The Greenville News from Greenville, South Carolina on September 30, 1930 · Page 6
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The Greenville News from Greenville, South Carolina · Page 6

Greenville, South Carolina
Issue Date:
Tuesday, September 30, 1930
Page 6
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PAGE SIX THE GREENVILLE NEWS, GREENVILLE, SOUTH CAROLINA TUESDAY, SEPTEMUEK 30, l'J3W SEEKING ELECTION ON NEW SUBURBAN SEWERAGE BONDS (Continued From Page One) lowing lot lines so as to leave all lots facing on Augusta road in the sub-district. The line crosses the road at the Payne Oil company station and runs the lot lines Wast of Augusta road. Including in the district all lots that can be served by a line running along Augusta road. It runs the crest of the ridge behind Milton Williams' place, the Lupo houses, across the front of R. I. Woodside's place, takes street and lot lines behind the Walker property (now owned by C. G. Wyche), crosses behind Moore's and Simpson's houses, crosses Frank Cammer's place, running his sub-division lines so as to Include all lots on the road, leaves Jenkinson's house and the road frontage of the farm in the district and takes the ridge back of his house so as to take care of all of his farm which can be served by the sewer lines shown on the map. The line goes straight to the corner of Meyers Park, crossing near Jenkin-son and Lupo's corner, It follows Meyer's Park line westward to the creek, then the creek line to Prof. M. D. Earle's corner. Thence it runs his line around his place, so as to leave his entire place out of the district. The line runs Professor Earle's line along Grove road to the creek, thence to creek to Mills avenue; Mills avenue to the city limits, and the city limits to Alta Vista, (Afton ave.), and the beginning corner. WHY THIS CHANGE? 1. It was felt that It is not fair to tax farm and other open lands for sewers when such lands are not, and probably will not be for many years, directly benefited. 2. It was the wish of such land owners, almost unanimously, that their property be excluded. Petitions to that effect have been filed by the Schweirs family, Alexander, Bias- BAKING POWDER You save in using KC. Use LESS than of hish priced brands. FOR OVER YEAR KG f-25 J Otrnttt far 25 IT'S DOUBLE ACTING cJspure as money can, buy. 12 Tablets 10c - 36 Tablets 25c -100 Tablets 60c St. Joseph's ffiww ASPIRIN sengame Estate, Country club, Marshall Forest owners, R. I. Woodside. Frank Cammer, and Prof. M. D. Earle. Possibly others who have signed have been overlooked. 3. It is impossible to get a mattei of this kind perfect. But the engineers feol that there is scarcely a lot that can be cut within the sub-district which cannot be served by the lines as laid out or reasonable extensions thereof. 4. This is the important point for those left within the district. The sewer district act, provides that if a sub-district wishes to build lines and it is necessary for those lines to pass through districts which do not build sewer lines, then such lines as pass through the unsewered areas shall be built by the Greater Greenville Sewer District commissions, of its own funds. By the change in the boundary all of the sewer lines shown outside of the sub-district will be built and maintained by the Greater Greenville commission. That alone is a saving of over $20,000.00 to the sub-district. EXCLUDED TERRITORY 1. The sub-district is relieved of all future responsibility in connection with building sewers in this undeveloped territory. That means that we are relieved of a future burden which will in time amount to many thousand dollars. 2. These property owners understand fully that any future development of their property will be at their own expense. That has been explained to them, 3. Any present or future owner of property adjacent to the lines outside the district can arrange with the Greater Greenville commission to tap their lines. It is the intent of the commission to arrange a reasonable schedule of tapping fees for both individual and development purposes. Furthermore any of these sections may arrange to issue bonds as provided by law just as we are proposing to do now. RIGHTS OF WAV Both within and without the district it will be necessary to arrange with the individual property owners for rights of way. It is not in tended, and the law will not allow that any person shall be deprived ot his property without suitable ar rangements. WHO WILL BE SERVED? Within the sub-district, so far as I know, there is only one house that cannot be served by the proposed system. That house is that of S. E. Colvin on Club drive. It is beyond tne nm irom any proposed line, and ir, would cost upwards of $14,000.00 to construct a line to reach that house, and no other house would be on the line. It may be advisable not to connect some other houses at this time. My own home is the only one on Riverside urive; Dr. Bayliss Earle is the only resident of Mount Vista avenue. In such cases the com' mittee to be in charee of the sub' district, might find it