Abilene Reporter-News from Abilene, Texas on January 24, 1937 · Page 15
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Abilene Reporter-News from Abilene, Texas · Page 15

Abilene, Texas
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Sunday, January 24, 1937
Page 15
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PAGE EIGHT THE ABILENE (HORNING REPORTER-NEWS Sunday Morning, January 24, 1937 Operators Monday Spud Test 9 Miles Distant From Nearest Paying Field BIG SPRING, Jan. 23.--SP)--Interest turned this week to the Dick Graham No. 1 Great West wildcat oil test four miles east of Big Spring near, the cosden refinery. Operators planned to spud Monday 330 feet from the west line and 297 feet north of the TP tracks, property line for the Great West 80 acre tract in the northwest corner of section 48-32-ln, TP. The test is to be drilled to 3,500 'feet or pay or sulphur. water at a lesser depth. ' Nearest -production is nine miles east in the East Howard pool. Several years ago a test was drilled a few miles to the northeast without shows. Dick Graham, of Amarillo and Big spring, is promoting the test, and according to reports, Roy Westbrook, Fort Worth, has bought half interest. After^ setting six inch casing at 2,770 feet, the Gartex No. 3 Post estate, section 6-5, K. Aycock survey, Garza county was drilling plugs at 2,783 feet and expected to bring the well in late Friday. The No.'3 is an offset to the Gartex No. J Post estate, which although a com- pMatlvery light producer, Is the heaviest in the area. .Week's Completions . Completions for the week included the Continental No. 2-A Overton, section 8-32-2s, TP, Howard county, for 1,699 barrels and the Continental No. 21-S Settles, section 159-29, WNW, for 390 barrels. The latter is a shallow sand test bottomed at 1,282 feet. Oh the basis of its showins on pump, the Merrlck and Bristow No. 8 Hooks appeared to be good for about 100 barrels a day. Thursday, it pumped · 70 barrels on its initial test. It. is located .in section 140-29, WNW ·nd was shot Jan. 15 with 600 quarts from 3,143-3,250 feet; · ' · ' Merrick and Lamb .No. 2 Clay, section 139-29, WNW, ·ws.rannlng tubing Friday for a test.after clean- Ing out following a 500. quart, shot. Imperial No.. 2 Hooks, section. 14059, WNW,. and Imperial No. 9 Hooks, section 140-29, WNW, was also cleaning out following a similar shot The No. 3 well Is bottomed at 3,175 and-the No. 9 at S,- Z24 feet. Ward Oil Corp No. 6 Roberts, section 37-29, WNW, was drilling ahead at 2,450 feet in lime while the Superior No 31-B Robert*, section 137-29, WNW, was shut down due to weather after cleaning out crfylngs and drilling spudded during the week, was drilling »t 845 feet In redbeds. The outpost Moore Bros. No. 2 WILDCAT OPENS SECOND POOL ON DELAWARE IN LOVING CO Well Flowing 350 Bbls. After Shot Hailed as First Strike Of Note in W. T. Permian Basin This Year SAN ANGELO. Jan. 23.--(SP-- I pool in Loving county nearly 2 Heading naturally then flowing 35 barrels of 39.8 gravity pipe line o the first 24 hours after being sho Mason Oil Co. No. 2 Minnie Ky this week opened Loving count second poo], both from the Delawa sand, and became the first wlldca strike of not in the West Texa Permian Basin this year. An al time record for the number of lo cations staked in one week was es tabllshed in the listing of 81 i nine counties. Higher pay and heavier initia production--735 barrels daily--wi obtained by a diagonal southwes offset to Fields, Cherry and other No. 1 Lum Daugherty, norther Winkler county well two miles nortl of the Leek pool and near the Ne' Mexico line. Yoakum county's sec ond producer obtained an Increas upon deepening to 5,236 feet an 3ochran county's lone well, th fartherest north in the basin, re sponded to. reacidizing by with production gain from 303 to 400 bar rels daily. Floyd C. Dodson's No. 1-A Texa American Syndicate, northwestern Brewster county wildcat, showet more gas in deepening after a Ion fishing job, from 3,690 to 3,783 fee and a Schlumberger test denote iromistng zones from 3,725-60 and a lie total depth. Eight inch casln was being run to around 3,723 fee o shut off water and permit test ng.' The wildcat topped the Dela ware'lime at. 2,297 feet, 1,936 fee above sea level. It is 680 feet out o he ho'rtheast corner of section 66 6-GHSA. : Lean 120 Acres Principal sale of the week was that by J. W. Ellis and other San Angeloans and Julius C. Peters o Great Falls, Mont., of Uie lease on. 120 acres offsetting production in the McCamey field in Uptor mmty to the British-American OI Producing Co. of Tulsa. The con slderation was $50,000 cash and $55,000 to be paid out of one-eighth of tfte first oil produced, the start ng of a test within 60 days and con Inuous drilling until developnien s completed. Ten-acre spacing wil permit 12 wells on the pronert' which , is-the northeast quarter o ection 4, GCSF By. Co. survey excepting the southwest quarter. 