The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on June 7, 1934 · Page 4
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 4

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, June 7, 1934
Page 4
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*AGE POUR BLYTHEV1LLE, (ARK.) COURIER NEWS ^ TOE BLYTHEVILLE COURIER NKWS '" THE COURIER NEWS CO., PUBUBkUXM O. R. BABCOCK, Editor :.;~ H. W. HAWKS, AdmUuat •"—• Sole N»Uou»l Adverusmg RcpnrentUlves: -•«• Arkansas Dallies, Inc., New York, Clilcsgo, •• ttetMt, St. Louis, Dallas, K»wa Cily, Memphis. v Published Every Afternoon wctpt Bundiy. Entered us second mailer (U lliu' |«ol olllcc at Il.ylhcvlllc, Ar- kniksas. under act ul Congress, W- lobci 9. ion. THURSDAY, JUNE 7, 1934 Served uy UIK United SUBSOim'XION HATEH By carrier in t:ie U'-ty or iilvU'.cvllla, ISc per w«k'or J6.50 i*r year In advance. By tnall wllliln u radius ol M rallra, J3.QO per jcar. $1.50 for Els montiii, 8fc for D.rec month!; by mall In poslnl rones two to six, IncluslVf, |«.50 jxr year, in rants seven am 1 ciglil, $10.00 per yeir, |)ayablc lu nclvanct. Sanily in Land Use Pmnanenl itinox'nl vYoin cu'jliva- tjon o)' insirsiniil hunl.-, ;< dciinitu ob- jeclivc of thu Hdosovcll ;uliniiii.sli'a- tion, will li.ivo a Ijunelidiil mid sUiljil- jzing cll'cct tiiwii Ainoriciin ;ii;i ictilliiic generally am! should lielp lo jiroviik- the basis for a sounder national ccun- omy. 'Jhc curifiil drouth in (lie noilli- west is hastening rutuni to ojn'ii ran^c of thousands of acres ol' wheat land where frei|iii-Ml dry years niside I'ann- ing precarious and prolitless and occasional gootl crops servod to cletu'L's.s the market Tor all American wheat. Similarly, in Wisconsin, druutli lias brought decision to abandon drainage projects involving many thousands of acres of land. The immediate objcc- live is pasture for hungry cattle. Ulti- mutely nuich of the are;i, which bc- cause of soil conditions was never pru- titablfi farming land, will be turned to forests and wild game. in central Arkansas Ihc fuderal gov- crnmi'iil is lauiicliing an erosion control project, which will involve reforesi- inj; 1 of hilltops and hillsides that never made profitable farm land, and conse- quunl protection to tbe good lands in the bottoms. We arc heading toward sanity in iaiid use. Cultivation is not always the most productive use to which land can be put. Much of it should always be in forests, not only because it can produce a belter return that way, but because forests are ncccs.sary to prevent erosion and conserve moisture. Other land, where average rainfall is inadc- quate for farming and irrigation is impractical, should go back lo natural ; grass, with which it can support an ! economical livestock industry. When uneconomic laud is removed . from cultivation and put lo the uses : to which il is adapted yvc will have ,' assurance of adequate timber supplies, improved recreational facilities, nalur- ' -i! pasture for shcrp aud^ beef c-aUle, and a better opportunity for (lie protit- ." able operation of land that is suited : to farming. An Issue : . With a inovuiDLMit underway for the ," state treasury to underwrite a six; month school year for the first eight PUT OUR grades in ul) Arkansas .schools, and will) other demands ujwi) slate revenues, it Kfiuins rcii.soiiiihly pltiin Uuil thv movement lw » sales t«x in Arkmisas. will Ije revived when a new legislature int'cU next winter. Here is a real issue, on whk'l) every ciindidiilc for governor 1 and for I lie jjen- Lr;il iisjioinl)]}' should express liitusi'lf before primary day. (inventor Kill roll has urncd ;ulrj|>lioii of the school proposal, as :in amendment to Hie c'un- ftituliot], but he liu.s heeil silent as to how hi! tilings the money .should lie raised. Howard Keuil