Star Tribune from Minneapolis, Minnesota on November 20, 1987 · Page 59
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Star Tribune from Minneapolis, Minnesota · Page 59

Minneapolis, Minnesota
Issue Date:
Friday, November 20, 1987
Page 59
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13C 71 Tun ji IUil yls.w 4V M ui liue Leo ii iui iua iui uiuyi api iy wittiest comedy of the year," - Jeffrey Lyons, SNEAK PREVIEWSINN kiririruA sophisticated, screwball comedy that's a work of art" - Rex Reed, AT THE MOVIES "Very funny, two thumbs up." - Gene Siskel, SISKEL & EBERT & THE MOVIES "Hilariou8...sparkling comedy." -Kevin Thomas, LOS ANGELES TIMES . Demuth exhibition Associated Press New York, N.Y. The Whitney Museum of American Art is presenting, "Charles Demuth," a retrospective of 120 oil paintings and watercolors through Jan. 17. The exhibition, the first major overview of Demuth's works since 1950, includes "his ground-breaking Precisionist paintings of American industrial subjects as well as his lyrical and poetic watercolors of flowers and fruits and his figurative portrayals of New York's prewar bohemia." "And it keeps finding a new audience. I get letters from kids saying, 'I've seen "Enter the Dragon" 100 times.' " He also worked with Lee for "Game of Death," which was released six years after Lee's death, with final footage of Lee linked with additional footage using two Lee look-alikes (one who acts, one who does martial arts). "I'm embarrassed by that movie," Clouse said. Lee died mysteriously in July 1973. An autopsy indicated a brain edema or swelling. Among the questions: possible drug use by Lee. Clouse doesn't expect any headline-making disclosures: "What I'm finding is that those who knew him are pretty protective of him. 'Saint Bruce' is what I'm finding." Footnote: In early 1988, Brandon Lee, son of Bruce and his American wife, Linda, made his acting debut, playing the alienated son of Caine (David Carradine) in "Kung Fu: The Movie." At the time, Lee told People maga- , zine that he did not plan to mirror his dad's career. But now, at 22, he has been signed to his first starring role, in the Hong Kong-produced martial arts picture, "Legacy of Rage II." Los Angeles Times Hollywood, Calif. Robert Clouse just can't shake the spirit of Bruce Lee. Clouse, director of Lee's landmark martial-arts epic, "Enter the Dragon," is in Hong Kong interviewing those who knew the charismatic superstar for a Lee biography from Unique Publications. That's the company that published Clouse's recent "The Making of 'Enter the Dragon.' " Clouse