The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on August 23, 1949 · Page 3
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 3

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, August 23, 1949
Page 3
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' TUESDAY, AUGUST 23, 1949 THf RAT/ON TODAY— Truman's Aide to Get Chance To Speak His Piece This Week Before Five Percenter Probers WASHINGTON, Aug. 23. (a'j—MnJ. Ocn. Harry Hawkins Vaushim, the 215-pound military aide to President Truman, is due to march into the Senate hearing on five percenters this week anrt speak his piece. This should be an interesting piece since the general, wlio was decorated for bravery in World War' 1. is a rast man with a word, although not, necessarily always a well-chosen one. It tt'as the general, 56 and hearty,*— who, comparing President Roosevelt , ,. . . , . and PreM'Jent Truman, once said:!*'." 1 ' ''"' 10 cn »»«entator, had criti- "ffs Just like having a fancy din-1 cl , scii V: '-"« h; «> for acccptlnj! a med- ner of caviar over a long period ! ul llom P''™™™! Pcron ol Argen- Soiiietlnie.= you like to get hack to i ' ma ' M " /r »''iniiin defended his aide ham ami eggs." ! at a ! )llb!ic dinner with his famous BLITHEVILLE CARKJ OOOTIEH NEWS With the Courts Chancery: M. A. Isaacs, trustee for J. C. Ellis, el al vs. Ed Yowcl] el a], suit (or foreclosure on Lot 8, Block JO ol the Blythe Addition. Ruth Smith vs. Clifford Smith, suit for divorce. B. G. Ccslner vs. G. W. Bunch et al, suit of foreclosure on three acres o* land in Section 31-15N-9B. Mrs. Gcrlude K. Reams vs. Willie Reams, suit for divorce. One of the senators on (he subcommittee which is digging into the doings of five-percenters—men who handle veterans affairs. Vaughan Very Cloce to Truman Vaughan and the President are on close, daily, friendly terms. They swim together, And it was Vaughan who revealed that the President swims with his glasses on because he's so nearsighted. The senate subcommittee has been told several things about the general during its hearing. For example: That he and some of his iviemls hi';h in M-.. Truman's administration reciivtd seven home freezers from a perfume firm whose officers also arc friends of Vail™h3n and employes obtained army transportation on business trips to Europe. of weck-^ old but early in July, when G<-n. Edward P. wiiitspll lauded j The ,'cneral daily Informed Ihe talks of the five percenters was ! Vanghan. He said: subcommittee that he \voilld appeal- merely sirr.mcring in the |xx. the ; Practically all the individual i as a \vitnrss but he hasn't said general told reporters he knew of ', members oi the army "to st»y noih- 1 much about It except for an expla- "about "JCO peroons In Washington" , ing of iheir wives, mothers, swer-t- | nation ol how he sot rhc freezers. statement: "Any S.O.B. who thinks he can i--c any ol those people (members try to lanr; government contnict.s : of his taff or cabinet) to be di.s- for businessmen for a fee—said of i charged by me. by somr-smart alcck •yjj'ughar'.s appearance tills week: ' statement over the air or In the ^"'He will be given every consider- : paper, he's got another think com- ation, hut will be a-skcd an awful i ini*." lot of questions." L At [Ills same dinner of the Re- Tile hearing it-sell is just a couple • >'e: ve Officers Assgciaiion. MaJ 'Dream House' Won by Wife of Vet Becomes Another Housing NightMare HBW YORK, Aug. S. CAP)—Add housing problems: A two-story "dream house," exhibited hi the West 52nd Street ht club belt overshadowed by the tower.i of Rockefeller Center, was won tn a drawing three weeks ago by a student veteran's wife. She anrt her husband haven't been able to figure out a way to us« the six-room prefabricated house. And they fear notice from the U.S. Internal Revenue Department that they'll have to pay taxes on the value, * 15.000. So they announced last nijht they would be glad to give back the house to the American Women's Voluntary Services