The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on June 7, 1934 · Page 6
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 6

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, June 7, 1934
Page 6
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PAGE SIX SLYTftEVlLLE, (AftK.) COUfclER NEWS THURSDAY, JUNE 7, 1934 It's Up to the Women liY MRS. FRANKLIN T). ROOSKVRI.T Occupations for Women Craig's Dairy Has New Cooling Unit The reason that education is be- give what you Haven't (;oi and II comhiB increasingly Iniportnnl 10 llie nnioiint or cdiic.iilon MC yivc us' Is the f:u-l thai we realize- we our pu'jllc .stimcil teat IK-IS Is tlnvi- Have, to decide whether om- civil- or ruin' yjius sp:m In u normal I'.ilion sh-ill continue, to exist or .-cliool ur Male cnlkri- very in: v'/iielher it shall decline as hiu-e away [roni Ihelr hmre.s i.nd tben in-my previous civilizations and they mum lo Um'c homes to •oiiiethlut! new take Its place. jleacli, U I.-, obvious iliey wjli ink." An.xh'-v war sudi.ns Ihe World bad: eveiy llllle ibal I.-, n.-.v i.nd Wi>r woi'lrt certainly eventually fro.sli to the \OIUIL'SK-IS viln, Mudj cause the ftlplne out of clvill/-; midi-r tliem. litlnn. There is only one way to I would like lo MM- nil in llie \ prih'enl iccurronce or war and bone llie nioiK-y .-.pint !u nu-re ' lhal Is by belter education. Thcie- decoiallon or scliool biiildinys. We fore, the reason we am Inlercslcd ivnnl n usclul. praclic:;! and a^rce- in teachers today nnd in out' sys-|able interior, an exterior de* tern o[ educallon Is really because ! with slni])!it:iiy ajut l^eauly. Ibost- of us who are Ihouejiltn! need (-yi ri-ullw liial ll Has become a inies- -schorilriioms wltli pli-nsy cif ulr and i Inn of M-!l'-p.i-t.ei-v:illoii. We can liRht. bm we do not in-ecl elubnr- 110 lon-ier irnsl Ihc KnidiiiK of [u-'aie caivlnrs and di-c.iraied nxim. lure ivnerailims lo yniinij itlvls or no: 1 marble Halls and exix-u.--ive Uijs who hapirn lo think tliai. oxterlrns I Hunk also thai we l)iej wmdd like to spend tluw or waste a umxl deal nf ".iniiey In re.n.- yeais carnlnn a little money the Mmlyhi!', or uxi \::iied a cur- ih ieacliinn In a school convenient.- liculum. We do IKCU b.-tiei-.p.dd ly located near IHelr Homes or ir n-aehers wllh i!ie .sfcunty ol a they (id not like their Homes, al jM-u.sion at. Hi;- end or their years :.o:ne di-.lniice from them. -ol .'-.ei-vlif and alxjve all tar lx-l- l am lamibar with a limited ler lea:Her ttahihe,; ihan we are number of leaclicv.i' colleges ar.d^iow KlvliiK. I tiiii convinced thai v.-e could I would like to s-c Mime ai'- Cieatly l:ii[irijvc Ihe lialniu[; ol raiiueiiicnl made by wlilcb our inn 1 le-a<-hi!.s and by so doln>j im-.yotmy people .sluilyiiij as leacli- |Ko\e the cducallon of our eltl- eis \\-onUI agree to sp:-nd their i-cns. In nearly all of our stale years of preparation with only colleges llie yoimijMer.s have an very brief vlslis Home. pioba:>ly al o::poi-iuniiy with onlv Modoni •Sysloni Section HI Most This Masuchuteitt Wivei Genera] Ui e of Milk Cooling Unit Predicted .'he neu' Frlgldalrc "Flowing - - - — Co!d" milk color Is now In