sent to them that the new secretary wouldn' t see hem because he didn't wnnt to go through another performance Jke Ills first. New Tanker Fleet Revealed Design nnd construction of new U. S. fleet of high-speed tankers was revealed by Preside nl Truman's budget request for an initial 11-mlllion-dollnr appropriation to stttrt work on the prototype. The Idea is lo build one snd get the bugs out of its design before proceeding with others. Preliminary plans of the Federal Maritime Board call for a 600 foot hull built along the lines o! the present Mariner fleet of high speed cargo vessels which were bu|lt to replace the Liberty anc Victory ships of World War II. The new tankers would hnve 20,000 deadweight tons and a' 20-kno speed. The standard T-2 type tankers built during World War II were 15,000-ton vessels of 15-knot speed These -ships are now 10 years old and have seen more than hnl their useful life. Also, all thes ships nrc now in service and ther Is no reserve tanker losses again create : The idea now tanker fleet. An\ \n wartime \voul i tanker shortage is to build a ncv modern fleet to replace them. - Door Closed on Story Carl W. McCardle, crackerjacV Philadelphia Bulletin reporter .wh« from a spool of thread to an icebox for shipment to Foreign Service employes living abroad. hns Just been made assistant Secretary of State in charge of information programs, strolled into th //1/> Dn *//!!• C'/lTr By El) ^ V1N ' r -TORDAN. M.U. ItJL J^sOLlQ) tVrJJ ITrlllcn for NEA Service' It is n comfort lo those who have lost near nnd dear ones to Tcel that everything possible had been done. Contrariwise, ft causes gnawing anxiety to tcel that perhaps something could have been done which would have preserved the loved ones. Q — My dad pnsacrt nway from a cerebral hemorrhage. Now I know a Indy who told me her dad hart one nnd is stilt living. My dad was alone when lie died, 50 now it hurts me lo think maybe we could have saved him If we had been there- Is this Indy right? Mrs, T. A, A— It was unkind of your friend to imply blame on you for what happened to your father. The outcome of a cerebral hemorrhage or bleeding into the brain, 'depends on the amount of bleeding nnd Its location. Neither the family nor a physician is nb!e to do anything about this at the time, and. U consequently seems extrroncly unlikely that cither yon or n doctor, if he had been present, would have been Bblo to do much for your father, • . Al thou gh m any reco ve r from n cerebral hemorrhage, this is not always the case, and you will remember the outcome when the late President Roosevelt was similarly stricken while surrounded by friends, relatives and medical attendants. , Q— I am shopping for a bed for my 4-year-old girl and am confused by the variety of mattress fillings — horsehair, inner spring, foam rubber, etc. What is the best mattress for her? Is it advisable for a child lo sleep with or without a pillow? M. s. A— So far as the health is concerned, n 4-year-old child can probably sleep comfortably on almost nny kind of mattress unless the child has nllergy. If the latter is the case the chances are that foam rubber would be the least likely of those mentioned to cause trouble. 1 do not believe ttiat sleeping with or without a pillow makes a tats Department -press room the ny after Secretary Dulles had nn- ounccd his appointment. To the reporters present he said e thought it would be Mr. Dut- is' policy to have nil offices of he State Department as open ns ossiblo. within the bounds of se- urity. McCardle assured everyone himself would have an. open- loor policy. - . One of the wire-service reporters went to his telephone to die- ate a short siory on ihls new ipen-door policy of the new administration. But Assistant Secre- ary-to-be .McCardle stopped him with the' comment . that his remark had been off the record. At this the reporter called to his rewrite man at the other end of h» . telephone line, "Bust Open Door." And the story was killed. Suburbs Don't Deliver One of (he new factors which po- itlcal dopesters now say must be ,aken into account Is the "suburban" vote. The old divisions were of course the form vote and the big city industrial or labor vote. This latler element, controlled by big city bosses, was usually considered Democratic- By sheer numbers It blanketed tho more conservative Republican votes. What hns happened in recent years is that many families have moved to the suburbs. Tn some cases the suburban population is as great as the residential population within the city limits proper By not paying enough attention to this suburban vote in the last election, some city bosses failed to deliver, their entire areas. Rumor Troubles FSA Slaf/ Every government agency Washington is tilled with rumors about what its new boss Is going to do when the EJscnhower admlnls tratlon comes to town .The rumor bothering Federal Security Agcn cy at the moment is that the beauteous new administrator, Ove ta Gulp Hobby, of Houston, Tex. who is '18, will bring her 15-year old husband to Washington will her lo handle public relations fo FSA. During the war, when Mrs. Hob by was a colonel and running tru WACs, Mr. Hobby stayed homi and edited the Houston Post. An> time he wanted to see his wife he had to come to Washington. Thi time he is determined not to d that, and so will come to Washing ton with her and stay. • JACOBY ON BRIDGE Speed Is Needed t ' At Bridge'-Tourney By OSWALD JACOBY Written tor NBA Service MY friend, Sam Stayman, Is coming nil the way from New York to play with me this weekend In tournament in Dallas. I prefer to believe that it Is a' sheer coincidence that he has some Important business to transact in Dallas this week-end! Most bridge players make some plays quickly and olher plays slowly, depending oh how long it takes them to think and plan the move. Stayman