h;is hccn critical of Ihc failure of 1.110 administration !o laliu lietlei- cure of the newspapers of the .state, but he, ton, has had iiothini; to say about where the money is to tome from. Candidates for (lie legislature, for the mo^i. part, have had nothing to Kiiy on any i|Ui's- liou. Of course it is still u IUIIR lime until primary day. Hut tbe sooner candidates for public oll'ice let I he people know; what they propose In do if elected the easier it will bu fur the voters to decide who lliey want in office. Receipts and Disbursements American holders of Irish Hospital Sweepstakes tickets on horses in ycs- Icrdny'H Knglisl] Derby will receive close to ?i!,000,000 in prize money, according to n dixpatcli from Dublin. II is a situation no doubt highly Uialifying to the ticket holders, ami e.xcelltul publicity for the Sweepstakes. Unfortunately, however, the dispatch failed to mention just how much was received from American ticke.t purchasers. A little information on lliat point would help In determine just how tfixjd an investment a Sweepstakes ticket is. It Raises Money, But It's Not Tax Relief Viir Hie lust 10 monllis North Carolina hns Imcl ii rctnll sales lux. udoplcil year us the the only apparent, remedy lor n serious sllua- tlon in plate linnnccs. A induction in property tuxes wus held out (o the (X'oplc us an Imlucc- nii-nt lo submit'lo using las«l for suciidins; llieir. uivn money lor nece.vjilip.s mid comfoitb. Now Thomas Aycrs of Lexington writes to the Charlotte Observer: "Wlien Ihc sale.'; lux law wns drat passed, I had It hi my head Una Ihe little man who owned :i .small Uirin or a small house In Ihe city ivmild lie relieved ol iiuyint; so much taxes. Bui how stupid 1 was to think such u thing, for Instead of paying lesa taxes, ninth mote must be paid." This North Carolina "little man" states that the lax sating on his small uiban home amuimt- ed (o exactly S'2M. lie has kept an accurate record ol the sabs taxes he has paid so far. and on ilmt basis estimates Hint wtion ilie llscal year ends on July 1 lie will have puitl more than $10 in sales (axes. In Hint case, a $2.30 reduction in 111:; properly lux will leave him $37.70 out of pocket. Tliis North Carolina tax Ims served Us pnr- liose as a revenue producer. A well drawn sales (ax law. well administered, will produce revenue In any state. But if. il makes people pay more total luxes than they were paying before, a sales tax U not. "relief" fill an additional burden. —Arkansas Cn/elte. SIDE GLANCES By George Clark "Nothing bill ciiiiforeiH-cs iincl cliredors' mee(ini>s used to hiive more time to mvsclf." Insulin Will Saw; the Life of Child Victim of Diabetes- into the ci;iii id sonic siiol where Hi; .'.kin is louse, ;;nch as the lhif;li II L': merely iiccrjisnry lo make ccr | lain that Urn skin "ils:lf Is dcai ; i'co|>le tliould also realize Ilia particular y | there is no drug which can iutlu sulin has toen a wonderful ma diabetes successfully, 'excep ry. H n:is completely t^ans- inlo a 15V DC. M OK I! IS Mdilor. Jimrnal of the American Medical A: sur.'.tlinn, and of ll.vcti.i, the Health Magazine before use of insulin was be- |ai:d sterile and lhal the needle inn nun. children jvlio dcvclop-d dim-1 a]>]>:<ralwi aru also properly slur betes almosj invariably died at un ih/.cd before use. exceedingly young agi U is f-.i dnldren hat Insulin iscovcr ornied a lost hopeful intlool;. '' I Todiiy must of Ihc children with liabetes live. It is possible lor iliysiejnns who specialize in dla- j *'ti'.s lo point to children who hnv: lad lliat malndv for 10 or ami; •cars and who are now in nn ex- •ellctil shilc ul health. ; Unr.01 Innately, u cnnsldenibui lumber of people dread llic ic!o;i ol cellar injccl ions of insulin or any ilher sitbslante. Tlicy Jail to real- ise that llic liisiilin which is civi'ii o the child lakes Ihe place of a suUatiince whicii is missing from Us Ixxly Im-ans? of the lack of sc- crelloji of certain portions of llic inncrcas. The pyr.u'cus is a gland lying near the stomach aiid liver; from it come.S'ii secretion which controls use of snyar by the body. CHURCH EXCUSES B, CM. W. THIS CURIOUS WORLD I William Ferguson Mclher lolcl Joe that she \j-oi!