The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on August 13, 1936 · Page 4
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 4

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, August 13, 1936
Page 4
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PAGE Fo'iJR BLYTHEVILLE, (ARK.)' COURIER NEWS THE BLYTHEVII-LH COURIER NEWS 4-HX COURIER NEWS CO., PUBLISHERS 'C. R. BABCOCK, Editor H. 'W. "HAINES, Advertising Man*|M Bole National Advertising Representative*: E«llte», Inc., )lew York, Oetrolt, St. Louis, I»lli», Saruia City, Memphis Published Every Afternoon Except Ouiiday Entered ns second class mutter nt the past oRlcc nL Blythevllle, Arkansas, under act tit Congress, October 8. 1817. Served ny tno XJnlied Presa BUHSCRIPTION RATES By earner in tne City or BlythevHle, 16o per ««k, or ?6.60 per year. In advance. By mall, wicnin « radius or 00 miles, 13.00 per year, $1.50 Tor six months, 75c for three, monliui; by mnli In postal gtonc.i two U> six, inclusive, $6,50 per year; In tones seven and clBht, $10,00 per year, payable In Advance. A considerable degree of imlcpuiul-' once was manifested liy the voters of Arkansas in Tiiesilay'.s primary. Thc professional potilk'ians wore not exactly nulled but lliay certainly did not have tilings all llicir own way. We are IhmkiiiK particularly of (he Wg vole polled by Jinlnc K. A. Cook, who ran a very good third in I he race for governor in spile of the fad, thai he liad ' the support of scarcely a single political leader of .state or even of county influence. And while Carl E. Bailey had in his camp quite a few of the "onls" :unong the political professionals, his vole also came in major part from tlie independents. We are also thinking of the apparent victory in the race for chief justice of OifTin Rinilb, who. is regarded by tlio whole class of county office-holders as their |;arlicu}nr enemy and who had lo overcome an additional burden in the fact that lawyers, who are no doubt tlio most politically influential class in the slate, opposed him as an upstart reaching for n plum which in all decency oughl to be reserved for some onn who had proved himself by years of practice or service on the bench of some inferior court. Weak Driving Permits Aii-iiii.TCasing luiifthci 1 of slides and * cities MtV& miiiirinjj.dviviiijr pur-mils' of motorists, but Hie pcrinit.s 'generally Sire more scraps of paper MS Car :is ^afuKU.iirdin^ molonii!* is 'concerned. The . usual form of these 'permits simply ruqniros Iha'l the driver be of ago -and 'dvvn his vehicle. Some go :t step further and require thai Hie thivcv have oncj year 'of driving cx- pciicnce. Others prohibit driving if .the : individual displays physical defects. •„ Practically none, however, sci.s up any ; rigid driving standards. Nor is there ii tendency to restrict tlio recurrent traffic violator — lh(> fellow who invariably is hitlini;' someone or something through slmer carelessness or incapability. These drivinjr pmiiits must be made much stricter if we ai'c lo • forestall death on the highways. It's what they put on lo lake off that connls. —Alois s. Knapp, Chicago lawyer ami nudist camp 'founder, giving views on iiunulsrlly o( burlesque strip dancers. OUT OUR WAY Tlia iModcni Honaakecpcr Mrs. Muc Sclitirlin, New York liousclitnM ocoiioniisl, liiis spent a groat many years investit'iiling thu prohlcnis of hou.soliccpinif. She liiis gone down the line from the swankiest city iipnrlnicnts lo the siiKillest eotl;i(rc.s in tliu land. And out of her widi) olisci'Viitinn .she draws (ho eoii- flnsioii thjit liuu.sekce])inK is first anil last "an art niul exact wience." Kli'irient liomeniiikitiK, she f-'ays, eii- conipasse.H, ade(|iiiite Itiiowlednu of did olios, .socinl «t:iena>, and interior docttralini,'. And