advisable and entirely satisfactory to the home owner, to arrange for the committee to care lor the septic tanks at the sub-district expense, rather than build a long line to serve only one nome. isut tne map win show that it is laid out to care for every house in tne district, so tar as I know, except those of Mr. Colvin and Dr, Earle. VACANT STREETS Lines are not to be laid along streets which have no houses on them. However a study of the map will show that as soon as any street shows development, the committee can easily extend some line to reach it. The expense for these extensions will be very small, except in rare instances oi topographical or like difficulties. AUGUSTA ROAD LINES It is necessary to lay the line on Augusta road on one side of the pavement. It would not be fair to require property owners on the opposite side of the road to bear the expense of tunnelling under the pavement to make a connection. The engineers say that an allowance of $15.00 per lot will be ample to pay this expense. That amount has been included in the costs and it is proposed that it will be paid to any lot owner on the opposite side of the road when he is ready to connect. REIMBURSEMENT FOR LINES The property owners between Mills avenue and Grove road have constructed and connected sewer lines. There may be other instances of a like nature. Since they are to be taxed along with the rest of us and if the lines were not there we would MM - L.L-4- riiiti mini Ji 1 Findtheltey to TunlocItiPrize ,,. ZBoxgf Gold Here are pictures of 18 key. They all look alike. But are they? Examine each one clonelv. Seventeen of them are exactly alike, but one and only one is different from all the others. It is the key to open this $2750.00 box of gold. Can you find it? CLUES The difference in the keys may be in the Bize, the shape, or even in the notches, so look at each key carefully, and if you can find the one key that is different from all the others, send the number to me by first mail. Do it at once. You may become the winner of a Straight 8 Buick 4-door Sedan fully equipped or $1750.00 cash money, without one cent of cost to you. I will give away five new 4-door Sedans, and the winners can have cash money instead of the automobiles, if they prefer. Twenty big prizes will be given, a total of $7760.00. Win New Buick or $ 1 7 50.00 Cash You get your choice of $1750.00 cash or this beautiful Buick. We even pay the freight, fill the tank with gasoline and deliver the car from your nearest Buick dealer. This is an exceptional opportunity. Act quick and here's why. $1000.00 Cash Additional for Bring Quick I willay $1000.00 cash money extra just for being on time. Duplicate prizes will be paid in case of ties. Send quickly and you'll Ws properly qualified immediately for an opportunity to win tn auto or cash money. You can't lose. Everyone who takes lull advantage of this opportunity will be rewarded, but hurry. Find the one key that is different from all the others. Rush the number of it to me with your name and LSS-J address. Do it today. Send on a post card or a letter. Just say, lajMl "Key No is different from all the others." "Please I Z-r I foil ma hnw I can opt thin wnnrWfnl nou nni1r Po $2750.00 cash money, without obligation dr one penny of cost to me." F. B. DUANE, 540 Plymouth Ct., Dept.3'8 Chicago, III. mnuumum Tired Of Dodging Law, Convict Asks To Return To Gang Declaring "There's no place like home," Fred Padgett, escaped convict with 40 days yet to serve, called Deputy Sheriff Fleet Craiso yesterday, requesting that the officer take him back to his old place on the chaingang. The deputy obliged him. Padgett was sentenced early this year to serve three months after he was convicted of stealing chickens. He served all but 40 days, got tired of the chain-gang life and deserted the ranks about three months ago. have to build them, it will be only fair that they be reimbursed for their lines at their present value to our system. We have nothing to do with their original cost. If tire lines are not worth anything, certainly the property owners will expect nothing for a worthless line. They will receive only a fair compensation for the lines. The cost of the purchase of these lines is also included in the estimate. COST OF SYSTEM The original estimate on work to be done now in "P" and "Q" sub-districts, including the purchasirg of the Mills avenue lines, was $135,-800. By changing the district line.3 so as to eliminate the expense of the long lines lying outside the district, and then combining the two districts so that it is only necessary to lay one line along Augusta road, together with some other minor changes, the cost as now estimated, including everything as shown, is only $90,000.00. AMOUNT O FBONDS I suggest the authorization of $135,000 in order to allow for reasonable future growth. I also suggest that these bonds be voted upon for wiater and sewer purposes, instead of confining the issue to sewers alone. It might become necessary for your committee to extend water lines, or even purchase present lines