|'l >c perfectly willing for all HIT hurches to unite with her church nd to show lhat she would meet liom half way she would consult n ihem being baptized Just any ,'ay they desired, provided— c,o :iafs as far ns she got when oc kit, that's the rca-son thpy an'l at.'rcc on anything, jir>t .Ixint the time Mother cegins to :onct'de soinelliliig lo liim In the .rguiiienl lie leaves. About a yi'nr .go I iliotiglil they were goln;; to igrce on the baptisuial question nd jusi as soon as Motlier told Joe that nearly every great man his country had jnoduerd was U'T-d as her church required le walked out. so Mother says It's uir.osdble to . convince sonic om n they reluse. to be rcasoii- iljle. in (Ills respect Mother sav:; 'oc ••'•minds her of a husband tl'/j mil DJIC time that just us soon is she begin to pin him down lo faels he would simply walk out .caving her with a lol of. mis lid words on hand. Mother says the iiurcii will never prosper and be 1>2 church il should be as Ions is (here arc so many unreasonable xople in the world. 'rofessor Einstein at Watch HiH fer Summer WATCH HILL, R. I. (UP) — Among lite celebrities .summering this resort, overlooking Long sllaiuj Sound Is Prof. Albert Ein- Island. Sound is Prof. Albert Emit bis leisure is delving further nto the mysteries of Die universe -a.Hd flddlin'. The visitor, whom Dr. Einstein •vould rather not .see, may find Ihe noicd physicist jn his collage, "rivj Studio." playing his beloved iddle in his shirt sleeves. Or. Einstein is delighted with .he scenic beauty of Walch Hill. He plans to buy a sailboal, in wliicli evenl h; may be a spjcta- at one of America's Cup Ram, lo be sailed not so mail)' ' \ WILLIAM HENRY HARRISON AND HIS WIFE DID NOT S££ EACH OTHER. DURING THE TIME HE WAS PRESIDENT/ AM5.S. HARBISON WAS ILL,AT THE TIME OF HIS INAUGURATION, AND NEVER REACHED THE WHITE HOUSE / HARRISON DIEO Or-JE MONTH AFTER. TAKING OFFICE. C C7-YMR. LOCOSr SPENDS ONty ABOUT PART OF ITS' LIFE IN THE W/NGEO STATE. KILL THEIR. PREY WHILE IN FULL FLIGHT, By STRIKING A BLOW WITH THEIP, HALF-CLOSED FEET. The n-ycar locusl, which K nol a locust, but a cicada, lays its cgRS m tree twijjs. The young lialeli out- and drop to the ground, w |icrc they liiickly burrow into Ihc earth, and lor Ihe next Hi years live underground. The 17lh year they emerge lo live for a few short as winged creatures. days NEXT: IJpw docs il lake a lumuu-rheitl t<i t|jil(l jls n«l? mileo from here. The professor will remain until October, when he will ivtuin lo Princeton, N. J. Read Courier News Want Ads. Spiders, both land and sea, usually have eight luys, hut some sea spiders found in Ihe antarctic regions have five and six pairs of Bv Williams ans? some children have reactions niter the use ol insulin, there develops a soil of dread ot usim: it. However, these reactions arej fully understood and can easilv be avoided, in many instances lliey represent acidosis, or Ihe accumulation of acid in the body, which really is lliL 1 result of insufficient insulin. H is understood, ot course, that ])crsoii \vilii diabetes, cither ikl or adult, mnsL avoid over- ling and pailiciilarly overeating starchy lugds and sugar. IL i.s also necessary to have rt^n- exatninatioiG ol Ihe cxcreiwiis. di'lermlne (he extent to which ar is being passed o;;t ot the odv. Montana Father and Son Receive Diploma MISSOULA, Mont. (UP)—On ol the