The Sandusky Star-Journal from Sandusky, Ohio on June 15, 1911 · Page 8
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The Sandusky Star-Journal from Sandusky, Ohio · Page 8

Sandusky, Ohio
Issue Date:
Thursday, June 15, 1911
Page 8
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15, 1911 THE 8ANDUSKY STAR-JOURNAL Suggestions S Sea son a hie Philadelphia Lawn [Mowers $2,50, $3, $4, $5 and $11 Goodrich Garden Hose 10 to 18c Alaska iefi^raiors _.$6.00 to $50.00 \Hose" Reels _ 75cto$3.00 tarn Sprinklers _25cto$1.50 Sprinkling Cans 1 25cto$1.00 Window Screens 30c Screen Doors (complete) $1,25, $1.50,, $2.00 Ice Cream Freezers 75c to $5.OO 3 quart, $2.65 family size MOTOR BOAT FITTINGS AT SPECIAL LOW PRICES FOR THIS WEEK ONLY THE MNAHUE HARDWARE GO, 735-737-739 Water Street. Feet Tired- So Tired? TIZ Makes Sick Feet Well ND Matter What Ails Them. The April grand jury will lie re-j Convened Monday morning b\ Probe-] cuting Attorney Hart for the purpose! of considering half a dozen transcript cases and any other matters which may come up. The manslaughter charge againsct Albert Kaiser in connection with the death of Nick Betterige, and the at- 'tempted assault on a little girl bv John Winne, tramp, at Vermilion, are among the cases. Eli Betterige, brother of the man shot Monday, and John Gespard, the third man of the party of foreigners in Kaiser's saloon, were taken to the county jail late Wednesday afternoon, are held as witnesses. Neighbors of Golden Hod Camp 1282 JR.. N. of A , will hold a special meeting at Maccabee hall June 16th, at 7 p. m., to make arrangements for the funeral of Neighbor Adelaide Simon. EMILY BIRD. Acting Oracle. 15-lt * * * * * * * * * * * * IN NEARBY PLACES 1 LADY? ILL- ELEGANT FURNITURE Can be bought here at less than the rjght price. Our furniti!tfe,.is$iore than handsomfi_arul_jtyiish^ it is || thori "*' * * * * * * * * * * * * Three persons were injured, two of them seriously, when the automobile in which they were riding turned untie in the vest end of Norw alk The injured are Mrs Lottie Claflin, Xoi- walk, right leg broken in tv H U P S below the knee; Miss Lola Campbell, Norwalk collar boni a broken How aid Price, West Hartland. owner and driver of the car. back badly bruised The accident happened at the end of the pavement in West Main street, where the road is being repaired A TIX acts at once and makes tned, aching, swollen feet remarkably fresh and sore proof. It's the sure rpmedy, vou know, for ever? thing that gets the matter with \our feet. Its for sore feet and for sweaty bad smelling feet and tor coins, callouses and bunions too "For years I have been troubled with sore and tender feet; suffered intense pains. Have had the assistance of physician without relief. I a box of TIX, which worked a perfect cure, as it has with a great many of my friends. I would not be without it. All it requires is to be known to be universally used." A. F. Dreutzer, Chicago. TIZ is not a powder Powdeis and other foot remedies clog up the pores. TIZ draws out all poisonous exudations which bring on soieness of the teet. and is the onlv remedy that red lantern had been placed to warn I does TIZ cleans out every pore and dependable. We don't sell it on its appearance, fft^teif_you just what it is made of and how it made^ We-sell you satisfaction and durability with every piece of furniture. riders to keep to the left, but shortlv before the /accident a motorcyclist had run into and broken the lantern, leaving the spot in darkness Mrs Claflin, who is a widow, was pinned beneath the wrecked car. while Miss Campbell, Price and Louis Milter, of TownsenJ township;--were--thrown away from the car. George Seaman, manager of the Fremont Home Telephone company, appeared before Justice Conry and asked that a warrant be sworn out for the arrest of