'Ma'sdn Oi! Co. No: 2 Minnie Kyle in west central Loving county showed- oil. at -3,901 feet, began fllllnc up at 3,906 and was still in the sand pay when it stopped drilling ust short-of 3,911-feet. Oil rose 3,- KX feet in 36 hours and the wel headed 54 barrels in 52 minutes Tuesday. It was shot Wednesday afternoon with 120 quarts from 3, B53-98 feet and flowed 315 barrel: he first 24 hours. Only a tall 500- barrel tank was available. The practice of . shooting the Delaware lime at its contact with the sand is common in the Whea McDowell, west of production in he Wolrd pool in Glasscock coun- y in section 21-34-2s, TP, was drilling at 1,545 feet in anhydrite. BLIND FLYING IS SAFER THAN BLIND JOB HUNTING! Equip Yourself For Life Mr. Mid-Term Graduate · Euroll Second Semester Abilene Christian College Jan. 25 JAS. F. COX, M.A.--Pres. A Standard Senior College Stressing Spiritual Development Thoroughly Christian In Purpose And Administration COLM5GK Regular college work, four-year courses offered. Graduates receive standard Bachelor of Arts or Bachelor of Science degrees. AH courses fully accredited by State Department of Education and by Association of Texas Colleges. , HIBI.1-: DEPARTMENT Special work.in Bible and related subjects in addition to the regular four-year college course. . . . I-'IXB ABTS Work under efficient teachers in Piano. Voice. Violin, Expression, Art, and Public Speaking, Band and Orchestra. I H i . M O X S T K A T l O X SCHOOL As the laboratory for the Education Department of the College a demonstration school consisting of the elementary, the Junior high, and the senior high, Is maintained. This .school is thoroughly standard and is fully affiliated by ' the State of Texas in nineteen units. Tuition rates arc very low. Excellently Trained, Experienced, Faculty of More Than Fifty Christian Men and Women. Spring semester begins Monday, January 25. Classes begin Wednesday, January 27. It Is possible to finish the Freshman course by attending the Spring semester and all the Summer session. For further particulars call 47JS or write Clare Bishop, registrar, A. O. C., Abilene, Texa«. miles southeast of the Mason pro ducer. No. 2 Kyle topped the Dela ware lime at. 3,859 and topped th Delaware sand at 3,895 feet, 84 feet below sea level. It is 2,310 fee from the north and east lines o section 20, block 55, township 1, T P. Ry. Co. survey, two mile northwest of Mason No. 1 Kyle, dry liols at 4,002 feet. The pipe lln of the Standard of Texas (Pasitex carrying Winkler county crude t El Paso, is only about six miles tc the south. Large Tract Held The Michigan Oil Co., subsidiar of the Michigan Gas Oil Co holds approximately 4,000 acres. I and Argo Royalty Co. are amon the principal owners of both.leas es and royalties in the area. Othe close-in acreage holders include R. Epperiauer of Ft. Worth and S J. Brendel of Pittsburgh. The Tex as-Pacific Land Trust, owner o two million acres in West Texa and represented by Northrup Carr of San Angelo, possesses al ternate sections through the west cm half of Loving county, includ .ng the area in which the new we! is located. Natural Initial flow of 735 barrel of pipe line, oil in 24 hours througl casing by Adams 'Bradley No. Edwards in.northern Winkler coun ;y was from pay. topped at 2,95 feet and increasing hi the last sev en feet of drilling to 2,998 feet. Lo cated 2,310 feet from the. south lin and 440 feet from the east line o section 6-23-psl, the well is t, dlag onal southwest offset to Fields Sherry and others' No. 1 Daugher y, discovery in the area last beta er, recently completed on gas llf for 84 barrels of oil and 84 barrel, of water daily at a plugged' back depth of 3,177 feet. Fields, cherry