features o[ graduation exercises at Monlana State University this year was supplied by a father and son who received Iheir ;£rcea al (he same Lime. Thomas E. Smalley, superintendent ot schools al Klein, was awarded u degree for ma.slcr of arts in education while his son, niiyinond. received a bachelor of. science degree in biology. Kate Douglas Wiggins' i Maine Estate Declined' HOLLIS. Me. i UP)—A special committee of the Maine Historical Society has voted against, acccpt- . ing Qniko'.c on Hie Saco, estate i of Ihc late Kale Douglas Wiggin The late Nora Archibald Smith, as an historical and literary shrine, sister of Mrs. Wissin, left, Ihc es- lalc lo the society, will) a SI5.000 in \iff rd. ruuAT GAUIlIi:!.. rltr,. prr- I* (run. Ikr trnprir nmf To plraitr hrr pnrlnrr. MY TEETH- BUT TH^T AIN'T MY CHEEK YOU SEE GOIN 1 BACK AM' FORTH — IT'S MY ELBOW. / / WELL,THE FIRSTY,- TMlKJr'-T *>/.OM WMOU/ ' YOU'LL HAVE TO HAVE YOUR FACE LIFTED, ir YOU DON'T LHARM HOW TO LJ9E A TOOTH BROSH^ -- < !9S| iy Mi»u\)C4 t*'Cr. rV"> books for its maintenance., Thc committee deciiictl that this 1 would be sufficient capital for the shrine. If the Kocir-Ly finally rejects the shrine, the estate reverts to a niece, the wife ol Commander Andrew Shcpard. U. S. A., of Washington. Shakespeare's English Sounded Like Brogue With yccd co-opn atici]i by t client. fiiahDles can be stictf lly controlled. There are records! BOSTON', run — i»rof?.x-->r Mat- cliitcinn n.s yotme ns 10 years lhr.\v n. Copllhornr of Mas?achu- nt;c who have learned to t;ike &?tts Institntc of Technology fnys Injections themselves :uirl j ihe proniiiiciation in Knylish in the time of Shakttncnrc probably sounded like the brogue of on l['i:,lini.'in. He considers American nionnn- cliiUon prrlt-i able to that uf the average present-day Einqli.shrnan. who says "riii^cr" for figure and IcUcnnnt" 'or lienlenanL 5 watch their . Tlie injections arc usually mule ANNOUNCEMENTS The Conner Ucxs nns been ait- icrlzcd lo aiinonnct thfc following « candtdaUs tor piibllc ofllcc. sub- ct to [lie Dct/ipcrallc primary (Xt Ausust: Tor Representative IVY W. CRAWI-X3RD for Judq Connlj JIAL H. OEORCiE W. BARHAXI For MemVr of CongtcM CLINTON L. CALIIWEljL for Sherift »nd Colleotdi CLARENCE H. WIIjSON For Kc-clcction for Second Tern. Fnr County Treasurer JOK S. DILLAHUNTY ROLAND GREEN fnr Cireiitl Cniirt Clcik HUGH CRAIO ADDISON SMITII I!. B. (SKIJKT) STOUT For County Conrt Clerk Fur Ke-Elcctlon tot Fnr A»;e««or II. I*. (BIUAt GAINF5 0. C. (IKE) HUDSON For Conilible of Chlckatawbi Toirnihlp JACK ROBERTSON" Rend Courier Neivs Waul Ads. In ^I^tlrfiafV hoinr la r*r*pernir. p^rlcndi^c in te» the «1hpr clrl. ^hc tn nnhnmrri of ihl^ dff^yilok hni krrim fi up. rvcn vrhr» UK.I. hrr in mrtrry him. AMOS 3111- IlAI.. Mndplinp'it erwnrtrnlhcr rcha nu*n» thr rnrm. U hllntf. SIRS- chirped lijr llonHft. 1» her rnrnir. llnnnn awrt Hill nre Mnrrlrd. Slrjinttlillr Mnirllne hn« mnrrlrfl <"<>> OAV'lll. cirrus nnintnl (rnln- rr. nnd lake* par! In ihe anluml nri. ^mo» Alrfdnl lin* n i^rrokr. into (hr rne« vrttb the Itrncal - tifirr nn* In klllctl. Ctm t» tli«- rHnrsrJ anil, ywnfclr tn crl «vnrlr. dfrfilrM lo co to 1hr>M(Mnl fnim. from ihr nrnrbr tnun hr *rnAm n nttlc to lluBnn and »kr nfrrff In nirrl him tfc^ nr-jil mttrrmnnn. Mr*. 1'Innlrr lcnri»s nf thin nnJ \» rile* DM aDOMymaiia Irttrr i« 11(11. Dnnnn trMm D(IJ Hhr I* ffiitt>c tn n nfipbbor'* mnA nrt« ovt lo krr t t the •ppulKlmrnl \\ltt, r v n. !\U\V lUt O.