if a wilY- will pursue Iho many ramilieatiotis uf; Ihvee fields, she will lintl luais(;kcep- iiur lo he a niifj'lny hitf and important job. The view conlnnsls radically with the did wnrn-otit contention (hat housework is thankless dnulj.ii.Ty. Jim Rcccl Weeps H is not ill all improper Unit James A. iieccl, sometime a senator from Missouri, should leave fi:c Uemocralic party. Every man dreams of a day when lie can even the score with those who once turned Ilic tables en him. That is one of the thrills one gels from Monte G'hristo. As Senator Heed walks lodny, so Ihe Democratic parly mire walked. In ISKO the senalcr wns repudiated by the UemocuUs of Missomi who refused to send him as a delegate to San Francisco, and one of Ihe imglc stories of the 1032 convent-Inn in Chicago is thai. Iho sennlur Mil In his hold room walling in vain lor delegates to consult him us in Uiu day:; of old. 'Iherc Is more than mere coincidence in Ilic fact Iliat Senator liccd and ills conferees are for Ihe most part "ha* keens." This may help to explain (lie weeping und walling they indulged in over (he glories of nnrtlhci- day, for we nro I old In sill randoi- lhat (ho senator broke down and wept copiously whlli: deliVL'ilng a ".scathing denunciation" of President Roosevelt's admlnislnilioii. H Is natural (Imt aj;c would cling to the Ihinys that arc gone. It is natural, tno, for these wiio ; are unable lo reconcile themselves to lido and lime to foresee danger und destruction in change. Vet It is hard to forget that when Senator need was In his prime, ho was merciless In iho vicloiisucss \vllh which he fought those with whom ho disagreed. Nor can it lie forgot- that when his services lo humanity arc chce-kccl and ,'rc- ; checked, most of those who ;wero (he targets cf hi.s billcrneM stand higher in Iho hopes and liearls of llbrrty-lovlii;,' iiecplu than ihc erstwhile senator Irom Missouri. —Commercial Appeal. I.'Ycsli Air, Food Are Best. Tonics For Weary Body »V 1)1!. MOItltIS I'ISIIBKIN l-Idllcr, Journal <if the American Mcdli-al Association, and of llyjjila, (hi! llcallh Majrav.fne The scicntinc physician no longer recognizes that there are Biicli tilings as tonic.s. In the old days Ionics contained lion, quinine, strychnine, or arsenic, and a considerable amouin of spirilus fninicnti, or o'lcoliol. Tile alcohol gave somewhat of a "kick" which made a person feel r, and (ho dings were of Hie which stimulated the nerv- system, and Increased Ihc amount of red coloring mailer In tlio lilood. For a loni; lime it was though'. Hint bitter itriigs would stimulate the appetite. Nowadays we know THURSDAY, AUGUST. 13, better, Ijpe ous iincc of France and England Gravely Concerned Over Development in S|)ai» By MII.TON JlllONNUn NKA Service Staff Correspondent LONDON.—the real, big. compelling, iiiislatcd reason thiit England's king toid England's prime minister arc not going lo take their .scheduled August vacation trips \K> France Is thai -there is grave Tea'!' thai. Wic French Fascist elements Ionic except good : ma 5 r ' ll 'y n coup d'clat, especially If ' "-- ' ' the rebels win agninsl the regularly elected government of Spain. And evorybotly In authority, both in England and in France, rrn'l- i/es that it would be exceedingly awkward, Viol lo say dangerous, for King Edward VllI and Stanley Baldwin 'to be eivt'ight up in the maelstrom of n French 'civil war. health and. vigor. Such j 'I'-ic official reasons given for the lhat there is nu .._ food, fresh air, and the development of, abmidanl health. An English physician, Sir William Hi'oudbcnt, once rale!: "A falsehood that dies hard is the idea lhat .stlmulanls of whatever kind actually give strength, are necessary for mainlcn- Is not thc ciise, and the well-worn i change of holiday plan comparison