and others may perforate casing in their well to determine if any up jer pay was shut off. Sun No. 1 Edwards, . half mil south and 3,300 feet west of the Adams Bradley well, struck n drilling to 3,175 feet and on a !0-mirmte drill stem .test between 3,100 feet and the bottom showed '00 feet of oil, 300 feet of rotary fluid tnd 350,000 cubic feet of gas daily. It cemented 7-inch casing at 3,100 feet preparatory to test- ng. Location is 1,650 feet from the south line and 2,310 feet from the west line of section 6-23-psl. Gui .taked No. 1-A Edwards, a north offset to the Adams Bradle: well, and Adams Bradley movec he machine from their producer location offsetting Sun N. Sdwards on the east. Flows 352 Bbls. Illinois No. 1 Brown-Altman iroadening the south' end of the 3rown-Altman pool one-half mlie east, flowed 352 barrels of oil in 24 hours after a 480-quart shot. II topped the pay at 2,872 and drilled a 3,140 feet. 'Location is 350 fee 'rom the north line and 2,310 feei torn the east line of section 38- B5-psl. R. H. Henderson and others No. 1 Reese, southwestern Upton county wildcat, showed little oil when cleaned out after a 120-quart shot fron 2,740 to 2,850 feet and was ordered ibandoned. It had been acidized be- 'ore shooting. The test was in the northwest quarter of section 16 block 3 1-2, CCSDRGNG.' Its production increased by re- treatment of the deep Permian lime with 5,000 gallons of acid. Gulf No 3 Tubb in western Crane county lowed 468 barrels of oil in · four hours to establish a daily potentla of 2,808 barrels, bottomed at 4,392 feet. It is in the southeast'corner of section 9-B27-psl Clark, Cooper Smith No. 1 Jordan, Crane coun- y wildcat 3 1-2 miles south of the Fenn pool in Ector county and five miles northwest of the Waddell field n Crane county, cemented 6 5-8- inch casing at 3,016 feet. Amerada No. 1 Robbins, one mile plus one location south of Landreth Ho. 1 Kirk, first oil producer in Gaines county, showed four gal- ons of oil hourly from 4,809-25 feei and shut down at 4,834 feet on ac- ount of cold weather. It is in the lorthwest corner of section 9-A22- sl. Stanollnd No. 1 Morrow, four miles west and slightly north of Landreth No. 1 Kirk and in the outhwast quarter of section 20-A24- psl, was rigging up standard tools ifter cementing 7-inch casing at ,558 feet, with the total depth 4,06. Texas-Pacific No, 1 Bennett, sec- jnd producer in Yoakum county nd about one-quarter mile northwest of the discovery, headed 112 arrels of oil in 12 hours while drill- ng to 5,236 feet, soft formation the ast five feet indicating more pay. The well flowed 56 barrels in three ours after running a perforated ublng preparatory to treating with .000 : gallons of acid. Location is 60 feet from the north line and ,980 feet from the west line of sec- ion 678-D-John H. Gibson. Acid Boosts Flow Production by Honolulu, Cascade nd Devonian No. 1 Duggan, Cochan county discovery well and the artherest north-in the West Tex- PermJan Basin, was increased rom 303 to 400 barrels daily by re- cldizing with 4,000 gallons. The well s bottomed at 5,068 feet, having sen plugged back from 5,098 to hut off a small amount of water, eing shot and later treated the first me, with 2,270 gallons of acid, t Is In the center of labor, 13, ague 55, Oldham county school nd. Uscan and Illinois No. 1 Brown- eld, Terry county wildcat, in the enter of the north half of section 4-K-psl, had drilled to 5,652 feet i brown lime. Cuttings from -5,15-57 feet were 70 lo 90 per cent rystallne dolomite carrying oil alns. W. L. Picken sand others o. 1 Lewrlght, Terry wildcat, in northeast corner of section 1- 37-psl, made clutch repairs at 4,83 feet in anhydrite. Some picked 270 feet as the brown lime top. evation Is 3,185 feet. Tile Texas o. No. 1 Slaughter, Hockley county Idcat. In the southwest part of bor 83, league 38, Zavalla county school land, hid drilled to 3.M5 feet, 4 OF MR Two Important Tests Se Last Strings at 4,000 Schermerhorn L i n k Two Pools ODESSA, Jan. 23.--(AC).