\ IVl'fll TIIK STORY CHAPTER XXXVH [VrOTHli\'(5 could tave Jired COD ^ David's ilcsii* .to eeo Donna qniie so much as her reluctance, to niccL lifiii. ACter bj hail learned from Madeline that Donna hnd r.ot been married to Hilt Siddal at the lime of his own marri-igc to Madeline. Con had convinced hirnscjf that, in spile of her ic'pulscs. Dotma Iind really been In love- with him Ho assured himself Hint if he hnri remained single Donna would have hcrnmc ins wife. It did not occur lo him lhat Donna niiixht fenr liim. What she had said over llic telephone fluttered his vanity. It Flic was afraid to tneet liim it must he true that her iiusSjaml was jenlojis of him. II fiiridal was jealous, lio must know something alwut Con and he couli: have Icartioil of him l»y only one nicatia—Ihronph O o n n r». T li a t meant alie had not forgotten him Perhaps Donna was nfrald .to trust licrselt with Con because he might nroiisa an affection sho was trying to cinsli. This thonglil pIcaFpd him greatly. As he shaved and dressed meticulously for the meeting lie vislonctl Donna In the days when he hnd Urst known her. Small, litue and exquisitely lieantt- ' ful. he had thought ber. The ar- j rogant way in which she carried her liead with ijs aureole of flam- ins curia, the j>ertecl symmetry of ring. VIvldlj hi recalled tht^ay vben be two girl« h«d joiued'lhe sho».. tcnfrce'6 headquarters were In Vir- and until the season before Con had boused bis animals with Rcnfroo's. The showman hud been lisappointert by two European per- 'ormers who had failed to-keep ap engagement, and -had answered an Tdvertiseme-nt in a theatrical pnt> 'ication. Photographs accompanied bo letlcr of application, and Ren- 'roe had shown them to Cflp. 'They're gootMoolicrs. nren't they?" Rcnfrnc hart said. "The Gabriel sisters, I remember there used lo a Val Gabriel in your line. Coij. iooofb« bed doo« M to bis usual liard-beadcd common sense. He haii faced disappoinlnicnls for so long that uow, tor a time nt Icasl. he was seeing tilings as tie svisliet) ibcm to be. forvcitlDE crytlii He g ibat miBtii balk nia plans was unaware ol tbe glitter- iiife.eyes ol Mrs.->^ nlilden in tbe ualhvay but watclfrng bim eagcriy, ns lie made Itig way to Hie office. N'one of the time Con nad spent urtore tbe mirror was wasted on Mrs. Planter. Swiftly slie took in the details of bis appearance and even caught n wbirt ot tlie sccnleil l^ilnn bt had used. Mayta you knew Mini. I think tip Ol!l 0]1 tlic street, tie Inquired ot wns killed by a lion." a small girl who was on her way "Yes. He wns a Jiendliner. Witc home from tlio butcher shop was a trapeze performer.'* I direction ho should take lo read) "Wonder if tlie.He fiirls are hip I "-lie liapllst cemetery- kids. Sconia to me I lieard he left 1 » • • a family." Coo had shidicil tlic pictures and hnd advised Henfroe to hire Ihc sister". Smin after thai rije girls arrived at liciiiliniarlcrs. afler can- cellins dales. OKCEiyiXO the informnlion. lip set out wiLh a jnuniy. caVc lif» stride. Ho had noticed the lirs; daririni; snow Mal;«p from liu- nnirl window. -They wore cnmlns flnwn EUIILC small lime vaudeville • faster now —[ho great. hom^li Molina had .iiliniltcd the rclationshiji to Vul Gabriel, neither Klvl offered any other information about ry.omsclves. But their aci bad made gooil. From the first day of llicir meet- In j in the huqe c-ucloseil Rroinnis of the headquarters Con bafl been ilefinilcly coiiFcions nf Donna. Though everyone wns tni5y— anil bo most 01' all. wlili a couple of new cals lo break in— he found nirr nienls in which he had endeavored to win he.' regard. The fact llial File had obvinusly sought in avoid him had piqued bis. interest, and by the tlmo Ihe circus ortenerl two week? laicr he hart known lhat tic wns in love with her. flnkes tilling the air. Con. who in no mond lo tliinti of his np-lnrac'J more closely about heir iioniiiy, cunt collar tlirtm n;ii: H E J si]ppn.