The Times Recorder from Zanesville, Ohio on April 26, 1941 · Page 1
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April 26, 1941

The Times Recorder from Zanesville, Ohio · Page 1

Zanesville, Ohio
Issue Date:
Saturday, April 26, 1941
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fTE shopping astern Ohio-ES ISMG THE ZANESVILLE SIGNAL Te/cpftofos Uaif*f fiteraoffOBO/ News Service NE4 Motes Associated Press Reach MORE people for LESS MWfYinThe ZAKSY1LE SKMA1 and TIMES ttCOWB 0.303 ZAIVESVIIJ^E, O., SATURDAY EVENING, APRIL 26, 1941 PRICE: TWO CENTS IZIS CLOSE IN ON ATHENS r * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * lericas To Act Together On Ship Seizures iblics e All Ships Mokes · Parley Ion N. -- UP) -of the 21 iblics recom- t h a t their ·er the more n vessels Idle md use them le peace and iontinent." tion was by the ancial and econ- mittee and the iced by Sumner etary of the irtment of state ic group. Guina of Uru- le proposal. .tion. which will 1 to the various covers Army Tries Out New 'Tin Hot* ;e recommends nts declare that j immobilized in war may BOW i American re- uice with the al.latv and their is to promote r economies, the of the continent- be utilized eith- sents with own- of the right of to take control ·they may. deem itisfy their own U. S. soldiers soon-may lay aside the time-honored "tin hat" worn by. soldier at right to adopt fiber-lined helmet at left, designed to give greater protection against spent bullets arid shrapneL Army is testing the new helmet at Ft. Benning. Ga. I adequate com* in accordance ,- accepted :W and the jf each republic. nerican nations i 1 right to navi-101 j May intervene In G-M Strike Would Make Sea Safe for Convoys WASHINGTON Probable City Neglects To Pay Keep Of Prisoners State Report Makes Finding in Favor of County The city of Zanesville was S3,- 099.54 deeper in debt today for failure to pay for maintenance of its prisoners in the Muskingumg county jaiL This and other findings totaling S5.0S2.01. were contained in a report filed by state examiners following a recent audit of county office records for the last two years. The examiners said that the city had refused to pay for maintenance of its prisoners in the county- jail because of a controversy over the exact amount of its debt. They pointed out. however, that records of committment are incomplete, making it almost impossible to determine the correct bill. Findings of $1.190 and ST75.25 were returned against Mrs. Fannie C. Matthews. ?«'S*?."t matron of the county jail, for furnishing meals to women prisoners and delinquents contrary to state law. The examiners reported that Dr. Ray McDaniel, former county coroner, had received 560 for two un- authrized autopsies: 513.40 lor an inquest in Coshocton county on order of the prosecuting attorney here, and 519 for excessive mileage while on official business. j It is illegal, according to the e»| aiTiiners. for officials of tn'c "Avon- j dale children's home to spend 1 $38.75 for a course for a ward at Meredith Business college. It is likewise contrary to law, for them to pay S3 to Guy C. and David R. Fitz for a Lash higii school class ring i'or another ward. Harry Prouty, deputy Red Runs the Soi! of Athens The Acropolis, where ancient Athenians invoked their gods to drive out the invader, stands in ruined grandeur as new enemy i-orde sweeps upon it. Tall plants are called trees of destiny. Their blooms burst, and reddish substance that looks like _ blood spills-- symbolicaly today--on the stony ground. ^ countv U.S:to Establish Work Camp At Marietta for Draft Objectors British Forces Withdraw As Germans Drive Within 25 Miles of Greek Capital British Write Off Greek Defeat And Stake Hope OR U.S. Help; Nazis Plot New Maneuvers (By UNITED FRESS) British Imperials battled Adolf Hitler's .blitz army almost on the outskirts of Athens today as the three-week battle of Greece drew to a close and Europe's