The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on August 13, 1936 · Page 3
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 3

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, August 13, 1936
Page 3
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THURSDAY, AUGUST IS, 1936 ULYTHEVILLE, (ARK.) COURIER NEWS i-oi^n lcllftC 'rvr> Al-»V>/\rt T-Tnc IPC fYDDOlt ilclS O For Actors as Good Company i'im-1 Uiiuks rs-. So let him It'll v.'hat he a.!iwij( actors in his own .. ..-.iihle niL'iitvillty lie partly nn original herit- and imily ihe result of en- bring good prices due to tlie drouth thai has damaged vcgclnblc crops In many parts of the middle west. Cro|js, such us spinach, beets, carrots, late tomnloes, iwllsiies, beam, kale, muslurd nnd turnips \vlll thrive iu Hie [uli and imiy give good returns after Hie droulh Urcnks and the full rains begin, tic- coidlng lo Claude Wooisey, extension horticulturist, University of Arkansas college of agrlcullwc. Tlie land should be prepared now, and the seed and fertilizer secured. Mr. \VccIse-y advises. W'.iea the time is siilluule utter a sho\v- cr, tlie seed should be planted, especially t.-.osc crops requiring a aeh mui radishes, should us phint- c<l in into August or early September. They will s tnnd considerable liosl, and will B row well In Hie coaler seasons of the year. If Ihe hydrogen In n teaspoonfc! of walcr is convened Into helium iiboui 100,OUO kilowatt hours cl energy, or Slo.COO worth of elec- lili'ul finrein. Is sel free. A hummingbird has n imipor- tloiiiitely Inruer brain than lunnnn beings, Its lirulii is one-twelfth u\ its body wviuht; a man's Is only one-thiriy-tirih. '•V (JKOJUIH ARHOTT NEW YOliK. Aug. 12. — F am > if I had 10 be stranded on 3 Recently I lm« nn opportunity of seeing what might almost be "it' Hnii'i withmembers"of any c ' ullcii a laboratory along lines, accounting, yertian , ijr this article. j I v>ent 10 London .iboard tr. 1 ; I-uvoiiln, inking a east of eighteen aelors and actresses now ri^pj.ii-j ing in ihe London company of "Hoy Meets Oirl." We couiiH'Lscil roughly about one-eighth of lli'j cabin im.ssenyer Antl if i:ri)Ii" p :iou. I should pick nct- '••' — iu:d, of course, actresses. Tliov tiro t:ood company, nmcli !•'! lor ihii'i (jrncrnlly supposed; M:<y snrptf c e you, they nmiire yen and they are l!<e life of the] potty. Fcr years we have heard nnd nt>ui! n character In theaters I'licl In liction. who lias been fcntnvii best, us a ham. He luis bcon rie'Ti'lbcd as a conceited Jliiflrd-shirt, a clieap, egocentric 'Huso ctiaraclers rcapjiear sf> rften Unit rjiie would be justinccl in iKSKinliu! that there it snm? ! -r.totyp- fnv them in life—and there is. Hardly any the-Mrira\ roni]itiiiy is free from them. But i'.ll actors arc not hams. Sl:i«r» Is a Sircu ^Acting looks to the outsider like n very easy way to make a living. It nttrncls niaiiy men just, l-e-an.w it h so chlishtfiilly lazy. !t n!s-o aHrach rn:xl should) those wlio desire to strut in ptitfie. It i", a great nnd ituitimnlc medium for eslii'jllionists. Some of tlicso any nieiita! and physicil lest Hie] t'.clor.s could average onc-elghlM | of the hleh marks they might justly be said to be up to the lueragc. 