in oraer to enectiveiv serve tne community. The committee should be given some room for the exercise of discretion. Of course the bonds would be sold only as needed, and mere woum be no tax on bonds ex cept as they are sold. TAX LEVY Sometime aso a ioint committee from "P" and "Q" sub-districts went over tne tax records and estimated that we had $276,000 property in the combined districts. I have asked them to deduct the property excluded by changing the lines, and they have deducted $26,000 and say that mere snouia now be at least $250, 000 property in the district as it new stands. Assuming that value as correct, and that $90,000 worth of 33-year 4 1-2 per cent bonds were sold, our tax lew would not be over 20 mills the first year. That means for ever $100.00 your property is assessed for, you would have to pay $2.00 each year. If my home ana property is returned for S600.UU my sewer taxes would be $12.00 each year. But each vear as npw homes are built and property in the district increases otnerwise, a careful committee should be able to decrease the tax assessment. The engineers auvi.-e man me cost 01 upkeep ana repairs is almost negligible; that the size of all lines is ample to care for the territory when fully developed as a city, and that the life of the sysiem snouid be at least 50 years, plus. HOUSE CONNECTIONS There would be no tapping .fee or other similar charges. The only costs would be a plumber's charges for running the line from the street line to your house. Some of the local plumbers inform me that this expense usually runs around $20.00 for the ordinary lot. Of course this has nothing to do with the cost of plumbing in your home. I assume that you have that already and this estimate merely covers connecting with the street line. GOVERNING BODY If bonds are voted, your legislative delegation will recommend three citizens from the district and they, will be commissioned by the Governor. This committee of three will have entire charge of the affairs of the district. They will sell your bonds, select their own engineers, make all their own contracts, and in general will have complete control of all construction and maintenance and all other affairs of the district. May I suggest to the district what is already obvious: three good business men might save the district 10 per cent or more of the estimated cost, while three men of less experience and with Judgment not so good can easily add an additional 10 per cent to the costs. Have a care in selecting our committee. CALLING ELECTION In order to call an election this procedure must be followed: Petitions must be signed by at least 50 people who own real estate within the sub-district. It matters not where these people live, within or without the district. They must own real estate in the district. These petitions will then be presented to Greater Greenville Sewer District commission which will call the election, giving two weeks notice before date when it is held. In the election only those can vote who live within the sub-district and who have their registration certificate and tax receipts. I'ETITIOX After consulting several of the residents of the district, petitions have been prepared petitioning for an election on $135,000.00 water and sewer bonds. These petitions will be found at the following places: Lu-pps Store, Augusta road; Wilson's store, Oregon street and Augusta road; Campbell's Pharmacy. The petitions will be in these three places only one day, Friday October 3. Anyone owning real estate in the Augusta road sub-district, who wishes this election called, will please sign on that date. Late that afternoon a committee will take up the petitions and carry them from house to house until enough signatures have been procured to call the election. If there is any further information that any member of my committee can furnish you, please call upon us. (Signed), , J. WILBUR HICKS. Chairman, Chamber of Commerce Sewer Committee. Legislators Take Posts Immediately COLUMBIA, Sept. 29-fAP) Members of the General Assembly elected in the general election in November, take office automatically on the Monday following the election, Attorney-General John M. Daniel said today. He was asked for a statement, following some confusion on the point. The governor, and other state officers do not take office until the governor has been aworn in, h added. DAVIS OPENS FIRE ON HOOVER RULE AND PROHIBITION (Continued from Page One) prohibition by remarking it was a "topic on which our Republican friends and their candidate for governor have only lately found their voice, a quavering voice it is true, but still a voice and on which the oracles at Washington are obstinately dumb." "Ten years of test and trial ot the Eighteenth amendment," Mr. Davis said "have brought ever-increasing numbers to the conviction that it was a more than grevious blunder to incorporate a police regulation- m our organic law, and that the effort to enforce it casts upon the federal government a burden it is utterly powerless to sustain. The time is appropriate to restate