The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on May 13, 1947 · Page 8
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 8

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, May 13, 1947
Page 8
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TUKSUAY, MA^Vu - (ARK.)' COURIER' iwis : BETTER HOMES ousing Act Gets lore Criticism Why It Costs So Much to Build crHome ^ Dealer Says Gov'eWnertt Should Cut Own Costs First prices should come down ns Pi •"I Tnmian urges, but Senator juices (R) of New Hnmpshirc [lilted the way wlicn' he sui;- U'd that government should take lead by cutting government Is. H. n. Northui), Secre-Uiry- iini'.er. National Retail Lumber ilers ••Association, stilted today. lome-buikllnf; cost statistics ova period of years show a rise I fall directly reflecting the in- •ase and in the cost i.f I' executive branch of government •illiiii) pointed out. Vow, tlie Tafl-E!lender-Wi\Ruei •ral housing bill projioscs ni;w •'idi/e,i and publii; hou.siii]; nt a of n.s billion. This added ex- ulilufc througli the executive jVnch of government is alone !nr- ';• than the total taxes colleetet |m t.lic American people in any .!• lie fore 1911," he wild. ,f such a course would actually jl to tlie store of houses, it migji v.-orl], the price, but it will no rease either the supply of ..... |:ial or (lie supply of labor. North- pointed out. "instead, -it puts eminent programs in compcU- > with private building for 10- material and lubor and stiin- /les millions of people to seek IIODJCS at a time when the ^tiy is faced by nn demand, he said. O'J- usly, -'ISi results would have i inflationary effect, 'Northup ited. • Committee Investigates r. addition to being inflationary. :• kill proposes to perpetuate |i;;e govemnienl. ngcncy for the :ose of administering the over- hoiisinc program within the U North«i> said, pointing out that adminislrntive costs in sue! 'Government agency will exceec mere detailed costs of .salaries I1 office space. This is shown bj : record of the federal Publi MIS ing AdininLstrr.tion. whin! luld be one of th c asencies per J uated. Norlluip suggested. |\n investigntiou conducted by tin Appropriations Committee, i cd by FBI investigators, brought | light the following facts regard- tliis agency: I n New Jersey, a CIO official :it- ]:ipted to force the heavily un- I ized PPIJA local office to sell | .03 dwellings at a price of So Sblors Replacing White In Modern Kitchen Designs , \Vhile nl tlie present (here Is ix decided trend to kitchens Unit tire completely wliii,., kllchcns urn bo-| coining move <oH,rful tliuii ever li»-| fore, siiy.s I'nictU-ul Builder, Chl- CIIBO 5, 111. „ I I'n' one pnrlieulm- kitchen the cupboards were luimlwmrl)- imliilcil with |vy dmils, with nirtfitns to mutch. This s ;m ie kitchen, s!ii<\-> it wiii; very lun:e, hud kitchen rabl- ncts bf white !m «l burking the. dining room will kill-lien cnuH'icU were of natural polished wood. I Of. course, color Is very often brought into iu c . W nl!s, nnd usually nlwiiys in the flooring. This very smut klirlicii had » flitll red rlabr-j InK. with nil i.iblc tops finished 111 n (lull red iniiterlul with n (.weed- effect imllern.' Wnlls were of very light green. Oiie clerarn/or stiggesls robfii's ci;i>, b'.ue, yellow or deep brown lor tJiscouraged house hunters ask: "What makes home-building cosls so h-Bli'i" Duilciers reply: "Every jjiecc of mutei'ial and cs'cry hour of labor. 11 Sketch compares ihtijor cost items for a house built in an eastern open-shop city this year and an identical one bnill in 1911. Total cost of 1SM7 iiouse was $10,179, against $G(MO tor 1941 house, figures are from National Association of Home Builders, and confirm government reports that home costs arc; up 70 to liO p?r cent over prewar. Three Building Permits Issued Here Last Week Only three building penult i wore Issued lust week from tin; ofilee of City Kii(jlneer Joe Carney. They were issued to Ciiirvln Halloy. for 11 three-room [none res!