teamed with Lee for "Dragon." Filmed in 1973 for $500,000, its worldwide grosses are now about $150 million. HIT OF THE FALL! BO 01 Star TribuneFridayNovember 201987 COMEDY 0V ouni baton ti AlWCIMmKIMllfSSfflfimillCIIOITOBCIir mum mmmamwmsisinamt DiieflH gf Rntogrtfiv WUHH A. IHAER. AS C Wnnai S IIAACT afUfC g DWSfS SHT5B Freshmen have always had trouble adjusting to college life. But never like this. JfllX ' If , v 'y VsVk x ,!S ,( A hair-raising . VminilWiliX, starrincr jhyMfamCrh m,, , y' ' j Jason Bateman. ''V - - , If" , ATLANTIC ENTERTAINMENT GRDUPION BATEMAN TEEN WOLF 1"-KIM DARBY -JOHN ASTIN PAUL SAND-JAMES HAMPTON MARK WON ESI CHANDLER CTU1 Hi MARK 60L0ENBERG ' JOSEPH LDEB III b MATTHEW WEI1AN i MATTHEW WW TIMOTHY KRING K THOMAS COLEMAN MICHAEL ROSENBLATT ': KENT BATEMAN PGIpwht euomce suggested S5I If MMl liEIUAUMIIlNitiiHDrJC ISoirilnct Available a Cut haiii Agt fllll.TT STARTS TODAY! IN MINNEAPOLIS,j,Hi."UJii IN ST. PAUL SEE THEATRE DIRECTORIES FOR FEATURE TIMES argaln MMIimm tIM Ivwy Day TH M pjn. unwr (.rtuara 6 a ovar) ah mm Jl.00 QCC Entartatnmant OHt Books on f4a BURNHAVENB, 1455 1 Burnhaven Dr. 892-3322, Near Bumsvle Shopping Center Tha PiIikh Irlda I : IO-3: IO-S: 10-7:1 S-9: 15-PG NuH-1 : IO-3 20-5 30-7:45-9:55- Prtnca Slgn-O-Tha-Tlmas 1 :25-3.O5-4:S0-:30 1 5-IO.OO-PG Suspact-l:3O4:30-7:20-9:40-R ThaRunmnMn-l:l5-3:35-5:4O-7:50-9:5O-R IJfta Fathar Uka Son l:l5-3:15-5:2O-7:3O-9:30-PGI3 Fatal AttracHon-l 00-3: IO-5:20-7.40-9:55-R Walt Disney's Ondaralla I.O0-3O0-500-7O0-9.OrMj SOUTHTOWN, Hwy. 494 & Perm 5.. 884-21 1 1 aby aoom-I.OO-3:IO-5:20-7:35-9.45-PG TTm Prtrmss Brtd l:IO-3:00-S:IO-7:20-9:30-lG SOUTHDALC, w 69th St near France 920-3334 Nuts-1 : IO-3:2O-5:30-7:45-9:5S-R Hop Glory-1 2:45-3 00-5: 1 5-7:30-9 '45-PG Taan WoM Too-1 :20-3:20-S:20-7:20-9:20-PG Walt Disney's OnderaHa I.OO-3.OO-5OO-7.O0-9OrG IHELARD PARK, Hwy. 12 & Hwy. 18. 546-6521 Taan won Too-l xa-i: lo-s: 1 5-7:20-9.25-PCj HaUo Again-1 . 1 5-3:20-5.25-7.30-9:35-PG Oata Wrth An Angal I 3.-05-5: 10-7:1 S-9:20-PG Flowari In Tha Attic l.20-3:25-5:30-7.35-9:40-PGI3 Uta Fathar, Uka Son 1 :25-3:3O-5:35-7:40-9:45-PGI 3 NORTHTOWN, Hwy. 10 1 Univ. N.E.. 786-0520 Nutt-l:IO-3:20-5:20-7:45-9:55-R Walt Disney's OndaraHa I flO-3flO-5:0O-7)-9Hj Hallo Again-1 .00-3.O5-5: IO-7:20-9.25-PG 1 Than Zaro-I 25-3 25-5:25-7.30-9.35-1! BROOKOALE EAST, Hwy. 100 & John Martin Dr., 5600780 4aHo Agatn-1 : 10-3: 10-5. 