--Fou of the 13 new. oil drilling' starter in Ector county this week were be gun In the Foster pool. Two. im portant tests to that area, Scher merhorn Oil Co. No. 2 Johnson, in section 11, a hall mile north production, and Sinclalr-Prairl No. 2. Johnson in the southwes corner of section 48, 43, one south two miles north of Foster pool pro duptlon have set the last string o casing near 4,000 feet, and wll drill plugs over the weekend. In -northwest Ector, American Maracaibo No. 1 Scharbauer, last o the group of four wells that hav proven four miles of territory an linked the Goldsmith and Cummins areas, after flowing a gauge of 63 barrels natural in 24 hours, was sho with 80 quarts from 4200 to 423 feet 'total 1 depth, and after par tially cleaning out and' dislodging bridge- that followed shot. Is re potted'flowing 64 barrels per hour a rating slightly less than 160 barrels on 24 hour basis,- and Is ex pected to acidize before-final com pletion. Considering the usual per centage of increases from aeii treatment in that section this wll probably be completed for muc] the larger well of.the group, the others ranging from 917 to 1622 barrels proration gauge. Five of the drilling.' starters o the week in Ector county Mil be drilled in this area, two to'be drilled by Atlantic, two by ' Landreth Production Corp., and one by the Texas Pacific Coal Oil Co. Other drilling starters iri Ector county this week include Landreth Production Corp. No. B3 Texas Pacific in section 3, block 43, one south, and Alma Oil Co. No. Bl Wight in the southeast corner o section 9, 43, one south that wil ;est territory a mile west of the Cowden field of north Ector. In Harper Fool In the Harper pool, eight miles west of Odessa, Black Sons No 1 Cowden In the northeast corner of section 35, 44, two south, begun drilling early In the week, and in ;he old Penn pool of southwest Ector, Tide Water-Phillips No. 2 Scharbauer in section 6, 44, three south, has completed derrick and is rigging up tools, and a new lo cation by Skelly Oil Co, and Republic Production Co. No. 6 Schar- jauer, 660 feet from the north and 1980 feet from the west line of section 26, block B15, is scheduled for .mmediate drilling. Sun Oil Co. No. B3 Wight, a wesi edge test near the south end o the Cowden field In section 10, 43 one south, treated With 4,000 gallons of acid at 4208 feet, tested a 27' aarrel flow in 24 hours, and is puling tubing to deepen through the lower pay zone of that area. Much Interest centered this week on the group of wildcats drilling in redrock and anhydrite, Magnus Oil Co. No. 1 Judkins Spencer, eastern Schleicher county fildcat, in the center of the southwest quarter of section 4, certificate 127, W. W. Bussell original grantee, had cleaned out with cable tools to within 45 feet of its plugged back depth, 5,915 feet. No water and little oil were showing and gas occasionally broke through. Ohio No. 1 M. H. Goode, eastern Terrel coun- y wildcat, seeking the Orclovician, md reached 8,003 feet in simd and black shale. It is In section 26-161 ICSF. American Maracaibo No. 1 Schar- jauer, forth and latest producer in the four-mile gap between the Goldsmith and Dunning Cummins pools n northwestern Ector county, made a natural flow of 635 barrels of oil n 24 hours after deepening to 4,229 feet. It was shot with 80 quarts 'rom 4,200-29 feet and while clean- ng out gauged 1,600 barrels in 24 hours. The well is in the southwest iomer of section 19-44-ln-TP. Is Retreat Test Failing to respond 'to treatment with 3,000 gallons of. acid, Empire No. 2-B cummins was scheduled to ·etreat with the same amount. It was full of oil, bottomed at 4,300 'eet. The well is 1,320 feet from he south line and 440 feet from he west line of section 34-45-ln TP. York Harper, Inc., and Sloan ·Si Zook No. 1-B Foster, one mile lorthwest of the discovery well in he Foster pool in Ector county, wabbed and headed 429 barrels of ill in 24 hours on a potential gauge Jhlle cleaning out following a 410- Hiart shot from 4,127 to 4,319 feet. t is In the southwest comer of ection 8-42-2S-TP. Geo. F. Getty, Inc., and others No. 1 Moxley, 3 1-2 miles southwest f the Meaai pool, showed some aturation In lime cored near the ottom, 4,698 feet, but showed only as on a drill stem test. It scmented -Inch casing at 4,359. Location Is the northeast quarter of section 5-A45-psl. Wm. Hennigan, and others-No. 1 xgsdon, Andrews county wildcat 4 miles northwest of the Deep lock pool and In the center of the outhwest quarter of section 5-A32- isl, plugged back from 5,0202 to ,630 feet and cemented 7-inch cas- ng ai 4,429 feet preparatory' to testing upper shows. Shell