- [deiice nl .|l)0 South Lilly to east iin estlnuitccl $100: lo John W. Hill ton for 11 la by 2fl-foot coiKTCic private. I gitmite nnd storage room In the u-iir < of. 32-1 North Fifth in eost, iilxmi ' fliOU; iind to Mrs. Al. /iteslmmons for n two-room concrete Wei k combination Klorniie linlldlnw nnd llv- IUB (junrlci's ill V2-1 \Vi..t iml »n esllniuted $2000. Iry-ouls in kllchens. First, Imw- Ovei', determine how well l!i;hteil the kiiehen [s and .select color: with :i view to permanent s:\tls fiicllun. An effective way to bring; coloi lo white cabinets Is lo use uiodei'i hardware, door lulelieii iintl Illumes •vilh a spot of color. They lire nviillnble in n nival viivtaly iir colors nnd styles, and they make n while kitchen spurkle. Harriett Ann Odley; Dr. T. B. (i\\\son; Miirlnn A. Jicllu; Lee 'J3ck ( ,51. l.yim lletts; Tommy AlllFion; Milan A. litirKe; MIKOII mime; ntitn 11. Huchens; Gloria llUKlie.ns; The- nu A. l''; Sliarliiie P. l"ow- ; Allr.ion Kteelwood; Dr. J. P. Allison and Alice Allison ni'C warned to nppenr hi I he Chancery Caurt lor the Chli-kasawoa District '.t MliSissipjjl County, ^Aikansas, within ;tO day;; after the dale hereof iind answer a commnlnt filed by 'loju A. Little. Dated (his 2nd dny of May, 1017. HA'RVK.Y MO11RI3, ClerJ: •Hy Betty sniilli, deyuly. Mut'cus l-lvrard Allcinev !'..r 1'if.intlff. (Seal) ' 5;C-13-20-27 ciieat Lakes 'ore c»rrtefs" 10,0(1-1011 cijincUles k&n be kwded in 00 mlnutcA. but it UkeS lour liours to unload .them. Too Late to CiaptHr Services [font n Flimr A'l' WA1U)H. Save rtionpy )jy refini^nihg your own • I'lwxls. •' . Ad«l« yours of life arid gives Ilium ncn hcaijty. It's ti^'y icxio, Inn: MONTdOMBRY \VAIU) .*:• CO., 102 Main. I' hone r,9l, . 2-1.'i-«n Nation's Most Courteous City Is Aim of New Orleans Drive icady-Made Oak Floors Be/rig Manufactured (Modern methods of manufacturing hardwood flooiiog enable home owners to obtain oak and other THE HOME OF THE MONTH each:In Ihe local office at San Francisco, employees lost 11.C83 man- days annually in tiaie K l>enl drinking coffee, while at the same lima they were being paid overtime at the rate of 514,000 monthly; Coal was purchased for hcatins; a project, after . it war, converted to using-oil; and in another project, minus Inwns of any kind. 5E01 was charged to grass-cutting equipment. Work in the New York area is duplicated by the local and regional offices, each employing 3W persons. In view of this duplication, it is estimated that SOJ.OO'J annually i s spent by the government for unnecessary office and storage space, Ncrthup said. These are random examples from a single report, but the T-E-W ,I3i pro|>oses lo perpetuate this tvpe i bureaucracy .with'its uncertain ex- rUpndituie, 1 ;, Jfortinip concluded. [Have Plenty m Water.. kl! the Time! The Famous "GILCO" burning water heater puts in end Lo your hot water problems. "Gilco" offers riiiny exfliisive features not funnel in ol.licr water eaters . . . aiul "Oilco," like our other home noetls, is •on I (|ti a lily ! II PETE" The Plumber 109 North First Phone 2731 NKW OHI.BANS (UP)— The New Orleans sales Bin Is Kohi[i lo have to take her elbows o[f the counter. Otherwise. s hc won't win my potted plants with a Ktccn and white pennant and dollar bill nt- lached. A campaign is In progress to -improve mnimcrs here, New Orleans wanl.s lo become -the "most courteous city In America.' 