Conductor Myers, in charge of Lake Erie Western Freight tram No. 68, for unnecessarily holding the Hayes avenue crossing more than five minutes The offense is alleged to have occurred Wednesday morning The crossing was blockaded for over 25 minutes, according to the complainant witness. The warrant has not 'been served on Myers yet, but the trainman will be notified of the charges against him and will appear in court later. Mrs E. R. Bennett, aged 67, of Findlay, is suffering severely with measles, PIPE Reamers, Valves, Fittings, 'Galvanized and Wrought Iron. Stocks, Dies, 'Wrenches and Cutters, Brass Valves, Lubricators, Oil Cups, Etc. A complete line of Mill Supplies. ·*" ! Rinkleff Hardware Store 717-719 WATEB STEEET the first time in her life. is epidemic in the city. The disease Hugh McCreery of Cleveland, reported to the Norwalk police the theft of a team of horses and a buggy he purchased near Clyde and was driving to Cleveland. McCreery says that on arriving at Norwalk be made the acquaintance of a stranger, with whom he drove his team to a vacant field in the northern part of the city, where they camped for the night When McCreery awakened he found that his team and buggy as well as the stranger, were missing. The 80-acre cherry orchard of Heffner Pickett. west of Bellevue, was invaded Wednesday by an army of 250 pickers, consisting of men, women and children, and the harvest commenced in earnest Forty of the pickers arrived on the early Lake Shore Electric car from Toledo, and the balance aie from Bellevue, Clyde and the surrounding country. The Toledo crowd will be boarded and lodged at the orchard while those livine: near board and -fedrr? tfrPTpgol^g Thorp arp 5.000 trp.PS lonfies the feet--your feet You'll never limp again or draw up your face in pain, and you'll forget iboiit vour corns, bunions and callous- es You'll feel like a new person. TIZ is «for sale at all druggists, 25 cents per box, or it will be sent 5011 rhrool- If vni. TincA frnrp Y r i"A" T -ith. It happened a' the Lake Short Eiec- tuc fetation at Sdndiiakv J Fheip vere j'it two parties con- \ cern^d in the alfatr--.\ wee bit of a I nevvsie and a ^reat big. strong woman. \ The n e w s e had just armed with I an ani'lu! ot Stai-ionrnaK bot n o n i ' the pix'sb and was peddling his vva r es amona: th»- crowd ibat was waiting for cars hue and theie { Bia; woman, v\n l i manv bundles and i a suit iase, t-at in tation \vaitmg f o r ' car to Xorvvalk Handsome oiMei at station, who, bv the way is srv a w t u l l v careuil about the vvav he y a i t s bit- r-ai", tails · Car toi A-\-e-i-v V'-'-a-n and Xo-r-i-i- vvalk A-l-i-1 boa'-i-i-r-d:" Bi^i woman exuteu Duin t knov cai was due Ho\v in the w o i l d was she aomg ta get bundles etc aboard the car' She sp ; es the newsie" ' Come here, Bub' Q u i c k 1 He'p me set tl^se bmi- 1 dies onto that Xoiwalk car Hniry!"! Xowsip piti ues in and 'iii-tv--. th" 1 i b u n d l i s one bv one (he v v i M i t Ids; f-noieh to cam nun-f than ore at a tiaie) onto tin- car He at tiv list He coul^n t s,ei oft theie =; '^e de- tria-iutv, presMire and cided TO i ' u e aiound to the foot of the avenu wh»ie thev had ti stop t v t u m a swiic! 1 He wa.-, full in bus'ius^, th's in-'\vsie T be car vvas crowded, a;id he i saw a tli.rid to make a sale Down ' t h e aiie he -;o''s talima, Pa:?i. sir? Tape 1 in-a-^-m'" It vva? tl.e !im lauv who had a'l the bundles. wlum li ·· was addressms; She looked at him a moment Then ana;'ilv- replied ' Xo I don't want a paper! ' All ns;ht l a d \ , ' was the newsie's lesponse and r^ pissed on. calling ·'Paperf sn ^ Paper ma'am"" The car raiue to the foot of the avenue The box jot off and the big lady passed on. She hadn t even thanked the lad. ONE DAY SPECIALS FRIDAY ONLY--Ladies' Fine Black Hose g SATURDAY ONLY--Children's Percale Dresses, trimmed