was rigging up rotary for to. 1 E. E. King, southern Andrews ounty wildcat on« mile west of "umble No. 1 Walker, a small pro- ucer, and two miles northwest of le Fuhrman pool, n Is 660 feet ut of the southeast corner of see- on 10-A42-P6L | near verdict depth in Andrews county. Wm. Hannlgan et al No. 1 Logsdon, northwest Andrews county wildcat in section 5, A 32, drilled to 5020 feet, is reported to have plugged back to 4630 feet, and will set and cement a string of pipe to 4,442 feet before testing shows of oil found in the higher zones, and George F. Getty No. 1 Moxley to section 15, block A45, PSL, two miles north of the town of Andrews, has drilled to 4698 feet test- Ing a show of gas, and will run casing to.4359 feet before further deepening. South Andrews Sinclair-Prairie No. 1 Emma Cow den, a south Andrews county wildcat in section 12, 44, two north, is reported temporarily completed al 4300 feet where it pumped 45 barrels of oil, per day, and Humble No 13 J. S. Means in section 22, A35 PSL, testing two and a half barrels of oil per hour, when blown with gas at total depth of 4535 feet, will be deepened before developing lor completion. Shell Empire No. 1 King, a new location announced this week In Andrews county, will be drilled in the southeast corner of section 10 A42, PSL, one mile west of Humble's Walker No. 1, small producer north of the Fuhrman pool, and another new location, Humble No. 14 J. S. Means, will be drilled in Inside ter ritory, 1982 feet from the north and 1999 feet from the east line of section 22, A35, PSL. In the shallow pay district of Upton county, Continental Oil Co. NO. 2 Reese In section 2, block 3, MKT, bottomed at 2610 feet, l.as gauged 881 barrels after 2500 gallon acid treatment, and Knox Oil Co. No. 1 Burleson in section 4, alock R, GCSF survey, bottomed at 2160 feet after 2000 gallon.acid ireatment, gauged 465 barrels. Ward County In Ward county; Gulf Oil Corp. completed their No. 63 Hutchins with shot of 440 quarts to total depth of 2757 feet, for 'a flow of [565 barrels through open casing, and Richardson Oils, Inc No. 16 Hathaway was completed at 26:5 [eet with shot ol 360 quarts, flow- ng 243 barrels the last three hours of a six hour test, rating 1967 barrels. Most completions of the week in Ward county offered little of Interest, ranging from 400 to 800 barrel wells. In the Henderson pool, of Winker, Champlin and Bass No. 4 Hess in section 4, 26, PSL, from a total depth of 3070 feet, gauged 115 tar- els per hour through two and a mlf inch tubing, showing a rated low of 2760 feet on 24 hour basis, accepting a potential gauge of 1366 larrels fo allowable rating. In the Brown-Altman area of Winkler, Eastland Oil Co. No. 4 'ure-Clapp in section 37, 36, PSL, after a long cleaning out jo.b fol- owlng 500 quart shot to 3150 feet, Eliasville Wildcat Core Ahead at 3.865 Feet For Formation GRAHAM, Jan. 23.--(AC)--L. W Wickes No. 1 W. B. McCluskey wildcat test about six miles north west of Eliasville, is drilling at 3,865 leet with one more possible chance for production, the Marble Falls formation around 4,200 feet. The test 'is in the f, L. Green survey, abstract 105. Seeking a north extension to the pool discovered by Uie Lupton tc McLester No. 1 Median heirs, the Lupton McLester No. 1 J. A, Brown, in the A. McClennan survey abstract 194, Is drilling past 1,500 feet. Pitzer West and Tidewater OU company No. 1 La Prade Is drilling ahead at 3,670 feet. gauged 1724 barrels in 24-hours, anc Illinois Oil Co. No. 1 Brown-Altman in section 38, B5, PSL, drilled pay zone from 2872 to 3140 feet after shot, of 480 quarts gauged 352 barrels, and broadened the south end of the Brown-Altman area hail mile east. Sayre Pool In the Sayre pool of Winkler. Humble No. 20 Howe, shot with 400 quarts from 2805 to 3,000 feet, total depth, gauged 1365 barrels with 2,125,000 feet of gas in 24 hours, and Sinclair-Prairie No. 2A Walton, a location in section 24, 28, PSL, shot with 160 quarts, gauged. 