1 huv- ini( already become by its own admission "America's -most Interest- int; city." The move lo erase "Jerk" from taxfcab - English, stop wallresws from sitting at the table with cnslomei's, nnd eliminate olhcv blots on the courlcay record is sup- iwsed to imve oilijinaled with the New Orlemis police deportment, Lieut. W- J. Dowlo, acting director of the police training division. said patrolmen were being lectured dally on courtesy. Results were gratifying, he snld. New Trnfftc I.cetiirc The New Orleans traffic nntro'i- maii had long used n standard approqch . hi addressing n \vaywan! motorist who edged too far Into an InteVscc.llon. "Yon blind pavdner?" he would ask. "Can't you see my back wns turned. Whal'rc j'Qu Iryln 1 to do. kill me?" It's dilfcrcnl today. The same patrolman presumably would suv something like this: "I regret lo inform yon you. car is protruding over the line we consider safe. Will you kindly refrain from overrunning our fixed traffic lanes in the future? Thnnk you." . Supti of Schools Lionel J. nour- ;eois said the children were trying to help straighten out manners, too. Our; department .store is filvihg polled plants lo its most courteous employes. • j'j; Northern Bases Get Attention Of Army Airmen WASJIWOTON. May 13. (UP) The Army Air Forces "today revealed new plan.s foi 1 bolslr^ing America's defenses against attack across the .Arctic. . The AiAl' announced Unit an *». 1JS.OCO expansion program would i)e undertaken al Mile 20 field near Ladd Field. Alaska, to bnso I'.s HO.fiOO mile-ranee Ii-3B sillier bombers. In addition, faclliltes at Wliil- tler Port, Alaska, also wl" be expanded at a cost of $:i,Bl(| J15. HIs- trlcL enclneei's at Aticlxuirut! will supervise I he work. Less tlian t\vo weeks afto Lhe AAF I'cvcnlcil pluiis for construction of a $13.COn.COO base [or Hn bis straleutc bcinbiu'S hi Aroo.stcjok Counly, •Maine, astride (he main aerial route between uuropc and the North American continent. Alaska clipper which overshot How Lake runway last Jannnry and are (iinvertlnf; It Into n IiamlMiriiC'r stand to be located aloni? the Sc- attlc-Tacoma hlKhway. Tiiis niotlel homo pre.^enfefl Ly PllACTICAL DinLDER magazine, Chicago r>, 111., is (he 1!U7 JIlue Kibbon -Bungalow from the. design of,architect!*. H.W. Meyer. It was built at the current Home KHo\v in Cleveland, Ohio, under the direction of the Homfe Builders Association of Greatcr''Clbvclaml. There is real cliarm.tiiid exterior distinction in this homo with its trcllised corner porch und large picture, windows. The interior consisting of 2 bed rooms, bath, living and dining room, utility room mid kitchen, with numerous closets and built- ins, is simply but -well arranged for comfort mid convenience. Disappearing stairs arc for access to storage space in attic. Memphis Judge Dies MEMPHIS, Tenn., May 13. <UV) — All general sessions courts here will be closed today out of respect lo Judge R: I. (Bob) IVfooie. who died suddenly yesterday. Judge Moore, 72, had served on the general sessions bench since 1042. Horn at Spring Hill, Tcnn , he graduated from Vanderbllt University in 1898. Funeral services will be held this afternoon. types of wood floors ready-made and requiring only tlie services of I a floor layer. Although some persons may prefer to apply the finish after the flooring has been installed, it i s possible to obtain oa* flooring completely prc-finished, ready for service immediately after being laid. Manufacturers point out that while floor laying is a simple job for an expert in that line, it should not be attempted by an inexperienced person. 8i>l<l Here SEATTLE (tlP)--Henry Jametski. 40-year-old mechanic, and !>!.