with braid, sizes 8 to 14, at 32c LADIES' PLAID GINGHAM TAILORED WAISTS, for - factory and kitchen use, worth $1.00, at ___ RUFFLED CURTAINS--2 1-2 yards long. 3 rows f tucking, per pair ___ ._ _ 31c NO TELEPHONE ORDERS TAKEN; NONE SOLD T J CHILDREN. i hid utilized tl l p v at»Tf o? :'ie Ten ' Mik- .inj Housaionu- Rivers to- its i niv w a t e r --uppl}. He - p v * :t w o u l d 1 l a V e OUuUlU'd a S U p i ' l - 01 i - l l i U . l l 1:1 half ( the time and at a srieaui Bavins; o r ' tvoue\ At tlif* time w nen the ma*tt: ol p r o v i d i n g additional w a t e r 1 -tvpi; tor Xe\ York C \ \va« uui- side-ied foil' or five v e a i s ai;o t l ^ O ' pl.m to use the waters ot t!e Ten Mile and t^e Housaumic R i v e i s w a s , -.lusvsi- "J, but r vvas u'ged b the otiporeuts 01 the plan Uur ovvin? to use fart lhai- the two i i v e i s lia*,^ their "-our et ana part cf ti en nnper icu'M? in ConuectUut theie w e i e iu- Miimountable leaal obstacles m die \va\ ot l a m i n g out the pian I t ] was, p-imcipallv for that i eat-on that the Catskill plan was iinaily adopted er Dodge Co., Chicago, 111. # # # # # * * * * * # * * loday's Markets Today. * CHICAGO GRAIN CHICAGO, June 15 -- Grain closing: -- Wheat, 87 1-Sc, corn, 54 5-Sc; oats, 38 1-4; poik, $15.15. CHICAGO LIVESTOCK CHICAGO, June 15--Cattle--Receipts 5,000; strong, beeves ?510@650, stockers and feeders $3.70@5.60; cows and heifers $2 50@5.90; calves $6 00@ 8.50. Hogs--Receipts 25,000; 5c to lOc lower; lights $5.75@'6.15; mixed |5 so@ 615, heavy^ ?5,35g615; pigs ?5.50@ 6.10. Sheep--Receipts 16,000: steadj; $2 50 @4.30, lambs $400@6.50. CLEVELAND LIVESTOCK CLEVELAND. 0., June 15.--Hogs- Receipts 2,500; 5c lowei: heavies $6.15 @625, mediums $615@625, mixed steady. 3 cars; I In the orchard. The annual reunion of Co A, "2nd 0. V. V I , was held at the G. A. R. hall in Clyde Wedm2sdav. The morning was taken up w r ith registering, visiting and renewing old ac- ftnd Mixed Straw, unchanged. WE DO NOrPOSi as the only plumbers who are capable of doing good work. We merely sa that good plumbing work has become a fixed habit with us, and we cannot and will not break that habit. You have the privilege of testing our ability at our expense. If you are dissat- quantances. No regular program had isfied when we are through, don't pay ben prepared but instead those pres- bill. Doesn t that show conn-! ent told stories, ga\e short lecitations, 'etc. Letters of regret were received from Dr E W Poole, of Cleveland Mrs Spencer Russell of Ann Arbor Mich., widow of the company's second rap- tain; Capt J F Harrington, the com-1 pany's fourth captain, was too ill at i his home near Sandusky to attend , Among those present were S H Rog- ] ers of Sandusky and J. K Tompkms.' of Castalia $6.25(5)6.30, pigs $6.10 Cattle--Receipts 3 cars, Sheep and Lambs--Receipts springers $7 top Cah«es--Receipts 200 head; $8.75 top TOLEDO tSRAW AND HAY TOLEDO, 0 , June 15 --Wheat -Cash. «7c July, 87 l-4c; Sept, SS 1-k Dec., 91 l-4c. Corn--Cash, 5fi 1-2 T u b , 56 34 Sept, 57 3-4, Dec , 55 7-8. Oats-- Cash, 40 1-4 July, 40 1-2 Sept. 40 1-2. Dec, 41 7-8 Clover Seed--Cash $PSO: Oct $845, Dec $845, Mai SS 45 piime alsike, $925; August, §885, timothy, August, $5 Butter--I'ub Creamery, unchanged; Fancy Print, unchanged; Dairy, unchanged. --Eggs--Strictly Fresh, 18 l-2c; Current receipts 17c; bakers' grade lOc. Hav--No.' 1, Timothy, unchanged; No 2, unchanged; No 3, unchanged; Light Clover, mixed, unchanged; No. ' No 1, Wheat Attention. All patrols w i l l assemble Saturday, Tune 17 at 12 30 p m at Central avenue park Full unifoim, including hav eracks and staffs. All scouts without uniforms wear baseball or vachting suits CHAS. E STROUT). Scout Commissioner By J. C. Btewer, adj. It STRAY TOPICS FROM LITTLE OLD NEW YORK NEW YORK, June 15..