Ihal they arc the whip and spur, and not Ihc corn and Ijrnss, Is strictly accurate. "Anything accomplished undci the iiilhicnnc of stimulants is done at tile expense of blood and llns;:c, mid, if frequently repealed, al the expense of Ihe constitution." ns are also truthful so far as they go: King Edward is not going to the beautiful 'Scrtsifle chateau o'wned by the Arrierld»n, Ma'xlnc Elliott, nenr 'Cannes in llie. French Riviera, 'becatisc r nfj presence 'would merely a;ld to the burdens of the French po'lice, already woi'kiiiE ' " , , . . --------- . , A real tome, therefore, is n sun- overtime cTieckim- ,,'p t - P stance which will build the of the body, increase its rcsen'e of energy, and make It belter nhle lo work. Certain reactions that may be provoked in the human L'ody will cause Ihc lungs, lo lake In more cxygcn and, in liiat way, (live Ihe body a higher reserve. For example, a cold shower is stimulating, and a brisk rub as- .scciiiled with a cold shower the stimulation. nick Wlien muscles contract, Uicy burn sugar. When muscles l>ecc.mi fatigued, they develop lactic acid from sugar. When oxygen Is supplied to the muscles, by way of Ihc blood, they change the lactic acid buck to sugar. Anything which will improve the supply of oxygen to the tissue:; will iictunlly servo as a Ionic. Another form of tonic is 'ihc material which helps to build blood. Certain foods, particularly liver and lamb's kidneys, froin Spain. Premier 'Baldwin is not joing for his 'annual August ciirc at Aix- les-Bains because his presence is needed ifcarer home in planning for the Eocai'no discussions sclrid- iiled for September. I'KANCE O\ HOT SUAT Even be'f&re i'he Pascist-mll'itni-- isl alliance rebelled' against constituted authority in Spain, '(he situation in Fr.tncj had been ticklish.. The forces: of the 1113111 fully exrfcctcil ! to win In the last parliamentary 'elections. To Their aston- it'nment and dismay, 'tihe Popular Ffonl ^composed of Radicals, Socialists and Communists—swept the boards. ' Prance got its first-Socialist an:l its first Jewish 'premier hi thc per- 'KOn 'of Leon yiu'm. Tills one-time literary '<lilettiinte gave P.-anca a touch -of Franklin TJrosivelt speed in pulting his 'declared platform through Parliament. A 40-l:otir Where Troubles Brew In Europe BtSMNi. P o AND y..... \WAftSf\W 1—LONDON: King Edward and I'remicr Baldwin cancel vaca'lions : ih hniice to avoid kciir; caught in possible 'political upheaval. 2—CANNES: King liacl planncfl vacation in chateau owned liy Marine Elliott, American. '3-4'ARTS: French aristocrats and reactionary parties, fearful 'SpaYihili revolt may nwinj Franca farthci 1 lo left, make it 'difficult for Premier Binm to 'lake definite position 'toward Spain. Activiti?3 o't Italy n'nd Germany hi giving moral support to rebels increases Blum's troubles. i—MADRID: Rrn'iibllcfti government, descried j by innny army rcifiilars, recruits peasants and workers lo bolster military litrentjth n: fight against Fascist i'cvoiiilio:;aries. 5 CATALONIA (Prcvince cf norlbcrn Spain): For yearS a trouble spot became of ii:; d'uirc 'far independence, Gatalcnia now unite;! behim; Spanish veiiiib'licnii i;r.vcnr.iient, wiih new cabinet, representing all leftist ctancnl.s. (i—FfiEN'CH J\Kl~> SPANISH MOROCCO: French on army oilicinlr, claim planes' \vliich' ci'asliccl French Morocco soil \vcre disguised Italian war planes -.uul pilots military flyc:s Iraiisitortiag inn- chinc f;un;;. ammtlnitic'n. 7-CKUTA, SPANISH 'MCCIOCCC: CenU, in rebel liands, visilwi by 'Grnnan wareliipn, cstcn- sitly to jirotccl Gernwn •'citiKons. Tiicir iircsenci .. ,, . - - -' sub- week for workers, an annual Woli-1 l»'evcntod Spa'nish shifr,. loyal to republic, frcm .iiusrich in iron, help to slim-' day with pay, nationalization