use b\ Sl'lUNClFIEI.n. Mass. (UP)—A expedient to lake off the raps Smlllis ate listed among I..IOMI who •'-—' ' - - ' '"'•'"•' llu-y pink their c-ais and signal us purchasers of "medicinal" a Rfmnvt Ridlitnr Cajw i|uk'Ihem inside the auiomofcll?. • FONT WORTH. Tex. (UP)—Pet-1 ly Dileves Have become so per.slf,-! "Julius Cunur 1 ! Bco»ht U^ior lc:ir In Mcalln-! iiullator caps heH MADISON, Wls. IUP) —Jnllm thai many drivers me flndlno II caesar and Innumerable John Oiai''s Dairy. Jo'.nti-d mi 8:nilli l-'riinklln .si reel, has recently In- .slnll'-d a new Frli;lcl:ilrf Cold" milk coaling null, lh« most un-n-dale We I in the dairy business. TVe lul-il c^st of l!ie iqiproximalely SfHHl, ae: one of ns':l lo come in contact HaMcr or In tin; CH Islma-- hnll few iiueic.slln^ per- day.-; eucli year, and llie M'.*.l of A i/onil deal is ' Die lime planned in I'tr v.-ay j-ome Lo them In llii 1 way of lectures or. of the bi^ foundation; pl:u> Iheii r.m-lc foul oul.slde sources and the . si-lmlar.ship';. The Holidays should n'M. (.1 iheli education <li Knds be KHVI'I lo liavel In this country i;n!'«'-li' cm bnokv : .mil In lluro^ 1 so lJul W.u-n you urc young your uoim: lo ln-r work ivui.lil lake back vkld ImiHc.'.sions pome from sce-.n rich Imehumuud of things M.-en 1113 and experiencing and absorb- ami Heard beyond II. e UMial cx- 0]r-raloi o; |ln- d.ilrv. I'll!: iP\y crmipmcul enables t) drv l--i cool milk from aboi If) ili-|;rei'.s down lo 3H In ab'ml le wennds, after which it Is pl.i'vd In an air coiulilloned sl-n-a-;e 10-1 n which a U'lnjx-ratni:- of ifl di urees Is malnliiined ni all lime Hy the immediate rni:IJni; or t frc-sh milk Ihe (levi-!o:naeui of i)a leria h j-eLnrdr-d and sjjoila'fo r :ltin^ from Impsuffc-r c f j:>lln:4 Kerp-i Milk :-!! Days Mr. Cnila polnled mil ibat v.-ll!i- oia inechanieal!on II is dini'.'ull If cool milk lower Ulan DO liniiMind.s or dairymen throughout decalogue. f()r wlv<1 s was presented he country, according to Fred I, '" llll! "«'»l><l<>i> County Women's 1llm:m. salc.s manager for Ihe cllll) 'W M rs - &lll » Alx-rcromUe "win! n. Clee Stiles Co., local Hllim "' Worcester, as follows: 'rli'Idiilrr dlslribiitors, who says )—Do iinl Iw pxlrnvngoni. he new j-vslem lias proved llie! 2—Keep your Home clean and nnst satisfactory and economical iilirtii-ilvc. •fir ihe small dairymen. ; a-Ncver ponnll yomself lo look While llie Craig Dairy has been' imaitinciive, especially In bed. He DIM to liiHtiill Ihe new equip-! -I -Do not KIWIU] to onnicli lime in-ill here, Us (jcnrral use by| with your mother, to llie dclil- illii-i' dairymen In tills section Injim-ul of your own household, '.lip near fuliue Is predicted by! 5-Cnltlvule u wide community Mr. Oilman, who says thai boib ol inieresus logellier. •In- public and ilalry operators are; C-Crealc a .sciusc of humor, lecomlii'j more and more cdncaled ; 7—Be attentive in llllle ways. o Hie advanlages of mechunlcal 8—RenicmlKr that men arc Just (riH'CKUlon of milk. as .sensitive In Ihcir feelings us Acco.-dlni! lo Ihe U. S. Depail- women and net. accordingly. ueni or Aurlciillure milk or cream d—Uc tactfully feminine. •IM.