--The long continued dionght thiougho^t the eastein section of this! countr, is beginning to make itself serious!}' felt bj the shrinkage of thv available water fupplj Although New York city is not jet actually running short of water, its supplv of the pie- cious fluid has fallen so low that the city authorities have consideied it necessary to put a stop to wastefulness m the use of water for domestic and industrial purposes. An effort is also to be made to reduce, as much as possible, the tremendous loss by leakage of pipes. The towns in "VTestchester county, noith of the city line, aie in a moie serious condition than New York city. Youkeis seems to be in a par- ticularlj unfortunate situation this jear Many times before did the ^ater supply of \Yonkeis mn low, but the to«n,T\as always able to get help fiom New York. This ear, however, Ne'n York city's supply is so low that the city cannot afford to divert pait of its own tvater supplj to help out neighboring siuburban towns The authorities of Yonkeis ha\e found it necessary to put the city on half lations and to keep them thus until an ample rainfall should replenish the waters of the Nepper- han river, which is the source of Yonkeis.' water supply. The contents 1, Clover, mixed, unchanged, Clover, unchanged, Oat and our mn. Doesn t "dence in our methods? Schnait ier Bechberger Water and Jackson Streets, Harrison 195-W Bell 195-R Important meeting of United Spanish War Veterans Friday, June 16th, 1911. In the opinion of the Rev. Nathanel Thomas Hafer, pastor of the Trinity Baptibt chuich in Brookl.Mi, - York is the wnkedest city in ;he eounirj. In fact so wicked is York in his omnion, tnat he :ias ie-signed IIH pastorate to accept position in the ~"puier monri -- at rnospheie of Detioit Pastor Hafer is evidently thoroughly disgusted by the depiavttj- of Gotham and in his fetter of resignation and a subsequent inteiview he emoU,ed the vial of his wrath and 1 ! indignation upon ''this Tammany-ruled cit\ " He seems to have a particular pudge against saloons, breweiy trucks, noisy ctowds and the roaring of elevated trains, which disturb his clumber. GLENROY, the new The boldness ot criminals in Xew York City is almost bejond belief Theie aie burglars in nearly every city, but theii tactics are mild and gentle compared with those e-mplojed by their colleagues ia this city Else- whet e burglars stealthily enter a house, taking care not to arouse anjbody who may be sleeping, and carry off whatever ot an value they n. find. In Gotham burglars are much bolder. Four of them entered an apartment house on Bast 116th street the other night and awakened the occupants of an r^irtment by pounding against the door of their flat. The buiglais oidered the occupants of the apartment to leave by way of the me escape and to "make theselves scarce" without delay, but to open the door before they left The people living in the flat did not hesitate to obey the command, in their hurry to escape down fire escape thev forgot to open door for the i.iideib. This did but the the not stop the burglars. They broke thiough the door and were busy seaichmg for valuables when policemen arrived upon the scene and cap- tuied them. COLLAR^ -- for Summer ·will suit the man who seeks ft collar that will be comfortable and that can be put on and takea off without trouble, and that will admit of easy cravat tying. With the new snap-on back and front buttonholes, the handy "notch" front, and the ample cravat slip space and the generous knot room, Glenroy is not only easy to put on and easy to take off, but the cravat may be tied without pulling or tugging. 