bllsholibg cily. Hate the development of red blocd the armament and munitions fac- ills with plenty of hemoglobin. . I lories, people's control of thc Bank A small amount "of .sunlight- ' MWSMi A pctsiblc e.V]>lanation of the depression in the lexllle Induslry i.s that it uswl lo liikr; lliree sheep workini; all tlio lime niid an ficrn of cotton doing double duly (o keep a woman dollied. Now, I believe a silkworm docs Ihc whole job in his spare time. —Dr. R. O. Small, Massachusetts educator. A people which allows Us rising generation to be taught history which merely exalts its own annals and holds up lo hatred, ridicule and contempt the annals of another country, Is trailing n dangerous situation tor the world. —Viscount fiankcy, former lord chancellor of Great Urllaln. » * * Dancing is fun. Never make work of it. People dance with delight because dancing is delightful. —Virginia OlI.ilE, Pasadena, Calif., dancing instructor. 1 FOUND IT OVER 7HEREV\.w OW-OOH -AMOTMER IN A "TRA5M PILP - A V! i nvi«. r>r-r>i/-»i- --,r-_ OEMUWIUE OiL By Williams .WHV, IT M1OHT BE AM OLD VASTER, LIKE COROT, REMBRAMOt. OR DA VIIJCI ~'\WV IT WOULD BE WORTH 7Hou5AMD5: MILLIOW 1'U. TAKE 7HI& TO EXPERT - LOMS PERIOD OF ttV LIFE RUIMED, MUMTIM' . AW' COROT5 - BBPOkh ' I HEARD OF THEM, I WA^ FAIRLY HAPPY- T VVA^ JUM '6ETTIM' OVER HIS OIL FIMD5 WHEM WE 8>RlM&'p UP, BfJIQHT BOV5' ALL MV LIFE, MOW I'LL IJE TRVlM 1 TO BEAT SOME DUMB GUV OUT OF A REMBRA.WD7 I 57ICK RI6HT HS YOU DOM'T KETCH ME- 5 AY- KIM YOU SEE A N»\S/1E OM THAT? ARE MADE -MOT BORM has of France—all these things were rushed through-the Cilamhe'r'anrt slightly sllmulatitig or ,- tonic ,„„„,..„ „ luiihty, but over-exposure- to, the, some have also been passed by the 'in may have tlio opposite cffccl. I Senate Remember, however, that it Is' wt well to rely on'Ionics of i any kind for proservalion of health. Health Is a positive factor which maintained by avoiding disease,' exhaustion, and unnecessary ex-1 >c=ure to the clemenLs. Health once destroyed may be TRaincd only by eliminating the causes of disease and oy pemtt- ing (tie tissues to restore tlipm- •elvc.s' to thc extent of which they ire capable of restoration. Any kind of tonic is. after all, a whip ii spur to a tired horse. :•: OF RICH Roosevelt has his enemies in America, but they are nol'iiing to CHURCH 'EXCUSES By G. w. Barbam Mother says Joe's iBiionmn.. appalling in so many way,-, and about .so many things, esiiocvilly about baptism and church mailers generally that she wonders more and more each day cuiild see about him llial" would cause me lo take a second look at him. much less marry him. She lias forgotten that she hi ought him to our home and kept him back until 1 finally took notice of him. Joe -says sl. e ha 1 been visiting willi us so loir; she, seemingly, can't mi'.t where she came from. As he de- he would tell the truth, h,- enjoys having her, for It Is no 'rouble for him to get up an argiuiviii if he but mentions baptism, ov nirkes some remark about her church They arc like a lot of folks |j they Ihlnfc about the clnncli ii Is only as an organization am one that should concern itself wll |, increasing the number; wiiii lit tie If any thought to the tciching of the man whose way of life taught that we should be pu> 0 nt and tolerant one with th c ether Long Harvard Sermons Irksome 162 Yesrs Ago CAMBRIDGE. Mass. (U i>, _ Im . agmc a dignified president of Hnr vard college bein ? run out «' of fire because he talked tn» mur'i! That is what 'najijienr:! to 'ihc Rev. Samuel Langdon. collcro mos dent from 1775 to 1780. arcor-iin? to documents found In th- nbs (>^ Harvard Divinity School. Tli'.'rin' I.angclon resigned after sliidcnV protesting lhat his sermons were too long, had petitioned n- ,.