belligerents 1 braced for a struggle over control of the Mediterranean. The Nazi armies from the north reported they had: captured Thebes and Chalcis, circled to within 25 miles of : the Greek capital and pushed on against the weakened allied defense lines. British troops, tired but still unbroken, fought back from mountain slopes northwest of the capital V in an effort to protect the only road to southern Greece and permit the bulk of their expeditionary force to embark. With the battle admittedly lost in Greece, the British : prepared to fight on from Crete and south to bolster their= I position against expected attacks on both ends of the MedK terranean. Britain Stakes All on U.S. pfM^S|llp tei^^lil wrote off her defeat in the Balkans as a side issue to the battles of the Atlantic and the Mediterranean today, and staked her hopes on United States aid to bridge the danger period until; she is strong enough to-±urn-the tables. Extensioti of the Mediterranean I i?J warfare on a-huge scale, reaching i from Gibraltar to the Indian ocean, iwas forecast bv some observers as Preparation for the establishment of a civilian work ·national that with the arrival of more! Says Premature Burials Occur rices as a result* » created a crit-j jps serving bothj IRC Two Jgeto WASHINGTON -- ( F i -- The defense mediation board called on the General Motors corporation and the United Automobile Workers (CIO) today to continue production pending efforts of the board to settle the threatened' strike at the company's far flrnijT plants. j from Canada and the United States; jat points where England's navy land shore-based aircraft would least able to protect them. Extension of the . lines of thei neutrality patrol as disclosed by President Roosevelt at his press] conference yesterday was inter a result of the German march through Greece. But one reliable source asserted the main theater of war "remains the British Isles and their mari- maa army "so our job sibly another year" seei for is to "be-.' concentration on. air .and sea. com- -, j| bat until we have-got tanks a n d . . f| weapons from your- factories and/ - 4j ours to tackle the enemy in a.. ·-';·§ decisive fashion on iand." In connection with the battle of- -- ·--··V^----- ·- ' .^-^!Sr*eT5i -· - -Lj-^'-'Jt V-^'iCsS^-Si-^ ilCommittee Approves \\ Flood District Funds echnicai er-j On '° has 1S6 conscientious ob-| Ijectors registered. i i It is understood that these men! Iwill serve at the camps for periods! ,-.,-,. T - . -, i equivalent to that recuired byj COLUMBUS-(INS)-faunaredsj ! selectees in the land and navai of Ohioans go to their graves each i ] forces. | The Marietta site. time approaches" and indicated | t j, e Atlantic, reliable observers of- Britain is rallying her full strength j {ered tn c conjecture that President fcr the immediate task of hold-j[Roosevelt's policy of naval pa- ing the eastern and western endsjtrojs far. ou t j,, the Atlantic would of h e r Mediterranean lifeline,' keeping her trans-Atlantic supply routes open and defending her ports and factories against increasing air assault. This source said the battle of Greece proved that Britain is not actually mean that supply ships would have a fairly safe conduct on the first half of their voyage to England. Many British warships thus roay be freed for duty in more dangerous waters- be the baseof o year, the victims of premature em- f __,, balming and burial, Sen. Wayne L.. iormerj H Nazi Detour Is Surprise The U. S. Senate appropriations preted in some quarters as ir.dicat- j committee today had recomme jing a decision to make '--jrtualiy \ e d Sl.365.000 for the Musking , , . BERLIN.--UP)--German forces springing, a surprise by SelSont co°untv : ! making a "detour" down the island of~Ewoia (Suboea) and ] senator's startling statement came then crossing to British in Ohio's first registered objectors j ^ ne prep ared to go before the region of Thermopylae, have passed through Thebes, and wm be called about May 15. jffate judiciary committee nexti.