11 they received mon- than one-eighth, then they miglTt justly l;e said lo be u)) u ve me average. } Kow, on sliipboard, tliei'e is a sort ot mental and physical test, 'lliere are open competitions llial rctiuiie mi'inai ai^iLJii-as—or.'oge competition, ireasuie hunts and games rcciuiring ndaplauinty since lew habitually play them. l5e;K tennis, shuffle board, for example. Tnere was a pretty general participation in these games. Tne mcmbcis of our company, however, won not one-eighth, nor one-half, but all but one prize on Ihe ILst. Everything but ping-pong. "'I cxtiijiuonists Some of (lies-, i.,^..,^.,.. a ui u J«II B - tl'm attracted have been intend- - 1 *'?" " ulst know! «l by nature to be co.-il-licaveis 1 , cours(; ' ll ' s completely "»d Hie diffici.ilies of iTttm n nn I lln l j crtant, yet it struck i Clhcrs develop a gift or enough if one to get' by." The lack of any background to act as a ballast makes it impossible for them lo ketp on an even keel. Tliey Windsor^ today is Finer Whiskey and Greater Value ^INCREASE I'd prefer takiny my chances with the actors—and, of course, the ao iresses. become hypnotized with tlie soiinrt!, NI!XT - Gladys Swarthouf, Holof tl.dr own lovely volcc.s or their '- vl " ni| - N<: «' *<>'* eomiiiuler. classic profiles. Tliey become con- ceiled. Bui the majority of human bc- in?s v/lm go on the stage do r,o for another reason. They sacrifice normal life money comfort mentis, everything Hint" (hey hnv;! ton trained lo think important, —because or love for Ihe theater dice this love of Ihe sta°e ha" n, >>, ,,- - fake,, its firm hoUI. neither hut ,.^±^V h5 ' PI '! f""^ is " sual - cer :nor pride nor dis«race cap y favor «l with a late gromns sen- break; its grip "is.race cai „,,„_ an(] B!m | cncrs mig|u , ook ___ Aiid the 'struggle 16 succeed 'lJ'™ 1 ! d -" to ::. p ! all !! llg • so " 10 - vegetable "Time is money" in ageing \vhiskcy-but National Distil- I Icrs gives you this older and therefore cwilict \X'intJsor a! the same fir ice at for met Iyt., Don't miss lliis real whiskey bargain! Pick U[> a bottle of Windsor (odayl ~f ^•A WINDSOR MOOF—STJAI6HT IOUMON WHISKtT'' NATIONAL DISTILLERS PRODUCTS COW.j tltnd Dtriiion, N«v Yott, N. Y. this'fiercely coriipelitive nliarpens- the wils, increases the , . observation and makes a keenci man or woman, not a more stupid ^ cue. 1 . Thei-c is an old saying among Arm Was Almost Useless With Pain cas'.i this fall, states J. O. Fuller- Ion, county.agent. U can bs readily assumed that vegetables from the late gardens will find a good demand and will A'l.lcd f!rca{ Dis- Slnin.-ic!, rnmforf . l''i'll As Tf iMiiny Kontls WntiW Almost Kill Her: Caused Severe Snfferiii!;: Then GJy-Ciis Aain Is "1 am iilad to fell oliier.i ntout a inrdicinc like oiy-Cas. tliat tl:cy too may regain their health cis I have irine." said Mrs. I-ois Davis. R. F. D. No. 5. Box 45-1, 1-illlc nock, Ark. 'Tor years it had been a co'.i- slanl worry to find foc.tls, would agree 1 with me. which was practically impossible.. I got little enjoyment from my meals know- Ing what I was sure to endure afterwards. My system was last becoming filled wit], poisons until nr-urilis had a dreadful hold en me before I realized it. The -"harp stabbing pains in my arms and limbs were unbearable and my right arm was so affected that T practically lest iis use. I roiili! not go on in (his condition I knew but medicine after medicine repeatedly