< brother, J. .A. Jmiictski, bought tin. hulk of a DC-3 pan American NOTICB Notice Is hereby ijiven that' (he undersigned will wltnlo t!ic l.tme llxed by law apply to i.v; Commts- sloiier of Revenue.s of tiie State of Arkansas for a permit to sell I'lvr retail at 'ion West Mr.ln Ktivet. Blylhcvllle, Mississippi CJo'imty. The undcrsHincd stales Ihnl he Is n cltlnen of ArkansnK, of good moral chiiractei 1 , thut he ha.i 'icvcr been Conrlctccl of ii felony or other crime involving moral turpitude: that no (cense lo sell beer by tin. 1 uncier- signed has been revoked within five t'care last past; and thai, the undersigned lin.i never liccn c'ir.vK.leil of violating the laws of thl., stale, or other state, rnlallnii (.;•> the :;ale of alcoholic llmiors. Tcmotheos Xenos. Subscribed nnd sworn (o befoie me this 9 day of May, lf>r,. Max A. Parks (Seall • Woin.'y i'liblic. My commission expl.'cs July i IBM; WAllNINO OIUH:il Ed Mardin, Jr.; Ed Ilardin. It! Laura G -llearn; Patsy Hearn John Ilenrn; Zelma O, Crnlg; .loc H. Craig, Jr.; Rlclinrd Craig; Margaret B. Miissey; Robert I!. Massey; Nell II. Ma.wey; Nclld Miisscy Mamie 13. Odiey; F.lidn,. II. Oillev; For More Eye-Ease Let Us Install Improved, Modern Lighting In Your Home /c carry a complete supply of lighting fixtures or home and commercial use. If you need rcplncc- nents for old-fashioned fixtures—call on us. r ou ma^cc fixtures on display in our shop. )nc Lo* Imported Crystal Ctttindcliers on Display! CHARLIE'S ELECTRIC SHOP 76 North First Phone 2993 Indians Protect Veterans ANADARKO, Oklll. (UP) — A special account lo be used in mak- j ing loans to \vnr veterans of three Indian tribes in Oklahoma is being planned by thc inter-tribal council •«! the Klowa, Comnnchc and Apache. Indians. The council asked the federal Indian bureenu in Chicago lo transfer $51,000 from tribal funds to thc special account. Read Courier News Want Ads. wnen you ouy a car irom a local dealer have it financed and INSURED locally. In this way you can b«ttcr protect your automobile invest* m«nt. S«e us belore you close the deal! NOBLE GILLi A.OE N C Y OLINCOt MOTCL • LOG. The Weather Meefs Its Master .... A Barret! Roof! Your roof renders service 2.1 liours cvi'ry day of Uic year— it must stand the boiling sue, icy blasts, torrential rains. For protection oT your properly • rc- ronf if necessary — but for your own protection innkft sure it if. a HARRIOTT Roof. "Hctwccn the World and tho Woathcr Since ISii'l 1 ' Carl Strickland Dial 576 Warehouse With Three States Lbr. Co. General Roofing Co. I960 Union Avenue 602 Tennessee Street Memphis, Tennessee COTTON INSULATION with Lowest "K" Factor 70 Per Cent to 40 Per Cent More Efficient AiThilecls :uid Uiilldcrs know tliat COTI'ON INSULATION is l() r ; to ,|(W. more crficient ami 0 to 10 limes lighter than oilier insiilafions; Its liuiU-iri re- sislance ID mildew, moi.slurc, ro( and dcniy and {he liermanonce of Us Uiunvpi'Ool'int!: freiitmcnt all have earned il the fine reiiiilnUon of America's finest Insulation "Tin- Haulier Cotton Producing County Should use COTTON 1NKUI.AT10N." Let Us Giye • of Hie World E. C. ROBINSON LUMBER COMPANY Phone 551 319 W. Ash St. E awnings, Slats-o-wocul givc 1 yc protection anil service. Yet many folks insist on waiting unlit spring to install these modern window hoods, porclr tanapies, nnd door hoods. So it yon will let 115 know about you now, we can give you much more prompt nnd individual service than if yon wail until the hot weather. Vv'c can help yon select from Among (he many graceful styles, interesting designs, and lively colors. We can install SUts-o-wood on your home when YOU want them, rather than when \*;c can get around to it. And you will not have to wait for summcr> by any mcans, to begin enjoying the heauty — and the many practical comforts — of Slats - o - wood. 'Budget plan available. Please phone us today for consultation, or an estimate if yon wish. You arc, of course f under no obligation to buy. PAINT AND WALLPAPEH STORE "Your Wallpaper Style Center" 10» So. 1st Phone

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