10-7: 15-9.25-PG Walt Disney's OndaraHa 1 :00-3:00-5:00-7:00-9aG Nuti-I : IO-3:2O-5.30-7:4S-9:S5-R Taan WoM Teo-l.25-3.25-5:25-7.30-9:40-PG HAR MAR, Sorting t Hwy. 36 (St. Paul), 636-2664 Hallo Again-1 .00-3:00-5:00-7: IO-9:20-PG lvoom-l:IO-3:IO-5:IO-7:20-9:30G tuspact-l .00-3: 10-5:20-7.40-9.50-11 ftow9f In Th Attic I OS-3: 1 5-5:30-7:40-9:55-PG 1 3 Prlnca Skjn-O-Tha-TkMa 1: 10-2:55-4:40-6:30 1 5- 1000-PG UkaFatharUkaSon I.IS-3:20-5:25-7:30-9:35-PGI3 Taan WoM Too-l 00-3: 10-5: 1 5-7:25-9:30-PG WnhVouWaraHara 1:10-3:15-5:20-7:20-9:25-11 Oaath WWi 4-1 :20-3:2S-S:30-7:3S-f .404) ' MadalnHaaan-IOO-305-5.05-7:IO-9:l5-PG lata Than laro-l :25-3:30-5:35-7:45-9:45-l! HOJPBOI Mialaaaajdaa TERRACE, Al nM at tax Broadway at 36th Av. N. 588-4621 l-7.O5-9.20-R c UPTOWN, 2906 Hennepin. 825-4644 Rota uiaaniburg-5.00-9:30 Living on Toyko Tlrao-7:30 Stop Making Santa-Mionight EXCELSIOR DOCK I 2. 474-6725 U mba-7:30-9:X)-PGI3-Dotiy-Adm $1.50 Itakaout-7 45-9 40-R-Clotjy-Adm. SI 50 PLAZA 2, 1847 Larpenteur Ave. E. 777-7333 Stakaout-Frt Mon t Wed-7: 1 5-9:304 Sat Sun Thur-2:304:45-7:IS-9:30 La amba-Frt Mon t Wed-7.O0-9: 1 5-PG 1 3 Sat Sun Thur-2: 1 5-4:30-700-9: 1 5 RIVERVIEW, East 38th St 1 42nd Av S. 729-7369 Stafcaout-7: IO-925-R-AII Saatti II JO Sat-Sun. 4.45-7:10-9:25 At) aaats 12.00 HI tpm daMy at Apacha a. vmaga 4, ana S, Signal HIHs I, CaMar 4 a Crandvktw 2. AH soats tuao W opra Fts.-Sat.-Sun. at Sup Wortd.Sun.onhatCanpus. APACHE 6, All Saats t2M ts) 6 pm West of Sliver Lake Road on 37th Ave NE. 788-947 1 Fatal Attraction-1 2:30-2:45-500-7:20-9.40-1! Walt Disney's Ondaralla 12:30-2: 10-3:50-5:30-7: 10-G Sutpact-9O0 Onry-R Taan WoM Too-l .00-305-5: 10-7: 10-9. 2O-PG aby Boom-12 4O-2:50-5O5-7:IS-9:25-PG HaMo Again-1 .05-3: IO-5:2O-7:30-9:35-PG Running Man-1 : 1 5-3: 15-5:1 5-7:35-9:30-R BOULEVARD 1-2, All scats 99 tax 53rd t lyndale Ave. S , 823-7471 . Stakaout-7:35-9:40-R La iamoa-7:l5-9:20-PGI3 CAMPUS, Oak Wash. S.E., 378-3770 Dirty Dancsng-7:30-9:30-PGI3 HEIGHTS, All Scats 99 tax 40th t Central Ave. NE. 788-9079 La aamoa-7:30-9:30-PG13 SUBURBAN WORLD.Henn.-Lake, 825-6688 Dogs In Spaca-5:20-7:30-9:40 VARSITY, 1 3th S 4th St. S.E. 33 1 -2492 AN Saats 11.50 - All Tkms Stakaout-7:I5-9:30-R THE NEW VILLAGE 4, AH Saats 1240 til tpm nwy. iu a Hanson Blvd. coon Kapws, 755-6980. Fatal Attractlon-5.05-7:20-9.35-R Taan Wotf Too-5:20-7:25-9:30-PG Uka Fathar Uka Son-5: 1 5-7:35-9:45-PG 1 3 Running Man-5: 10-7: 1 5-9:25-0 CINA S, 1360 5. Robert, W. St. Paul. 457-4525 Prince Slgn-O-Tha-Tlmat l:30-3:30-5:30-7:30-9:3PGI3-Dojy Walt Disney's Ondaralla 1 2:30-2: 10-3:50-5.30-7: 10-9O0-G Hallo Again-1. 