in no uncertain words our willingness and desire to correct the error and to do away with the manifold evils of intemperance, corruption and lawlessness to which it has given rise. To this end we must return to the wise distribution of power under which for more than a century the cause pf real temperance made a steady and unbroken advance. "When it gave to the Federal government entire control, even to the point of prohibition, of interstate and foreign commerce in inr WHEEL TURNS AT BIG SALUDA DAM First Unit Of Great Power Project Near Columbia Is Started COLUMBIA, Sept. 29-(AP) The first wheel of the huge Saluda dam project of the Lexington Water Power company near here was turned today. Officials conducted a test to determine if equipment was in order for power to be generated. Unmarked by ceremonies, workmen let water from Lake Murray into the 16-foot diameter penstock of the second unit of the dam. Officials indicated that power which will supply much of this section will be generated within a short time. The Saluda dam is said to be the largest one of its type in the world. toxicating liquors and to the individual states the sole right to regulate the matter within their several borders, the constitution, the old constitution of our fathers, made the wisest arrangement ever devised for dealing with so vixed a subject throughout a continental area. Let us return to it and pin our faith once more to the unwavering belief that the people of each and every state are best qualified to judge of the laws under which they shail live." SUSPECT CAPONE IN THEFT OF THE MOGUL DIAMOND . (Continued from Page One) Owing to the immense 'size ot the Mogul, it will be impossible for the thieves to dispose 01 it, as 11 is known all over the world, unless they cut it into smaller gems. It is the general belief that the robbers will soon open negotiations with Mr Gump . for its "ransom." There is wide speculation as to the effect the theft will have upon the impending marriage of Mr. Gump and Mrs. Zander, there are sinister hints that in his investigation ot the robbery Mr. Gump may come across disturbing knowledge that may postpone, if, indeed it does not cancel his marriage plans. SENATORS WARN MRS. M'CORMICK AS TO 'LIBELS' bility and this notificaton is given without waving any right of the committee or any individual member of it or any employee of it to bring action for what has already been said and published of a libelous or slanderous nature." (Continued From Page One) libels are now expressly notified that any future repetition of them will be regarded as willful and malicious libel for the puoiication of which they have no justification but must assume individual responsl- IN E. M. B. HOSPITAL Joel C. Keys, formerly of Anderson, who is now making his home with his nephew. J C. Keys, in Greenville, is in the Emma Moss Booth Memorial hospital. Mr. Kevs has recently had an operation from which he is recovering. Substitutes Arc Never,. GenidneXW Always something lacking in sub- A stitute that's always there in orlgi- nal. Genuine Carter's Little Liot Pills containing pure vegetable calomel, give tried and true relief foi torpid, sluggish liver. Starting bile flowing freelv, they flush body clean, Carter's Little Liver Pills come in red bottles. Substitutes are insult! to your liver Take Carter's. Acfv, FRESH AND RICH What more could be said of CAKES EXCEPT THAT IT'S CALL FOR THEM BY NAME At Your Grocers SINCE 1841 SOUTHS FAVORITk, t THE NEW FORD Ev&ytf Eniimg ydonii wsnmtf o a Hn dl film si mm n tf d earn0 silt sum TmmiM msi Illy II w pni NEW FORD TUDOR SEDAN A splendid family car. Your choice of a variety of beautiful colors. Richly upholstered and appointed. Head lamps, radiator shell, hub caps, cowl finish strip, and other exterior metal parts are made of bright, enduring Rustless Steel. 95 F.o.b. Detroit, plus freight and delivery Bumper$ and tpare tire extra at low cost. Universal Credit Company plan of tints payment offer another Ford economy. JTHE more you see of the new Ford, the more you realize that it brings you everything you want or need in a motor car at an unusually low price Its substantial beauty of line and color is appar-ent at a glance. Long, continuous service emphasizes Hie value of its simplicity of design and the high quality that has been built into every part. The new Ford accelerates quickly and it will do 55 to 65 miles an hour. It is an easy-riding "caf because of its specially designed springs and four Houdaille double-acting hydraulic shock absorbers. It has fully enclosed four-wheel brakes and the added safety of a Triplex shatter-proof glass windshield. Operation and up-keep costs are low and it has the stamina and reliability that mean thousands of miles of dependable, uninterrupted service. See the nearest dealer and have him give you a demonstration ride in the new Ford. Check up every point that goes to make a good automobile and you will know that it is a value far above the price you pay. Foud Motor Company

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