~ erning bwirci for his removal B iU had sent a committee to 'o Ihe Rev. Lanjdon ihcir of him. those Blum has'accumulated. Eve since there has been a French rc- pilblic thc so-called "Two Hundred Families" have ruled France. They 'nave done so by their control of the Bank of France, of other big banks, of the railways, the sleel and iron industrlis anrt innnilioiis factories. Their rule is now threatened. So all the forces 'of the Rig'hl have been yapping al Blums heels, le.1 by Ihe most corrupt press in Ui? world. This press is. restrained bv no Mich libel nfia oilier laws as arc known in the United Slates. One black reactionary .s'nect practically advocated Ihe assassination of Sis nova, ovrti VBASCU ^^ Blum and his associates arc faced ' 'wilh this siliiation: it the rebels Vin in Spain, it will probably mean a Fascist Spain, allied in 'feeling, it not in treaty, with Fascist Ital? and Nazi Germany—a Spain li'n- friendly to a republican Prance. In case 'Prance were involved In (rouble elsewhere, ii woiiltj have to immobilize five or six badly needed nrmy divisicns to guard the Franco-Spanisri frontier. Worse still. France would have to worry 'E'h'c'!! frc'iii Spanish government ship fell near British officers on Gioralta'r. None injured. 'Ship- was shcllinj rebel troop transport. Great JJriUiin, dissatisfied with boih rcbL'l and Bcvcriimciil forces in Spain, entered "warning" protest. 8—l-'ALEARIC ISLANDS' Heavily fortified, these Spanish possessions would be threat (o Socialist France if Fascist rebels won in Spain. 10—TiCMK: Mussolini accepts "in French proposal for neutrality pact amoii^ concerning Spanish revolt. 11-BERUN: Adolf Hitler, angered by allege, killing of seven Germans, lluee of them Na z party members, in Ihe Spanish revolt, oi-dcre-Sj .strong protest made to the. Spanisii ncpublicai 7 ' Gcvcinnicnl. Additional German \varships -,vei : : icr.iiy to slcani to Spiinh:h waters to back up tin' protest. Victory for Spanish revolutionaries \\-ou\.\ mean much to Germany; Socialist France wouli) be pinched between a Fascist Spain on cnc sicH und tlic Gcrmany-Ausliia-Ituly combine on ih'v cUicr. '--< la—MOSCOW: Trades iiiiloiiis'ts conti'ib'.ile nitl^'i liens cf dollars to aid Spanisii anti-Fascist light, ii; lii MEDITEHRA'NEA'N: A Fascist rebel vlclorji in Spain, welcomed by Fascist Italy, ivouM mcai'' daiiBcr to Great Britain's "lire line," or trail-;' t route lo the eanf, through the Med!^?rranc.'ir.|l Spunisii and Italian territory at stratcsic point! J coiild be made strong enough to dominate the seal I M—GREECE: Thai a new war might slar'j j r.jain from a Balkan "family" quarrel is seen the upheaval which made John Metaxas dictate-:j i of Greece. Immcdialcly following this news cam * rcpcrls tiic border between Jugoslavia and GreecV had been closed and v.'as closely guarded. I 15-nA'ilEANEI.LES: Turkey's recent decision t'.-' rcfcrtify the Dardanelles.straits may make the Dar.J cianelles. as before thc Wcild War, the cause ol •couslant trouble. The Balk.Tn nalions. as well d Rv::sia,! need .the 'strails as a jlraclc route to th-j cccans.' 16—ALEXANDniA: As her old supremacy ii Ihc Mediterranean is challenged, Britain rug 'work to strengthen her bas2 at Alexandria, key the Suez 'Canal and eastern outlet of. the Mcrtitct? . rancan. Franco-German war of 1870 grcji 1 the Blum government of France lo out of tfiis. ' GKHMANY IS THIIKAT And at present once more Ger-j Finally, whatever, the outcome many is becoming aggressive in | of Ihc civil war, Spain is going to ] remain supine. Al-'TER I'KAC'I-: tile Spanisii situation. More German wai'ftVrtis arc expected to be 'ES'rit to Spanish waters. Germany 'lias made a vigorous r-1 lie. an unpleasant neig'iibor when •" the fighting is over. If the rebels .sure to have a Fascist