2 for 25 cents Alcolt's "Corner Store" could be brought back to the United' States without payment of duty, but the new oider puts a stop to this. Whether the framers of the tariff act really intended to make the lav applicable to American pet dogs returning from a trip abroad, is not known but as the law is quite plain, the port authorities have no discretion in the matter The "dog-crazv" -notnen of this city aie indignant over the recent order of the United States Tieasur De- and Collector he would sea to it that the law is fully complied with. Loeb has stated that of the Giasy Spring leservon are partment, calling the attention of not to be used the most urgen except in a necessity. case ot Lnaer the pi esent conditions it is iatliei aggravating to New York's citizens to hear from C W Baker, editor ot the Engineering News, that New Yoik Citv conld have saved tom $"'".0011.000 to $100,000.000 in the cost of the Catskill Aqueduct if the collector o£ the pott of New York to the fact that under the tai- iffi law animals of American ougm, which have been taken out of the counti y, aie subject to duty if brought tack to the United States Two out of three women who Pie in the habit of taking a tnp to Europe everv vear. take their pet dogs with them. Hetetofoie the=o "darlings" The uniform success that has attended the use ot Chamberlain's Colic, Cholera and Diarrhoea Remedy has made it a favorite ever; w nere. It caa alwavs be depended upon. For aale by all dealers. tues-thurs-sat-wkly-29 Since January 1 of year the employment tue present of women at night in industrial establishments I» prohibited in Sweden, under a law enacted on Nov. 20. 1909. 15-10 (ItfflS. THEODORE BHONTS ANNOUNCES INTENTION TO ESTABLISH SCHOOL IN KENTUCKY, MOUNTAINS WHICH MAY COST $500,000 CO-OPERATION IN GARDENING IS WRETCHED FAILURE, SAY PARTNERS IN JUSTICE COURT Co-operation in gardening was the | partnership, soon grew tired of his la- t jured Roy Sweighait, 17. of Fpper Sandusky, fell 20 feet from a cherrv tree when a limb broke and was badlv in- j subject of an mtei esting discussion before Squire Dietrich at his ofBce Wed- bors, and wanted to sell out, but Campasna didn't "get"' him. Cimicita .was pronounced an | declarpd he needed the capital for oth- %-Ricardo Cimicita | er purposes and wanted to leave his ' dear relation The latter then £e'.me real violent, and threatened to do all kinds of awful things to his coasin Squire Dietrich toD-k stock in tne story told by Cimicita and put Cam- ruesday night, a: unqualified feilu and Carmine Campagna, Italians, residing on Warrentstreet. The occasion for the exchange of ideas was the hearing on a peace wai- rant, sworn out bv Cimicita against Campagna. wound and kill l Helfrich, father of E E. Helfrich ex-coroner of Crawford county d^opoed dead n^ar the Southwestern traction at Gallon He suffered a stioke of apoplexv. Passengers on KickPl Plate train No. 5 were treated to a novel demon- CURED Through the Blood Aches and Pains in Side, Back or Bones, Swollen Joint' Disappear. Large Sample of Itemed} Free. -\ inptoi'i 1 the of or lei?, Have v o u anv of the Rheumatism"--Bone pain--, si.: shooting paini up and dou.i aching back 01 -shoulder bladf-*, s-wmien mints, or swollen muscles, difficult} in moving a i o u n d so vou h a v e to use c i ' i t i l i e s blood thin or skin pa'e, sk.n and burns, t-hifting- pai out bv uimicita agamsi j siory rom oy uuiucua auu jjiu v,uui- iu. · w c l e u«iv-u ^^ w^ ^^.^ ltc! pl , arHl burns, shifting pan'. b.iJ charging that the latter I pagna under a $200 bond to keep the i stration of the illuminating poweis ot h ,j d t i , , cm t 1C a. lumbago, eout Botanc threatened to beat, him. Campagna is fifty, and Ciraicita, 22 Cimicita is a cousin of Campagna, and they live together This spring ·ttev; started a little, . truck farm a't tb*fr homp and every- j TOWn thing was lovely, for a while -' -- Cimicita, the joung blood of the peace. After the trial, the men com- piomiscd their differences but there will be no more co-operation The finest glass