10-3: 10-5:10-7: 10-9: 10-PG Princass Mda-1 :20-3:20-5:20-7:20-9:20-PG UkaFatharUkaSon l:25-3:25-5:25-7:25-9.25-PGI3 GALTIER CINEMA 4-St. Paul Galtler Plaza-Sth S Jackson 224-2573 Running IWii-l.30-3:3O-5:30-7:3O-9:30-R Walt Disney's Ondaralla l:2S-3:25-5.25-7.25-G Fatal aauty-940 Onry-R HaNo Again-1 :20-3:20-5:20-7.20-9:20-PG Data Wrth An Angal 1:10-3: 10-5: 10-7: 10-9. IfWG GRANDVIEW, 1 830 Grand, StP, 698-3344 Nuts 1 2:45-300-5: IO-7:30-9:40-R-Dolby-No Passes Fatal Attraction-1 2: 1 5-2:30-4:45-7: IO-9 25-R HIGHLAND 1-2, All Saats 99 tax 760 Cleveland Av. So.. St. Paul, 698-3085 La ataoa-7:35-9:40-PG 1 3 aaout-7:20-9:30-R SIGNAL HILLS S, Signal Hits Shopping Ctr, St. Paul, 4500863 Taan WoM Too-1:10-3:15-5:15-7:1 5-9 20-PG Flowars In Tha Attic 1 .05-3.05-5: IO-7:20-9:35-PG 1 3 aby ioora-l 00-3: 10-5:20-7:30-9 40-PG tiupset 1 2:30-2:40-4:55-7: IO-9 25-R Running Man-1 : 1 5-3:20-5.25-7.25-9:304 "Mil ROSEVILLE 4, AO Shows SIM One block W. of Lexington on Larpenteur. 488-4242 No way Out-3: 10-7: lOHt Roxanna-1 00-3.05-5: 10-7.25-9 :30-PG Can-tiuyMaLova-l05-5:l5-9 2CMGI3 La lamta I.O0-3.O5-5:IO-7:l5-9:25-PGI3 Stakaout-l.05-3:IO-5:l5-7:30-9:35-R PARKWAY, 4814 Chicago Ave., 822-3030 Aom. J bo-James woods aftSaftsr-7 25-9:104 PITC J aroma Hill Thaatar, First Trust Cntr. Jackson 5th St.. St Paul. 291-0801 Adm. 14 00 Dorothy Monan Uvtng In tha Boundary Watart with Watarwaakar-2.O0 1 7.00 Tha Cura In Oranga 9:40 I2.S0 all shows avaryday baforo 4 pm. OH tMkatas at all UA. Tnaatras. Sr. Otuans I Otftcar- 1230 vary Oay.Tha Movla Connection-Informa-Uon-l-97a-l976fa charga) BROOKOALE SQUARE, 58IOShlnoleCreekPky.,566-672l , Fatal Attraction 1:30-4: 1 5-7: 10-9:40-1 1 :40-R Hw RunnliM Mmi 1.15-3:15-5:15-7.15-9:15-1 I:I5-R nowifi In I he Attic 1.25-3.25-5:25-7:25-9:25-11 .25-PG 1 3 Data Wrth An Angal l:3O-3.3O-5:30-7.3O-9:3O-PG Hiding Out-I.30-3:30-5:30-7:30-9:30-PGI3 Fatal laauty-l:40-3:40-5:40-7 40-940-R Suspact-1 :304: 15-7: IO-9.40-R aby oora-l 00-3. IO-5.20-7:30-9.40-PG BURNSVILLE L BumsvWe Center, 435-7 1 59 Taan Worf Too I 20-3:20-5:20-7:30-9:30-1 1 20-PG Flowars In Tha Attic 1:30-3:30-5:30-7:40-9:40-1 l:30-PGI3 Dirty Dancing 1:10-3:10-5:10-7:20-9:20-1 l:IO-PGI3 LassThanZaro 1:20-3:20-5:20-7:30-9:30-11:204 BURNSVILLE II, BumsvHIe Center. 435-8080 Baby Boom-1 00-3: 10-5:20-7:30-9:40-1 1.40-PG Hiding Out 1 :10-3: IO-S: 10-7:20-9:20-1 1 : 10-PGI 3 Data With An Angal 1:30-3:30-5:30-7:35-9:40-1 1.40-PG Hallo Again 1:20-3:20-5:20-7:30-9:30-1 l:20-PG EDEN PRAIRIE, Eden Prairie Center. 944-3232 Flowars In Tha Atnc I.OO-3O0-5O0-7.15-9.2O-I l:30-PGI3 Fatal Attraction 100-3:10-5:20-7:30-9:40-1 1:504 The RiMFitnTM Msn 1 . 1 5-3: 1 5-5:20-7:30-9:40-1 1 .50-R Walt Disney's OndaraHa 12.00-1:30-3.00-4:30-600 Sutpact-7:35-9:50-l 1:504 Hallo AgalrH 00-3:10-5:15-7:20-9:30-1 l.404G MAPLEWOOD 1. 