^ continuing on to Athens, 39 miles a\vay, the high com- Coincident with the location of a [week to urge consideration of a lunday morning. ;· night when the labor department | ministration -.vhip. asserted that;D j]!_ ^.-^ the same as provided in! the numerical strength oday bv County j certified the case to jrt, would send: American convovs are necessary in ij^o" measure passed bv the house. :arinv. Alter. j telegrams to GM ofucials and the j order to get United States war nw-j Except for the Muskir.gum vai-j Interested in locating if the lifting ap-|CIO's United Ainomomie\\ orkers, terials and food t« T?«»a,t, !. v . . , ..,,, --·. sr this week and : union asking y for engineers j plants in production jre with pulleys [ hearing by a ·epairs. probably on Monday. reak. traffic on; Cnief issue in » hf iver canal has;was the demand several days, j a wage increase just completed j Union spokesmen on the Sixth "not to pull do' I production, bu 1 iridge is closed, j said that it ' uted over the j separate defens Monroe street I mobile production. ! The GM controversy was 'he' act ; OR would enable the British to was clear today fcr the Ancnor jfirst major threatened strike certi-:j-gjease a number of warships from Hocking Glass corporation io con-, __ ified to the bosr-3. although the; coriVO v duty out of Western Herni- struct a proposed natural gas p;pe;VlCT!ni py NOIHC m e _ i board has succeeded in pro-anting : sphere ports. Jine from the West Virginia gssj I walkouts *n two other smaller dis-: 'field to the corporation's two; ~~~-- :putes given it. i BERLIX --OV- DNS. official plants at Lancaster. O. ; n;iTvje1 «x? "-i Meanwhile. ?· r3n*l of 'he board. iGerman news agency, anrounced' The federal power commission; nd si!sht!y v.arrr:- ^^..^.^ of William H. Davis.: Adolf Hitier made a "surprise visit yesterday disclaimed jurisdiction; , , ! = r - -^ - - 'anil us cutting of the i-asphyxsa.' commonly known as i which remained in the j suspended animation or catelepsy. defences to the north, a new!die in the process of embalmir-g in mountain British north. forces pemn- Thebes and they cut shut the i-hatever still were to the Shattered remnants of the Brit- re- embarkation _ WASHING i ON -- «.?-- me experts Hold-Up Man Calls r r T«tT-Walter Teae:? an-'i Ciir.ton Golden. ; todav to Marburg 'Maribor'.. Yug- over the :ir.e. which woalii he used t=»n da'« M»x -.vent iri!o the sr-oorid day of meet-'-.oslavia. ar.d ihat the ror-v':zc? don- soSeJy :c transport natural gas for! --" 1 jns: vvith r.OT-ihfm and southern i ne ^ stj-riar, f-o!k costumes to v.-*i- the corporation's use in its of John L. icoine him. industrial processes. the ..near ..Rain .. ..CJoa-lv . .Clocdy ..Ciear . ..Orar . '.\'.'.H ] operators ar.c cfficiai? · of Jo '.'.~.".7Q Lewis" Unie(5 Mine Workers aJlernci to sett" BRISTOL. CONN. -! .r, -This was adding the personal "touch." Dominic Sinispalli told po- licp that the two men who rohbed him of ?30 said: "We wont hurt yon. Dominic- Haraf o\er yocr donsrh." Tests would be administered by a ' x'az: s bv-Bass^ physician or public health 5eivice : s-.-.-o;a"'«Euboe meti;ca! employe not sooner than; -- ion ..Clear «: ! ..Clear ^ ^ nei !Ipi" C1-u;5v ..S3 en ..Rain 53 - va ..Pi C!o-:dv -.""= . .Cioadv ?·;.·" ..Pi. riminy ...«'Op in the shutdown. w'S who ein 3t:at07£ of his differentia! fcef-veen onaiiy led the ur:ior. has not th-? refused to'. Chicago Tribune War Correspondent Mistaken for Spy; Barely Escapes Death Before Firing Squad in Serbia / S ·* * -£,' An ncr "jo.rpachod .7? tnr* 3Ti(i ^:77 rorth^rT^ ojcra-- I'.M.W. crantir.? 'operators havo spui:.-, ,,- pr«rid?nt Rooseve' 1 CHICAGO--1?^-A story of «- Th» Associated Press. Leigh \Vhi!», "One war.Jec to shoos me." Brt-.v- the major t'.f-.n me hund'e^i into a rape from death before a 'irir.s-of Columbia Broadcasting System e .