The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on May 28, 1949 · Page 3
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 3

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Saturday, May 28, 1949
Page 3
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SATURDAY, MAY 28, I9« BLYTHEVILLB (ARK.) COURIER NEWS PAGE THREB THE NATION TODAY US. Central Intelligence Agency Offers Haven in U.S. to Those Who Assist American Agents j,. By James Marlon- to* WASHINGTON, May 28. M>|—Successful spies are Ihc ones who live to tell the tale. They also want to live afler they've told it. A caught-spy always looks like a bit, of a chump, and certainly he's lost his usefulness, i[ not his lile. Congress now not only 1ms marie it easier for foreigners to live after spying to this country, but has even enouragcd them to spy. No niUIon, ol course, ever calls its* — , own spies spies. They're Intelligence agents. It's the oilier nation's agents who are spies So when someone In this country is suspected of spying for Russia, (here's excitement about U. Naturally, nothing is ever sairi about the spying we're doing in. or on, Russia, although yon can be sure we're doing it. The U. S. lias a highly secret or' " called the Central Intelligence Agency, headed by Rear Admiral R. H. IWIenkoeUev. It's the master eye for all U. S. intelligence or spying. Give Assurance »f Safely The CIA has a special problem In gatheiing information about Iron Curtain countries, where the secret police can make life short anrt unpleasant for anyone caught dickering with Hie U. S. for example: A high official of nn Iron Country hates the Communists, has im- V»rtant information to give the U. W. and would gladly give H if. wiving given it, he knew he' could be safe in the U. S. and never have to return to his own country. But without such assurance ol safety, he's held buck by tear ol what will happen to him if it's discovered he's made contact with CIA agents. His first contact will be lib last, if he can't escape beyond the reach of the secret police. Say this official was a Russian ambassador, in a country outside Russia. He'd probably be loaded down with prize infornialioii. Yet, through fear, his mouth is sealed. Congress Co-operates How could he be made to feel safe, if he gave the information? How could he be encouraged to give it? The CIA talked it over with Congress and this was the plan worked out: In any one year the CIA. doing its own choosing, can get 100 aliens and their families into the U. S.—and the U. S. immigration laws which might bar other aliens for 'various reasons, wouldn't apply to them at all. .In short, CIA informants could .•:be rewarded with safety in Amer- U?<i. Bath houses of Congress 1 —the iWtouse on March 7, the Senate yesterday—passed bills approving this • There are a couple of very ininoi differences in the bills. Both houses are expected to iron them out quickly so the President can sign the whole thing Into law. Official of USDA Addresses Rice Millers Meeting HOT SPRINGS. Ark.. May 28. </Pt —Unless tlie United Slates increases its foreign trade !he nation's farmers may have to reduce their vast agricultural operations, an official of the U S. Department of Agriculture declared here yesterday Fred J. nossiter, n.«oi-tat« director of the Office of Foreign Agricultural Relations said the present trend in America's foreign trade policy is dealing n crippling blow to the nation's agricultural Industry. He spoke at the 50th. convention of the Rice Millers' Association. Rosslter said Hint because thl country is not importing enough products from foreign .intlous. proper balance In Iradc has not hcen maintained. He said European countries are forced to use their limited supply of currency It purchase needed United States Industrial product and are looking to other nation )i their agricultural needs. This can develop a crippling b!o\v to our entire agricultural plan," !os.siter said. Rossitcr suggested that the Unit- d states increase it.s lm|X)rt.s and bus build up a sufficient supply if dollars in the currency-deficient uitioiis. He said it is a problem ihat needs lie help of all men concerned in America's trading, , The Very Young, Also The Very Old Gaining In Numbers in the U.S. WASHINGTON, May 28. M>, _ The very young (under five) am the "aged" (over 65) both reaches record highs in numbers durin 1948, the Census Bureau reports There were 