failed until I fesan Oly-Cns—It changed miserable sulTeiing to good and glorious healt]) for me." "Llllle did I rcali/e any medicine could be as wonderful as Ibis neiv Gly-Cas.". she continued. "My stomach, kidneys and bowels were regulated almost at once and n>y entire system has tocn toned. These dreadful ncurilis pains have tern entirely eliminated and I n "i again enjoying the health I had been seeking for so long. It Is wonderful to be ahle lo get -such a remarkable medicine as this new Oly-Cas." is sold by Klrby Bros. Unig store, this city, and by all yfadliiB dm;; .stores In surrounding towns. —Adv. ORDERS TAKEN FOR "UERNAT" YARN INSTH-V..JTONS FHE1S Mrs. ieslie Hooper M^s. A. C. Haley 1130 Cldckasan-ba. Phone 792 Wo Pay Cash For 2nd Hand Furniture Phone 1(131 Hubbard 2nd Hand Furniture Store Near (ioff Hofcl The World's first - choice economy tire KMSSCI 4.40-21 51C 4.50-20 54C J.7S-I9 59C 5.0019 63c 5.25-1 J 70 C 30>3Cl5Ic (.40 21 65C 4.75.11 76C 5.00 19 82C 90c 99c Other sUei hi proper ALL Otknrtiw In propotHon made by the world's largest rubber company —Ihe acknowledged quality leader ?F •. .- All give you (he GOODYEAR MARGIN OF SAFETY —Center Traction for quick-slopping All give you Blowout Protection in EVERY Ply —Built with patented SUPHHTWIST Cord All give you tough, thick, long-mileage treads All give you lop values —Lowest cost per mile of safely TOM LITTLE CHEVROLET CO. IJLYTHKVIU.E, ARKANSAS W1GGLY "1111(1. I,oin I'uniul JMOCgS FOK Fin DAY and SATURDAY THK:BEST BEEF tw TOWN "C. (?." MEAWS CONTaOI.LC-0 QUALITY ROAST iiflt Kih 1'ouiu! Genuine Iliiu! Spring Quarter (b. Fore Quarter Ib. ^Ireiik-O- I.L'HIl round Ji-,^ SAUSAGE BH^^BH^HHI COTTAGE CH£ESE 1'iiro I'oi-lf I'dllllll 1'Yosh C, i-cii in cry I'tiunil iHHH^PMBBMBHHOBMHHHVB Fryers I'Ycsli GROUND BEEF Krusli 0 roil nil Pound Uver Cheese 1 " 25c Veal Roast Ib. 15c GRAPHS Mal; '*'u.. 5 (: APPLES n " u "",..,. 5° IP l-nvgc (ifls n\ /j >JJ Hfiid / 2 BROOMS ' siito t,,,, M7 H1TATOIOS f;C *-«*^ JL 1,1), O NMJls^yJF F'F'AI?^ IA>(ICIU|!IJ! or c^ 1 ItjrIIOj' Allti;:iltn-. lOiii'h D FIUJIT .IAKS Vi (.'ill. i)7f; Qt. (iilc; 1'i. 5Sc SALMON <\S7~W MOPS , 1 H,10 C PEACHES 5 C BANANAS .Iiimho TC Mi. (> PEARS I* reserving -pQC Htislivl J«7 rri Wi'seo OfJC Vi U). Cln. LHJ FLY. SPRAY T Ti !nt 23° ,'i for 10 C. C., LI.. .... 2f,c French, !,h. .. gflc Jewel, l,h 17 C Jewel, 3 Mi. .'. 4Sle Little King ' Hack . $1.55 2-.1-U). Sack ...7i>c Peaches Counlry Cluli or Avtindali' I.R-C. 2'/ 2 Can 15c Pork & Beans 4115c Pickles Sour or Dill Quart Jar 2' for 25c Corn 1'riilc of Illinois Nn. 2 Can Seminole VTISSIJE 4 Rolls 25c TISSUE Scolt, 2 for...' !5c \Val<!«rf, '1 for. I7c Towel, each .. ilk i «i 1 1 A. & II. jal. Jll(f ... 25c Tall :,„ W CRACKF1S li.'i,,,. 15 C rowniJit re 2 for J o. K. inc :i Kars IU GINGER ALE fa. 1G C I'lnin yrc CJuarl O'J SOAP CHIPS,,,,,^ . 10' .C. While Ift.C Udtllc LIGHT GLOBES ....IP 0 GRAPE FH1 £ r c! u '2!. 10° LARD Hilo £<)C •l-li li. Ctn. MOTOR OIL FRESH BREAD .a 10° Oranges Peas l.arly June i\'o. 2 Can 2 for 15c Soap Crvslal While LitriVo liar •j for 15c Flour Olympic 48-1,1.. Sack S1.22 2.1-T,!). Snck Glc Sugar Pure Cane 10 I'flinuls 53c '- Lemons s £? 19c 15c Corn Flakes -^ 9c Salad Oil °y 19c Snowdrift MED I m PAII, .. I.ARGK PAH, ..58° $1,12

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