makes every play with exactly the salna speed so that II is very difficult to guess his reason for a move. ' In the hand shown today, Stayman found himself in a reasonable lough contract of six hearts. The intract depended, at worst, on iccessful finesse for the king amonds. Many players wouk ink of no other chance for the particle of difference from, th standpoint of health (again, unlcs there is a question of allergy), an I see no reason why the little gir cannot decide tor herself \vhethc she Is more comfortable with without a pillow. Q—How much cooking shoul pork or bacon have to make safe to cat? Mrs. M. L. \V A—This is a hard question answer since there Is so much var lation in methods of cooking. In type of cooking utensils used, th heat underneath, and the like. Th important thing Is that (at least s far as the prevention of trichinos 1 (s concerned) pork products shoul be cooked through and, not le with an uncooked portion in th middle. NORTH 22 4KJ73 T J653 »'AQ + 354 . .. . WEST FAST A A93 »Q654 J T42 V 8 4542 »K87« + QJ1092 4,763 SOUTH <!>} * 10 ..!'•••••• V AKQI09T '* « J 1093 •>: • ' +AK North-South VBV West North South 1 V Pass Pass Pass Pass 3V 4 » 5 « Past East Pass Pas» Pass Opening lead— * Q lam, but Sam never neglects esource, no matter how unlikel may seem. After winning the first trick yIII he king of clubs, Stayman drei ivo rounds of trumps' and then le le ten of spades from his hand Vest had to decide in a split secon vhether or not to play his ace. If West had been able to take hi ime over this problem, he migh iave seen that the correct play 1 o put up the ace of spades ince. But a defender must mak his kind of decision without seerr ng to think about it. The slighte:, hought automatically shows the I ation of the'ace. ' As it happened, West made th vrong decision, playing a lo spade. This was the chance tha layman had been hoping for. H Vut up dummy's king of spade vinning the trick. Now, with n osing trick In spades, declare could afford to lose the dlamon incsse and still make his slar contract. anlor's forehead (received as a d In a street fight) are all there. And It's all jimdaudy with eefe, who isn't worried about be- ig typed as Cantor. • "People won't look at me for the cst of my life and say, 'There, oes Eddie Cantor because here's only olio Cantor. After (lie icture I can go back to being ecfe Brasselle." No Joke This Time Movie theme songs are on the 'ay back and Producer Alex iottlieb, who hops on the band- agon with'a litle song for "The lue Gardenia," Is predicting the ublic Is lit for an epidemic of vln movie and song titles. He's hoping, (hough, that there •on't be a repeat of the theme- ong craze of the late '20s, when a home song beginning, "Woman isputed, J love you/' was written or a picture tilled "Worn.™ Dis- uted." "They made a Joke of (home ongs in those days und the titles Idn't justify the songs," he pro- esled. "It must be a beautiful tie and the song must mean omething In the picture. Other- vise it's a draggcd-in thing." Rod Cameron, who parted with n uleer that threatened his life, s convalescing at home. But no nore action epics for Rod for nany, many months. Russell Rouse, who co-authored "The Thief." and Beverly Michaels will see the preacher when sha eturns from a USD Camp Show our. A custody fight Is looming he- ween Hugo Haas and his es- rtinged wife over their 12-year>ld son, currently ^living with tha ictor-prodiicer. Hugh Marlowe plays a cavalry captain in u-I's "Stand at Apache River" but never gets to ride ft lorse. Whispers Hugh: "Don't -let anyone tell you that this studio sn't -operated economically.". Wol/ish bachelor Charles Watti approached a movie starlet with: ."Pardon ime, -but I'm writing a elephone directory. May I have your number?" Charles V/innlnger, on being a movie star: If you're in a good picture you're terrific. If it's a bad picture, you're terrible." «T 5 •• Years -Ago Lloyd V. Wise. Henry WilsoivBInn Heath, LeRoy Brown. Jolly sparks. James Burton, Hlldrcd Bunch, and Calvin Moody were graduated from BlythevilU high school Monday night, having completed their mid term work. . Charles Lemons has been elected president of the Chamber of Commerce by the Board of Directors. Mrs. Hiram Wylie wns hostess to the Thursday ' Afternoon Club and had as guests, Mrs. C. H. Willey and Mrs. Fred Hanna. Old Man HobbV new store teeth have brought back a lisp, which his parents used to punish him for when he was a boy. Beasts of Burden Answer to Previous Puzzls HORIZONTAL 3 Come 1 Andean beast « Demeanor of burden 5 Roma" bronze S Desert beast of 6 Mine sha(l huts 7 Pewter coin of Thailand 8 Poster 9 Exit 10 County in Ontario Q—Please tell me what causes the nose lo become red quite often. I notice this especially if I am in a house which Is too warm. Mrs. E. C. S. A—Apparently, the blood vessels in the nose enlarge especially easily in the presence of heat. Why (his happens in some people more than In others, however, I do not know, and fear I have no suggestion to male*. • burden II Eagles' nests 13 Senility ) 14 Merest • 15 Withdraw IS Chief god of the Eddas 17 Blackbirds of 12 Frighten cuckoo family suddenly 19 Conducted 13 Fal1 ln dr °P s 20 Reverend 18 B° rn ( a b.) 22 Inlcrdcd 21 Corded fabric u Harasses 22 Disorder 23 Remission 25 Weights of India 27 Entire 28 Green vegetable 29 Follower 30 Sea eagle 31 Interdiction 33 Click-beetle 36 Camera's eye 37 Winglike part 38 Rot flax 40 Eagle (comb, form) 41 Protuberance 42 Persian tentmaker 43 Jail 4 5 All 47 Obtain 48 Rocks 49 Dropsy 60 Sows VERTICAL 1 Toil 3 Conductor 26 Wheys of milk 36 A fault 28 Kurs 37 English 31 Swerved princess 32 Lure 39 Lock of hair 33 Note in 41 Rail bird Guide's scale 42 Siouan Indian 34 Type of fur 44 Total 25 Singing voice 35 Erected 45 Nights (ab.) 14

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