15.106,000 children un der five and 10,950,000 persons abov 65 out of a total population of MS 571.000 last July 1, the bureau sai< The median age was 29.8 vear signifying that half the popuiatio. was older, the other half younge than that. The median for mei alone was 29.4 years against 30.2 fo women. FOOT (\IOTE-Modcj Patricia llnll was chosen the gi.l with the most beniitilnl teet in Hollywood by the chiropodists of .he Western Chiropody Congress to com- merjiontte National Pool Health Week. The holder of mnny other titles, this new one makes Patricia near-perfect from head to toes. Man, Reporting by Plan* To N*w Job, Finds Hit Stolen Auto at Airport EVANSVIIiE, Hid., May 28. (fl'i —George Mueller Jlew here from St. Louis yesterday to re|»rt for H ifw Job. but before leaving he told Missouri authorities his car had jeen stolen. When he Hrriveci at the Kvans- vllle airport, his car was waiting for him. It hart been recovered shortly before by Indiana state police. Troopers charged Charles H. Delano, 31. Evansvllle used car dealer, with transporting the stolen car here from St. Louis. Amvet Leader Expects Hot Convention Sessions UTTLE HOCK, May 28. (/!>)The GI housing loan situation Is IIMy to occupy the limelight nt the fourth minimi Arkansas Am- yet convention In Fayettevllle June 3-5, And Prank whllbeck. I.ltlle Rock, slule commander of the ved'rims organization, sajd the discussion of this topic may be "warm." Scheduled to nlr views on the subject me Jntnes Rhodes, I.lttlo nock real estate man. and a buttery of Veterans Administration experts Whltbeck said the discussion will Involve confusion between the VA and the FHA. a breakdown of the secondary market lor Ol loans mill a bill pending In Congress to rcm- edv thi> latter situation. Also slated for consideration .ie convention, for which 200 to -300 delegates arc cx|M?<'tcri. is the question of veterans' bonuses. Juniors Go to Memphis WILSON, Ark.. May 28. Mcm jcrs of the Jusior class went 01 the annual class outing Thiirsdnj to the pair Grounds In Memphis They harl a picnic lunch, which wa prepared by the room-mother!, They were accompanied by J. Roberts, sponsor and Mrs. rilll on. Mrs. Arnold McDanlel, Mrs. An drew Johnston and Mrs. JYnnk Py land, room-mothers. Condemned Slayer Claims His Sixth 'Hex' Victim WALLA WALLA. May 28. (/Pi— Jake Bird claimed his sixth "hex" ctim Thursday night. In an interview with pierce County Prosecutor Patrick Steele. the condemned -slayed, who earlier in the day received a 30-day stay of execution, said he had put Ills famous hex on a former Washington State penitentiary guard. Arthur A. Stoivdard. Stowdard retired shortly after the lime Bird claims to have applied the hex and returned to his home in Worchester, He died in pushing Veterans Hospital, Framingham. Muss.. April 27. Bird said he told Stowd.-ird: "You'll die before I will." He added: "Oh, I put (lie liex on him all I'iRht. but it was just in fun." When Bird was condemned to death a year and a hall ago in connection with the slaying of Mrs. Bertha Kludt Oct. 31, 1947. in Tacoma, he said those connected with the case would die before he would. Since then, five of them have died. Suspicious Pedestrians Refuse "Easy Dough" BALTIMORE W')—Wnill to give money away? Don't come to Baltimore to try it. William Bond and Charles McCardle made a bet the other day after Bond mused aloud that money was so cheap nowadays you couldn't give it away. McCardle thought otherwise, and backed up his thinking with a $5 bill. Then .in broad daylight, they began walking a stipulated three blocks. McCardle courteously offering a si bill to the first pedestriar they met. The pedestrian glared am wouldn't accept. They stopped some more. Several already had a buck. Several figured McCardle had a gimmick. He tried ten times ami found no taker. The eleventh, however ,took McCardle. He was a cop who formed a notion that McCardle was trying to move the dollar into the other direction, for reasons of his own. So McCardle. who Uve.s at Norristown, Pa., was hailed into magistrate's court. The charge Panhandling. So McCardle told his strange story. The magistrate dismissed the charge. The buck wound up in the police poor box. • Bond Application Studied LITTLE HOOK. Ma)- 28. l/fl— The Arkansas Public Service Commission yesterday took under advisement the application of the „. . . , „ Southwestern Gas and Electric Historians believed that the | Company for authority to sell -SI brass • referred to in the Bible 500,000 of first mortgage bonds and probably was bronze. 