1205 barrels, and Uscan Oil Co. in section 9, 26, PSL, completed a well at 3052 :eet, flowing 75 barrels the first ibur through two and a half inch tubing. In Crane county, interest In the new Tubb pay zone was again Increased by completion of Gulf and Cranfill Bros. No. 3 Tubb In the southeast. In southeast Crane county, edg- ng the McCamey district, B. C. Mann No. 4 W. F. Durham in sec- ion 82, block X, drilled pay from 480 to 2502 feet, filling 1800 feet with fluid in 12 hours, was running wo and a half inch tubing to make a pump test of the natural flow, Before acidizing with 2,000 gallons. This owner's No. 1 Durham, a previous completion 660 feet north, lumped 435 barrels, and No. 2, a ocation north of No. 1, was completed for 458 barrels, from the ame pay zone. STANDARD OF TEXAS TO OPEN ABILENE DISTRIBUTION PLANT Three Families Move Here to Operate Bulk Station · Serve Eight Counties Through Territory Standard Of! company of Texns will open its bulk distribution plan in Abilene Monday to serve elgh counties of the surrounding area. Three families have been trans ferred here from the main Texas of flees'of the company-in El Paso to start operations in this territory-- fartherest west the products hav been distributed. Nearest dlstribut Ing station is in Midland, but thi company has had markets as fai east.as Big Spring, after the re cent purchase of the Col-Tex refin ery at Colorado. Head of.the.local plant is B. N Hayward Others already here are O. S. Cranmer and H. W. Wright E. W. Enclter, sales manager for the Standard of Texas, has been here since Tuesday making preparations for opening of the plant. C M. Tuller, who also was one o: advance men, is special ageni in charge of this region. Counties Counties which the local office is ,o supply are: Taylor, Runnels Shackelford, Coleman, Nolan, Fisher. Haskell and Jones. There 'are 3 stations in all of Texas, none east of Abilene. " Products to be marketed include: Standard's gasoline, "Unsurpassed," and R. P. M. motor oil. The Standard of Texas, a subsidiary of the Standard of California, also manu- r actures and markets 526 other products. The plant is located at Second and Plum streets, and consists of a warehouse with four 12,000-galIon storage tanks, and an office. According to Endter,- Abilene.was elected us the most strategically ocated city for the distribution of ts products as the company ex- Vanda Oil Corp. Organized Here Announcement was made in Aus- n Saturday of the chartering of iVanda Oil corporation, an Abilene rganlzation, with a capital stock f 85,000. The Incorporators are Ira J. Ely, Ocie Hunt and John Sayles. Plans f -the corporation were not an- ounced. Structural steel workers trndition- lly quit work for the day when- ver a fatal accident occurs to ft How laborer. Of 311 prisoners committed to the outh Dakota penitentiary in the t fiscal year, 198 were between le ages ot 17 and 30. {pandcd. In three surveys of the state 'for locations of future distribution plants, Endter said, the Abilene area was found to offer tha best future for development of a market. The Standard Oil company of Texas under its new incorporation for nearly two years. E. H. Todd, El Paso, is general manager of the Standard Oil Company of the states of Texas, New Mexico, and Arizona, READ AND USE REPORTER- NEWS CLASSIFIED ADS ' + David S. Ramsey DENTIST ANNOUNCES REMOVAL Of His Offices TO 2ND FLOOR Or MEDICAL ARTS BLDQ. FHOVE 3054 of A e year C O M E S T O TOWN T H R O U G H A N E W D I S T R I B U T O R Mr. W, Al. McCarty who heads this new distributorship h a · had many years' experience in the automotive industry. McCarty Motor 366 Chestnut St. Phone 7044 35 in lie* per gallon... "Seems almost too good to be trne"iawhat people everywhere an raying about the New Willye. Up to 35 miles per gallon--greater-Irian- standard room on a standard- tread cbamis--all-steel top and body--the lowest price of any full-lite car. This sturdy, ultra-safe Willys costs far less in gasoline, in oil, in tires, in insurance, in depreciation, in taxes-in fact, far less in every phase of motoring expense. In a 35,000-miIeperiodtlicWill7i can actually pay for itself. More than that, it enables folks who usually buy thousand- dolIaT'classcarstoown TWO Willys cars at no greater cost for purchase and operation. The nation is applauding the [New Willys. Everyone is talking--"Half the g«»--twice the smartness." Visit the display rooms of the new distributor--then drive the Surprise Car. Yon will learn a lot of other surprising thing* that will interest yon and help yon save money. Willys-Overland Motor*, Inc., Toledo, Ohio.

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