=C[t lie wns still In Irwp with her and would always l>e. Ilia mnrriapn 'to y-'OelErK 1 . her deaf It nint Ins nervous reaction were only rifiFOiTo^. Inter hi ties? tip- twcen llic rcjlly important event? of Ms life. He found himself as trnp-Tticnt lo see Donna IJTAV n? lie InM hceti Impatiotii for tbe winter niciutti? to pa?s flnring tlio yc;ir^ he iind known her, when lie liar) ran uteri tlio vccks ami days tuuil ihey Tvotil'i meet ,igain. her l>orly, her and her utter Indiffererice to the i Ambition icnnort Into flame once admlralton of men had Rtl flttracl- i more. If j>;-nna did c;ue fnr him eil hini. | —even If her affecMon uere tun Thonsh the two girls. Donna ^n(J ; hike wariu—he ronld her hen t iiis heart ai;n[n?t the wind. TliP child 'harl totd hiin to walh six blnckn turn lo Madeline, hnd looked much alike, there ti^d beeo a dUtinctlon about l)onnn tuat always ni.idc tier partner appear dr.ib ftnrl colorless when the two were together. Prom the very beginning Con had doubled UIG Rtntemcnt that the girls wore sisters, tbougb no one else In U:e troupe had seemed to do so. • • • IT did not s«em credible lo Con. * who bad spent atraosl bis entire life under tbe 'big top; that member* of the Eime family should not only show «uch different traits of character but that one should be ag Accomplished aerltljst, ukUled in every trick of ber pro- *«£kn. while the other, though cot without Ability, iras obviously J new to t^i ' thai she was wasting and talenis tn a ^ilacc lit-;, Lebanon. A dea<l tovn and ^. disinn] ] -'ic^- 5 nnd comfort. farm. How had olie hser. nhle lo'Kocpins ponnn? left- Tbe cnmclcry was n fi.-ori I.D iniiiulcs' w»lk from Hie hoior. Uy tbc time (,"o» r.rrivcd Hide fi «.i;. snowing in c-arner-t. A t;liiirr::i^ iiKimlc of -vhlic l.ny fikc a ]^ank:-i ovrr the n:nn:uls ot earth, fir HIT?. sleeping ro?c hnr-iu 1 .-. run;;;]in- »;£ ni:d tDinb?(onr^ in [he olri f.rrtve yarn*. /• prein.iliirc dnsh ln«i 5=1-1- tlcri tielwteu HID tree? llir-ititrh which (lie wiii'l Iiowlnd n? tin:::;!! ?i wandering snnl. ln->?e<! f: - nm il? tonitt. wero moaning its plea for a resliiiR place. "This l.i a licll of n ?pn[ (o m?2i t anyone," Can mnuercd nlmnl. "1 liopc plie pel? licro pieily soon." He shSvevcd with llic rniri nr.d wet. He looked nlmni for ^om^ sort of plicller and. ti lioj^pr up lilr, r[)iril.^ lliaL had droppr;! witn [lie ecrinesa of Hie plnre. Ikhled a cigarot. Hiit the' wet ^now e\i:n- gtifshcd tMe flcitne. so he s'.nod whisllins dol;fn!iy, his b'vdy hiarr,-j agninat . a iij^'ifnlGuni. hi? I'.nl pulled far down on bis forelionrt. Tliere was not another pcrsr.n ;t> [slgliL and tlio stilitio?3 and loneliness begnn to set on Con's nerves Weird slorie3 he hnd rourt in Hie na=t, tales o£ murder and wain- pire?. of rtlscmlKxtled R p i r 11 s. finshcri through his memory r ; !;-l did nolhint; to arid to hi? rJipprl- Wliai could 02 stand U as lops ^s she had? Divorce was so easy these d.iyg. | GiaucJfalficr's money was forgoi.t.eti for tbe lime. Into Con's I iningiunilnii flowed aii ihe rosy, droams lie had once pklined for ; Madeline—an engagement wlili s European cirrus. vi.= its to all the famous cities in the world, his name—and Donna's—f e a t u r e d above all the others. He would build a nc«* net, more daring and more sensational than any th* had -*ver seen. And. above J Tben be saw her— a r-llm. hr=l- tant figure wc"lu2 E f!-i«c. dark hat over her irlRlil h'^r anil P. rough iweort coat puller' aho'.H I'.or She moved caulioiir.iy, peering through Ibo drivine snow. F tumbling a hit .is bcr lieels sunk i-io mound? ot it. Con did not move. He wait erf until ehe was within arms' reach. Then he stepped from the aaatiows and touched her arm. Donna screamed in a kind ol terror aod all. *<rou!d 6« elm. Fertap3 the discouragement and • ' •" Con tad known ft be laughed. "It's me. Doana." ts «!A. did yci/th!pk U was— a" ghost? (To Pe CcnUnned)

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