gdvcrn- Hawaiian Observatory Gets New Telescope HONOLULU (UP>--Hi5toric Puj nahou st'tiool. oldest private school protest lo tlie Spanish regular gav- ; nicnl, which will wreak tirribb crmneiit because four Germans vengeance oil those who opposed it. are reported to have been executed in Barcelona. Berlin newspa- „„ „_ _... pcrs have inflamed public opinion j seems out 'of the question. To fight against thc_ Royalist government in I large forces of the regular army, Stain. Rebel generals have been which proved rebellious, the gov- servalory housing Hie largest tcls-j scope and reflector in Hawaii. \ A huge revolving dome and a; If I'.io government wins, a mild I five-inch refractor telescop-* will' republican Or Socialist government ' -- •lie placed in the second unit. The observatory will be a Irib-; lite to Wilbur'Jamcs MacNeil, 'ncad 'appe^ , o_n^ | „!"= .e^rke^ S ^^ ^^T^i 1 is retiring at the end of tlie cur- j rent academic year. j thc p:asanls. Once mined. It vic- The captain of a German freight- torious. fncy will not easily bs dis- er charged be was fired on oil th; armed. Moroscan coast. A punitive German naval action against the Spanish navy, which lias remained loyal j to't'nc government, or an opportune I Germany bombardment of They will probably force a e.ov- crnmcnt pretty much Bols'ncvik. Spanish seaport might easily turn which arc Scientists suggest thai tomatoes, I Pure tin is IISK! in ihc manufacture of 'collapsible tubes for Eliaving creams and 'toothpastes. English Tialional forests are sensitive lo as- being equipped \vilh stacks ot fire ' . . ir.e scales ui iavor of the reb?ls. phyxlaling, be ke|)t in homes brooms 'to help fire fighters corn- It wen! a then bs eiidicult lor (o warn of illuminating gas 'lcak>. ' bat -blazes heavily fortified | 'shout Spain's Balearic islands. Those islands -nflording convc- rticnt nesting places for hostib sea planes and submarines—He athwart France's Mediterranean sea path to her North African empire. With this in mind, and with the knowledge that a rcix-l victory in Spain would encourage a similar attempt in Prance, time is slrom temptation for Ilia Hlum govern- rficnt to help the present republican government of Spain. ~iii:ss SVKI:AI>S CAXAUDS Tlic corrupt Paris press did not Wait lo sec v-hat tlie government would do. it printed stories to the effect thai Ihc government was shipping luminous and airplanes to Ihe Spanish government AriS at once, taking advantage of these stones. Germany and Italy slipped the word to Paris that if prance did this they would feel free to help Uic Spanisii Fascists As a ma'ltsr of facl. thc Blum cabinet unanimously decided it rniist- keep hands o[! „„,, llot , n . OUR BOARDING HOUSE With Major Hooplo A California scientist has a sun the shadow of the ixilntcr'falVfor he hours and minutes, ihercbv lellmg the correct time nil th'r year round. internal affairs of tcrfera in Spain. But there is no cerlainty thai the Spanish affair does not hold danger of a European war. Germany may bo t'.ie villain of the Pjece now a s it, was back in 18G9- At thai time (he ihrone of Spain was vacant and a Hohciirollrni princeling was proposed for the job To (his prance violently ob jcctcd. It could not stand a Hoh- cYizoUern-rnled land on the cast in mighty Prussia an.1 a Hoaenzal- isrn-rulcd land to the south in the Eba|» of Spain. Ullimately the VES — UK-M -w^•pF I HAVE BEEM. PERSUADED, •BY A WEALThW -FRlE(sir?,TO A r-ORTKlKSvAT KT »,OCO,OOO A.CKE HUUTlMQ BIS 6^ME. OUT UWDER THE STAR6,lW ' =_ OVtM SPACES / 56WD ; IT'S TMS W 'THE HOOVLE "THE •SPIRIT— HLW i OMLV '',' VAIM TJOWrJ TOWS'.US OPEW SPACES, -THAT TRAv 7 CP HIS Y5 A BLOOD —-\T WAS A. HOOPLE WHO V-\v2,ST HEWED PATH NbT HOOK-DP! ^S-Scx^ \

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