-.I l^ 1 coole<! promptly to •* tern- I" -I*' «°l (IKpaiagc your lins- icraliire of SO decrees Fiilirenhcli | band In public ur listen lo isosslj) r (ji-lnw If ninld baclerial urbwlb \v.»M him. '; to b. 1 prevented. Mi 1 , fillmait sav.s l)u: 'riuipiiK-nl'-'iied for llie dalry- ii:,n l::'e|i-, milk well below l!n- lan"cr |«lnt, clu-cklir; Ihe growl 11 o; ilan^erons micro-organisms. •iixt for (Ills reason 11 will gradn- illy snnplaiil K-ss modern nioihott-: •f cooling milk. liquor at drug stow here which are required to Ale Uwlr docket* monthly with the clly clerk. liccllum-ii, Ilio Brest comjxiscr, i-oiild nol work siinplr problems in imillljjllriitloii. Campus AnIi-War Dance Staged by 11 Societies IniL that t ji lit 20 lo 52 drivers e«UI"r Ihc li:ic- K'l'ia count L'nn hi- ki'in l):-lov,' M,000 jtei 1 i-iihlc contlnn-H-r. or lo a [K>lnt \\-Vere harmful bacteria aic Irnsi likely in dr.elnp. \Vlien tfc- nnil v.n installed t.'- cc-nlly Mr. C.-nli; m:uli> an Inti'rr-.sL- iii); lr:.t lo <lelrrintii" IIHW lonif II Is pawib'e. In kirp milk In Iho <slorii|>c room. Tn<-iHj'-flve pint KUCENK, Ore. lUPI—As a counter attraction to the annual military ball, :in "anli-war dance" was sised recently by eleven anli-mili- uiry oryani/alions - or Ihe Unlver- tiff Sllujcs Tall hi Hurt Him .^lly or Oregon campus. AMINC1TON, Mass, i UP)—One ol' Dri'omllons were banners"" de- tlie ravorltc diversions of John | nouncing war and militarism. He- Van de Pocle. assistant- stale In-' cilinj of satiric poclry by robed .spcclor of apiaries, is lo lei tee;, siudf ills was one feature or the sling him on a wlmlesalc basis. | .•nle.-tainmunl,. Those attending "' tliemselves not In "cioss Ijoundary or anolher comiLry Klrangcly hnrnune. lo such Klines ' i lie reels nol Liu sllshlei;l itiscom- forl. kill or destroy." eontael. I wish very much dial perlence hjj' new ideas iiirone,H personal'i-hisses. . r iune i»f Knjdlsii anil tben lo Sni- i Tiimuiiinv: WIIHICM luw- mnre p.-ovc wli!il six- call tin' pp.iicrul , Vitality 'Mian Mm. backfiiounil and UN- wider vl.sion - tCupyrlnlil, \ ( .i'.i'.\, by Anna Kleanur of llie leathers. ' nnosevi'll; diMvitmled by Untied It IB axiomatic lhal you eaimol i l-'f-jilii"c Syndli-al". HUM Wheat Field Turned lo Desert Scared by blazing sun in Ihe long drouth that- lins tnken IIIIBC toll in the midwest, nr.rt covered by wvornl feet of toiisoil whirled ficross it by high, scorchins winds, tlik SonlH Dakoln wheat field looks like n jlretch of tioici'l l.nnd. Extent ol (lamnsjp wronglil 1= inrticatod by (lie fence, which in Hlaces Is entirely burled uenenth the liigli-piled billows of tO]V,oil, leaving » Herculean task of cle.-ir- ing it facing the farmer before lie can plain niiothcr rrop. eonlrtl ;ual pla«-r<l in sloniRi'. dny nne v::is o|x>ned nnd H-steil for rivsline.v, nnd II was not nnlll niter lln 1 :!I^L day (hut .s]xillii';e nernried. Ik! .s.ikl. however, that- miller no c'lrciiin- ulanees would milk Inleiided Inr the pnbllt IK; kept In hlora;. 1 .!' HKJIV limn ti slmri Ilinn anil fliui the- li-sL wivs niciely Iti (lelernilric Ihr ellldom'-y of the unit. T!