25,000 shares of $100 preferred stock With the Courts Chancery: Mary Albcrson vs. Aric Alber.soi suit for divorce. Virginia Gray vs. Eugene G suit for divorce. Ruby Dolson vs. James Dotsoi suit for divorce. Theresa Jnndrrecho vs. Hen Jandrrecho, suit for divorce. Anita Rohrcr vs. Joseph Rohre suit for divorce. Ruby Mosley vs. James Mosle suit for divorce. Geratdine Ward Smith vs. W 1 Smith, suit for divorce. Common Pleas: Junior Palmer vs. Mclba Jc* King Cash, suit to obtain posse ston ol lot 6, Block 2 In the R. L. Hayes Addition to Lenchvillc, and collect unpaid rent. General Contract Purchasing Corporation vs. Vcrnon C. and Bertie May Knapp. suit to foreclose on property mortgaged for $251. ARKA RBNT OFFICE THE IHA'TIIKVILLE DEFENSE- KENTAL AUEA OFFICE 1NCWAM BUILDING Ulyllicvlllv, Arkansas May 17. 1919 NOTIUK The Rent Advisory Hoard for Hie lilytlu-vlllo Uetcnse-UctHal Area, •'i'ate of Arkiiiisas, wll' hold a public hearing on the 3rd day if June, 19W. nl its oilier In Room '205 of the niKuim Iliillillng In ISlylhevllle. Aikiinsus. I'he hearing *llt commerce nt (en O'clock A.M. nnil may be conltuui'd to such lime ntid place as Is \nn. uiiri'd by the Chairman oi the nuurtl. Tin; purpose ol lln- public healing Is (o emiblc the Il'iard to ticnr evidence on the pc- Illton of \fts Wilson and Compiiny lor the divnnliol of. and the removal ol all miixlimim mils In the urens ol the towns of Wilson, Kel«'!-. Mmle, lii.ssrll nnd Armorcl Arkansas. All Interested persons (including I'c'pnwnluilvi's ui Hlniu unit poll- tlciil Sub-dlvtslcms theie-ofi wll be giver it re .soimblo ypportunltj In he hcuid. by Inlorplcndi'i' o otherwise, with right to be repre .-.rulril by i-oiuiM-l mil document* offered us evidence shall be in Inform of nn nrlitliml mid rive copies). This not Ire 01 advenlsi-menl I: Rlvi'ii pursuant to Hrcllon 201 <e: (U ol llu Housing and Hum Ac of 10111, its iimcndcd Killed this Ihc Illh day ol May lill!>. lli'iil .i,lvlMj'-y lumril fur I be nlyUu-Yllle . rli<nM>-lii'iilul Arc: H.V: llril P. Utitlir. Chiihmnt S1IM-2 SHORTY POPS OFF —A .sinking vvi-simi Ui-rlm imlwny worlter loudly leers a Soviet inny olllccr nl Templehof rnilway station during a domotislnUttm Hut the Itctl olll'-cr uncom-ei iK-dly inns n cl^ircl in his mmilh. Mob violence bus Uaruil KOVCriil limes in the strike of IS,0011 workers ni:nlnM ihr Hvi^si:m-rmi1mllo<l rily Fwe/vc-Y car-Old 'Puppy' Leaves 'Dumb friend' LONDON—UTt—Sad story frmu Our Dumb l-^-li'iHls' ix'iiu^H; iriui- dlnglou limnchf: A Londoner \v:uilocl » puiipy. Uf went lo IVUicoal Lane. SlituUiy inoi'niiiK outdoor murktH. lit; pnlcl $12 (or \vluil ii podiller cli'.stu'lljctl us "n nice pup."" Thrpc days Inlcr 11 j-i.i -sk-k. The ninn louk it to a Icngue vctorlnnr- Inn. TJ)c vclcr)nnr!nij kJontinptl It ns "a very nuftl inlnlnLni'c Yorkshire terrier with only I wo Icotli und n growth In Us sLonmcli. It's about 12 ycnrs oltl," he snid. Klght. u'ccks Inter II riJcd. Ainofiean Kl^ssnuikliiK \vns rnv- ulutfonl/fct (>y a cm-pcuUn of Sutid- wirli. MiissLifluisotts. who found In 1827 Ihul Mhus.s nuiltl bo hnnd- pn'^sinl In a mold. This brunchL ssu'urc for tlu 1 Eh si I lino wllhln lint inu'h nf e>'i'ry American home. One of the rarllcsl oxumjilex of Roman bron/.c Is a coin lu ao B.C. Sny It With THE FLOWER SHOP i:icil<:i>« Hiilhlhit t'honc 44111 ui 'nn Read Courier News Want Ads SHEET METAL WORK- OF ALL KINDS Custom work for Kins, »lfulfil mills, oil mills. Custom Shcorinrj up | 0 \/,\ \ n c\\ thickness Frank Simmons Tin Shop 117 Sonlli HnmcUvay Plume Uliiit The skills of the glassworkcrs who make fine American handmade glnss are found in thctziictaoinhr glass tableware me handed dou-n from grandfather to grandson. At least ten years of intensive training are required before a man is regarded as skilled. Arches were built us early «s 4.000 B. C. PROFIT By Reading tfic Classified Ads Every Day! PROFIT Bv Advertising In Tlie Classified Columns When You Want To Buy or Sell ADS PLACED BEFORE 9 A.M. WILL APPEAR SAME DAY All Classified Advertising Payable in Advance Phone 4461 / Blyfheville Courier News ON A CAREFREE SUMMER VACATION Give Your Car This Special Check-Up SCOO 5 A COMPLETE CHECK-UP 1\ Clean and repack wheel bearings. 2. 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