- rejaserf. "The others said they second csr with t-.vo guards. There ':=·-! of Serbian viyian'es who ar.rt O'ersea? Nsws Ij?or - ^ o ,jj,j « a -ch -ne f;r?t L'rner the I slaved 12 hours." German s~y was Kay of the United Press Ru5- - - - - ·cut off from escape by Stuka'rnopylae Pass by German ground place where embalming is done un-; a n a r L ; 3 at Ka ; troops driving toward Athens. til it is subjected to tests to deter-j Q e ~ an accounts indicated thoi Whether Athens is taken today. m:n* whether death is complete, i British were cut off when the: tomorrow, or next week is of no them by crossing;military importance, it was said. _uboea) and following it;because the king and goverr.ment employe not sooner than \ 3ara j; e i to the Greek peninsula j already have left. four hours after death, a-d if ob-^act unt :} they could strike at It was indicated, however, that j Thebes from Khalkis. ; liquidation of the Greek campaign · The detour by way of the island:does not mean the end of the war loff the coast iiorthr-ast of Athens in the eastern Mediterranean whicJi .apparently was accomplished as German military leadership regards i a surprise maneuver. as a "pivotal point"' of British po«- | It was reported here that fast er. ! motorized troops were used in the : B;?nst Aus De'jtschIanJ said the | dash and that they crossc-d to the j Mediterranean theater of war must lisiarm from Thessaiy ar.d fought : be viewed as a unit-embracing ths their way do\vn until they were sea ar.d North Africa. Turn to Pace Two related ert him a bv ?sm Athens Admits Losses Brewer. Baikar. 5-ei' Kill oi K dispatrh 10 Chicago :he New York fwe of the flames thev dumpeil Brewer said the rrajor informed :: ^,,?-rss^uv. ^*£ rr s-*^ of -me x~ TM'%s^^^"^^ ^^ ^ ;u ^ V^,:,? y y L -- C3 ^° ^a T; 3 - unrc oorted w a = he- evidence thev needed: A coil of that hour two Serb newspaper re-: nave pushed past Theoes. 3o m,,es:Fatror.. "-The T; b-ne wrtle- a-ived v«- : lWv'e«i"to hav«- remair.^1 in Kotor., wire used to'i^osir the typewriter, porters arrived on the scene. Brew-;from the capital, and also have i Tne dnve p35t Thebes indicates .,-H,,.. -n'R!irian»« Funearv ffom Cecil Brown. CBS correspondent. · a snare fiashilight battery, and a i e r discovered that he and one o f ; taxen .eKior;rion. IW mile v,e^ ; ^3- tne defending 3nt:sh and .e.da.._ .n Budap.Sc. i.un^O. .rom^eu.^. ^ ht he had ' reached i p a ;j of boots ." Ithem had mutual friends, but the j of Thebes, authoritative Gree* G reek foreeS; na ~ n . ere d by Nazi .- had the Serb newsman ar-j quarters announced today. | artillery and Stukas. have been when he sought to inter- j 'Germans earlier said their j pushed far back along the narrow e for Bre-.ver. j forces had ' and w h:ch leads to the Greek I'm the out tha ... r ._~jpi!3t!onir« west Texas '" c j na In the north-',.. third colleague who came to i smashed past it to within 30 miles s cap ; tal 3^3 the Greek press said him was not only an edi-| of Athens). jthe fighting was "very near its also a colonel in the army; The capture of Mesolongion. the-end." ire and a friend of the major." i scene of Lord Byron's death in 1S241 Th e B^-^h rear guard retreated n the darkness." Brewer said. | Brewer continued. "Accepting his: in the Greek war for independence, j doggedly under heavy German »r- rhat a i t h e Adriatic to Greece. Entering the burning cily he v.-asi "Refusing to lister, to anything! judgment, the major turned me ;means that the German drive down j " _:, / ·d out i Thev were Robert St. John of seized by eight Serbian said or to look at my papers, '· loose." ' 'the Adriatic coast in the west--i Turn to Fase Two · ·· ou . ^ fl on a 400-mile trip down : the Yugoslav capital. and precipitation! resumed until ·· 1 °P° a -. .'"r ,. , - i . h J T i r i r i ~ ~ , A " ' - · **'*"-*».»-.*i^i7,*--" ^ ?'-».-«_-*T3LdMV#,*:..* , NEWSPAPER!

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