>e in Ilk inim Is sepai-aled fi-om the milkltij; riunrtors nnd Ls divided j inlo U'nre eoniiinihnnni.s. ihe re- i friuerution unit, wnfh rrxim anil bnlilltii; roam. Alwolnle siinllnUnn s slrensrd. The Inlllos arc wash•d In nil 00 [icr cent alkali solii- lon lo dlsinfeel tlicin. All city vnter is used, as UK- dairy does imL depend on well or ji'imp wntcr. •Iinniedlnlc'ly afiev the nuik is token frnm llie cows u is pmired mo tin- Pii-jidiiire iii-r:iUir. \vlik-li s ca[«lj|e of cooling KK) gallon; p;>r lour. It is then Ixitlled and placed In the storage where every Inch of the coiuinrlmenl is kcp( at an even e.mpjralurc by lorced air clu-nla- lon. ' lllcli Itutlerfal Contchl All milk sold by [he Oral-? Dairy is from n herd o[ 44 pure bred Jersey and Guernsey cattle. 'Hie mlUc iivernRes about S.2 per Cent luilter- f(U. arrorilini; to Mr. Crai;;. ivhn savr, this i.-; n high percentage, as standard milk usually tests from 4 per rent up. Cniis; has been in Hie dairy business Wr (he past 7 yeiuti. but be- tL'an retaillnif milk when I.e. ton* I over the Hcnnetl Dairy Insi October. Since that time his milk olmne has increased 120 per cenl He says, and in addition to sweel milk be bandies chocolate milk, orange. juice, pure cream, butter and buttermilk. Craig's milk routes include all of lilyt revile nnd some of Ihe suburban nreji. Congratulations We wish lo rongrHlnlalo Craijt's Dairy on their iniprovei) f:ii'ililies for cooj- inj? an<l handling milk. We are jjlad lo have furnished the hijth grade huild-" iujf materials and supplies used in making (he improvement*. I'ree ICslimales on Home Owners Loan Corp. Loans East Arkansas Builder's Supply Co. I'hone 29 MILK Nature's Best Food The well round oil diet , must include milk. II supple men Is ever y other food :is nulitro in I ended. And penny for penny it fcivt's thi 1 if rentes! return in lieulthful noiirishmenl - ! l r or (»ood Milk, Chilled and 'Protected by Frigidaire, Call Craig's Dairy, Phone 7'1 i TT a v e Birley's Pure Orange- a d e Delivered with Your Milk ! CRAIG'S DAIRY Editor Left Insurance To Tuberculosis Ass'n I'OltTLAND. Ore. lUP) Tile . . Orrt;nn Tul>crciilcisis Association received £1.000 from n life insurance policy of the late Charles P. Kurd, nlitlil news editor of the I'onland Oicgonlnu. Ford was one of ten peisons ivlio. in 19:>5. took out Insurance iwlieies of eacli with Hie widely Ihe bem-liciary. Tlie ixili- citf paid dividends Inlo Ihe asso- ciat:m> treasury each year. Forrt ivas the tirtt of the ten io die. Congratulations to Craig's Dairy " McCftf ISSA1DTO BE TH& O>LY L^^^ KHO*,'LEDG= CF THE WCN6SPCT On Their Selection oj Frigidaire's New "Flowing-Cold Dairy Refrigerator and Equipment With this new modern Frigidairc Ucfriger- alion Craiy's Dairy is able to offer milk at proper storage temperatures of 40 degrees or he-low,, cheeking haeteria growth and eliminating spoilage due to improper eool- ing. We were happy to install this I'Yigidaire Blowing-Cold unit, making (iraig's Dairy one of the most modern dairies in tins seel ion. EVERETT B. GEE SALES CO. Air Conditioning Frigidaire Distributors Commercial Units Household Units

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