694 1 White Bear, 770-3993 Nuts-1 2: 1 5-2:30-4:45-700-9:20-1 1 30-R aby Boom-IOO-3:IO-S:20-730-9:40-l 140-PG LassThanZaro 1:20-3:20-5:20-7:20-9:20-11:204 Dirty Dancing 1:30-3:30-5:30-7:30-9:30-1 1.30TOI3 Walt Disney's Ondaralla l2O0-l:30-3O0-4:304O0-G HlaigOut-7:45-9:45-1 1 45-PG 1 3 IHowsrf In Ttw Attic 1 : 40-3:40-5:40-7:40-9.40-1 1 .40-PG 1 3 MAPLEWOOD II. 4 1 79 1 Beam 4 White Bear, 770-9 1 77 riw Attraction 1 2:30-2:45-500-7:20-9:45-1 2004 Taan WoM Too 1:10-3:10-5:10-7:15-9:20-1 l:40-PG Data With An Angal 1 00-3: IO-5.20-7:39:40-l I 50-PG HaHo Agam-I.OO-3:IO-5:2O-7.30-9:45-l l:SO-PG i I.IO-3:l5-520-7:25-9:35-l 1.40-PG 100-3:10-5:15-7:30-9:45-11:504 PAVILION PLACE, 631-17371713 Behind Rosedale Ctn. St. Paul ruta-1 2. 1 5-2:30-4:45-7: 10-9.20-1 1 :304 Tha Running Man 12:30-2.45-4:45-7:30-9:30-11.304 Walt Disney's Ondaralla 1 200-1 :30-3.OO4:304.O0-G Data WWi An Angal 1.10-3.10-5:10-7:20-9:20-1 C20-PG Film Rating Guide 6 General Audiences All ages admitted. PC Parental Guidance Suggested Subject matter may not be suitable for pre-teens PC Parents Strongly Cautioned. lJStrongly urges parental guidance of children under 1 3. R Restricted Those under 17 years of age not admitted. Pertains only to films rated after July 1,1984 MriRimilfflG Direcffid B CHAH1ES SHmi NOW SHOWING! . IN MINNEAPOLIS rjrfj Pjrjt-' MSii rl mm R" WNiil'IrWI IN ST. PAUL See Theatre Directories For Feature Times One of the decade's most widely read best sellers is now this year's incredible shocker. J h p -.; - 111 I:IO-3:20-5:30-7:40-9:50-I2.00 FjrtSl AUikMoii 12:30-2:45-5.00-7:20-9:45-1200- Hiding 00-7:30-9:30-1 1 :30-PG 1 3 ST. ANTHONY MAIN S, 33 1-4723. Easy parking at St. Anthony Main ramp. Take elevator to tunnel. Data WWi An Angal 1:40-3:40-5:40-7:40-9:40-1 1:45-PG HaHo Agasn-l.30-3:30-5:30-7:30-9:30-l 1.30-PG l:JQ-7:jr:jO. !:-PG Dirty Dancing 5:30-7:40-9:50-1 1 50-PG 1 3 Wait Disney's Ondaralla 1 200-1:30-3.00-4:30-6 OO-G A 0 WV.VIftVP NEW WORLD PICTURES and FRIES ENTERTAINMENT a CHARLES FRIES PRODUCTION FLOWERS IN THE ATTIC s.amng VICTORIA TENNANT KRISTY SWANSON JEB ADAMS and LOUISE FLETCHER Musk by CHRISTOPHER YOUNG u-VjC. ANDREWS Screenplay by JEFFREY BLOOM Execute Producer CHARLES FRIES and MIKE ROSENFELD Produced by SY LEVIN THOMAS FRIES , Directed by JEFFREY BLOOM ft .N2.SLU. 1 READ THE POCKET BOOKS NOVELl PG-13 PMMTS STRONGLY CSUTISIIEOfrl SwwWaHriilMif StlMnwfrtmlwtWMfltMliatr u UHfS IN MINNEAPOIS IN ST. PAUL SEE THEATRE DIRECTORIES FOR TIMES ) TT

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