of Draught Beer you ever tasted--cool, delicious--with a good "bead" on top. 6 *'*'" THATS PABST "BLUE RIBBON" On draught at The "Bay View" Lauber Bros. Co., Props, ater Street. The first time you go down ook at the south window of the Interurban station You will be pleased. the Cuban Curciulio, an insect much similar to the well known pinch-bug of these parts says the Bellevue Gazette The eyes of the Cuban Curcur- lio are illuminated and so stronsr is the light radiating therefrom that when the lights in one of the coache' were extinguished, two of the insects , gave forth sufficient radiance to en- 5-d-tf I able passengers to read newspapers. F . lool i Balm I B n a r p\ue B i TV ill remove ev- K B U. "sends t lo H! 01 w arm. ncn blood dnect t" the p a i a U / e r t ; l i o i e = an'l i 'int 1 ?- c i v i n p w ? r m t ' i and strength ju«t v here it 1= needed, and di this .vaj making a periect. lasting cure 01 Rheurnatlsm 'n Jl! its B B B inviS'jraie 5 ! the hlood. n i a K i n s it p u r e and i i e n , and at thf :-dine t i m e destrov the a c t i v e poison -n the blood ·wlilch causes. Rheumatism B B B has mado thousand*! ot cures of rl etimati=m * * * * * MARINE * * * * * * * * * AT THE HAXXA DOCKS Clearing with coal from the Hanna docks Thursday were the Shores for Amberstbuig. the Viking for Depere, "VVis , the Hojt for Superior and the Hubbell for Holland, Mich. The Rhoadss, loading late Thursday afternoon. will clear Friday morning for Green Bay. The Topeka. Ungave, An- diews and Sullivan are due. The tug Fred Driscoll, of Vermilion, which underwent repairs at the plant of the Lake Erie Drydosk Milling company, cleared from that place Thursday. passengers 1 The insects, rare in this COuntrv, were j af't'e'r all other medicine", hniments and iin toe possession of a passenger re- | doctors have failed to help or cure ' turning from a visit to Cuba, who | marie a present of one of the insects to Thomas Mullarkey, conductor of the train Dr. Blakeslee. who is abroad, announces that Dr Ola Buckman of Toledo will take charge of her pra-Mee for the summer. 15-17-19 Tax Payers Avoid Penalties. The last half 1910 taxes are flue June 20th. Please call early, avoid the rush and also penalties. FRANK KERBER, Treasurer. Subscribe 26* Tia Star-Journal. W. H. Thompaoa of fc*nd fetaad aonoimc«9 that he will be a candidate .for United States senator from Nen the democratic primaries next y*ar. Weak. Inactive Kirtnev -s frequentlj cause Rheumatism. B B B. strengthens weak kidnej'' and bladder, draining off all diseased matter and all uric acid, so the uime fim\s freel and naturally BOTANIC BLOOD BAt.M (B B. B ) Is pieasant and safe to take, composed of pure botanic ingredients. DRUGGISTS. ?1 PER BOTTLE, with direction" tor home cure. Sold in Sandusky by W A Graham. Free Rheumatism Cure Coupon This coupon cut from . Star-Journal, is Rood for one sample o' Botanic Blood Balm mailed free in plain package. Cut out this coupon and mail, with your name and address, to Blood Balm Co., Atlanta, Ga. It is estimated that no less than 250,000 electric flatirons were sold In the United States and Canada la*t ·NEW YORK, June 15.--Mrs. The* dore P. Shonts, wife of the New York traction magnate, has just returned from Kentucky, where she made a tour through the poorer mountain sec- .tions. where conditions warranted her in announcing that she would erect a j Chinn. of Karrotlsourg, Kentucky, college, probably near Middle.borc ^ to cost $300,000 to JoOO.OOO, at wluch country Tho f° p , an for touiMJnf th girls of the poorer mountain fajnilics I school will be launched herit U will be educated. Mrs. Shonts is be- j and Mrs. Shonts * ill sea U»»t tte lag assisted in her pdarjs by Col. Jacfcifuad passes |iOO,Ol)0. ' i,, VJ -Y- i " SPAPFRf

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