in return for the 50 cents paid for the winning ticket. The chief problem Is finding a place to move Die from a parking lot at 52nd Street and the Avenue of the Americas 'Sixth Avenue). Mrs Edna Birnbaum, an a-ssisl- ant supervisor of nurses at a hos- pltal, won the house. She and her husband, AJfred, 30, had visinns ol engaged in contract ucEolia- heart's Mr! girl friends, feel that tioi'.s. j all tha! Is necessary for them to This made the pot boil :\ bit. but .ibtain r\ promotion, transfer, i chiMi^c of assignment or what not ; is i o ti>S:c the matter up with Gcn- [he gcnsra 1 himself was bollinp at. the time. For it was during Uic .•anie InlPf.iciv— lie hid just return- ! civ.l Va'irhan and he will wave en lion. a trip to Guatemala—that ! magic wand and get the thins reporter:: asked him who had fi- 1 done." n-jnced thr trip and lie said: i Geneial Vnu»han. a friend nf Mr "Thai is nobody's goddamn hnsi- Truun'ii since their first army days nc. ; s and you can quote me." Although the general had been uncer ittack, on and off, lor some time. Mi'. Truman ha* interpreted the criticism of Vnuehan 115 aimed in 1318 Iras t\vo jobs in the White Hrnse: mihUity aide and coordinator of veteran affairs. A. All in all. he's been a controversial fi?ure. and apparently is very much n'.vp.'-f: of It. The Washington SUr lei's this story about him: He oncn cracked that Winston Churchill is a "garrulous old ?on- tleman" and shortly afterward received a letter from Ihe edilor ol thr American ITurcmy wro informed Vauqlian thai lie seemed to detect a literary bent in tile general and would the general write an article on any "non-controversial" lui'.it'.iry aide ho lays wreaths subject. m:'.k<j i ; speeches when Mi 1 . Tru- I Vaughini wrote back That the 1 only at himself. He said "I'm a fair tar- , man Is loo busy to rto either; as' iion-coKtrevcrsiat subject VIP knew get for everything." j vo'eran:' cnurdiimlor he's a referee j \VM "mctlitrhoocl" and did the edi- Last February, after Drew Pear- | between government agencies which tor want an article on that? • Yes it 15 a Sensation at this NEW LOW FRICE! It's SILF-POWEREB Il'i BEAUUFUL It'i LIGHTWEIGHT WHEREVER YOU GO! Emerson Radio Model 540. 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But tlwlr Joy soon wu ruined, by the pro»p«cls of the costs of col- Up&ini, moving, re-erection and connecting the house, pliu parking lot lees ol $50 a day during the delay, and Ihe Income lax liability. The Biinbaums oftered unsuccessfully to give Ihe house back to the American Women's Voluntary Services for $3.000. Th«n the "hivky couple tried to seli the house, but proactive purchasers shied away when they learned Ihe costs ahead. Birnbtuim's brother, Rudolph, a lawyer was called on for advice. He ran into a bunch ol headaches, and finally made the 50-cent offer last night. The parking lot owner. Jerome Poletsky s*id he had arranged Io have Ihe building dismantled today and moved at his own expense Into storage at the Plalnflcld Lumber and Supply Company, Ptain- field N J. \vltjch erected the "dream house' last January. The veHow "Dream House" was very much a white elephant today. Marriage Licenses Tlie following couples obtained iiiarlage licease.s at the. office of Miis Elizabeth Blytlic, county clerk, Saturday and yeatordayr Jako Zriniliu and Miss Delore* Koljlllz, bolh of Dcllcville, Ind. Hoy Jolmson and Mrs. Toiinnle I.ce Thoimisoti, both of Blytlieville. Cleve Ilarald Campbell and Mrs. PAGE THREE r/H«tis Vlanna, Dumont, both «€ Tere Haute, Ind. A mass of Ice detached from ta iceberg l» called a "call," according to the Encyclopedia BrlUnDlo, House Vote Asked To End Deadlock On Waterway Bill WASHINGTON, Aug. 23. 1,1'j— Ucp. Rnnkin <D-Miss.v called for a louse vote today on a motion designed to break a deadlock on funds o be appropriated for Hood con- rol and water way projects for the year ending next June 30. Adoption of tile motion would give irtually binding, instructions to House members of the Senate-House conference committee on Army civil function. 1 ; appropriations, ft would direct thein to accept certain amounts for each of more than 300 projects. The _ Mississippian Incorporated he House conferees' list in his mo- ion, then added several more proj- "cts. The move was Interpreted as in effort to get the agreement ol he Senate conferees. The civil functions appropriations rill has been in disagreement I Senate-House conference 'since June I. As passed by the House, the bll' would appropriate $593,292,270. The Senate increased the amount to S751.410.G90. Yesterday. Ihe House passed a 51.114,000,000 authorization bill for Hood control and rivers and harbors spending in future years. Sent to the'Senate, where action this session is doubtful, the bill carries authorizations totaling $995,000,000 for Hood control work and 5113,539,875 for rivers and harbors improvements. The omnibus measure appropriates no funds, but makes the projects eligible for future appropriations. L/N Korea Commission Keeps Hands Off Two Russian 'Immigrants' SEOUL. Aue. 23. m—The tfnitcd Nations Commission on Korea wants nothing to do witli two Russians who. Ihe Korean Republic says, entered the country Illegally The two arc Mr. and Mrs, Nikolai Kreo.sed. caretakers of the unoccupied Russian Soviet consulate here. Foreign Minister Ben C. Liml had written Commission Chuirma Arthur B. Jiuneson of Australia siiu gesling the commission take custody of the Russians and lake wlw ever action U feH was necessary. The commission declined politely today, saying Ihe case of the Tins sians was not within the commls sion's province. It appeared tonight the South Korean government would lake the Russians to the 38th parallel, which divides the Korean Republic from Communist Korea, and turn them loose. Still Loiv In Price, High In Value? Why, actually, if yours is the average family, you're getting TWICE as much electric service today as you received twenty years ago tor the same amount of money. Phone Workers To Seek Biq Pay Hikes This Year Aug. 23. I a; — The the Communication Pope Aids Seminary OOA. Portuguese India — up> — Pope Pius XIJ has donated $4,500 .o the Pilar Missions In Ooa to institute scholarships to poor and deserving students at the seminary. He has donated a supplementary sum of 51,800 t6i ihe missionary hou- c e of Portuguese India, Radium will lose hp'f Its value in about 1800 years. ST. LOUI& President of Workers ot America served notice last night that the nationwide CIO Telephone Employes' Union will seek "substantial" fourth-round pay hikes this year. The official, Joseph A. ncirnc of Washington, spoke al a mass meet- i"H of sever ' ot the union's units. He said that telephone workers' pay boosts lagged behind those ol other workers in the first, second and third rounds of post-war hikes and that "we don't Intend to let that happen again." The largt-t unit in the union is Southwestern Division 20. which represents 50,000 employes of the Southwestern ;Bell Telephone Co. in Missouri. Arkansas. Kansas. Oklahoma, Texas and portions ol Illinois. This, of course, DIDN'T just happen. It's the result of your wider use ot our service — plus the good, sound business-management under which this company is operatcdr^plus the skill and experience or the hundreds of men and women behind your electric service. Heart Courier Nev;s Want Ads, ARK-MO POWER CO imicfe and ouf is America's Mas!' Distinctive Car! I H I tiwcoiN coJMoroiirAN ifosr N OW more than rvfr. AmprirV* mn<l tlitiincliit car is rfennilcly the \')V) I.innoln Cosmopolitan ing of ils liu^nifuriuly ili-lmru, U fien may wr place a I,iru.nln 1 ' , for the ciiperh lailnrinj; nf ils t.rillianlly poliun al your call? beautiful new "Salon Interiors" matches Sinp in or telephone loday. DMVIN& —^ -*• N'o gears to iliifr! -+ No cfutcfj to press! -*• Coi7ipfefcfy aufoiMatfcl STILL & YOUNG MOTOR COMPANY Walnut at First Street

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